WHAT IF Shouyou Hinata Were In My Hero Academia PART 6: Rivalry!

I don’t know how you all felt about Shouyou’s use of Full Cowling last time. I take it that you liked! I had this little thought that it would be a real cool fight, and it would make that arc more interesting. Also maybe longer.

LAST TIME: Shouyou and Uraraka face off against Bakugo and Ilda in the Battle Trial. Shouyou and Bakugo worked out their issues in the only way they ever knew how to: fighting! But Shouyou was different this time: he had a quirk! And not just any old quirk; the quirk of the number one hero! That, plus his own natural ability, lead to Shouyou taking the victory, as well as tapping into of One For All subconsciously.

Bakugo and Shouyou are taken to the infirmary. And Uraraka and Ilda go back for evaluation. Enter one Ms Momo Yaoyorozu. I know I always talk about Himiko chan being “Best Girl,” and that’s because she IS. But, if I were in this series, and I could be in a relationship with any girl; it would be Momo. And I think you know why. In any case; the evaluation goes much the same until we get to Shouyou(Bakugo obviously isn’t here, but he realized on his own what he did wrong in to original anyway):

  • Ilda adapted most to the situation.
  • Bakugo was driven by a personal judge(but he didn’t get the chance to show off his braces in this version of events).
  • Uraraka wasn’t taking it seriously.
  • Shouyou let his personal feelings get the better of him much like Bakugo, but on a much more destructive scale.

Basically the same, more-or-less. And then all the other matches happen. Bakugo wasn’t there to see Shoto freezing the whole d@mn building, so his only motivation for the “starting line” is Shouyou. Does this take away from his growth as a character? It might. And it might not! In any case; he’s the first to wake up in the infirmary. He sees Shouyou lying next to him. Without a word, he gets up, goes to class. It’s time to go home. When he walks in; everyone looks at him. They try talking to him, but he gave them an even colder shoulder the Todoroki. He walks out, and begins walking home.

And then Shouyou busts in like 2 minutes later! “Where’s Kacchan?!” he yells. Everyone figures he mean Bakugo, so they tell him, and he darts off. When he catches up, he finds Bakugo walking home. Shouyou cuts to the chase, and asks “Were you really jealous of me all this time?” Bakugo doesn’t say a word, and continues walking away. Shouyou continues: “I was alwys jealous; your quirk is so awesome, Kacchan, and you’re so smart……” Bakugo, angrier than usual, yells “BUT YOU, A QUIRKLESS WORM, WAS MORE OF A HERO THAN I AM!!!” And he starts screaming about how he was never as accepted as Shouyou, or as looked up to as Shouyou. Because this is a Bakugo that was praised for a powerful quirk, but not for his demeanor as a hero-in-training. He feels a little jealous because he wasn’t regarded as the heroic type.

Shouyou laughs out loud, and says “Is that all? Hahahhaha! You shouldn’t care what the h*ll people think of you! Be a hero that’s true to you!” Bakugo looks at him surprised, and thinks for a minute before yelling “Keep your advice to yourself, you d@mn carrot!” And marches off again. Then All Might insert and such. All that. Skipping to the ride to the USJ: the class talks. Tsu is the one to bring up that Shouyou’s quirk is a lot like All Might’s. To which Shouyou gets a bit flustered and says “N-N-N-N-Not really!” And then……..the arrival.

Should I leave things the way they are and cover the whole arc in 1 go next time?………yeah; that sounds like a good idea! So I guess I’ll see you all later!

The Untitled Edens Zero Chapter 82 BREAKDOWN

Guys…….I can’t. There’s no name I can give this chapter. THIS chapter of Hiro Mashima’s “Edens Zero” has got to be the most important, DARKEST, and probably best chapter in the whole series. I haven’t even read all of Mashima’s work, but I can tell this is one of the best he’s done-PERIOD! I can’t make a joke with this chapter; it would just ruin everything. I couldn’t think of a title that perfectly reflect the level of intensity this chapter brings. Get ready; the faint-of-heart aren’t allowed! Edens Zero Chapter 82: “Scolding.”

The cover page; just Shiki and Rebecca hangin’ on the ship. Looks like they’re in the kitchen, and Shiki’s standing up to do something. Rebecca has her headphones on and a black tank top(boob shot), and Shiki’s in the same basic outfit(jacket, tee shirt, pants, and boots), but it has more zippers on it.

It opens where we last left off; The Dark Alchemist Drakken Joe displays to Shiki and Jinn true Overdrive, gaining a much more menacing appearance and spark of electricity shooting off of him in every direction. He glares at Shiki, and then powers down from Overdrive. He smirks, knowing that there is no possible way for Shiki to beat him the way he is now. If this where a Shiki at full strength; he might have stayed in that state. But NOW……Drakken asks Shiki “Do you know how much that girl is worth?” Shiki responds how a Hiro Mashima protagonist would usually: “She’s worth a lot! She’s my friend!” Pino and Jinn look at him with 2 different expressions; Pino’s is a look of admiration, and Jinn a look of “………You really believe in that stuff, huh?………..” Drakken, being an adult and a realist, breaks it down: “‘Friends’ are just a social construct fostering ‘fellowship’ and ’empathy;’ the most worthless thing in the cosmos.

Of course; Shiki denies everything Drakken just said, and goes in for an uppercut. But the Alchemist grabs the gravity field punch, as he turned the boys arm into Dramour(Guilst’s heaviest metal). He can change things without even touching them, so he changed Shiki’s hand the moment his fist came close enough, demonstrating enough control over his Ether gear to make Shiki seem like a newbie. He continues speaking: “I did a little research on you. You inherited Demon King Ziggy’s Gravity abilities: Satan Gravity.” So Shiki’s Ether gear had a name. Though I find it a little bit odd Ziggy never told him the name of his Ether gear. Seriously; even Shiki didn’t know about it. Is there something to that name?

He also mentions that Shiki is “the key to unlocking the ‘cat’s’ powers.” THAT can be taken in a few different ways. Because when he says this, it’s in parenthesis. Why? Is the “cat” in question really Happy? Or is he referring to Rebecca because of her cat-themed character? It could be an acronym? But there’s something more to it than just “Shiki is key to Happy’s power.” Unless it’s a really big and important power. In which case we have even more questions about Weisz(X492; the old man Weisz) and Ziggy’s relationship. We still haven’t even touched on why Pino was given to him by Ziggy. Yeah; remember that little nugget of information from the Norma arc? Man; this arc has SO MUCH in it to dissect. When this arc is over; people are gonna have to go back an search for everything that was foreshadowed in just this arc alone.

Believe it or not: We’re still on page 5! Drakken rearranges his Ether gear so that the pattern display the Tri-force symbol on the back of his hand, with the gridlines coming from that. Slowly; Shiki begins to turn to stone! Okay, not slowly; half his face is turned to stone before he even has time to react. Pino rushes in to shut it off with her EMP, but Jinn blows her away and prevents the EMP from getting to them. Shiki’s petrification is complete, and Pino can do nothing but cry out “Master!”

We cut over to Drakken’s residence(presumably his basement); Shiki wakes up in a daze-handcuffed. He looks around to find Homura, Rebecca, and the incapacitated Weisz. For everyone who wants to wine “No CoNsEqUeNcEs!;” this is a case of there being consequences. Moreover; it’s not a character getting up and fighting through a major injury. Dude; Weisz is DOWN right now! He can’t defend himself let alone save anyone. And he’s been unconscious this whole time; he’s not pushing himself! Anyway; Rebecca apologizes getting caught. Shiki tries to move over to Weisz, but a voice tells him “Ah-ah-ah; Don’t move.” He turns around to see Drakken, the Element 4(plus Jinn), and a whole assortment of petty thugs surrounding them, guns to each of their heads.

Drakken “apologizes” to Rebecca; she’s lumped in with them because she hasn’t accepted this new arrangement. Rebecca pleads with him to give Weisz his medicine. He looks at Weisz, hanging onto his life by a thread. Sylph turns over the brief case Homura had, revealing Sister’s medicine. Drakken picks it up-and crushes it like an apple. Everyone laughs(aside from Jinn and Kleene). Shiki says “D@mn you…..” BAM! Shiki shot in the thigh! Contrary to what you may be thinking; Shiki is actually in AGONY right now! A bullet in anime is usually nothing. But here; Shiki AND Weisz, arguably 2 of the strongest people so far, are curled over in pain. I’m sure I’m probably looking too far into this, but I know someone’s gonna have something to say about this being “forced tension with now real stakes.”

The bullet came from Drakken’s personal gun. “How many times do I have to say ‘Don’t move?’” he asks; “If you don’t keep quiet and hold still; someone else is getting shot. Got it?” Rebecca asks what happened to Happy and Pino. Drakken responds “I sold them to a junk dealer in town.” So they may be………in pieces……..but they’re still on the Berial Goer. But as it stands…….I’m not entirely sure how this is going to end for them. Tears well up in the young Etherion Master’s eyes. Homura asks what Drakken’s main objective is. “A few things, actually,” he responds; “For starters; you boarded my ship without permission. And I can’t have people thinking I’m soft.” Taking Rebecca was the main goal, but getting rid of everyone else “puts money in his pockets.”

Drakken, as we’ve seen, is not a killer-per say. Yes; he had Seth kill Spider. But as far as Drakken could tell; keeping Spider around just ruined his reputation as well as cost him money. And when you stop bringing in money-you’re dead weight. However, by his own admission; he never kills anyone. “People are assets,” according to him; he doesn’t kill them because they bring in money.

Another one of his rules: “Punish all Rule breakers-PERIOD.” The crew broke the rules, so they must pay. Homura defends them: “we’re only here because you stalked the Edens Zero!” Drakken says they’ll “get to that,” and begins dealing out punishment: “Daughter of Madame Kurenai- and you look better than she did at your age(thus confirming that either Homura was an unplanned pregnancy, or Drakken has been dealing with Kurenai for a very long time). You know what kind of ‘work’ she did to pay off her debt(gulp…..)? You might be able to earn more.” This whole display is too much for Rebecca to bear, so she makes her own proposition: “Please……..let them go……give Pino and Happy back…….and I’ll do as you say……..” Shiki, obviously, objects that idea completely. But Rebecca is steadfast in her “decision.”

Drakken completely ignore her, and walks over to Weisz. He breaks the handcuffs, and gives the order to Fie: “Cut his arm off.” The smirk on his face oozes evil. As his friends scream out for the diabolical debt collector(jeez, what is he; a Saturday morning cartoon villain?) not to do this; Fie comes in with a knife and pure zeal on his face. He screams with excitement: “Time for you’s to learn ya lesson! Ya think yer playin’ a fun little Adventure game, but remember who yer up against!” Shiki and Homura look, and Weisz opens his eyes just enought to say “I accept my fate…..” The final panel: Weisz’ cuffed arm-drenched in blood. Edens Zero Chapter 82 END!

Man; not even in the triple digits, and the main cast is up against insurmountable odds! It’s like Mashima is trying to say “This is gonna be a much shorter series.” Then again; Fie’s line at the end there is a bit more of a 4th wall break, as if he’s also saying “This isn’t gonna be ‘fun-and-games’ story like my other works.” Back in the main story; Weisz is without an arm. But he’s the mechanical type, so he’ll likely get a robot arm, provided Sister can’t reattach it. I kind hope she won’t because I like the idea of Weisz have a mechanical arm. Who knows; it could fit well with his Arsenal armor. Plus; he always has a weapon with him since he has Machina maker. Silver linings!

But let it be known; on this day(February 19th, 2020) : The Crew of Edens Suffered Their First Major Loss. Many thanks for your time.

That Time I Got Hit In The Face With A Wet Dodgeball(STORYTIME)

I can’t think of a better way to segway into the story. You know what you’re in for, so what else can I say? I guess I could mention that this is a substitute since Black Clover is on break this week, and something to keep you all occupied while I work on the My Hero Academia WHAT IF, but……isn’t that obvious? I’m stalling, aren’t I? No; this story DID happen…….a lot of pointless chit chat; let’s just get to it.

This story takes place in 5th grade, when I and my family were living in Gwinnett County, Georgia. In 5th grade; I was SO not well liked by my piers. And that was more because I had the same class as a lot of people who new me in the years prior…….in which I was not well liked, either. And the people I knew that weren’t in my class spread a bunch of rumors about me. Rumors that MIGHT have been started by me. Why? Well; I was raised on the notion that “Good grades= Success in life.” And, from what I surmised based on what was told to me in various forms of media and even some members of the staff; “Friends were a distraction.” In the same way girlfriends were a distraction. So I kinda made myself unlikable so people would leave me alone.

It was around this time that I started realizing how stupid that was. Regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes. Why? I feel like there are certain events in life that must happen for you to become who you are. That said; I wish I had confided in just 1 person this confusion.

Sad backstory aside; it had rained the night before. But we still went outside for Recess. The way my school was; all the 5th graders had to play at the blacktop area, where the basketball hoops and some kind of garden was. I spent my days just walking around, day after day, just thinking about what will happen next on Ben 10: Alien Force or Symbiotic Titan and shows like that. And then; the teachers brought out a red ball. And thus; the game of Dodgeball started! I LOVED Dogeball growing up. To this day; it is my favorite activity I used to do in gym class. And I hated that stupid class! Seriously; my max in the pacer: 6. Push ups: 3. My gym grades SUCKED! But every Friday; we got a free day from all that stupid sh!t. And we would play dodgeball more often than not.

Back to the story: I would try to jump in and play dodgeball. I was usually the first one out. See; it was usually a small box drawn with chalk that a bunch of kids would be in. Anyone outside the square could throw the ball in, and anyone hit would be out. Naturally; the ball hit the crwod and got wet. Insert Innuendo any time. And then………a boy we’ll call “Mas(hispanic)” got the ball. He and I didn’t interact at all, but……my reputation proceeds me, more often than not. And I was everyone’s target because they thought I’d ruin the game. So he took aim at me.

1 2 3-BAM! I took a red, wet dodgeball right to my face. I spun around and then opened my eyes. I looked and saw these girls that would always hangout by this trailer that was around the square. They weren’t laughing like everyone else; they were more like “D@MN.” Mas got in a bit of trouble for it. I was pulled out and looked at. At best: I just had the imprints on my face and wash up. I did get sick, though. And YEAH; that’s my story! Nothing really complicated; just a story where I got in hit in the face! That’s all, folks; see ya!

Bunny Vs Zombie Horde! My Hero Academia Chapter 261 BREAKDOWN

Only in an anime series would I ever have to use a title like that. That said; kinda always wanted to, deep down. My Hero Academia Chapter 261: “High-Ends.” Hm…….I wonder what happens in this chapter?

The cover page is one of those that just dives in with Mirko jumping into Ujiko’s secret lab. Her smashing through the wall results in a chunk of the wall falling and killing Johnny!-AGAIN!! You know; cause Nomu are all corpses resurrected to do the master’s bidding without fail. Ujiko looks at the mess, and memories flood in of he and Johnny together, and then of him speaking with All For One. The Symbol of Evil thanks the Mad Doctor for all of his hard work. Which leads to Ujiko freaking out when Mirko DESTROYS the Nomu chambers. He screams in agony, as if he was the one getting hurt.

Mirko gets on comms, and tells them that she’s found Dr Ujiko. However; it is unclear if this is the real one or another clone. So she reasons a “Good kick” should be all the clarification she needs. Endeavor tells her to capture him, and apologizes: “I wish I could say we’re right behind you, but……it might take a minute.” You see the heroes dealing with the Nomu horde in the hospital. Mandalay confirms that everyone in the hospital has been evacuated. Shield Hero(make all the references you want to an anime I’ve never seen; I don’t care): Crust is on his way to help to help Mirko when he finds an alternative route out in and out of the hospital.

As he rushes ahead; he finds himself up against more Nomu. Meanwhile; Mirko jumps at Ujiko with all her might. Ujiko tries to plead with her, but she has to make sure they capture the actual Ujiko. Panicked, scared, and uncertain; Ujiko thinks about using the High End nomu he has in stock before they finish! He thinks back on all the pain staking labor that goes into making the High ends-with and without AFO. But before he can get to the button to release the Nomu; Mirko’s iron foot is coming for him. Enter the little Nomu, Mocha-who possesses the quirk “Double.” So for everyone speculating that Ujiko had copies of the main Paranormal Liberation Front guys in stock; you were right on the money! Congratulations!

Mocha creates a copy of Ujiko to distract Mirko, allowing the grateful doctor to unleash the High End Nomu! Now with dialogue. They grab Mirko by her face, and toss her too the ceiling. But she managed to take an arm with her-op; no, it can regenerate, too. And these High-ends have one thought: “Kill The Heroes.” Crust enters at the worst possible times; a blob-like Nomu comes at him, and he knows about him! So either this guy had an encounter with Crust before becoming a Nomu, or Ujiko uploaded knowledge into them directly. But that can’t be the case since he doesn’t know what rank Crust is.

Ujiko gets into his chair and dips. Mirko isn’t ready to let him get away though; not when things are just getting more exciting! My Hero Academia Chapter 261 END! Man; bunny girl is on blast right now! But can she stand against the High End Nomu? I hope so!

Into The Frying Pan And Withstanding The Fire! One Piece Chapter 971 BREAKDOWN

It seems like reading all the chapters of Weekly Shonen Jump takes longer and longer each week, resulting in the One Piece reviews(which come out first) coming out at later times. Sorry about that; there’s just SO MANY GOOD MANGA in their catalog right now! I think I might do a few recommendations soon! Anyway; on with the review! One Piece Chapter 971: “Sentenced To Boil!” WARNING: Extremely sadistic content up ahead. Between this and the spoilers for Edens Zero chapter 82……….these mangaka are getting bolder and bolder.

The cover page features Volume 20 of the “Oh My Family” story. Gotti’s going after Chiffon with all he’s got! Go get em, Gotti; you got it!

It opens on Kuri Castle: Toki is feeding Hiyori and Momonosuke. Momo’s food is tasted for poison. But he can’t focus; the day has come. Surprisingly; Toki is pretty darn calm considering what’s supposed to be happening today. It’s probably just a brave face for the kids; on the inside, shes probably WAILING. The way it seems; Momo and Toki are the only one’s who know what’s about to happen. Hiyori is looking at her brother like “Huh? What happened? What’s today?” Cutting over to the Public square: A boiling pot of oil! The whole town is rushing over to see the “Fool of a Lord” and his vassals get burned to death. They talk: “So even the Fool of a Lord couldn’t defeat Kaido? And we thought he was strong.” Oden ignores that, and tries to make Kaido a proposition.

The guard guiding him down the plank(a story about pirates, and now a plank?), but he then slips on some oil that popped out. Have any of you cooked with oil? That sh!t SPLASHES! He falls in, and……….BURN. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN. When he crawls out; he doesn’t even have skin. Oda……..you know this is a Saturday morning anime, right?! You can’t do some really dark sh!t like that! But then; there was that panel in chapter 918 in which a whole family made a suicide pact. No; I’m serious! Visit the link; it’s on page 12! It’s a small panel on the lower right hand side, but it’s there! They censored it in the anime, so they’ll likely censor this bit. I’m not sure how, though.

Anyway; Oden makes his claim: “All 10 of us will go into the pot. Any any of us withstand the boiling for the time you set; please let them go free.” Keyword in that claim: “Them.” Foreshadowing. Man; Oda just loves to foreshadow things, be they in 100 or 200 chapters later, or within the next few pages. The Scabbards are like “Lord Oden, what is….?!” Orochi is skeptical and unwilling to participate. Kaido, on the otherhand…….found something fun. He must be like “Well……..I’m still alive, and it ain’t booze, but it’s something fun to do!” So he has his minion bring in a clock. The time he sets for Oden: 1 hour. Enough time for someone to get lightheaded in the bath. So in a pot of boiling oil………can he TAKE it? After confirming Kaido’s word; he dives in. The residence of Wano are like “Really? Come on; I got stuff to do.” ………………….Is all I’m gonna say.

The Scabbards jump in to, but Oden tells them to get on the lid. You see where Oda’s taken this, right? You know it: Oden holds his vassals over his head in a lake of boiling oil. Do you get the reference? Atlas! Oden is Atlas, and he has “the world on his shoulders.” Because for the world to change; the country’s borders must be opened. And if that’s to happen; the Scabbards need to survive. Oden is literally holding the fate of the world on his shoulders right now! That’s not the only reference to Greek mythology with Oden’s character; Tekking101 made a whole video on it. Please go check him out. Back to it; Oden’s recent little stunt obviously doesn’t go over well with the Scabbards, so they beg for a switch. Oden, in(likely) the last time he ever speaks to his subordinates…….his allies…….his friends………he orders them: “Shut up and stay put!

And of course Orochi was acting like a little f*cking pr!ck and gets into a sh!t fit. Kaido: “They are within the pot, though. Huh…….entertaining!” So Kaido let’s it pass, and the 1 hour limit STARTS. Everyone watches in awe; holding up 9 dudes is 1 thing(especially since Asura is one of em; he’s a pretty heavy set dude!), but over a boiling pot to boot! His feet are even touching the actual pot. Not even a minute’s passed yet. He doesn’t look to be done yet. Which leads into a little theory regarding Conqueror’s Haki. Look: Oden has conqueror’s. And he’s withstanding this. A connection?

The theory is that Conqueror’s Haki has another level to it, just like Armamment and Observation Haki. If Armamment can be used to make things explode, and Observation can see the future; what can Conqueror’s do? Otherwise; it’s probably the most useless form of Haki. Like; Luffy can’t use conqueror’s to get rid of the big threat. He can just get rid of the rift-raft. This next level: “The Indominable King!” It makes you nigh-indestructible. You can endure more than usual. The logic behind it: “A King does not lose, or they aren’t any sort of king,” or something like that.

The Scabbards fuss among themselves for a minute, but stop because of the stress the shifting weight would put more stress on Lord Oden. 4 Minutes Later: people are bored and have better uses of their time. Hearing them uninterested in an important event infuriates Shinobu. She pins a man, and begins her legendary speech:

You are all fools! Who do you think has been ensuring that you all live in peace?! If we lose Lord Oden here, THEN you’ll understand!! You’ll know the misery he kept at bay! Orochi is no Shogun, nor even a dictator. Orochi doesn’t want to rule Wano; HE WANTS TO DESTROY IT!! He produced a tribute for Kaido; a great stock of weapons and many hundreds of kidnapped people. Kaido would sell them, torture them, or even kill them. Lord Oden was furious, but Orochi made a deal.

An agent of vengeance with no interest in the prosperity of Wano; THAT is Kurozumi Orochi! It was clear there was more at stake than victory or defeat. So Lord Oden took the deal: He danced in the buck every week like a fool, saving 100 people with each and every dance! Afterwards; he would go around Wano to make sure Orochi kept his word. And he kept this promise because Kaido and Orochi promised to sail away once they finished building their ships.

For all these years; Lord Oden has been protecting this land. So tell me again: Who are you calling “Fool of a Lord!”

Shinobu, The Enchanting And Mature Kunoichi

As she speaks; the peoples faces start to twist from uninterested embarrassment to horrific realization. All the while; a flashback goes on. The day Oden invaded the Flower Capital: Orochi tells Oden his backstory. The backstory of how because of 1 bad egg; the entirety of the Kurozumi clan was hunted to nigh-extinction. It paints Orochi in a more sympathetic light. And then Oda pulls the rug out from under us with “I took the Shogun’s throne……to drive this country to ruin! The way I see it; the whole lot of Wano is guilty of persecuting the Kurozumi clan.” What I like about this is that Orochi acknowledges “Okay, yeah; what my grandpa did was messed up.” It shows that he acknowledges what’s right and what’s wrong.

But then you look at what he’s doing currently and think “Hypocrite.” Because what he’s doing is the same sh!t. Those guys who chased down the Kurozumi’s are likely long dead; you yourself probably declared that immediately after being named Shogun! So why are you still making the country suffer?! Oden realizes this himself. So now, we cut back to see Atl-ODEN, standing in the pot, completely focused on holding up that lid. One Piece Chapter 971 END!

This has been a great chapter of “One Piece.” Oda, keep it up! I really like that he made it to where Orochi has a reason to be the villain, but also doesn’t exactly redeem him. His actions aren’t necessarily justified, but are now understood. I love it. I love this series. Everything about this is just amazing!

Can A Clown Experience Real Fear?-DC THEORY

Did ya get the reference? Or do I actually need to explain that it’s a Dragon Ball Z reference? As for the theory; I’ve been experimenting with new content. Talking about shows I don’t usually talk about, doing things I wouldn’t usually do, and just in general branching out. My “Curse of One For All” post got more likes than any other post, and even got me a new follower! Since that worked so well, I’ve been doing more. Today; we discuss the Clown Prince of Crime: The Joker! And his secret fear!

I know; the only times when you hear “Joker” and “Scared” in the same sentence is when you say “I’m scared of the Joker” or “Are you scared of the Joker?” But never “What is the Joker scared of?” That’s because he’s such a f*cking lunatic that you wonder if he’s ever actually experienced fear in his life. Which gets even crazier because there’s no definitive origin for us to pinpoint a phobia from. And they will never do that because a Joker without a backstory could have been anything. He could be a Demon, a robot, a government experiment, or just someone Alfred hired for Bruce’s little “Batman skit!”

The most accepted and well known origin is that he was a man named “Jack White.” I know the Joker movie is a thing, but let’s put that on a shelf right now. I haven’t seen it; THAT’S WHY. Now; Jack White was a struggling comedian, who juggled this passion of his with his job at ACE chemicals. But on the DL; he was a criminal, stealing from his job to support his pregnant wife. And then one bad day in which:

  1. His accomplices in his capers force him to let them into ACE chemical to steal more as “one last job.”
  2. His wife catches wind of his illegal history and leaves him.
  3. Loses his usual spot as a comedian at some bar.
  4. Wife and unborn child died in a car accident.
  5. During the crime comes up against the Batman and falls into a vat of acid that bleaches his skin.

Do you see WHY he went loco? Which is where he got his modo: “It only takes one bad day.” If all these events happened to ANYONE in the span of a day; they’d go crazy, too. Or something like in the “Killing Joke” in which he shoots Barbra Gordon in her gut, crippling her, stripping her, *MHMHM* her, taking pictures, and showing them to a naked, tied up Jim Gordon. Jim did not go insane……thanks to Batman. If the Dark Knight wasn’t there……….

The next thing we should mention is his relationship with Batman. It’s often said by the both of them that they are “2 sides of the same coin;” one cannot exist without the other. Bruce had a very bad day(which has been adding and subtracting elements since the dawn of time; sometimes it’s the Joker himself, other’s is a man named “Joe Chilled,” and some say the Wayne’s weren’t the best people), and now he, as a grown man, uses his inheritance to go out dressed up as a giant bat and beats people half-to-death. “Why a Bat?” is what some ask. The answer was introduced in the “Batman: Year 1” storyline and has stuck: Bruce is afraid of bats. And he became Batman to “share that fear with the criminals of the world.”

If we go by Joker and Batman being the same, this would mean that Joker is spreading his own fear with everyone. What could that be? Well…….look at what the Joker does. Everywhere he goes; someone dies. And in some really sick ways, too. Like; he skinned someone alive and made them pole dance once! Anyway; this is a key point of Joker’s character. My theory is that Joker, across all iterations, is afraid to die. And he’s killing people to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What I mean is: One Piece Chapter 145. Hiruluk’s speech to Wappol: “When do you think a man dies? When he eats a poison mushroom? When he’s riddled with bullets? No……..you only die when you’re forgotten.” If we apply that to this theory of mine, then the Joker is wants people to remember him, either as a great comedian……..or an infamous mass murderer. This is probably the absolute WORST reference I could make on the internet, but………..Adolf Hitler. He was responsible for the attempted genocide of any “non-aryan” human being, primarily the Jews. But we all remeber him, right? You probably have his image in your mind right now.

Due to the level and quick secession of traumatic events; he went crazy. But the desire to be remembered and “not die” still remained. It’s a core part of his personality; something no amount of amnesia or mental damage can delete.

Another point supporting my theory is the “Arkham Knight” video game. SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t played the game yet: Joker had infected Batman with his blood, which gives him “Mad Clown Disease.” He starts hallucinating Joker in his head. By the end of the game; Batman confronts the Joker in his mind, with a little assistance from Scarecrow. Interesting; the character that’s all about fear is the one that gives us a hand in our theory. Joker had been trying to take over Batman’s body, but that backfires when Scarecrow injects fear toxin directly into his/their body. Joker goes through Batman’s head and sees his own greatest fear.

First; he sees that the news hasn’t mentioned his death. Then he goes to his own wake, seeing that only a crying Harley Quinn is there. He chocks it up to “Harley not sending out proper invitations.” After some physical confrontation with Batman; Joker is put in an iron cell, and pushed to the back of Batman’s consciousness. The whole time, Joker screams “No one is forgetting me!” If THAT doesn’t confirm this theory; I don’t know what else will!

So there you have it, friends! My theory on what the Clown Prince of Crime fears the most! Let me know all of your thoughts on the subject; I look forward to hearing them. Until next time, young ones!

WHAT IF Future Trunks Trained Kid Goku PART 30: The Reunion of a Lifetime!

I realize the last few parts have just been me more-or-less bullsh!tting my way through the story. But I think my little “forced vacation” has gotten me back on track. I guess a break was all I needed!

LAST TIME: Goku and Krillin destroy the Evil Emperor Frieza completely. They return to Earth in piece, and, for one year; peace reigns. Raditz and Bulma hook up, and all that. And then, one day; a mysterious yet “nostalgic(for Goku)” ki appears on Earth. Everyone arrives at the scene to see a certain youth sitting. Goku’s eye’s light up at seeing his old friend and one of his greatest teachers.

“Long time, no see, Goku,” Trunks says. introduces everyone to Trunks; the one who trained him in those 3 years prior to the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. “This kid……..trained YOU, Kakarot?!” Raditz asks confused. “Well; I was a little kid at that time, so he was a lot older and stronger than me. But he doesn’t seem to have aged since the last time I saw him…….” Goku looks at him puzzled for a moment. Trunks is a little freaked out with the way everyone starts staring at him. Trunks breaks the silence: “……..What?” Krillin responds “Nothing, it’s just…….you kind of look like this Saiyan named Vegeta.” Trunks starts to act as quiet and secretive as in the original.

“Actually, Goku………..I came here to talk to you, Goku.” He and Goku go off a distance, and things play out much the same: Trunks testing Goku’s power has a more personal meaning to Trunks(seeing his own pupil grow so strong and all), but it mainly goes the same. And then the reveal of the Androids, and all that good stuff. Now we get to an important moment in this WHAT IF: Trunks’ Parentage. I make a lot of references to the MasakoX Youtube channel. And what he usually does is leave the Future Trunks timeline the same as in the original story(aside from 1 WHAT IF, but I can’t remember which one specifically). I don’t always want to copy him, but I sometimes do. And I already mentioned it, SO………….

Trunks asks “Speaking of my father; where is he?” Goku’s inital shock becomes genuine fear. If you would remember: Goku killed Vegeta. Who, as it turns out, is very important to someone very important to him. As “Super” has demonstrated; Goku can lie(not very well, but he can), but he usually prefers not to. Kami(oh yeah; I didn’t mention that Kami was there, too) had been overhearing the entire situation, and gets in psychic contact with Goku. “GOKU! Listen, and repeat after me. We must not make an enemy of this boy!” He’s wary of Vegeta’s bloodline, and of how powerful Trunks is. So he knows that he could be a valuable ally. Kami/Goku says: “Vegeta was different from the one you were told about. He was irredeemably evil. In the end; he killed himself just to kill me(Goku).”

Trunks stands heart broken; he was looking forward to finally meeting the father he had heard such good things about from his mother. And hearing this………he’s so hurt; he feels so betrayed. Goku comforts Trunks, who wipes his tears away and says “…….It’s fine. He was a real monster, just like the Androids. Forget him!” Goku looks solemnly for a sec before Trunks asks “So if he’s gone…….who did my mother end up with? Yamcha?” Then Goku explains Raditz and Bulma, and all of that. “Wow………” he gets out. And then he departs, promising to return in 3 years to help with the Android invasion.

And then Kami explains to everyone, leaving out the part about him being the child of Vegeta and Bulma. And so; the 3 year training session begins! Goku and Gohan train together, Raditz and Kami, Tien and Chiaotzu, Krillin and Yamcha. Goku trains Gohan about Instant Transmission and just Spirit Control in general. Raditz does this for Kami, and so on. Huh…….that was a COMPLETE accident! I really didn’t plan on that working out so well, but I’m glad it did! But I feel like I’m forgetting something………..OH. Guldo. I didn’t talk about him last time, did I?

Well……..Guldo ended up taking over the Frieza Force. HOWEVER; King Cold is a thing. And that little turd sold them out. So now……..King Cold is on his way to Earth. And trust me when I say: He is not alone. But I think I’ll leave that for NEXT TIME, boys and girls! Later!