1001 Ways To Say Shoto vs Touya. My Hero Academia Chapter 352 BREAKDOWN

………………..There’s a lot that I want to say about this chapter. I actually had to change the whole opening because it was a little “overly negative.” And I felt that that was a little mean for such a….. “Fine” chapter. The action and art were all on point- even if I didn’t really like what the fight boiled down to. But then that ties into what I would have thought would happen with how Aoyama’s role in all of this was set up. But that’s just “per the course” right now. Look; I’m trying. Let’s just get into this; My Hero Academia Chapter 352: “Ultimate Moves.”


NO, SHOTO~~~!!!!

As with every cool chapter cliffhanger now; we open this week’s chapter with a flashback- back to the Heights Alliance Dormitory. The boys are getting ready to hop in the shower and get ready to move to Troy. Izuku asks Shoto if he’s ready to face Dabi, to which Prince Charming says that he’s “Already made up his mind.” “Father may be annoyed that he can’t keep his promise” he continues, “but…….. we’ll let that be his punishment.

As Dabi is a product of the Todoroki’s Checkered history; Endeavor has to deal with the fact that he can’t make it right, and Shoto has to stand in his place if he’s to become a hero. Which is the main reason why he developed his new technique: A cold flame on his chest. I’ll let the sad little prince tell you about it:

I can elevate my Flashfire Move by using my right and left sides at the same time. My heart is central to making Hot and Cold manifest. I can cycle Heated and Chilled blood throughout to create stability inside my body- via a “Cold Fire” of sorts.

My old man sought out ice that could stifle that inner heat, while I’m going in the Opposite Direction……………..

Poor Little Shoto Todoroki

As he says this; he begins to think in his mind: “All So That I Can Be The One To Affirm The Reason I was Born Into That Family.” We then jump back to the present, where Shoto unveils a new attack: “Icebound CrashColdflame’s Pale Blade.” He uses the cold flames to knock Dabi away, but the Monster rebounds. He realizes that Shoto’s now able to withstand his “Flash Fire,” so he starts to melt the ground beneath him to knock him off balance. The ground goes completely volcanic, as streams of flames burst up. Endeavor’s sidekicks uses themselves to guard Shoto, who starts building up his next attack.

Shoto thanks them despite what Burnin’ says. He says that it’s the only thing that comes to his mind when he really thinks about it. His family history made his existence “lonely;” he felt like everyone was ahead of him in terms of……….. “Friendship,” I guess? But realizes that they were all waiting for him- ready to accept him no matter his lineage. He finally felt safe. Which is how he started to come up with his Ultimate Move.

As he starts to build up for the Final Attack; he thinks back to what Mt Lady told them in chapter 241:

Your Ultimate Move symbolizes You! It’s through those moves that people learn what you’re capable of. Then, you can prepare for Impromtu Team Ups and combos, and warn people of villains and crimes. This way; everyone trusts you enough to put their lives in your hands.

Shouting out the names of your Ultimate Moves isn’t just for “show-” There’s plenty of meaning behind it!

Yu Takeyama- Mt Lady

He displays his ultimate technique: The “Great Glacial Aegir.” He gets in Dabi’s face, and blasts him with a wave of Frozen flames- freezing the city around him and stopping Dabi’s rampage. Thus; My Hero Academia Chapter 352 comes to a Chilling END!! See what I did there?


What is it that I could say about this chapter? It’s “Too The Point,” I guess. I could harp on the “Friendship” aspect of the victory, but that just seems like beating a dead horse. Though I will say is that I would have preferred it if this fight had a little less to do with 1A and more with the Todoroki’s. Like; the beginning of the chapter told us that he’s effectively doing the opposite of what he was bread to do: Combining Fire and ice rather than using 1 to stabilize the other. Which is PRETTY FRE@KIN’ COOL. Kind of like Ultimate Big Chill from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien(I REMEMBER WATCHING THAT SHOW I’m Old!); it starts as a fire and becomes ice after the intial attack.

I proposed the idea in the review for chapter 336 that he would be able to do something like “Ice Beam” from Pokemon, and……… it wasn’t SO far off. A “Blast of ice” as expected. And it makes sense that Shoto would try something like this; it’s really practical. Imagine a few years later when he gets good enough to manifest constructs. That would be cool to see!!


As for how it would have tied into the Todoroki’s more than into “Friendship;” he’s going against what he was “made” for- he’s defining his own identity rather than being a “Puppet” like Dabi says- he’s actually going against his “programming.” The message could have been “I accepted that the Fire is my own power, but I was still doing what I was ‘Manufactured’ to do. But just because I was supposed to do that- doesn’t mean I have to.” It’s something that could tie back to “Friendship” in that it would connect to what Deku said during the Sports Festival- that it was his power. A narrative element from the early beginnings of the series coming back into play for the finale to bring the character arc full circle- like any Good Ending.

One of the aspects of the Paranormal Liberation War arc that I really liked was how everyone’s efforts built up- all the fights against Tomura/ All For Destruction piled on for the next person to capitalize on. Same thing with Gigantomachia; the Gunga Villa teams efforts helped the Jaku City team take down an Otherwise Unstoppable Force Of Nature. And this would be like that in that All Might giving Izuku One For All gave him the chance to “save” the people who go on to be important in this battle. His “Saving” Shoto let him him defeat Dabi, and “Save” Endeavor, whose about to stop All For One. It all starts to come together.

I could find the sequence from Sora Ni Utaeba, so just go look at it to see what I mean. You’ll know it when you see it.

The art in this chapter was as Great as ever; the kind of thing you’d expect from a clash of Fire and Ice. It’s these kinds of moments where I wish the series were fairing better- that it took it’s time a bit more, and had Shoto testing it out on in another battle against a Villain like Dabi before going up against the Real Deal. Can you imagine how cool it would be for him to go up against a Nomu with a copy of Dabi’s quirk, or another Villain that has a similar Fire Quirk. Something to show us the flaws, you know.

But…………. This wasn’t bad. I like the concept of a Flame that creates Ice, so seeing it here and how it might work is pretty epic. And it’s not like I despised the chapter; it was pretty cool watching Dabi become more and more of a monster. The imagery even helps prove the theory proposed in the last review: That’s succumbing to the “Quirk Singularity” like All For Destruction and No 6 from Vigilantes(Coincidentally; the final chapter of the prequel will be out in a few weeks. You can still catch up to the series before then- it’s only 125 chapters, and the final chapter comes out on the 28th!).

……………………………….There’s not much to say about this chapter, huh? Shoto’s come up with a cool Ultimate move, but……. not that much. And they STILL haven’t told us how Dabi’s survived this long!! Now I hope we continue this fight going into next chapter! But we’re getting to the halfway mark of the year. Horikoshi said that it would end at some point- or else he’ll have the same Jump Festa message again THIS year. But this fight clearly isn’t over, and we haven’t wrapped things up with Best Girl Himiko chan. And that’s not even to say what’s going on with All For Destruction. I don’t know how he plans to wrap up all these battles, but if he intends to end the story this year- it’s gotta be quick. Though not so quick that we rush the story and forget entire details and the emotion attached to each of these subplots. Please don’t do that, Sensei…….

The Hand Man(He was “move to tears” drawing Tomura in Volume 2. Imagine that here………)

I’m about to end this post, but I want you guys to think about something: If you’re still on the fence about Dabi giving in to Singularity, think about No 6 and Tomura. Tomura’s “Decay” had the kick back of destroying his body the longer he used it. If he didn’t stop at some point- he would die. And they were able to counter this with that OP “Hyper Regeneration” quirk, but Star basically took care of that one. So his body compensated by making “more flesh-” he has more “body” to expend on using “Decay” without getting dusted himself.

6, on the other hand, had many quirks. But the one’s that he seemed to use the most were “Overclock,” “Self Detonation,” “Bombify,” and “Regeneration” to compensate for all the damage he did to his body with the last 2. “Self Detonation” and “Bombify” are self explanatory, but “Overclock” has several drawbacks. Due to it depriving its user of oxygen, it has a necessary cool-down period between uses, and can only be used for a few seconds at most. If the user is intensely focused on something, the user experiences a sort of “brain drain”, which reduces the amount of time they can actively use the Quirk. If the user remains too focused while using their Quirk, they can also risk depriving their brain of oxygen, sealing off access to the Quirk. And it’s implied by the quirk’s Former user that extensive physical injury, not just on the head, would be enough to seal access to the Quirk.

Many of his quirks had some physical backlash- just like Touya and Tomura. We saw how Tomura’s body compensated for his specific Quirk. No 6’s body compensated by getting rid of the body; he turned into pure energy because a physical form couldn’t take what he was doing to himself. Sound familiar? A body with an owner that doesn’t give a rat’s tiny @$$ what happens to it? The overwhelming desire to be “seen?” Ring any bells?


I just wanted to put that out there; I just feel like he’s giving into Singularity. But I’m open to other ideas! Let me know your own thoughts in the comments! And let me know what you guys think of the chapter. Was I too hard on it? Did you find any other sequences particularly interesting? I’d love to know!! Until the next post, everyone- Have a Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!

Kaido- The Origins: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Joyboy(Part 1). One Piece Chapter 1,049 BREAKDOWN

And so we begin the long await FLASHBACK. Well; PARTIALLY. It’s mostly just scattered parts showing……. well; we’ll get to that part. Point Is: This is only the beginning. Something as big and important as this is gonna take up like 4 or 5 chapters. Whether this is the END end as far as the Kaido battle goes, or if this is just the end of Luffy vs Kaido Round 4 is anyone’s guess. Good news is, though: We’re Back On The Ground. So the Onigashima portion of Wano is done. End Of Act 3- Here We Come!! One Piece Chapter 1,049: “The World Should Be.”

Germa 66’s “Aah….. An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 11

‘Nuff Said

I, uh……… The picture explains itself. As for who set the fire; I’m not sure. I don’t know how the invaders from Volume 9 were able to come to Whole Cake without using Brulee and her mirrors……. unless they weren’t the only ones who came to Tottland. Did those Chocolat Town invaders have allies waiting in the wings, or are they unconnected events? In a way- That would be Worse.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Luffy and Kaido begin their Final Clash. As their Haki collides; Kaido commends Luffy for pushing him to this level, but tells him that he’s still not strong enough to “change the world.” He begins to recall the events that led him to this point in life.

Kaido’s Flashback: Born in the Vodka Kingdom(that explains A LOT); Kaido- at only 10 years of age- became the Strongest Soldier his island had to offer, destroying his foes in mere moments. 3 years later(46 years before the present storyline); the 13 year old Kaido was given over to the World Government by his Kingdom, which would guarantee them a spot at the next Reverie. The country couldn’t afford to keep paying the Heavenly Tribute to the Celestial Dragons without plundering and going to war with other Nations, so they decided to give over Kaido to compensate. But during the transport; Kaido escapes- earning him first bounty of 70 Million Berries.

For the next 2 years; Kaido went around causing trouble, and go caught whenever he needed a meal. Until 44 years before the current story: a 15 years old Kaido arrives on Beehive Island- The “Pirate Paradise” Fullalead and Blackbeard’s current territory. After defeating another Pirate Captain; Kaido is approached by a young Whitebeard, who informs him that Rocks wants to meet with him. And so- Kaido begins his life as a Pirate.

Then the God Valley Incident Happened, and, well……… Ya know how that went. Rumors of their defeat would spread like wildfire, but Big Mom gave not a rat’s tiny @$$ about that- she wants to know what happened to Kaido after the battle. Moving ahead 10 years(28 years before the current storyline): Kurozumi Higurashi would come to Kaido with a “proposition.Thus the current storyline. But at some point between the current story and the annexation of Wano; Kaido would rally his men together with a speech:

We’re Going To Take All These Pampered, Noble Born Rulers and Drag Them Off Their Thrones Down To The Battlefield With Us!!

THAT’S What I Call Equality And Freedom– A World Where Only War Decides A Man’s True Worth!!

Kaido- The “Embodiment Of Might”

Afterwards; he would meet with King, telling him that Yamato mention “Joyboy” for the first time, questioning where the h#ll he learned that name. King said that Oden wanted to open up Wano to “Welcome Joyboy.” Since King is also waiting to see Joyboy; Kaido tells him exactly who he is: The Man Who Will One Day Defeat Kaido. So now King doesn’t think he’s ever gonna show up. Speaking of; we cut back to the Present.

Several things happen: the CP0 agent who was still in the Go Board room escapes; Momo struggles to make a Flame cloud big enough to move the island; the lanterns go up for the end of the Fire Festival; the water from Zou washing away the fires on Onigashima- and some of the peopleand the Flame Clouds; and Denjiro consoles Hiyori. Most of the Onigashima plotlines wrap up– if not all of them. So the last thing to deal with would be……….

As Kaido’s “Flame Dragon Torch” bites down on Luffy’s giant hand- the main Dragon himself asks Luffy “What Kind Of World Do You Wish To Make, Straw Hat?!” It’s Luffy, people- it always comes back to this simple desire:

I’ll make……….. A World……… Where My Friends……… Can Eat……… As Much Food…….. AS THEY WANT!!!!

Warrior Of Liberation/ Joyboy/ Sun God/ Would-Be King Of The Pirates: Monkey D Luffy

With every last bit of his strength; Momonosuke manages to summon an impressive Flame Cloud to move the island out of the way. Meaning that Luffy can knock Kaido’s head in. And clock him He Do~es– with every Fiber of his being; he pushes past the Dragon Torch, and punches Kaido hard enough to SLAM HIM into the dirt!! As he plummets to the ground; Kaido remembers the words he told King: The “Joyboy” would the one who can defeat him. Meaning that he’ll have to accept that Luffy is Joyboy.

Momonosuke lands Onigashima on the ground, and Luffy begins to fall. Thus; One Piece Chapter 1,049 comes to a Riveting END!! Like I said last time: This is over.


The Fights Overthat much we know. Luffy defeating Kaido? The dialogue and imagery would indicate as much. In his mind; Kaido remembered who he said that Joyboy was. Which would only come to mind if he admitted that he lost to himself. Ergo– this seems to be his loss. Whether Kaido awakens, or has been using his awakening is anyone’s guess. I like to think that he’s an Awakened user; he sure seemed to know what it was and the signs of it. And I don’t see why he’s hold back on using it after accepting Luffy’s strength. So yeah; he’s probably Awakened.

Kaido: The Early Years

But then there’s also the Kaido Flashback- the main thing to look at in this chapter. We now know where he comes from(though not the location of the Kingdom), and we now get an idea of why it is that he has such trust issues. Despite working for them since the age of 10; his own homeland decided to trade him off to the Marines- just to preserve themselves. There was definitely something that happened during the fall of the Rocks crew that was probably the Root cause, but that was pretty much the start of the problem.

It also gives us a small timeline of the event in Kaido’s life. We’ll get a full Rocks Pirates/ God Valley Flashback at some point in the near or far future, but this just tells us how old he was when he joined Rocks(15 years old), and what led him to a life of Piracy. But……….. that’s about All. I definitely think we’re going to see a little more about his past, but I think it’ll end with him joining Rocks. We might not see how he ended up like this completely until the actual God Valley Flashback. It won’t be very long, but we’ll see a little more about his character- I’m sure of it…….

The Water………… It’s washing everything away………. Reaching every corner of the castle…….. even the Treasure Repository…………. where Orochi is BURNING…………. He’s not dead yet, huh? That fire’s gonna go out, and he’s gonna get back up, and run away like a coward. I can already see it………

We’re not done here………


……………. You know? I expected to have more to say with this. But after writing this post- trying to see what the flashback could tell us about Kaido- I realized that any more discussion would drag out the post. Even in the original draft of this post I could feel that I was forcing myself to talk about it more. And I’m not trying to do that anymore. So I’ll just end this post here. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post, all- By~~~~e!!!!

The Beginning Of The End! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61 BREAKDOWN

They want this to happen- So Very Much.

Anime Confirmed. Sorry I’m not as “Enthused” as I should be; I’m still remembering the final 2 seasons of Seven Deadly Sins, the look of the movie, AND The Movies that are coming out. I know that animation is a difficult thing to do, and the conditions are not the “Best.” But That SUCKED. Those last 2 season were awful, and that Movie did NOT deliver for me. So I hope that it changes studios(making its 3rd Studio change following the Jump from A1 Pictures to Studio Dean)- I just want this franchise to reach New heights!!

Other than that………. News; THIS CHAPTER WAS HY~PE. Just look at that cover page- Suzuki Sensei knows what he’s doing. He SO wants to draw that fight- WE want to see that fight- And the Exec’s and Higher ups at Kodansha know it. It may trample on(SPOILER ALERT) Escanor’s death at the end of the original series, but……It’s gonna be SO FR@KIN’ EPIC. Especially with what happens in THIS chapter. But I’m taking too long on a limited time, so let’s get into it! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61: “The Fourth Arrives.” And what an Entrance it is……..


That’s A Dude.

The chapter starts where the previous left off: Gawain- The 4th and Final “Knight Of The Apocalypse-” arrives to…….. “comfort” Isolde. But a Knight of Chaos- the Black Knight Pellegarde– comes to Liones in search of Percival. The resulting fight ends up creating a lot of fire- which Gawain proceeds to stop from hitting them. While at the castle; Meliodas and some Knights look at the battle from a far.

As Pellegarde continues to exude his Magic Force; Percival recites the same words that his grandfather would always say when he was drunk:

You Must Crush Evil, Rescue The Weak, And Be Someone Who Risks Their Life For What’s Important To Them.


He draws his sword, and activate his magic- using it to protect everyone from the explosion. Percival says that he has no ill feelings or anything towards Pellegarde, but he’s still an enemy working for King Arthur. He runs towards him with his sword Enchanted, but the Black Knight creates a GIANT Fireball and sends it towards Percival. The boy slices it in half, but his “Immortal Fire” just disperses and starts to encompass him.

Fireball Hurricane!!

Percival slashes at it more, but it just makes more flames!! So he- being a child- comes up with the idea to trap the flames in a giant Magic Bubble!! So Pellegarde uses “Brilliant Hellfire” to turn up the heat and makes the bubble explode. Through this action; the boy realizes that he’s still not strong enough to defeat the Black Knight. He commends Percival for realizing that, as it shows that he’s grown since they last met.

As he is about to cement his victory; Gawain arrives, and dispels the flames! Pellegarde asks if it was her that did it, but he(Gawain) responds that Pellegarde “messed up the lovely atmosphere” he had going with Isolde. Pellegarde then tries to roast Gawain for calling him a “Sniveling Little Fire Eater,” but the “Master Of The Sun” uses his/her/their Golden Magic to snuff out Pellegarde’s flames all over again. Seeing the magic; Percival immediately asks if he’s the guy they’ve been looking for.

Tristan arrives on the scene, and asks Gawain why he/she/they didn’t stay at the castle like he said. Gawain responds that they’re “not good at taking orders.” The banter is interrupted when Pellegarde gets back up with a fury. Tristan turns his attention towards the invader- activating his other eye; one consumed by Darkness. And when Lancelot comes as Sin- only to reveal himself- it all comes together for Pellgarde:

  1. An Enigmatic Shapeshifter
  2. A Boy with Green, wing-like hair
  3. A boy with eyes of Holiness and Evil
  4. A man/woman with Golden Magic

They’re Here, boys and girls. The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Are Together Here And Now. And something tells me that Pellegarde won’t be for much longer. Thus; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 61 comes to a Exemplary END!! I’m having to google these words now. I don’t even know what they’re called…….

From Left To Right: War, Death, Pestilence, And Famine- The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.


So………… GAWAIN. Yamato(One Piece) all over again? Maybe. Gowther’s modelled after a woman- acts like one often enough- dresses like one- but CLEARLY has “IT” down there. Gawain, however, might be more like Yamato in that they Identify as a guy, which might be why Bartra’s prophecy about them said that they’d “all be young men.” So, for the sake of it- we’ll say “he.” We also know that they’re all 16 years of age(I feel like Lance might be older by a month or 2), and- from the way they’re standing in the line up- we get a good idea of their personalities:

  • Percival and Tristan are more “Righteous” than the other, while also being the “Goofy, Innocent, Kind” moral centers. Unwilling to kill; Tristan “just because” and Percival because he knows the pain of loss.
  • Lance is a bit of a thug- Tough but Kind with a tragic backstory that made him this way. And not afraid of blood. The “Cool” Type.
  • Gawain is confident to the point of being cocky– sure of himself and thinks that he can do anything because of his power. Strictly speaking: He’s Escanor 2.0. But there’s more than likely a reason for that, which ties into why he identifies as a male.

As for Gawain’s MagicI’ve no idea. Golden………. “Master Of The Sun………” Confident………….Tall……. Oh, Wait: ESCANOR!!

Gawain was said by Tristan to be a “blood relative” of Arthur, so he may be able to use some of the “Power Of Chaos-” the power to “reshape reality.” And how that ties into Escanor is through the Supreme Deities “Grace:” “Sunshine.” Bestowed upon Mael of the Four Archangels- the strongest of the 4- this Grace allowed him the ability to draw on the power of the sun for strength. After an incident I won’t spoil for you in case you haven’t read the manga(“You don’t need to have read the original series to enjoy this one” or so the marketing materials will tell you), but I’ll say that Escanor came to hold the Grace as his main ability- at the cost of his……….

Now; does Gawain have “Sunshine?” If so, then how? Mael only let Escanor borrow it on the last one; it should have gone back to him when all was said and done. So…… Did something Happen to Mael in the last 16 years? I don’t know, but if he has “Sunshine,” then he is more than likely the strongest of the 4 Knights- if not the Strongest character present in the story. I really liked Escanor- one of my favorite characters in the franchise. So seeing someone with so many similarities to him is putting a smile on my face. I just hope Suzuki sensei can deliver a character arc as good as that!

That’s sure to change– sooner or later………


Aaaaahhhh…………. The Knights are gonna fight that Sins, aren’t they? Suzuki Sensei probably wants to draw that; his editors and the Higher Ups at Kodansha and Netflix want that because MONEY; and the fans are probably DYING to see the introduction of power levels so that we can compare and debate on who would win in these hypotheticals. And the match ups: 4-on-7- not the best numbers to see who fights who. But I may be able to think of 3 off the top of my head. And I would love to tell you all about it, but we’re out of time!

That’s all I got for the lot of ya, today, my duckies. Until the next posts, ladies and gents; Have a Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~~E!!!!

1001 Ways To Say Rebecca’s Fighting A Clown! Edens Zero Chapter 190 BREAKDOWN

I know this fight start in the last chapter, but I didn’t review that one(My Own Fault), so I figured that I could use it. Also I couldn’t think of a Good title. Or, to be more accurate: I had too MANY ideas for the title. Varied Quality, of course. I managed to find the chapter a day ahead of schedule, so I’m able to get this done on my day off! Yippee. And I picked an interesting one to come back on. Edens Zero Chapter 190: “The Greatest Show From Hell.” Their words- not mine. Let’s begin…………

After The Escape………….


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Rebecca fights Sister’s counterpart- The Death Of Edens, Dark Star Clown. She activates her Overdrive to have a better chance at hitting him- which pays off. However; Clown was prepared to fight against her, as he activates a Ring Of Fire that incircles the girl. She leaps into the air to escape, earning Clown’s praises. He shoots more Fir Rings at her, but she leaps through them all(no pun intended) to land a powerful kick to his face!!

Kitty Kat KICK!!

Noticing Rebecca’s speed; he activates the Electric Floor– limiting her movements as she clings to a curtain. Clown picks up a bunch of swords, and starts to juggle them- before he throws them at her. She dodges them, but it’s only a matter of time before one of them manages to hit. Pino notices that the cage isn’t locked electronically, so her EMP won’t be able to open it. So she tells Rebecca to physically break the cage.

She grabs one of the swords with her feet, and focuses her Ether in her legs to make sure the sword breaks the cage. Happy and Pino start to come down, and Pino uses her EMP to take out the Electric Floor(Clown is immune because he has Anti-EMP Coating). Now Rebecca is free to move about as she pleases- and she has her Happy Blasters. Clown begins to panic and starts shooting at her himself. Pino tells her that Clown’s armor is less heavy around the back of his neck. So she maneuvers to his back, and uses “Happy Blaster Full Burst-” knocking Clown to the ground.

It seems as though our Gamer Girl won the fight, but Clowns gets up- a little jaded and ready to take the fight seriously. He activates his Battle Dress- becoming “Nightmare Clown.” And his first action: Turn Rebecca into a Black Mist. Thus bringing Edens Zero Chapter 190 to an Ominous END!! Something doesn’t seem right……….


………………. Okay; maybe not “The BEST” I could have chosen to talk about. Looking through it again for the review; the page layouts were a little colors. The Images that I used were some of the best shots of the chapter. No offense to Mashima; I really like his artwork, and it’s probably difficult to focus on the layouts of a page in between all the projects he’s working on(Video Games, other manga, etc. he can’t reveal yet). I’m just saying that the first like 5 or 6 pages of a 19 page chapter were difficult to find a good pic. And it wasn’t the most AMAZING, SUPER COOL chapter if I’m being honest. The primary thing that I can talk about would be what happened to Rebecca at the end there. I have 2 ideas

  1. He was updated to be able to use “Empire Ether” and turned Rebecca into the mist.
  2. This is an illusion he’s casting on everyone.
SOMETHING Happened!!

In theory 1: Clown and the other Dark Stars had upgrades in the last 3 years that allowed them access to “Empire Ether,” a technique from the Aoi Cosmos that changes other people’s condition. According to Cpt Connor in chapter 179 that Ziggy was “scanning” professionals from all kinds of fields to update and upgrade his Skeleton Army. He’s making them- as well as more than likely himself and the Dark Stars- smarter and stronger all the time. So if they were to get Powerful Ether Gear uses like, sayCallum Steelford and the other Oceans 6 to be “scanned” and have their “Empire Ether” ability copied into the Dark Stars; that might be what be possible. And it could work to reintroduce those characters into the story.

Theory 2 would be a reference to Fairy Tail and ITS Oracion Seis member- Midnight. His magic “Reflector” let him distort and twists things such as light to make optical illusions. Perhaps his “Optimizer” ability is to twist and distort things like that. I haven’t seen anything to suggest their connection– it’s just a thought because Mashima likes to do sh!t like that. Either way; I’m not sure if this was the “Overclock” mentioned last chapter, or just his Battle Dress. Or maybe they’re even the Same Thing. Maybe “Overclock” is what Wizard used on Shiki in chapter 187, and whatever happened here is Clown’s way of doing that.

Whatever his ability; the primary question remains “How Will Rebecca Win The Fight?” If Theory 1 proves correct, then it may end up confirming a theory I’ve hade since we’ve learned Drakken first taught us about Overdrive- and since he displayed his own Fully. You know where this is going: Rebecca Unlocks The Next Level Of Overdrive!! Shiki and the others seem to still be on the 3rd level(partial black patterns), and Drakken reached the “Full Thing(the monster form from chapter 95).”

I’m gonna stick with this theory until the manga says otherwise!! I think that Shiki and the others still have another level- including Rebecca. She may be the first on the crew to achieve the Full Thing- because she needs it to finish this fight. Rebecca is strong- no denying that. But she’s FAR beyond everyone else on the crew(except Mosco and Couchpo. We saw what Labilia could do already), so she’s got to “make up the gap” somehow. Think back to when Kris got his Overdrive: Kris had to “remember who he was” to FORCE the flow of his Ether back to normal- leading to his Overdrive. Maybe a similar effect for Rebecca? If that is so the case; this is ALL purely speculation right now.

………….You guys can see what I’m rooting for, right? Knowing my unluck with this kind of thing; I’m PROBABLY Dead Wrong. I was SO WRONG about who would fight who and the scenarios that would play out. So it’s probably just some kind of ability of his. But I’m still holding out hope that we’ll something cool. Thus far; this arc has just been…….. “Okay.” I wouldn’t say better than the Aoi War- I think that arc was a “cap off” to the first section of the story, whereas this might be a “Status Quo Shift,” given how many Galactica and Interstelar are present in this arc. Character deaths are coming. Who will die, and will they stick? And will another vacancy open up in Interstelar’s ranks?

Or maybe it’s time to…….. RECRUIT him?


Like I said; not very much to talk about with this chapter. I was actually gonna say that this ability might be related to the “Overclock” that was mentioned last chapter, but………. that would still just be his ability. So the Theory count got bumped down to 2. And after that was a little bit of padding- which could have easily gone on and on knowing me. So I’ll just stop the post here. Until the next post, boys and girls- Have A Magically Wonderful Day, boys and girls. Later, guys!!

This Fight Ends NOW! One Piece Chapter 1,048 BREAKDOWN

You know; the Spoilers for this week’s chapter came out WICKED early- on like Monday/ Tuesday I think. So I had a whole opening already planned out. But between when I made that Opening and now, I realized something: This Is The Only Chapter That I’m Reviewing This Week. My Hero Academia is still on break, and Black Clover’s gonna be gone until like June/ July. And I shouldn’t have work today(Friday) or the next, so as long as I don’t f*ck around too much- I should able to get this out in the timeliest manner in a while!! Though I don’t know how much I’ll be able to hold to that since I just got Lego DC Super Villains and Dragon Ball FighterZ on my switch this week, and I am like……. OBSESSED with them. So don’t hold me to that one.

Now that you know the current situation; I can finally get to today’s topic: “One Piece!!Boys and girls- This Is Where It Ends. We’re certainly gonna have like 20 or 30 more chapters of Wano; there’s just too much between the World Government’s Arrival, the Big Mom Pirates making their way to the Main land, Big Mom herself getting back up, reforming Wano, and the Road Poneglyph- and I’m sure that I’m forgetting something somewhere. But as far as Luffy vs Kaido goes- This Is It. Or so I would believe. We’ll get to that in a minute. One Piece Chapter 1,048: “Twenty Years.” Let The END…….. Begin.

Germa 66’s “Aah…… A Cold Blooded Voyage” Vol 10

So it WAS them.

………. Have I been talking about this cover serial? I don’t think I have; I can’t remember the last time that I talked about it. Not that I think that there was really much to talk about. So far; Niji and Yonji have been captured by the Big Mom Pirates and are taken to be experimented on. And in the last volume of the serial; we saw 2 mysterious figures arrive in Chocolate Town. And at first; I though it was Reiju and Niji coming to save them- by Judge’s orders, of course. Reiju and Ichiji don’t really care about their brothers. But it was through watching a review and seeing the official here that I realize that it was only Brulee’s speculation that it was Germa. So the question now becomes: Who just came to Tottland?

A lot of you will IMMEDIATELY jump to Blackbeard and his crew coming to tear sh!t up. But I’m gonna be a little more “open” to other options. The review I watched mentioned Crocodile, but I’m not so sure. But I won’t count it out. One of them is in High Heels- though that doesn’t automatically mean “woman.” ESPECIALLY with this story. So I don’t know who they could be. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!!


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Luffy is about to bring down the BIGGEST FIST HE’S EVER MADE on Kaido, with every intention of smashing him with it. And he wants Momonosuke to move Onigashima out of the way of the crossfire- or else everyone there will be crushed under the weight of the fist. And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen: This thing is coming DOWN. Momo doesn’t think he’ll be able to move it in time, but he remembers his family, and what he must do when all is said an done- Rule over Wano as Shogun; Open Wano’s borders; and revive the Kozuki clan. So he pulls up his big boy pants, and RAMS Head first into Onigashima with all his might!!

Up above; Kaido resolves to meet the attack head on. As he tells Luffy about “Wano’s Hero” being burned alive 20 years ago; he creates a………… let’s just call it a “Flaming Susanoo” Dragon that is able to make Luffy let go of him. He plans to use this to incinerate Luffy’s fist before it can even reach him, but Luffy plans to put all that Ryuo training through its paces- using it to knock Kaido “to the bottom of H#ll!!”

The 2 clash- Luffy’s “Gum Gum Bajrang(Monkey God) Gun” vs Kaido’s “Flaming Drum Dragon: Blazing Bagua.” And we cut away to see some other stuff on Onigashima; from Kin and Kiku getting washed away by Raizo’s quick thinking, to the Samurai’s willingness to die if it means that Kaido is taken out, to even Kawamatsu having a flashback to the day of Oden’s death. We see Orochi alerting Kaido that Oden had a son- leading to Kaido’s assault on Oden Castle and his first confrontation with Momonosuke. From there; the burning of the castle, Kaido stamping out some Rebels, the battle against the Daimyo, and the slow, slow destruction and decaying of Wano.

Brief Tangent

I’d like to take this moment to say that Wano has thus far had some……… some Darker Imagery. For those who are unaware; I haven’t been reading “One Piece” as long as some of you; I didn’t really pick up reading the manga until the hype around Luffy vs Katakuri- chapter 883 to be specific. From there; I’ve been reading along. Point is: I haven’t seen ALL of the manga– I used the Anime and Filler guides to skip around and “catch up.” So any “darker” moments I’ve seen have been Heavily censored. And then we get to Wano– the arc I’ve been reviewing……..SINCE THE START OF MY CAREER AS A REVIEWER WOW. I started reviews in 2018 on my Facebook page, and got my blog a few week’s later. I started with 910, and got to like…….914 before I started this blog………..wow…………..

In any case; I’ve been seeing a lot of………. Darker scenes I’ve noticed. I don’t know if scenes like the one in chapter 918 or the ones depicted here are a “norm” for everyone else, but it just seems like Oda’s able to get away with……… a little more than he was able to before. I’m not gonna say that Chainsaw Man opened the door for something like that, but……… I haven’t seen anything like it in the volumes I’ve been collecting. And I’m up to like 30 or 33(Omnibus Editions).

Tangent Over

From there; we see Orochi’s disgusting face in glee at the state of Wano- the land that condemned him just for being born. And we then cut back to the present where Orochi- lit on FIRE– attacks Hiyori as a Yamato No Orochi- with just one head. His last life? Probably not. One thing for sure, though: He actually Does look kind of terrifying. But before he can “drag Hiyori to H#ll with him;” Denjiro returns- lopping off the last(?) of Orochi’s heads, seemingly ending the Despots reign of tyranny.

We see many of the lanterns from the end of the Fire Festival- where we see the lines “Make Orochi Disappear” and “Free Us From This H#ll” written across them. And true enough; Luffy and Kaido enter their Final Clash- bringing One Piece Chapter 1,048 to a Powerful END!! Here goes EVERYTHING…………..

The Final Clash


…………………I probably could have left the “tangent” part for THIS area, huh? Meh; whatever- I’ve got ample time and a lot that I want to say………. he says like there are 10 things from this chapter to dissect when there’s only 1. But I have a SECOND thing that I want to talk about. The first thing is probably the easiest thing to talk about: Orochi’s Ultimate Fate. Is this “The End” of his story? I certainly don’t think so. And it comes down to the way that Oda handles Character Death in his story. When he decides to kill off a character Main Story- You FEEL That Sh!t. When we first saw Kaido lop off Orochi’s head in chapter 985– that to MEfelt” like a “Death.” At least for a character like Orochi. This does NOT feel that important.

I certainly won’t compared the 985 “Death” to a death like Ace and Whitebeard’s, but I feel like it serves the same purpose of “Ending The Characters Story.” Am I making sense to anyone? Like; Whitebeard’s death served as “The End Of An Era-” the segway point for the world at large. Orochi’s death would serve the same purpose of “changing of the times;” the people of Wano would be free of their 20 year nightmare…………… Wait A Minute.

When Whitebeard died; it signified the changing era. And the same thing is being set up with the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido. I know I said that Orochi’s death would serve that same purpose for Wano, and I still stand by that logic. But I think it would also serve something similar to Ace’s death: “An Important Lesson……….” I think. According to the Sub Reddit; it seemed to teach Luffy that he needs to get stronger- he wasn’t going to be able to protect his friends and reach his goal if he had stayed at the level he was- he had to grow. Perhaps Orochi’s death will teach Wano a lesson: The lesson “Not repeating the cycle of vengeance.”

All of what’s happening is the result of Wano’s grudge against Orochi’s Grandfather, and perpetuating that grudge to the rest of his family YEARS after he was made to commit Seppuku. They persecuted the entire clan just because they were vaguely related to him- which is what brought about Orochi, who planned to let Wano rot under Kaido’s iron grip. Which just made the legacy of the Kurozumi clan even worse. But I think that- if there are any Kurozumi clan survivors out there- that Wano should learn from their mistakes and treat them better. Maybe not “suck up” to them, but……… treat them like Human Beings? Maybe something like that…………

Burned By His Own GrudgeAnd He STILL Won’t Die.

The other thing that I wanted to talk about is just something that’s been on my mind for a minute- a Question, really: Is Luffy Ready To Be King Of The Pirates? All you have to do to become Pirate King is reach Laugh Tale and find the One Piece. But 1)You gotta go through the NEW WORLD to get there. And you have got to be STRONG to do that. With the Yonko basically running the show here; you either have to work for them, or against them. And even THOSE don’t guarantee your success. So Luffy was already strong if he’s made it this far. And with all these power ups- from Future Sight Observations, to Ryou, “Conqueror’s Coating,” and Awakening the Zoan fruit with the powers of a FRE@KING SUN GODhe’s probably the strongest that he has ever been.

But I want to propose an Idea to you guys: One of the core themes of “One Piece” is the concept of “Inherited Will-” taking upon yourself the ideals, dreams, and/or mission of those that came before you, whether you actually knew them or not. Whitebeard’s mission right up to his death was “Guarding Roger’s Throne” as Doffy said; he was waiting and watching the New Generation of Pirates to see if any of them were the “Inheritors Of Roger’s will.” Shanks knew and respected Whitebeard. He was effectively raised by Roger. And he’s also the calmest, most level headed and kind Yonko of the ones we have at present. He inherited Whitebeard’s Will- Roger’s will- and is now the one “Gate Keeping” the Roger’s proverbial throne.

So for Luffy to become King Of The Pirates- To Find The Last Road Poneglyph, reach Laugh Tale and “Attain Everything The World Had To Offer-” He has to get by Shanks. So I feel that I should remind you: The Day that the Marineford War kicked off; he had to stop to prevent KAIDO– the very same Yonko pushing back the STRONGEST iteration of Luffy we’ve ever seen after having fought 9 Samurai, 5 of the Supernova’s, his own child who’s got a Mythical Zoan and ALL of his techniques, and a Luffy who’s kept coming back and “growing” in the midst of battle in rapid succession- from coming to Marineford and messing things up even further. He showed up, stopped an attack from a man made of MAGMA, and told everyone there to either stop the fight, or Fight HIM. War Stopped. He stopped Kaido, and stopped a War just by SHOWING UP- And He Only Had 1 Arm To Work With. All the while Luffy- after ALL his power ups- is still struggling to put Kaido down for the count. Is Luffy Ready For That ?


Did all that come through how I meant it to? I hope so; I wasn’t sure if the wording with “Inherited Will” came out like I wanted. But I do believe- and I think other members of the fandom- that Shanks has taken up Whitebeards spot of making sure the world doesn’t……….f*ckin’ go to sh!t and back. He’s “guarding Roger’s Throne” now, and Luffy is going to have to come up against him if he wants to make it to One Piece. I always go back an forth over the next Yonko he fights against- Shanks or Blackbeard. If Shanks is the “Last Hurdle” for Luffy to overcome, then it’ll be Blackbeard. But Blackbeard is one of- some times debated as THE– Main Antagonist of the Entire Story. So someone like that should be the Final Fight Of The Story. So who’s gonna be next?

But in any case, boys and girls; that’s All I got for the lot of ya today. Now I’m off to play Lego DC Super Villains and Dragon Ball FighterZ more! By~~~~~~~~~~e!!!!

Bardock’s Resolve!! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 BREAKDOWN

A little generic of a review title, but I think it fits this chapter more than any other. I honestly wanted to talk about “Dragon Ball Super” this time around, but MAN OH MAN the end of this month’s chapter of Boruto had me HYPED!! This chapter also had me hyped– a battle chapter is always great visually speaking if nothing else- but I think the fans are going to be split on this one……….. again. The manga’s almost as divisive as Star Wars, though not NEARLY as popular. Though the sales for the latest volume over in Japan were pretty good.

In this month; we continue and ultimately conclude Bardock’s story in this arc, as his battle against Gas is shown in full detail! I hope you’re ready to see The Father Of Goku kick some imp @$$! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83: “Bardock vs Gas Part 2.” Let’s begin………


vs Gas!!

The chapter opens where the last left off: Bardock is defending Monaito and a young, unconscious Granolah from Gas. The young Heeter creates an Energy Mace. Monaito tells Bardock that he’s done enough for them- he’s ready to accept his fate. Gas interjects, telling Bardock that the “Saiyan’s won’t be around much longer anyway-” alluding to the fate of Planet Vegeta in the future. Bardock tells Gas to “knock it off with the cryptic cr@p,” and throws a ki blast at him. The battle continues with Gas bringing down his mace on Bardock- who blocked most of the damage, but still takes a heavy blow.

He tosses Gas away, and tells Monaito to “stay out of his fight.” He goes back to fighting, but Gas releases a portion of his “Inner Nature,” and completely flips the script on Bardock- knocking him around. Monaito retreats back to his hut to drop off Granolah and retrieve the Dragon Balls to wish Bardock back to Planet Vegeta. But when confronted with the option; Bardock rejects Toronbo and Monaito’s help, saying “A Saiyan Would Rather Die Than Run From An Enemy!!!” He goes back to fighting against Gas, who’s starting to look more and more agitated.

He knocks Bardock away, giving Monaito a chance to speak with him telepathically. He tells Bardock that the “kindness” he displayed on this day may one day save someone else- thus; he must live to see that day. But Bardock refuses to leave until he’s won this fight. So Monaito asks if he has any wish in particular that he wants granted right now, to which the Saiyan replies “I’d Wish My Sons End Up Thriving.Meh- half ain’t that bad.

As the battle rages on; we cut over to the other Heeters, who see off in the distance the Dragon Balls dispersing. But not knowing what they are at this moment, they think them just shooting stars. But Elec notes that it came from where Monaito’s hut is. So he sends Macki and Oil to greet Frieza’s ship while he goes to check it out.

Back with the battle; Gas overwhelms Bardock, getting him by the tail and using it to slam him around before ultimately tearing it off. Thinking that Bardock no longer has anyway to win without the Great Ape form, he creates an Energy Spear to end the fight. But timely intervention from Monaito keeps Bardock from dying. Bardock ask Monaito why he got in the way, to which the old Namekian responds that he wants to protect Granolah with his own strength- meaning that he’s willing to take a hit for Bardock if it means that he’ll(Bardock) be able to win this fight.

Gas becomes furious with the constant interventions and interruptions, and unleashes his Full “Instincts” with every intention of finishing the battle. He knocks Monaito away, and grabs Bardock by the face- vowing to killing Monaito and Granolah when he’s done here. Bardock breaks free, and starts fighting back- harder. Gas asks what’s pushing him so far- if it’s atoning for all of the races his people have killed. or rage over what’s happened to the Namekians and Cerealians. Bardock’s response:

Isn’t it obvious by now?

In a Life-And-Death Battle- What sort of Idiot would think of anything else besides VICTORY?!

Bardock, The Father Of Son Goku

Gas attacks in anger, and Bardock punches him DEAD in the stomach- telling him that he’s fighting because “he wants to win- nothing else to it.” He blasts him away, making Gas wonder how Bardock was able to “ascend.” Bardock tells him that Saiyans possess a way to “Evolve Every time they push past their limits-” enveloping himself in a powerful aura. Gas stands back up, telling the Saiyan that he “represents a limit that no Saiyan can surpass.” Giving into his instincts fully; Gas goes completely berserk, which just makes him easier to fight against. And so; we go back to the moment from chapter 80, in which Bardock uses his full power to blow Gas away!!

Gas finally loses consciousness- Bardock has won. He collapses on the ground. But then; Elec comes to collect Gas. Bardock clings to consciousness long enough to ask why the Heeter’s are working against Frieza like this. Elec simply replies that it’s “just business as usual,” and hints at the Saiyan’s ultimate fate once again. Bardock asks what Elec is talking about, but the Heeter boss simply shoots him in his shoulder, making him fall backwards off the cliff. He shoots more round to make sure he’s dead, and then gets a call from Macki that Frieza’s ship has arrived.

As the Heeter’s leave; Monaito comes to Bardock’s aid, commending him on his victory- bringing Dragon Ball Super Chapter 83 to a Triumphant END!! What can I say about this?………


Like; GENUINELY what should I say? I knew that I wanted to do a review for at least 1 of the monthly chapters, and I picked “Dragon Ball Super” because HELLOMassive “Dragon Ball” Fan boy over here. To the point of toxicity at some points, but a fan all the same!! That said; this was a Battle chapter; they don’t have much to say with New Age manga. So the Grandfather of All Shonen Battle Story’s CERTAINLY doesn’t have much to say or convey through the fights. At best; we get Goku’s “My friends lift me up to greater heights” vs Jiren’s “Friends are a weakness.” But is there more to this fight than I’m seeing? Was there some kind of hint in this story that will help Goku defeat Gas? The Simple Answer is Yes. The REAL question is: What Is It?


In this chapter; Bardock tells us that Saiyans “have a way of growing and evolving every time we push past our limits.” On the surface, this is just more of the same “Saiyan’s Have No Limits” shlock we’ve been hearing since the end of the anime- a way for the staff behind “Dragon Ball” to keep introducing transformation after transformation to make more of those toys, add more DLC to Xenoverse 2, and recapture the initial EPICNESS that was Goku Turning Super Saiyan For The First Time. But if you look into it a little more here; it may tell Goku what he needs to know: “Who He Is.” Whis told him that that was the key to progressing in his Mastery of Ultra Instinct. Maybe this will be how?

This arc has had this interesting theme- a central idea- of your “Instinct-” that natural inclination that tells you what to do- and the “Ego-” the way that you want to do things, regardless of the cost. Granolah gave in to his Ego to get this power; Gas gave over to “Instinct” and lost to Bardock, then let his “Ego” prevent him from using his new powers properly against Granolah, and managed to “tame his Instincts” with the help of Elec; and Goku and Vegeta’s transformations are self-explanatory. And then you have Bardock, who doesn’t seem to give over to 1 or the other. In fact; it almost seems like he’s able to…….. Strike A Balance?

“I Prefer Death Over Defeat.”

Bardock’s presence in this arc is made to show the 4 main Characters of the arc- Goku, Vegeta, Granolah, and especially Gas- how to balance their “Instincts” and “Egos.” Or at least; that’s what I’m trying to convey. I’ve had to re-write this portion 3 or 4 times to get to this point. I think I’m getting it as I go, but to put it simply: I’m interpreting this as Bardock telling Gas that………. he’s not fighting for the sake of his “Ego” and trying to atone for the sins of his race like Vegeta at the beginning of this arc, or giving into his “Instincts” and fighting because Elec killed Granolah’s mom.

He’s doing this because…………… he wants to? Because he wants to Win? He told Gas that his mind was on “Victory,” but that spits in the face of the message about not giving over to “Ego.” I guess…….. to live? Because it was a “Life-And-Death” battle, and to “Win” means a better chance at you “Living…….” I guess. Or maybe he was referring more to protecting Granolah or Monaito? I know it has something to do with “Rising Above Instinct And Ego.” And I know that Bardock’s battle is the key for Goku to figure out what that is. But I can’t seem to grasp WHAT he’s trying to say. Maybe I’m just overthinking this.

Me Thinking About The Philosophy Of A Gag Manga


…………… I guess that’s it, then. No point in elogating the post that just to talk myself in a d@mn circle, not knowing if my next point will contradict the last. So let’s just end this one here, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. Until next time, everyone; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!!

Sosuke Aizen- The Redux: Meet Lucius Zogratis! Black Clover Chapter 331 BREAKDOWN

YeahThis Happens. It’s all over Social Media; it’s inescapable at this point. And I’m assuming you’ve read the chapter, so there’s no point in hiding it: Julius Novachrono is actually Lucius Zogratis. He is the eldest of the Zogratis Siblings, and is seemingly the Final Antagonist of the the “Black Clover” manga. Yes; after this 3 month Hiatus Tabata is going on to get his rest and plan out the story- “Black Clover” will be in it’s “Final Act.” And yes; “Black Clover” is going on a 3 month Hiatus. I’ll include that message at the end.

But first; we have to get through this chapter. It amazes me- it really does- that all the HATE and Venom that the fandom was throwing at Tabata(not the manga itself- The Actual Person making the story) for how chapter 329 ended- was all undone with the reveal at the end of this chapter. All the Hater’s that came out are now silent, and the fans are back to riding his d!ck again. Fascinating. But that’s enough of that; let’s get on with the chapter. Black Clover Chapter 331: “And The Time Starts To Move.” And so it begins………….


Oh. Okay, then.

We start the chapter on a Mini-Flashback of Nacht telling Yuno that there’s “someone he should meet.” That someone turns out to be his motherQueen Ciel Grinnberryall. She survived the Dark Triad’s hostile take over, and hid out with the resistance until the day she could meet with her son again- or at least that’s what I make of this. She’s very happy to see her son again, and asks if he will stay and take his rightful place as King of The Spade Kingdom. Bell swoons at the thought of “King Yuno,” but the boy says that he has several promises that he wants to keep in the Clover Kingdom- from his promise as a Magic Knight to the Clover Kingdom, to his comrades, to the vow that he made with his Rival.

Speaking of; we cut over to Asta and Liebe hanging out on top of the Clock Tower. Asta thanks Liebe for letting him meet his Mother; he was happy that she loved him in the end. But Liebe says that he should be the one thanking Asta; it’s thanks to him that he was able to fight Supreme Ranking Devils and avenge Licitia’s death. So now he wants to help Asta achieve his dream. The boys once again that they will someday become the Wizard King- with Bell and Liebe at their side.

But Asta wants to make sure that everyone knows that Liebe isn’t a “Bad Guy-” especially Damnatio. And then; something odd happens with the clock- it starts to move back. And we then cut over to Damnatio, whose going to visit “Julius.” The Wizard king has finished confirming the battle’s end with Marx, but he still feels like somethings…….. off.


Damnatio entered the room, and informs Julius of his findings when it came to Devils. Looking into the various families that had Dealings with Devils in the Clover Kingdom has revealed that the Supreme Devil Megicula was not a Devil King- she wasn’t even a Qliphoth Devil. She was simply as Strong Sumpreme Rank that muscled their way into the Devil King Trio. And this was only possible because the 3rd King- the Devil Of Time, “Astaroth-” had disappeared 20 years ago. Coincidentally; it appears that Julius is the sole person to have ever had Time Magic.

It all begins to click for the 2 of them: Julius is the Devil Nesting In The Clover Kingdom- NOT Asta. Julius- horrified by the reveal- is about to tell Damnatio what to do. But it’s far too late for him to do ANYTHING- Lucius IS here. And his first action is taking out Damnatio. Adrammelech comes through the window- with Lucifero’s heart in tow- commending Lucius for his clever calculations. And Lucius simply responds: “The Time Has Come.Black Clover- Final Arc: “The Ultimate Wizard King.” Thus; Black Clover Chapter 331 comes to an Astonishing END!! It’s Showtime……………….

Aizen 2.0


Where oh WHERE do I begin with this? Should I talk about the “Journey To The Twist?” Nah; not smart enough or have enough time for that. Should it be where the story goes next from here? Nah; we already know what Lucius’ plan is. What Lucifero’s heart has to do with their plan? How Lucius ties into the theme of the story? What Adrammelech is getting out of all of this? DECISIONS DECISIONS!! Let’s see how much traction I can get out of the point I had: “Black Clover” is the “Big 3” Redux. Hopefully I have the mental ability to pull this off?

You’re all familiar with the term “Big 3,” right? It’s a term referring to the 3 most popular series published in Weekly Shonen Jump in the 2000s- One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. It’s a term that Western anime fans used to describe these “pillars” of the magazine, and people still debate to this day what the New “Big 3” should be. Not even gonna touch on that; just gonna move on. It seems to also be of a common opinion that the vast majority of manga that came after their time- particularly “Black Clover” in it’s early years- try to mimic them to be successful.

I could go in on how “Ever Series Plays it ‘Safe’ until a certain point,” but I think you guys have heard that story over and over again. So instead; I’ll lay out a point that I think you may have heard once or twice: “Black Clover” Is “Shonen Done Right.”

There’s a video comparing and contrasting the differing aspects of Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer that lays out what I’m trying to say better. But essence; there are 2 kinds of series: “Innovators” that try subvert the common tropes of their genre in unique ways(to the point of subversion being a trope to itself), and “Adaptors” that take those tropes and “evolve” them. My Hero Academia and “Black Clover” would be examples of “Adaptors,” but whereas My Hero tries to progress the common parts of the genre(Tomura was not overpowered at the start- he actually had to grow into what he is now)- “Black Clover” is just “Remixing” the genre. It’s simply taking what worked before and retooled it so that the problems that came before don’t come to pass.

The perfect example of this would be the Elf Invasion Arc vs The 4th Great Ninja War Arc of Naruto. The culmination of everything built up by the story; the bad guy is pretending to be this important figure from the past; Villain brings a number of powerful people back to life to enact his plans; turns out the bad guy was just the pawn of a being from another dimension; that beings entire race become the central problem going forward. On that base levelIt’s the Same Sh!t. But where Naruto failed that “Black Clover” didn’t is that it wasn’t the final arc.

Because the 4th Great Ninja War was the final arc of Naruto; introducing Kaguya at the last minute fell flat and left a sour taste in everyone’s mouths. So Tabata just used that arc- condensed the H#ll out of it– and used it as a “Launching Pad” or whatever you wanna call for the rest of the story. And the reveal of Zagreb vs Kaguya is that Devils were always foreshadowed to exist in the story because Anti magic’s a thing. The 5th leaf; Asta’s powers; and likely more if you comb through the story like you’re doing trying to find all the signs of this betrayal!! This isn’t a swipe at “Naruto” or “Boruto,” or to say which is better- I’m saying that “Black Clover” remixed it, and the reveal was objectively better.

First Sign: How Is This Time Related?

The next point with Aizen vs Lucius- same thing. Except Aizen was pretty well done to start with(even if his ultimate plan was……….not as good)(Oh I am SO gonna get attacked for this). The only difference is HOW the Traitor plot was executed; Aizen being a “snake” vs Julius not even knowing who he was. Both are fine tropes– I don’t feel very strongly one way or the other about either so long as it’s executed well. Which they were. So let’s just focus on Lucius right now.

Now……….. we knew something had to be up with this guy? From the time of his introduction of chapter 10, to when the 4th Zogratis was revealed to even be a thing– people have had their speculations on Julius. I’ve heard theories from the likes of him being A Hybrid like Charmy to the more recent “Julius Zogratis” theories(that were proven to be right). But the general consensus was that he had 2 kinds of Magic: His Time Magic, and the Magic he used to become an old lady- let’s just say “Transformation Magic.” The only cases in which we see someone with 2 kinds of Magic:

  1. Experimentation(ala Morris And The Diamond Kingdom)
  2. Hybrids like Charmy
  3. Devil Possession

Although, in defense of the other 2 theories: We can’t say for certain that he’s “Devil Possessed. Like Damnatio told us: Astaroth disappeared from the Underworld- we don’t know what happened. Lucifero and the others were still stuck in the Underworld when they were connected to the Triad. If it was mere possession, then Astaroth wouldn’t have left. Something else is going on here. And I think this little gimmick with Lucifero’s heart is very telling of what happened. Was he still working with Adrammelech when that happened? Possibly.

Sick Design; SICK name; I vibe with his personality- Luck’s got some competition…..

His line of dialogue in this chapter indicates that they’ve been working together the whole time. So they probably worked together to deal with Astaroth- taking his heart and bestowing his Time Magic to Lucius some how. Oh there is SO MUCH THEORY FUEL in this one segment of a 331 chapter story. I could go on and on and ON for days talking about what could have happened to Astaroth, but I think that it’s clear that the Devil of Time is no longer(at least in the way that other Devils knew him). And we have Lucius and Adrammelech to thank for that.


It was while writing the last paragraph that I actually realized that I could make a whole theory post about this chapter. I mean; I have 3 months to work on it, and I don’t want to include all of my speculation in 1 post because then we’d be here until the series comes back! I’m joking about something that’s probably more serious than Tabata’s letting on. But hey; maybe it’s nothing to worry about. Maybe this’ll be the new standard going forward- giving Mangaka a break before the Final Arc of the story. Either way; I hope Tabata’s okay, and I hope he gets the rest he deserves.

I also hope his mental health is okay, because the SLANDER following last chapter was just atrocious; the worst the series has faced since the series started. It was honestly sickening seeing some of the same haters on Twitter come back and say how “great the series was for this.” Ugh…… the further we get away from that the better.

Rest well, Sensei!!

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my lovely duckies. Until the next post, everyone; have a Magically Wonderful Day. Rest well, Tabata Sensei; you’ve earned it! Laters!!

BIG FIST ENERGY! One Piece Chapter 1,047 BREAKDOWN

You like what I did there? I was just thinking of that NEW CHAPTER OF BLACK CLOVER THAT YOU SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY BE READING, and that led me to think of……… just go read the chapter and you’ll start to get it. Hopefully I’ll be able to do my review for it sooner rather than later. Although……..

Look; let’s just focus on “One Piece!!” The battle between the Emperor Of The Sea Kaido and Would-Be King Of The Pirates Luffy is reaching it’s Ultimate Conclusion. Luffy is holding nothing back in bringing Kaido’s reign over the Country of Wano to an end. But there are a number of problems to contend with. But this Luffy we’re talking aboutit’ll all turn out well in the end. But the Ramifications of Luffy’s actions will reverberate through the world. Also Orochi. One Piece Chapter 1,047: “The Sky Over The Capital.” Let’s begin.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Yamato confirms that Kaido’s own Flame Clouds were beginning to disappear as he lost more and more strength. So it’s up to Momonosuke to make more Flame Clouds to keep it from falling on the Capital- abandoning his earlier plan to simply stop the island from moving and let Kaido’s original clouds stabilize it. Problem: He doesn’t believe that he can do it. And thus; he is unable to make any more clouds.

He begins to think about the day that Oden Castle burned down- the last time the he saw his Mother and sister. Toki is prepared to send Momo into the future with Kin’emon and the others, but the boy is unwilling to leave without his mother. Kin gives him a speech about how he’s “no longer just a boy” following Oden’s death. Hearing about his new position in the world; Momo decides to go with his Vassals to the future. Remembering this moment fills the boy with new resolve, and he tries to stop the island once again.

Let’s See How Ridiculous This Story Can Get!!!

Back in the battle; Luffy tosses a Thunderbolt at Kaido(Do I even have to explain at this point?), but Kaido dodges and knocks Luffy away. He latches onto another Thunderbolt and slings himself back at Kaido. The King Of Beast tells Luffy that it’s not a “Strong Devil Fruit” that allows one to conquer the Seas, but Hakias Roger once proved. Kaido knocks Luffy to the ground, but Rubber boy just turns it to rubber and he bounces back up. So Kaido uses “Death Destroyer Thunder Bagua(Reference to “Daitoku Myoo(AKA: “Yamataka”);” one of the Wisdom Kings of Buddhism. He’s known for besting The God Of Death, Enma).

As Luffy ascends to the sky, he holds onto Kaido. When it becomes apparent that he can’t break free; Kaido goes full Dragon and unleashes “Dragon Twister: Demolition Gust,” reconfirming that he’s still week to slashing attacks.

Back down below; the residents of the Flower Capital release the Lanterns into the sky, signifying that the Festivities are about to end(Double meaning). Everyone present chants there hopes- one of which even wishing to make it to next year to have this much fun.


Back on Onigashima; the Alliance is willing to accept their fate if it means Luffy’s defeated Kaido. So long as their families are safe; what’s Plummeting to your death mean? Several shots jumping around from Usopp and Hamlet getting washed away to Luffy surviving Kaido’s attacks ends with Orochi managing to get the Sea Stone Nail out, allowing him to become a Yamato No Orochi once again. Still in the midst of Burning Alive; he prepares to take Hiyori with him.

Back to the top of the Skull Dome for the final part of the chapter; Luffy calls out to Momonosuke to move the island. Because it’s in the way of his GIGANTIC FIST– he’s going to bring down Kaido with a Haki imbued GIANT FIST, and that Island can’t be there when it comes down!! Kaido can’t even believe what he’s seeing, as One Piece Chapter 1,047 comes to a Ridiculous END!!! Like I Said: Big Fist Energy. I think the Magazine is on break for Golden Week.

Well……….. D@mn.


As this is more or less a “Battle” chapter; there isn’t really much for me to say about it. You have more Momonosuke’s struggle with confidence, Orochi’s continued survival, and Kaido’s statement about Haki. Which is very telling to how strong Roger was- and how much further Luffy has to go with his Haki. You could see it as Luffy pushing his Devil Fruit power to its max until it finally Awakened, and now he’s got to do the same thing with his Haki.

There is a long standing theory(that may or may not have been confirmed in a Data Book; I’m not sure) that the “Voice Of All Things” is a EXTREMELY high level of Observation haki- something only a few people in the world and the 3-Eyed Tribe are able to use it- Luffy, Roger, Momonosuke, and Oden had thus far shown the ability. I would believe that it is; I don’t see why it can’t be. And it just seems to make sense with the way the story is set up- everything having an explanation that connects back to something already set up in the story(“Mantra” in Skypiea).

And they pretty much do the same thing of allowing one to “sense the presence, strength, and emotions of others” is the same as the “Voice Of All Things” being “messages conveyed by inanimate objects and animals that do not speak the human language.” Going by this logic; it’s not like it’s impossible for this theory to be the case.

But what of the other 2 forms of Haki? If I were to say how these “levels” of Haki were to pan out:

  • Observation Haki- Future Sight Observation- “Voice Of All Things.”
  • Armament Haki- Ryuo- “? Of All Things.”
  • Conqueror’s Haki- “Conqueror’s Coating-” “? Of All Thing.”

Some people use Zoro’s fight against Daz Bones(Mr 1) as an example of “The Breath Of All Things,” which the Sub Reddit describes as “a state whereby one experience the sensation and feeling of being at boundary between life and death. Should one be able to enter into this state, it makes it possible for one to convey their will into their blade enhancing their swordsmanship.” In chapter 195; Zoro described the sensation of “breathing” from the environment around him- everything from the rocks to the trees to the very ground beneath him.

Now think about the explanation of Ryuo: “Letting the power flow out from a part of their body and unleash a small invisible  burst which will knock back anything in their body part’s immediate vicinity with the force of a very powerful punch. Thus, the user becomes capable of striking and harming people and objects without making physical contact with them.” If all things have a “voice” that Observation users can pick up, then they would have a “breath,” wouldn’t they? Perhaps the “Highest State Of Armament” is something that would allow you to…….. “constantly immit” Ryuo? Like a Force Field?

Which would just leave Conqueror’s Haki. Okay, let’s be real, guys; this is kind of just a “flex” for the person who uses it, and a narrative tool that’s used to either knock out all the Grunts so you can get to the Main Guys sooner, or at least limit the number of Grunts. It’s not really all that useful- or at least it wasn’t until the fan-dubbed “Conqueror’s Coating” was introduced in chapter 1010. My brother, Ajay, has a probably with the concept in that it’s kind of just a replication of Armament haki. And- it is. But I also think it might be a fair bit tougher and much more practical than Armament. Just look at Big Mom; she was using it the whole time until Mother Caramel’s picture got smashed!!

So………. what could be beyond that? I think it was Joy Boy Theories on Youtube who told me about this idea first, and said it would be “Immunity To All Things-” to represent the “Indominable King” that goes along with the “will” aspect of Haki. “You’re Only As Tough As Your Will” was the thought process. And clearly; he was right in that that would be an advanced form of Conqueror’s. Just not “The Apex” ability. Of course; there are those who think the secret World King Imu has that ability, which is “Command Over All Things-” the ability to make everyone with weaker will’s than yours follow your commands. Luffy has no use for that.

And it’s not like he has to get it. As important as the Gorosei are; Luffy, nor the Straw Hat’s, have ever met them. I’m kind of debating on anyone on that crew but Robin even knowing that they exist. It’s not like Luffy has to meet them until the Final Battle of the story to know that he needs to take them down. So it’s not like he needs to get every power up in the story. Even though he most likely will.


………….. That went more into the “speculative” side of things. But this chapter didn’t have a lot for me to dissect and talk about, so…….it all works out. Though that’s not to say that this was a “Bad” chapter; it was pretty good! I like the reinforcement of Haki’s importance in the New World; you can’t just “walk in” to the New World with your d@mn God Fruit and think you’re going to take out these big names- you need the “will” to match them! And train for years or over the course of 1 battle with them to make your body match THAT.

But, that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter, or anything I said here. Until the next post, everyone; Have a Magically Wonderful Rest of Your day! Laters!!

Don’t Underestimate The Crew Of Edens! Edens Zero Chapter 188 BREAKDOWN

Hello, boys and girls! Miraculously; I was able to find the translations for this week’s chapter of “Edens Zero.” The site I had been using this far doesn’t update this series and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse, which is fine for Four Knights ’cause I get those out later in the week. But I try to at least get out “Edens Zero” if nothing else. He said like he didn’t do back-to-back “Black Clover” chapter reviews(THAT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ HERE AND HERE). And with my job having me come in Wednesday if no other day- can’t do much for the review. Sometimes I’ll put it out SUPER DUPER late; sometimes it just feels a little too late- even for me.

I say all this because I’m happy that I have a moment to cover “Edens Zero” again. I pre-order the English copy of Volume 16- it should be here on the 26th of April! I can’t wait to see it all! In any case; we’ve got this week’s chapter to deal with. A startling revelation from Shiki may have just shifted the tide in the Duel Against The Dark Stars in Edens Zero Chapter 188: “One Tenth.” So that’s what we’re doing………. Let’s begin.

You know; we shoulda seen that coming.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Shiki unintentionally “pulled” Wizard’s memories into himself, and finds an odd scene going on; Witch and Wizard- as Humans of all things- seemed to have been Lawyers of some manor, and even friends. He asks how Wizard knows Witch, to which the Spear of Edens responds that he was made to surpass Witch- he would obviously have all data and information relating to her. But that memory is something he doesn’t recall. So Shiki theorizes that Ziggy erased the Dark Star’s memories in the same way he did for the Shining Stars. And he and Witch knew each other prior to the memory wipe.

He questions why Ziggy would do something like that, but Wizard is unconcerned with the matter; his mission is to Kill Shiki, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. He attacks Shiki with Lightning Ether- powered by the Ether he stole from Shiki in the previous chapter. It looks like he’s got Shiki on the ropes, but the boy gets up, proclaiming that if he and Witch were once friends, then maybeThey can be, too.

Heh- You never change, huh, Shiki?

We then cut over to Rebecca’s battle against the “Death of Edens-” Clown. She tries to balance on the tight rope, but Clown starts doing a dance to shake her off again. So she activates her Overdrive, and latches on with her tail- much to her embarrassment. Back with Weisz; the “Brain Of Edens” Killer puts his Assassination skills to work, cloaking himself and taunting Weisz to find him. He tries activating his scanner, but the unique environments set up by the Dark Stars obey the rules that they set up- Weisz won’t be able to track him with the scanner.

And with Homura and the “Armor Of Edens,” Brigadine; she finds his armor to tough to cut through. And his strength to much to block. And then; we cut back to Shiki and Wizard for the last part of the chapter. Wizard rebukes the idea of their potential “Friendship,” and tries to put an end to Shiki with “Cosmic Lightning.” But Shiki reveals a little secret to Wizard. You see; that Ether that Wizard took from Shiki- was only 1/10 of his total power. And with the power he has left; Shiki delivers the finishing blow on Wizard, ending the fight and shocking the h#ll out of Mr Spear over there!!

Gravity Claw!!!

As Wizard gets word out to his fellow Dark Stars to be wary of the crew; Shiki begins to ponder something: Ziggy erased the Stars- both Shining and Dark’s- memories prior to all this “Human Extinction” cr@p. That much he knows. But WHY did he do it? Could it be that………. Ziggy knew this would happen? He knew he’d become like this? This startling idea brings Edens Zero Chapter 188 to an Eerie END!! Nice deductive work, Granbell.


Oh there are SO MANY things that I want to discuss with you all. Mashima sensei has graced us with an interesting chapter this time around; one that will play into the overarching story in a major way- should Ziggy continue to be an antagonist going forward. This arc could end in his defeat, or he may pull a fast one and escape to continue in his Evil Ambition. Or they could restore him to normal; that’s always a possibility(My Hero Academia). But I don’t think that this will end in any way that has Ziggy just “not in play” in the story; his influence as a villain and as Shiki’s grandfather will be important going onwards. Especially when leaving the Grand Shiki Cosmos………..

But getting into the Main Point of this chapter: Ziggy’s Actions In The Past. Firstly; I’d like to praise Shiki’s development- he’s not the same character he was 3 years ago. That Shiki wouldn’t have been the one to make this type of deduction; he’d bring up the Dark Star’s memory lapse to Hermit and she’d be the one to put all the pieces together. It goes to show that Shiki is a little more intelligent than what we’d expect from a typical protagonist. It’s like he’s Superman; not as smart as Batman, but not a Dumb@$$ Chad either- he’s perfectly capable of solving a mystery of his own(I’ve been getting into Superman a lot more lately).

Secondly; WHAT? I mean; we knew that he had erased the Shining Star’s memories for SOME reason, but the running assumption(at least for me) was that it had something to do with Shiki’s origins and his Destiny to “Change The Universe.” And even then I couldn’t imagine why he did it!! But THIS? This story just became more and more mysterious. I’m a little worried about how Mashima plans to explain all of this, but I haven’t been super disappointed with any of the reveals thus far. So I’ll let Mashima do what he wants for the time being.

That said; it’s not like the Memory wipe didn’t have something to do with Shiki- at least for Witch and the others. But what of the Dark Stars? What could he have wanted to hide from them? That they were once Human beings he turned into Machines? And if so; was the process consensual, or did “Evil Ziggy” rear his ugly head and force it on them? You get the point; I could ask a whole bunch of questions all day long and just never give you any answers. So let’s try and narrow it down to 5:

  1. What Is The True Connection Between Shiki and Ziggy? Come on, now; you knew this would be one of em.
  2. Who were the Shining Stars and Dark Stars before they became machines?
  3. Why did they become Machines?
  4. How much does Ziggy know about Shiki’s future?
  5. Why is he acting this way?

………………..That felt kinda short, huh? I definitely feel like there’s more that I can say about this chapter. I guess that I’m interested in seeing how far the others have come in the last 3 years? We know that Rebecca is capable of Overdrive, and the other 2 got theirs 3 years ago. I think we’ll see some of the new stuff Homura can do next week, but after that……… SPECTACULARLY wrong prediction I made a few weeks ago; I don’t think I’ll be right. Good Lord was that off……


…………. I’ve got nothing left to say. Not that this chapter is “boring” or “has nothing to it(That CERTAINLY isn’t the case);” I just don’t think there’s much more that I can speculate or talk about. We’re doing 1v1’s- seemingly 1 chapter each- for the next little bit, with a few cuts between the fights, the mysteries in the story, and the battle against Crow that’s going on right now. So instead of dragging this out and missing a self-imposed deadline; I’ll end it here, and leave you on an Epic Moment from the chapter.


Until the next post, duckies- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!!!

A Failure Through And Through! My Hero Academia Chapter 350 BREAKDOWN

I had to abandon the original intent of this post- discussing 2 series that ended rather recently. I tried to combine the 2 and tie them to the point that a lot of manga are ending sooner rather than later, and around the same time, signifying the “End Of An Era.” But those 2 were SO RADICALLY DIFFERENT that I had to abandon the idea. So instead; I thought I’d talk about a rather good chapter of “My Hero Academia!” This week; we learn the origins of Dabi!! My Hero Academia Chapter 350: “Bound To A Fiery Fate.” Let’s begin……


We begin this chapter in a Police Precinct- this particular Precinct being the one housing Gyuudai Garaki; All For One’s Physician and Right Hand Man. He asks the Gorilla Guard watching him if “The Big Day” has finally arrived(referring to the current Final War). And considering how little security detail he has on him today; he can gather that he’s right. And knowing that; he begins to reminisce about all of the preparation that went into this moment, as we then cut over to Dabi beginning to melt, and Poor Little Shoto Todoroki standing and watching.

This chapter reveals 2 important things for the series- both intrinsically tied together. So let’s discuss it a little more “naturally.” 11 Years Ago- Sekoto Peak: The Day That Touya Todoroki Burned Himself Alive. All that he could think about that as he began to char in his own flames is how badly he wanted to prove himself to his father- how badly he wanted to show him that he wasn’t a failure. And as his burnt corpse lie motionless in the lake; a figure in a top hat comes to collect him. You know em- you used to love em- You Love to Hate em, in all regards: All For One!!

Welcome To The Bad Place…………….

Cut to the next scene: Touya wakes up in a Hospital- 3. Years. Later. His face scarred up from all the surgery that had to be done to replace his charred tissue, and even a different voice because his voice box was fried in the flames. He leaves his hospital room to find a number of other children. They happily tell the Doctor(who has a Sunflower for a head because okay), who tells him he can’t leave yet. But Touya is desperate to get home; he wants to apologize to his family for the awful things that he said to them. But that is not going to happen.

All For One speaks from a nearby monitor, telling him that he’s not the same person he was before. Not only did he have new skin grafted onto him in places and having to get a new voice altogether, but he also won’t be able to get his flames as hot as before; his power has been completely dampened. And even if pushes himself to the “limit;” he won’t be able to even process pain as properly now. He’s f*cked up from head to toe.

Being who he is; All For One takes the opportunity to try and control Touya by promising him his “Full Strength” if he were to stay here and be raised by him. But this is Touya Todoroki, and there is only 1 person in this world that he will EVER let “Raise” him. So he burned down the whole building down and escapes.

The Same Story, Over And Over Again

Back in the present, Garaki explains the whole point of characters such as Dabi and these other childrens: Spare Bodies. In case anything happened to Tomura before he was ready to accept All For One’s power; they were going to use this kids- these “twisted, warped seeds-” as back up vessels for All For One to take control of. They were cast out by society itself, and he had planned to use that to make them as vengeful as Tomura was, thus allowing him to do them what he’s doing to Tomura right now. But Touya was the only one who never gave into that control- he was the only person to ever reject the “Demon King.”

As such; they just let him go and sow his own brand of “Havoc.” But Dabi himself reveals to Shoto that he did come home at one point- only to see “the story” unfold without him. Endeavor moved on to train Shoto– and shrine erected to him stood in the corner of a room. From his perspective: They’d already moved on from him. So he made peace with “Touya’s” death as well, and thus- Dabi was born. Later on, when coming to get the Hooded High End to fight against Endeavor; Dabi reveals that he knew it was All For One and Ujiko that saved him. He asks Dabi how it is that he survived this long, to which Dabi just goes on to monologue:

Seeing this walking corpse here……. gives me a pretty decent idea of what you people were planning to do with me.

And I’m back now- because this seemed like the perfect place for my funeral.

Touya Todoroki- The Ultimate Blight
The Monster That Won’t Die

Back in the present; Dabi tells Shoto that he “surpassed his limits,” and he describes it as “everything he’s built up is flipped around, upside down.” He honed his flames so much that his body continuously peeled away- but because his nerve endings were singed; he never really felt anything. He watched all of Endeavor’s battles- learned all his moves in preparation for this moment.

As his flames rise like never before; Ujiko tells the Guard that “Heat” is simply “energy born from all living things as the move and thrive.” Thus; this would be something essential for the Immortality Craving All For One. But Dabi’s flames were something that he- as the “Demon King-” wanted NO part in: The Frenzied Flame Of DEATH.

Back at the battle field; Dabi’s flames reach such heights that he begins melting the All Might statue at Ground Zero Kamino, and self cremate. He plans to use “that thing’s” own technique to take away everything that “it” holds dear- as proof of his existence. And Shoto begins to prepare his new move to counter that, bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 350 to a Resounding END!! A fire pun felt a little low at this point.


Dabi Is Everything That I Wanted Tomura To Be. I’m gonna keep it real with you guys: I am liking what Dabi’s role is in this story right now. Because of the members of the League still present; it’s been very clear that Best Girl Himiko chan and Tomura will be “saved,” with debates on whether Tomura will die or not while I’m almost certain that Himiko chan will live(in a Jail Cell, but alive all that same). Spinner will probably just end up in prison; All For One will die; I don’t think Horikoshi has ANY PLANS for Kurogiri/ Shirakumo at this juncture; and the rest that haven’t died will either get killed here or locked up and we’ll continue not to care.

But then you have Dabi– The Bane Of The Todoroki Family; Endeavor’s Ultimate Failure as a Hero, A Father, and even as a Human Being. There is no salvation for him. This battlefield is where he will die; where he will “leave his mark on the world” so that Endeavor- so that his family- can’t just relegate his memory to a mere shrine in some other room in their house. They are going to remember what comes next for years to come- Shoto being front and center above all else.

Shoto Will Remember That

But back to what I was saying; he is everything that I wanted from Tomura by the end of the story. He’s……… Irredeemable. There will come no “salvation” for Touya Todoroki; we will not see some Little Kid vestige of him that Izuku is going to have to reach out for. His development has been much more low key than his leader, but let it be know that he has become a True Villain, whereas Tomura went from a “Spoiled Brat” to “Nuisance” to “Villain” and “Super Villain-” only for Horikoshi to relegate him to nothing more than a Meat Puppet for All For One, who isn’t all that interesting anymore. But ranting about THAT anymore would be “beating a dead horse.” Let’s just focus on Dabi.

When we first met Dabi; I didn’t really think to much about him. Then the Forest Training Camp happened and I hopped on the “Lost Todoroki Brother Train” with everyone else. I picked up the manga when that season ended, and seeing him have such an interaction with Endeavor only helped to cement that as an almost absolute fact. And during the whole “My Villain Academia” arc I was just waiting for a flashback that tells us that he’s a Todoroki. That never came, but I never really gave up hope. Then THAT chapter came out, and all I could say for days was “Dabi Is Touya- End Of Discussion.Where am I going with all this?

I enjoyed the Todoroki’s storyline. And I was kind of looking forward to them taking out the Upper ranked Liberation Front members 1 at a time, with Dabi being the second-to-last OG member before going after Tomura himself– who at THAT point I thought would have killed All For One by then, reinforcing his care for the people who followed him to that point and having them all taken from him would only further push him away from society. I even had this idea that Himiko chan would play into his story by taking some of his blood when he died, but…….. that obviously won’t happen.

In my mind: Compress was next to go after Twice; Spinner not long after; Dabi in a self sacrifice; and Himiko cahn and Tomura would be all that was left.

Another aspect that I’m liking is the mystery of how he’s survived for this long considering his quirk, and the reveal of how he survived on that day. A bit late and not foreshadowed enough, but that’s just “par the course” at this point. No, no; I like that he was another “Failed Vessel” for All For One because it continues the theme of him being a “Failure-” he couldn’t handle his own flames, so Endeavor just kept makin’ babies ’til he “got it right.” And now; he wasn’t even suitable to be a Back Up Plan for Tomura. Nobody wants him.

I’m trying to keep the complaining about the current state of the series to a minimum- to 1)Focus on the good aspects of what’s going on and 2)Leaving something to talk about amongst the inevitable “Fall of My Hero Academia” content to come out following the Final Chapter. Gotta keep it a little unique! But in any case: I say all this to say that Dabi has honestly proven to be a pretty good character. I may have said it once before, but I didn’t really care for him beyond the Touya theories. And honestly; the build up to this Final War felt like Horikoshi took the characters “Base” traits and amplified them- to the point where they felt like that was ALL to them.

Dabi had gone from this character shrouded in mystery that wanted to bring Stain’s “Ideal World” to fruition. But going into the Final Act saga……….. it feels like he’s missing that Stain-isms and is all about “Killing Daddy.” But seeing him here has been a welcomed change to the final part of the story. No redeeming this guy!!

But all that brings me to a point that they keep going back to: How has he been surviving? Beyond the symbolism of “The Grudge That Won’t Die;” how has he been able to walk around- use his quirk multiple times an arc- without succumbing to his own power? I’ve narrowed it down to 3 possibilities:

  1. All For One gave him a quirk to help reign in the flames a little.
  2. He’s succumbing to “Quirk Singularity” at the moment, and will become a being of “Pure Fire.”
  3. He got more of his mother’s quirk traits than anyone thought.
As in you had to make whole new tissue or……….

The first one is……………… honestly the most likely one. After all the surgery done to keep the boy alive; he gave him a quirk to help him deal with “Cremation-” a quirk that reinforces his body that’s finally reached its limit, or a Hyper Accelerated Healing quirk that allows him to heal faster rather than just straight up regeneration. Or who knows; Endeavor didn’t recognize Dabi’s flames after defeating that High End- and he would know Touya’s flames anywhere. So maybe he was given a quirk that was meant to stabilize his flames, and they ended up “merging” to create “Cremation.” Something like that.

The second idea is actually one from the Youtuber Vocal Pineapple Academia; he looked through the prequel series Vigilantes– a series that is getting ready to end- and found some interesting similarities between Dabi and the Central Antagonist of that series: No 6. It’s a theory that I really like and believe whole heartedly, based on the evidence he presented and how I’ve seen No 6 progress in that story. Thematically; they’re the same:

  • Both were deemed “Failures” and cast aside by Endeavor and All For One respectively.
  • Both were taken in by All For One, but got loose and started wreaking their own Havoc.
  • Both have a strong desire to be “remembered-” to “leave a mark on the world that wouldn’t notice them.” No 6 just wants an identity; Dabi wants Endeavor to remember him forever.
  • Both are insane, obsessive, calculating, and EXTREMELY motivated in their goals.
  • “My Hero Academia” Loves the concept of “Parallelism.”

But in the physical sense(WARNING: Massive Spoilers For Vigilantes- My Hero Academia Illegals Up Ahead): No 6………. he……….He becomes Pure Energy. I ended up falling off of a lot of series when I had to take a few months off to get my eyes checked, so I don’t know exactly how it happened. But in chapter 113 of Vigilantes; we see No 6’s physical form dissipate to just his skeleton(specifically his upper torso and skull), while the rest of him is just this PURE ENERGY dedicated to killing Koichi. Read the series if you haven’t, but…………. it looks kind of familiar……..

The last idea is the idea of him getting more of Rei’s quirk traits than anyone thought. I once proposed the idea of the element Nitrogen being present in his flames- thus the blue coloration. I’m not sure about the science there(in fact; looking it up on google said that the flames would be yellow instead of blue), but I still think that Rei’s quirk is somewhat present in Touya. Maybe it helps “cool him down” after excessive usage, or it could be the thing that kept him from turning to ash the first time……………. The First 2 were more thought out, I guess.


WAY LATE. Like; I had to work on this while the series was on break to finish this. I had no intention of covering this chapter; this was just something that I wanted to talk about with you guys. Thanks for listening, as always. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post everyone- Have A Fantastically Wonderful Day. Laters!!