Global Gravitational Distortion! Edens Zero Chapter 125 BREAKDOWN

Alrighty, guys- after almost a week of post after post; we’re slowin’ things down a little bit. I think this might be the only post this week. I honestly haven’t been working on those other 3 post as much as I had claimed to in the Talentless Nana review. I’ve just been taking it kind of slow lately so I don’t burn out like I did last year. Also, keep in mind: This post might be up a little bit later than we’ve grown accustomed to on weeks without the Jump chapters. This is due to the fact that the site where I usually read “Edens Zero” is down. Don’t know if it’s me or my computer or what. I’ll provide a link so you can check things out for yourself.

Thus; the site we’ll be using this week(and possibly from now on) will be different. I don’t know how the pictures come out, but whatever the case may be; we’ll find a way to keep these reviews going! Let’s go; Edens Zero Chapter 125: “Heart Of Gravity.”

Eden's Zero Chapter 125 Page 2
It Looks Like They’re Gearing Up To Assassinate Somebody!

As you can see(or not; I don’t know if the pics will stay up since I’m getting these from a different site); we got us a Colored Cover to bring in the new year of “Edens Zero.” It depicts the original group- Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, and Pino- in some kind of spy gear. Rebecca’s holding some kind of machine gun, and some sexy spy clothing. And Shiki- lookin’ fresh to death– is levitating some kind of drone in his hand. Of course; you got Happy trying to look like a “dapper young kitty.” Pino’s also there looking cute as a button with her little black dress and white tie with a heart on it. D@mn, Rebecca lookin’ so godd@mn FINE. And- believe it or not- that’s all the fan service this chapter. Rebecca’s assassin look is about the only fan service we get. Well; that and Elsie’s behind in our faces. But that could just be me.

Rather than pick up right where the last chapter left off; we pick up with Witch and Sister on the ship coordinating activities- while chaos goes on just outside the window of the ship. Witch informs Sister that they lost contact with Weisz and Hermit a while ago. Why she didn’t mention this til now– is completely reasonable. I mean- the thing you have to keep in mind about shows: We’re seeing these events “1 at a time,” but in reality; they’re all happening simultaneously. While Weisz and Hermit are dealing with Muller; they’re probably just realizing they’ve lost contact. Plus, Witch is bae, so. God, I hate that I just said that. Can’t believe I spelled it like that either. I’m not an idiot.

Kris gets in contact with the ship, telling them that he’s bringing Kleene back in. All the while; they hear Kleene saying “Somebody bad is here…….somebody bad…….” Sister realizes that whatever caused Kleene’s ailment was a person- someone hurt her so bad that she’s mentally not all there anymore. But who could have caused it? Out of the assortment of characters here; none of them seem to type to hurt people without reason(even Justice’s obsession with Elsie is at least “cause.” But Kleene hasn’t even seen Elsie yet, has she?). And those Commando Team Beast jokers couldn’t have done it; they got beaten too easily to be important(I say that, knowing full well I speculated that one of them would stick around in the story) So who………….?

What’s That On His Back?

Witch contacts Laguna and asks him to check on Weisz and Hermit in the satellite. He responds “You got it.” As for Mosco– who asks “Where should I ‘throw my weight?!'” Ah………. Don’t hate him. Not necessarily my favorite character- probably my least favorite on the ship right now- but I don’t dislike him in anyway. I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS UP WITH THAT GOD-FORSAKEN BUTTON, so I hope he sticks around until then. Sister gives him the order “Annihilate The Enemies Flying Around.” He responds with a “Moscoy” and a thumbs up.

Back on the satellite; we see Muller shifting his focus from Hermit to Weisz- as we saw last time. He wished to pick apart the brain of a “Future Genius,” possibly planning to replicate his capacity for knowledge onto himself- like the f*ckin’ creep his is. We see something kanji for something on his back. I cannot for the life of me figure out what it says, but I know it’s there to tell us something. Since it’s on Muller’s back; I’m willing to bet it’s either the kanji for “Doctor” or its Mashima making a joke and calling him “Crazy,” or some synonym. As Muller begins his “experiment” on Weisz; we see Hermit cry in the background- scared out of her wits and unable to do much of anything.

Time To Suit Up!

Eager to break away from this freaks cybernetic clutches; Weisz tries to think of a way out of this situation. He considers transforming into Arsenal, but he remembers that Muller’s pulse from a few chapters ago paralyzed him- he can’t move, so what could would it do to put on a metal suit? But then that makes him think: “What if I use ‘Machina Maker’ to make the suit move.” He controls technology. So he’s thinking that he can use his Ether gear to make the body move around as he wishes it to. He puts it to the test and activates the Arsenal armor. When it’s fully equipped; he gives Muller a swift “KNEE TO THE FACE!!”

He breaks himself free- but knows that he can’t keep this up forever. “It uses up more ether than usual- and this suit has bad mileage to begin with” he shouts. Man; I would have thought he and Hermit would have tried to fix that by now. Probably when they had to rebuild it after Drakken kind of blew it to smithereens. Honestly; I kind of expected him to make a whole new suit after that. But the classic is fine as is. He rushes to Hermits side, and pulls up his mask. “You’re okay now,” he says; “You have a friend right here, see?” Hermit calms down, and they turn their attention to the server. “We came here to rescue the bots on Foresta” he reminds her; “And if it’s going to work, then we’re gonna need your help.” Still a little shaken up; Hermit says “……….Okay” with a shaken expression on her face.

What do you think is gonna happen with Muller after this?

Muller gets back up, and wraps his tentacles around a lever(PAUSE). Looking even more deranged than before(apparently that’s possible); he yells out “IIIIIII WIIIIILLLL NOOOTT LEEETT YOOOU!!!” Clearly; hitting his in the chin like that hit the “button” on the chin. And instead of rendering him unconscious; it just made him blow a literally “fuse.” He’s short circuiting. It makes me question what’s going to happen to him when this arc ends. Is he just going to die- like Blanch did in Rave Master, only not as sympathetic? Or is he going to run back to Ziggy with his proverbial “tail between his legs,” and get killed by one of the Dark Stars? I don’t think he’s going to live much longer is the point.

He pulls the lever, continuing to freak out “YOU HAVE SOME NERVE THINKING YOU CAN DEFY ME!! NO MORE MERCY!!! NOT POSSIBLE, NOT POSSIBLE-NOTNOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!” When he pulls it; a switch in this satellite is activated and the central computer system begins to sound a siren of sorts. Hermit asks “Wha-What did you do?!” Muller tells them that the switch he just flipped sent out a signal that ups the machines violent tendencies- so the Machines went from “Machines Control Humans” to “EXTERMINATE ALL LIFE.” Terminator: Salvation mode- Activated.

We cut down below to the town where Rebecca defeated Britney– where the humans are being treated like dogs. One Human is managing to survive as a dog. But thenIt happens.


He barks just like a dog, but his machine master tells him “Humans make no such noise.” He kills the human- as the “Slaughter On Foresta” begins. One after another; humans are shot and killed- much to the surprise of Rebecca, Happy, and Pino. This development also puts a damper on their plan to have Rebecca pretend to be a dog like the rest of them so they can sneak out. With that plan now scrapped; they decide to just say “F*ck it” and start saving as many people as they can- starting with a little girl right before them.

Rebecca brings out her Happy Blasters and starts unloading her Ether bullets on these machines. As they begin to surround her; Pino activates her EMP wave to shut the lost of em down. Happy also gets hit with the wave, so he’ll be out of commission for a little bit. But while all these bots are out; they grab the girl and make a mad dash to a place with less technology. Speaking of; we jump cut to the forest- where Shiki still lies face down in the same crater Justice left him in. He is approached by a cloaked machine, who tells him to “Unleash his gravity.” Shiki asks “Who……are you?” Rather than get an immediate answer; Shiki’s is instead helped.

You can do that?!

The machine holds up his hand, and it glows. Shiki’s body begins to do the same- as all the pain inflicted by Justice begins to disappear. The bot explains that he merely “made his pain lighter-” not healed his injuries. I guess it functions a lot like Kuma’s Devil fruit in One PieceShiki’s ribs are probably still all cracked; he just can’t feel them. So he’s still have to be careful not to move around so much, or the injuries will get worse. But I think the thing we’re supposed to take away from this is: Shiki can take away pain. Or; I guess I should be saying “suppressing it.” Oh man; does that mean he could help Rebecca get past her little drawback with the “Rewind” ability? This could get real broken real fast. Look at me- getting all ahead of myself! Shiki can’t do that!………..yet. The reveal with this machine may lead to him learning a thing or 2 about the true power of gravity.

The machine explains:

True Gravity transcends even concepts. It is the ‘Weight of The Heart.’ It will sometimes allow you to make others hearts fall inside you, or sometimes attract a young woman from the future. It’s power is that great.


OKAY. Where is this one coming going? The first part of the quote comes from the ever-iconic chapter 98– in which Shiki made Drakken’s memories “fall into him,” as described by the Dark Alchemist himself. But the other part……! THAT sounds cool! Does this mean that Rebecca is from the future? We know from chapter 84 that Cat Leaper utilizes Time travel via gravity. So what I’m getting from this is: Rebecca was born in the future. But- much like Noah– she had the Cat Leaper ether gear pretty much from birth. And one day; it activated and she went back in time to around where Ziggy found Shiki. She ended up on Blue Garden, and……the rest is “history.” That would mean that Rebecca’s parents aren’t even around in this era- or at least not at the age where they would be that serious with their relationship. Wait a minute. Think back to the end of chapter 4.

Could This Be……?

What if the reason Rebecca’s Cat Leaper activated as a result of her planet being destroyed. Those guys who found her B Cube 20,000 years in the future were in front of a destroyed planet. What if that’s Rebecca’s Homeworld? What if she’s from 20,000 years in the future, and her planet was in danger. So her Cat Leaper kicked in and sent her back in time. And Shiki’s or Ziggy’s gravity attracted her to this era!! Everything is starting to make sense now. I might have to do a whole separate THEORY post for this. I gotta get back to the chapter!

The machine finishes his statement by saying “Its Force Is Infinite. That Makes It Powerful- As Well As Dangerous……” My guy, if Gravity can do all the stuff you say it can do; it might be the strongest force nature has at its disposal. And you, Shiki, Ziggy, and Shura for that matter. But his explanation is interrupted by the sound of the machines attack. “Those machines are making quite a racket,” he says. So he sets out to calm them down. This is gonna get CRAZY. But more on that in a little bit. For now; we cut back to the fight between the ex-royals- Justice and Elsie. Honestly; I’m a little surprised they’re able to continue their fighting- considering what they did to each other last time.

Emotional Mortal Combat

At the construction site; Elsie and Justice continue their pitched combat- Justice’s resolve to end Elsie is matched by her rage for daring to hurt Shiki the way he did. Continuing with the Dragon Ball influences; their brawl causes a great many explosions each time they clash. The sheer Ether they’re producing is caught by the Drones of Foresta- who have received the order to kill all humans, as well. They blast the 2 of them down below, so they break away and start dodging the laser blasts. Elsie dashes around the blast, and propels herself upwards to destroy them all(giving us the shot of her @$$ that I told you about).

She moves through the drones to see Justice- doing the same thing. Seeing as their “spectators” are now gone; they get back to fighting with a mid air clash. The resulting impact pushes them away from each other, so they prepare classic. Elsie: “7 stars- leave your mark.” Justice: “7 stars- pass your judgement.Say it with me boys and girls: “GRAND CHARIOT!!!!!” Is this like their signature move? I know it was Jellal’s, but……. Whatever; epic double page spread.

Are They……? Nah!

I’d say “Are they dead?,” but I think we both know they survived this. Though I imagine they’re not exactly in the best shape right now. Their crews might have to come pick em up and get a move on. I also imagine this left quite the crater for years to come. You get it; they’re pretty banged up right now.

We cut back to the Gravity Bot, who begins to make motions with his hands. He plants his foot firmly in the ground, and chants “Megimech Attack: GRAVITY CENTER!” The “Megimech” thing might be a translations error, or it could mean something else. Like; Shiki says “Magimech Attack,” as in a “Magic Mechanism.” Maybe what this means is that the level beyond “Magic Mech” is “Mega Mech.” It might seem a little bit cheesy, but it’s otherwise fine- and good display of power, considering what he does with it.

The Zenith Of Magimech Power

Shiki- for lack of a better example- bares witness to a Singularity. He’s basically at the epicenter- the origin point of Black Hole. All around Foresta; the Gravity starts to “put its foot down-” it starts baring down on them and begins to attract everything towards the machine. Even the water ether that makes up the Aoi Cosmos begins to come closer to the planet than ever before. He’s kind of collapsing the planet and everything around it into one point.

Even the Edens Zero is starting to feel the pressure of the Gravity bearing down in the vicinity.

When he’s finished; that water isn’t just gonna “fall” anywhere………

We cut over the the town we first came to on Foresta– where Rebecca is saving people from the genocidal machines. Here; we see how the Gravity bot is effecting the world around him: He’s weighing down the Rogue machines so that they can’t attack the humans any further. You also see that he’s weighing down characters such as Rebecca, Creed, Victory, Gowen, Hyoga, and more. He even unintentionally gets Creed to let go of Homura’s little cage. With all of them weighed down down, he can finally explains to Shiki who the heck he is.

Shiki asks the cloaked machine what he just did. He explains that he simply “immobilized them for awhile.” Shiki notes that he said “Magimech Attack” earlier(meaning that the “Megi” thing was just and error),confused as to how he knows “Magimech” techniques. The machine uncloaks himself to reveal a flat top, circular head and an stern, motionless expression. His forehead bears an upside down large triangles under a smaller on, with 2 dots on both sides. His earphone shape ears have the the same upside down triangles on them as well. The machine responds to him: “Yes– I am The Founder of the Magimech School of Martial Arts: Xenolith. I was Ziggy’s Mentor.” Edens Zero Chapter 125 END, and 2021 “Edens Zero” kicks off with a great, big BA-BAM!!! Where do I even begin with this chapter?

“Training Time, Hatchling.”

We’ve got the speculation about Rebecca being from 20,000 years in the future, and the gravity of 1 of these 4 bringing her into this era. Who’s gravity was it? I said it could have been Shiki because of Mashima’s tendency to connect the main hero and heroine to each other(Elie was Resha- who created the rave stones in Rave Master, and Lucy had to rewrite the “Book of END” to save Natsu in Fairy Tail). But if we assume that they’re around the same age; Shiki couldn’t have been the source that drew her to this era. So who then………?

As for Xenolith; I like to think that this will lead to Shiki’s long-awaited Training arc. At least; I know I was waiting for it. Shiki’s been wicked powerful since the story begin- due to the overpowered nature of Gravity itself. And I don’t know if you noticed it, but you can see each time that Shiki’s won a fight- it’s been closer and closer each time. Compare his fight against Castellan in chapter 1, to his defeat of Sibir in chapter 10, to his fight against the fake Elsie– all the way to right now. Each time; Shiki is put further and further on the back foot until chapter 82 where he completely lost. Lost so bad, that Rebecca had to LITERALLY go back in time to undo everything.

Plus, as powerful as it is; Shiki hasn’t really been using his gravity to its “fullest-” its “Zenith.” What Xenolith did in this chapter confirms that fact. And if we’re going to be going by the “Shonen Escalation formula” here, then foes a lot stronger than Drakken are gonna start popping up. We’ve gotten hints at this with Holu calling him “Little Drakky.” Not to mention that Shiki is now on Nero and Justice’s “sh!t lists” for his actions against them this arc. Bounty hunters from Nero; the Union army on his tail- Shiki’s gonna need to get stronger fast.

This Could Come In Handy At Some Point

As for Xenolith; I’m quite curious. Because didn’t Witch say in chapter 112 that Xenolith died a thousand years ago? And considering the tattered clothing and design; this model looks to be pretty darn old. You don’t think that- Xenolith put his mind in a robot body? It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but……why? As a master of the martial arts; you’d think he wouldn’t care to live beyond a certain age. One might think that he’d accept death rather than try to prolong his life.

Or maybe this was out of his control. Maybe he was dying and someone close to him to it upon themselves to put him in a Robot body. This chapter is so full of speculation. If I were to stop and speculate on every single thing, then we’d be here forever. So rather than spend time here talking about all of these shenanigans; I’ll leave this post here. Until next time, people- catch ya later!

Talentless Nana Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW: “My Hero Academia” x “Among Us”(With A Little “Death Note” For Good Measure)

Hello everyone! Yeah, I said it. “Talentless Nana” by Iori Furuya isMy Hero Academia meets Among Us.” But I’m telling you guys: This Anime Is GREAT. The animation is of a consistent quality, the murders all intelligently done, and the characters are cool and at least somewhat interesting. Interesting enough for the kills to be mean something and have a purpose to them unlike Akame Ga Kill– which I hear has a lot of “unnecessary deaths.”………I’m…….getting ahead of myself. I guess I should talk more about the show first. Welcome- one and all- to my review of Season 1 of “Talentless Nana!”

Munou na Nana (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

So…….you guys may already know this, but what I usually do before an anime starts is: I read the manga and get all caught up, then watch the subtitled episodes, then the dub episodes to get the best possibly experience out of the show I possibly can. It helps me with theory crafting, too. But when it comes to “Talentless Nana;” I was unable to catch up in time and ended up having to stop midway through my read. So up until about episode 10 or so; I knew what would be happening. I realize that some people have a different way of experiencing series, but that’s just how I do things.

That long anecdote was supposed be a lead in to how I felt about the “Big Twist” of Episode/chapter 1. SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the show yet- go watch it. Because the end of episode 1 is pretty important for the series going forward. If you just want to know if it’s good- I’ll tell you right now that it is well worth your time. For those that don’t care about spoilers and just want to know what happens- be prepared. And for those that are familiar with the series- what did you think? Are we all clear? I’m tellin’ you: This is Really Important. We good? O~kay~.

It starts off like a light novel version of My Hero Academia. Secluded school on an island in the middle of the ocean- probably excluded from a lot of maps. Here; teens with abilities called “Talents” are taught regular education, as well as how to use their Talents properly. Kid at the back of the class- named “Nakajima-” is bullied. Yada Yada Yada– you know how this goes. Honestly; I was gonna watch it anyway. The “Big Twist” could have not happened and I’d probably still watch- even though it looked to be “Light Novel My Hero.” I imagine some people- without the ending- would have dropped the series. I’d have kept going, but that’s more because of my love of Black Clover. I made the mistake of judging it too early, and catch constant flack from my brother over it. What I’m Trying To Say Is: This series looked to be the same thing all over again- even down to Nakajima’s talent. But that shouldn’t necessarily define whether you like it or not. To be honest; the “Light novel” aspect and similarity to Horikoshi’s work is what drew me to the series in the first place.

Talentless Nana Anime Brews Up a Mystery in New Trailer
Look Familiar, Anyone?

But in any case; he’s bullied because people think he doesn’t have a talent. So he shouldn’t even be here. Moreover; he shouldn’t have any right to proclaim himself their “leader.” You know how this goes. 2 New Students Arrive: The mean looking, introverted Kyoya- and the ditzy, airheaded, blabber mouth Nana. Her talent: She can read minds- but she kind of just blurts out your inner most thoughts. So she’s gonna be a problem. Particularly when she starts getting close to the social awkward Nakajima. Despite his clear reluctance to be around her; Nana still follows him because his “inner voice” is the kindest she’s heard in a while.

Because of Talent; Nana has a hard time making friends. So one of her goals while being here is to “Make A Real Friend.” Enter: Nakajima. But she ends up sticking her nose too far into his thoughts and finds something she shouldn’t have. He gets mad, and walks away. But he realizes the watch his father gave him is missing. He’s conflicted on whether to find it, so you know his issues stem from his weird relationship with his dad. You see: His father told him to “be a leader,” but he’s unsure of himself- he doesn’t know if he can do it.

Talentless Nana - The Fall 2020 Preview Guide - Anime News Network
Don’t Get Too Close…….

Cut to the next day, and it’s time to select a leader- through Combat. You got Ice User, Fire User, and Nakajima- who is revealed to have the “Anti Talent.” He negates other peoples talents. 3 generic anime abilities right there. Of course; Fire guys the bully, and Ice guy’s the “Lady Killer.” Honestly could not bother to remember these guys names. I actually thought they’d have died a lot sooner. But low and behold, when I checked into the later chapters- They LIVE. I guess they ended up being important at some point. Whatever.

Nakajima saves students from a stray fire attack, which is where his talent was revealed. That, plus his “Heroic” behavior- he is elected the leader. He and Nana celebrate privately at the cliffside, where they have this moment. Nana finally makes a friends- And Kills Nakajima. Yeah; this is the true plot of the series: Nana is actually an assassin for an “Anti-Talented Tasked Force” here to eliminate all the talented. Nakajima- being the “Enemy Leader-” made him the first target. He’s pushed off the cliff, and the whole episode is rendered “mute.” I brought up in my We Can Be Heroes review that the big twist at the end of that movie didn’t make sense with the scenes prior to it. And- while I do not agree with my brother that it was “pointless plot subversion-” I can see now why he would have a problem with it.

It’s like: You’re going into it thinking it’s gonna be generic but because you don’t want to judge too early you stick it through- only to realize that it’s not even gonna be what you thought. Black Clover was accused of being to generic,and most people dropped it before the series could “hit its stride.” A mistake my brother will never let me live down. Cut to now- and it’s one of my favorite manga currently. Possibly even one of my favorite series altogether. Just because the you’ve seen the essential premise does not mean it’s “lame.”

🗡️NanaHiiragi em 2020 | Anime, Nana, Lançamentos
Cool. Plain And Simple.

That saidI just found this moment to be funny. While I don’t think the twist in We Can Be Heroes in the context of that movie; I personally laughed when I first read this in the manga. Like; I was reading this expecting it to be like Black Clover and use the tropes of its genre to their fullest- but it turned out to be a Murder Mystery story, told from the perspective of the killer. When I read that; I just couldn’t help but think “Wow- I did NOT see that coming!!!” I was honestly flabbergasted at the surprise- so much so that I chuckled. And honestly; Nakajima’s face when it happens is perfect. He thought “I’ll be a great leader- just like dad wanted. And I’ve made a friend who’ll shed tears for me. This is great…….” And not even 2 seconds later does he end up dangling for his life off a cliff. It just goes to show you how easily a “Hero’s Journey” can become the story of a villain.

I’ve always liked that quote from The Dark Knight: “You Either Die The Hero- Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.” That doesn’t necessarily apply to this story; I just brought it up because it went from the story of a boy who would become the “Hero-” to the story of the Villain out to commit(what is essentially) Mass Genocide. I’ve always found that “morally questionable” people were more interesting. Like when it comes to Superman and Batman.

Batman get’s tortured by the Joker on a nightly bases- his adoptive son was beaten to death with a crowbar, killed Alfred, crippled and r@ped Barbra, recently took all his families money and left him high-and-dry, and so much more that I’m sure those more knowledgeable about the comics can tell me more about. Joker makes Superman kill Lois and their unborn child which ends up blowing up a city- and Superman goes straight to killing the Joker. Not wrong- it just took comparatively less to make Superman snap compared to Bats.

Superman Kills GIF - Superman Kills Joker - Discover & Share GIFs
Tangent Over

Brief Tangent Over. This series was animated by “Bridge” studio. I’m not familiar with their series- but this series has some pretty good animation. Not to mention it has the same director as the Fairy Tail anime, and the upcoming Edens Zero anime: Shinji Ishihara. That’s actually something I learned while looking up information about the production of this show. I have to say, based on this show and Fairy Tail; I’m liking the way Ishihara directs his shows. It just serves to make me more excited for Edens Zero in April!

I liked the pacing of the show- at no point do I feel like it was dwelling on a particular point too much. I also like the character designs- particularly Nana’s. She’s an assassin- but isn’t meant to use her “sex appeal” to complete her mission. It’s not like she couldn’t seduce someone if she wanted to; she could always use the “innocent first time” act. But it’s not like it would be her main draw. I also like how her voice actress- Rumi Okubo- was able to alter the inflection and base of her voice depending on the scene. Whenever she’s “Ditzy, airheaded, blabber mouth school girl Nana Hiiragi;” her voice becomes sweet and innocent- as if she’s completely incapable of harming a fly. Like she spends her days gardening whenever she’s not reading to children in the library.

But when she goes “Highly Trained Assassin mode;” her voice becomes that of a cold, merciless, unflitching, experienced killer who’s lost all emotions, leaving only 1 thing: Aggression. Assertion that tells you just who’s in charge of the situation- that whether you live or die is in her hands. It made the moments where she kills the Talented all the more “intense.”

Talentless Nana – 08 – Another Long Day – RABUJOI – An Anime Blog
Spot The Difference

To this very day; the 1 kill that I don’t understand comes from episode 2. Though that’s nothing to do with the show or that the kill is “stupid-” it’s more just me not understanding after having seen it twice. It was when she killed that guy who had the ability to straight up TIME TRAVEL. I found it impressive and cunning- even if I didn’t understand it. She got him to go back in time and end up drowning before the lake was frozen by that Ice Pretty Boy- I think. She managed to kill him and dispose of the body all at once.

Another kill I found impressive was when she killed that Necromancer chick. YeahShe was a Psycho B!tch. She ended up killing her childhood crush so she could have her “Happily Ever After” with his corpse- a corpse she could control to do……….all sorts of things. I admire the way she was able to defeat her because she had to think on it for awhile, while also having to be quick about it because she could reveal that she’s the serial killer at any given moment. Nana also had to commit the murder in broad daylight because Yuuka’s(Necromancer) powers only worked at night.

Don’t Trust It- She Ain’t Worth It.

Another thing that I like about the series is that it never tries to portray Nana as the good guy- but also does its best to show how the Talented are dangerous. “Right and Wrong” is more subjective than ever with this series. On one hand; you have people like Yuuka, who kills people and uses their corpses to fulfill her fantasy; some guy in the finale with the ability to astral project to commit murders without ever being caught; a girl with Wind powers who could slash people; Tachibana, who used his talent to transform into others and copy their talents; and a poison saliva girl- whom Nana killed after Yuuka. But then you have people like Nakajima or Inukai who wouldn’t harm a fly, and in fact wanted to help people. It’s very much a X-Men situation in that some of them are bad, but not all of them.

Speaking of; let’s talk about “The Survivor:” Jin Tachibana. He is a survivor from the last attempt at exterminating the Talented- as well as being the prime example of why they shouldn’t even try. He has the ability to transform into anyone and copy their talents. Over the course of his time on this island- seeing Talented after Talented come and go- has transformed into person after person, becoming easily the Strongest Character in the series. Which is why I say that he’s “the prime example of why they shouldn’t even try.”

Tachibana Jin (Munou na Nana) - Zerochan Anime Image Board
The Ultimate Enemy Of Humanity

One of their first attempts at wiping out the Talented was leaving them on this island to fight amongst themselves in a “Civil War.” He mostly tried to stay out of it, but had to defend himself. Thus; he’s copied so many abilities that he’s nigh-invincible by end of this season. But he mostly stays in hiding- turning into a cat to keep a close eye on his “underclassmen.” In this way; he’s been an ever present force since around episode 3, when Kyoya started moving.

Speaking of Kyoya; his talent makes him the ultimate challenge for Nana- other than Jin. Kyoya’s talent: Immortality. He’s immortal. Explosions, poison, air slashes that cut deepall ineffective. Although Jin can copy this immortality; that’s only present when he takes the form of Kyoya. When he’s in his true form; it shouldn’t be a problem. But Kyoya is not only immortal, but is inquisitive and determined to find out what happened to his sister. He’s essentially a protagonist from like the “Lone Warrior” character you see in an Isekai series. That guy who’s not aligned with the bad guys, but isn’t necessarily on the good guys side either. At least; that’s how he’s portrayed. In all actuality; he’s simply socially awkward and aloof, but serious and determined all at once.

Out of the whole cast; I’d probably have to say Kyoya is my favorite character. His ability is really cool, but it’s more than that. I like his behavior because it reminds me of me– how I tried to make friends in my own awkward, chinybeo way. Yeah, I was a bit of a chinybeo. But I’m better, now! Now I’m just regular, everyday otaku- getting very little sunlight and social interaction making that time in school basically meaningless!

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Kyoya Has A Hunch

I like the dualistic nature of the relationship he has with Nana. On the surface; they appear to be trying the “unlikely friends” trope- while in reality; they both trying to get one over on the other- Nana’s examining him every moment they’re together trying to find a way to kill him, and Kyoya’s watching her movements and behaviors to find out her motive. They’re trying to figure each other out under the guise of “friendship.” Very Death Note like- even having the central idea of the protagonist being the killer and the Antagonist(person against the protag) being the one trying to catch them and stop them.

The end of the season saw Nana grow closer to one of the Talented- only for the Talented to die trying to save her. It makes me wonder where the story is going to go next. Because by the end of it; Nana had begun to realize few inconsistencies in her own backstory, as well as the “falsehood” of the Talented’s potential kill count. Now for some of them; they could kill several thousands of people. The poison girl- easily. Fire guys- duh. Ice guy- if so inclined. But Inukai– whose Talent gave her the ability to heal others at the cost of her own lifespan, and even revived Nana in the season finale. Or Nakajima, whose talent was to negate other Talents. They both boosted high kill counts- which was odd considering their abilities and the “soft spoken, kind, gentle” personalities. It began to make Nana think about what the goal of this is- “How could Inukai even conceivably kill that many people?”

Talentless Nana - Marry Your Favorite Character Online
Does This Look Like A Killer To you?

Once again; it ties into the themes of racism and discrimination that the X Men series tries to convey. The idea that people are afraid of what is different from them. And that they will attack and hate what they don’t understand. Looking at this series and it’s premise;it begins to come off like a “Nazi Concentration Camp” story.

But the end of the season-how Nana cried at Inukai’s death- it makes me wonder what the rest of the series is going to be about. She receives a call from the person who trained her. And the way she reacted-even bowing to him even though he was not in front him; the way she stood in attention the whole time he was on the phone- indicates that she will kill almost robotically if he’s the one giving the order. But clearly; she doesn’t want to do this mission anymore. She got too close to someone, and ended up getting hurt. That, plus the seeds of doubt sown in her mind by Inukai’s inquiry into her past, Inukai’s death, and the unrealistic kill counts; I’ll be very surprised to see her continue with these murders.

The opening was pretty cool. I didn’t listen to the ending much. Although, looking back at the 2 or 3 times I watched the ending; it might have foreshadowed Nana’s connection to Inukai- how close she begins to grow to these people. And walking towards them and away from her teacher. The opening, though, was focused more on her relationship with Kyoya and various enemies that she would face during the course of the season. And of course; Jin- being the “Ultimate Enemy-” looms over her in the background.

Munou na Nana OP / Opening [Full HD] - YouTube
Look At The Placement

I especially like the placement of her 3 main hurdles in the end of the OP. In the background; the Fire and Ice morons stand obliviously- not knowing anything about the situations at hand. Between Kyoya- The Detective That’s Always Watching Her- and The Ultimate Enemy Jin; you have Inukai- Nana’s first and only true friend; the 1 person she couldn’t bring herself to kill. And the light shifting from the Melancholy Nana Hiragi in full coloration, the the murderous Nana whose eyes glow blood red. I also like the added touch of the Talented enemies being the place they died in. Not to mention the sequence of Kyoya and Nana walking over a legion of corpses.

I think this sequence is supposed to represent how far they’re willing to go to defeat each other. In the same way that Light and L had to use and manipulate people to get to each other; Nana is going to have to kill a number of people before she discovers Kyoya’s weakness. She’s learned that poison at least causes him pain- and that he can still feel pain. That could tie into what she has to do to kill him. Likewise; Kyoya is going to walk over mountains of evidence- be it corpses or inconsistencies in Nana’s alibi for each murder- to prover that Nana is the killer. But every time he figures things out; something happens to throw him off the trail.

Talentless Nana Season 2 release date: Munou na Nana Season 2 predictions
Even the colorization is reminiscent of Death Note!

I think I’ve said everything that I needed to say about this show. I greatly enjoyed it, and I’m kind of sad that not many people are talking about it. But as the title of this post suggests; it could blow up in 2 years. I hope more people watch it, and I hope it gets a season 2. In the mean time; I’ll be catching up to the manga. The arts really good, too. All in all; I give this series an 7/10. There were some logic flaws, but intentional ones. This series was just really fun.

That’s all I got for ya today. Til the next post people- talk to you later!

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Cour 1 SPOILER REVIEW

Hello, everybody! Man, I’m doing a lot of post right now. 4 or 5(depending on if another chapter of Edens Zero gets leaked earlier) might have come out before this post. But if my calculations(guesswork) are correct; it should still come out in the first week of 2021- along with my review for the 1000th chapter of One Piece. Either on Thursday or Friday; I don’t know exactly when. But it should. But I’m getting ahead of myself and too personal with my schedule. Let’s talk about some “Jujutsu Kaisen,” huh?

Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) -
Key Visual #1

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is a manga series publised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine- written by Gege Akutami. With 133 chapters published and 14 Volumes printed; it is currently one of the “younger” series in the magainze- in comparison to series such as My Hero Academia or Black Clover. However; the series is still ongoing. I myself am reading the manga on a weekly bases. I decided to read it when I heard it was getting an anime adaptation- much like I did for Dr Stone. And also like Dr Stone; I forgot a lot of the entirety of the opening part of the series– including the sequence of events, characters origins and abilities, and who certain characters were. Part of the reason I read the manga, watch the sub, watch the dubs on my computer, and then again when they appear on TV. So even though I’m all caught up to the manga; I still ended up going into the series somewhat blind. Which just made the series even better. Man; “Jujutsu Kaisen” is GREAT!

The series is animated by Studio Mappa- the studio responsible for title’s such as The God Of High School, Hajime No Ippo: Rising, Days, Yuri!! On Ice, Dororo, Dorohedoro, Attack On Titan: The Final Season, and is going to be animating the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime. With all of these titles still working in progress; Studio Mappa is getting a bit “crowded.” I go into it more in my Chainsaw Man post, so check it out there. But all of these titles seem to be piling up, and I’m worried about the quality of each series going forward.

The series follows 1 Yuji Itadori. He went through his life with very little ambition- he was content with being the the Occult Research club despite his natural athleticism(a feat he displays by throwing a metal ball like it was a baseball) and didn’t really want much out of life. He visited his ailing grandpa everyday after school(much to the old man’s chagrin).

Grandpa's wish from chapter 1 that makes Yuji Yuji. : JuJutsuKaisen
His Grandpa’s Final Words

On his grandpa’s final day; he tells Yuji to “Make sure he’s surrounded by others when he died.” This line implies that he wasn’t well liked- that he might have alienated anyone who would have cared about his passing. And he wants Yuji to avoid the same mistakes as him. So he wants Yuji to “help people” since he’s so strong. And then he passes away on his side. Depressing. And with no parents to speak of(Yuji doesn’t really care); Yuji’s all on his own.

A student from Jujutsu Tech comes up to him as he’s leaving the hospital- “Megumi Fushiguro.” He’s very stoic- somewhat “Sasuke-ish.” He wants the Cursed object Yuji found. But Yuji left it at the occult research club room. When they arrive at Yuji’s school; they find his friends being attacked by Cursed Spirits- the big “mcguffin” of the series. You know all those negative emotions like hatred, fear, anger, and the like? Well whenever you feel those emotions; your innate “cursed energy” clumps together with those some emotions from others- and a “Cursed Spirit” comes to be. Yuji and Fushiguro have to fight these things off- ultimately coming to Yuji having a flashback to his grandpa’s final words: “Help People.” So Yuji decides “If you can’t beat em- join em

Something I suppose I should have mentioned before was what exactly the Cursed Object was. It was Finger. And it belongs to the undisputed King Of Curses-1 “Ryomen Sukuna.” As his epithet would suggest; he is without a doubt the strongest Cursed Spirit of all. And Yuji eats only 1 of his 20 Fingers.

Jujutsu Kaisen Official Trailer 2:Release Date Revealed! - Finance Rewind
Ryomen Sukuna(Yuji Vessel)

I think the reason that Sukuna was able to take over Yuji’s body is because he was- at one point in time- a Human. Which I find interesting because that implies to me that a human can become a Cursed Spirit if and when they have enough Cursed Energy- that Cursed Energy can be used to “evolve” in some manner. And that’s why Sukuna could only possess Yuji. Had a Cursed Spirit digested one of his fingers; it would have resulted in the Cursed Spirit becoming Stronger- while Sukuna still lied dormant.

Naturally; this gamble ends up working- as Sukuna destroys the Cursed Spirit. But don’t get it twisted. One of the later episodes in Cour 1 displays this the best, I think, when he and the “Human Cursed Spirit” Mahito laugh at Yuji’s failure to save someone, and how he asked Sukuna for help. That episode made it clear that this series would NOT be like Naruto or Black Clover– there is no “Befriending the Evil within.” No, no, noSukuna, for all intents and purposes- is the “Devil.” Yuji will not be relying on him for help in this series- he shouldn’t even bother asking him for a d@mn. I’ve noticed that in today’s modern shonen manga- they’re always using the same tropes, but are trying to have these unique @$$ spins on them. If it’s not My Hero Academia giving the “Friendship power” to the Villains team, then it’s something like Kaiju No 8 making an older protagonist that still acts like these younger protags. It’s fine- doesn’t mean that I hate todays modern anime. It’s just something I noticed. - Blog Browser shared:to
Sukuna Crafting His Master Plans

In fact; I think Sukuna- along with Mahito- might be some of my favorite antagonists from this era. Like; I like what Mahito represents in relation to Yuji and the themes that are conveyed through him. But Sukuna is like- EVIL. He’s not gonna help Yuji save anyone- just protect Yuji because he’s his vessel. He has no other connection or care for Yuji beyond something a spoiled rich kid has for Sports car- “I’d rather have it, but’s easily replaceable. So it doesn’t matter.”

He also seems to have some sort of interest in Fushiguro. His ability to summon Shikigami intrigues him, as it ties into his plans in some way. That’s the other thing: I like how he has this secret plan that(SPOILERS for the manga) requires Fushiguro to the point where he went out of his way to save him from death! Not only that, but is seems to be a plan that requires he himself very little. As shown in I believe episode 5 or 6(or possibly even 4)(corresponding with chapter 11 of the manga); he made a pact with Yuji that 1)Whenever he says a code word; Yuji would switch out with him for 1 minute– in which he will not kill or bring harm to others and 2)Yuji would forget this pact.

Whatever Sukuna’s plan is- he seems to only need a minute at a time to fulfill his role in it. And he can fulfill that role without anyone getting hurt or killed in the process. Not to mention the fact that Yuji remembering ever having made this pact wouldn’t be beneficial to him. It seems like Sukuna’s willing to play ball with him because he thinks that Yuji’s the main issue- if he remembered it.

Sadly; I could not for the life of me find the GIF of this scene

That said; how they come to the idea of a contract leads me to believe that Sukuna made a new deal. Yuji didn’t care for the deal- he just wanted Sukuna to revive them since it’s his fault he died in the first place. So Sukuna proposes a “Death Battle-” whoever wins gets to set the terms of this contract. Sukuna wins by cutting off the top of Yuji’s head. And because Sukuna was in charge of making the contract……..Something tells me that Sukuna’s “1 minute” limit with no hurting is a little bit different now. But that’s probably later on in the story.

I think the thing I should talk about next is probably the “New Sensei On The Block:” 1 Satoru Gojo. In the same vein as Aizawa; he takes a lot of inspiration from The Kakashi Hatake. Only the similarities are much more apparent and obvious in the case of Gojo. Did I mention that he’s God, yet? Cause I feel like that’s an important part of his character. So- Gojo is kind of The Strongest Character in the series. Like; people will have debates back and forth over who’s stronger between he and a Full 20 finger Sukuna. I can’t exactly find the chapter in which this was stated(which possibly discredits it immediately), but I think it was the Volcano Spirit Jogo that stated the Gojo was “25-30 fingers.” Sukuna only has 20. But, as with other shonen battle series in this day and age- “Just because you have more nen/cursed energy/ power in general doesn’t mean you win.” Everything’s all about the abilities and what you can do with these powers rather than how much of the “power currency” you have. But I still think he’d win against Sukuna. Simply because of 1 word: “Limitless.

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This Man Is Able To Make A Whole Godd@mned Universe As An Attack.

Of course; the fluidity and art work were great. Studio Mappa’s “hitting its stride” right now. I like the way the series looks and how the fights operate- especially the martial arts aspect. It kind of reminds me of how God Of High School’s fights looked. I always admired Dragon Ball for the same reason- even if the martial arts aspect of the series is a thing of its past. Having read the manga; I excited to see Yuji learn a certain technique in the future- based on how they treated his “Divergent Fist” attack. The voices they chose for the characters were also really good- Mahito’s in particular is the one I’d say I like the most. His or Nanami- whose just F*cking cool. Especially when he has to go into “Overtime.”

I guess sense I mention Mahito again, I should start talking about him. Mahito is the “Human Cursed Spirit-” he is humans innate fear and jealousy of each other. That jealousy you feel when your passed over for a promotion at work; the fear you feel when you look at certain people and- despite knowing better- you secret guess their personality based on their appearance; the anger you feel when someone insults you despite being told all your life to let that sh!t go- That is what Mahito is. He’s made to represent the worst parts of humanity- the psychopaths who take enjoyment in harming other, to the sociopaths who use others and move on, to the instigators who start fights for their own amusement. Mahito is– in every sense of the word-The Worst. And he was made this way to counter dear little Yuji.

Itadori vs Mahito | JUJUTSU KAISEN - YouTube
Mahito’s Abilities

Whenever writing any series; the protagonist is written to either be the “Best Parts of Humanity-” the childlike innocence and wonderment we tend to lose going into our adult years. The protagonist is supposed to be the “Shining Example of Good In this world-” exemplified in characters like Izuku Midoriya, Asta, Monkey D Luffy, Son Goku, and Naruto, amongst others. Yuji is no different. So while Yuji is the representation of “Everything Good In Humanity;” Mahito represents the Worst in humanity. But the connection between the 2 does not stop there.

Mahito’s Cursed Technique allows him to control the shape of his “Soul” and the “soul” of others. This only works because he’s able to “perceive the soul;” he can see what a soul looks like and control it to fit the situation- making himself and others larger, smaller, liquidized, or even into weapons such as blades. He can even repair himself by modifying his “soul” back to its original shape. However; Yuji is also able to perceive the “soul” because he’s sharing a body with another. He “knows” the shape of his soul and how to keep it that way. Thus; Mahito is not only ineffective against Yuji- but Yuji thus far has been the Only person(other than Gojo and Sukuna(as we’ll discuss later)) capable of actually damaging Mahito. In this way- as well as what the 2 represents; Mahito has called Yuji on several occasions his “Natural Enemy.” I’m looking forward to seeing this theme expanded upon more.

I’d be remissed if I didn’t talk about my favorite scene involving Mahito and Sukuna. Come one, guys; That was just disrespectful. Yuji begged for Sukuna’s help to save Junpei from Mahito’s cursed technique- and Sukuna just laughed through the hole in Yuji’s face. Like; that scene just shows you that Yuji will not be relying on Sukuna for anything. And the very notion that he thought that he could made the King bust a gut. And Mahito- being the psychopath he is- joins in laughter at Yuji’s despair. That scene made Yuji realize something: Cursed Spirits Are Evil- end of story. If Yuji wants to save anyone; he’s gonna have to do it with his own strength and with the help of the people he can call allies.

Sukuna and Mahito's Laugh - Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 12 - YouTube
“Oh yeah; they’re cursed spirits.”

And what comes after this scene is also pretty funny. Like; Mahito tries to change Yuji’s soul, but as I said earlier- Yuji knows what his soul is supposed to look like. Not only that; but he also ended up touching Sukuna’s soul. I’mma tell y somethin’ right now, folks: You Do Not Touch Your King’s Soul. Sukuna lays down “The Law” on Mahito; he tells him: “Listen Here You Little Sh!t– I don’t take to kindly to other’s trying to change what I look like- ya feel me? Now I’mma let it slide since we shared a laugh at the brat’s expense. But try that againI’mma personally putting your @$$ in the dirt.He didn’t say it all “hood” like that, but you get the gist of the story. I just found that scene funny because…….”We laughed at some brat’s misery so I’ll give you a warning?” Youch. We see this aspect of Sukuna earlier in the season- in which he awaken’s in Yuji’s body and just casually yells the Cursed Spirit Yuji was fighting “Let’s go kill some kids.” He is the King Of Curses, and everybody knows this. And those who disrespect the King– must be eliminated.

Jujutsu Kaisen |Anime OT| Don't put a curse on me just because I found this  finger lickin' good show! OT | ResetEra
Studio Mappa- Never Change.

I think that’s the other reason I like Sukuna; he has this “In Command” presence to him- he believes with all his heart that he is the “One Above All,” and everyone should know that. So rather than fight against his whim; they should all just submit to his whim and follow him. So when that Cursed Spirit attacked him; he just killed him, ending up with having Yuji’s hand regenerated- an act he’d rather have avoided if at all possible. But it worked out for the best as, in the end- he ended up getting another one of his fingers back. So I guess it worked out in the King’s favor. Stll; ya shoulda helped the man kill a few kids. Page 2 - Blog Browser shared:to
“All’s Well That Ends Well.”

The other thing about the anime that I like is pretty much the same thing that everyone loves: The Opening And Ending. Yeah- I Love Em. And who wouldn’t? I particularly like the symbolism in the train sequence- how Sukuna appears in the reflection in the trains window. Mother’s Basement speculates in his video that this train is supposed to represent Sukuna carrying Yuji towards an uncertain future. Not only that, but the introduction of the characters by having them stand in real world places in Japan- I found that to be impressive. Nanami’s section is also intriguing because of where he’s located. It’s so sophisticated because he’s so sophisticated- he’s the “Adult” character. Mature, stoic, logical to the point where it almost feels “cold,” but emotional enough for you to know that he gives a flying f*ck. Kind of reminds me of my brother in some manner.

I also like the way Mahito is introduced, and how it mirrors his introduction in the actual show. How he just appears behind those who cannot perceive Cursed Spirits. Mahito is the Human Cursed Spirit- he looks like a human. If you were to see him; you’d think that he was human. He blends into the background- which is where he strikes. It mirrors his introduction in that he’s there without anyone really noticing, and modifying the Humans who bullied Junpei. I also suspect that there’s more to the opening than what I’ve talked about, but those are just the things that I noticed most prevalently.

w h a c k
This Scene Is So Godd@mn Cool

And I realize that peoples choice in music is subjective, but……. I REALLY LIKED THE SONG. “Kaikai Kitan” by the group Eve was just a straight banger of a song. I still find myself humming it whenever I’m bored. Especially the final verse in the opening. You know the line I’m talking about; it goes like “Hashitte koronde kienai itami daite wa Sekai ga matteru kono isshun wo~~.” This line roughly translates out to “Running and falling, embracing these wounds that won’t disappear
The world awaits for this moment.” It represents that Yuji is going to continue to move forward with the mistakes he cannot undo- as he await the fate that will befall him. I just love the ending portion of the song- particular seeing Yuji fight against that Cursed Spirit in that Prison. It’s a nicely animated sequence that leads into Yuji with his grandfather once again. And then showing him surrounded by all of his friends(Junpei included) having a picnic.

I also like Nobara and Fushiguro’s fight against Todo and the Senior Zennin Girl(don’t care enough to remember her name). I feel like I haven’t referenced those 2 yet. Which is weird because I really like Nobara as a character. Though she may not like me considering my………”preference in women.” Nonetheless; I like her. Particularly how crazy-yet-normal she is. Like; this woman get’s RE~~AL psychotic later on in the manga. But even that is overshadowed by her reason for coming to Jujutsu Tech. She more just wanted to come to Tokyo because she wants to have fun in a big city. She lived in a rural area most of her life, so the first chance she got to get away from it- she jumped at it.

Source: Jujutsu Kaisen episode 3 : WhatAWeeb
A Character Summed Up In 1 Picture. As in her personality- not that she is “lame.”

Although I think I might like Fushiguro more as a character. I like Nobara’s ability more because it allows her to fight on her own- kick @$$ with her own strength and even just what it does. While with Fushiguro; he has to rely on Shikigami- and outside source. If it were me me; I’d rather be the one fighting and putting my own life on the line, rather than summoning someone or something to do my fighting for me. Like Ninnie Spancold said in Burn The Witch: “If I have to rely on someone else’s power to make my happy ending; I’d rather be the one casting the spell.” But it’s not like I have any problem with the summoning ability.

As far as characters go; I just like Fushiguro more. I can see his taste in women as admirable. And I like his personality and characterization so far. He’s kind of like Sasuke in terms of the “Brooding lady killer” archetype, but also has enough character for him to not be a complete bummer or obnoxious.

They Almost Die Because Of Fushiguro’s Taste In Women

I found the events of chapter 17 to be rather comical. I mean; Aoi Todo almost killed Fushiguro just because he like’s a “Woman with a moral compass that’s not easily swayed.” And……..”Mai Zennin?” Okay. Mai almost shot Nobara for calling her “ugly.” It was a funny little exchange that could have ended up being worse had the Seniors not been there to stop this. It was just a funny situation. The Seniors were also all interesting in their own ways. For the first few weeks of the anime; my brothers and I were beside ourselves in curiosity as to what the deal with the Panda was. We finally figured it out- but I won’t spoil it for you guys. It’s coming up in a few weeks anyway. Janurary 15th is when Cour 2 beings!

Season 1- Cour 2

………….What else can I say? I guess I could talk about the morality of Junpei. How he’s not necessarily “Evil-” just misguided and ngry. And with every right to be angry- considering the life he’s led. The constant bullying and relentless assaults from others. And the fact that the 1 teacher who saw it going on did nothing in his power to stop it. Now……..killing is wrong. Junpei should not kill them. That said; I can see how he arrived at that conclusion. The last thing keeping him from snapping was his mother. And because of those d!cks; he had one of Sukuna’s fingers. And because that finger was left on the kitchen table where his mom fell asleep- she was killed. She was the last thing keeping him sane- because she was a Good Mother. She saw that Junpei didn’t want to go to school for some reason- so she let it go. Now she’s gone. So in his mind; he’s got nothing left to lose. So he figured that killing the people responsible for his pain would make him feel better. It wouldn’t– but again: Nothing left to lose.

Junpei is not a bad guy. He stated himself in his introduction that if he could; he would not kill those that he hates- only those that hate him. He does not wish to inflict unnecessary harm on others- only on those that have caused him some kind of harm. He’s vendictive– not “evil.” I would to have liked to see how Junpei’s development would have gone, had he lived. But unfortunately; we won’t get to see his progression as a character anymore. Thank you for that one, Mahito.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Junpei's Deadly Mistake | CBR
His Ability was similar to Fushiguro, but I think I like what Junpei summons more

There are a great many things that I could say at this juncture- talking about the seniors and their Cursed techniques; the stellar ending; the darker themes and elements that are somewhat reminscent of YuYu Hakushou and Hunter x Hunter– both works of Yoshihiro Togashi; this series in relation to Chainsaw Man; and speculation about the future of the series. But I think I’ll save some of that stuff for the review of Cour 2. In all; “Jujutsu Kaisen” is a must watch for anyone into the Battle Shonen genre. It has great characters, great fights, and amazing sound quality and music. And if cour 2 can keep the same momentum, then this series is gonna go down as a Legend. I give it a 9/10. Until the next post, people; enjoy this gif of Gojo dancing in the series first ending!

ヽ(・∀・)ノ — Gojo stans come get your man Jujutsu Kaisen ED...
Definition of “Schwag.”

See ya later!


We Can Be Heroes (2020) - IMDb
I Wonder Who The Traitor is………?

How’s it going, everybody? It’s that time again to talk about a new movie! Color me surprised that they still managed to release a movie in 2020; good going, Netflix! “We Can Be Heroes” is the stand-alone sequel to the 2005 movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D. This movie was a critical and financial bomb in theaters- but would have a cult following years later. It seems to be really popular amongst the kids that watched it- even years later. To me; it’s still the same fun movie it was back when it came out. And “We Can Be Heroes” is a loose sequel to that.

I say “loose sequel” because it isn’t really all that connected to Sharkboy and Lavagirl beyond just having those 2 characters in the movie. Heck, the whole time I was watching the movie; I was trying to figure out where Max and Linus were. But those characters were absent the whole time. And Sharky and Lavagirl weren’t exactly the most prevalent characters in the movie, either. Heck; it honestly just seems like they’re there to draw in the same cloud. Like; “Oh hey, I remember that movie! They’re making a sequel? Sign me up!” But fortunately; the movie was WAY BETTER than I had expected! Like; I expected this to be mid to low tier movie, but I can happily say that I was wrong! And in some ways; it was better than the first movie was.

We Can Be Heroes' Netflix Release Date Moved to Christmas Day - What's on  Netflix
That’s not even Taylor Lautner……

The basics of the story is that there’s an Alien Invasion, and the Heroes enlisted to stop it end up being captured by the invaders. So it’s up to their kids to save em. Very basic plot. But as with any piece of media in existence; it’s how you use that plot that’s interesting. Which makes the twist with the main character all the more apparent: Missy- Daughter of the leader of the “Heroics(Avengers in Sharkboy and Lavagirl)-” doesn’t have any powers. But what she lacks in super strength or heat vision of freeze breath- she makes up for her her adaptability, leadership skills, and calm way of thinking. You know; stuff like that.

But I think the MVP’s of the movie would have to be “Noodle,” “Acapella,” and the child of Sharkboy and Lavagirl(as well as my favorite character in the movie)- “Guppy.” Let’s talk about Guppy for a minute. Firstly; her power set: Being there child; Guppy ended up with a “hybridization” of their powers. She gained her dad’s aquatic based powers, but rather than just shooting water like her dad- she ended up gaining the power to control it like her mom controls lava. However; she can’t project it like her dad- she needs a pre-existing source much like her mother. She’s like the best mixture of both you can get without making her overpowered.

Robert Rodriguez's Netflix Kids Movie We Can Be Heroes Gets Hyperactive  First Trailer - GameSpot
Not The Best Example Of What I Meant, but trust me- that’s how her powers work

She also inherited her father’s “Shark Frenzy,” which comes with his explosive temper. So her arc throughout the movie is getting her anger under control, which they do quite well.

But the main character of the movie is actually an unpowered girl named Missy- whose father was the former leader of the Heroics. After the untimely death of her Mother; Missy made her dad- Marcus- step down as the leader and take up a job “behind the scenes” at HQ. He didn’t like to leave his companions out there without their leader, but he also loves his daughter and doesn’t want her to be all alone. So- he steps down. Then the opening of the movie happens: Alien Invasion. Seeing as it’s a huge fleet coming down to take over earth; he suits up again- swords and all- and they head out to combat the invaders. All while Missy is at school.

Seeing as the situation is pretty darn dire; she is transported to the Heroics HQ, where she meets the other Heroic’s children(only code names are given for them):

  • “Noodles-” Able to stretch.
  • “Wheels-” He’s not in a wheel chair because he’s not strong- in fact; his strengths the problem. His bones aren’t strong enough to support his muscles, so he has to sit in the wheel chair. But what he lacks in……….”the ability to stand without breaking his legs(?);” he makes up for in his intelligence.
  • “Ojo-” She’s able to paint what happens in the future. But she has a pretty big twist that she revealed in her own drawings.
  • “A Capella-” She can sing- and use that singing to affect the environment around her.
  • “Slow-Mo-” He’s SO INCREDIBLY FAST that he’s stuck in a time warp that it make it look like he’s going slow.
  • “Facemaker-” Shapeshifter.
  • “Rewind-” Rewound time. Sister of Fast-forward.
  • “Fast Foward-” Fast-Forwards time. Brother of Rewind.
  • “Wild Card-” Can have any power he wants- just can’t control when it manifests
  • “Guppy-” See Above List.
We Can Be Heroes First Look: Robert Rodriguez Netflix Kid Movie – /Film
“The Squad.”

They watch on the News that the Heroics are captured one after another. So Missy takes up the charge to lead the team to rescue their parents. 2 problems with this. 1)They have to find a way out of Heroics HQ- probably the most fortified facility in this world; more security than Fort Knox, Area 51, The Pentagon, and the White House put together. And 2)Wild Card. He was appointed the leader of their little would-be team. So having Missy come in a start giving orders- despite her being unpowered- doesn’t “sit well” with him. But then; it’s not like he can control his powers. So they follow Missy. But just know that he’s gonna “buck” for a certain period of time(though some of it later turns out to be part of a trap).

The escape from Heroic’s HQ was one of my favorite parts of the movies. It featured A-Capella and Noodles as the MVP’s of the team. A-Capella makes people float and shakes the building, and Noodles just “goes with the flow-” he moves wheels around and even has a crucial role in controlling the movement of their escape vehicle. Like; A-Capella gets the Troly flying, but he’s the one that guides it out of the parking lot and away from buildings. I like stretching as a power more than I did when I was younger- and that’s almost certainly do to One Piece‘s influence. Come On: If you’re telling me that you wouldn’t like the power to stretch after seeing all the thing Monkey D Luffy can do- you’re a LIAR.

I guess that ties into what else I like about the movie: It’s never feels like we’re too focused one character. I mean, yeah; we’re seeing the events from the perspective of Missy, but it feels like every character in the main cast gets time to shine in every part. Be it Slow-Mo being too slow and almost getting them caught; Wild Card fighting against Missy’s command; Noodles stretching out his arm to do certain things; A-Capella using her voice to attack and defend; Guppy. It feels like every character manages to get a moment- without it feeling “forced,” or there just to appease the critics.

As the Junior Heroic’s train under Heroic’s The Seniors old teacher- Missy’s grandmother- the Heroes struggle to break free of their prison. Though, honestly; I don’t see a point in scenes like this, considering how the movie ends. It’s like you’re telling us 1 thing to make the twist at the end seem………like a……….huh. I think I finally understand what my brother’s problem with the first episode of Talentless Nana was. And, while I still like what happened; I can see how that might……..”alienate” people like him. I’ll talk more about it when I post my review for season 1, but just keep this in mind.

So the Hero’s are trying to break free of their cell, while also arguing amongst themselves in the process. I think that scenes like this are just there for comparison and contrast to their kids, as well as make the twists less obvious. However; we do get a hero calling out Sharkboy’s little number in the first movie. Come on; you know you hum that little number whenever you’re bored! Or that just me being a man-child?

51 images about sharkboy lavagirl fan on We Heart It | See more about  sharkboy, Taylor Lautner and sharkboy and lavagirl
The Best GIF I Could Find

The kids are training- each with their own hurdle to overcome(Guppy’s anger issues, Wild Card and Missy’s self confidence, Slow Mo, etc) when they are found by the Heroic’s Director- Ms Granada. She sends out a retrieval team to get them. So they escape through Grandma’s underground tunnel. Down here; Missy ends up making a “certain discovery,” and shares it with Wild Card alone. In secret; they make a plan- that involves them acting like they never discovered anything and argue like normal until they eventually(inevitably) split up. More on that later.

We Can Be Heroes teaser: It's Priyanka Chopra vs super kids | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express
Ms Granada IS…….!

The kids manage to sneak aboard an alien transport ship and onto the mother ship. Doin’ the “sneaky-sneaky” thing; they come to the central part of the ship- where they discover that President Neil Anamai is actually an Alien(which was hinted in his name if you spell it backwards)! Not only that, but Ms Granada is also revealed as an extraterrestrial! This has all been a “long con” that’s finally paying off. And with the dysfunctional Heroes and their equally dysfunctional kids now captured; they believe that no one is going to be able to stop them now. Yeah Right.

Locked in a containment room; the kids work themselves into tears- which Guppy uses to make a key to let them out. But here is where Wild Card and a reluctant Facemaker split off from the group so they can free their parents. However; they also end up splitting off from each other and Ms Granada sends out guards to get this potential threat. The main group goes to the power core directly- but end up confronting a Legion of aliens. Good thing they had that training- otherwise they would have lost.

You get scenes of the kids using their powers to their fullest- Guppy does her own litte “Shark Frenzy,” which I just found to be adorable(even though I’m fairly certainly that it wouldn’t be if I were on the receiving end of that Frenzy). Rewind and Fast Forward prove to be the MVP’s of this section of the film- using their powers to not only prevent their capture, but also stop the bad guys and even use their powers in unison to “catch up” Slow Mo to real time. Not to say that Slow Mo doesn’t have his moments. He’s actually one of the more “key players” in the final part of the movie. His “warped time” allows him to fall from amazing heights and- well; not die.

I Have To Use A Lot Of These Posters

Another key player at the end: Wild Card. His plan was to have Facemaker shapeshift into him and bait the aliens into capturing him- while Wild Card himself goes to the control room and starts messing with the ship. It was all part of he and Missy’s plan since they found out that(SPOILER ALERT) Ojo is one of the aliens!! It matters very little to her that they found out- considering the fact they argued like cats and dogs all the way up to this point. But the final battle proves that they can work well together towards a common goal.” “Teamwork” I guess would be…..the central theme of this movie. A tail as old as time, but a doesn’t lose it’s charm. I actually think they display it really well here. It didn’t just take one “Training Montage full of trial-and-error until we become the perfect;” they had to actually “work as they went-” they had to learn teamwork as they went on this rescue mission.

Another part of the movie I like: The Effects. “Troublemaker Studios” are the ones behind movies such as the original movie Sharkboy And Lavagirl, the various Spy Kids movies, and many others. But what you have to remember with their movies geared more towards children- they like to do effects that, when compared to other movies, their effects are very “CGI.” It’s like; it looks bad in comparison to something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or The First Avenger. But I think that that might be the point. I think this movie- as well as those other I mentioned- are suppose to look “Super CG” because it’s just kind of funny to poke at it whenever you re-watch it. That the CGI is supposed to be laughable. It adds to the movies “charm.” Come on; you gotta admit that you remember the effects in the Spy Kids movies!

Director Robert Rodriquez says the kids are super in Netflix's 'We Can Be  Heroes' – Daily News

The end of the movie is clearly setting up either another movie, or a full-on TV series from Netflix. SO: The kids end up rescuing the Heroes(there’s a scene where Slow-Mo is running towards his dad in slow motion, and his dad just has to wait there for him to run into his arms- which was just……..f*cking hilarious). Happy days and such. But it is revealed that this WAS a training mission- that this was a mission the Kids had to go on to learn teamwork. The goal of this training exercise was for them to “surpass their parents” so that they could take up their jobs. The Aliens are still Aliens– they just came to help. Because they themselves need help on their world(an element that I’m certain we’ll see again in the potential continuation).

On their planet; children are the ones running things. And Ojo is the Supreme Leader of the Planet. She’s actually the one that suggested that they do this training mission. And the adults- for once in their lives- agree to this. They staged the invasion and even allowed for the Kids to make it this far. Though it’s not like they weren’t trying. I imagine only the “higher ups” were involved in this, while soldiers were told little to nothing other than “The Kids are escaping” or “The Kids are coming- stop them.” But I don’t think that they knew the specifics of the situation. But the “President Is An Alien” twist was…….what the f*ck. Like; did they actually make the president and alien, or… it just a “bait and switch” and the President just switched places with an Alien? W-wh-what’s the goal, here? Are they just gonna keep the President an Alien and just let things go on?

But in any case; I guess I have to mention the other point I mentioned earlier: How The Heroes seemed to actually be trying to break out, but it turns out they were in on it the whole time. Like……..who…….exactly were they acting like that for? Who specifically needed to see them struggling to break free? It made sense during the initial invasion because that was a live news feed. But when they were locked up; who was watching them…….that wasn’t in on the plan? Was that just supposed be for the audience? Are you telling me this movie broke the 4th wall without directly mentioning it?

Full Trailer for Robert Rodriguez's WE CAN BE HEROES Netflix Film with  Pedro Pascal — GeekTyrant
My Face When I Realized This

But that isn’t enough to ruin the movie for me. It at least made sure the twist was surprising in the end. Which you should always make sure to do.

Overall, guys; I think this movie was really good- a fun, 100 minute(1 hr 40 min) movie to watch whenever. I think the effects were fun, the characters were all memorable enough without being “in your face,” and I think the moral of the story was conveyed effectively. A solid 8/10 movie that I will be watching again at some point. I mean, hey; they put Sharkboy And Lavagirl on Netflix- you and I can watch both movies back to back!

That’s all I got for you guys today. If you’ve seen the movie; let me know your own thoughts in the comment section below. Until the next post people; I’ll catch you later!

The Queen Of Roses Charolette vs The Bloodbath Princess Vanica! Black Clover Chapter 277 BREAKDOWN

You know: I expected none of this. I was full prepared to see what Jack and Nacht could do against Dante. But I’m SO GLAD I was wrong because now we get to see the Absolute Queen Of Death Battles- The Princess Of Mass Destruction and Blood- m’lady Vanica Zogratis take the spotlight! But what’s more; we get to see the “Thorny Tsun Princess” herself get into pitch combat. And what she does- may just leave you speechless. Thank you once again, Yuki Tabata Sensei! Black Clover Chapter 277: “Vice Captain Of The Golden Dawn.” Don’t know why it’s talking about Yuno when we only get to see him for the first 2 pages. But it’s whatever; we gotta see if he managed to win over Zenon, I guess.

So Do I………

This week; a colored cover page! We see the ladies of the Black Bulls(Vanessa, Charmy, Grey, Sekre, and Noelle) in Kimono’s celebrating the new year. The caption over it reads “I Hope This Year Is Filled With Happiness!” So do we, Tabata- so do we. You see all 5 of them with wicked cute expressions and hair accessories and sandals n’ stuff- you know; it’s how the Japanese bring in the New Year. And behind them; a statue of an actual Black Bull with a robe over it. Happy Cover.

The chapter picks up where the last left off: Yuno- having taken his new Spirit Dive “Spirit Of Boreas” form- uses his new power and Wind Halberd to blast a hole right through his Devil Possessed foe, blowing Zenon back a fair bit. This after Zenon had predicted that “They’ll Die Without Having Moved Him An Inch.” Yuno had mocked the comment, and mocks it further by saying “You’re the one who’s going to die here– Die while regretting that you ever meddled with the the Golden Dawn!” He’s taking this rather personal, isn’t he?

“You Wanna Play, Rat?”

However, even with blood pouring out of his mouth and chest; Zenon does not fall. All this blast does is injure him and blast him backwards. He looks up at Yuno- his eyes saying “I’ll Kill You And Everyone You Ever Cared For, Vermin.” He’s a psychopath; he’ll enjoy killing Yuno- even if he doesn’t show it. He’s likely thinking about what way’s he’s going to kill him, as well as what to do about the hole he has in his chest.

Dante has been straight up confirmed to have regenerative abilities thanks to his Body Magic, while Vanica’s are more implied. It would make perfect since if Vanica could regenerate- considering her magic attribute is blood. She could likely recover from things like when Noelle stabs her, but nothing like what Dante can do. But Zenon– he’s likely only capable of fixing what’s broken- rather than regenerate. He might reinforce the hole, but not fix his skin. And Langirs seem to realize this, as he thinks to himself “We can win! After we defeat him; we can stop the descent of Qliphoth and save Captain Vangenace.”

We cut over to a scene in with Yami and Willaim- in those same coffins from a few chapters ago. They’re unconscious- but it looks like their heads are sticking out of them. I think they might have been made by someone’s Earth Magic. All around them; the Tree of Qliphoth begins to form. The roots begin to spread all across Spade castle- which segways us to the main part of the chapter: Charolette and Rill vs Lady Vanica!!!

Blood Queen Vanica Sama vs Thorny Tsun Princess Charolette and Art Maniac Rill

Lady Vanica yawns at who comes to fight her “Ah~~~~~ah I heard it wasn’t an intruder, but it wasn’t Noelle chan.” She’s disappointed that Noelle wasn’t one of the people who invaded, and she doesn’t know these guys from a hole in the wall. So she’s got no interest in them. Rather; she chooses to send out some more of her personal Dark Disciples- as a test. She’s the type to just dismiss you if you don’t interest her- not even bothering to kill you. Like; she wants the Tree of Qliphoth to “get ride of the weak and weed out the strong;” to kill all the weak so that she doesn’t have to. Which is where these particular Disciples come in to play.

“Well” she starts; “Show me if it’s fun to fight with you guys!” So she brings out what she calls “The 8 Shining Generals,” ordering Charolette and Rill to fight them first before they can fight her.

Where Have I Seen This Before?

2 men- a heavy set one that seems to have Wind magic, and burly one that seems to have Fire magic- come forward. Both of them have gems embedded in them- as Diamond Kingdom mages such as Mars tend to. And they have markings all over them just like the Dark Disciples destroyed in chapter 255(link provided earlier in the post). They also seem to be somewhat zombified.

Thanks to this video by Anime Balls Deep; I’ve learned that these 2 are some of the Diamond Kingdom Soldiers that Zenon defeated in chapter 227. Which means that after they overtook the Diamond Kingdom; the defiant ones who fought against Zenon were subjected to experimentation to become “Super Soldiers.” Which is wicked cool. And SUPER DISTURBING.

Vanica says that these 2 are the end result of her using Megicula’s Curse magic to amplify their abilities, and Morris doing the very same modification he did to the Diamon Kingdom Mages- even down to the Mage stones in their chests and heads. For those who do not know what these are; they are an invention by Morris to enhance their soldiers magic and even influence their personalities(thus the “Zombie” effect, I would guess). He also did something “special” to Mars by grafting Fana’s grimoire onto his so he could use Flame magic.

Charolette uses “Corpse Hunting Briar Tree” to open up the battle, but they counter her Briar magic with a combination Wind/Fire attack. Vanica remains unimpressed at this display- so she continues to sit in her thrown. Rill counter’s the Insignia’s Combination magic with “Wave of Steron” and “Mischief Of Sirenu.” The display manages to peak the Blood Queen’s interest- but only for a moment.

Rill’s Training Pays Off!

Mm~~ Paint Magic is somewhat fun because you can bring out different elements, but…….It’s just that, I guess?” She also comments that “Briar Magic is just wrong,” considering that one of these Insignia’s has Fire magic and the other can make that element stronger. So- like the little kid she is at heart- she begins to complain “Ah~~ I wanted to fight with the Anti Magic Kid, and the Dark Magic guy who defeated Dante~~~!!” But she decides to suck it up because Yami’s death means she gets to fight more strong people in the long run. Although; she mentions how Zenon was able to defeat him- so she starts to think that Yami “wasn’t all that impressive.” It raises the question of who the strongest member of the Triad is.

I like to think it’s Dante since he stated this his is the “Highest Ranked Devil of All.” And because it’s the final Devil to face in the tree. But then you get to Vanica and Zenon, and their lines become……significantly more blurred. Like; Zenon was able win his first 2 on-screen fights because he went to 55% immediately after realizing how strong they are. But Vanica was messing around against Noelle and the others. I bring up what Dante said to Vanica in chapter 231– how he said that she “Really improved in the past half a year.” And what he said to Yami in chapter 256 in regards to how much Devil power they can bring out being 80%- while Vanica only went up to 70% in chapter 253. 1)Further confirms that Dante is the strongest of the 3 of them and 2)We only saw Zenon go up to 55% before in chapter 238 against Yuno.

Just because he went to 55% does not mean that that is his limit. That’s just the percentage he saw fit to take out Yuno at that particular moment. If I were to guess who was the stronger of Zenon and Vanica- I would have to say Vanica. Not just because I’m head over heels in love with her; I believe that Megicula is stronger than Zenon’s Devil- and her 70% is stronger than Zenon’s 80. It’s like power scaling in something like Dragon Ball– Frieza’s 50% was stronger than Goku’s Kaioken x10, which was his 100% at that point in time

1)Dante 2)Vanica and 3)Zenon

But back to the chapter at hand; Charolette ignores Vanica’s little comments(or uses them to motivate her further), and has a flashback to what she’s been doing for the last 6 months. Just like Rill; she was one of the Captains that underwent the same “Mana Method” training as Noelle and the others. However; the curse magic spell that infected the women in her family not only mde her magic somewhat unstable- but it turns out that she’s been working with a handy cap the whole time. The curse magic that was placed on her worked as a “shackle” that suppressed the her magic. So even though she was using it to the best of her abilities; her magic was never quite as strong as it could have been.

When she asked “Big Sis” Dorthy Unsworth- Captain of the Coral Peacock’s- about this particular curse; Dorthy told her: “All the Curse Magic of this world is derived from Megicula- The Parent of All Curses.” INTERESTING!!! Based on all of the clues we got from the story leading into the time skip; we did learn that Megicula was connected to a lot of curses and those who used curse magic(such as the Agrippa family) were connected Megicula. But I didn’t think every single Godd@mn Curse in the story!!! For what reason(beyond sheer amusement) did Megicula place all these curses on people?

Pr Megicula?”

From what we know; William’s family on his mother’s side(as stated by Patri in chapter 143) was cursed because they all have World Tree Magic- which is half of what they needed to create the Tree of Qliphoth. From this; we can gather that William is also heavily suppressed. Likely so that he can’t fight back as much when someone needs to use him to summon the tree. It also might have “marked” him so that they’d have an easier time finding him. But this logic only works for William’s family? But what about Charolette’s family, or the Agrippa’s? What role do they play in Megicula’s little plans.

Well……..we know from his dialogue in chapter 254 that he likes to do experiments. Sometimes for mere amusement(as Devil’s tend to do when they mess with Humans), or- in the case of what he did to Undine- to see what he’s capable. But maybe he’s also setting up alternative ways to get out of the Underworld. Like; he may have given the Roselei’s Briar Magic to try and substitute for World Tree Magic- should that blood line have died out before someone decided to create the tree again. And the Agrippa’s dealings…….might have just been a “test.” What did he learn from it? Only time will tell. But I get the feeling that Megicula’s going to be prevalent in the future- whether he gets out of the Underworld- or not.

Charolette speaks to Vanica- and Megicula particularly. She says “Because of you– the Instigator of the curse- I….BECAME STRONGER!!!” She begins using Mana Method to create the spell “Paradise of Blue Briar.” Using this spell; she is able to detains the Insignia’s and covers the whole room in her Briar magic. The reasons it was able to grow so well- beyond the Mana Method boost- is because of Rill’s earlier 2 spells allowing for the plants to grow. As shown with Luck and Leopold; Mana Method can turn “Lightning Magic” into “True Lightning.” So her Briar Magic was is now an actual plant and not just the effects of a spell.

Absorbind Cursed Magic?!

This particular magic attack not only works in detaining enemies, but it also functions as a way to absorb Curse Magic. It begins to absorb Megicula’s curse from the Insignia’s and they lose their curse boost. It’s an Anti-Curse Spell! Seeing her do this; Megicula rears their ugly head again, causing Vanica to take off her eye patch(I go into why I think her eye is like that in my recent “Black Clover” Theory discussion here, if you’re at all curious). Rather than be angry or upset; Megicula is only further intrigued. He thinks “To think that a person who could pull this off actually exists…” and says “Interesting!!!

Charolette thinks back to all that she has experienced- between all the missions she’s had as a Magic Knight; her Elf Reincarnation; and even learning the Mana Method technique in the Heart Kingdom. She thinks about how she grew from it- what she learned. And how, using all of her experiences; she was able to utilize the Blue Rose Magic she was born with- and the Red Rose Magic she was supposed to have! “True Briar Magic: Queen Of Briars!

Transformation #2!

She uses her Briar Magic whip to send away the Insignia’s, and strikes a pose as she shows off her own New form. It looks like we’re going to be getting new transformations for a few chapters right now. By this logic; Nacht should be the next one to get a new form. It would make sense- he has 3 Devils currently with which to do the “Devil union” transformation with. Heh- unless Jack has some kind of new form to show off. So far; we’ve gotten a new form for Mereoleona(“H#llfire Incarnate”), Yuno(“Spirit Of Boreas”), and Charolette(“Briar Queen”). Well; this IS anime. So characters getting new forms is never out of the realm of possibility.

As Rill gasps in shock that Charolette was able to become a Magic Knight Captain; Charolette thinks of Yami- and how, after she saves him; she’ll “Show him a stronger version of herself!” Is she gonna do it this time? I don’t think she’s gonna do it IMMEDIATELY after rescuing Yami, but I think one of the “cool down” chapters is gonna be her admitting her feelings(whenever those chapters may be). This power up ties into how Tabata structured the power ups; they’re very straight forward: you learn spealls by either training or “growing.” Whenever a character ends up receiving character development; the lesson they learn is accompanied by a new spell. “Character Growth= Strength Progression.”

NaturallyThis Pleases Lady Vanica IMMENSELY.

Beauty At It’s Height

Lady Vanica- having seen what Charolette is truly capable of when she puts her mind to it- goes into her 70% mode and gets out of her throne. She cackles “A~HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I FOUND THE BEST OPPONENT EVER!!Guys………Do you think Vanica’s bi-sexual? She’s expressed interest in both genders- really anyone who can give her a good fight. So in that regard; she can be seen as somewhat of a bi-sexual. It could all just be an allegory for……..something not so PG13. I don’t even know why I started that joke; I couldn’t very well say what I meant. I’m just curious as to how she’d interact with Luck. Both are Battle Junkies- this could end up being a “perfect match” if Vanica wasn’t evil.

As she begins to jump out of her chair in zeal; Charolette’s “Paradise Of Blue Briar” begins to coat the chair and strap her down(PAUSE). “It’s Unfortunate,” Charolette starts; “But I’m not fighting you.” Vanica responds “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!! I’ll remove these right……!” She tries to break free of the Briar magic, but…….something’s not quite right. She can’t seem to get free. Charolette begins to explain that this spell “isn’t something that could be undone by power alone.” It’s actually absorbing Megicula’s Curse Warding Magic power to become stronger– binding her tighter and tighter to the chair! As the Briar magic binds them down; Vanica and Megicula are met with disappointment and disbelief respectively.

Vanica shouts “WAIT- LET’S PLAY!! HAVE FUN WITH ME!!! IF IT”S US- WE COULD PROBABLY DO THE BEST FIGHT EVER!!!” while Megicula can’t believe that this human is using his own curse power to bind him in place. The Briar magic eventually cocoons them, trapping them in that chair surrounded by thorny vines. Charolette: “With Away With Your Wish Ungranted- THAT Is The Punishment I Give You.” Black Clover Chapter 277 END! Thorny Tsun Princess For The WIN!!

The Briar Queen Dominates The Blood Princess

Charolette is OP against Megicula. Even if he manages to manifest in this world; she can just use her Briar Magic to keep him in bound. And heck; that would actually make her Binding stronger! This isn’t even the max the Curse Devil can do- it’s the max Vanica can bring out. His strength would actually work against him here. Even if Vanica manages to kick it up at least 0.5%; she’ll just be bound down more and more. This is probably the worst opponent Vanica could ever go up against. But that just makes her want to fight Charolette even more.

Another great chapter of “Black Clover” is in the history books- and a great way to start off the year of 2021. That’s all I got for y’all today. Until the next post people- please share with all your friends. Catch ya later’s!

Ah, Ya Gotta Be KIDDING Me? My Hero Academia Chapter 296 BREAKDOWN

………..So it’s come to this, has it? Even after all the crazy, non-stop battles we’ve seen in this arc- we still got some things to see. Horikoshi- No; All For One just doesn’t want to give these Heroes any time to breathe; to process the events of the War; to properly mourn those that they have lost. Truly, All For One- You are, in every sense of the word: The Symbol Of Evil. Ladies and Gentlemen; My Hero Academia Chapter 296: “H#llish H#ll.” I…..censored that line; that’s not the actual name of the………let’s just talk about the chapter, shall we?

“Time To Go!”

We open the chapter where last chapter left off: All For One- using Tomura’s body- escapes with Spinner, Dabi, and an assortment of Mid Ends carrying them away- despite the efforts of Dear little Deku and the rest. The older Izuku narrates: “In The Aftermath; Thosee who survived in the Front lines- along with those who rushed into the front line after completing their evacuation and rescue duties- joined together to stopped Shigaraki from escaping.” We see All For Tomura(we’ll call this fusion) looking back at the battle field triumphantly- as if he’s now become untouchable. Which, based on everything that Tomura’s been doing today- might just be the case.

The next pages shows character such as Pixie-Bob(Wild Wild Pussycats Blue), Present Mic, Wash(guess he survived the initial wave), 13(helmet cracked displaying a portion of their face- looking a like a effiminate man), and ever so many more that are still able to move doing everything within their power to try to stop All For Tomura and the Mid Ends- to no aveil whatsoever. All For Tomura simply sends out some of the Mid Ends to take care of them. And to their credit; the Heroes manage to dispatch 3of the 10 that were carrying the League away. The Villains escape- their whereabouts unknown.

One of the silver linings of today: They manage to capture 16,929 Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers. These captures include(but are not limited to): Gigantomachia, Mr Compress, Re-Destro, Geten, and Trumpet to name……..the only ones that matter.

Silver Linings- And Bad Tidings

All that said; Machia’s little 13 chapter stampede through Japan ended up letting 132 members- including a few of their “Executives(Best Girl Himiko chan and guys like that) and High Ranking Advisers-” managed to escape. Not to mention the soldiers that came marching behind him. But another silver lining of this event was that their various cells- as well as any supporters they have- were detained as well. So……..not a total loss.

We cut away to go back to the town Ryukyu’s team was evacuating. While Uraraka and some others are focused on rescuing some civilians- you get a handful looking for Himiko chan(Is it wrong that I don’t want her found?). But she seems to have gotten away(Thank you, Horikoshi Sensei). So they gotten continue with the evacuation. Whichthey should probably focus all their energy on right now.

That’s Not Good……..

We get, uh……..some Dark stuff from Horikoshi. So……this kids crushed under rubble. And his little sister is desperately trying to get him out of there. He’s saying “…..It…..hurts…..” as she screams at the top of her lungs “NOOOO!! BIG BRO!!!!” He tells “Mika” to leave before the rest of it falls and crushes her. He tries to give her his “Endeavor Pouch” he got, but she rejects it. 1)I imagine that no one’s very keen on Endeavor right now and 2)Tears welling up in her eyes; Mika screams “I DON’T NEED YOUR STUPID POUCH- I JUST WANT TO BE WITH MY BROTHER!!!” As she struggles to pull her brother out; rubble begins to fall from above. And she either doesn’t realize- or does not care. And that……that’s dark, bro.

These kids were probably having a normal @$$ day before this- maybe even got into a brother-sister argument. And then- THIS happens!! It’s like; this girl was determined to either leave here with her brother- or…….not. It reminds me of what Horikoshi said he wanted to do in the future. He stated once that he would like to do a skip to the future- where Class 1A are Adults and Full Fledged Heroes, and tell a “much darker story.” Well………at last years Jump Festa; Horikoshi said that “We’re coming to the end of this part of the story.” The fandom has taken this to mean that he will definitely show them as pro-heroes- and that this story will be a lot darker going forward.

Now……Horikoshi has made it clear in his author comments that he’s a fan of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man(Rightfully so), so we know that the’s into darker stuff like that. And because of Chainsaw Man’s popularity; Jump is a lot more open to darker, grittier, not-so “PG13” content. He could do something a lot darker with less restrictions, and he wouldn’t even have to change magazines like they’re doing for Chainsaw Man: The Academy Arc. We could see the potential “My Hero Association” continuation series in the same place!

He could…….

But moving on from that fact; those kids are saved by Uraraka and Tsu, so it’s alright. But that was still…….morbid. Though it is cut by a sequence of their Chibi models resting after having saved them. So- whatever. As the kids cry out for their parents; Tsu notes that the boys leg is injured. So while she takes them to the shelter; Uraraka goes off to help another civilian’s distress. As she floats on by; she see’s a man- bloody and torn to shreds. The man- holding his arm in agony- pleads with Uraraka to save his wife who’s stuck inside the rubble. Ignoring the earlier plea; she rushes inside and calls out to the man’s wife. As she saves her; she becomes consumed by the singular thought: “Save Them- Save Anyone You Can!”

We jump around a lot to see various Heroes doing everything that they can to save all these civilians- everything from getting them water to carrying them away on stretchers. And then you get a scene- you get a moment in the chapter in which a Hero is just looking around. He hears the devastation……the agony………anguish……….pain. He hears all the screaming and crying- sees all the destruction and ruin……and he says aloud, right in front of Uraraka: “I’m Done.” He calls this whole situation a “Big Mistake,” and quits being a Hero right then and there. What a punch in the gut.

“Hero No More.”

This scene- Is Great. Like; i had expected to see some Heroes walk away from this job- and even see some students quit the Hero course. With the reveal of Endeavor and Hawks’ history- on top of what Hawks did to Twice; it’s very likely that a lot of people are gonna drop out of this line of work. But to see it mid clean up? To have Uraraka watch a Hero actually lose Faith in Heroes like this? For her to be busting her @$$ trying to save people- sweat dripping down her face and making her hair droop and getting other people blood on her- and then 1 guy decides to just up and quit on the spot? That Sh!t Hurts. And I imagine this moment is gonna stick with her for years to come.

I actually like the idea of Hero Society seeing a Major change- that Endeavor and Hawks- the 2 top heroes in the business right now- seeing how their actions can cause massive ramifications. Like; all these Heroes are now gonna have some thorough background checks. Home visits; legal history; family history; watching how the past actions of just 2 men can change the world as we know it…….That’s a theme that I like to see. I love how One Piece characters react to Luffy’s action- how they the world itself is reacting to 1 guy rather than the other way around. I talk more about how their actions affect the world in my “Future Of Society” earlier, so check it out there.

Huh- So Was Right.

We cut away from that amazing scene to to the Gunga Villa- where another emotional gut punch comes in. Mina, Kirishima, Sado, and Yaomomo chan find something. On the ground next to it; they find Midnights broken glasses. You know what this means, right? That all those chapters ago, when Midnight’s comms got cut- she actually did Die because of the villains that came up behind her. Midnight Is Dead. Just 1 casualty of Many. You know; I had actually suspected that she was dead.

Looking back at it; she was injured after getting knocked out of the sky by that debris Compress threw at her like that, coupled with the fact that Liberation Front Soldiers were coming at her- I’d have been more surprised if she had lived. But another thing I want to talk about is……..well; a rather “touchy” subject. Like; Midnight’s a very……….attractive woman. And she was injured and defenseless(though I’m certain she fought like H#ll to the bitter end- “Cause That’s What Heroes do“)………and there were 5 of them………all of which were guys. Like……..did they…….? Cause we’re not seeing her actual body. So……….? That’d be really F*cked up, but it’s not like it’s impossible.

We get more narration- that talks about the final pages of chapter 270. Future Izuku reveals how Tomura survived incompletion: “Shigaraki had died and the device designed to resuscitate him had been destroyed. The electric shock at the very moment was so insignificant that even X-Less(the first victim)- who had been beside him- didn’t feel it. The electric shock itself was not enough to facilitate resuscitation. What brought him back to life were his dreams and animosity- It was all due to Shigarki’s tenacity alone that so many Heroes lost there lives.I’m certain a lot of civilians died, too, but there would probably be too many and we don’t even know their names(nor do we have an emotional attachment. It sucks they died, but we didn’t know or care about these people- sad as it is to say). Not that I know many of the Heroes shown here, either.

I Know Like 3 or 4 of these guys at most.

The next scene is also something that I really like- even though it’s really f*cked up and shows off the worst parts of this epic loss. Well…….that part that I’m going to be irritated by the most- even thought it’s completely understandable and inevitably. Honestly; I expected this to happen. I just thought it come from a bunch of rude, inconsiderate d0uchebags; not understandable, inconsiderate adults.

We look around to see some teenagers talking about Dabi’s little “Message To The World-” which most likely made it on to this world version of “Youtube” and just in general the internet faster than anyone can take them down. Not just teens, either; many people of many ages are saying things like “This is it for him, isn’t?” and “Dabi’s a jerk, but what’s Endeavor gonna do now?” You know; talking about Dabi’s big reveal. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant; as Dabi stated in chapter 291: “Even coming from a villains mouth; my words have shaken them to their very core.” They’ll look into it. Be it just random @$$ people sticking their noses into a “Family affair,” or the Police investigating these Domestic abuse claims. And those that don’tare walking on eggshells around them.

Not that I think Endeavor and Hawks are gonna hide what they did from the masses. Hawks might have to hide the fact that the Public Safety Commission knew he was the child of a Villain and hired him to assassinate Twice. But that’ll just make them look “negligent,” now wouldn’t it? Their heads are on the chopping block, too. Man; this arc ruined everything- in a good way. Like; Society’s flipped upside down and the kids “Hero Dreams” are going to look a little bit different. Izuku might have to instill a lot more than just a little “Hope and Peace” to fix THIS ONE.

You mean the man can’t even Recover?!

Heck, not just him; how’s Mineta gonna get popular with girls if the public has lost faith in its heroes? Come to think of if; is he even gonna stay in the Hero course? Like, he’s one of the Heroes who was doubting themselves and the Hero society as a whole in chapter 283. He asked himself- everyone around him: “Did we do the right things? Did the Heroes make the right choices?” It’s like………I just feel like the story going forward is going to be incredibly different, and I think we might even be dealing with a smaller main cast going forward. I just can’t wait to see how all of this sh!t continues to hit the f*ckin’ ceiling.

One guy actually demands that Endeavor explain himself as early as tomorrow. And this ain’t One Piece or Black Clover, people- there is NO “Heal All Power” or any amount of mutton in this world that could heal all the sh!t that’s happened to Endeavor. The man’s lung is charred; his skin burned; his mental state shot– He’s gonna be out of it for at least a week! You see he and Izuku getting hauled off to a non-Nomu infested hospital. The 2 of these guys are done for now. But it also seems like some people are done just being in Japan. Someone even talks about what Endeavor’s going to do- speculating that he’ll go over seas. I wonder to where………..?

USA Trip Packages | Travel to the USA with Contiki
Maybe To A Certain Country That’s Toted As A “Hero Utopia?”

I’m telling you guys: This series is going to America. Izuku’s gonna train there for a bit, and then he’s gonna come back and things are gonna be VASTLY different. His dad is hinted to have work over there; it would be a parallel to All Might’s development as a hero; it’s toted as a “Hero Utopia-” a place where Izuku would likely be the most safe from All For Tomura. This has to happen. It would just make sense- especially from a World Building stand point.

We cut over to Tartarus for the final part of the chapter. The weather begins to kick up- waves raging ever violently as the Prison begins to shift over to night security. As deep, deep down below in the prison…….we see the Symbol Of Evil beginning to stir. Sense even the slightest movement in there would prompt immediate execution; he simply keeps his thoughts to himself: “I feel it- slightly outside of expectations, but…….soon enough.” We jump to the outside, where we see All For Tomura and the League of Villains getting their bearings. We see that internally; Tomura himself is out cold– he’s lying unconscious on the ground in the mindscape, with no indication of waking up.

All For Tomura speaks aloud:

Why Would You Think There Would Be A Tomorrow For You? No, I Won’t Be Giving You A Moment To Rest. Because It’s MY Turn now- and it’s never gonna end.

Hear me now, my Tireless Nomu- The Time Has Come To Free My Main Body.

All For Tomura- The Ultimate Evil.

All For Tomura gives the command to go after his original body- as My Hero Academia Chapter 296 comes to an END! Ah, Ya Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me. You just can’t give the Heroes a minute, can you AFT? It’s always gotta be one thing after another with you, doesn’t it? Then again- I have 9 drafts for posts waiting for me to get to them. So I guess I can’t talk. But just so you guys know- I intend to finish every last one of em!

Oh Cr@p.

You know; I had initially thought that the Heroes would be there to stop this Prison break when it happened. But looking at Horikoshi’s comment recently that “The next volume(Volume 30) would be the last;” it’s looking like that might get “offscreened. Or possibly shorter than we had expected. I guess I was expecting a little too much “Impel Down.” So……that’s on me. But I am expecting for All For One to kill his original body so he can fully take over Tomura’s. And I think I talked about it more in my “All For One’s Master Plan” post in which I speculated that Tomura’s “Decay” and the “All For One” quirk mixed together so now, whenever he takes your quirk- he kills you as well.

And I also think that he plans to give over his counterfeit quirk to the original to make up the last 25% he needs for completion. And when he’s complete– maybe that will be part of what he needs to ensure he’s running the show indefinitely. But those are just my thoughts. I would like to know yours down in the comments. That’s all from me for now. Until the next post, everyone; remember to Go Beyond- PLUS ULTRA!!!

The Man Who Would Be The King! One Piece Chapter 1000 BREAKDOWN SPECTACULAR

…………The Prophecy Seemed So Far Away. But Now We’ve Finally Reached The Day. Remember The Past? Remember The Strange? Be Prepared To See The World As You Know It Change. Is it just me, or am I on a a bit of a Gravity Falls kick right now? Maybe it’s because Disney XD is airing reruns of the whole series at the time of my writing this. Also, for those of you reading this right now; I wrote this December 27th-28th. Yeah; you’re reading this on the 4th of January, but I made this at the tail end of that garbage year we never want to talk about again.

I’m sure I posted very little last week, but this chapter leaked WICKED F*CKING EARLY, so I decided to just type it up and get it done. This way; I’m not rushing through the post and I can take my time talking about everything. Because there is a lot to unpack here. At least; in terms of impact and dialogue. But you know what? This was worth the wait. Here we are, everyone; One Piece Chapter 1000: “Straw Hat Luffy.” Let’s witness this legendary occasion together, shall we?

“All Hail The King!!”

The cover of Weekly Shone Jump Magazine depicts the rest of the Shonen Jump manga from last time- all the main characters from every series currently running in Jump with characters from their leader’s series. You get Asta with Shirahoshi, Andy from Undead Unluck with Smoker, Yuji and Arlong, Ruru and Magu Menueku from Magu Chan: God Of Destruction with a Loppin from Drum Kingdom, Matsuri from Ayakashi Triangle with Sugar, Sanji and Roboco(can’t wait to see this weeks chapter), Kidd with Iori from Phantom Seer(which you should most definitely be reading), and so, so many more. And the actual cover page for the chapter is just the other half of the dual length cover with the Straw hat’s basking in treasure they’re getting from a Skull. Don’t know if I could get the whole thing, but it’s a beautiful cover- and very festive.

Farewell, Triple Digits!

We open this weeks chapter on the 5th floor of Kaido’s castle- where all the threats have been eliminated by The Musketeers! I guess since they got stomped into the ground by Jack; they left the top of the Skull Dome so the Scabbards could focus and decided to at least make sure that the Straw Hat’s have a direct path to the top. Low and behold; their efforts pay off! One of many in this chapter. As Luffy thanks “Shishimamushi(Lion Viper)” for his help; he runs by and tells him “Don’t worry- I still remember that time when you guys protected Raizo with your lives!!” As he darts off; Shishilan is moved to tears by his kindness.

Get A Move On, Straw Hat!

Luffy is of course referring to the events of chapter 816, in which the Minks that- even after all the fighting and torture and chemical warfare brought about by Jack- they never once alluded to Raizo being in Zou. Their will never broke, and Raizo was never found by Jack. Luffy sees that they’re in pain- that they so desperately want to be up there fighting against Kaido. he can feel it in his Haki. But he also sees that they’re too injured and too weak to fight- and they know it. So he reminds them of arguably their “Strongest Moment” in the entirety of the story to make them feel better- to lift their spirits so that they can keep fighting the “good fight” without any regrets.

Luffy is capable of reading emotions- we know this. So he always knows just what to say to someone to make them feel better- to get them to keep going and never give up. That’s just the type of guy that Monkey D Luffy is.

We cut away from there to the Live Stage- where we see more examples of Queen being a Cyborg. Such as the fact that his neck extends further in Segments– like how a machine does. So I guess he’s made a few modifications to himself in his Brachiosaur form. He sticks out his head, and tries to catch Marco in his mouth while King dives in for an attack on the other side. But Marco- being a bird made of Fire– ignores their advances and grabs them both by their necks with his wings. However; restraining them like this prevents he himself from going any further. So he decides to give Zoro “the boot‘” he tosses Zoro up to the hole in the Skull Dome, much to the shock of the Would-Be Greatest Swordsman. Zoro reaches the top of the Skull Dome.

We cut over next to Yamato and Momonosuke’s discussion once again. Momo’ is confused as to what the “D” is, but he’s more curious about his father’s logbook.

How Much Do Y’all Wanna Bet……..?

Seeing as it is one of the very last keepsakes of Oden; he decides to give it back to Momonosuke rather than keep it for himself any longer. Heck; Yamato’s been holding onto this thing for 20 F*ckin’ years– he’s probably read it cover to cover 10,000 times over by now. He probably knows the contents of the book forwards and back. No point in keeping it any longer; it might as well go back with the son of the writer. Yamato explains “Momonosuke- I never would have thought that I would have the opportunity to meet with you someday. I’ll be giving it back to you- I found it near the river of Oden Castle on that day.” Of course; Yamato is referring to the day Oden was boiled alive and Oden Castle burned to the ground.

Yamato speculates that someone inside the castle protected this journal- “Everything regarding his wonderful life and the emotions he experienced when travelling across the world were recorded,” and someone wanted to make sure it survived. If I had to guess who it was; it was most assuredly Lady Toki. In chapter 973; we saw her on a horse galloping away from the fire. She most likely dropped it around the river and just never got it back- which is sad cause that was her husbands logbook, so I mean. But in any case; Momo receives his father’s logbook, and is amazed by its contents.

Yamato asks Momo “You were born on Whitebeard’s ship, and moved to Roger’s ship, right?” He talks about one of the predictions Oden made in his logbook: “It is said that ‘Once 20 years have past- a group of young and powerful new pirates will arrive!!'” And he thinks that that time has come now. Yamato is speaking of the prophecy foretold by Lady Toki 20 years ago- the “9 Shadows” that would come to free Wano……..I believe. There’s so much “foretelling” going on in this arc that I’m kind of starting to lose track of which one’s are coming true right here.

Ace Is So Proud Of His Little Brother!!

Yamato had thought that Ace would be one of them(and in spirit; he will be), but since he’s died 2 years ago; that can’t happen. This leads to another flashback in which we see the rest of Ace and Yamato’s conversation from the last chapter. It turns out that Ace told Yamato about Luffy’s dream. He was drunk, so it just kind of “slipped out.” But once he realizes that he said this; he tries to take it back: “Ah! I said too much!! Forget what I said!! AND DON”T MAKE FUN OF IT!! Sabo and I will never forgive you!!” He tries to take it back because he knows how “grandeous and out there” it is, but even so- he still believes that Luffy can become Pirate King. And he won’t tolerate someone other than he and Sabo making fun of Luffy’s dream. He admits to having a good laugh, but they believe in Luffy’s dream- he and Sabo both.

Yamato- having read Oden’s journal thoroughly– stops Ace in his tracks and tells Ace- tears in his eyes- “I would Never make fun of him!!” Luffy had sort of the same dream as Roger- it was written in the logbook that he said the same thing. So I guess…….in chapter 966; Roger was talking about becoming “King Of The Pirates.” And, while I’m sure that he and Luffy have the same idea of what “King Of The Pirates” means(“The Most Free Person In The World”); I’m beginning to think that there’s……… a little more to it than just “being free.” Like; it might be tied to the D clan and “Joy Boy.” It’s……’s interesting. This chapter doesn’t quite have the “MAJOR STORY REVELATIONS” we all might have been expected, but it does have some “Endgame” set up elements in it. Some that will be payed off- and some that have already been payed off. Like this next scene.

So THIS Is where he learned about it!

As Yamato thinks about the words of Gold Roger- how they amazed Oden- he tells Ace that “A certain Big Figure said the same thing in Oden’s journal!!” He is of course talking about none other than the original Pirate King himself, but from how he’s dancing around saying his name directly- I’m gathering that Ace probably made his hatred for Roger known to Yamato, even if he never told him that he was his biological father. But that doesn’t really matter to Yamato; he just sees Roger- and now Luffy- as “amazing.”

Ace similarly thinks that this “Big Figure” isn’t all that bad. In fact; he even admits to having a drink with he and Luffy. Oh, Ace; that might have been the nicest thing you’ve ever said about your father in your entire life! Course he doesn’t realize that it’s Roger he’s saying that about. And knowing Ace; he’d either want to take that compliment back, or begin to begrudgingly change his opinion and attitude towards being Roger’s son. But clearly; he never found out about this. Yamato informs him that this “Big Figure” has already died- which is unfortunate because he and Luffy would have gotten along well. Boy, I’ll say.

Some time passes, and it’s time for Ace to be rollin’ on to the next adventure. So Yamato gives him “Going Away” gift: A Vivre Card. He explains to Ace how they work, and that it’ll reunite him with people he wants to see again on the high seas. Yamato takes a piece of the paper- in hopes that he and Ace will reunite once again. Alas; it faded away 2 years ago- just like Luffy’s. But Yamato didn’t get the full story until it was revealed in the News Papers. So in the end; Yamato never said a proper goodbye to Ace.

Guess Who?

Back in the present; we jump over to the Man Of The Hour. The Main character of one of the longest franchises-manga or otherwise- in all of history. 1 Monkey D Luffy approaches the top of the Skull Dome- breaking down the door, and is greeted to the sight of Destruction-as well as his friends and Kidd and Killer having arrived to the top of the dome before him. People were speculating that Luffy would reach the top of the Skull Dome in chapter 1000- and he did. Though I had expected something more “cinematic” than this. Like; I thought it was gonna come out of that door and just punch Kaido in the face with a Ryuo-charged “Elephant Gun.” Kaido does get punched– just not now, nor with an Elephant Gun.

We also get narration over his run from Yamato, who says: “The fact that Ace was Roger’s son– and that “little brother” was making a name for himself as a Pirate. The Same Pirate that you brought here- Luffy!!” Yamato begins to give a quote from Oden’s log:

In about 20 years; It will be the next generation of powerful Pirate will lead the “New Era.” They Will arrive to the New World!! And If I were to die- They will be the one’s capable of striking down Kaido!!!

A Man Named Kozuki Oden

Oden likely knew about his fate- so he entrusted this information- as well as the mission to defeat Kaido- to the “Next Generation” of Pirates. He knew not who- but that they would come to save his country in his place.

5/9? Who Will be The Final 4?

Kidd begins to condescend to them, saying “And here’s another on!! All Of YouJust Stand Back And Watch Me Fight!!” So cocky for someone who was beaten by this guy once already, huh? But then it is Eustass Kidd. The rest are completely silent- mentally preparing for this “Ultimate Battle.” While the Yonko- Emperor’s Of The Sea and Rulers of the New World- look as their main target: Straw Hat Luffy. Big Mom even admits “All These Fetching Young Head- ripe for the taking!!!” You know; because of what he did on Whole Cake Island and what those events did to her reputation. Probably also hurt Katakuri’s as well, but she likely isn’t even thinking about that.

Luffy ignores their comments, and looks behind them. “Oh!” he says. Cool as a cucumber; Luffy walks forward like there’s nothing standing in his path…….just like he always has. Through all the countless foes- pirate and government alike- Luffy has not backed down. Well…….that’s not exactly true. I mean; when Kuma was attacking them on Sabaody. The sole time he chose to have his crew run- and they all face their first(and so far; only) major lost. Like; he told his crew “Run!” rather than try to fight with Kuma- and it turned out to be the worst mistake he’s ever made. Just goes to show you why running from your problems isn’t any way to handle them. Not that they would have won against Kuma at that point. The whole crew struggled to even beat his copy.

one piece: 1974
Then What Were They Supposed To DO In This Situation?!” someone is asking me.

Kaido looks over at Big Mom and is like, and gets all “hood” on her like “Yo, Linlin- You know what the f*ck this kid said to my Mothu-F*ckin’ FACE?!” And Big Mom’s like “He said the same thing to me, too, boo boo!!” Now that I have successfully p!ssed someone off with my mockery of……….something; I can tell you what they actually say. Kaido does say “Linlin; can you guess what this kid said to my face!!” Big Mom is like “He’s just a runt! He had the same saucy attitude when he faced me as well!!” She then demands an apology out of Luffy- who could not care less about them right now. Like- 2 of the Strongest Pirates in this world, toted as “Gods Among Men” and rulers of the New Worlds itself– and he just walks by em as if they were just bystanders having their own conversation while he was on his way to his job.

He gets by em- and walks up to an injured, bloody, Beaten Kin’emon. Kaido demands that he says it again: “Hey, kid- I Dare You to say it again: What do you want to become?! Say it again so we can hear you!!!!” He’s commanding that Luffy say what he said in chapter 923- the “King Of The Pirates” spiel. But he has more important matters right now. Don’t worry, though- THAT comes later. Luffy holds the defeated Kin’emon in his arms- and apologizes for how long it took him to get here; “You all right, Kin’emon? I’m sorry I took so long.”

Is Kin Gonna Be Okay?

I can imagine that Luffy’s gonna pay for ignoring Kaido’s earlier command, but that might just come next chapter- if we stay at the top of the Skull Dome for a little while. He looks around the battle field- seeing the tattered bodies of the Akazaya 9 scattered around him. Raizo, Kiku, Denjiro, and more- all lie in defeat.

Kin- wind pipe likely in shambles– coughs up some blood and says to Luffy “*COUGH” Alas…….When I pass on*haa haa* in the afterlife……Lord Oden- I have Nothing to show you except my shame!!!” He grabs onto Luffy, and begs of him “Will you put……..Wano On Your Back?!?!?!” And without missing a beat; he tells the unconscious Kin’emon “Of course I will!! It’s My friends country!!Naturally. And naturally; Kin is moved to tears- either from the @$$ whoppin’ he got from Kaido or from the emotional moment he just shared with Luffy. It could even be both.

Like I said earlier; Luffy was gonna pay for ignoring Kaido. The Beast King lifts his Kanabo over his head, and prepares to bring it down on the kid. So Luffy has Law move Kin(and likely the other Scabbards) down below them with his “Room.” Though why he wants to send them to Live Floor where he last left it in turmoil and chaos- I’ve no clue. Maybe his Advanced Observation Haki is telling him they’ll be okay down there. Whatever the case may be- Kin and others are safely out of the way. And with that; Luffy leaps over Kaido’s head, and activates Gear 3rd. He thinks back to everything– from the moment he learned about the Kozuki clan’s history in chapter 819 until this very moment. He brings DOWN his fist on Kaido’s head- but with a “kick” to it.


Luffy- looking down at Kaido with quite possibly the Angriest eyes he’s ever given anyone- has flames coating his fist. Almost as if he’s using “Red Hawk.” But how could that be if he went into Gear 3rd. There’s no way he’d be able to pick up enough friction to light his fist like that…..right? Yeah, yeah- I’m right. So how is………..? Ryuo!!! With Ryuo infused into a Haki Coated Gear 3rd woud give off that flame effect, wouldn’t it? Not to mention the fact that- while his “Kong Organ” in chapter 923 didn’t even phase Kaido- THIS attack knocks some blood out of his mouth.

Not to mention the idea that Ryuo’s the only way to break through Kaido’s scales. So this is a new Ryuo-based attack! But what is it called? “Red Roc?” Makes sense. It does come out more like some kind of meteor blast rather than his usual punch. With all that being said- Kaido gets hit with a “Gum Gum RED ROC!!!! With Kaido dropped to the ground; Big Mom wonders what he’s “playing at.” “You let him drop you to the ground just like THAT?!” She can’t even begin to fathom what exactly Luffy’s doing. As she stated in chapter 871; Big Mom never believed that Luffy could defeat Kaido. Yet she’s seeing the start of that with her own 2 eyes.

How we Ended Chapter 1- And How We End Chapter 100

Luffy looks the Yonko dead in their eyes, and gives him the same speech he gives everyone who mocks his dream. Ladies and gentlemen- we ended chapter 1 of the series, and it’s how we leave off chapter 1000– Luffy declares:

I Am Monkey D Luffy. I Will Surpass You- And I WILL Become The King Of The Pirates!!!

Straw Hat Monkey D Luffy- The Man Who Will Become The King Of The Pira

And that, my fellow readers- is how we open up “One Piece” in 2021! And with that; One Piece Chapter 1000 comes to an END!! DU-DUN!!

Like I said; this chapter does leave much for disections aside from smaller things like Yamato telling Ace about the Vivre cards. There’s also the fact that Yamato technically knew about Luffy before he even started out on his adventure. So Yamato might have been paying attention to the East Blue for a while. A lot of homages in this chapter, huh? It just serves to remind you how much of this series we’ve been following.

They’re gonna be fine, right?

As far as the chapter itself goes; it seems to be a lot more focused and concentrated on a few things: Getting The Members of the Worst Generation to the top, and more of the Yamato/Ace flashback stuff. I think that was the best way to handle this milestone chapter. There’s so much going on in the Raid right now that focusing on all of it would just make the chapter feel to clutter and “jump cutty.”

There’s also Luffy’s new “Red Rocket” technique. It makes you wonder what other Ryuo-based attacks he’s gonna come out with. Maybe the end of the fight will be somewhat similar to the ever-epic Jet Gatling he did against Lucci and Enies Lobby. I LOVE that scene in the anime- particularly the dub. Sonny Strait did her thing with that AMAZING roar(the quality on this video might not be the best). And the animationLORD, can we just do that all over again? That was probably my favorite moment in the entire series.

Top 30 Jet Gatling GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat
Come On- You’d Be A Liar If You Said This Wasn’t Cool!

Yeah……..1000 chapter reached. How much longer are we gonna have of the series? 100 chapters? 200? I’d say closer to 200- but not 300 or more. That’s all I got for you all today, boys and girls. Until the next post, my friends- catch ya later!

The Fate Of Tomura Shigaraki- Possible My Hero Academia THEORIES

Hello again, my beautiful followers! I know we just had a post a few days ago regarding my thoughts on Kohei Horikoshi’s last ditch series “My Hero Academia,” but there’s just SO MUCH we can speculate on regarding the future of this series- be it what we talked about the other day or what we’re talking about now. I just love talking about potential story beats with all of you! Plus these post get more followers. Seriously; I don’t even know what it is that makes these so popular. But hey; more followers means more people want to hear my thoughts on certain subjects. So here we go again!

Tomura Shigaraki | Wiki | My Hero Academia Amino
“Little Old Me?”

Today; we’re here to talk about the fate of the Grand Commander of The Paranormal Liberation Front, The Full Fledged “Symbol Of Terror,” and successor of All For One- THE One And Only Tomura Shigaraki. You know him; ya love em; ya love to hate em- what could his fate at the end of the story be? Well- that’s what we’re here to find out!

I dipped into this idea a little bit during my “Future Of Society” post, but I never fully elaborated or discussed it anywhere near as much as I would have liked. That’s partly what brought about this post. But towards the end of that post; I speculated about why and how I think Tomura will Die at the end of the story- that Izuku will actually Kill him. And- while I do not dislike the idea of Izuku being the on that puts an end to Tomura’s reign- I do not necessarily think that that is the only way to take the story. I think that there are several other ways that Horikoshi can handle dear little Tenko. But before I do; I feel that I should address why it is that I feel that Izuku could potentially kill Tomura.

I feel like the idea of Izuku having to kill Tomura is 1 way to take the story because of how Hawks’ story went. He was enlisted by the Public Safety Commission to be a spy in the League of Villains and eliminate any potential threat. One of those threats ended up being Twice, whom he had formed a sort of friendship with. I like this because of who Hawks is as a character- he’s willing to murder and lie just to fulfill his goal of making it so that Heroes have a lot of free time on their hands. And I think this you could potentially apply this idea to Izuku in that “He has to end the threat completely to preserve the peace of the world.” Because in truth- He Must. Or this will just keep happening.

The question would not be can he- it will be WILL he?

Because I mean; if Izuku does not end the threat of “All For One-” the quirk and the man behind it- then this whole cycle of “AFO vs OFA” will just keep going and going and get more and more people wrapped up in it’s whole “cursed fate” until eventually both quirks are too strong and end up destroying more and more of the World with each subsequent fight. Oh sure; it’ll start in Japan. But sooner or later; it’s going to expand to rest of the Eastern side of the world. Then to the West- and sooner or later; the WHOLE THING is going to be a battle ground for Titans, with everyone else getting caught up in their little “Fated Duel.”

The whole story is all about Izuku growing as a “True hero” while Tomura grows to be “The Ultimate Villain.” All that’s going to happen if Tomura continues to develop is going to either be the “End Of Everything” that he so desires- or he’ll be stopped at every turn just like All For One was and have to pass on his consciousness if he’s to destroy the world. He’ll end up repeating the same actions as his master and end up giving his quirk to someone even more dangerous.

or All For One is going to take full control of his body and it’ll be Izuku vs All For One in the end. And you may be thinking that having 6 additional quirks would mean that he’ll find a way to defeat All For One once and for all- but will it? Honest and for truly? All For One’s beaten the people who has these quirks originally, while Izuku’s only still learning how to use them as he goes. Worst Case: All For One’s finally strong enough to take One For All by force and he’ll take over the world. Best case: All For One is crippled again but gets away, and Izuku is left to either die or in the same position as All Might- and this whole thing starts all over again. The story needs to Change somewhere down the line. Because clearly what they One For All users have been doing thus farisn’t working.

But let’s focus on if Tomura is in the drivers seat for a minute.

How Shigiraki Stays Relevant And Intimitading | My Hero Academia Amino
What If You Saw This Face Right When You Woke Up In The Morning

I think another idea in all of this is what happened with Darth Vader in Return Of The Jedi: He turned on his master to save his son look, and threw him over the ledge into the center of the Death Star. Ignoring the sequel trilogies that everyone hates; he died. Could Tomura do a similar thing? Could Tomura overthrow All For One’s control to “save” Izuku? He wouldn’t do to save the boy- more so so that he can break free of All For One’s control. It would be the same thing as Return Of The Jedi, but with a twist to make it original. I think this one is very likely considering what’s going on in the manga right now. But what will happen after Tomura is free of All For One for good? Well………Destruction. Mass craters filled to the brim with nothing but dust until the whole of Earth looks like a grey-er, slightly warmer Mars.

Izuku would obviously have to stop him- putting the 2 of them in the same situation: Both having quirks inherited from their masters that they don’t really know how to use to their fullest in an all-or-nothing battle. Which puts us in a situation in which Izuku has to find a way to stop Tomura in a way that makes sure he can’t do this again. I a way much more permanent than what All For One is in currently. You know what this is guys- Izuku may have to KILL Tomura, as I have predicted. Either directly- or indirectly.

There’s Always The Idea That…..

What I’m getting at is the upper limit of Tomura’s original “Decay” quirk. As shown at the end of the Meta Liberation Army arc; using “Decay” for too long seems to start to cause Tomura himself to decay. He has a weakness to this quirk like everyone else, which is why one of his quirks is “Super Regeneration.” All For One has quirks to compensate for the short comings of the others. For example: He has multiple physical augmentation quirks in addition to Ujiko’s original “Life Force” quirk that “converts physical strength into vitality to live longer.” He’s strong enough to through hands with All Might and live potentially forever.

What I’m getting at is that Tomura has quirks to compensate for this weakness. However, as seen in chapter 283; those quirks have limits too. So it’s possible that Tomura could reach the limit and begin to “decay” himself until he’s near death. Izuku could stop this, and Tomura would be left to weakened by his own attack. You guys seeing the narrative that I’m trying to weave here? I think that there will be a scenario in which Tomura takes it too far, and needs help from Izuku. But Izuku- having gone through the whole series having been tormented by Tomura- will have a choice to make: Save Tomura and leave him in Tartarus to break out at some point- or leave him to rot away. Probably not- a Hero will save anyone. But I like this scenario because it continues to tie into the themes of the story.

The Limit

On one hand; you have Tomura paying off what he said to Ujiko in chapter 222– he said to him that he wants to destroy everything, even if that means that he himself is annihilated in the process. This scenario his him living up to that declaration. But I’m getting at with Izuku in this scenario is actually something from the movie Batman Begins. In that movie(SPOILER ALERT): Ra’s Al Ghul was about to crash a train into the Wayne Enterprises building as part of his plan to destroy Gotham. Kind of like how Tomura wants to destroy the world. He ended up trapped in a mess of his own design- so Batman leaves him to perish. “I won’t kill you- but that doesn’t mean I have to save you,” is what he said to him before he died. Izuku will never kill anyone(even when he channels his inner “Kacchan”), but there is a big difference between “murder” and “not saving.” Izuku doesn’t have to save Tomura. He could leave Tomura to die from his own “decay” and not look back. But then…….that wouldn’t be Izuku, now would it?

I’ll tell you all right now that I wrote this post before chapter 295– where Izuku basically DEBUNKS any theory I had of his involvement in Tomura’s death. Well……almost all of them. It’s more than likely that he and Tomura will get rid of All For One(in one way or another), but he won’t abandon Tomura to die by his own hand(Get it? Cause of all the hands?). That’s just not Izuku Midoriya is. I don’t know; I guess I just like the idea of a Hero coming to grips with what they must do to save the world- even if it ends up being the “easier” path. That “comprise” is an aspect I like of fictions- even though I can’t name any stories where the Hero just leaves the Villain to die other then Batman Begins. But I do see Tomura’ dying by his own hand, and Izuku being there with him in the end in the same way Luke was there for Anakin.

Star Wars 8 news The Emperor DID NOT kill Darth Vader THIS did | Films |  Entertainment |
Something Like This, I suppose

Since I’ve addressed every possible thing that could happen to Tomura; what do I think will become of All For One? Well I think that that’s the easier part of the discussion. That said; I can still see 3 potential outcomes for their situation: 1)Tomura “accepts” All For One and that weakens him enough for him to banish him forever. 2)Tomura “assimilates” All For One and their consciousness merge to become one, entirely new being. And 3)Tomura will “absorb” All For One’s consciousness and take his memories, forging his own path with his Master’s knowledge. “What the H#ll does this all mean?” you might ask. I’ll explain the first one since I know more about it. Though I imagine it’s a rather obscure and “hated” idea based on where I get it.

Tsubasa otori's dark side - Posts | Facebook
Do You All Remember?

I’ll ask you guys something: Do you all have the feintest memories of watching the Metal saga of Beyblade on Cartoon Network when you were growing up? Do you remember characters such as “Ryuga” and “Kyoya?” What about a character named “Tsubasa?” For those who haven’t; a brief summary: Tsubasa was a Beyblader who was “infected” by the Forbidden Bey-“L Drago’s-” Dark, Evil energy. And going into the Metal Masters portion of the series; he would have to overcome this Dark power if he was to continue to play this game. He would receive help from Ryuga- L Drago’s owner- on how to gain control of the Dark power. He explained to Tsubasa “Rather than fight it and make it stronger- accept it.” The Dark Power gained strength from the “negative emotions within” just as All For One is gaining strength from Tomura’s hatred of everything- as he stated in chapter 295. The more that Tomura’s anger flows; the easier it is for All For One to take the wheel from him. So what I’m trying to get at here is that Tomura- for the briefest moment– has to “let it go.” Let go of his anger for a moment and “banish” All For One to the recesses of his mind in that moment.

Without Tomura’s anger to feed off of; All For One will weaken- which will allow for Izuku and Tomura to completely destroy him in their shared mindscape. I like this idea, and with the recent chapter- it seems more likely that Tomura embracing his “brighter, happier” side is the only way to put this guy down for good. However; my brother also pointed out that this would be the equivalent of a guy letting someone punch him in the face to let him get tired and then fighting back. So this theory is a bust. But are you seeing where I’m going?

All Might couldn’t end this. So Maybe……

The second theory I presented was the idea of an actual “merger” of the 2’s consciousness’ to form a new person altogether- like a fusion on Dragon Ball Z. I’ve talked about this concept in my Black Clover THEORY discussion(go check that out). I really like the concept- especially the character that you can get out of merging 2 different personalities. Like; what would a merger of Tomura and AFO’s personality beget? Someone who wants to destroy everything rather than rule it- but goes about making that dream a reality in a smarter, maniacal, manipulative way? Or would you get a guy that wants to rule everything- but is very childish about it, but will slowly grow to AFO again? I find THAT to be interesting! Especially when you get down to the minute details such as “tact” and how they approach the “Villain” thing.

Tomura seems to be a child growing into an adult- while All For One is an adult, and has very little left to learn in this world. Tomura would have everything to gain from this merger, and All For One would loose a lot from it. It would be either end up being a more childish All For One, or a more mature Tomura- is the point of this paragraph, it would seem.

Boku No Hero Academia || Shimura Tenko/Shigaraki Tomura || All For One |  Hero, My hero, My hero academia
The Dark Trinity- Tomura, All For One, and Kurogiri

The last on is possibly the most feasible of the 3. It’s the idea that Tomura- rather than completely reject All For One’s “help-” he will take his help…….if that makes any sense at all. What I mean is: Tomura will end up absorbing All For One’s consciousness- gaining his experience with the various quirks in “All For One,” knowledge of the other One For All users quirks and how to fight and defeat them, as well as skills in manipulating people, knowledge of his past, and the true nature of “All For One” and possibly One For All, too. He could potentially learn how to take One For All by force since All For One knows something that we don’t.

This idea is kind of an offshoot of the “merger” idea, but still allows for Tomura to be in control- to be the Final Villain of the story like he’s supposed to be. And by utilizing his master’s teachings; he’s become one of the greatest threats this world has ever seen. But what do you suppose he’s lacking that still has All For One coming back? What is it that All For One has that Tomura does not? Is it superior intellect that keeps him 3 spaces ahead of everyone in 3D Chest while everyone else is playing regular chest? Or is it the lack of control and “unrefined” behavior? Yes- yes it is. All For One is Evil- while Tomura is still working on getting there. This could be 1 way to “speed up the process.” It’s not like Villains care about taking shortcuts or not.

Another way you could think about this is how a Sith Lord gains power in Star Wars. In the interstellar franchise; the Sith gain power by killing their former master. For Vader to truly commit to the Sith- he would have had to kill Palpatine. For Tomura to truly commit to evil- he has to kill All For One. Why absorbing him, though? Again; it would give him a “leg up” in the competition.

My Hero Academia: Here's What Happens if Shigaraki Wins
That’s All, Folks!

And…..Yeah! Those are all my theories on what will become of Tomura Shigaraki by the end of the story. I know all my “Izuku must kill Tomura” talk might have deviated a bit too far from the story, but I think the rest is much more plausible. But that’s just me. I would like to know your thoughts down below. That’s all I got for you guys today. Until the next post my lovely friends; remember to go beyond- PLUS ULTRA!!!

Battle Of The Oracion Seis! Elsie vs Justice! Edens Zero Chapter 124 BREAKDOWN

I LOVE 2 part titles like that. I like episodes of anime that have 2 parts like that; it’s one of the reasons I like Dragon Ball so much. I think because it feels more “exciting” and “eventful” when you have to have 2 separate sentences in to describe an episode. And that’s what I want to convey with this weeks chapter of “Edens Zero-” a Big Event! 1)This is a leaked chapter; we weren’t suppose to get another chapter again until after the new year. So why am I going out of my way to talk about it if it’s a leak. The answer ties into 2)This chapter is F*ckin’ SICK.

Mashima had planned on opening up 2021 on a Banger! I’m sorry this got leaked early, but I really want to talk about this! So here we are with hopefully the FINAL Chapter of 2020- Edens Zero Chapter 124: “Kiss & Die.” Now what could that mean, I wonder? Wait a minute……..

Rebecca’s Best Trait: Her Legs!

The cover page this week sees the Aoneko Duo- Rebecca and happy- greeting us. The past few chapters have had cover pages that show off 2 members of the cast doing stuff together. Be it Witch cooking for Couchpo, or Homura posing naked for Sister’s art class. This week; Rebecca and Happy aren’t doing anything in particular. However; Rebecca is shoving her butt in out faces. Her pants- aside from being extremely form fitting- are stylized to h#ll and back. Her right pant leg has chains going from he thigh all the way up to her @$$, and the other side has Cat themed stuff, as well as the mysterious number “63” on it. Hm…….one color page revealed to us Shiki’s Ether gear’s name. Maybe this is a hint that she’s jumped through more than just 30 different timelines, or how many world she is going to jump through. Pay close attention to that number. And not just because of her @$$! Although since it’s there by coincidence…………. I’m not gonna tell you to not look. We might find more hints if we keep looking.

Picking up where the last chapter left off; Shiki was left defeated on the ground. After having met the destructive power of Justice’s Ether gear “Star Drain;” Shiki was about to be killed by Justice and his “Antares” spear. But before Justice could put an end to the “Demon King Spawn-” Big Sis Elsie Crimson comes in for the save! Shiki tries to tell her about Homura being captured, but Elsie tells him she has her crew working on getting her back. With all that said; she has business to attend to with Justice. The 2 glare at each other- the same face, but with 2 different reasons behind them. On one hand; Elsie wants payback for what Justice just did to Shiki. And for Justice; he wants revenge for what Elsie did to him in the past.

I Wonder Who Wants It More?

Shiki- barely clinging to consciousness- looks up at the battle to come right before him. Justice breaks the tense staring contest by saying “To think you’d have the gall to show your face to me- Elsie Crimson.” She responds by activating her own “Star Drain,” and changes into……..a different outfit than what she had in chapter 118. Maybe whenever she absorbs a planets Ether; she “catalogs” it for another time. Makes her even more similar to Erza, but that’s just Mashima’s style. I would have preferred she’d have 1 outfit per planet, but I suppose I’m not too mad at this- not mad at all. Especially since her transformation lets us see her boobs. As long as we get fan service from seeing transform; I’ll be find with whatever.

She changes into a new battle armor- gaining an Ether sword in the process. She charges at Justice, commanding him to “Begone This Instant!!” Justice- holding a similar sword- replies “For violating cosmic travel laws- as well as other crimes- I sentence you to DEATH!!Why he brought up the “travel laws” first is beyond me, though. Like; I would have thought he’d mention whatever it was Elsie did that started her Pirate career or what she did to him in the past, but……..okay, I guess. The 2 of them clash their swords against one another- causing a massive shockwave that echoes throughout forest. Their collision ends up blowing Shiki back, as well as alert Creed and Victory that their leader is in pitch combat.

All This And They Only Crossed Swords.

A pillar of light and raw ether emanate from their battle- enough to catch the attention of Creed and Victory. Victory asks “What in the cosmos….?” Creed takes a look with his glasses, seeing “An Identical ether reading to Justice.” He realizes what this means. But before they can properly react; they are met by the Princess Guards- Gowen and Hyoga. Gowen says “That’s our Princess- and you’re holding one of her friends in that box there.” Hyoga adds that they’ll be taking her back. Easier said than done, eh? Victory remarks “Elsie’s number 1 and number 2, eh?” In my mind; I’d have Hyoga as the number 1- I like his design more and his ether gear(revealed here) more. I just kind of like him more, is all. But maybe that’ll change as the story goes on.v

Gowen wants to know what he meant when he said “#1 and #2-” specifically which one is which. That doesn’t really matter to Hyoga, but t Gowen- it seems to matter greatly. While they hash that out; Creed looks down at the caged Homura. She begins to demand that she be released immediately. As he looks down at her; he can’t help but think “Now that I look at her; she’s kind of pretty……I thought so. He just looks like the type of guy to get flustered around women. And heck; EVERYONE thinks Homura’s pretty! So this isn’t all that surprising. But his gawking at Homura is interrupted by Victory giving him the order to capture him. He activates his Ether lock- only for Hyoga to block with his “Ice Wall.” Hyoga having an ice-based Ether gear means that Gowen has a Fire based on. True to what I said; Gowen attacks Victory with “Flame Bolt,” and Victory responds with his “Titan’s Arm.”

Gowen and Hyoga vs Victory and Creed

Now………we know from Elsie’s dialogue to Jesse in chapter 118 that these 2 used to be a doctor and a fire man. Based on their designs; you can kind of tell who was what. But it strikes me as a surprise that a fire man like Gowen would use a Flame-based Ether gear. You would think he’d have something more based on water so he can put out the flames, rather than start them. Although I guess his line of thinking would likely be “Fight Fire- with Fire.” So he learned a Fire based Ether gear.

As for Hyoga; he was a Doctor. I suppose an ice ether gear would help to numb pain. Like; he could use his ice to freeze over wounds and things like that. Again; I like Hyoga’s more. I just in general like ice powers more than fire- you can do a lot of things with ice compared to fire. Plus; people with abilities tend to have rather “cold, collected” personalities. And he also adds that his “ice wall” blocks all psychokinetic ether- such as Creed’s “Ether Lock.” So it has more uses than Gowen’s.

But seeing what Gowen’s Ether gear is makes me think about Fie of Drakken’s Element 4. He had my favorite design of the 4 of them, and I really liked his personality and esthetic. Seeing Gowen light up his arm like this; it makes me wonder if they’re using the same Ether gear. It probably isn’t; I’m sure Shura isn’t using “Satan Gravity” ether gear like Shiki- probably just an Ether that uses the same element of “Gravity.” But even so; where did these guys learn to use such identical Ether gear? We’ll probably not get an answer about Fie(I highly doubt we’ll be seeing him in the story ever again), but Gowen’s backstory is very likely to happen at some point in the future.

Charred- Much Like Hyoga’s Arm In The Panel above

Gowen and Victory clash, with Victory declaring “Victory will be mine!!” And I just said “Victory” a whole bunch of times in one sentence. Back with Creed vs Hyoga; they’re locked in a stalemate because of the “Ice Wall,” so they have little more to do than just talk. Hyoga declares that “‘Victory’ will be ours– on the honor as the Princess Guard.” Creed rebukes his statement by claiming “Those without ‘creed’ can never defeat us.” Hyoga says that they do have “creed:” “Our Creed Is Belief In Her Highness- That is what drives us forward.” Creed responds that “You don’t even know who she really is- you poor, pitiful lambs.Speaking of which; have you guys ever had lamb? It’s AWESOME!! But more than that; Creed is trying to tell them that Elsie isn’t who they think she is. I wonder about that……

Since Mashima’s a nice guy; he gives us teases at what it was that Elsie did to get on Justice’s “Sh!t List.” We cut back to the fight- where the combatants break away from each other. Justice swing his sword forward, and Elsie barely dodges- the air force blowing past her face. Elsie swings her sword herself- ending with a similar result. Shiki- battle damaged- is left amazed at his(defacto foster) sister combat skills and power. As she charges into duel Justice once more; she says “You’ve gotten better, Justice. Or should I say- James Holloway.Bam- Justice’s real name revealed. I expected something like that- though I didn’t think we’d get it this soon. It’s all good, though; I like the name.

Justice’s Real Name Revealed

Justice responds “I abandoned that name long ago, you Traitor of the Fatherland.Hoh……what have we here? 1)No place is called the “Fatherland” and it doesn’t have any significance. This could either be a place of religious devotion- much like Jerusalem in our world- or it could be some kind of cult ground. 2) We could kind of gather from Justice’s claims that Elsie “took everything from him,” and the fact that they use the very same Ether gear that they likely came from the same place. Shiki question “Fatherland?,” while Elsie claims “A nation like that one had no meaning.” Oh……. so they also came from the same nation? But what did she mean it “had no meaning.” All will be answered if I ever stop hyper analyzing everything.

Hearing her call their homeland “meaningless” enrages Justice beyond belief. his aura begins to flare up as he tells Elsie “That ‘meaningless nation-‘ is where I lost everything. Because of your Treachery.” His spike in Ether is enough to catch Elsie by surprise- he swings his sword forward, and the force sends Elsie flying backwards into a construction site looking place. Before she can even hit a wall; James flies overhead and and knocks her to the ground with a double ax-handle. Where have I seen this before? Oh RIGHT; Dragon Ball! As you all know; my favorite franchise empirically is Dragon ball(a new arc started in the Dragon Ball Super manga a few days ago- check it out!). So seeing Mashima channel what is widely considered to be the “template” for all modern Shonen Battle manga- the “God Father” to every Battle series you read; seeing this just makes me so happy and excited to see this series animated.

A Battle of Those Who’ve Lost Everything!

Elsie regains her balance, and dodges Justice’s attack. She moves in for her next slash attack, reminding Justice that they’re in much the same boat: “I lost everything, too! My parents… siblings…….my friends…… EYE.” Okay; more Erza parallels. Erza also had a missing eye- though she got an artificial replacement at some point. I haven’t seen all of Fairy Tail yet, but I’ve seen a lot of images where she has her hair draped over that eye. So I don’t know if she lost it or if that’s just an artistic choice from Mashima. But this confirms that Elsie is missing her eye under that eye patch. Very “Pirate-y,” Mashima.

Justice reminds her how that incident happened: “If you hadn’t betrayed us- neither of us would have lost anything.” Elsie swings her sword at Justice- who dodges the attack by leaping into the air. Elsie yells back at him “No– someone had to do something– or we would have lost even more. We would have lost the entire KAEDE COSMOS!!!” We learn this chapter that Elsie and Justice are not natives to the Sakura Cosmos- they are from the “Kaede Cosmos.” Which, based on this dialogue, was in trouble at some point. Like; it may have lasting repercussions from whatever event happened back then. It’s going to make us going to that cosmos very interesting. And let’s be honest: We’re Going There Next. This is just like when we got the mention of the Aoi Cosmos in chapter 49. It was mention before the others, so we’re going there next.

Whatever happened there, though, was really bad and dangerous. So much so that Elsie saw it fit to take action- even at the cost of her loved ones. Justice refuses to believe her, though- calling her logic “twisted.” She responds “If there was any real justice in you- You would have seen it, too!! How powerful the Government was- and what they were plotting!Interesting! From the sound of it; the ruling Government in Kaede was planning something not so good- and Elsie took it out for whatever reason. Which could tie into those “repercussions” I mentioned earlier. Like; taking out the Governing body might have made it into a somewhat “lawless” section of the Universe. But how were they able to get so close to the Government?

Much like “love;” “Justice” is also blind

The 2 of them end up in an aerial chase- much like the Powerpuff Girls and Princess Morebucks in Powerpuff Girls: Twas The Fight Before Christmas(figured I’d mention something Christmas-y since this post should go up around then). Justice claims “I was going to CHANGE it! With my faith in “justice;” I would have made a better nation!!” Elsie- far ahead of Justice- reminds him “We were too young to have that kind of power- and there wasn’t enough time.” She reveals that she told the citizens of the “Fatherland” what their Government was plotting- but it ended up starting a War. The same war that she mentioned in chapter 104.

But to learn that she was the one to start the War at such a young age(because in the context of the flashback in chapter 112; we saw that she was still rather young when the original crew found her)- it must have been rough. Not to mention the parallel’s between Erza and Jellal in Fairy Tail that Mashima seems to be going for; it’s possible that she and James here had a “physical altercation” in the ruins of their war-torn homeworld. Which might tie into how she lost that eye(though I doubt it). As for when and where exactly they learned their Ether gear- I’m not entirely sure. But I gather they learned to use “Star Drain” at similar points in time.

Clash Of The Oracion Seis!

Elsie thought at the time that it was the only way to “right what was wrong,” and says that Justice would never understand because of his obsession with his “False Justice.” Honestly, I have to RJ Writing Ink is right: Justice is just like Akainu in One Piece. I’ve noticed throughout the story that there are many similarities to the legendary Pirate adventure, and the way Justice is acting is reminding me greatly of Akainu’s sense of “Absolute Justice-” the idea that those who break the law are always wrong no matter the context, and those who side with them are also wrong. He believes in his own interpretation of “Justice,” and everyone else can either get on board- or get out of his way, less you wish to face the light of Justice.

The battle continues in mid air- with the the combatants moving around as if this were the Power Puff Girls Christmas Special- Twas The Fight Before Christmas. I’ve been writing this post for DAYS now, and this next little bit(maybe even to the end of the post) is being written on Christmas Day. I’m writing this for all of you as a Christmas present(even though I’m fairly certain it’s gonna be late). So how bout leavin’ me a like and a comment, will ya? Omg- I’m guilt tripping people for “clicks.” I really am just the worst……..

Elsie speeds ahead of Justice and whips around- clashing into him. Their hands lock together(it happens much like a clash in Dragon Ball), and their face get “up close and personal;” so close that they could feel the “heat” coming from the other. Almost as if they were lovers about to share a passionate kiss. Elsie asks Justice: “Do you remember the last time our faces were this close to each other?” Hold up a minute! I thought I was joking about that! But hearing this makes me think…….no, she’s just teasing. In any case; this comment sparks a flashback to when Elsie and James were young.

Princess.Shoulda Seen That Coming.

We go back in time a ways to when Elsie and James were little kids- and a Princess and Prince, respectively.Princess” Guard; “Princess” Elsie. MIND. THE. SIGNS. Princess Elsie and Prince James are sitting in a royal garden- on a fancy fountain. They probably just got finished playing a game, and decided to rest. The silence is broken by the ever playful Elsie, who says “I know, James- let’s kiss!!” As with any boy; he gets all flustered and red in the face, asking her “How could you suggest that, Princess Elsie?!” Elsie explains that since they’re arranged to be married(a political marriage); “They can kiss if they want.” The logic of any 6 year old girl– I’m assuming they’re six.

Prince James adds that their parents only arranged for them to be married so Elsie’s kingdom can “absorb” his. So in much the same way Big Mom arranges marriage for people who want to become her allies(man; so many One Piece comparisons!); the marriage of Elsie and James is supposed to bring in James’ kingdom into Elsie’s- like whenever Disney buys a new company like they did with 20th Century Fox. Sick. This would also mean that James’ country is a lot smaller than Elsie’s, and they need protection. In any case; Elsie puckers up, and moves closer to James. Nervous and begrudging; the prince prepares to move in to kiss back. And then……..She blue balls the f*ck out the little homie.

I’d hate her if she did that to me, too. THAT WAS EMBARRASSING, WOMAN!! Someone guard is probably gonna make fun of him behind his back for that! Do you know what you’ve DONE to this boys reputation?! His social life is OVER before it could even BEGIN!! Not to mention almost giving him a heart attack. You know how hard it was for James to put himself out there like that? He trusted you and you do THAT to him?! F*CK YOU, ELSIE CRIMSON- I HOPE HE TAKES YOUR @$$ TO JAIL!!!! I kid, of course, but I do hate it when girls do that.

Pay off?

Anyway; she stops the kiss by grabbing and squishing his face. “On second thought” she says, “Let’s save that until we’re older.” She remarks how red James’ face is right now, so he calls her “mean.” That she is, James- that she is. But she continues her teasing with “But someday, right, Prince James?” That moments segway’s us back to the present- where Elsie and Justice are standing on the ground in the very same position.

Elsie smiles a maniacal smile as she asks Justice “What do you say? Do you want to finish what we started?” Justice tells her “That isn’t funny…” But Elsie simply replies that “….Maybe it’ll engender forgiveness in our hearts.” Justice…; James looks at Elsie. He grasps her chin, much to her surprise. His eyes covered by his hair; he tells Elsie that “This will engender nothing.” So Elsie calls him a “brave man” for going ahead with it anyway. 3 panels in and……..They kiss. I recently got up to a moment in the Fairy Tail anime where Erza and Jellal almost kissed- but Jellal stopped it because he was on his whole “atonement” schtick. He made up the lie that he ad a fiancee, which no one bought. And again; haven’t seen all of Fairy Tail yet. Don’t know if they actually do it. But I feel like this moment had the same vibe that aforementioned scene had. Only this one had a radically different ending.

So the 2 of them kiss– and then they stab each other in the gut with their swords.Great Minds Think Alike” the old saying goes(talk like Yoda, I do). The lovers open their eyes in absolute shock, as they still lock lips even after.

Eventually; the 2 back away from each other- blood spurting out of their torso’s and doubled over in pain. Elsie- ever the tough girl- tells Justice “Wonderful! A first kiss to remember, James.” I’LL SAY!!! Imagine the first kiss of your entire life resulting in you getting stabbed in the chest! Not to mention the fact that bloods pouring out of their mouths right now. Like; you know the running gag with All Might in My Hero Academia? It’s not quite that serious, but it is pretty serious. Looks like they ended up swapping more than just saliva? God, what gross kiss.

Justice tells Elsie “……I knew it would engender nothing- I will kill you.” Seeing as Justice isn’t giving up on this fight; Elsie looks up at him with a smile, and says “Yes- It seems that this is our fate.A few things here.

Romeo And Juliet?” Is that what you’re going for, Mashima?

For starters; I guess this mean that in some capacity; Justice does love Elsie. At least- he did, once upon a time. Mashima’s been foreshadowing that Justice has this “obsession” with Elsie for a long time. And now that we have the general gist of their situation; we now know why he’s so devoted to taking her down. But we haven’t heard Elsie’s side of the story. Regardless of whether Elsie was in right or wrong; Justice only had his perspective. We won’t know the whole disaster until we get the full flashback, Elsie’s story, and Justice’s. But I have the feeling that both were in the wrong in some way. As in; Elsie probably didn’t handle the situation correctly or the absolute best outcome just evaded her- while Justice was too blind to see what was going on and was just gonna go along with it on a “false promise” that he would have the chance to change things. I think the narrative Mashima wants to spin with these 2 is that there is no one right way to do things- that there are multiple ways to handle the situation, and you have to be open to all of them. Elsie was not open to James’ option; she choose to destroy the whole thing rather than make a change. And in that way; Elsie was the bad guy.

But James was also close-minded to Elsie’s plan. Maybe if they had worked together- no one would have to die. And it’s Mashima we’re talking about- he’s totally gonna turn this into a lesson about “Trusting your friends.” But I like this potential spin on the concept because it’s very reminiscent(at least in my mind) of My Hero Academia. In that series; the line between “Heroes” and “Villains” is becoming ever blurrier as the series goes on. Who’s right and who’s wrong is becoming more and more of a touchy subject. But when it comes to the villains; Horikoshi makes it a point of giving them understandable motives- while also making sure their actions aren’t justified. Justice may have understandable motives- but those motives do not justify his actions and behavior. Elsie may have done wrong in the past, but that doesn’t mean he can beat the sh!t out of Shiki in the present for the connection he vaguely knows about.

Anime/My Hero Academia (1200x1024) Wallpaper ID: 656966 - Mobile Abyss
I Wonder Where Shiki Falls On The Spectrum

Secondly; I would like to point out the parallel’s and contrasts to the ever iconic Shakesperian play- Romeo And Juliet. In that story; Romeo was the prince of 1 nation- Juliet, the other. These nations were at war with each other and it got in the way of their relationship- while Elsie and Justice’s kingdoms pushed them together for their own gain. And it seems like even though Elsie did have feelings for James; she ultimately saw through the BS her parents and James’ tried to pull and…….

But what I want to talk about most is how that story ended: With Romeo and Juliet’s death. Is Mashima trying to tell us that Elsie Crimson and James Holloway will die at some point in this story. Compared to Fairy tail; “Edens Zero” does incorporate permanent death(Drakken Joe likely died minutes after Shiki defeated him- considering his decrepit state; Spider the “Hacking Genius;” Valkyrie; and I’m sure there are others that elude me right now). So it’s not like it’s impossible for Mashima to kill them off. But will he end their story with the “poisoned kiss” like in Romeo and Juliet, or is he gonna take a different route with this?

Edens Zero - Elsie Crimson & Justice HD wallpaper download
Will they looks like this in the anime?

We cut over to the destroyed Forest for the last part of the chapter. Shiki is still too injured to move; all that he can do right now is struggle to crawl out of the dirt Justice left him in. As he struggles to even do that much; Shiki can’t help but ask himself “Ngh……..D@mmit…….I couldn’t……do anything………How can he be so powerful?” He’s questioning as to why and how Justice is so powerful. I think “Star Drain” does more than just drain a planets Ether to do make costumes. Maybe it’s like that 1 filler episode of Dragon Ball Z. During the Buu saga; Super Buu claimed to take with him a “portion of the planets power” to make himself stronger. Maybe the reason Justice and Elsie are so strong is because they take with them a portion of a planets Ether every time they use “Star Drain.” I think that would be cool.

As he struggles to stand back up; a machine walks towards him- cloaked in tattered, old cloth. It tells him “Unleash Your Gravity.” Shiki looks up to see an older machine looming over him, and it speaks once again: “Gravity is the weight of your “Heart.” Your “heart” has not yet…..reached the abyss.” We are left on this ominous droid standing over Shiki- as Edens Zero Chapter 124 comes to an END!! Lot to unpack there. Good thing I’m so methodical in how I write my posts! Though that may have been more of a “handicap” this time around. I don’t even know when you’re all going to see this post.

Is This Guy…….?

In chapter 112; Hermit mentioned a “Master Xenolith,” who was said to be the founder of tactics using Gravity-based Ether Gear. But she also mentioned that he died thousands of years ago. So that means that he was organic. This may not be Xenolithbut it may be someone who knew him. Maybe someone he created to help teach others how to use Gravity Ether Gear. It could be that this was a sparring droid he made to help him educate people in Gravity Ether gear. Or maybe this is Xenolith. He might have “uploaded” his consciousness into a machine body so that he could continue teaching these tactics Hermit mentions. Either way; this guy clearly has a connection to the origin of Gravity gear. And now he’s about to give Shiki and much needed lesson.

I’ve been thinking for a while now that Shiki needs to do some actual training- that if each threat is just gonna keep getting stronger, then he won’t always be able to keep up. As Laguna pointed out in chapter 110; the only reason that Shiki was able to win was because his friends took out the Element 4. While this is a good example of “the power of friendship;” it also means that Shiki did not win on his own strength. And if the threats are only going to become stronger than him, then that means that Shiki needs to “up his game” if he’s to protect his friends. Which in turn might motivate all of them to kick it up a notch. This could be that moment.

Not to mention that if he wants to keep his promise that he made in chapter 99; he’s gonna have to prevent Justice from taking them in. And if everything that I’m thinking will happen in this arc, then the Foresta arc might just end up being my favorite arc in the series! But these are just my thoughts; I would like to hear yours down in the comment section.

Then prove it, my dear “Magimech King…..”

That’s all I got for you all today. Until the next post, my loyal subjects- have a magical Christmas, a Happy New Yer, and Happy Holidays if you don’t celebrate Christmas! Have a good one!

The End Of Chainsaw Man(Part 1)-RETROSPECTIVE: One Of The Best Manga In 2020(SPOILERS Up Ahead)

Hello, everyone! Man, I kind of wish I had talked about this one more– heck; AT ALL would have been acceptable. But you know what- “Better late than never.” Not to mention the fact this isn’t even the end for this property; a continuation has been confirmed for the Jump+ app, which publishes things like Kaiju No 8(which you should be reading). All this and I still haven’t told you what we’re talking about, now have I? Today- we’re discussing Tatsuki Fujimoto’s PHENOMENAL series: “Chainsaw Man.” It’s exactly what it looks and sounds like.

Read Chainsaw Man 83 Spoilers, Chainsaw Man chapter 83 Raw | Manga, Anime  Spoilers and quotes
I Think this is drawn by Horikoshi, actually…

It’s a series that I started reading last year. And guys………This. Series. Is. Amazing. Like; I wasn’t expecting this series be very long by any stretch of the imagination. I was expecting like 115- 150 chapters at MAX. They way this series is- I don’t think that it could do 200 something chapters and still be as good as it is. So ultimately– this wasn’t a bad idea. And hey; at least it didn’t get Cancelled! This series is……….very Dark. It’s very dark and very brutal in the way the fights are, the transformations and themes……’s just not something you would see from the same magazine that publishes Black Clover or One Piece. But for how violent it can get; it’s still somewhat toned down. Which is part of the reason why the sequel is being moved to an app with significantly Less restrictions. Yeah- this is gonna be Sick. In the best way possible.

I also think a series like this is good for the magazine- it’ll pave the way for more series like it to have a home. And heck; the success of the CONFIRMED anime-handled by Studio Mappa- the one’s responsible for series like Dorohedoro, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan: The Final Season, and The God Of High School– will probably pave the way for more series like it in other magazines like Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. This series could be something “Revolutionary” for the manga industry. Which is ironically something that I fear for the series.

EMGHE – Teatec EMGHE Mangas Anime
The Cover Of Volume 1

When I say this- I am of course referring to the likes of the JUGGERNAUT that just won’t go away: Demon Slayer. Look……….I’m so glad that this series has become so profitable. You know that that series won an award from a RIVAL COMPANY for helping out the publishing industry?! But there in lies my point. I do not want another Demon Slayer– another series that takes the world by storm because it has amazing animation. Now that the……….now that we aren’t watching new Demon Slayer content like that; I think people have started to realize that Demon Slayer is not as “Amzingly stupidously amazing” as we thought when episode 19 came out and began making more money than I think Shueisha knows that to do with.

I would prefer a series that’s good on its own merits and be “realistic” in its popularity. Look; I’m not saying Demon Slayer is trash- it’s a good series on its own, and it speaks to the Japanese audience in a deeper way than we could ever realize. But can you guys honestly say it’d be this big without the stellar adaptation by Studio Ufortable? Would ever one be so “ga ga” over it if it looked like season 2 of One Punch Man? Which wasn’t really all that bad, but worse compared to season 1? Yeah; I don’t think people would be as “infactuated” with Demon Slayer if that happened. I’m glad people are enjoying Gotouge’s work, but I wish people would stop saying it’s the “Greatest of All Time.” I don’t know; maybe I’m just a hater. Took up 2 d@mn paragraphs talking about it in a “Chainsaw Man” post- I must look like I hate the series or something.

The point is I don’t want the adaptation to be so big that it makes me ponder why it’s so popular- I want something “realistic.” And I can see this series doing numbers comparable to Jujutsu Kaisen, but less than something like Demon Slayer of One Piece. And I see it being a different kind of popular- like; it may have a “cult following” like series such as Courage The Cowardly Dog or The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. Now that we’ve talked at length the kind of popularity and influence of the series; let’s actually talk about the manga, shall we?

Weird Heads Showdown (Chainsaw Man x No Gun Life x Keyman) | SpaceBattles  Forums
Denji Becomes The Chainsaw Man For The First Time

The story is all about a street rat named “Denji.” I use the term “street rat” in the same way it’s used to describe a person who lives on the streets. His story(SPOILERS for recent revelations): Denji’s father was an abusive alcoholic He was attacking Denji one night when the boy just couldn’t take it anymore and killed him. Unfortunately; his dad owed the Mafia tons of money, so………he “inherited” the debt. And if he didn’t pay it- he dies. Couldn’t even properly cope with his Dad’s death before he was told that he has a job to do.

As he cries in the rain alone; he meets the Chainsaw Devil– a small, red dog-like creature. Seeing it was wounded, he tries to help it. He let’s it bite me, as Devil’s recover the more Blood they drink. He gives it some of his blood- and in exchange; it would work with him as a “Devil Hunter” for the Mafia. Ever since; Denji and Pochita killed multiple Devils and lived in a shack trying to live…….period. Any money they didn’t give to the mafia was used to live- which wasn’t much anyway. Still- they were Happy so long as they had each other. Which actually ties into Pochita’s dreams, as revealed in chapter 97.

Chainsaw Man with Alexis Kirsch, Deputy EIC of Weekly Shonen Jump
The Chainsaw Man!

They do the whole “Devil Hunter” gig over the course of their life together. Denji eventually sold a kidney, and eye, and one of his testicles(no; I mean it)- but still didn’t put a dent in his debt. He does a lot of things for money(eating a lit cigarette, for one thing), and manages to eat with Pochita. Then one day; the Mafia decides to give him over to a Devil in exchange for more power. Oh well; he expected to die before he payed off this debt, anyway. Which is why he made another deal with Pochita: If he dies being a Devil Hunter, then Pochita would take his body and achieve his dreams- such as eating good food and having a girlfriend. Very basic mindset. Which is just that much more appealing.

I like this different kind of dream for the protagonist. Don’t get me wrong; watching Luffy continue in his dream to be King Of The Pirates; seeing Naruto become the Hokage; watching Asta’s journey to become the Wizard King- all of it is fun to see. And the fact that it seems like an unobtainable goal makes it even better when they succeed. But I like this kind of dream, too- it’s usually a “commoner” like Asta or an “orphan that nobody wants” like Naruto striving to become the biggest “somebody” around. But Denji………..Denji doesn’t want any of that stuff even though you could make the argument that these 3 have very similar backgrounds. Denji’s just a h0rny teenage boy. He’s stated repeatedly since chapter 4 of the story that he “wants to feel some boobs.” He wants to eat good food and have a girlfriend- not be “Head Of The Devil Hunters Association” or whatever. I like the change of pace.


In any case; Pochita begins merging with Denji’s mutilated corpse- which is when they meet again. Denji’s ready to just die, but Pochita has other plans. He “revamps” the contract; he speaks to Denji and says “I’ll be your ‘heart.’ In exchange- show me more of your dreams.” He gets our of the dumpster they threw him in, and sees that Pochita is gone- but the cord that was his tail is. And seeing as the Zombie Devil(the one that convinced the Yakuza to bring Denji) has turned the Yazuka into Zombies- he’s gotta Fight. So- he pulls the cord. And low and behold- The Chainsaw Man Is Born! Or rather; an “new version” is born. As we find out later in the series; Pochita’s true form is……..A Hulking Chainsaw Monster with 5 Chainsaws. Like- the dog is a FREAK. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a dog so much before.

Chainsaw Man, Chapter 85 - Chainsaw Man Manga Online
Imagine Having To Deal With This When You Come Into Work

Like; Denji had completely given himself over to Makima(more on that later), so Pochita “took the wheel” for a while and………this is what he became. And now that he was in the driver seat; he fulfilled some of Denji’s dreams- such as going on a date with a girl. Poor, poor Kobeni. She had just quit her job at the Devil Hunters association after having her arms taken off in H#ll. She was having trouble with her new job so her boss slapped her, and then she had the misfortune of having to serve Chainsaw Man his hamburger. THEN she had to go on a date with Chainsaw Man! Poor girl was traumatized. Oh right; I’m skipping around a lot. You guys who haven’t read along don’t even know who Kobeni is. Well, it’s whatever; this is just me giving my thoughts on the series. Honestly; I kind of make it a point of not talking about the whole first chapter. It makes the posts longer than I intend. Then againI love what I do. So it’s whatever.

Read. This. Manga. ASAP.

Where was I, exactly? Oh Yeah; Denji rippin’ up some Zombies ‘n sh!t! So he spends the whole night ripping Zombies apart with the chainsaws coming out of his forearms and head. Yeah, that’s the other thing; when he pulls the cord- a chainsaw portrudes from his head and his skull changes to that of a Chainsaw handle. 2 more chainsaws come out of his forearms extending to a little ways away from his hands. Yeah- Wicked Sick.

So rips through the Zombies, yeah? It’s morning. And Denji- having lost a lot of blood from having f*cking chainsaws coming out of his body- collapses and essentially doesn’t know what to do next. Enter: Makima. Otherwise known as b!tch (^$# @$$ head @$$ $!^# w#0@!. Or simply just the “Control Devil.” She’s………The Worst. In a “good” way. Good for storytelling purposes and good in terms of characterization. But as a person and what she does to Denji and pretty much anyone who is anyone in this whole story- She. Is. Awful. And she deserved to die. Like- straight up. There’s even a little joke with her being a b!tch. In the finale; Denji tricks her by faking his death. And she was blind to his trick because she only ever recognized different people by smell. Like a dog. Makima is a “Female Dog.” She is literally a B!tch!

You know what Makima did to Denji? This b!tch gave this man a home- and took it away. Makima paired him up with Aki- a stern, determined, Devil hunter and “Power-” a fiend that came about from the Blood Devil. Aki acted as the “older brother” of the group, and Power the “annoying little sister.” She put these 3 together- and killed em both. And what she said to Denji was like: “Any happiness you ever have is made by me– so that I can take it away from you.I’m paraphrasing, of course, but you get the idea. And she did this because she was in love with the Chainsaw Man- the “Hero of H#ll.” She wanted to live a happy life with the Chainsaw Man- to be with him forever. But so long as it was Denji- she had no interest at all. But Denji had all the interest in the world in her. So she used that to manipulate Denji, and threw him into “despair-” so deep that it brought the true “Chainsaw Man” to the surface.

Chainsaw man 2: Fujimoto, no mates a mi waifu edition - Hispachan Files
Makima Kills Power

And like; after she killed Power- on Denji’s BIRTHDAY, mind you- Denji was in shock at what the f*ck just happened. He wanted Makima to deny what just happened- to hear that he was just having a “bad dream.” You know what she did? SHE LAUGHED AT HIM. He was so in shock that it looked like he had a heart attack- and this b!tch laughed. Just……disrespectful, honestly. But in the end; Denji was in love with her. But he also realized that she was bad news and needed to be put down one way or another. So in the end………Denji ended up cutting her up, and Eating her. Cannibalized her. Cooked her up and ate her in pieces. All gone. Or so he thought.

You see, when a Devil is killed; they reincarnate in H#ll and start from scratch. Makima- the “Control” Devil- was killed and reincarnated. “Nayuta” as she’s called now lives with Denji while he’s going to High School. Oh yeah; Denji’s in High school now. But that’ll be covered in the sequel series on the Shonen Jump+ app. This feels kind of disjointed, doesn’t it. Let’s see where we can get back to it- starting with Makima herself.

The Cover Of Volume 10- The Second To Last Volume

Makima is the “Control Devil.” Different Devils represent different fears. The more the concept is feared; the more powerful the Devil. And what people fear a lot seems to be the “lack of free will-” represented by Makima. She allowed Denji’s happiness- she manufactured it for him only so she could take it away. She controlled Denji from the get-go, using little more than Denji’s infactuation with her to do it. Makima became the way she did because of government influence- they made her into a cold, unfeeling, vile thing for their own purposes. When in actuality; the Control Devil only wants to be “loved.” She wants to have the familial connections that come with love, rather than making a false family through subjegation. In that way; Makima’s story is a rather tragic one that ended happily. Because now Denji is her family. They live together with Makima’s dogs, and have fun. Even though Nayuta sees him as a “dog.”

Denji took in Nayuta to prevent Makima from happening again- giving her what she wanted in the end at the cost of what he wanted: To be with Makima. But I guess they are together- just more like “brother sister” than lovers. Speaking of; I was looking through chapters of the series to talk about. And I remembered this 1 chapter wasn’t available for free to read in the Shonen Jump sections of the VIZ Media webstie. I was wondering what the H#ll the problem was, so I went to my usual site. Then I saw the cover page. And it immediately made sense why I couldn’t read it on VIZ. And honestly, if you were expecting this to have the usual “PG13” atmosphere I try to preserve- You were woefully mistaken in that regard. This series was no PG13. Not even a little. So seeing something like this in Weekly Shone Jump magazine was just……..just look at the picture.

What do I……? Can I Be…….? Thank you, Fujimoto sensei

YEAH- He could draw this. This was how he chose to begin a chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump. But where are my manors? The one with the eye patch is “Quanxi-” a Chinese Devil Hunter contracted to take the Chainsaw’s heart. And those are her fiends- her harem. The one with a brain leaking out is the “Cosmos” Devil. She knows everything. But what she knows is so unspeakable that she can only say “Halloween.” Yeah………You guys out there probably stopped reading and are basking in the colored cover. But you know I’m gonna catch h#ll for this. Someone’s gonna be like “You Sick” whatever. But’s it’s fine; I’m a pervert. And sometimes I take the joke too far. For that, as well as offending someone with this image- I’m deeply sorry. Boy; I’m just kind of a scatter brain in the back half of this post, huh?

Ah……..what else can I talk about? Um………ah; let’s talk about the bratty Power! She is the “Blood Devil.” She became a fiend by when she took over a teenage girls body. After doing so; she end up finding a cat- which she dubbed “Meowy.” This was very much Fujimoto trying to draw parallel’s between Denji and Power. Meowy was taken by the Bat Devil, and offered Denji the chance to grab her boobs if he helped her. Denji agreed like that. 1 murder of the Bat Devil later, and Denji gets his first feel of boobs. Not what he expected- they were padded. And from that point on; his first taste of “2nd base” was ruined.

Power (Chainsaw Man) Image #3135654 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Fan Art Of The Most Popular Character In The Series

Power is very bratty, as I said before. Talks all big, but is quick to give up when things don’t go her way. She’s very playful- often wanting to fight to prove her strength. That said; she’ll flip sides and help the enemy if they turn out to be stronger than her, example most recently being when she was willing to kill Denji when Makima proved stronger than her. She’s also very whiny at times, and will shift the blame onto someone else when there’s trouble. Nevertheless; she does love Denji- as a buddy. They bathe together- but in the same way that siblings bathe together. Kind of weird since they’re teenagers, but it’s whatever.

Power was actually voted the most popular character in the series during the first fan poll. Denji ranked #5- which I found to just be plain weird. At least Izuku ranks 2nd nowadays! For the protagonist to rank 5th in his own series; that just seemed kind of weird to me. Another character that ranked higher than Denji was the 1 Reze. She is the “Bomb Devil.” And also Denjis sort of girlfriend. You know; that girl he’s close to and keeps getting closer to until they go “Facebook” official with their relationship. They do kiss- she just bites Denji’s tongue off in the process.

mangaterial — reze from chainsaw man icons, please and thank...
Like I said- she bit some of it off!

She activates her transformation in much the same way any Fiends would: Pulling something that would signify what your Devil is. Be it Quanxi pulling an arrow out of her eye to become the Cross Bow Devil(you need to have good aim, which requires at least 1 eye), or the katana Devil pulling his hand off to reveal a katana blade(you need both hands to wield a katana effectively). For Reze; she pulls the pin on her neck- as if she were a grenade.  Which ties into the shape of her head when she transforms into the Bomb Devil- it looks like a giant grenade with a mouth! At first; I thought it looked kind of like a blimp, but then I looked at it closer and noticed that it was indeed a grenade. Why the h#ll would it be a blimp?

Reze’s time in the series was limited- as she only came to take the Chainsaw’s heart. That was where the quest for that D@mn heart started. After Reze and her typhoon Devil failed; the fight that ensued put a massive target on Denji’s back. The pedophiliac “Santa Clause” from Russia; Quanxi from China; and more came after Denji’s heart. Santa wanted kids as a reward(“3 To Make Contracts- and 1 for pleasure“), and Quanxi just wanted her harem to be granted basic human rights and the chance for an education. She does care for them beyond just sexual gratification- even if she remains stoic the whole time she’s in the series.

Reze was raised by some foreign government to be the ultimate assassin- which she was. But more than that; she wanted to live a happy, normal life like Denji. And in that way; I think she truly did like Denji. Even it was just “2 kids after the same dream;” she did have affection for Denji. Which makes her death and revival both at the hands of Makima even sadder. But the fight she had against Denji and Beam was F*cking cool.

A Chainsaw Riding A Shark vs A Bomb and a typhoon. I love this serie.

Guys……..A Chainsaw monster riding a shark fought a living bomb and a living typhoon. Need I say more? You just have to read this series to know how it makes the coolest, edgiest stuff possible happen. Like; this series is just amazing. And the art lends to the bloodier, graphic nature of it. Like; when the sequel series comes out on the Shonen Jump+ app; he’s going to be even less censored than before! Can you imagine the kind of stuff he wants to draw but couldn’t because of the nature of the magazine?

Another think I remember distinctly about the series is the reveal of who was build up as the central antagonist of the series: The Gun Devil. Yeah; Fujimoto seems to have been making fun of how afraid of guns people are- how “irrational” it seems to be. I’m not gonna spark that whole debate here(I want to have fun here); I just want to make you all aware of the joke with this character and his design. Because his design is how we view guns. The Gun Devil’s power comes from our own fear of guns. The more we worry about gun laws; the stronger this thing gets. Until…….well; we get what is possibly the coolest, edgiest, most “wannabe hard@$$” design of any manga character I have ever seen.

Gilgamesh vs Gun devil(chainsaw man) | SpaceBattles Forums
The Gun Devil’s First Appearance

The Gun Devil is something of a “legend” in this world- he’s known to wipe out entire countries in a matter of seconds. He currently boasts the highest kill count in the series with his first on-screen appearance, I believe. I still remember those 2 or 3 chapters, too- how there was no dialogue; only walls and walls of text. As it killed a lot of people from the same position; just walls and walls of the deaths listed in the attack. This was also somewhat part of Makima’s plans, I think. She used him to turn Aki into a miniature Gun Devil and starts attacking Denji- under the guise that they were kids having a snowball fight. He died at Denji’s hands, thinking they were having a snowball fight. What a sad way to die, huh? I hope the anime does this battle justice.

That’s another thing I wanted to discuss- “Chainsaw Man’s” anime adaptation is being handled by Studio Mappa- who are animating all those series I listed earlier. And I’m sure that they’re going to bring their absolute A Game(anything less wouldn’t do the series Justice), but I’m worried about what it’ll do. Like; they’re animating A LOT right now between Jujutsu Kaisen, the second season of God Of High School, the rest of Attack On Titan, and more are probably on the way. You guys remember what happened to Mad House, right?

Because of season 1 of One Punch Man; EVERYONE started commissioning anime from them. And because of the heavy work load; they not only had to drop the series that made them famous, but they also had a dip in quality anyway. I don’t want Mappa to go in the same direction as Mad House- I want them to stay at the quality that they’re currently at. And if more work is gonna be a burden on them- don’t do a “Chainsaw Man” anime right now! I’d rather wait a few years for anime then overwork these animators anymore than they already are. Heck; I actually didn’t even want Mappa to take it- my studio of choice was actually Ufortable- the studio behind Demon Slayer. If they can take a great series like that and make it LEGENDARY; what could they do to a phenomenal series like “Chainsaw Man?”

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Vs Rui GIF - DemonSlayer TanjiroVsRui Finale -  Discover & Share GIFs
Imagine THIS– But replace the heat with blood and the sword with a Chainsaw

I know what I said earlier, but I really do want this series to have the best animation humanly possible. And right now; Ufortable has that quality. Though I could have also seen studio WIT- the studio that animated the first 3 seasons of Attack On Titan. And both “Chainsaw Man” and Attack On Titan share similar “seinen but not quite” vibe to them with the blood and gore and things that they depict. They can already do the obscene amounts of blood splatter and carnage that’s coming from “Chainsaw Man,” so why not send it to them. I’m not saying I’m upset with the studio choice; I just want you all to be “Cautiously optimistic” when it comes getting this anime.

To end this post; I guess I should talk about the moment I’m most eager to see in animation. What is hands down the BEST Tournament arc in the history of manga. Context: Aki and Denji had captured a Yakuza thug that came for the Chainsaw’s heart- again. While waiting for back up to take him into custody; Denji made a suggestion: A Competition. Whoever kicked this guy in the nuts harder- won. Thus began a competition of nut kicking. Best. Chapter. Ever. Just……animate this. This episode better have like Demon Slayer Ep 19. Talkin’ a lot about a series I consider “overrated,” aren’t I? I might even sound like a broken record when it comes to this topic, or like I’m trying to be “unique and different,” don’t I? Yeah; sorry about that.

Jō on Twitter: "#chainsawman Chapter 38 - Aki and Denji kicking the Yakuza guys  balls in together had no right to be as beautiful and emotionally impactful  as it was…"
2 Brothers Having A Friendly competition about kicking guy in the nuts. Only In This Series would that be great.

With all that said and you’re opinion of me being lowered because of all the Demon Slayer slander; I’ll bring this post to a close. This post took a little bit of time to make- longer than I had expected. Because I do truly love this series- I think it is without a doubt the Best Manga in 2020. I’m glad that it’s getting a sequel series somewhere where it has less restrictions, and Fujimoto has more freedom to do as he wishes. I think that more people should read his manga- it’s really amazing. Thank you, Tatsuki Fujimoto Sensei- until the day you return; have a nice one! And to all my dear followers; Happy Holidays! Stay safe, and have a magical day!