Running From The Basket Ball Coach(STORYTIME)

Hey guys! Quick Update: I’m hard at work on 2 posts. I won’t spoil you on either; just know that they’re coming. One is much more recent, and the other is kind of “overdue-” especially when you consider that THAT series ended a little over a month or 2 ago. It’s just taking me time to sort out my thoughts- on both posts. But moving on from the teasers; I’m back at you guys with another Storytime post!! It’s been quite awhile since the last one, huh? But I finally thought of another story from my past to tell you. Plus I got bored and needed a break from working on those other 2; they’re kind of difficult to write. So here we are with a new story!

This story takes place during my………..Junior or Senior year of High School. I remember it being at some point during my Varsity Football years……It might have been my Senior year– during the Fall. I remember practice had ended kind of Early that day, so I hung out around the school for a little bit with some of my teammates before going outside to call my mom to pick me up(I did not have my license and still don’t). The way my High School was set up: There were doors leading to the area where all the PE and Sports stuff went on. And when you came out; you came to the parking lot where like the Sports buses would come to pick up athletes and where the teachers would usually park their cars. So my mom would have to come here to pick me up. And so I would have to call her after I came outside cause the connection in my school SUCKED!!!

So I decide it’s about time to call my mom- I had some homework to do and I had some if I got to it right away, then I would have a lot of free time to myself. So I walked outside to call her up. I walk out, and I start to hearing this kind of talking- like laughter and murmuring. And I’m like “Oh, the Junior Varsity kids are out there already.” Because they got out early, too. But when I get out there; I just here this black lady say “Wait right there!” in a real angry voice. Not like “F*CKING RAGING,” but angry. I only catch a glimpse, but it’s was immediately clear to me that this lady was the Boys Basket ball coach. And I knew it was her because some of my friends and teammates also played Basket ball.

I see her pulling out her phone, and the next thing I know: THE JV KIDS TAKE OFF IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. So me not wanting to get in trouble; I turn RIGHT BACK AROUND and start banging on the glass door for someone to let me in. And when no one comes by to open the door; I just duck down against the wall because her camera couldn’t see me. Because I knew she was taking a picture because the JV kids did something to offend her or something equally as dumb. And I didn’t want to get mixed up in that trouble!!! I remember when the JV team got in trouble while I was there; the coaches made us push tires across our portion of the field the majority of practice!! Yeah; not “Run With” or do “Front Lean At Rest-” We pushed tires in the GRASS. And the worst part is that it had rained the day prior! And that was just JUNIOR Varsity. Can you imagine what would have happened to me if I was caught up with them? If I got caught with them- I would not be here right now.

Keep in mind- the JV team were gone. They were around the corner- probably around the doors where the Football team would go out to the field. But a few of them were hiding out with me, and also trying to get into the building. But that was when one of the Varsity Coaches came out and asked them why a bunch of JV kids were at the back door. The Basket Ball coach tells him that the JV’s said something along the lines of “She ain’t get no d!ck.” I could not express it in that situation– cause I’d be in the same amount of trouble for acting like a little kid and laughing at what she just said. But internallyI was like “D@MN!!!!” Like; “What happened to facilitate that?” ‘Cause like- I knew these guys; I knew that they wouldn’t talk sh!t about someone without being provoked. So I was just “Okay, WHAT happened?” But I couldn’t very well ask them while the Coaches were out here talking, so I held off on my questions.

The kids who were hiding with me went to go and get the rest of the team, and they came around quick. Now…….my Coaches back in High School were very……………….”Interesting” to say the least. They were very understanding, but also very strict. So he didn’t ask them why they said it- He didn’t ask them anything. No, no; he simply told him to “Come to him during practice tomorrow.” And I knew in my head that this would be the Last time I see these kids again. And after that; the coaches left- my coach left back inside to tell the JV coach, and the Basket Ball Coach got in her car and left. But with them gone; I could finally ask what the h#ll happened.

The story is: The JV kids were just outside minding their business having a conversation and all. And the the Basket Ball coach came outside and asked “Who said that?” Don’t know/remember what the conversation was about; just that when she heard one of the kids talking- she said that he “sounded like white guy.” And my eyes popped out, ’cause I felt that that was a wee bit Racist. Because she- a black woman- said that this Hispanic boy sounded like a “White guy.” That’s a F*cked Up Thing for a school employee to say, right? Like; she shouldn’t be commenting on the way anyone sounds- let alone say they sound like a specific ethnicity. So I was just left surprised that she said that.

And like; what she said apparently offended this kid, so the other kids started talking sh!t about her like “She just mad she can’t get no d!ck.” And I suppose she still heard them, so she took out her phone and this whole story got started. Weird; you’d think all that whistle blowing would have hurt her hearing. But yeah; she offended a teenage boy and his friends talked sh!t about her. Was there a bad guy here? Cause I feel like it was the Basket Ball Coach, if anyone. An adult- let along a worker in a Public school in Norfolk, VA- shouldn’t be commenting on someone’s ethnicity or race. And in all honesty; I feel like he should have told someone about it the next day. It may not have saved them from doing Burpee’s across the field(look it up), but it sure would have been a big “Middle Finger” to her. Though I guess he wasn’t THAT offended by it. And I guess he just wanted to forget about the whole situation. So Whatever.

The next day- the JV team actually didn’t suffer any consequences. They had a normal practice, and the Varsity Coach was focused primarily on getting the team ready for the Game on Friday. So…………..YEAH. That’s the story!!! Is There A Moral To This? I don’t typically like to do morals- I just want to tell fun stories from my life. And this story seems like the type of thing that would have come out during the “Black Lives Matter” movement because Racism ‘n sh!t. I didn’t want to get caught up that just because I’m a black man– I just want to make fun content and leave things like race and sexual orientation out of it. Black, White, Gay, Straight, Asian, Hispanic, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid- I gives no F*cks, guys. So long as your down for respectful and intellectual conversation about fiction- We’re good. This part of the post already got too far into the Geo-Political Climate of the World than I ever wanted to talk about. So I think I’ll end this post here.

That’s all that I gots for ya’s today, my lovely’s. Until the next post, everyone- Have A Wonderfully, Fantastically Magical Rest Of Your Days! Laters!!!

Black Widow SPOILER REVIEW: Marvel Returns To The Theater In STYLE!

………….I am repurposing a LOT of posts. Like; this hiatus plus my inconsistent schedule and life sh!t have just made a lot of the posts that I wanted to make kind of irrelevant. This was a Recap of the events of Boruto so that no one would be confused when I can talk about chapters again. But I’ve just been doing other things, and realizing that I talked about all the other stuff without doing recap posts. Why start now? But let’s not make the opening of this post all about my b!tching; let’s get down to the Main point: I got to see Marvel Studio’s “Black Widow” in theaters for my birthday. Well; my birthday was Saturday, July 17th(I’m 22 at the time of you guys reading this), but I saw it the day before. I watched it with my mom(whom I share my birthday with) at a Cinema Cafe. It was a lot of fun. And after sitting on the movie for a few hours; I only have This to say: ‘Twas Incredible– but I can see the major flaws in it a little better.

Still So Cool…….

I think that the format we went with when I reviewed Mortal Kombat a little while ago worked out well. And unlike that movie; I didn’t go to the bathroom the Whole Time.………Not in a “Gross” way. I got to see the whole movie- start to finish. So I think I’ve talk about it first, and then give you my thoughts on the movie.


The movie begins in 1995- in some quaint little neighborhood in Ohio. We see a young Natasha- rocking a blue-with-red-roots, shaggy hair style. She’s biking through the neighborhood, just enjoying her life and all that blimey good sh!t. She comes to a park type area, where she finds her younger sister- the young Yelena Belova- playing around doing a crabwalk. Natasha joins in, and challenges her to a race. But in the course of their game; Yelena ends up tripping and scrapping her knee. Their “mother-” Melina Vostrokoff, the character known as “Iron Maiden” from the comics- comes over and gives Yelena a kiss on the boo-boo, and a philosophical quote: “Pain Only Makes Us Stronger.”

They go home for dinner, and then their father- Alexi Shostakov A.K.A. The Soviet Super Soldier “Red Guardian-” comes home, haven’t gotten what the Soviet Union sent them to get from the states. But Alexi wasn’t careful enough, and he was caught swiping the information. So the time comes for them to leave this home- leaving some things behind and taking only the essentials. They fled to an abandoned field where a plane was hidden. Alexi moves the heavy object in front of the plane almost effortlessly(letting you know that he’s super strong), and a chase ensues with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Police on their trail. This leads to one of the first great sequences in the movie: Red Guardian vs S.H.I.E.L.D.

Young Nat(Also I Couldn’t Find A Scene)

The scene saw Alexi defending the plane as it got away- shooting out the car tires that were chasing them and even jumping on the wing of the plane and shooting back. At some point; the plane ends up taking off, and they escape to a Cuban island. Here; Melina is taken for treatment for the injury she got in the chase……..and the Girls are taken by General Dreykov to the Red Room to become “Black Widows.” Natasha fights against this- taking a gun off of a soldier and threatening to kill everyone if they get anywhere near Yelena. But Alexi is able to talk her down, and they are taken for years of training. And of course; We Know How Nat Ended up. Which segways us to the main part of the movie- taking place between when Steve and Bucky fought Tony, and when Steve breaks Clint and the others out of the raft.

We see Nat getting ready to get changed and escape from an adamant Thunderbolt Ross. He’s determined to bring her in for her roll in Civil War, but she’s not so easy to catch. As she escapes; we cut over to the long fabled Budapest- where we see Yelena Belova all grown up and leading a squad of Widows to take down a fugitive Widow with something that threatens the Red Room. But in the confrontation; the Fugitive sprays Yelena with a pheromone-type substances that “undoes” her conditioning, allowing her to think clearly and freely for the first time in a while. As the other Widow dies in front of her; she tells Yelena to “save the others.” Yelena- clear-of-mind and frightened for herself- took out the tracker in her thigh, took the box, and left. The Widows in the team she was leading begin to track her down.

Yelena Belova- The New Widow On The Block

We cut back to Natasha- who’s in some town in Norway. She’s buying some supplies, and goes off to a trailer supplied by Rick Mason. We learn a little bit about Rick- like how he’s been supplying Natasha with a lot of her gadgets and false IDs. And that they’re what you would call “Friends.” But that’s more than likely a story for another Disney+ series to answer. He’s a Private Contractor- able to get things Natasha needs like this trailer and a generator he says is good for a few days, but blows out upon leaving.

Weird Thing: Natasha already has mail– from an undisclosed location and undisclosed sender. She doesn’t open it, and instead decides to just take it……..somewhere…….She’s driving with the mail in her car into town to get a proper generator. But in any case; she’s attacked on a bridge. It is here where we meet the “Enforcer” of the movie, and the selling point of it: Taskmaster– a soldier sent by the Red Room to deal with problems the Widows aren’t necessarily fit for. The Widows are more for Espionage, Infiltration, and Assassination- not something as flashy as attacking Natasha in some kind of tank. Taskmaster comes out, and a fight ensues with Nat. The 2 seem evenly matched- but it becomes INCREASINGLY clear that Taskmaster is the better of the 2. And what’s more: He’s fighting like the Avengers. Between the shield throws and the hand to hand combat skills- Natasha feels like she’s fighting a Mirror of herself!

Nat’s doing her best to just survive, but she can’t win. So…………….she settles for escaping. Nat takes whatever was in the briefcase she was sent, and leaves it to misdirect Taskmaster. She allows the Copy Cat to knock her into the water, leaving him an empty case. When she washes up; she sees that it’s the antidote to the Black Widow Programs brainwashing pheromones. And seeing it; she realizes exactly who sent this to her: Her “sister-” Yelena Belova. So she tracks her down to the one place that she never wanted to re-visit: Budapest- where she and Clint had to go to fulfill a certain mission.

You see: Natasha defected to the side of S.H.I.E.L.D. as you know. But in the final step to prove her loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. ; she had to kill the person in charge of the Red Room: General Dreykov. But Dreykov proved to be a difficult little rat to track down. So Nat had follow the sole lead that she had on him: His daughter- Antonia Dreykov. And when she found the building that Antonia had returned to………..w~ell……..She and Clint blew it up. But after that event; they became wanted fugitives, forcing them into 2 weeks of hiding in some train station air ducts. And that my dear readers is the story of Budapest. And why Natasha has to be careful while she’s here.

The Reunion

We see Natasha carefully entering the building where Yelena is hiding, but Yelena was prepared- even teasing Nat about how tense she is right now. Even with her guard up; Yelena still manages to get the drop on her, and a battle begins. We see them throw each other around a little bit, hit each other, and at one point- Yelena even hits Nat in the face with a plate. But as they choke each other with a window curtain- they call a truce, and Yelena explains that Dreykov survived the explosion and kept the Red Room going. Nat failed to check for a body because she couldn’t face what she did to the innocent Antonia. But before they can continue to think of a plan; they are found by a team of Widows. They are chased out of the building, and end up getting in combat with the Widows.

Nat ends up rolling off a building along with another Widow, who is freed by the antidote. But Dreykov still has a level of control over the Widows, and forces her to kill herself both to prevent her from leaking information, and to mess with Nat a little bit for the original events of Budapest. But she doesn’t have time to dwell on it, and she leaves to meet back up with Yelena. They come to her motorcycle, but Yelena lost her keys- that it turns out Nat stole during their skirmish. They ride off on the bike- trying to keep away from Taskmaster’s tank. But they end up losing the bike and getting in a car- continuing the game of “Cat and Mouse” with Taskmaster. They end up driving into the very same subway Nat and Clint hid out in the last time she was here, and have to outsmart Taskmaster to get away. While up in the air vents; Yelena tells Nat that they have to find the one person who may have some intel on Dreykov’s location: Alexi– their “Father.”


We then cut over to a prison in Russia- where Alexi is telling everyone around him stories of how he fought Captain America- all while kicking @$$ in one arm wrestling match after another. But then someone comes up to him- someone much larger and more physically fit than him, who pokes holes in his stories. So Alexi uses the match to break that man’s wrist. He is then called up to the Warden’s office to get a package that came for him: an old figure of the Red Guardian. But in this particular figure- he finds and earpiece inside of it. He receives orders from Natasha on where to go and how to escape. All the while; he’s trying to talk about old times and catch up with his “daughters.” And we see him moving around despite his advanced aging and ………physique being what it is. But with that Super Soldier serum flowing through him; he’s able to knock down a metal door and get to where he needs to be.

Nat drops down to get him- striking a pose and kicking @$$ as she goes. But a loud scream from Alexi causes and avalanche. So they wrap everything up and get on the helicopter Rick gave them. While he’s still trying to catch up with his girls; they just want to know where Dreykov is. But when Alexi reveals that he was not allowed to know where the Red Room was either; all seems kind of lost. But Shostakov does reveal that Melina is alive- somewhere outside of Saint Petersburg. They fly over- but run out of gas in the copter before they get close. So they walk the rest of the way- being kind of insensitive to the 2 of them. I mean; he skips asking how Nat’s been and asks if Captain America talked about him at all. How rude can you possibly be?

In any case; they come to Melina’s farm- where she is busy conducting mental experiments on Pigs. They arrive, and- for the first time in 21 years– they all have a “Family Dinner.” Complete with bickering, Melina telling them to eat and have proper table manners, Alexi telling them to “mind their mother,” and just general awkward dysfunctionality. But Natasha wants to get this over and done with as soon as possible, and demands both information on Dreykov and what the Red Room’s been doing all these years. Melina reveals that she was the one who made the pheromone to control the Widows and the antidote as well. She reveals that there’s no way for them to be free of the control without the antidote- it was made based on altering actual brain chemistry. As Yelena describes it: “You don’t know where ‘you’ end and the pheromone begins- you don’t know which actions are yours.”

“Family Reunion”

We see that Nat does not consider this a “family-” it was a fabricated life made to steal American secrets. But to Yelena– this was real. And it very visibly hurts her whenever you hear Nat say that they’re not actually “sisters.” She genuinely thinks of these people as her family, no matter how fractured- even though Melina doesn’t seem to react, Nat doesn’t want this, and Alexi’s only considered them “a chore” he had to do. She takes a bottle of vodka in another room- not wanting to talk to any of them. So while Alexi goes to comfort her; Melina and Nat have “Heart-To-Heart” about everything. Nat tells her that she had been looking for her biological mother all this time, which prompts Melina to reveal the Truth: Natasha was bought from her family for a pretty penny a while before she was born. The family was initially very accepting of the money, but her mother looked for her everywhere. So before she got too close to the Red Room; she was killed by Dreykov and buried in an unknown grave. Nat’s visible sadness prompts Melina to reveal that she called in the Red Room when they got here, and will be here in a matter of minutes.

While that happens; Alexi tries to comfort Yelena in the best way he knows how: A Story From His Youth. He talks about a fishing trip with his father, and how his hands froze so bad that his father had to pee the ice off of them. What he’s trying to get across is the devotion a parent has to their child- the love a father holds for their kid and what they will and won’t do to make sure they have great lives. He let them be taken by the Red Room because he legitimately thought that they would be the best thing for them. But he’s only Human- he made a mistake. And before he can properly apologize for it- The Red Room Strikes. Alexi is darted down; “Natasha” is caught; and Yelena is subdued by “Melina.”

SPOILER ALERT: That’s Not Melina

They arrive in the Red Room- a Floating Fortress moving around in skies even higher than the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier can find. Here; Melina is taken to report to Dreykov, while Nat and Alexi are locked in cells and Yelena being taken for experimentation. Alexi and Nat are to be executed, and Melina studied to find a way to prevent Widow’s from getting free of their control ever again. And to this end- They plan to literally dissect her brain.

However; Melina and Nat reveal their plan: They used that face-changing technology from Captain America: The Winter Soldier to disguise themselves as each other- Nat became Melina to get closed to Dreykov and the Widow Control panel, and Melina became Nat so she could use her inside knowledge to help Alexi and Yelena escape. Nat put a communication chip in Yelena’s ears when she knocked her out, and Melina walks her through how to escape. She also breaks herself and Alexi out of their cells.

Meanwhile; Nat- disguised as Melina- goes to Dreykov’s command room, where he sees through the disguise immediately. Rather than be upset at this trickery; Dreykov sees this as a chance to further mess with Nat mentally. First; he reveals that Taskmaster is none other than his own Daughter: Antonia Dreykov(a reference to comic book Taskmaster’s real name “Antonio”)!! After Nat blew up the building Antonia had entered; he managed to escape in time, but his daughter was less than fortunate. She had to be saved by the Red Room- needing a chip in her brain just to function. But the chip had the added effect of allowing her to perfectly copy anyone’s fighting style after only having seen it once. And having watched the Avengers battle tapes; she’s basically all the Avengers rolled into 1. And that makes her particularly dangerous. And with Alexi and Melina on the loose; he sends her to go deal with them.

Antonia Dreykov/ Taskmaster

The second thing he does is demonstrate his level of control over and safety from the Widows. He’s coated in a pheromone that makes each and every Widow- even the likes of Natasha- physically incapable of harming him in any way whatsoever. But that’s just so none of the one’s that break free can ever fight against him; he’s actually controlling them all from a panel at his desk. This was all part of their plan, though; Melina and Nat had planned for all of them to be captured in such a way that they could dismantle the Red Room all at once. Once Nat a manages to find all the Widows down below and Yelena frees all the Widows here- Melina is to shut off the engines and they’d escape on a jet. However; Taskmaster comes and kicks Alexi’s @$$. Yelena also runs into trouble trying to combat the Widows and free them all at the same time. And Melina runs into a few soldiers every now and then.

Nat has her own problems: Dreykov being abusive- but not enough to do what needs to be done. And by THAT; I mean that she needs a nerve in her nose severed so the pheromone won’t work on her. So she does it herself- breaking her nose on the desk and then kicking Dreykov’s @$$. She begins downloading infor on the other Widows down below so they can free them later. But then sh!t hits the fan in the worst way possible. Alexi’s losing; Yelena’s losing; and Melina gets injured and ends up deactivating the engine early. So Natasha has to- all at once, mind you- fight off and free an army of Black Widows Dreykov has ordered to kill her; download the information about other Widows down below; and escape from a falling fortress. She manages- even manages to fix her nose- but I just wanted to let you know the situation she’s caught up in.

Black Widow' Nose Dives With Most “Stunning Crash” in MCU History – Inside  the Magic
vs Gravity

She manages to get the Widows attacking her to break a canister of antidote that gives them their free will back. They rush off to find a craft to escape, while Nat gets the last bit of information off of Dreykov’s computer. Melina and Alexi manage to put Taskmaster in a cell, and Melina finds a craft- occupied by Red Room Soldiers and Dreykov. So she takes the opportunity to f*ck up the aircraft and blow Dreykov to BITS- for REAL this time. Meanwhile; Nat is trying her best to escape with another vial of antidote- when she finds Antonia locked up. Rather than leave her to die in an explosion; Nat chooses to try and reason with Antonia- to apologize to her for putting her in that situation in Budapest. BU~~T…………She’s still being mind controlled. And without any new orders; she’s left with an old one: Kill Natasha Romanoff. Which leads into a sequence in which Nat has to fend off Taskmaster while free-falling to the ground. Which is STELLAR(maybe a little unrealistic, but amazing to look at all the same).

We see Yelena- having put an end to Dreykov- falling unconsciously to the ground. Rather than take the only parachute she could find for herself; Nat puts it on Yelena and pulls the trigger- saving Yelena’s life. She then goes back to fighting against Taskmaster, trying to soften her landing and keep Antonia from killing her. They touch down- and clash one last time, in which Nat manages to get the mask off of Antonia and douse her in the antidote. The stimulation is enough to make Antonia pass out, and the other Widows take her with them. “She’s Our Sister” and all that good sh!t. Nat gives Yelena the last vial of antidote to mass produce and the location of the other Widows.

That’s 1 mended relationship……….

As the forged family mends their relationship; we see Secretary Of Defense Thunderbolt Ross and reinforcements are on their way. Not just because other FALLING F*CKING SKY FORCES, but because Nat is there and they’re desperate to bring her in. The family wants to fight with her, but she tells them to escape. But before they leave; Yelena gifts Nat the vest she bought- since Nat “liked it so much.” Time Jump– 2 weeks later; we see Rick Flags again. And with 2 weeks of prep and a lot of money; he was able to get her the Quinn Jet Steve and the other’s used in Infinity War. She flies off to fix her “other family,” and an unknown fate…………….which leads into the Post Credit Scene.

We see Yelena Belova- with a dog- going to a cemetery in Ohio. There; she finds her sister’s grave- having sacrificed herself so Hawkeye can get the Soul Stone. Yelena cleans up the grave a little, and kisses her sister goodbye. As she’s about to leave; the character “Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine/ Madame F*ckin’ Hyrda” comes up behind her with information and a mission. Yelena says she wants time off, but Contessa reveals her next target: The One “Responsible” For Natasha’s Death- Clint Barton. Yelena Belova Will Return. WELCOME BACK, MARVEL STUDIOS!!!!!


You know; this post has taken over a Week to write- and I was just writing the recap of the movie. I mean; I did it for Mortal Kombat, so why not? And through talking about; I both realized how much I really enjoyed myself- and sit on some of the parts that were legitimately a problem. But you know what? I think I only had 2 or 3 problems with the movie, looking back. Those problems being Dreykov as the Big Villain and the theme he represents, and the utilization of Taskmaster. I think I’ll start with Dreykov– cause there’s a LOT to go over with him.

Yeah; Another “Problem With Such And Such” Segment I’m Sure You’ve Heard A Thousand Times Over By Now

Alright, let’s get this out the way: He’s Boring. He’s not Loki, or Thanos, or even the likes of Ultron, Agatha Harkness, Erik Killmonger, Zemo, or even Hella. No, no- he is NOTHING like these Great Villains. He’s boring, one dimensional, and an abusive misogynist. He’s there to be the “Abusive Male Figure the Strong Woman has to Stand Up To.” He exists simply to pander to the idea of “Women Empowerment.” And it’s like……….How do I put this in a way you haven’t already heard 10,000 times? It’s like; That stuff is FINE. Women are incredible creatures with all that they do- their strength is nothing short of indominable. But…….Must the message be so blatant? If you want to do that whole theme; at the very least don’t throw it in my face.

Like; he has a line where he says that “Girls are the most plentiful resource in the world,” and the way he talks to the Widows is just very obviously perverse and creepy. He ends up hitting Nat with his ring hand, and he does nothing but control and bark orders and act like a creep. I thought this complaint was just more of people blowing the problem out of proportion and making a big deal. But in all honesty- They were right. And it just seems like Marvel doesn’t know how to “get” this theme. Like; the 3 men in this movie only bought Nat stuff(Rick Flags), were jerks(Dreykov), or a washed up alcoholic(Alexi). I’m surprised people only focused on Dreykov for this; it was a symptom of ALL the guys in this movie. And at this point in the game; we’re getting some high grade quality content. So for Marvel Studio’s to pulling out garbage like that– it’s very disappointing and unbecoming of Marvel’s return to the theaters.

I guess you could say “Wasted Potential”

And then you have the utilization of Taskmaster. The “Silent Enforcer-” the “Guy To Beat-” the “Ominous Force.” Now granted: They DID give her a reason to be the “Imposing Enforcer” with the explanation of her abilities and how she got them. So I guess that’s clever. But it’s like……..Where’s the banter. One of the things I look forward to in hand to hand combat battles like the one’s in this movie is the banter between combatants. You could have at least began to build up to that reveal of them being Antonia, but I suppose her free will being taken and the circumstances that made her this way made sense.

That said; it didn’t help the movie that Taskmaster started to remind me of Victor Drago from Creed 2. I talked about it in my review for that movie, but I was kind of disappointed with Victor in that movie; he was just “kind of their-” a “antagonistic force embodied by one guy” rather than an antagonist in his own right. And I’ve seen many interpretations of Taskmaster in animated Marvel media. Don’t know how close any of those were to the comics, but he had a lot of “personality-” a sense that he was in control of any and every situation he found himself in. This one was more like a “Robot.’ And I would have been fine with that if I didn’t know any better.

Another thing: The Change In The Gender. I had NO connection to Taskmaster personally; he showed up in shows, and was really, really cool. But the problem is that the change was made specifically to fit the theme of “Female Oppression.” And then there’s the twist thing. If she had talked at all; she could have hinted at her identity, and hearing a female voice might have just given it away altogether. To which I just have to say: Did Taskmaster need to be female? Cause………I don’t think he did. It just played into the theme of Dreykov being oppressive towards women- even his own flesh and blood. But something that they could have done was give him a little bit more depth and made it so he thought he was helping his child- he legitimately thought that this was the best course of action. But if they wanted to keep in the theme of the movie; it could have been him being a blatant misogynist- disregarding the Widows lives- but doing everything in his power to save his son, showing that he’s an @$$ with this soft spot for his family.

And I’m all for changing things about certain characters, but………. this was an unnecessary change– made just to show the villain is a villain. But I hope in Taskmaster’s next appearance she’s more than just a “Soldier.”

The 10 Best Yelena Belova Lines, Because Florence Pugh Was The Best Part Of  Black Widow - CINEMABLEND
Yelena Being Vulnerable

But one of the BEST parts of the movie was easily the Yelena character. Every scene she was in was pretty funny or really struck an emotional cord. it always impresses me when media’s able to use the comic relief character for more than just a good laugh. But Yelena certainly provided plenty of that, too. Like; there was a scene when she tried to pull of Nat’s signature pose, but she got from it and just felt disgusted with herself. Or when they were about to get caught in an avalanche; Yelena said “That would be a cool way to die.” But then you have her emotional scenes- like when she broke down hearing Natasha say they weren’t family. There was a scene towards the beginning of the film- after they got away Widows- Yelena acted like they were genuine sisters catching up after some disaster.

But then Nat told her they “weren’t real sisters,” and you could see in her face when Nat said that- she was like “………….Okay, then………” Just kind of broken hearted because they were, like- the only family that she has ever known. It didn’t matter to her that it was fabricated- she legitimately thought of Nat as her sister. And when she admitted to having forged her own birth certificate to make all of that life real. Then there’s what the vest she so loves represents for her: Her own choice. She breaks down how it has a whole bunch of pockets for all her stuff and how it goes with everything. And at the end; she gives the vest to Nat- explaining where she got it by the time of Infinity War. It represents her first real choice in life, and she gave it to the person she chose to call her sister. It was a nice thematic element.

And then her comedy scenes- like the aforementioned pose, but also how she makes fun of Nat over it. And how she compares all the times they almost die in the movie. “Death By Avalanche- Cool;” “Death By Falling From Sky Fortress- Cool;” “Being Dissected To Find Out How To Strip Away Free Will- NOT Cool.

Kill All Intru- Oh My God Those Are My Husband And Kids.

Another really funny- yet insanely frightening scene– was when Melina was demonstrating her research to everyone. She displayed it by getting one of the pigs she trained to open the door and hold it’s breath. Apparently; she tested how long it’s been able to go without breathe- that being like 4 or 5 minutes. I mean; it was definitely interesting to see. But thinking about it a little more; I realize that the topic of “Free Will” was a somewhat unexplored. It seemed like it would be a plot point they wanted to talk about, as Yelena explains: “You don’t know if this was an order or your own choice.” I don’t know; maybe we could have seen Yelena choosing between this and that. Like; she liked the food the Red Room provided them, but she doesn’t know if that was her liking the food, or if it was the Red Room telling her “Just Eat It.” I don’t know; something like that.

Despite the role Alexi played as the “Bumbling Himbecile(as Freddie from Icarly would put it);” I actually did enjoy his character. Sitting through the movie; I thought about his bragging about fighting Captain America. And when you think about it; you realize that last guy was rightSteve was still in the Ice. However; Disney Plus’ Falcon And Winter Soldier introduced us to the First Black Captain America- Isaiah Bradley. I don’t have a Disney+ account, so I haven’t watched it. But I’ve heard about all the episodes, and about Isaiah. And watching the movie and taking into account how Isaiah was kept secret from the world; I concluded that the “Captain America” Alexi fought against was Isaiah Bradley. And it surprises the H#ll out of me that no one’s made that connection yet. Or if anyone has; no one’s hopped on that “train” yet.

I liked Alexi because he’s the kind of bumbling drunk that’s only doing what he thinks is best. He is- in all honest- A Father. To 2 girls who grew up to be some of the most dangerous women on the whole d@mn planet. He let the Red Room take him because he only wanted the best for them- and he thought, at the time, that that’s what was best. But it’s after seeing how the Red Room negatively affected them that he realizes what he did was the wrong decision. So his time in the film is mostly spent trying to redeem himself- to reject that it was a bad idea, and then to make amends.

Red Guardian- Back In Action

I caught a vast majority of the references- such as Ursa Major and Crimson Dynamo. I REALLY like the Crimson Dynamo. The first place I saw him was in the 3D animated show on Nickelodeon: Iron Man- Armored Adventures. Do you guys remember that show? Have you even seen it? It was such a good show, and it had such a good theme song; it introduced me to Iron Man, if I’m being totally honest. I really should do a “Nostalgia Corner” on that show. But in any case; I know that the Crimson Dynamo in the comics is different from that show’s interpretation. But I still want to see how the MCU chooses to handle that character. So long as it doesn’t get bogged down in a whole bunch of political nonsense; I feel like he’d be cool. Maybe we’ll see him in the “Armor Wars” series or “Iron Heart” series coming to Disney+.

But I also caught the reference to the character “Ursa Major-” who I’ve come to learn is a Mutant. Between THIS and Falcon And Winter Soldier’s usage of Madripoor; the X-Men and all of those Fox properties are slowly but surely starting to make their way into the MCU. I know that everyone’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of character like Magneto and Professor X and Wolverine, but I’m glad they’re taking their time and weaving them in slowly. And I think that that’s definitely the Best course of action when it comes to iconic character like Apocalypse– and the one that for some inexplicable reason I’m most curious to see: Polaris- the true daughter of Magneto. Yeah; “Fun Fact About Me.”

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And Then You Have The Fight Scenes

And of course; you have the selling point of a “Black Widow” related project: The FIGHT SCENES. And I honestly have to say that all the fights in this movie were pretty cool. But the enforcer Taskmaster was definitely had the best battles. She just DOMINATED every battle- it carried the same menace and force that they made this character to be in this movie. She mimicked the other characters fighting to the best of her ability in such a stiff suit, and every impact she got felt like it would hurt. Though I kind of felt like the way Yelena moved around and fought was a bit stiff at times. Like; when she’s first introduced as a Widow in the film; we see her descending a wall, and it looked kind of clunky. But other than that; she fought pretty well- definitely more focused on physical damage, rather than Nat’s focus on quick and precise attacks.

Something else about Yelena: I just kind of get the feeling she’s Gay. There’s nothing wrong with that at all– I have several gay family members and friends. But I myself don’t have much of a “Gay-dar.” However; I CAN tell when a character in media is going to end up being gay. And when it came to Yelena; I got very strong LGBT vibes. I don’t know what it was really- the way she was “built;” the “low” base in her voice; her behavior- all of these are symptom of LGBT representation in media: They’re “built” a certain way; act a certain way; look a certain way. To Clarify: I am NOT saying that representation is a problem(when handled properly)- I am simply saying that there are very clear signs of a gay character in media. If a property knows how to handle it; you would never actually know until the “Big Reveal” moment. But media that lacks this thing called “tact” will make it incredibly obvious- so obvious that even a 4 year old with any sort of attention span would be able to tell. And Yelena was VERY clear in the signs. Sorry if I offended anyone- that’s just how I feel.

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My “Gay-dar” is tingling………..

I also liked Taskmaster and Red Guardian’s outfits. Taskmaster’s suit looked like it wouldn’t allow for a lot of flexible movement, but the stunt doubles manage to pull it off pretty well, I think. And Red Guardian’s suit makes him look very menacing…………..if he were a little younger and a little thinner. I’m honestly surprised that there wasn’t a scene in which parts of the suit ripped. I’m glad that we got to see his suit, and I’m glad we got to see him fight- but I think that he could have done with a little more combat. His fight against Taskmaster was played as more of a stalling tactic, and I feel like he should have at least gotten a few more punches on her- considering he’s also a Super Soldier.

Another thing I liked was how the movie opened, and honestly it didn’t end all that badly. I think the opening part went on for the right amount of time- showing these characters in their forged family having a normal day before having to resume their “lives” with the Red Room. And the ending honestly never upset me; it felt very natural. And it was a pretty good way to tie together the events of Civil War and Infinity War. I’s gonna make doing the “chronological” rewatches of the MCU “flow” a little bit better.

All of this being said– this movie did feel a little “out of place.” Like; I definitely feel like this movie should have come out closer to the beginning of the this franchise. I feel like the vast majority of the Avengers should have had at least one solo movie before Age of Ultron. I understand that they couldn’t manage that at the time, but I think we should have seen a little bit more of Nat’s past being built up to, and maybe we should have had a few more hints at the Black Widow program still being active. Like; whenever the Avengers were dealing with a threat somewhere else and all eyes were on them– a diplomat or something could have been assassinated somewhere else. I get that they’re spies and all, but I doubt they could have kept that well hidden. I mean; Yelena fought that rogue Widow in broad daylight on the street. It felt like the movie should have had either more build up, or should have happened a very long time ago.

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Natasha Getting Back Up

The movie looked nice- though I feel like that camera at times was a little too close on the close up shots. Like; there were whole scenes were a characters face took up the whole screen. and I don’t know if I’ve just gotten better at it, or they didn’t put so much effort into the CG, but it felt like a lot of the free falling stuff when the Red Room blew up was very……wonky? A scene of Taskmaster lunging at Natasha before the floor caved in was a bit too CG, and it felt like for a movie that was a bit more “grounded” should have had better CG when it didn’t use it all that much. But the whole “unrealistic” aspect of that sequence wasn’t all that distracting or harmed the movie in any way.

I liked the way Antonia was flying at Nat when she was putting the parachute on Yelena, and watching her try to move through the sky while also trying to avoid Taskmaster and not die was fun to look at. And the final battle was pretty well-choreographed. But I felt like that free fall may have went on for too long without anything going on. Like; if you want to make such a cool action set piece- you should make the most of it you can. I wanted to see Nat kick Taskmaster up higher and then Task dives right back at her, tackling her. Or seeing Nat jump off some rubble and go higher. Make it cool– but still keep it within the laws of physics…………….even though I just broke down something that might be impossible. I don’t know; I just wanted more from that scene.


All in all; I enjoyed “Black Widow-” despite some of its flaws. I think it was executed as well as it could be following the events of Endgame. It certainly wasn’t the worst way for Marvel to return to the theaters; it was fun, had a lot of comedy, and provided a proper send off to the Natasha Romanoff character. The end credit scene told us where Yelena will appear next, and I get the sneaking suspicion that we’re going to get her sexual orientation confirmed- through the Kate Bishop character, most likely. But I think there’s a problem going on with Marvel and Disney. That being their penchant for overly promoting Disney+. It’s like; everything that Marvel is doing now is going to connect more and more to the Disney+ side of things, rather than tell a story the way its been doing it.

There ARE people out there who can’t afford Disney+– like me. And I feel like this push towards Disney+ is going to lead to long time fans who can’t afford the streaming service being incapable of keeping up with it all. Unlike me; I don’t think anyone’s like “relying” on Youtubers talking about each of the shows. They probably pop in on them to find out what Easter eggs they missed, but not to serious. I’m doing my best to keep up with everything, but………some stuff gets lost and jumbled up in my subscription feed. All I’m saying is that they shouldn’t put all their best eggs in the Disney+ basket- or at the very least put those shows out on DVD. Just sayin’.

But in all; I think I’ll give this film a “7.5/10-” a good, solid movie- that might have needed a bit more “tact” in how it handled itself. I enjoyed myself, but Marvel really needs to pick itself up after this. We’re too deep in this franchise to be getting Phase 1 movies, bro. But those are just MY thoughts- I would like to hear all of your thoughts. Did you like the movie? Did you agree with what I said? Did what I said make ANY SYMBALANCE OF SENSE? Let me know in the comments, and until the next post- Have a Magically wonderful day!!

The 2nd User Of One For All Is Bakugo’s Ancestor- My Hero Academia THEORY DISCUSSION

This doubles as a “Theory” post AND a “Discussion” post. Because it’s like……….kind of obvious? Like; this is just kind of TOO MUCH for it to be a “coincidence.” It’s like when the spoilers for chapter 267 of Black Clover(a series that every last one of you should be reading) came out and everyone in the community unanimously agreed that that was Asta’s mom we just saw. Likewise here; everyone seems to agree that the 2nd One For All user- who we’ll be calling “Leader” for the sake of this post- bares a STRIKING resemblance to 1 Mr Katsuki Bakugo. I am here to discuss all the evidence presented in the story, as well as address my theory on how this may well tie into the overall story of “My Hero” that we have left to go. Let’s begin.

Republican Deku [My Hero Academia 310] | Mammoth Base Opera Castle

To start with; let’s point out the very obvious features they share: Their Appearances. For one thing; they have the very same hair style. A lot of people(probably even my brother) would say that this point is “flimsy” based on the fact that Muscular has the same hair style and same hair coloration. In fact; I whole life thought that Muscular was Bakugo’s older brother when he first showed up they were so similar. But the thing about that is that Muscular has shorter, more “controlled” hair- his isn’t as “large and protagonist-like” like Bakugo’s. Whereas Leader’s hair bares a striking resemblance to Kacchan’s. You also have to take into account how Horikoshi chooses to draw up the facial features.

Bakugo may primarily take after his mom in terms of looks(and “personality), but he has his dad’s hair style and the “shape of his head(?)” if that makes sense. Like; compare and contrast how he draws Endeavor and Shoto. The shape of Shoto’s head is closer to his Mother’s– a more “circular” shape than his father’s “Square head.” And then we come back to the the Bakugo’s; his mother’s face is drawn with a with a “sharper” chin than her son, and much “longer” on the sides. While his father Masaru(yes; that’s his name) is draw closer to what we see from old Sweaty Hands. And as far as his head’s “size” goes; it is closer to Leader’s- that plus the hair style and coloration leads you to believe that Leader is Kacchan’s ancestor on his dad’s side.

There’s also the physical features aside from the face- such as the way he stands; his build; and his choice in clothing. Which is what i think will support this theory the most. Such as the Arm bracers. Hold on for a sec- it’ll all make sense.

The Same Physique And Design Choice

Now……….bracers like this serve more than just an “esthetic purpose-” as we see with Bakugo’s; they take his Nitro-Glycerin like sweat and build up for a powerful explosion. And they do look similar to Leader’s in terms of design. We don’t know what his quirk is yet, but we can gather that it’s some manner of blaster, as shown in chapter 310. However; it doesn’t “feel” like the blaster part is part ot of his actually quirk- more like a weapon that’s attached to them. That said; that would mean that he could potentially have a quirk closer to that of Masaru or Kacchan.

Masaru’s quirk is “Acid Sweat-” he secrets a combustible acid-like substance from the sweat glands in his hands. He cannot “force” this substance out- it’s very much still sweat. But when he rubs his hands together; he can create explosions. And I don’t think I need to explain how Kacchan’s quirk works, do I? From this; we can gather than any quirk Leader would possess(if this idea is in fact correct) would be something “Explosive” like that, too. Or could it perhaps be………Blaster Fuel? Those blaster may have actually been connected to his quirk after all!!

My thought is starting to become that- in line with this family’s “substance-like sweat-” has quirk that secretes a type of substance that would be used for those types of blasters. And he needs those to fight directly, rather than those bracers being more of an aid for Kacchan in battle. As for how this quirk will affect Izuku going forward in the story; it may give us an idea of how “One For All” works better than we do even now, and may lead to Izuku getting a potentially Awesome suit upgrade!! 1)This quirk would have to be an “Emission quirk with mutant extremities-” much like Mina’s. By which I mean: it would have to change either Izuku’s sweat glands into something closer to their own, or change his bodies chemistry in some regard. This would actually fall in line with what the other User’s told Izuku about One For All in chapter 304– it’s “becoming his quirk.” if it alters his body in any manner, than that would just “further that process along.”

And 2)The Suit Upgrade. Well………if Leader’s quirk is in fact a fuel source for blasters, then perhaps he could recreate those blasters to use against All For One and the Villains he’s sent- in the same way that Leader did. And I also think that would serve as a reference to Bakugo in using these brace blasters. Considering how much Kacchan’s influenced his life(such has his desire to win bringing out more of Kacchan’s vulgar vocabulary); maybe taking some inspiration from his hero costume in the same way that he took from All Might. And it may also serve as a thematic parallel to Yoichi and Leader’s relationship.

He’s Done It Once Before……….

In chapter 310; we get a follow up to the flashback in chapter 193: After All For One left Yoichi in that room without food- Leader and User #3 enter the room, and are about to attack Yoichi. But when they realize that he is just another of All For One’s victims; Leader puts his blaster down and instead of blasting him- choosing to extend a hand to help him. The scene that I believe is going to be a thematic parallel will come after the events of chapter 319. SPOILERS FOR THE MOST RECENT CHAPTER OF “MY HERO ACADEMIA:” Kacchan and the other in Class 1A have decided to help Izuku come to his senses and bring him back to UA. Izuku refuses, but they plan to use Force if need be.

The reason this scene is going to be a thematic parallel is because of the nature of the scene: A victim of All For One-being twisted by him to do exactly as he wants- are saved by a group of Heroes who want to see the Symbol of Evil’s reign of terror brought to the end. The leader will choose to extend a hand to them, saving them from that darkness and fighting against All For One together. Yoichi was being twisted by being left in a dark room and refusing to eat- Izuku is being manipulated by All For One to alienate himself from everyone that could help him, making him easy for All For One to attack. He is also refusing to eat. Leader lead a group to fight against All For One- Kacchan is leading Class 1A to save Deku from All For One’s influence. And I can already tell you how this upcoming battle is about to end. I wouldn’t be surprised if this connection is revealed in the next few chapters.

Izuku is Yoichi- Suppressed By All For One; Leader and Bakugo Are “Their Heroes” Here To Rescue Them.

Another thematic parallel comes from the movie Heroes Rising, and may well ties into the story in a pretty significant way. I’m going to need you all to bare with me for a minute here- what I’m about to propose to you. And it may conflict with what was JUST revealed to us about One For All. But it’ll make sense in a minute. MY THOUGHT is that Kacchan CAN wield One For All without too much of a problem because he carries the Embers of the quirk within him– even before the events of Heroes Rising. Hear Me Out– Let’s talk about what we know about One For All:

  1. It’s the combination of a quirk that Stockpiles power, and a quirk to pass on other quirks.
  2. It gets stronger the more it’s passed on.
  3. When it’s passed on to the next successor; the previous holder is able to use a portion of that power.
  4. The quirk is more made to be handled by the Quirkless- it’ll shorten the life span of anyone with a pre-existing quirk.

From that; you would think that my idea was stupid as all f*ck. But I want to focus on 2 and 3 for the moment– it leaves lingering “embers” of itself with the past holders. And really- think about #1. “The quirk to pass on quirks.” We can gather that that quirk takes a “copy” of the quirk factor. But sense the “Stockpile” quirk leaves power; whose to say that the mixture of the quirks don’t leave a copy of itself in the quirk factor of whomever had it originally? And from what we know about genetics; we know that quirks are either passed down from parent-to-child directly, or through a combination of both parents quirks. If “embers” are left in the quirk factor, then couldn’t those “embers” be passed down along with the original quirk? If we go along with the “torch” metaphor: Leader lit the 3rd Users torch with his fire, leaving him the embers of the flame and the torch itself. That torch ended up getting passed down in the family, eventually winding up with Kacchan, who was unknowingly standing next to the original flame in the first place.

And when it came to the second movie, Heroes Rising(SPOILER ALERT); Izuku unknowingly passed the torch backwards to the old torch. But that still leaves the bit about about the quirk “accelerating the aging process.” Well……….for one thing; I don’t think that’s an “instantaneous” thing- even now when the quirk is stronger. If we go from Hikage’s time as a holder- that being 18 years- and cut that time down by 2 years for each time the quirk gets stronger, then that we still leave Kacchan 8 years before he died. And that’s even if he would have that drawback. If we go back to the “torch” metaphor; say that Kacchan’s regular “Explosion” is a lit torch all to itself. The old torch that’ll carry One For All would work as more of a “boost” for his own fire- a “back up source” if you would.

“Win To Save People- Save People To Win.”

This will more than likely tie into the story in some manor because of what Horikoshi said about Heroes Rising: “It features the original idea he had for the ending of the series.” That movie’s ending was the original thought: Deku sharing One For All with Bakugo and them taking out the Ultimate Threat together– 9 being a stand in for All For One or Tomura. But for that to work; he either would have had to have been building to concept like what I’ve just put up this whole post, or the idea of One For All killing those with pre-existing quirks was a more recent idea. But if he was building to this all along; it might help to explain why Kacchan’s quirk is so strong, and why he’s able to handle the quirk without too much of a problem.

How this may tie into the current end of the story could serve to make everyone happy, and leave fans of both Deku and Kacchan pleased with the story. So……….I think that Deku is going to Die. And everything we’re seeing right now- how he’s narrating the story- is his life flashing before his eyes as he dies. And with this information in mind; he choses to pass the quirk on to the only other person left who can hold One For All: 1 Mr Katsuki Bakugo. But what about the bit about him becoming “The World’s Greatest hero?” That might actually be where the 3rd Movie comes into play– the one that the anime rearranged the arc order so it can tie into it. I know my “Death Of The Symbol Of Peace” theory didn’t get many views or likes, but I’m gonna channel some of that speculative speaking for this part.

So………….The movie is not out just yet(it will be in a few weeks), but from what we can gather; the movie is about Class A’s top 3 following Endeavor on a mission for the World Heroes Association. But somewhere in the first act; izuku will be framed for an International crime, and the rest of it will be him trying to find the real perp, clear his name, and save everyone. In any case- This puts his name on the world’s radar. And if you think that All For One’s “Ultimate Final Move” isn’t going to make International Headlines…… got another thing coming. It’s like; Izuku’s name is out there for the whole d@mn world to here. And when All For One decides to “quit the games” and fight against the Heroes more openly- he’s going to become an International Super Criminal.

The Movie That Will Tell The World: “HE Is Here!!!

Are you guys starting to get my line of thinking? All For One’s next attack will get International attention(if he hasn’t gotten it already considering Heroes from overseas are coming to Japan), and Izuku and his friends will stop him. Izuku will save Tomura from All For One’s control- and Tomura will play a role defeating the Symbol of Evil in the same way Vader helped to defeat Palpatine. The Key Difference: Vader And Luke will die– Izuku and Tomura will fall after defeating All For One. But before he passes on; Izuku bequeaths One For All to Kacchan so that One For All can continue. Bakugo will go on to become the #1 Hero in Japan- and Izuku’s sacrifice will make him the “World’s Greatest Hero.”

Evidence to support this idea comes from the aforementioned movie getting his name out into the world, and the fact that Heroes are going to be coming in from overseas to help Japan. And I get this feeling that some of them that are about to show up in the movie will make their manga debut at some point after the 3rd movie. And they’ll be here to help Deku in the same way he was there for them- they’re “repaying the favor.” The other piece of is the metaphorical “Curse” of One For All: All of the users(aside from Shinomori and All Might) have died in battle against All For One- passing on the quirk in their last moments of life. And it would also make sense with how Shueisha and Shonen Jump tend to do things.

For those who aren’t really aware; Shonen Jump kind of “pushes” the authors to make characters that do well in the fan polls more important than was either intended or even planned. Case and Point: Naruto. Sasuke ended up getting pretty popular- getting more and audiences attention. As such; they pushed Kishimoto do do more with Sasuke. And then you have One PieceLuffy has been #1 in Every Fanpoll sense the start of the series. And the chapters tend to get better views and more votes in reader polls when Luffy and the Straw Hat’s are in it. Which is why arcs without them don’t tend to be very long. Bakugo has been the #1 in a lot of fan polls recently. As such; he’s becoming more and more important as the days go on. Making him the #1 Hero at the end of the story is one way for that to happen. Getting One For All- the quirk the whole story revolves around- is another.

“What It Means To Wield One For All”

It would also tie into what Izuku said about this quirk becoming “more” than just “a means of fighting All For One” in chapter 305but I think I’ve made my case. However cobbled together and “half-baked” it might be. I kind of wrote this as I went- coming up with new ideas and new evidence to support my theory. The end result: All Of This. And I think that I made my point as best as I could. But I would like to know all of your thoughts in the comments. Do you agree with my thought? If not; what do you think will become of this connection? I’d love to know. That’s all I got for you today, my dear readers. I’m gonna go take a power nap now. Later!!

Asta And His Connection To The Megicula- Black Clover THEORY

Hello, everyone out there in internet land!! It’s funny; this post originally started as a Follow up/ Addendum to my very first “Black Clover Theory” post about Asta’s future. Seeing how much was revealed in the story between that theory and now; I concluded that Asta and Liebe were created by the Gods of Fate to defeat Lucifero indefinitely, and Yuno was the original “Chosen One” made ages ago to defeat Lucifero, but died before he could kill Lucifero. Though looking at it closer; something like that would end up betraying the core point of the series: Asta is a product of Hard Work- rather than a “Prophesized Savior.” So him being created by “Fate” would undermine all of that. So I deleted that post.

Not Her Full Form, But……..Still Creepy As All F*ck

That said; I still had a left over post to work with. And I came up with a brand new theory on the series that talks about Asta’s origins, and his potential connection to the Curse Devil Megicula. This theory is derived from Broku’s theory on Asta being a Devil-Human Hybrid, and how the resent revelation of Megicula’s powers tie into that idea. I have my own set of problems with the idea- and my brother has even moreso. But I can agree that Megicula’s spell may tell us a little bit more about Asta- as well as answering the question of who Asta’s father is. The answer may or may not shock you.

As you know; I like to present you with my line of thinking, and reveal the evidence around that. But since this is derived from someone else’s thoughts; it’s only proper that I should explain his thought process behind it. Such as why he thinks that Asta is a Devil-Human Hybrid. For one; he points out how Devil’s seem to have an immunity to Life Force- draining attacks- like Licita’s curse. Or when Zagreb brought out that goo from the Underworld; Asta did not have his life force stolen, whereas Yami admitted to having a portion of his taken when hit with it.

Licita’s curse stole mana and life force from all living things- even from a small snake that crept into her cottage. But when it came to a young Liebe- none of his life force was taken. And the fact that Devil’s are able to “die” means that they have “life” to steal. It could be that their concept of “life” might be a little bit different from Humans or Elves- but I would definitely believe that they’re immune to it considering they live in the Underworld. But going into the Megicula bits; we are reminded how Dorthy Unsworth told Charolette Roselei in a flashback in chapter 277 that “Megicula Is The Parent of All Curses” in this world. As such; the curse on Henry and Licita come from Megicula. We’ll bench the Henry bit for some post later in the future, but Licita’s is definitely very curious. Simply because of what Megicula told us in chapter 297: “By Cursing 3 Powerful Mages Of The Same Sex; Her Advent Can Begin.” Was Licita actually one of her original attempts?

Licita- Secret Bad @$$?

Like; it’s entirely possible that Megicula Cursed Licita as one of her “original attempts-” or a a “spare” in case her original trio didn’t pan out. “The world is vast,” after all. We didn’t ever see her in combat; she could potentially be really powerful. Like a “Secret Bad @$$” that- much like Lolopechika- detests fighting and never developed offensive Magic. Or, going back to the “original attempt” thought; Licita could have been Megicula’s little “experiment-” seeing what kind of Curse would work, how long it would take, and how powerful her victims needed to be.

Something else that supports this idea is the fact that Megicula seems to be the type to “experiment,” as evidence in chapter 254 when she used “Decaying World” on Nero’s array. She said it “proved to be a good experiment.” She likes to test what she can do- partially to see what’s possible, but also to torture Humans. Even Megicula had to use “Trial And Error-” so the only question is: What was the “Error?” That’s The Simple Part: Liebe and Lucifero.

See, while Megicula was searching for women to curse; Lucifero was looking for a Devil to possess in the Human world. The unfortunate part of it is that Liebe was the closest Devil(and the weakest by far) that was in this world- and the only one that existed without being tied in a contract with a Human. As such; he was the literal PERFECT candidate to be Lucifero’s vessel. But……..well; YOU saw how that one went. So it was just an unfortunate circumstance that Liebe would end up being with Licita. Possibly something “fated” to happen to prevent Megicula from incarnating in this world at that point in time. Like; even Licita said that it was “like Fate that they found each other.” And because Liebe didn’t have Anti magic at the time; he was immune to the effects of Fate Magic just yet. More evidence to this even comes from Megicula herself: Lucifero didn’t know about the “Malevolent Femcarnation.” If he didn’t know about it; he wouldn’t have know that Megicula had planted a Curse on a few people to ensure her incarnation in the Human World.

All of this is ‘Well and Good’” I hear you all saying; “But what does this have to do with Asta and his being or not being a Half Devil?” And To YOU my dear reader: I’m getting to it. But the last thing that I want to talk about is something that everyone’s been wondering since Licita was introduced: Who Is Asta’s Father? Simply Put: Nobody. He is more than likely- much like Licita- a Commoner. I know I said that Licita is a “Secret Bad @$$(either just being a super strong commoner from the sticks like Yuno, or being an excommunicated Noble who became one because of her curse, which leads into……),” but what I’m trying to spin here is that Asta’s dad is just……..Normal. Not a Devil or and Elf, Dwarf, Giant, “Mana Itself” or anything like that. Asta is a full on Human………..with a little bit of a “catch” to him.

Now………..I need everyone in the audience to bare with me for a little bit. I’m going to explain what all of this has to do with Asta in a minute, but I’d like to propose a likely scenario: Licita was a normal woman- in love with and potentially married to a completely normal guy. Commoner; Ex-Noble because of the curse- Doesn’t Matter. They were in love, and she would up pregnant. Megicula- being a Devil- saw this as 2 things: 1)potential candidate for her “Malevolent Femcarnation” and 2)If that doesn’t pan out; she just got to torture a Human woman and her unborn child. Either way; she took it as an “absolute win.” In any case; she was cursed in the middle of the night. She woke up the next morning, and………Her lover’s dead. Everyone she asked to help- DEAD. Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, DEAD AS A DOOR NAIL. So she eventually secludes herself in the forest- WAY OUT beyond even Hage. At some point; she gave birth to Asta, and left him at the church. The rest you know.

MY PREVAILING QUESTION(And more than likey yours): What In The H#ll Does All Of This Have To Do With Asta? Well; I bring you to one of Broku’s points in his theory videos: The idea that Devils are immune to having their life force stolen. Such as the point of the official release for chapter 268 tells us that Liebe is immune to having his life force stolen by Licita. Or how the goo Zagreb brought from the Underworld in chapter 202 seemed to be the “norm” there, but when it comes into the Human world- it drains peoples magic and life force. Something like that just casually exists in the Underworld without them succumbing to it’s effects, but it takes away life force here. Kind of suspicious, huh? And as a point towards the “Asta is a Devil” idea; there are 2 points:

  1. Asta- despite being inside of Licita for all 9 months, plus being around her for however long it took her to take him to Hage- he only had his mana stolen, preventing him from using Magic at all. But her curse steals LIFE, too. How did he survive a life draining curse like that as an magicless infant?
  2. One of the most recent chapters- chapter 298– Megicula revealed her ability to Turn Humans Into Devils.

That last piece of evidence alone should be enough for people to think that Asta might be part Devil. But I don’t think he is. However; I can’t deny that this point is rather critical to the story and this battle against the Devils. MY Thought is that Asta was unintentionally born with the Weg Magic Curse.

The way that he’s saying it- his choice of wording- supports the idea that it comes from the Underworld.

Now; my evidence for this is in line with what Julius said in chapter 216 with what he said about Weg: “Black Horns are proof that humans have ventured into the realm of the Forbidden magic and had dealings with the world beyond this one.” When he says this; we see the image of of one of Black Asta’s horns- it’s a Bull type horn. The very same one we see from Liebe. HOWEVER; Liebe only has those 2 Bull horns. But whenever Asta uses “Black Asta” post chapter 197; he has 2 different horns- the bull one and one on the top of hiss head next to his hair antenna. And when he goes into Devil Union; he has 4 horns- 2 bull from Liebe, and 2 on the top of his head. Why? Where did these extra horns come from? I used to just think it was part of Asta using Liebe’s Anti Magic and the “Weg” curse just turned you into a Monstrous Demon rather than a regular Devil. But the more that I think about it; the more I start to think that those horns do in fact mean something.

Looking at them closer; the horns atop his head in those forms do bare a resemblance to Megicula’s front horns- in the very same position, I might add. It could be possible that- by using Devil power- Asta has unknowingly brought out the “Weg Magic” left over from the curse Megicula put on his mother. Perhaps his unborn body absorbed some of the effects of Megicula’s curse, becoming a little “Devil-ish” to counter Licita stealing his life force. This being even more evident when you consider the fact that Asta says using the Devil power in chapter 216 “hurt him like crazy.” If he could handle that kind of power and still claim to be “fine,” then he more than likely has a little bit of resistance to it. There’s also his incredible physical strength- Devils being somewhat more resilient and durable as shown with those Mid Ranks in chapter 284. I think Asta’s physical strength is in part because of this Weg magic- making him physically stronger than most.

And then there’s these little f*ckin’ red herrings!!!

As for why Asta hasn’t undone the Weg curse on himself- it’s either because Anti magic can’t undo this particular curse because of the nature of how it was placed(an unintended consequence in the womb), or it could simply be because he doesn’t know about it. More than likely the second one. And interacting with Devil power brings out those horns for him.

I would also like to address a point that Broku also pointed out that we may need to discuss: Asta’s original magic type. He points out that Asta should hypothetically be able to use a version of the magic type he WOULD have had if he hadn’t had his mana stolen. He may still have Magic, but no mana to use it at all. And whenever Asta uses Devil Union; he gets the mysterious black orbs floating around him. He postulates that this is Asta’s original “Star” magic, siting points:

  • Asta’s name in the original one shot was “Asta Staria.”
  • His name in Greek and Old Norse dialect(I had thought he said “Arabic,” but I guess I was just watching TV at the same time and “Arab” came up at some point) means “Star”
  • His head band has a star-like shape on it

Now…………This is entirely possible. Asta having Star Magic depends on his parents, I would venture to guess. Licita’s magic allowed her to store away objects. We don’t know what his father’s was, but if we go by this logic- I’d say that he would have the ability of “Nuclear Fusion:” Taking in mana and converting it into a star power. He also tied this into a potential “Fate” because of Lucifero’s Gravity magic(Stars succumbing to Gravity to form Black Holes and all), but we’ll table that. Potentially; Asta is using a version of Star Magic with Devil Union- making it “Anti Star Magic.” That said; we also see in chapter 298 that changing someone into a Devil changes their magic- Lolopechika’s Water magic became Demon Water Magic. Maybe the reason why he’s able to access this magic is because of the Weg curse.

When Secre used Forbidden magic to seal away Zagreb in chapter 205– she grew out those horns. So using Devil power from Liebe brought out 1 horn at first and both in chapter 242– maybe using Devil Union brought out his original type, that being “Demon Star Magic.” And to further my point; I’d also like to point out in chapter 298 that Megicula said that she “Turned Lolopechika Into A Devil.Probably should have lead with that fact, huh? Well; “better late than never!”

Black Guardian Asta- At Your Service.

But the thing is that she had to “alter” the curse she had already had Vanica place on her 6 months ago. I do not thing that she did this to Licita or by proxy Asta. But it does support the idea of Asta have some Devil extremities. It would mean that her potential curse had a bit of “Devil” in there already- tying into what I had layed out earlier with Asta “absorbing” some of that curse and getting the Weg curse.

To Simplify It All: Licita was cursed after getting pregnant to be steal the mana and life force of those around her. She was cursed to be one of Megicula’s “back up candidates” to help with her “Malevolent Femcarnation.” But she did not succumb to her curse and die at any point, and was not useful in that regard. However; the unborn Asta was infected with the Weg curse, making whatever magic he would have had “Demonized” and his mana trained continuously for 9 months- but he never had his life force stolen because he had Devil extremities like that. And his interaction with Liebe and Anti magic are bringing these extremities to the fore. Hopefully all of that makes sense.

I realize that somewhere down the line I may have “lost track of what I was saying.” But I can’t tell you where or why. Like; I’ve been working on this post for a few days- editing at every chance I got and coming up with new ideas and evidence as I wrote. But hey; I’m not perfect. I don’t think that Asta is half Devil- I feel like something like that would take away from his character being “A Nobody Trying To Become Someone Important.” Like; a hybrid of one of the Most Powerful Races In The Series would make him pretty special and important, now wouldn’t it? I highly doubt that Tabata plans on Asta being part Devil or anything- but you never know……..

Maybe this line has more significance than we had thought!!!

But that’s all I got for all today!! I know this theory probably isn’t for everyone, but I think it makes sense. And I would like to hear all of your own thoughts and theories in the comments. Until the next post, my beloved readers- Stay safe; stay healthy; and have and Magically Wonderous Rest Of You Day!

The Promised Neverland Season 2 SPOILER REVIEW: The Ultimate Trash(MANGA SPOILERS UP AHEAD)

…………..Yeah. Yeah; this……..No. No; this was most likely the worst anime that I have ever seen. I didn’t even watch the last 2 episodes and I can tell you that season 2 of the highly praised “Promised Neverland” anime was…….just the f*cking worst. I say this both having read the manga and been a fan of season 1 of the anime. It just cut out a whole Dump Truck of content from the manga, and just…….This was an abortion of an anime. This was just a Big, Fat ABORTION. I almost don’t want to continue talking about this, but I have to to properly convey my thoughts. Hello everyone; this will be my review for season 2 of Kaiu Shirai’s and Posuka Demizu’s once popular “The Promised Neverland.” Let’s begin.

What Could Have Been But Never Came To Pass

Where do I even begin with this trainwreck? Should I start with how I noticed the content it cut out of the first handful of episodes; the episode count being cut down from 12 to 11; the fact that the opening didn’t hit the mark with me that season 1’s did; or do I just start with the clip show? You know what; let’s start with WHY it ended up the way it did- from the idea of it not being profitable without the manga and Gun Control over here in the states.

I’ve only heard about these 2 lines of thought as reasons why the series got messed up. Since this is a SPOILER review and I’m willing to bet that a lot of you are going to be jumping ship to the manga. I can tell you this: In the Bunker they stayed in episode 3; they were supposed to get legit weaponry- Guns and knives and all of that. But primarily guns, which can be seen as “bad” by Karren’s over here in the states. And I suppose having these 10-13 year old kids using armed weapons isn’t the best thing for the strict Japan either. So they cut out all of the guns and replaced them with bows and arrows for an understandable reason- even if I don’t agree entirely. But what I despise the MOST about the bunker: The omission of Hugo. And just the strait removal of the Goldy Pond arc- which manga readers hail as the “Last Good arc” or “The BEST” arc in the manga. It certainly MY favorite arc. And I thought they were going to do some changes that make it so that there would be the final arc. But no. No; we see this rush on ahead to the final arc- introducing things that exist simply to explain it’s own bull.

The only thing that I might be able to give this season is the fact that it tries to explain it’s own ending- even if they rushed through a whole bunch of REALLY INCREDIBLE CONTENT to get to it. It’s like the writers for the show(who actually chose to go uncredited for the final batch of episodes) were trying to figure out how to put an ending together that would make coherent sense after sitting on it. Which is kind of the point of “Anime Adapted Endings:” Adding content the anime to try and explain the ending better. All the content that was cut due to time constraints for the manga- the anime uses to explain the ending better. But they just overhauled the whole thing. And if they hadn’t rushed it- I might have been fine with it.

See Ya, Emma……NOT!!!

I think that one of my biggest problems in relation to this season was actually being a Manga Reader. Maybe this is a case where I might actually like the anime more if I hadn’t read the manga. I told Terranceacrow over at Crow’s World Of Anime about this while he was reviewing the series about how disappointed I was. And he told me that he was judging the anime alone because he didn’t pick up the manga. And you know what: he actually seemed to be enjoying it. Whereas I was looking forward to seeing the incredible “Goldy Pond” arc. Sense you’re not gonna see the anime version; I’ll tell you: This arc entailed Emma being taken into an Amusement park called “Goldy Pond,” which turned out to be a Hunting Ground made by a bunch of aristocratic sadists Demons who get their rocks off hunting Human children, rather than just get the “live stock.” It was a REALLY Good Arc(My Favorite Arc in the series- cliche as it is to say that), and I was upset to see that they had just neglected it altogether.

Honestly; I thought that Cloverworks was trying to “rearrange” and “change things” so that they could finish the series with what manga readers called “The Last Great Arc.” If they had done something like that, then they could have ended the anime on a high note. But instead; they cut the anime short because they “didn’t see a point without the manga running concurrently.” Yeah; the official excuse is that the manga ended sooner than was anticipated. And they saw no point in continuing the anime if there was no manga to promote. Side Note: DEMON SLAYER is going to continue adapting the manga even though it ended like a year or 2 ago. Though I guess looking at what they did; it was probably fine that they left the story alone.

Read The Manga To Learn More……..

All of this being said; I suppose that I AM being a little too rude to the staff that actually worked on the show. It wasn’t like it was their decision- this was very much Corporate decision. This fact made even more evident by the fact that some of the animators chose to remain uncredited towards the end. And they kind of did half @$$ work in the last 2 episodes from what I heard. Even though episode 5 of this 11 episode season was a F*cking Clip Show. But I’ll try to focus on all of the Good things going forward from this rant. One of these things being Ray and his battle against the Demons in that forest. I did like that in the manga.

As I told you in my Season 1 Review; Ray is my favorite character. So seeing him outsmart and outflank a horde of Demons the way he did was a cool set piece. Not to mention his talk with Emma in episode 1. Everything with Ray was actually pretty good. Even if I didn’t see he and Emma talk down a genocidal Norman. Oh wait; he was only swayed by the fact that a Demon Girl Was Named “Emma.” I’m one of the few people in this world that actually ENJOYED Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But even I couldn’t stand that sh!t. Back to the positive things: I enjoyed seeing Ray talk to Emma about Norman’s plan. He could see that Emma was opposed to the idea of murdering every single Demon, but she was also conflicted because the idea made everyone- particularly Gilda– happy. It was her own moral compass vs the smiles on her family’s faces. She was content to let it happen, but Ray could see she had her reservations. And tying it back to season 1; Ray realizes that Emma is able to do whatever it is she sets her mind to- even if it’s Overwhelmingly, unfathomably, RIDICULOUSY impossible to do so.

It served to show Ray’s character development and the relationship between the core trio of the series- how their experiences build upon one another repeatedly. Emma and Norman helped Ray find hope; Ray helped Emma talk down Norman; Norman adjusted his plan for them; they go to the Human world in the end. Everything ends happily.

What He Wanted All Along

There was also the discussion that Emma and Ray had with Norman’s followers. It was just as funny as it was in the manga, and had all the emotional depth. I particularly like Barbra’s “eye for an eye” mentality- “If Demons eat us; it’s only fitting we should eat them.” It served to show how this world is so f*cked up; it points out the problem in this mentality with the whole “everyone ends up blind” motif. It made the omissions of another certain character hurt all the more. “Ayshe” is probably my second favorite character in the series. And the way I phrased it made it sound like she had a lot of interaction and animosity with Barbra. When in all actuality; She didn’t interact with anyone too much. Her story is that she was initially deemed a “defective product” because of the birthmark on her head. So a Demon with a particularly ugly Mug felt a sort of “kinship” with this baby. So he secretly took her home- raising the child as his daughter so that neither of them would feel judged or alone.

They actually had a Happy life; he fed her plants and regular animal meat so that she wouldn’t have to cannibalize, and even got her a pack of dogs to protect her. But then; Norman and his allies attacked him as part of their campaign to free all Humans from Demon plantations and control. Whereas Norman saw it as a Demon raising it’s own livestock; Ayshe was met with the sight of Zassie murdering her Father on Norman’s order. So that they wouldn’t kill her on the spot- she vowed revenge in the Demon Dialect. Yeah; wouldn’t THAT have made more sense than “Emma” and Grandpa Demon Know-It-All? Could have used that to show Norman that not all Demon’s are awful. But no; let’s do the 1 thing that everybody uses to prove Batman v Superman is a terrible movie.

The Tragedy Of Ayshe

But the discussion between Emma and Ray and these 3 was kind of adorable- between them trying to act tough when confronted with them and the way they were trying to inquire about Norman’s past(they’ve only seen him “all business”). It’s like they were trying to show that they were “better fits” as Norman’s friends, but also wanting to know what he was like when he isn’t constantly thinking 92 steps ahead of a Godd@mn Super Computer. And yes; somtimes it feels like Norman is playing a game against a Super Computer and is Winning- HARD. And yet when it comes to something like this– meeting a girl whose initial language is something he can’t understand- even he isn’t immune to the confusion of the moment.

Another thing I liked was Emma’s dialogue with Sonju, as well as what it meant for her character the way I perceived it. It’s like: 1)Her choice of wording was just plain hilarious. “I need you to teach me how to take a life.” I read that scene in the manga and I just couldn’t help but laugh at how serious her claim was. It made me think that she was willing to kill a Demon in the event that one threatened her family. it made me think that she was very much willing to whatever it took to protect her family. And it felt like such a “blue ball” moment when we found out she just meant how to hunt. I’ve often thought about how a lot of New Age protagonists are against killing and “Ending the Problem Permanently” to such a degree that it feels like “Story Contrivance-” like the mangaka is trying to create more character arcs than I think some of them know what to do with. And in cases like Piccolo, Vegeta, Gentle and La Brva, Mars and Patri and more; it works. But the more characters we add to the cast- the more it starts to just feel like “character clutter.”

And the problem can even ruin a lot of great moments, to. Like; imagine if Asta had let Zagreb go in chapter 211. Would that scene really have been so good if Zagreb didn’t die after everything he had done? It just gets annoying and unnecessary after awhile. But back to the point; 2)I think that is showed Emma the………”Darker” side of life, you know what I mean? Like; she lived in a “bubble” her whole life- where no one got hurt or died(in front of her, anyway). But now that she has to “live off the land;” she has to adopt an “eat or be eaten” mentality. She didn’t want to kill animals- she just needed to put herself and her family ahead of a random creature. And when she killed that bird- she did in the most respectful and painless was she could. It was a nice scene that showed her determination.

Whoa WHAT?!

And unfortunately; those are ALL the good things that I have to say about this season of “The Promised Neverland.” I desperately wanted to like this season– I continued up to episode 9 because I had convinced myself it could still be salvaged. BUT…………It just went downhill from there– and unfortunately(and I suppose fortunately); there WON’T be anymore of the anime to discuss. But who knows; they could always pull a Fullmetal Alchemist and come up with a Brotherhood style retelling of the original manga’s story- one that’s more faithful to the source material than even season 1 was. Though that probably won’t be for a very long time………

And……….Yeah! Those are all of my thoughts on The Final, Awful season of Kaiu Shirai’s and Posuka Demizu’s “The Promised Neverland.” You did this series dirty, Cloverworks- I hope you regret what you’ve done to this Amazing story. Also: Yeah; Like Jujutsu Kaisen and Dr Stone I was writing this since before I even went on Hiatus. So if this post feels like it was written at 2 different times- It was. And the reasons I’ve outlined for all of you as to why this is so late should be available in my “Hiatus Announcement” post. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my blog for any amount of time- it means a lot that you all care about what I have to say. That’s all from me for today; until next we meet- Stay Safe; Stay Strong; And Have A Magically Fantastical Day.

Overdrive: My Favorite(Modern) Shonen Power Up- Edens Zero DISCUSSION

Hello again, my wonderful readers!! How are all of you today? I am well- getting to start a new post again rather than trying to pick up on one of the posts I haven’t finished is a good feeling- one that I love and miss. This post came into my mind when I first read Chapter 145– when Homura revealed her Overdrive transformation. And I say “reveal” and not “achieved” because of my own little theory about it, which we’ll discuss later on. But beyond just that; I wanted to discuss what I love about this power up, it’s similarities to Mashima’s other shonen power up in his previous work, and my other theory about the future of the story. This post is going be the most fun I’ve had in a LONG Time. And I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts on it!! Now; let’s begin.

The First Use Of Overdrive In The Series


Overdrive is your standard Shonen Power up: It comes about “when you push the ether in your body past it’s critical point, causing it to change,” Drakken Joe said in chapter 81. I don’t know much about cars or anything mechanical like that, but I think the principle that it “boils over” and becomes something entirely different- which might explain that transformation afterwards. It would make sense that when the substance that makes up your body changes- your appearance will too. I mean; it’s how Albinism happens- the lack of melanin in your skin causes it to be……well; pure white. But I think I might talk a little bit more about this “change” in Ether for a minute. Because this “change in ether” is a point of interest.

I want to know what this “change” is- is it the ether signature that changes completely, or is it the ether flow that changes? I have 2 working ideas for what this change is and what the “critical point” is:

  1. “Purification-” This is the process by which the ether that makes up the body is being used- it heats up and starts to “boil. The more is used; the more patterns form on the body- like bubbles in boiling water. And reaching the “critical point” is when all the “impure elements” in your ether are burned off, giving you access to the Ether itself, rather than all the “other stuff.” The change is the pure ether making itself solidify on your body.
  2. “Overload-” This might be more likely. This is the principle where the body is using much more Ether than usual, thus gaining the extra patterns and lines. And the “critical point” is when the regular body is overflowing with so much Ether that it adapts and changes to preserve gain better control.

Now; these are 2 loose explanations that I came up with while writing this post- you may have your own interpretation of what happens and the exact process of Overdrive. But I feel like the “Overload” option might be closer- even if I didn’t convey that the way I had intended to. In which case; sorry for confusing you.

The First use of Overdrive Proper

Overdrive is an ability accessible to everyone who uses Ether Gear- regardless of the kind you have. So even Machines capable of using Ether Gear are able to Overdrive just as Humans are. Though I’m left to wonder how a machines Overdrive would work in relation to a Humans. Because Ether gear works by “modifying the flow of your ether to power yourself.” And that works for humans because there’s no specific way it’s supposed to “flow.” But with machines; the flow of their ether is predetermined. It leads into a whole other theory about Machines being made to have specific Ether gear that I doubt is the case. But moving on.

Throughout the course of the series; we have seen 4 characters display 4 stages of Overdrive: Shiki, Kris(Jinn), Drakken, and Homura. Shiki has displayed the use of 3 different stages of Overdrive; Drakken has displayed 2; Homura- 1 or 2(depending on if you want to label what she did against Garrot in chapter 65); and Kris has only displayed it once in an alternate timeline. The current Kris has not had the chance to display a use of any Overdrive of any kind. Though I feel like he can. Speaking of “Stages;” there seem to be 4 of them:

  1. The “Initial Stage” that Shiki displayed when he fought the Fake Elsie and the Kureani Dragoon.
  2. The “Advanced Stage” that Shiki displayed against Drakken in chapter 95.
  3. The “Half Form” state that Drakken displayed to demonstrate “REAL Overdrive” in chapter 81.
  4. The “Full Form” state that Drakken displayed in chapter 95.

The difference in the first 2 states seems to be the patterns- how many of the lines are floating above the body and the “new” patterns that form- like when Shiki uses the “Initial Overdrive;” he gains those “Head Wing” things above his head.

“One Step Away…..”

Step one seems to be just the Head wings, while step 2 seems to be the lines on his arms floating above him. And step 3 would result in Demon King Shiki making his appearance. But that leads me to the Main Point of this post: The idea that Shiki’s Overdrive- and Homura’s as well- are Incomplete. Kris was confirmed to possess an incomplete Overdrive by Drakken.

Progression and Potential

Yes; this is the point that I wanted to talk about all along. I just thought that pointing out the differences in these Overdrives would help to reinforce my point- the point that Shiki and Homura still has another level of Overdrive to reach. If all of that isn’t enough to convince you, though; I would like to point out that, whereas Shiki and Homura have black fragments on their skin when they go Overdrive- Drakken becomes pitch black when he goes all out. He becomes a Big @$$ Monster in relation to Demon King Shiki, who simply gains a new vest and………Would you call those “Horns?”

Now; you can always postulate that the difference in appearance is left up to the fact that they have completely different Ether Gear. But if all Ether Gear users are capable of Overdrive; why would their “levels” be any different? Why does Drakken become a “Daikaiju(To make as many Kaiju No 8 references as possible)” and Shiki just becomes a super cool bad@$$ with a flowing scarf? I don’t think Shiki’s hit his limit yet. Likewise with Homura. I think there’s still another level to Overdrive that they can achieve- made even more evident by the patterns on their arms and legs respectively.

Like; the black markings that appear on them look like they aren’t done covering them yet. It’s like it’s still “Incomplete.” The thing that I want to talk about his how these 2 will “complete” the transformation, and what will those transformations look like. And once again; I think that Drakken might be a clue in how that would go.

For one thing; he’s had 200 Years to access the full potential of his Ether Gear. So there maybe a time frame that you have to have an Ether Gear to access it. But there’s also what it means to “reach the critical point.” That line let’s you know that he was pushed to his limit once before. I don’t know that event would be, but for Shiki– it was feeling the “memories” of World 29 “fall into him” and remembering the promise he made to beat Drakken. So it may be something like Super Saiyan- it can be attained through great emotional stress or just pure training. The “critical point” can be a reaction to one reaching their mental or physical limit. So for Shiki and Homura to attain this next level; they’ll have to either experience situations much more strenuous than what they went through to get this far.

As for the look; Drakken looks like a genuine Monster. His hiar becomes somewhat feather like, and he gains spikes on his his forearms. He also gains pointed ears and a larger physique. What this means is probably symbolic of him being a “Monster-” a being who twists and distorts natures laws. He used the power of Alchemy to take people’s life force, and his original goal of simply “living past 15” got warped into…….what we saw in the story.

If we go by this logic, then I think that Shiki’s would turn him into…….something akin to Ziggy, if I’m being honest. It looks like his horns aren’t quite fully formed, and I don’t think that vest will be much protection to a “Demon King.” As such; I think the end goal of his Overdrive will have his horns fully protruded and have him gain a naturally armor of sorts- much like one of his alternate outfits in the upcoming game.

This Must Be Like The 3rd Time I’ve Used This Exact Image- Swear To Gosh.

As for Homura; her transformation seems to go with the more “Animalistic Style” of her fighting- how a lot of her attacks have animal names like “Snake Bite,” “Snake Strike,” or “Towering Crane Gust.” And as you saw with her transformation in chapter 145; it’s clear that Mashima is goin with a “Kitsune” type of theme. So her Full On Overdrive will more than likely have a few additional tails. Though her appearance beyond just that is a little bit questionable. She mentioned in chapter 21 that she considered herself a “Knight,” and a King needs Knights. “Kitsune Knight” themed transformation inbound?


Lastly; let’s talk about all of the characters who have been seen using a form of Overdrive, the method of attainment, and potential progression- as well as the potential of other Ether Gear users we’ll continues to see in the series. Since I’ve talked about them at nauseum, so I’ll try to keep Shiki and Drakken’s points brief. But I’ll expand more on Homura and Kris- and the potential of a few other characters we’ll see in the story.

1. Shiki Granbell

This one I’ve already talked about. He has displayed the use of Overdrive in most states the most in the series at 7 times. He displayed the first usage against a Kopykat that pretended to be Elsie in chapter 14. He defeated it by using “Gravity Comet.” His second usage came against the mother of Homura- Kureani Kogetsu. Clad in her Kureani Dragoon; Kureani did her best to crush Shiki and the rebellion against her on Sun Jewel. But Shiki find the “chink” in the Dragoon’s Ether Coating: A Regular Fist Could Damage It. So when he converted the Missiles kinetic energy into gravity; the robot was vulnerable after getting hit with his fist and was destroyed by “Gravity Cannon.”

Can’t Wait To See This One Animated……..If I ever get to WATCH the anime……..

His 3rd use of Overdrive came in chapter 81 while fighting against Skymech Ninja Jinn- who had displayed his own use of Overdrive. But this use was cut short with the intervention of Drakken Joe, who saw fit to demonstrate to them proper Overdrive. Which lead to World 30 Shiki using an advanced Overdrive to combat Drakken- to no avail, as the latter displayed his Full transformation and nearly turned Shiki into stone just as he did in chapter 82. And then you come to the Legendary Chapters 97 and 98, in which Shiki used his new power to utterly CRUSH the Out-Of-Control Alchemist.

He would go on to use this power again when getting past the Dragonfalls to leave the Aoi Cosmos in chapter 105, and to finish his battle against Commando Team Beast member Orc in chapter 117. As said by Weisz in chapter 98; Shiki’s power in this form seems to have power comparable to that of a Black Hole, and is implied to have unconsciously “brought over the memories” of World No 29 as shown in chapter 97. It would also seem that this form gives Shiki access to the technique “Meteor Breaker-” the only attack in his Arsenal that doesn’t start with the word “Gravity.”

2. Homura Kogetsu

I cannot believe that it took me this long to show you this image!!

Going back to Chapter 95; we saw that Homura’s arms grow extra patterns to her Ether Gear, indicating that she was using much more Ether. I don’t know if we should count this as her using an initial stage of Overdrive. Because we usually see patterns on an early stages form on the face as well as moving up the arm. There’s also the change in the patterns that appear on her arm- her usual pattern wasn’t there and was instead replaced by a “zig-zag” type. This would also appear on Shiki when he went Overdrive in chapter 81; the “fingerless glove” look is replaced for a “flowing” effect, which leads me to think that this is a variation of Overdrive.

And of course; you have her display against Oceans 6 member Milani in chapter 145- in which she displayed her Overdrive and defeated Milani and her mirrors all at once. However; I don’t think she achieved it here. I don’t know if it’s just me or if Mashima is trying to imply something here, but that just didn’t “feel” like she was using her 3rd Stage Overdrive for the 1st time. I get that not every use of Overdrive will be this “Big, Theatrical ‘OH SH!T” moment, and at some point- it won’t even be all that “special.” But I feel like seeing one of the main cast- the characters we’ve been following for hundreds of chapters now- achieve this power- seeing them use it for the very first time- should HIT. Like; HIT hit. And while this moment was cool; I didn’t feel like it “hit” the way I’m talking about.

Which brings me to the idea that she achieved Overdrive offscreen during the training with Xenolith. It kind of sucks that something so momentous as achieving Overdrive is just reduced to “I did it while training in secret(it might also look clever for Xiao Mei to have just “skipped” over all that training),” but it’s also fine in my mind. Because it’s like: Xenolith made it very clear that he was going to take them to the LIMIT in the time they had(35 in the VR-C). I wouldn’t be surprised if Homura and 1 other certain person managed to tap into Stage 3 of Overdrive. But I can definitely see why people would have a bit of a problem with her having attained this power without us first seeing it.

Tapping into Overdrive allows Homura to summon a different type of sword that I don’t believe we’ve ever seen her summon before. She defeated her enemy in 1 attack with “Odin Strike,” so we haven’t seen anything “new” besides that.

3. Kris Rutherford

World No 29 can do it………..

THIS GUY is the guy I was just talking about! And I do believe that he has achieved the next level of Overdrive. Going by Drakken’s logic in chapter 95; World 29 Kris probably wasn’t that far off from proper Overdrive– he was probably just a “a step away” from it. And I think we can ALL guess what would push him over the limit: Kleene being in TREMENDOUS danger. Even if he can see through Xenolith’s tricks- he’s still seeing that Kleene’s in danger. And if it’s for his sister; he’ll push past his limits 1002 times over. So I am almost willing to bet money that he already has Stage 3.

But let’s also discuss the minute differences between World 29 and World 30– such as Rebecca waking up 30 minutes earlier to warn everyone of the impending danger, or Kris’ wardrobe choice that particular day. If he was one step away in the 29th World; who’s to say he didn’t already attain it in the 30th. He wouldn’t need to Overdrive to deal with everyone who came to destroy Drakken’s device; he’s stronger than them as is. So he probably hasn’t even gotten the chance to display it is all. Though, with the way the manga is right now- He should be able to show off his strength VERY SOON(COUGH COUGH*Hopefully against Callum Steelford*COUGH COUGH). But in any case; the only display we have of his use of Overdrive comes from chapter 78– at the beginning of his 3rd battle with Shiki.

He came back into the series after having undergone several modifications that allowed him to attain Stage 2- which he displayed to Shiki to show the difference between the 2 of them. His patterns floated around him like bandages on a Mummy in the wind. This improvement allowed him to overpower Shiki, and use stronger winds that he had ever displayed. It seems that his winds just gain more intensity than anything else. I doubt that’s all their is to it, though.

4. Drakken Joe

Not The BEST Image, but I already used the 2 good ones.

This last one showed us 2 versions of a proper Overdrive. Drakken Joe- The “Dark Alchemist” showed off a proper us of this ability for Shiki and Kris in chapter 81- showing his hair being somewhat crystalized and his Ether gear overflowing, changing the air around his hand from dry ice to lighting going into chapter 82. And it would seem that his full monster form allows him to even alter his body, as he turned his hand into a knife in chapter 96. Or how he has more control over his Ether gear to the point that he converted all of Weisz’s attacks while just defending himself.


………..I kind of imagined this post going a little differently in my minds eye. I had a better explanation for my 2 theories on how Overdrive comes about, and I had more points to why I think Homura attained Overdrive offscreen other than my the fact that it just didn’t feel like she achieved it right then and there. But I guess looking back at it; These WERE kind of all my point. But again; “all MY points.” I would love to know what you guys think about all of this? Do you think that Shiki has another level to shoot for? Or is this going to be his only transformation in the series? And aside from Kris; who do you guys think will access Overdrive next(My money is on Weisz)? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments, and until the next post, everyone- Catch ya later, Player Haters!! See ya!

Dr Stone: Stone Wars SPOILER REVIEW

The Ultimate Battle Of Minds And Muscles!! Who Will Comes Out Victorious In The “Stone Wars?!!!”

Hey there, party people! Yeah; this is just like Jujutsu Kaisen. I must have explained this a few times in the more recent posts I’ve done. So I won’t dwell on this part much. But I feel like you guys are still owed and explanation: My brother’s and I kind of just stopped watching these shows one day. Stuff just kept popping up we just didn’t pick it back up. So I watched the dub episodes to fill in the gaps, and I can now talk about the whole season comfortably. So now; let’s talk about season 2 of Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s “Dr Stone: STONE WARS!!!

Season 2 of “Dr Stone” focuses all 11 or its episodes on the “Stone Wars” arc of the manga- which sees Senku and the forces of Ishigami Village fight against Tsukasa and his empire built with the strongest physical might. This is where we meet characters such as Nikki, Yo, and Ukyo. And I pretty much like all 3 of them. There’s just something about “Dr Stone-” I haven’t really found a character that I can truthfully say I “hate.” I think in my season 1 review of the series I talked about my experience while reading the manga, and how I’ve been captivated by 3 specific characters that would be my favorite- with the 3rd being the current still. Just ain’t found one that’s better than him- particularly when it comes to the content of………..Is this season in Cours, too? Cause I think the next part is gonna be 11 or 12 episodes as well; it’s coming out in July. But in any case; the teaser image for next part shows his stone statue, letting you know he’s on his way…….

The Best Character In “Dr Stone-” Coming Soon!!

But back to this season; the “Stone Wars” arc is all about trying to reclaim the the cave where they were able to get the main ingredient for revival fluid- in such a way that “no blood is spilled.” Not just to ensure that they get Ukyo and his impeccable hearing on their side, but also because Senku didn’t want a lot of bloodshed either. It’s like………..Senku both is and isn’t a “Traditional Shonen Protagonist.” He’s certainly smarter than the standard Asta or Goku or Luffy of his genre. But he’s also like them in the sense that he doesn’t want a lot of unnecessary bloodshed when possible- or bloodshed at all when he can help it. Heck; even when it looks like it’s inevitable he won’t. I suppose that would put him closer towards Emma from The Promised Neverland, though, wouldn’t it? In any case; I think that the concept of a “bloodless war” is an interesting way to take a “War Arc.” And it’s even more interesting to see how they fight against the Tsukasa Empire without blood when they roll up in a F*ckin’ Tank. Made of paper mind you, but a tank all the same.

The tank bit gets into how “Dr Stone” handles itself- the idea that inventions and science builds upon itself to make a full society. In that way; “Dr Stone” manages to both show us how everything is made and how versatile everything is. Like the tank- it’s made of paper they ironed out to make carbon fiber reinforced polymer shielding that they made to put around their steam engine to mimic a tank- it was more of a scare tactic than anything else. It only had 1 thing of ammunitions- which is all they needed to get the Tsukasa Empire to lose morale and subconsciously give up. Psychological Warfare was kind of critical to the plan.

Dr Stone Season 2 | Making Tank | Detective Suika is Back! - YouTube
The Steam Gorilla- Armored And Fully Loaded

The other part of the War effort was Senku and Gen’s plan to pretend to be idol Lillian Weinberg to make people think that the United States was back up and running- tech and all. This is actually a scene I really liked: Them discussing how f*cked up it is to use a dead person’s name and voice to entice people to come over to their side; the idea of telling them that society is getting back up and running like that……….they both agreed that pulling a stunt like that would end up getting them a one-way ticket to H#ll. And the way that Chrome reacted to it was just “Guess All 3 of Us Are Going To H#ll!” Funny. Kind of f*cked up cause they might be going to H#ll for that one(Not Even Gonna Tease The Huge Spoiler On That One), but I’m glad that Chrome is willing to follow them- even into the worst of places.

Though the moment they try this plan; they of course have to end up talking to the Ultimate Super Fan Nikki. She’s so……….so dedicated to Lillian’s music; she can hear the slight difference in Gen’s impression of her, and even knows her exact proportions!! She immediately breaks down the ruse, and is only convinced to join them when Senku plays the record. She knows it’s just a record– but the idea that her music can persist and come back after 3700 years meant that she could live on; that Nikki could hear all of her music again. So she ends up switching sides, and helps them put on a more convincing Lillian impression.

Would You Call Her a “Modern Day Kohaku?” Or Is She Perhaps Stronger?

Actually; I was looking forward to these 3 characters showing up this season: Nikki, Yo, and Ukyo. As I said before; I haven’t met a single character in “Dr Stone” that I’ve hated. And Yo and Ukyo are examples of characters that I really like. Yeah, Nikki’s a good character. But I just find Ukyo and Yo to be really interesting, given their backgrounds and motivations for joining Senku’s side. Yo is similar to Gen in that he’s loyal to the guy on top- whoever allows him to be the “Top Dog” and do whatever; he probably couldn’t care less whether it was an empire of brain or brawns. He talks down to the people of the stone world, but is actually not all that smart himself.

When the Stone Wars end; he comes out of his hiding hole and joins the winning side. They needed the man power, so they put him to work. He comes in handy later, which the next part might adapt, so he’ll be important for later. But going back a bit; he has a hand in what happens in the end- as he is the one that let Homura go to help Hyoga with his master plan. In the same way that the inventions build upon each other; these characters come into play at various points- every new guy introduced becomes important either now or later. Yo is a case in which he’s introduced, and you don’t think too much about him. But he ends up being the first “link” in a chain of events that lead into the climax. Which hit HARD. In fact; I think I’ll talk about that next.

I’ll get to Ukyo’s importance in a sec, but I think I’ll talk about the end with Hyoga first. So; Senku revives Tsukasa’s sister, Mirai. Because of the nature of the petrification; it was like giving her the surgery she needed to awaken from her comma. But there in lied Hyoga’s chance- the chance to take out Tsukasa through his weak spot. Thus far; Tsukasa proved too strong even for Hyoga. So he avoided direct combat until he knew he could win. Enter: Mirai. He has Homura distract them, and is about to stab at Mirai. But he knew Tsukasa would jump in the way. This results in Tsukasa taking a spear through the chest, and falling into the river- with Senku trying to save him the same way he tried to save Magma in that cave.

Senku and Tsukasa vs Hyoga

However; Senku’s a twig, and Tsukasa one punched a LionNo way in h#ll is he gonna be able to hold up that anomaly in nature. So he ends up falling into the river with him. And Hyoga follows suit- as per his plan. He knew that this river would wash them up somewhere where he can “do the deed” without interruption or interference- and he knew that Senku would follow after him. So he takes this chance to try and coerce Senku over to his side, and explains his personal philosophy on the petrification: He- like Tsukasa- believes that this is a chance to “purify” the world. However; he takes it a step further, calling Tsukasa’s plan to “only revive the young” to be “childish.” No; he only plans to revive the Strong- the one’s capable of fending for themselves so that “The Strongest” don’t end up having to sacrifice for the weak.

He seems to believe that if the strong “exist to defend the weak;” they’re giving up more than anyone else- The Weak have stomachs full of food while the Strong go hungry. Which may play into his backstory- I’m curious how he came to this philosophy in life. Perhaps he defended the wrong person, or maybe he was forced to work his whole life to support his family. But one day; he decided he couldn’t take it and……..not killed his family, but simply left them to forge his own path in life and put himself first. And maybe that happened not too long before the Petrification happened, so this ideology stuck so prevalently in his mind.

He explains this philosophy to Senku, who already made it clear when he saved Magma in Season 1 that the strong and the weak co-exist- they’re a mutualistic relationship. So if only the strong exists; they won’t be able to decipher the danger well enough and………well; Die. And Senku’s the kind of guy that doesn’t want that to happen. As such; Hyoga decides to MAKE Senku see things his way, and gives him a choice: Join Him- Or Lose A Digit Until He Does. Obviously, that can’t happen. So Shishio Tsukasa- The “Strongest Primate High Schooler-” gets up and Fights his former ally- chest wound and all. And he does this because……’s starting to ring his his mind how wrong this way of thinking is- how flawed his mindset was and how far things could have gone if he wasn’t stopped…… Senku. The very same guy he made the promise to “protect” once upon a time. And plans to Reignite That Promise Here And Now.

The Ultimate Tag Team!! Science And Muscles Vs The Spear- Who’s Gonna Win?!

I really liked this battle because it showed that Senku is not……… useless in a fight. In fact, given a little bit of time; he can be very resourceful. He used that make-shift splint around the finger Hyoga cut to hide the Taser he made with the cell phone Hyoga smashed up. More of that “invention stacking” thing I keep talking about. But the thing that should have foreshadowed the taser bit was when Tsukasa managed to force Hyoga into a single spot- that Senku had dumped sulfuric acid on, and he used the taser to make it EXPLODE(in very Fullmetal Alchemist type fashion). That’s actually the core of this battle: Tsukasa being a threat and forcing Hyoga in specific situations for Senku’s scientific inventions to deal out damage. Because as it stood; Tsukasa would not have been able to defeat Hyoga on his own with that injury- and Hyoga knew that. But the threat of Tsukasa was enough for him to fall into all of their traps.

There was also what Senku told Hyoga about science- how he could use it to “kill Hyoga with a single finger.” Hyoga probably knew it was a bluff- but he also knew the kind of scientific power Senku had at his disposal. Even if it wasn’t enough to “kill” him; it was still gonna hurt like a motherf*cker. So he also had to keep an eye out for Senku as well. All that made it harder than Hyoga may have let on. But in all; this was just a really good moment in the series- I can’t wait to see more of what Hyoga has to offer to the story. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO THAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!!! But I won’t talk about that until then………

Dr. Stone Shots on Twitter: "ukyo 🥺… "
Now This Guy………

Back to what I was talking about in regards to UkyoHe’s A Military Man; A Soldier. More specifically; he was a Sonarmen- in charge of watching the sonar tracker for disturbances. And with his keene sense of hearing; he can spot lot’s of things. Like the sound made by Magma when they were planting the cell phone at Senku’s false grave, or his ability to find them in a field by the rustling of the grass. Despite his peace-loving nature; He’s Actually FAIRLY Dangerous. But he’s also an “idealistic softy-” he wanted the Stone Wars to end “without a single drop of blood being shed.” 1)Let’s you know some of what he’s done in his line of work– that this would be his condition let’s you know that he’s “Seen some sh!t” he doesn’t ever want to see again. He could have killed Chrome and Gen and Magma- he chose not to because the opposing side wouldn’t break apart the stone statues. So he chose them because their path would lead to the least bloodshed. I also like the Robin Hood/ DND Archer esthetic to him- hat and all.

As for Yo; he was a “Crooked Cop” in the old world- his motto was “Shoot First And Ask Questions If There’s Time!………” or something to that effect. And as you can imagine; he uses his status to repeatedly break laws- in fact; he was peeing in the street at the time of his petrification. So why did Tsukasa chose to revive him? Well he needed Guards and Manpower. Yo might not be much on the brains, but he certainly makes up for in his…………..they needed the man power. And someone dumb enough to not question the new status quo- and weak enough to suppress if he tries anything. Honestly, the more I think about; the more I think he was just around to be the warden for their prison than anything else. And- all things considered- he might have actually been good at that one. And he’s at least able to take charge when it’s time to mobilize the other guards to find an escaped prisoner. And I suppose his unpredictability makes him kind of a problem. So……Yo is fine.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode #06 | The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica
He also looks down on the primitive people- despite knowing comparatively less than even someone like Kinrou.

………………….I actually think that I talked about the main stuff. It was only 11 episodes, and I got to all the stuff that I wanted to discuss. The only thing left to talk about…………actually; I want to talk about the music a little bit- the ED specifically. The OP “Paradise” by Fujifabric is good and all, but it’s no “Good Morning World” or “Sangenshoku”. But the ED here- “Voice?” by Hatena- is easily my favorite Ending theme for the series. The song itself is really good- but the visuals really give it that extra “Oomph!” The evolution of Humanity to seeing a young Senku- encapsulating all that information within himself and growing with it. But then he’s petrified, and the world gorws and changes around him. When he emerges- he just walks on with every intention of starting from the ground up.

And then the way he takes off running at some point represents what he told Taiju at the end of episode 1: “Building Society Back Up In A Sprint-” a line that always kind of stuck with me for some reason. But the way he started walking on his own represented his flashback to before Taiju awakened. And when his friends came to him; he was able to start running. And then the shifting seasons around him……….Amazing Ending. Check out the full song and the ED when you get the chance.

Dr. Stone ☆ ED 3 Koe? (Voice?) by Hatena - Tumbex
Can’t Walk Everywhere. Somtimes- Ya Gotta Run Like H#ll!!!

But in any case; the very last thing that I want to discuss with you all is the ending of the season- teasing the Kingdom of Science’s voyage across the world to find the source of Petrification. Now this was more than likely always Senku’s plan. After all; what good would building society back up do if everyone just gets petrified all over again? So Senku likely always planned for this to happen. But the thing that sparked this sudden decision: Tsukasa’s Injury. Senku did not bullsh!t around the topic: If Tsukasa were to carry on with this wound- he would not make it. But seeing as the Petrification can aid in rejuvenation of the human body; all he’d have to do is turn to stone again and get a dose of revival fluid. Problem: The origin point of the Petrification light was in South America. It was gonna take a minute to get their hands on the device. And again- not much time left, what with with things like infection and illness and all. So how will they prevent him from dying before they got back? Well…………………Senku said it best: He Would Have To Die This Time.

See; they can’t perform surgery- they don’t have the medical expertise for that. Nor could they stop the bleeding much or even cauterize the wound. So Senku comes up with the idea of freezing him– slowing down his blood flow and freezing off the bacteria so that he could continue to leave until they got back. Thus; “He Had To Die This Time-” bringing their relationship full circle. An “Eye For An Eye” situation; Tsukasa “killed” Senku- and Senku has “killed” Tsukasa. But the both of them are going to be saved by the very same thing that brought the world to ruin, and lead to their meeting. It makes perfect thematic sense when you think about it. Man; I hope I’m using that word right- “Thematic.” I always enjoy hearing discussions talking about different narratives and themes conveyed in manga. It’s partially why my posts are so long- I just want to talk about this kind of symbolism in stories. I hope to convey them well in any story I’m writing……….

Mind And Muscle- Side By Side

But going beyond that; it’s just a very emotional moments when it happens. Kaseki even makes Kohaku and Chrome leave so Senku can “do the deed.” Because it’s like; he’s putting a friend to death. You guys saw it in Season 1: Tsukasa didn’t want to kill Senku– he did it because he thought at the time that it was the only way for the “World to be saved.” He admitted that if they met before all of this; they could have been the best of friends. But because Senku wanted to revive the world he saw as “corrupt-” he thought he had to do it. “1 life vs A Million,” and he picked the million. Whereas Senku did it to “spare” him. It’s kind of f*cked up to say, and this was SO DEFINITELY not Senku’s intention, but……………it was like putting down a sick dog– “ending the pain” before they die a slow, painful death. He “spared” Tsukasa from dying painfully- instead choosing to “put him into a deep sleep.”

And it’s like; he also didn’t want to do this- he didn’t want to have to “take a life” like this. Especially not someone he fought with- who he was friends with. And that’s one thing. Kaseki put those 2 out because……..because……….they didn’t need to see that– to see their trusted friend and Leader put his close friend to “sleep.” Only some kind of sick freak would want a witness when they do something like that. But the most impactful thing about this sequence is how Senku tries to………he’s not trying to “delay the inevitable,” but……….it’s like; he’s trying to make sure the process is as peaceful as possible- to “cushion the blow” on himself and Tsukasa. He starts trying to make small talk with him as he’s about to freeze- about a bunch of random stuff like Super Mario. Nothing really- at least; it would seem. But as Tsukasa goes quiet while Senku’s talking about some in-game secret, you just……… just kind of know what’s up. And you can hear it in the boys voice that he……….he did it. And he took no “pleasure” or “revenge” in it- he “doesn’t give a millimeter” about something like that.

When I first read this scene in the manga; I actually almost shed a tear because………it’s like……….this scene was……..This scene carried a lot or weight- for Senku and for Tsukasa. You’ll probably see what I mean for Senku in the near future, and Tsukasa’s sooner or later. But for the moment; all I’ll say about this scene is that it’s brilliant, and I’m glad that “Dr Stone” added it in.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode #11 | The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica
Rest In Peace, O Strong One……………..

And with all of that said; I think I’ve talked about everything I need to say about “Dr Stone: Stone Wars!!” Man; the last 2 posts have been so close together. It’s not like I’m coming back as soon as I would like to; this season was just shorter than Jujutsu Kaisen. There was much less to say because of its length, so I was able to get through this in just a few days. And……this post is the end result of all my efforts. But in any case; I give Riichiro Inarigaki and Boichi’s “Dr Stone: Stone Wars” a great big Thumbs Up!! Now I just need to watch a few more series and work on a few more posts and I’ll be all caught up again!!! Sh!t; I hope time is that kind to me. All my paperwork’s been cleared, so the time in between this and the next post is gonna be significantly longer. But on the bright side: I might actually be able to come back at some point this summer!! Let’s hope!!

That’ll be all from me for now, boys and girls in internet land. Until the next post; I’ll catch you all laters! Bye!!

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Cour 2 SPOILER REVIEW

Hey there, my lovely readers!…………….I gots me sum ‘splainin to do, huh? Well………my brother’s and I ended up stopping watching episodes at some point for………..whatever f*cking reason. Be it everything from scheduling conflicts to stuff just continuously popping to some other dumb sh!t. So it took……..a while to get to this. Heck; I didn’t even see the last 4 episodes subbed- I secretly watched the dub to fill in the rest for this series and Dr Stone: Stone Wars. So now I have FULL knowledge of what goes on in the second cour of Gege Akutami’s Hit Series- “Jujutsu Kaisen!!” And I might have actually picked the perfect time to talk about it- in the worst way possible.

Thank You To “Uriko Nabil” On Facebook For This image.

As I’m sure all of you who follow this series have heard; Gege Akutami- creator of the series- has been having health issues as of late. In the statement they made to reassure us that they’re fine; they clarify that the manga is not going on hiatus because of that- it’s more of a “hectic schedule” thing. Like; the health issues they had in the past few months has thrown their schedule all out of wack. So much so that one of the latest chapters saw incomplete sketches– signs of overworking and rushing to meet deadlines. Which is so very not good. Especially with the recent tragedy that befell the creator of Berserk– Kentaro Miura.

I never read Berserk myself, but I know that it meant a lot to a lot of people. So on their behalf; I’ll say Rest In Peace, Kentaro Miura- You Will Be Missed. This ties into the whole “Overworking Mangaka” problem, which plagued Miura and Yoshirio Togashi of YuYu Hakushou and Hunter X Hunter– of which Akutami has admitted they took inspiration from. This struck people as worrying, considering Togashi’s track record with working and completing chapters. And ever since the anime started; the manga has been seeing a LOT more breaks. Which is a GOOD thing in the long run, but is overall a worrying sign. But with the passing of Mirua; these publishing companies are starting to re-evaluate their methods and work. As such; Shueisha and the Shonen Jump Editorial Department ordered Akutami to take a “leave of absence” for their health(also to make the series last as long as possible). Now; Akutami can focus on recovery.

If you think that this hiatus is going to be like that of Hunter X Hunter; I’m here to say that you’re incorrect, as Akutami assures us that it’ll be no more than a month or 2. To you, Akutami; take all the time that you need. The manga can wait. And that’s all the news on the manga. So let’s get into my SO FRE@KING INCREDIBLY LATE review of Cour 2 of the 1st season of “Jujutsu Kaisen!!”

Battle Of The Sorcerer’s

This half of the season covers the “Kyoto Goodwill Event” arc and the “Death Painting” arc- but mostly the Goodwill arc, considering it occupies more episodes. When I first started reading the manga so I could catch up to the series before the anime came out; I decided to check out a random chapter following Yuji’s death. Just to see if this was the kind of series that “bait and switches” protagonists- like Talentless Nana. I ended up jumping to the end of this arc, with Gojo showing up to help everyone like the deity that he honestly is. But that’s a topic for later. Right now; i wanted to focus on the Kyoto schools students- such as Aoi Todo, Mai Zenin, and the……………TRAGIC Kokichi “Mechamaru” Muta. And trust me when I saw that was AWESOME!!!

The “Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event” is an annual competition between the students of both Tokyo and Kyoto Jujutsu High campuses. It’s held annually as a competition between the two schools. It is held in the middle of the school year after the busy season for Jujutsu Sorcerer’s in the Summer. The event itself lasts two days with each Principal from their respective school choosing an event for the day. However, in the past years, both Principals have agreed on the same pattern; a team battle on the first day and individual battles on the second. However……….this tradition was broken by 1 Satoru Gojo in 2018, who made it so the competition ended with two team competitions.

Tokyo vs Kyoto students in 2021 | Jujutsu, Cool drawings, Anime
Kyoto vs Tokyo

This arc also serves as Yuji’s re-introduction to the main cast- which was hilarious. Yuji was expecting a tearful reunion with his friends and introduction to new ones. Gojo also expected that. I was more expecting them to be mad that he hid the fact that he was alive, but accept it. But not from Nobara- her reaction was perfect in-character. Megumi- I was expecting him to……..not “react,” but also acknowledge that this is kind of a good thing. While Nobara makes him sit in a frame you would use at a Funeral. She wasn’t happy- and no one else really seemed to pay it any mind. Anti-Emotional Revelation- “Jujutsu Kaisen” is really funny.

Meanwhile; the principal of the Kyoto School- Yoshibobu Gakuganji- orders the Kyoto students murder Sukuna’s vessel(1 Yuji Itadori)- as was intended when they sent Yuji and Megumi to deal with that one Curse at that Detention center. So it becomes a good ol’ fashion “1v1” battles. Yuji ends up fighting against the rouge Aoi Todo- who’s more or less just wants to fight someone strong……..and find a friend to talk about his idol Taka-chan with. Which he seems to have found in Yuji. The scenes hilarious, too: The Kyoto Students single out Yuji, and he ends up fighting against Todo. Todo stomps in his head to a tree ’til the boy bleeds- but Yuji’s more or less okay(though he makes a crack about this possibly having made him “dumber”). Seeing as Yuji was able to take that kind of punishment; Todo asks him the same question he asked Megumi: “What type of girl do you like?

Moved To Tears By The Answer

Seeing as Nobara and Maki weren’t around to slit his belly; Yuji answered the question honestly: “Tall Girl With A Fat @$$!!!” You guys know what I’m about- I’ve made that VERY clear to all of you. But to each his own.

The answer to the question…………………..makes Todo cry. And it sends him to a……. “False Memory World” where he and Yuji were in High School together, and they were friends since like childhood? Todo went to confess to Taka-chan, but she said she wasn’t into the “brutish type” like Todo. Yuji had a feeling this would be the case I guess, so he treats Todo to some Ramen in a shop in town. I watched that whole sequence play out- read those same pages like 6 or 7 times to make sure I didn’t miss ANYTHING– and all I’m left with after that is the same thing I felt the first time I read it: What In The Actual Flying F*ck Just Happened? Like; I’m still a little bit confused.

This scene happens again, but that’s a spoiler for either next season or season 3. And all I can make of this is that something about Yuji is able to “resonate” with people on such a level that he’s able to implant false memories in people or something. Like; people seem to have these memories of him that make them closer to each other than they actually are. I mean; Todo even ends up labelling Yuji his “BEST FRIEND” over this!! And later on; he even calls him his “brother.” Actually; that scene was pretty funny. The guy just shows up in his room at Tokyo Jujutsu High and starts calling Yuji “brother,” and treats Nobara and Megumi like friends as if he didn’t dog da b!tch out of ’em a few days ago. Useful for battle- inconvenient social life afterwards.

The Dynamic Duo!! Yuji And Aoi vs Hanami!!

The inconvenient social life aside; this apparent ability does come in handy for making new allies. Allies that know a thing or 2 about combat. In this case; Todo taught Yuji one of my FAVORITE aspects of this series: The Chaotic “Black Flash” technique. It’s a special jujutsu attack that distorts space, greatly amplifying the users physical hits when the sorcerer applies their cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. When a sorcerer is able to achieve this; their cursed energy flashes black, and the force of their strikes is equal to a normal hit to 2.5.

The technique requires incredible concentration; no Jujutsu Sorcerer is capable of using it at wil- not even the Almighty SATORU GOJO. Holy Sh!t, man- if even HE can’t use it at will; what hope do the other characters have at gaining control of it? I mean; they WILL. Mastering a chaos factor like this would likely be the end goal in terms of strength and key to the “origin” of cursed energy. As it is also said that a Sorcerer who manages to pull off a Black Flash have an “Immeasurably Higher Understanding of the Essence Of Cursed Energy.” For these sorcerer’s; the mental process of manipulating cursed energy becomes as simple as breathing. Yuji at the very least seems like he’ll be able to master the Black Flash at some point in the future, as I believe he manage to pull of 6 consecutive one’s during his fight against the Cursed Spirit Hanami.

But going beyond them; I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Maki and her sister, Mai. Not gonna spoil the recent stuff with the manga(Man; I picked the PERFECT TIME to put this one out there), but I’ll say that this relationship is one of the good ones. A lot of “Jujutsu Kaisen” relationships are really good. But this one stands out in terms of familial bonds, as we learn the circumstances of their upbringing. MORE Manga Spoilers here that I won’t talk about, but due to the nature of Maki’s “Heavenly Restrictions” and Mai’s personal weaknesses(low self-esteem and whatnot); they were very looked upon and mistreated by the rest of the Zenin clan. But, whereas Maki was trying to fight against the clan and take over; Mai was more than content “at the bottom” as long as she had her sister with her. But Maki left, so she was all on her own.

“Misery Demands Company.”

Their relationship is very complex- one wants more out of life than what was available to her at the time, and one just wanted to be with her sister, regardless of where they were. And I think that in a way; they both let each other down. Maki failed to try and take Mai with her- leaving all on her own and Mai to fend for herself against an abusive family. While Mai failed to realize that they didn’t have to “rot in a hole together-” they could RISE together on some Shonen Protagonist type deal. Because another way in which they’re connected is their cursed abilities- Maki’s “Heavenly Restriction” makes her physically strong and able to endure a lot of what comes her way, and Mai’s low cursed energy allows her to conjure a single object a day for Maki to use. They complete each other. Fitting since they’re twins.

As for the other Kyoto students; I think I actually ended up like the 3rd Year Kyoto student “Momo Nishimiya ” the most in terms of design and cursed technique. It allows her to control her broom telepathically to levitate like a Witch girl(of which she seems to be inspired by), and also control the broom independent of herself for attacks and information gathering. 1)I find pig tails attractive, so that’s a plus in my books. 2)I like the simplicity of her ability and far she could theoretically take it. Like; she’s already able to do the tried-and-true “Wind Slashes” anime fans have become accustomed to. But it is also entirely for her to be able to move at blinding speeds for damaging attacks, and maybe even fight a hand-to-hand combatant like Maki without having to fight herself………..I made it sound like she could do some serious damage, when I just generally like her ability.

I also like her facial expressions- Look How Apathetic she looks right here.

I also liked her fight against Nobara during the Event. The theme of their fight brought up the topic of “Discrimination Against Female Sorcerer’s-” an apparent problem in the Jujutsu Sorcery World. This problem will be touched upon with the Zenin clan in the future, but we hear about it from Momo in regards to Mai. They’re expected to be “perfect” in a world based on skill- Mai and Maki were looked down upon their whole lives for their individual problems(leading to their divergent personalities). And that because she’s protecting a Cursed Spirit; Nobara could never really understand their struggles. Which Nobara doesn’t take so kindly.

The theme of the battle and conversation seems to have been “The Unfortunate Who Grow up To Resent The World vs The Lucky One’s Who Are Resented.” Mai’s behavior- mistreatment of Maki and her fight against Nobara days ago- is not justified by her upbringing. And just because Yuji is now harboring the most powerful Curse in history does not mean he deserves to die. And I think what Nobara was trying to say as a counter point(it may not come out right, but I’m gonna try) was that Momo should not condemn Yuji for choosing to save someone over leading a normal life, while talking about how Mai had a horrible life to justify their current actions. Not that I think she cared much about the philosophy lesson in all of this– I think she was just reacting to what Momo said and sticking up for her friend.

The Most Tragic Character Of All…………

Another aspect of the arc that I liked was the battle between Panda and Mechamaru. PANDA. He’s a Panda. And is one of Principal Yaga’s “Cursed Corpses.” Basically; he’s a sentient Doll Yaga made using 3 cores to make up his being- becoming Panda, his older brother “Gorilla,” and his “shy sister” we haven’t met yet. While his opponent- “Mechamaru-” is someone who’s life is……………..H#ll. Purely And Simply Awful. Like; he has the same “Heavenly Restriction” as Maki, which allows him access to RIDICULOUS amounts of Cursed energy- so much that people even say he could envelop the entire Nation of Japan(which allows him to control the “Mechamaru” puppet.). However; the trade off for Him was even worse than Maki’s. Maki just can’t use Cursed techniques or see curses without the aid of her glasses; Kokichi Muta’s restriction was that he was born without a right arm; USELESS legs; he’d get burns from Moonlight; and “it felt like needles pierced every pore of his skin.” Yeah; his life SUCKS.

I can actually understand his goal- to want to be with his friends in person, and be called by his name, rather than a nickname for a puppet he made. That’s all he wants. And considering his life right now- That might be all he needs right now. And I also like the Mechamaru puppet- it reminds me a lot of Kankuro and the Puppet Master Ninja’s in Naruto. I’ve always liked Sakura’s fight against Sasori in Shippuden, so seeing something like that here is welcomed. Particularly when it came to his fight against Panda. “A Puppet That Gains Sentience vs A Puppet With Strings-” Panda being free to think for himself, and Kokichi tied to life support and restricted to a bath that I suspect is a mixture of blood and water. This tied into their battle, and helped them to actually understand each other. Heck; Panda even gives him words of encouragement to help him afterwards. So look forward to that coming back into play later.

There are a few other fights during the event, but the “Meat And Poptatoes” comes when the Cursed Spirits and that whole faction make their move- trying to steal everything they need to seal away Satoru Gojo, while also trying to capture Sukuna’s vessel for their own means. And the fight that takes up the main slot becomes Yuji and Todo’s battle against Earth Spirit Hanami.

aoi todo gifs on Tumblr
This is Good- But The Anime is BETTER!!!!!

This is the fight in which Yuji learned to use the Black Flash- and where Todo chooses to take a back seat in favor of letting his brother fend off this Cursed Spirit. It was supposed to be training, and I’m fairly certain that Todo would have stepped in if it looked like Yuji was about to die. But I think he knew that these Cursed Spirits wouldn’t kill Yuji- be it because he’s Sukuna’s vessel or because he wouldn’t let it happen if it came down to it(Though He Postulates That He Wouldn’t Step In…………I believe). In either case; this was good training for Yuji- especially in how to “hold” a Black Flash combo move for a long time- breaking Nanami’s record of 4.

We also learn what Todo’s Cursed technique actually is, and……….The name is pretty funny. But it’s effective during a fight when you consider what it can do. Using the “Boogie Woogie;” he is able to swap positions of anything that possesses Cursed Energy- Human, Spirit, or tool. He can choose whether to change his own position, or the position of his targets. The swap happens when he claps hands- be it clapping his hands together, or when he uses someone else’s hands to make up for the other. It goes back to what Nanami told us in Cour 1: Telling the opponent about your technique can force them into a corner and make them make mistakes. Todo tells you the gist of the technique, but not all that it can do. As displayed when Hanami thought he could predict the swap’s position, only to end up being swapped with Yuji and end up taking the hit. THAT is how you work with a basic ability!! The more I talk about it; the more I start to realize how easy it really is to understand Cursed Techniques and how this power system’s worked.

God Farted, And It Blew Away A Barrier Made To Keep Him Out……….

I’ve made it clear that power systems like Stands and Nen make my head hurt. And I kind of got the impression from “Jujutsu Kaisen” that it would be closer to Nen, with Stand references here and there. Probably still Stand references that I haven’t found yet, but I’m glad to see these abilities aren’t trying so hard to make me think understand……….EVERY-F*CKING-THING like Nen. The more I talk about it; the more I find that I like something. And “Jujutsu Kaisen” seems to be one of those things that I’m starting to really enjoy and love. Though I’m gonna be missing reading it weekly for a while.

But back to the series; Gojo’s display of power is a STUNNING piece of animation- and the description of the attack makes it so that even a simpleton like me can understand it!! It works when he combines “Lapse: Blue” and “Reversal: Red” to make what I feel is his Ultimate technique: “Hollow Purple.” By combining Blue’s attraction and Red’s repulsion; he’s created a technique that utterly DESTROYS everything in it’s path. The matter doesn’t know which direction to go, so it just……… just completely dematerializes. That sh!t is Co~ol…………. And was one of the best pieces of animation this series has to offer. And that is saying A LOT. Like A Lot a lot. But weirdly enough; I actually found that the best animation thus far came from a………comparatively less amazing fight. That being a battle at the end of the season.

The last arc at the end was a short one- kind of just an arc that didn’t fit at the beginning of next season, and worked in a short 3 episode format at the end so they wouldn’t have to do a bunch of filler episodes. It works for what it is, and it’s clear that the animators put a lot of love and care into the battle. But I can’t help but feel like it didn’t have to go quite as hard as it did. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Actually; I was hoping that Yuji and Nobara’s “Joint Black Flash” would have the best possible animation. And it DID!!!!

Friendship Flash!!!

Of course; Megumi also got further characterization and development in this arc. I particularly like his battle against the same Cursed Spirit from the beginning of the season- it brings things around to where the story began, and allowed us to see Megumi’s development from where he started to where he is now. Particularly when he used his Partial Domain and…………..went kind of “Off The F*cking Deep End. I liked seeing him go a little bit crazier and talk a little bit of sh!t. He has a lot of anger, and a lot of bad times associated with the bridge this arc takes place on- it’s good that he found something to take out all of that frustration out on.

And I also liked seeing the Death Painting Wombs in action- and learning about their origins. THOSE ARE HEAVY MANGA SPOILERS, so I won’t talk about their connection to a certain character. But as you saw: They are hybrids between a Human and a Cursed spirit, created by the legendary Jujutsu Sorcerer “Kenjaku-” one who’s goal is to “evolve humanity” by using Cursed Energy. The Death Painting Wombs were the first instance of his attempts. And during the Goodwill Event Interruption; Mahito snuck into the Tokyo Metropolitan school and stole the fingers they had already collected- along with these Death Painting Wombs to help them in their endeavors. Also to stir up some chaos, as we see Yuji contemplate things about these particular enemies.

These wombs do act like brothers when it comes down to it- they defend each other, are happy to see each other, can get mad on each other’s behalfs. The way they act is so close to Human, that it begins to make Yuji think about whether it was right to exorcise Eso and Kechizu like that. Nobara is a somewhat-unconventional help for Yuji in this moment, further reinforcing the fact that she really does care for Yuji AS A FRIEND. This series doesn’t seem to want shippings between the main cast…….at the very least. Things may or may not change in the future, but with Akutami telling us that the series is only going to be around for 2 more years; I don’t think we’re going to be seeing the characters get much “downtime” to set up romantic relationships.

no more humans — Hi! Did you read the latest Jujutsu Kaisen...
The Origins of The Death Painting Wombs

……………………..Is there anything else I neglected to talk about? I could talk about Inumaki’s cursed technique, which allows his words to carry out commands- limiting him to ingredients to Rice balls and such. Like; he could simply say something along the lines of “Lick My Balls” and you would……………Not gonna change it; not gonna finish it, either. Just know that he can make people do some sh!t. I like it, and I want to know what the upper limits are. ‘Cause I doubt that he could say something like “Bring Me 1 Billion Yen” and they’d just bring it to him. It might operate by the same principles as the Death Note: It can’t be too unrealistic, or else it won’t work. Or something like that.

Oh! I can also talk about the new Op and ED. The New Ending PAILS in comparison to “Lost In Paradise-“ I’m not even gonna front with you on that. Like; maybe it’s just one of those songs that I don’t like, or maybe I just didn’t give it much of a chance(I skipped every time it came on), but it’s just not the same as “Lost In Paradise-” it never hit the same. And for them to give up the Ending that had so much schwag in it that it spawned parodies for Chainsaw Man, Naruto, Kaguya Sama, Bleach, and more. The music hit after every episode, and there was so much “drip” in it that it may as well have been a d@mn Waterfall. But if you liked it, then- more power to ya. I understand that tastes in music is incredibly objective(I don’t really have a specific type I like over any other), but speaking from a visual stand point- I have to say that “Lost In Paradise” was just in general a lot more fun.

kayasmind Tumblr blog with posts -
The Teaser

As for the OP……….it wasn’t “Kai Kitan,” but I still found myself humming it after a while. I still like “Kai Kitan” more as a song, but OP 2 has a visual appeal to it. Between seeing Megumi summoning “Maharaja” and Inumaki flying through the air screaming something(Actually; my brothers and I joked about him looking like he’s about to eat something, and it being a little misleading). But there’s also the tease of Hanami’s attention drawing vines and his fight against Yuji and Todo- as well as seeing Yuji beginning to get the grasp of the Black Flash. I really like how they chose to portray that; having Yuji using it at the end to show that that would be the end of this arc. As well as how visually stunning it was and how well it lined up with the song. And the foreshadowing of Todo’s Boogie Woogie was pretty clever; it happened so fast that I feel like a lot of people ended up missing it.

I think that the last thing I will talk about with this is the Kyoto School Students, as well as Megumi’s backstory and I think they touched upon Megumi’s connection to the Zenin clan? I believe they did. Because it’s like; I don’t want to spoil any of you on manga stuff, but I’m unclear on whether they got into that because it’s been about a week or so since I finished Cour 2. Hm……..! How about this: I’ll simply say that Megumi is the “B@stard Child” of someone high up enough in the clan that it becomes a major plot point later on. He took his mother’s last named, and lived with her and his sister for a while. Then we get into his High School Life. He was kind of a Thug- but he beat up on bullies and jerks like the one’s who made Junpei eat that cockroach. Megumi was the one that would have stopped that, but no one came to save Junpei. And we all know how THAT played out………….

Not An Image Of What Happened To Junpei, but it shows Megumi lookin’ Bad @$$!!!!

After some time of keeping the punks in school in check; his sister ended up going to check out a bridge where people commit suicide with her friends. She and her friends weren’t going to commit suicide; they were just checking out the bridge. But the Cursed Spirit inhabiting this place came up and she ended up getting cursed- she fell into a comma. And apparently; the people who were cursed by this spirit have started to die left and right- one year later. It’s been a year since she was cursed. So the Death Painting Womb arc is about him trying to exorcise the curse before it can claim his sister’s life.

And as far as the Kyoto students go; the only other 2 of any note in my mind are Gojo Fan Girl Kasumi Miwa and Noritoshi Kamo, who actually has a connection to Kenjaku and the Death Paintings. First: Kasumi. Now……… I have thus far loved all the female characters in “Jujutsu Kaisen.” Nobara’s a bad @$$ and hot; Maki is super cool and hot; even Mai has redeeming qualities to her personality……..and hot. I probably shouldn’t be labelling these women as “Hot” cause Feminists will be all over my @$$, but I just can’t say “beautiful” or “sexy-” They’re More Than That. “Jujutsu Kaisen” doesn’t do fan service, but that doesn’t mean that girls aren’t attractive. In fact; the low key nature actually makes them even MORE attractive. And Again: They Kick @$$. Kasumi, though- she’s physically attractive also, but I also feel like we’re sort of “kindred spirits” in a way:

  1. We both come from a poor family and have 2 younger brothers.
  2. We both played sports in High School.
  3. We both ended up taking jobs that would allow us to support our family- even if they are a little bit trying in their own ways.

And I like how she kind of has her “own thing going on-” she doesn’t have her own innate cursed technique, so- much like Maki- she has to use weaponry(despite never having held a weapon a day in her life) to fight Cursed Spirits. Unlike Maki, however; she doesn’t have the “Heavenly Restriction” placed on her, so she can actually use her Cursed Energy in combat- allowing her to utilize the “Simple Domain” technique and even put together a technique of her own. Basically; she has to take a stance to create a circle with a 2.21 meter radius. In this circle; he blade will be able to counter anything that comes her way……….unless her feet leave that position. In which case the attack is broken.

I’d Call This a “Catfight,” but it’s beneath me. So I’ll simply say: “Jujutsu Kaisen” Women Are AWESOME!!!

………………….I think I’m done here. I’ve talked about everything about this cour that I wanted to. Either I forgot more than I thought, or I already talked about everything that I wanted to and I was just stretching because this post felt a bit “short” to me. Huh……..I guess this is fine, though. I got across all my thoughts correctly, and I even discovered a new love and adoration for this series power system and battle mechanics. So with all of that said; I’ll leave off by saying that Season 1 of Gege Akutami’s hit “Jujutsu Kaisen” left us on a high note! Be sure to get all your friends into this show, and be sure to catch the Movie when it comes out!! Yeah; 1 season out and we’re already gettin’ a d@mn movie!! Ah, but then Demon Slayer’s a thing. So I suppose a movie after just 1 season is kind of inevitable at this point.

But in any case; “Jujutsu Kaisen” is great- animation, story, characters, battle system and all. Check it out if you haven’t, and until the next post, people- catch y’all on the flipside! Later!!

Asta’s New Weapon- Black Clover DISCUSSION

Hello, all! This post was originally going to be a “catch up” discussion to Nakaba Suzuki’s Seven Deadly Sins sequel series- Four Knights Of The Apocalypse. But the long the I took went on; the more chapters piled up on me. So I just decided to drop the idea an sprinkle in information as we talk about the series. That sound good to everyone else? Good!

But that still left me with a whole blank post that I wasn’t using, so I decided to talk about a concept that I was thinking about as I was walking home from my 3rd job at Dollar General; I had thought about the recent battle between Asta and Liebe and the Supreme Ranked Devil Fusion of Lilith and Naamah(I believe we called it “Laamith”). I got to thinking about when Laamith finally experienced fear at the hands Black Guardian Asta, and they ended up running away from him. I thought “Yo; Asta may have been stronger, but Laamith was too fast and almost got away from him.” So then I thought: “Asta needs more long ranged attacks.” Thus leading to this post, and my idea for what Asta’s NEXT Anti Magic weapon will be. My thought: A Wand- much like Noelle. Here’s why.

A Matter of “When.”

My first thought was of course the fight I was referring to earlier: Black Guardian Asta vs Laamith. Laamith proved faster and- if not for Nacht’s intervention- would have exhausted Asta and Liebe’s Devil Union and “calmly, slowly” tortured them until they died. And sure; he has “Black Slash.” And now he can toss his swords at people and call them back, but as we saw during the chase- Laamith was more than capable of dodging all of Asta’s long ranged attacks. So my thought was that he could use the wand for a sort of “Anti Magic Blast” that would chase after the opponent- much like “Black Meteorite.” Which I guess leads into the 2nd point: The use of more spells. But more on that in a minute.

More than just a spell that chases people; he can just do a generic Anti Magic attack in the same way Noelle just has regular water blasts. Huh; guess there weren’t that many points to the “long range” thing. Well; let’s get to the Spell aspect. So; are you guys aware of the way Tabata writes spells? He always begins with the type of magic, like “Water Creation Magic” or “Wind Spirit Magic.” But whenever he draws Asta’s attacks; he doesn’t have the same writing. It’s not “Anti Magic: Black Slash” or “Anti Magic- Demon Slayer Sword: Black Asta” or anything like that. The only time we got that is when he initially used “Black Divider-” technically making it his first spell.

Note The Way He Wrote It.

“Devil Union” is not in itself a spell either, considering how it’s attained. It requires one to make a contract with a Devil, and learn to “unify” with them to increase your power. It’s basically the Demonic version of “Spirit Dive.” And with the way he wrote “Black Slash,” “Black Meteorite,” and “Black Hurricane;” it seems more like a “Rush attack(to use as many video game references as possible)” he invented in the heat of battle. As such; they don’t count as spells. So maybe he’s like Noelle in that he needs a little “help” to harness his Anti Magic- he may need something to help him concentrate the Anti Magic so he can fight at long distance.

But another thing to think about are the kinds of spells that Asta will be able to unleash- maybe a Curse spell that suppresses someone’s magic, or a trap spell like Zora. He could potentially even gain control over the “Anti Mana Zone” attack that he displayed as “Berserk” Black Asta in his fight with Dante. The point is that he’ll be able to do a lot more damage with more spells under his belt. And if he manages to learn an “Anti Mana Method” or “Ultimate Anti Magic” spell, then he’ll be able to do some considerable damage. And before you say that he “couldn’t do this;” I want you to think about the fact that Asta can access spells at all.

Anti Mana Zone- Be Pretty Handy In Situations Like This.

Over the course of the series; Asta’s reach with his Anti magic has extended itself- from being limited to just his swords, to “coating” himself in it for Black Asta, to gaining more control over the swords and the Anti Magic to the point where he can project it. And now, because of the deal he made with Liebe; he can now make a number of Anti Magic weapons just by touching them and infusing them with Anti Magic, like he did with Yami’s sword.

I think that the act of using that right arm of his will allow him to turn a wand into an Anti Magic weapon that- as I said- will allow him to use more complex and diverse spells of varying range. He’s extremely good at close range combat, but to be a well balanced character skill wise- his long range attacking needs to level up a little more. Particularly if he wants to fight against Yuno and the other’s for the seat of Wizard King. Which leads into the next point: How the Anti Magic spells will affect other attacks.

Do you recall chapter 255– how Noelle tried to attack Vanica with a Point: Blank range “Sea Dragon’s Roar,” but Vanica repelled it simply by summoning her “Crimson Beast?” Well; I think that an “Anti Magic Blast” as it were would end up “destroying” a spell coming at him. Say Yuno sent a “Spirit Storm” at Asta, and he had this Anti Magic wand with him. He could fire of his own Anti Magic attack that not only dispells Yuno’s wind, but also attacks Yuno. And if he sends one that is supposed to “chase” mana; it’ll be as drawn to Yuno as a moth to a flame. Generic simile, but effective in illustrating my point. The same way go for his other rivals like Leopold and Fuegoleon.

I think I’ve illustrated why Asta should get an Anti Magic Wand; I think I should talk about where and how gets it. There are 2 places he can get this wand from, and 2 ways he can. And that would either come from Noelle, or from Dominante Code. It has been a while since we last saw these characters. Maybe a quick little “power up” arc could be just the thing that brings them back.

Perfect Re-Introduction

The first possibility is that Noelle will give over her wand to Asta in the same way that Yami gave over his katana. During a crazy battle; Noelle sees that Asta is going to be key in winning, and will needs something to attack with because the enemy is keeping his swords away from him. So Noelle gives over her wand for a long ranged attack that hits the target. Or- as not to just copy that scene- they could do it off screen and just flashback to it. It could even be a scene in which Noelle decides that she no longer needs her wand to help her control her magic, and gives it to Asta to make him stronger- as I laid out above.

The other way for this to happen is through Dominante Code- the wife of Fanzell Kruger. For those who may have forgotten her: She’s a Magic Tool Craftsman from the Diamond Kingdom. They were first introduced in the light novel “Stubborn Bull Book.” Fanzell and Domina left the Diamond Kingdom because of its corruption, and now live happily in the woods with one of Fanzell’s student- Mariella. Domina made Noelle’s wand. She could definitely do the same for Asta- though she might have to something a little different for a wand made to withstand Anti Magic. Not to mention Bruce. In the very same light novel; we learn that a Magical lifeform named “Bruce” lived in her wand until he had helped Noelle protect the Market place and expended all the mana keeping him alive. What does this mean for Liebe?

Is He Gonna Be Able To Go Back In The Grimoire Without Licita?

Bruce was a magical life form- Liebe is a Devil. Not the same thing, but operate the same way in that they inhabit a magic item. And if we’re now going by the idea that Liebe is going to go full “plushy” mode whenever Asta uses Anti Magic like “Black Asta” and what not; Liebe could use another place to stay while Asta is kicking @$$. He could pop out every now and then to give Asta advice or offer him deals, but….other than that; the little guy might want stay out of the “line of fire.” But there’s also Why he would go to Domina for a wand- or even why he would think he would need it in the first place. That could be the answer: Travelling.

Other than the reasons I’ve listed; the thing that even makes this idea pop into his head could end up being “Where He’s Going” and “Who he’ll be up against.” If he’s going to be fighting against Devil’s from now on, then he’ll need something to hit them with at long distance. And the “Where” could be going to the Underworld– a place where the mana seems to be “nasty and vile.” The only thing could withstand a sh!thole like that would have to be Anti magic- the Absence of mana itself. And using it to cast a defensive barrier spell or to keep the Underworld mana from “infecting” everyone that goes in with him.

Another idea for the “Travel” option is going to new lands- not necessarily the Underworld or any other realms. Like………a trip to the “Land Of The Sun?” And the why might just be because Yami………Yami might die this arc. Considering how the Tree of Qliphoth works(draining Yami and William’s magic and life force), and the fact that Morris accelerated the growth of the tree with the information he extracted from Lolopechika; I don’t know if those 2 are going to survive this. If anything; I expect William to live with regret and for Yami to die. Which will lead them to go to the Land Of The Sun so that they can tell Yami’s family what had happened and give him a proper “Farewell.”

This May Not Be The Last Time He Says “See Ya………”

They might encounter new enemies and have to prove their strength against someone in order to gain access to that country. Or they could run into some mighty powerful threats along the way and have trouble getting passed them. But if Asta can cast a long range spell; he might be able to hide them long enough to get there, or even potentially make someone’s magic weaker. Or perhaps it could even help them deal with other Devils that they meet along the way.

Lucifero seemed to have been under the impression that Liebe wasn’t the only Devil that manifested in the human world– that there might have been other Devils out there. These Devil’s are more than likely under a contract, but it still means that Asta and the Zogratis siblings aren’t the only Devil possessed in this world. And I can almost guarantee you that they aren’t “Good Guys.” Lucifero might have ended up making deals with these people as “back up plans” in case the Dark Triad failed…….which they will. And now that he knows that there’s someone out there that can challenge him in Asta and Liebe; I get the feeling he’s going to task these other Devil Possessed with taking him out before he gets out of there. And if that’s the case, then Asta’s going to need a power up- whether it’s a wand, another sword, or some other weapon(like an Axe or a Hammer).

He could also use it like this– A Sword Made Of Anti Magic rather than just a “conduit” for it.

And………YEAH!! Those are all of my reasons why Asta sholud get an Anti Magic Wand!! And I say “should” because the more I read this post; the more I start to realize that I may have been repeating the same point over and over. I really thought I had more points to discuss. But ultimately; I feel that he needs a more “diverse” arsenal. Swords are fine and all, but I think that if he’s going to level up; he’ll need to adapt to some new fighting styles, and mix them together to throw off the enemy. I think that and Anti Magic wan would be the start of that. But what do I know? I’m just sitting here waiting for my paperwork to get fixed so I can work.

But I would live to know all of your thoughts down in the comments. That’s all I got for ya today. Until the next post, everyone- Stay Safe and Prosper! Later!!

New Series Recommendation: Candy Flurry

Hello, everyone!! I’m here again with a new series that I REALLY hope all of you read today. It’s only 6 or 7 chapters in at the time of me writing this(Sunday, June 6th, 2021, 11:13 AM). It’s a new series in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine(the very same responsible for publishing manga such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man(If you can believe it), and more), written by Ippon Takegushi and drawn by Santa Mitarashi. I don’t know who they are, but I’ve been REALLY loving this manga recently, and I’m hoping that you guys will read along with me and spread the word of it with everyone. Who knows; if it manages to make it far- I might just talk about it regularly when it comes back! No; I MEAN it!! I’m willing to do that because I’m loving this manga, and I want to see it thrive. So; here I am to talk about Ippon Takegushi and Santa Mitarashi’s “Candy Flurry: Ame No Furu!!”

Back Story: This corporation called “Cyndy ToyToy” put out a line of sweets and confectionaries- only 100 of each type, be they things such as Ice cream, gum, or even Lollipops. However; these candies had a unique side effect for anyone who ate them: They found that they had the ability to summon the sweets they ate. Which is the FIRST thing abut the series that I adore: The Power System. I love how simplistic it is in execution- but how much potential it has for strategy and combat. I here about all of these complex @$$ Nen abilities and these……….ridiculous overpowered Stands, and I end up thinking “Whatever happened to the days where I can just hit someone REALLY hard and they go down?” Seriously; what the h#ll is up with Knuckle’s “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” and that stupid “Golden Spin” bullcr@p? That……may have just turned everyone who loves the complex mechanics in a power system away, but I can assure you that this is a really cool way of fighting.

All someone has to do is summon a big @$$ lollipop or a really tough piece of taffy and then hit people with it until they go down, or use gum and caramel to set up a trap. I think people like the complicated @$$ nen system because it provides for a lot of strategy and provide for a different usage of power currency. But I think this simple system provides for some interesting match ups- especially when you consider how something like pop rocks or mentos would interact with soda. Yeah; it seems like it even extends to beverages and soft serve like Ice Cream. It makes me wonder what other kinds of sweets we’ll be seeing in the future.

But back to the story; we learn that one of the individuals who ate the Lollipop product used their powers to decimate Tokyo. Someone just made giant lollipop’s that crushed everything- to the point where the entire city was just abandoned. The Sweets user was never found, but one would be able to find them easily. You see; only 1 person can ever summon a certain sweet- 1 Donut User; 1 Ice Cream User; 1 Lollipop user. Thing is, though: Minase Tsumugi- our main character for this story- is a Lollipop user. But she is not the one who destroyed Tokyo. But she saw a glimpse of the guy who did it. So the initial premise of the series is her trying to stay off the radar and use her powers as little as possible- while in part looking for the guy who actually did it and earned Lollipop’s the epithet “Devil’s Candy.”

However; we pick up with her going to get her “8 AM” snack- a pack of cream puffs. But she finds out the shop is sold out, so she uses her “cuteness” to sucker someone out of theirs by making them think it’s her lunch. But before she can enjoy the snack; she is attacked by the Donut user who had just been robbing a bank. He’s now on the run from the “Recette-” the new law enforcement created to combat Sweets users. But for the moment; Tsumugi is left to defend herself on her own- as the donut user captures her to prevent her from telling the Recette where he went. However………his entrapment of her leads to the cream puffs she conned being smashed. SO………Tsumugi summons a giant lollipop and lays the SMACK DOWN on his b!tch @$$.

After she whoops some @$$; she shrinks the lollipop down, and cries over the remains of her cream puff. But her mourning is rather short lived, as the Donut user’s lackey’s come to see what happened. Which is when our secondary main character and new Recette recruit- Midori Misaki. He- with his Recette approved Giant Fork(No, I mean it)- comes in and apprehends the rest of the perps. He retracts his fork, and introduces himself to Tsumugi. He asks if she has any connection with these people, but she denies it. Misaki apologizes, and offers to pay her dry cleaning because she got powdered sugar on her from the donut user. As she goes on her way; Misaki notes that the Donut user was knocked out somehow, and begins to suspects “foul play…….”

Candy Flurry - chapter 1 - #19

We see that Tsumugi isn’t as cold hearted as she tries to be. She seems to be afflicted with the same problem as Peter Parker: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” She tries to just walk away from a……..weird Pig Dog Thing that’s about to get caught in the rain, but she can’t bring herself to commit to walking away from it; she ended up giving it her umbrella. She understands what’ll happen if they figure out she’s a lollipop user, but…………..she has a serious case of “Hero Syndrome” as Overhaul would so aptly put it.

When she arrives at school; she finds that she has a new classmate to contend with: Midori Misaki- the Recette Agent from earlier. She tries to keep under the radar, but………..Misaki sits next to her in class. And his suspicions of her become VERY clear very quick. And comment about a “Gorilla” doesn’t sit well with her, either. As she’s walking through the hallway; she’s met with Kishizaki- her constant admirer. She’s apparently rejected him a few times, but he can’t seem to get the memo. As such; he constantly pines after her, much to her annoyance. Though this time is different, as she has a Strait laced Recette agent watching her. And seeing her clearly uncomfortable- Sweets User or not- Misaki comes to her aid……….not “rushing” because it’s against the rules to run in the hallway. And it’s also against the rules for Recette agents to use force against civilians. To make a long story short: Kishizaki beats the sh!t out o him for getting in his way.

On top of that; Misaki failed the recent quiz because he didn’t have time to study. So……..Tsumugi tries to help him. But he’s kind of stupid, so they spend a lot of time reviewing after class.

During the tutoring; he reveals that he hates sweets. It’s like the idea of a traumatizing event connected to a certain food. In One Piece; the giant Hajrudin doesn’t like the sweet Semla- which he connects to Big Mom’s hunger pangs. Or my brother choking on a skittle once- souring him on skittles altogether. And with what all these sweets users causing all these problems; it’s no wonder why he doesn’t like candy and the likes. Tsumugi is surprised that people like him can exist, but Misaki is even more surprised that there are still people that can “still stomach sweets” considering what they’ve done to society. Particularly the Lollipops.

Looking over at the ruins of Tokyo- Giant Lollipop’s spread all across it; Misaki points out the various problems with eating it(which is actually addressed in the opening monologue of the series), and labels it “The Devil’s Candy.” Little does he realize; these words cut Tsumugi- deep. Because her Favorite Sweet is Lollipops. She breaks down the way the way she enjoys lollipop’s at the beginning of the series:

Lollipops are a special kind of candy to me. If I get one as a reward; I don’t eat it all up in one day.

First; I enjoy how it looks. Then I undo the wrapper with anticipation. Then I break it into pieces and eat it. And when I’m done; I look at the stick and feel a little sad……….

That’s……..What you do with a lollipop, right?

Minase Tsumugi

Lollipop’s seem to be important to her, so seeing them used for such destruction, and the fact that they could lead to the “end of her way of life;” it hurts. Especially when she saw the guy who did it. She can’t prove it; she didn’t even see the guy’s face, but………she knows what she saw.

Candy Flurry - chapter 1 - #31

As she’s walking back; she stops by the place where she left the pig dog and her umbrella. It looks like someone took both the dog and her umbrella. So she’s just left there to think that she’s “lower than a pig.” But then; the Donut user from earlier shows up- and he. Is. INSANE. Like; he’s covered in so many donuts that he’s become something of a monster. Actually, looking at it- I think he did. His head is bigger, and the color of his hair and face changed to shades of purple. Indicating that somethings going wrong with his powers. And maybe hinting at a power up Tsumugi might be able to get later on. In any case; he starts attacking wildly everything. Tsumugi avoids the attacks- contemplating using her powers But she decides against it out of fear for what will happen to her if she does.

It’s not like you can blame her; on top of knowing how sought after the lollipop user is- she probably suspects that the Recette’s will be on the scene and see her in action. Which they are, in a sense. Misaki arrives to help the situation, but he’s injured in the process. But he can’t let innocent people get hurt, so he tells Tsumugi to try and get to a safe place. Tsumugi asks him why he helped her even if he suspects she’s a sweets user. Misaki simply tells her that “It’s his job” and that he “doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt by sweets” the same way he did when the Lollipop’s rained down.

She’s about to run away when she thinks to herself how selfish she’s been, and decides to do something to stop this monster. She runs up the outside stairs of a building, making it all the way to the roof before she creates a MASSIVE lollipop to bring down on the Donut user’s grotesque head!! It is here that she laments in her resolve to use her lollipops to find the one responsible for Tokyo- and prove to everyone that her favorite candy isn’t “The Devil’s Candy.”

Candy Flurry - chapter 1 - #47

The Donut user is defeated, and Tsumugi ended up outing herself to Misaki. Confused as to why she would risk her own life to save him; Misaki asked why she used her powers to save him. Tsumugi- in this moment- admits to Misaki that she “wanted to show him that it’s easier to eat a lollipop when you break it into pieces.” I think what she’s trying to say with this is that she wanted reach out to and trust someone with her secret- the same way someone would break down their own method with someone they trusted. She extended her hand- and Misaki…………knocks it away………Initially. But more on that in a minute.

As you can suspect; chapter 2 sees them fighting. Tsumugi wins in part due to her own strength, but also due to Misaki’s injuries from the last fight. She tries to talk him down, but he’s not willing to listen. So she goes with her default option: Run Away For Good. But as she runs; she starts to think about it- about how her life has now been upended; how she’ll have to constantly be looking over her shoulder; constantly running; hiding her true self and keeping everyone at arm’s length……..It makes her really sad. And we see her face go dead panned- almost lifeless really- as she asks herself “Why don’t they get that I had nothing to do with it?” Which is another thing that I’ve come to really like about this series: Tsumugi’s internal monologue. It shows the internal struggle between the “self preservation instincts” we all possess, and her own secret desire to help people and prove that not all sweets users are bad. She doesn’t want to run away forever- she wants to live a happy life eating as many sweets as she can. At least; I think that’ll be her goal.

Meanwhile; Misaki begins to confront the escaped Macaron user, who’s attacking for some unknown reason. But with all of his accumulated injuries; he can’t make a dent in this guy. Tsumugi tries to take this as a chance to run, but she sees a little boy- one who hates sweets because of what the Macaron’s are doing. As such; Tsumugi reluctantly runs in to help, and takes down the Macaron user with the help of Misaki.

Because of what she did(save a child at the risk of being caught); Misaki starts to believe that she wasn’t the one who destroyed Tokyo. So he tries to trust her more. That said; he’s still going to be keeping an eye on her. It’s a small step, but she says that it’s rater important for her. Because now that she has someone that believes her; she feels like there’s a chance that she could actually join the Recette, and find the real culprit who destroyed Tokyo. Easier said than done- as she has a few “obstacles” to deal with in her path- namely Toka Irie.

So you know how Sweets users are often wanted criminals, such as Donut, Macaron, and the other Lollipop? Well; there are a few Recette agents- called the “Aces-” who are all Sweets users. Irie’s sweet: Vanilla Ice Cream. Wonder what their definition of “sweets” is? And do candy factories really make Ice Cream? One things for sure: She is not to be f*cked withunless you want to end up as sherbert. She is able to create giant scoops of ice cream and create sleets of it to skate on, which she does to great effect. Though she does have a bit of a glaring weakness: She’s Extremely Forgetful. She wore mismatched socks to work today because she was in a hurry to get out of the house. When she was younger; she did the same thing, but went back to change them. Her parents were……………elated? They praised her like “Man……..What an amazing kid we have here!!!!” It was……..odd positive reinforcement, but I guess as long as they were understanding and not d!cks about it; ’tis all good.

But then one day; Irie ended up eating a Toytoy candy, and gained Vanilla Ice Cream powers. Given all that she can do with the ice cream; it’s quickly become my favorite sweet power in the series. But I definitely say that Tsumugi is my favorite character thus far. I just really like how her internal and external struggles interact with one another, and just what her ability is. The lollipop’s don’t have some specific use per summon; she just HITS THE F*CK out of people. Though again; it’ll probably get a little more refined as the series goes on. We even get this early on when we see her powers in comparison to the Macaron user, as she’s not able to make her lollipop’s float like her can. It could always be the type of sweet, but I think it’s indicative of what she’ll be able to do in the future. Much like Asta learned to do with his Anti magic swords in Black Clover. But enough on that for now.

We see that Irie’s parents reacting like normal parents for a change, and send her off to make sure she’s safe. But before she leaves; Irie reminds them that they haven’t patted her head like usual. She went to live with her Grandparents house, with the promise that her parents would arrive not soon after her………but they never showed up. It wasn’t soon after she left that Tokyo was crushed under giant lollipop’s. So…….also baggage from that. I hope they don’t fall into the “Everyone was directly affected by Bad Event” thing- not everyone lived in Tokyo, right? And not everyone had family in Tokyo, yeah? So let’s not have every central character in the story have some sort of vendetta against the Lollipop user. But I also feel like a lot of these characters are going to play a role in finding out who the Lollipop User really is. Like; this might be a Detective Conan situation where we’re trying to figure out his name and motive. But also; the other Sweets user’s connection to him. There’s a reason 2 Sweets Users attacked the same place on the same day………….

There’s also the way in which the Recette’s fight against Sweets Users: Using their giant bow staff utensils, but also these small supplement pills called “Confeitto.” They look like breath mints(even down to the container they’re held in), and give them a physical boost to match a Sweet User. As shown with Tsumugi; their abilities aren’t the only things to worry about when facing them- it also seems to give them a physical boost, as Tsumugi is able to fight against a trained Agent like Misaki without too much of a problem and her strength when wielding a Lollipop nearly 3x her size. And part of the test to join the Recette’s is to see how well and how effective individual tester’s use a limited number of Confeitto. However; not all Recette agents use them– as shown when Misaki was fighting against Irie; Irie pointed out of that he doesn’t use the Confeitto in battle. The reason being really obvious: He Hates Sweets. So using a sweets-based boost would be against everything he stands for.

Though as you can more than likely imagine; his character arc in the beginning is going to be accepting that he needs that help to fight against the Evil Sweets users. As he’s seeing through Irie and Tsumugi; not all sweets users are bad. But as long as they’re seen that way- lollipop’s in particular; Tsumugi- a completely innocent girl who just absent mindedly bought her favorite treat one day- won’t be able to live her life normally. So he could see accepting the Confeitto as the first step in changing the perception of Sweets Users- by first changing himself. Thematic Importance And First Character Arc of The Series Discovered. Ba-Ba-BOOM.

It’s only 7 chapters in; it should be easy enough to catch up to. I really like this manga, and I want it to be popular enough to stick. Even though the longer I write this post; the more I start to feel like it’s going to be cancelled. Which is………Fine, I guess. At least I get to enjoy it while it’s around. But please: Give It A Read. Recommend it to others. Talk it up. Do whatever you have to to make sure this manga lasts as long as possible. ‘Cause I get the feeling that it’s gonna become something Phenomenal. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my lovely readers. Until next we meet; Have A Wonderfully Fantastical Day!!!