The Origins Of Shinra And Sho Kusakabe- Fire Force DISCUSSION(SPOILER WARNING)

Hey, everyone! I know I don’t usually talk about “Fire Force” on a regular basis(heck; I’m gonna be late on the review for season 2 because I’m watching the dub), but I REALLY wanted to talk about the recent chapters of this series! I’ve been reading the manga ever since season 1 of the anime ended, and-I have to say: THIS. SERIES. IS. FUEGO~. From creator Atsuhi Okubo sensei’s amazing art and imagery to how diverse these abilities can get despite being fire related- this series could not be better. Well………I gotta be honest: I get a little bit bored with the anime. Look; it’s a stellar adaptation- animation and music on point, the pacing is really good. It’s just………sh!t; I don’t know. I mean; I’m still gonna watch it. I don’t know what it is.

Also………I should say that I’ll be referencing some……….Biblical material. As in the story from the bible we all know. Now look- I DO NOT CARE about what you believe in. Rude way to put it, but it’s the truth. Believe in what you want- God, Allah, some other religion; it does not matter to me. We’re talking about an anime/manga series with references to one of the most famous religious stories ever- not about religion itself. So as long as we can be respectful to other people’s beliefs; we can just have a nice discussion, right? Right.

From This Chapter onward

What we’re here to talk about is the most recent chapters- chapter 230 to 233. These chapter reveal the origins of the series main character: Shinra Kusakabe. Or-as I have been referring to them as of late: FIRE JESUS! You’ll see why in a little bit. We also learn about his brother, Sho- which, looking back on it, was kind of foreshadowed in all of his appearances and pyrokinetic abilities. Seriously- we probably should have seen this reveal coming, if we’re being honest. Of course: SPOILER ALERT for those who are not reading the manga up to this point. For those who are curious enough to stay or don’t care about spoilers: Let’s begin!

I say that their origin story begins in chapter 230, but we’ll have to back all the way up to chapter 207. In this chapter; Sho breaks free of Haumea’s control following a brief encounter with Shinra in the Adolla world. Now free; he sets out to meet with his brother again. However- he can’t exactly break out because then Haumea will just mind control him again. So he has to be all discreet n’ sh!t to get out of the Nether. Easier said than done because like in any sitcom storyline- your journey to get from point A to Point B is obstructed by obstacles specifically made to stop you at this one time. That being his comrades in the Evangelists. Inka(a character anime watches have just met), Sister Sumire(still alive, by the way), Charon, and finally Arrow- who he takes hostage to get him out of there without any more problems.

But That May Have Been Really Unnecessary

This doesn’t get much follow up until chapter 213- when Shinra ends up falling to the Titanic Infernal from the first(and BEST) opening- “Inferno” by Ms GREEN APPLE. Long story short: Sho ends up having to save Shinra. And he leaves before he wakes up- going to search to find out more about the Kusakabe’s.

Which leads us into chapter 230-the back half, to be specific. In disguise to hide from the White Clads; Sho and Arrow break into Shinjuku Regional Office- the place in the Tokyo Empire that holds all the empire’s Family Records. Sho stops time and steals his family records- only to find something shocking: Under Mother- it lists one “Mari Kusakabe.” But under father- Nothin’. This just raises more questions- more than I think he bargained for. Search continues- leading to a scene in which he’s treated like a regular kid- something that he’s never experienced……….Nice Scene.

“I want one……”

Off to search for his birth records- he finds that there aren’t any. He and Shinra’s birth was never listed in official records. But what they did find is something very telling. As it turns out……Mari Kusakabe was being examined for a Virgin Birth when giving birth to Shinra and Sho! Are you seeing what Okubo sensei is telling us? No? Alright; let’s keep going.

Further investigation reveals that this Biblical moment was official scrubbed from public records. Fortunately; the community director was the one who wanted to report this. So they just ask him about it. And he explains that the Church of The Holy Sol pressured him into not writing the story in community notice. Talking with this man ends up with just that 1 piece of new information- but it’s here where Sho enters into the Adolla World. Which is where he meets the 1 person who can tell him the truth about he and Shinra’s birth: His Mother. Still a Demon Infernal- Mari crawls out from the flaming ground of the Adolla World- and shows Sho……The Truth.

17 years ago- Mari went to the hospital and finds out that she is expecting! But the problem is: She ain’t “do the deed” wit nobody! Everyone- the doctor and mother included- takes this as “You’ve been with so many guys that you can’t keep track?” It’s not everyday that a woman comes in claiming that she’s having a baby out nowhere. It makes sense that she’s kind of seen as a wh0re of s!ut because she doesn’t know who the father is. Not justifying it- just explaining. Months pass- her baby bump grows(even starts the kicking– more that than anything), and her parents have completely disowned her. But they still pay for living expenses and hospital bills and the like. So she can live with them thinking her a little wh0re.


TIME TO GIVE BIRTH! Few hours later- one “Shinra Kusakabe.” The doctor who helped her through the birthing process had thought that this would be like “another certain event(there was once a story of a baby “born in flames”),” but the baby Shinra was born completely normal healthy. However- there’s still no hint as to how this “virgin birth” came to be. He does however reference the story from before the cataclysm- That Story. The one of “The Virgin Mary……..” Hold on. I get it now. And I can only assume you’ve gotten it by now, too: Shinra REALLY IS “Fire Jesus!” Sure; there aren’t 3 wise men and a drummer boy, and yeah- he wasn’t born in a manger. But as far as the story of Jesus goes- he fits the bill! Even down to what he might be here to do.

If you’ll recall; the story of Jesus ends with him “dying for our sins.” And what the Evangelists wants is for the world of “Fire Force” to “Pay For What They Did To Her.Get it? This is all purely speculation- but based on what Okubo sensei has set up with this flashback; I think that the only way to stop the cataclysm is for Shinra to give himself over to the Evangelist to die as retribution for what happened to her. And THAT is what Shinra’s purpose is.

Jesus on the Cross - Timeline of His Final Day
Just talking about the story- not anything else

Shinra being a “Savior” like Jesus would honestly explain his obsession with being a hero. As for why he uses his feet for such a task- you got me there. Couldn’t tell ya where Okubo sensei got the idea for using his feet to be a savior from- but it looks cool and you get some cool imagery so I’m not gonna question it.

Her parents do come to see her in the hospital- but mostly only to berate and belittle her and “the child nobody asked for.” She gives her one last piece of advice before exiting her life forever: “That child will bring you nothing but ruin.” She rejects the thought- and tells her new baby boy that he “Is the Hero the world needs!” This explains Shinra- but what of Sho. It’s pretty simple: He’s an angel. Wasn’t it obvious? The feathers that appear whenever he uses his pyrokinetic ability? The fact that everyone who sees him comments that he looks like “An Angel?” Wow, how did we NOT guess that?

shinra kusakabe | Tumblr
Those Feather’s were like a dead giveaway, looking at it.

Chapter 233 begins after Sho is born- which basically leads into the flashback at the end of Season 1: Haumea and Charon turn Mari into a Demon Infernal, kidnap Sho, and leave Shinra to take the fall- branding him a “Devil.” Though learning all of this recontextualizes that night- and it all goes back to what I said when I was talking about Black Clover. I talked about how the Gods of Fate in that series were doing everything in their power to tear down Asta(who-coincidentally- shares not only the same Japanese Voice actor as Shinra(Gakuto Kajiwara), but also the nickname of “Devil”) and did everything they could to make Yuno great. In “Fire Force;” the Evangelist and the White Clad’s are all doing everything they can to “supress the savior-” they took his Guide Angel, his mother, and got him branded as a “Devil.” The Evangelist even sent him to see the past world just so his doppleganger could further ruin his life! They’re doing everything they can to make sure that this kid can’t stop them from doing a second cataclysm.

Oh yeah; did I mention that Sho is Shinra’s Guide Angel? His job is to guide him- to protect him. Rather than Shinra having to protect Sho- Sho has to take care of Shinra. Although, knowing anime; it’s going to end up being that they “protect each other.” And with that; the flashback and Sho’s meeting with his mother ends. His kicked back to the real world- where Sho becomes more determined than ever to reunite with his brother!

He’s No “Devil-” He’s A HERO!

And yeah, folks! That’s the origin story of Shinra and Sho Kusakabe! I really wanted to talk to someone about this stuff because I found it so interesting. The idea of Shinra being the person to save the world really recontextulaizes his goal of being a hero- and the idea of Sho being an Angel was honestly obvious when you look at the context clues in the story.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Depending on the reaction to this post; I might just do more like it. I really want to do a whole discussion on Kaguya Sama: Love Is War‘s recent season because it ties into a recent development in the manga. Heck; I might do that anyway!

Until the next post, my loving audience. Catch ya later, gators!

Amphibia Season 2A SPOILER REVIEW

Season 2 | Amphibia Wiki | Fandom
VERY Telling

Hey there, everyone! Been a while, huh? Yeah…….REGRET NOT TALKIN’ BOUT THAT. But we’re talking about Matt Braly’s “Amphibia-” one of Disney Channel’s new story driven cartoons! And, honestly- I think I might like it more than its counterpart- The Owl House. Look; I like The Owl House more for the anime influences that are so prevalent, whereas “Amphibia’s” anime references are kind of more “blink and you miss it-” or something a little more like that. Now………What Are My Thoughts On The 1st Part Of Season 2 Of “Amphibia?” Loved it. Can’t wait for for the second part next year!

We pick up approximately 2 months after the events of season 1- after Anne fought and defeated Sasha at Toad Tower. Grime was branded a traitor by Newtopia and went into hiding with Sasha- and Anne and her surrogate- The Plantars- return to Wartwood. This portion of the season was the journey to “Newtopia-” Amphibia’s capitol city and Education capitol- to find answers about the Music Box that brought Anne to this dimension. And no- This part of the season was not ALL about the Plantars going to Newtopia- though that is a part of it.

Episode 1 saw Anne feel a little bit guilty about having the Plantars going out of their way and leaving their home unprotected just to get to return to her home. So she tries to danger-proof their house- only to forget where she is. It goes horribly wrong- even backfiring. Which shows us a glimpse of her “Calamity Powers.”

Anne's HIDDEN POWERS & Calamity Box PROPHECY Explained! (Amphibia Season 2  Episode 1) - YouTube
Couldn’t Find A GIF For This!

When I had initially saw Anne’s eyes turn blue in season 1- I had dismissed it an animation error. But BOY was I WRONG(a fact that my brother what let me live down)! It became much clearer when we saw her fight the Plant-Mech thing- very anime-esk. I’m not sure what Braly is going for with when it comes to these girls powers- but one things for sure: They’re Here For A Reason……… Which brings me to what REALLY “popped” me this season: The Opening! Seeing Sahsa vs Anne R2-coupled with seeing everyone’s new favorite character, Marcy, looming over both of the with the box in hand- made me excited. And seeing the mid-season finale made me understand this shot from the opening.

PC The Unicorn — HOT DANG! Amphibia is stepping up its fame in...
“Fractured Friendships”

Episode 7B-“Toad Catcher-” introduced us to my new favorite character: General Yunnan-Scourge of The Sand War, Defeater Of Ragnar The Wretched, And The Youngest Newt To Ever Achieve The Rank Of General In The GREAT Newtopia Army! And yes- You have To say The FULL THING! JK- but serious; her introduction to the series was rather comedic- which made us remember that this show is a fun adventure story. But then she meets with the fugitive Grime- and we remeber that the adventure has stakes. Come on; you all know my favorite line from her- it’s most likely your favorite, too:

I Had An Army Once<CHING>- They Slowed Me DOWN.

General Yunnan- Scourge Of The Sand War and all

This episode- in addition to introducing us to a powerful new player in his little game- sets up Grime and Sasha’s plan for the rest of the season. Grime was in a rut for ever since the Battle at Toad Tower- lost the Army he always wanted, branded a traitor by the King he served, and on the run with only 3 loyal soldiers at his side. He’s lost everything. And Sasha’s in an arguable worse state. Grime broke it down best: “She’s upset because she lost her friend- that Anne stood up to her, and that things will never be the same between the 2 of them again.”

Something tells me that Sasha is either the youngest in her family and learned manipulation techniques from her older Sister- or is the oldest and is used to getting her way. The point being that idea of someone actually defying her is frightening to her- it was the only way she was guaranteed that she wouldn’t be all alone. So the idea of a “shift in power” is so unnerving for her because if she’s not the leader- she’s a follower. And “followers(in her mind)-” are replaceable. At least- that’s how I perceive Sasha Waybright. But maybe you have a different interpretation.

Amphibia Sasha and Grime vs General Yunnan - YouTube
“Wake Up Call”

As far as Yunnan goes; an slacking Grime and overworked Sasha managed to use her vanity against her to at least send her away so they can make preparations for their Plan: Take Over Amphibia. They mean to start a rebellion- which may lead into a big war arc at the end of the season- even go into season 3(and yes; “Amphibia” was greenlit for a 3rd season even before season 2 came out!).

But what I’m MOST excited for is the lure of this world- it’s history and how it became what it is today. Which ties into the mid-season finale. The goal for the second part of the season: Go to 3 Temples and recharge the 3 Gems on the Music box that sent the girl here. Notice how things in this show tend to come in 3’s: 3 girls sent to a world where the dominant life forms are 3 types of Amphibians- each to 1. And now they’re going to recharge 3 gems at 3 temples? Something the Roundtable(Awe Struck Voxx specifically) brought up in a video is the idea that the Newts, Frogs, and Toads have this cycle in which 1 race takes over as the dominant power. I think he might be right- but not in the way that he thinks. Maybe it’s more of a “1000 Year Blood War” type of thing- a war every few years in which one comes out as the dominant faction. Perhaps Grime’s little rebellion wasn’t the first time a Toad uprising has occurred.

Amphibia | Amphibia Wiki | Fandom
The Landscape Of Amphibia

Another thing that’s very prevalent this season: Giant Robot. Now………I’m not even gonna PRETEND to know what this thing could be. And speculating on where that come from…….maybe one of the past power struggles I mentioned? But my idea is that it’s after Hop Pop. What would make me think this. Well…….look back at episode 1B: “Fort In The Road.” Hop Pop was the only one that went through the scanner at that secret base; Anne dodged the scanners and lasers and such. So maybe it’s looking for Hopadiah- or acting like him.

MY Theory is that it copied Hop Pop’s mentality- which is why it went to Newtopia; that Hop Pop’s current goal. But now it’s objective is fulfilled- so what now? We~~ll……The Plantars did just leave Newtopia. They’re going to have to come across it on their way from Newtopia. See what I’m getting at?

Robot | Amphibia Wiki | Fandom
Robot Hop Pop…….”Hop-Bot!

Marcy. Fans new “Best Girl” and defacto “Robin Hood” of Amphibia. I kind of hope we get an episode during the next batch of episodes that reveals how she came into this role. I like to think that she started as a kind of “Rogue-” then ended up coming under Andreas’ employ while trying to…..I don’t know; eat of his trash or something. And then Andreas put his secret little plan in motion- now that the 3 girls are here. But before that night; Marcy might have been helping Newtopia from the shadows, which- based on the end of this portion of the season(as well as the contents of episode 6)– might have been better for her.……..or no; not “better.” Hm……what word would you use?

What I’m trying to say is that Andreas is using her. To him; she’s just “a pawn on the chest board.” Or maybe not “pawn” because she’s actually an important player, but I don’t know all the pieces of a chest board so let’s say “pawn.” But you can see it best at the end of episode 6: “Marcy At The Gates.” He was so very clearly the guy moving the Anne Piece next to the Marcy piece. He’s using Marcy- the same way Sasha was manipulating Anne. My thought is just what the opening is telling us: While Anne and Sasha have their “little squabble;” Marcy will swipe the box out from under their noses and present it before Andreas- the True Villain of the story.

I brought this up to RJ Writing Ink– as well as the idea that this will be the thing that helps in Sasha’s development. IF what I’ve said is proven correct- then I can imagine that it won’t sit well with Sasha. It’s her friend that’s being manipulated. But then this moment would serve as a second “wake up call” for Sasha- realizing that what Andreas is doing to Marcy is no different than what she did to Anne(and Marcy herself). And that-while “things will never be the same after again-” that that is for the best.

Season 2 | Amphibia Wiki | Fandom
General Yunnan, “Hop-Bot,” and more- will return!

But I think that’s everything I really wanted to say about this portion of Season 2 of “Amphibia,” guys. Ultimately; I enjoyed the show- the characters, setting, and even the Gravity Falls crossover! No, REALLY; it wasn’t like literally Gravity Fallsbut it WAS Gravity Falls. Even down to the hidden codes in the episode. Looking at that first one- “There’s A Soos In Every Dimension-” makes me excited for a potential Soos cameo in The Owl House! And it was just overall an amazing episode; you can tell that Series Creator Matt Braly has a lot of love and respect for Gravity Falls- where he worked as a story board artist and revisionist.

The Mystery In The Curiosity Hut! | Gravity Falls Amino
Couldn’t find the other, but it said “Dipifica 4 Lyfe!” I approve!

That’s all I got for ya today, meat bags. Til the next post- I’ll be watching you……. later.

Keeping A Promise- Even In Death. Edens Zero Chapter 111 BREAKDOWN

If there’s one thing Hiro Mashima has demonstrated in his writing- it’s that he’s really good at portraying the emotional spectrum. And this weeks chapter of “Edens Zero” shows that he’s still growing as a writer- that he’s taking his ability to draw the emotional spectrum, and advances that by showing the progression oh the mind of someone who has just lost someone they care about. He properly convey’s the process of realizing that the person that Nadia was waiting for 200 years is see again- is already gone. This will be Edens Zero Chapter 111: “The Sky Of Days Long Past.”

Even with the feels punch this chapter is; Mashima still gives us a cover of secy Rebecca

The cover page this week is of Rebecca in a bunny girl outfit- holding a banana. Yeah……….Oh; and it looks like she’s in that Casino on Sun Jewel. It reminds me of Kallen at the beginning of Code Geass season 2. You’ve all seen Code Geass, right? It’s a good series and it’s on Netflix- you should check it out.

We open this chapter with Shiki showing off his Aquatic Adaptation Lacrima to his friends. You remember the ether residue that formed Mother last chapter in that immaculate final page? Well- that ether went into his lacrima, and made it all shiny with this rainbow effect. According to Nadia: “The ‘Mother Ether’ found a ‘vessel,’ and went in of its own volition.” She also states that the treasure that was here long ago also possessed Mother’s ether- which is what was used to power the bots here. Huh……makes sense. And it makes sense why the leftover Mother Ether couldn’t power the machine; without a set source- the ether couldn’t properly radiate. It was essentially what electricity was before Ben Franklin discovered it: “Wild Energy.”

Nadia explains the goal for this saga of the series(or maybe even the rest of the series as a whole): There are certain “Relics” in the Universe emanating Mother Ether. Some are worshipped like the treasure was here- and some may be hidden in a planets “secret corner.” Heck; some are even drifting through the void of space- just waiting to be found. The Mother Ether in Shiki’s lacrima will act a a compass to the next- as will the rest to the next. And if they find enough- then they MIGHT POSSIBLY-be able to find Mother. But it’s only a possibility, as Nadia says. Rebecca is upset that this is guaranteed, but it’s still progress- and progress of any kind is good, considering you started from a big @$$ Goose Egg.

Destination- Set

Weisz proposes the idea of just absorbing the Mother Ether left in the temple. Laguna: “You’re so stupid it actually brings tears to my eyes.” Brief Tangeant: My copy of Edens Zero Volume 9 arrived int the mail yesterday(the volume in which the Element 4 appear), and I read the whole thing. Nothing in particular changes from the digital release to the physical release- just wanted to flex. Tangeant Over. But he speculates that it’s impossible to do so- I mean; it’s still here 200 years after the relic was stolen. People have likely tried and failed at that plan more times than even Nadia can count- which is confirmed by the Guardian herself. “It makes no difference how much Mother Ether you absorb from the temple- it will not change it’s properties unless you absorb Mother Ether from other places,” she explains. Although; it’s just a theory proposed by Andrew.

SPEAKING OF: Witch is the one to step up and tell Nadia- the truth. Much to the protest of Rebecca- Witch reveals to Nadia that “Lord Andrew Is No Longer With Us.” She explains it all- that no human can live upwards of 200 years(Drakken used technology to elongate his life span), and the fact that he returned- but not alive.

Someone had to tell her

Now………..this chapter has a much more personal meaning to me- as I’m sure that some of you do. But I actually shed a tear at his chapter because I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. For those of you that don’t know: My Lizard, Congo, died some time ago. He was my best friend, and yes- the love for a pet or a family member is fundamentally different from the emotions you feel towards a lover. But I can relate to Nadia because I had a similar reaction. A moment of confusion-a moment of denial- a moment of realization- and a long period of tears. It’s what I meant when I said that Mashima is good at conveying a characters emotions: He got Nadia’s expressions and her reaction to this news correctly.

It’s starting to sink in….

This revelation is met with a moment of confusion from Nadia- until Rebecca and Witch have a moment of conflict. Rebecca didn’t have the heart to tell Nadia that she would never see her beloved again- so Witch did. And hearing them talk about this conflicting opinion in whether of not to tell her- makes her start to realize that there might be some truth in what their saying. And hearing about the aircraft that just crashed- she can’t help but start to believe it.

Witch pulls out a memory chip- something she got from the wreckage. And as Pino proceeds to play the tape- Nadia’s begins to mentally panic. She asks for Pino to hurry- only for the image to come up: Andrew- In His Final Moment.

Nice Choice Of Last Words

It’s a video journal- the latest entry being taken on the 6th day of the 7th month of year X290- exactly 200 years ago. He opens the entry by saying hello to his beloved Nadia. It turns out that the one who stole the Relic from the temple was just some petty thief. And Andrew called up a buddy in the police who just caught the thief and got it back. Good thing it wasn’t Drakken, right? They’d never have gotten that sh!t back!

He was just about in Red Caves orbit-ready to fix the Robots and look up at the sky with the love of his life- when all of a sudden……….a meteroid hit. It knocked him unconscious- the ship off cousre- and rendered him unable to steer the ship. So for 200 years; he’s been adrift in space- only to return to orbit and have gravity work its magic.

Nadia’s face is one of realization- the realization that what Witch has been saying is true. She begins to race off to the crash site- completely disregarding the fact that she needs the cable to continue to function. The cables rips as she tries to run to Andrew’s side. The others race after her.

“It Was True……….”

When she arrives at the wreckage; she sees the skeleton of Andrew sitting in the seat. Her eyes well up with tears- tears so prevalent that water cannot wash them away. The crew comes to her side- with Witch explaining that “Human lives are shorter than bots.” Shiki(air bubble made by Laguna), starts to tear up as well.

Nadia asks “Is it wrong for a machine to love a human?” Not from a “race” stand point- but from a “life” stand point. She’s asking if a human won’t live as long as she does- is their a point in growing attached? A sad thought to think. But an appropriate one for Nadia to think in this moment. You would too if this was your first time experiencing the death of someone you loved. But Witch tells her “We can love whomever we choose to love.” But she then asks “What good would it be…….to live in a world without Andrew………” Witch tells her that “The souls of those they’ve lost live within their hearts.” And yes; Nadia believes that Androids do not have hearts. But the very fact that she felt love for another is proof that she does.

“Never Gets Old………”

Weisz is about to put the cable back in- but Rebecca stops him. “He got the relic back. She won’t need the cable anymore,” she says. SPEAKING OF: The relic begins to glow in the presence of the Temple Guardian. The Candelabra begins to glow- and float. It bursts- causing a massive explosion of light that illuminates the underwater city. One after another- the robots begins to arise. Nadia looks back- tears in her eyes- as her people begin to cheer and chant Andrew’s name. As she tears up; Laguna can’t help but take notice of her “Real Tears.” Something tells me someone shed “crocodile tears” for him at one point in the past- leading to his obsession “real tears.”


As the city begins to regain it’s former glory; the water level lowers on the planet Red Cave. Nadia says that the planet is returning to its rightful state- the state it was before the Mother Beacon was taken. And as the water level recedes; they all begin to look up at the Night Sky- which is also receding. Nadia: “The Flames That Light This Candelabra-Illuminate Our World.” She curls up next to the ship- and looks at the dawn. “The World We Once Saw Together,” she starts; “Andrew…….You Helped Me To See It Again.

The crew looks at the sky with awestruck looks- as Rebecca starts speaking about “Love.” Shiki looks over at her, which causes her to turn away and say “I-I didn’t mean it like THAT!” And Shiki just looks at her like “The F*ck? Whatever.” I know this is a rather serious post, bu~t………She want the D. I guess you could also say “She Wants to be the Demon Queen” because it’s more refined and not dirty, but it’s my blog and I’ll say what I want!

Is it just me? Or does That drawing of Shiki in that one panel look a little off?

When the crew returns to the ship; they depart Red Cave- waving goodbye to the planets inhabitants- even the octopus from chapter 108. It was kind of like the “Gate Keeper-” protecting the temple and Nadia from the………less-than-pure. As they depart; Rebecca can’t help but feel that it would be a little bit better if a Chronophage ate 200 years of this planets time. Edens Zero Chapter 111 END. Kind of agree with you, Rebecca. But I don’t think Mashima will do something like that. He seems like he’s going to have peoples deaths stick this time around.

But it would still be nice……….

I loved the chapter- very emotional and carried the weight that Mashima was hoping it would. I have no clue what Mashima has in store for us next week- the only hint we have is the title of chapter 112: “They Who Live On A Ship.” The way it sounds; next week might be like “Slice Of Life” chapter- but it could also refer to something else that will be much more apparent when we see the spoilers.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the chapter- cause I sure did! Until the next post, my loving mortals-later!

Enjoy The Sunrise With Your Beloved- For Nadia’s Sake

Goku Takes The Offensive! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 BREAKDOWN

And so……..we come to the battle we’ve ALL been speculating about. Did we imagine we’d arrive at this point like this? No. Was how we got here “disappointing?” Yeah, a little bit. And you know what? I am NOT the least bit upset with this chapter. TOYOTARO is and artistic GOD. Is he on the level of Toriyama himself? I’D SAY! But I think what makes this chapter so amazing is the depth it gives to Goku- who might have actually had a few screws knocked loose in his head, considering he had to learn the same lesson all over again going into Super. You may have also noticed it, but in case you didn’t. But I think that’s a good little opening for this post; let’s actually talk about the chapter! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64: “Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer.”

Opening Page

The chapter starts with the Galactic Patrol taking the former Galactic Bandit Brigade back to prison. But as they fly off to their HQ; some of them start to sense something……….off. As if someone important just died. They turn back to look at Earth from a distance. Which segway’s us back to Earth to see Goku and Jaco coming to terms with Merus’ erasure. Jaco asks “I-is Agent Merus really……….?” While Goku stands steaming– fists clenched and about ready to explode. Jaco begins to worry- as Goku stands silent.

Goku breaks this silence by saying “……I learned another important lesson from Merus.” Jaco asks what he means, and the Saiyan says “That I’m Not Fighting Alone.Learned that lesson ages ago, but……..okay, what I think Toyotaro is trying to do is reaffirm who Goku is as a character. Because over the course of Super; Goku’s been rather…….stupid. He’s been this 1 note, unintelligent, selfish character. My MOST HATED scene in all of Super is when Goku punched Monaka in the face. REALLY uncharacteristic for Goku. He would never do something like that- he’s far more respectful and has much more self control(YOU heard me) than that. Had that been Kid Goku; he probably do something like that. But current Goku- shouldn’t.

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He’d also likely have seen through Beerus’ lie……..

So I think he might be trying to fix peoples image of Goku. As for the in-story reason: Maybe Goku got so caught up in his pursuit of strength that he forgot the only other reason he fights. Super is right: Goku’s no hero. But it’s not like he just sought out a fight with someone with no larger reason. He wanted to fight Frieza because he threatened the lives of his friends and the Universe as a whole- Cell because he was a similarly large threat- King Piccolo because he threatened the world he knew, and I could go on and on and ON. The point being that he never just needlessly seek battle like in the Tournament Of Power- because he knew that his actions would have consequences. But in finding this whole new realm full of powerful being- he kind of “lost his way.” He became just like Cell and Frieza, and even early Vegeta: Power Obsessed. Which actually did come back during the manga’s interpretation of the Tournament of Power- what Roshi told him before………that THING we won’t mention ever again.

Roshi reminded Goku of his roots- which set this development in motion. At least- that’s what I THINK Toyotaro is going for here.

STILL ON PAGE 3: Beerus and Whis stand “eagerly” awaiting Goku to show them his next move. Whis says that it is going to happen- but the issue of Goku controlling his emotions is another matter. Going back down; we see Goku talking: “I was saved by Vegeta. And Dende, too……..And in the end; I made Merus give up his life.” Which confirms to Jaco that Merus has indeed died. It also let’s us know that Goku blames himself in some part for Merus’ death. Which you can kind of see why he might think that. He might be thinking: “If i had stuck to the strategy halfway through; I might have beaten Moro and Merus wouldn’t have had to sacrifice himself.” I am of course referring to the end of chapter 59– when Goku forwent the “Stamina balancing act.” Ah………so many tangents.


Goku clenches his fists harder- before letting go. He takes a deep breath, and stares up at the sky. He asks Jaco: “Why Did You Join The Galactic Patrol?” Jaco’s a bit more distracted by the fact that Moro is still ALIVE, but he answers anyway: “……………….I WNATED TO PRESERVE THE PIECE OF THE GALAXY! I ALSO THINK THESE UNIFORMS ARE JUST AWESOME!” A character defining line with a joke thrown in……..Don’t you just LOVE this franchise? Had My Hero Academia or Black Clover tried this- the impact might have been lost. But then- Jaco’s so NOT a serious character. Goku-ignoring the second part- says “That’s what Merus said, too.”

He looks down at his torn gi- looking at the Galactic Patrol symbol. “Right now,” he starts; “I’m a Galactic Patrol Agent just like you. So protecting the Universe is my duty, too! And I can’t let Moro have his way anymore.Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear– Moro climbs out of the dirt, cursing Merus and his “inscrutable” techniques. Goku tells jaco to get back- as Moro looks around for Merus. Goku tells him “Merus doesn’t exist anymore. Beating you is my job, now.” Moro can’t stand the fact that he’s heard this story- he doesn’t particularly like how it ends. He’d rather find and mercilessly beat his other friends. Goku takes up the torch- and powers up.

Moneky vs Goat-REDUX!

Goku’s aura creates a massive pillar of light around him- his power overflowing as he just stands calmly in the nexus of the storm. And when I say storm- I mean that in the literal sense! Do you remember when Goku was demonstrating Super Saiyan 3 to Babidi and Majin Buu? VERY SIMILAR FEEL. The planet begins to shake violently- the sea and land itself begins to fly in the opposite direction of Goku’s behemoth power.

It can even be seen from where Beerus and Whis took Gohan and the others. While more up close- Whis confirms to Beerus what comes next:1 Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku.

What’s Good?

Goku finishes powering up- and the ground stops shaking. The storm clouds that once surrounded him- vanish. “It’s as if those storms a second ago never happened,” according to Gohan. And when we cut back over- we see Goku with his head cocked back. In a very Toriyama scene; we get 3 panels closing in on Goku bringing his head back down and looking dead ahead at Moro(emphasis on “DEAD”). After some crack about hair color from Jaco; we get to see Goku standing- battle damaged and still healing from the hole Moro put in his chest– ready to face the Cosmic Satan one last time.

Once again; Toyotaro takes up multiple panels of Goku walking, and walking- as Moro further begins to experience fear. Fear so overwhelming that it causes him to act out and flip out. More Gohan vs Cell parallels. But hey; “it worked before-” why not now?

Toyotaro- You Artistic Genius
He’s so afraid he can’t move

Moro’s so scared that he can’t even step backwards- as he can see the Silver Haired Being walking towards him that only signifies one thing: His Imminent DEATH. Refusing to accept what his instincts are telling him; Moro prepares a blast. Goku stops with the zombiefied walk and dashes forward- grabbing Moro’s hand and forcing his ki blast to vanish. Moro simply looks at the one grabbing his hand- realizing that there is nothing he can do about this.

“You Won’t Harm The Earth Anymore.” says Goku. Moro whips around with a round house kick, only for Goku to leap over the attack. Moro goes in for a punch- Goku just brushes it off. He wrist-hits Moro in his bicep and sends him on his merry-way! He crashes into another rock formation- unaware of wht the h#ll is going on with Goku. “YOU…………What did you do? You WORM…….!” He flies on over and tries another right hook- but Goku just “wiffs” that sh!t off. Not even a “Get tht sh!t out my face!” No; more like swat you would give something like a Butterfly. And with 1 arm- he just blocks more of the Goat man’s attacks. But when he starts to get annoyed; he just starts dodging once again.

We cut away to see Beerus and Whis talking about Goku- how he’s still “fine-tuning and learning” as he’s going with the Ultra Instinct technique. Like against Jiren; Goku’s body is evolving and adapting- progressing to match the overwhelming power in conjunction with the idea of Goku being unconscious. We watch- as not a single attack Moro throws hits the mark. Goku explains it in the most simplistic way possible– while also being an ALPHA line: “My body’s acting on its own and deciding how to dodge. Which is why you’re attacks can’t hit me.” Moro refuses to accept this answer- and prepares to go max power here and now.

Something tells me that isn’t gonna work………Oh, look; Vegeta’s awake

His aura is significantly smaller than Goku’s was(take THAT how you will), but it still manages to get the attention of Gohan and Piccolo. Goku simply gets into position for his “God Bind” technique- the one he used on Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Moro- blind with rage- rushes ahead to hit Goku. But just as Broly before him- Moro is frozen dead in his tracks. Goku lifts Moro into the air, and gets in position. In the most POWERFUL display of ferocity we’ve seen in this arc- Goku uses THE Legendary SHORYUKEN!

And a “D@MN, That had to hurt.

I……..I don’t know what to say. I’m at a loss……. Goku shoryuken-d this man. He punched Moro so hard that the shock reverberated through the planet! OMIGOD- ANIMATED THIS SH!T ALREADY! Can you imagine what an episode like this- with the proper key animators and proper lack of score- this episode might do the numbers Toei Animation and Shueisha PRAY for!

“The Punch Felt ‘Round The World”
“”is That BLOOD Leaking out the Back…..AND THE FRONT?!

Moro’s face says it all: He’s sh!ttin’ n’ p!ssin’ blood. Goku’s punch rattled his innards- nothing he eats is going to stay down for at least a month. And what’s more- his on his way to the Exosphere right about now! Even Whis has to do a “<Whew!>(whistle sound effect)!” Beerus compliments Goku- even saying that he’s fighting “Like a God.” Goku finally notices them- only for Beerus to tell him to focus: “Finish The Job So We Can Eat.” Goku smirks- as Moro crashlands behind him. His abs bloodied and his face so dazed you’d think he was on something- Goku condescends to his foe: “You realize you can’t beat me, right?”

That moment of condescension is enough to wake up Moro- who struggles to get to his feet after having his sh!t pushed in. Goku’s basically knocked his second and 3rd winds out- so Moro calls upon his 4th. Goku asks: “Do you now realize the fear and pain you’ve caused everyone? How agonizing your actions are to others?” Moro- not being one for lectures- tells Goku to “shove it.” “KNOW THIS: I do NOT fear ‘Divine Power!’ I am MORO- Consumer of WORLDS! The God’s creations are MINE to devour-AS THE SUPREME LIFE FORM IN THIS GALAXY!” You know……….this just reminded me of Zamasu and his detest of mortals. And I can’t help but feel like Moro is the prime example of Zamasu was spouting: “Mortals were granted knowledge and life by the Gods- and they just take it for granted.” I feel like if they ever try to bring Moro and Zamasu back- you should have them fight. Sheerly because of their conflicted views on things. Heck; it might even be a character developing moment for the protagonists. That could be a fun little fight!


Moro’s rage causes Earth’s genki to go haywire and create pillars around them- which serve to mask Moro’s movements. He leaves Goku with this before he makes his next move: “Whether this planet lives or dies…… up to me. ‘Which would serve me better?’ Think hard on that.” As Moro is engulfed in the genki stream- he digs underground to get Goku from behind. Rookie Mistake- Goku kicks him in the face and probably didn’t even realize he was there!

“I wonder Where He Got Off Too?…………”

He ends up kicking Moro into one of his own genki streams- resulting in Moro getting seriously burned. And I also have to say that Toyotaro’s art in this sequence- the volcanic mess created by Moro’s little p!ssy display- is also immaculately drawn. Not to mention the attention to detail- like the fact that the heat of the stream ended up Moro’s left hand and right horn off.

Moro just lies there- on his little platform in the lava pool of his own design. Beaten to sh!t and burned. Missing limbs and appendages. And a “lesser being” standing over him as the deciding factor in whether he gets to continue- or expire. Goku looks at him as he tries to get back up- and tells him “Earth isn’t your plaything anymore.” So Moro-going for broke- tries to eat the planets life force. Goku nails him in the get again. Man; a LOT of body shots this month. Then again; a shot to the body is guaranteed to do more damage than a shot to the face- your vital organs are all up in your torso. It’s why Goku’s punch on Frieza(both on Namek and in Resurrection F) was so devastating.

But THIS ONE- it like caves in his body! And he ends up flying into a rock formation the he breaks up against- causing the top half to crash on him like something out of an old cartoon! He’s lost outright. There’s nothing he can do about this situation.


There Moro lies- crushed underneath a rock in boiling lake of lava. “What can I do?” he thinks to himself. “What can I do?” he thinks again. Once again-he goes for broke. “………H-Help me……….” Wow…………in the immortal words of TFS Frieza: “Like A B!tch……” Although; I guess he realizes that if nothing else- he can at least bide his time by pleading for his life against someone sentimental and “just.” Man…….this is looking familiar. But not in the same way the chapters have been up to this point……….Ah, yes! Namek. Lake of lava? Goku on the offensive? The bad guy begging for mercy at his feet- remembering that they didn’t spare a single person who begged for their lives at their feet? But then there’s also the fact that Moro tried destroying the planet as he started losing? Toyotaro’s pulling a Frieza on us! Come on, Toyotaro; don’t detroy Earth. We all know it’s not gonna stick, but we’re still gonna complain about it later and use it as the main point that this arc was “garbage.” No, but seriously; Toyotaro’s capitalizing on our nostalgia again. Fortunately; no else has seemed to notice.

And like on namek- Goku stands triumphantly over Moro. But now; he has someone to ask what to do: Jaco. He confirms with Jaco that Moro was sentenced to execution. He looks at the Galactic Patrol symbol, and says “In that case………Let me fight him as an Earthling from here on.” He rips off what’s left of his gi- symbolizing quitting the Galactic Patrol he just claimed to be a part of and saying “I’m not gonna kill him.” And, like the fandom as a whole after bearing this line; Beerus tells us that he has a “Ba~d feeling about this.” Aw Cr@p. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 END!

You and Me BOTH…………

You know? I probably ended this review in a way that told you “I’m not liking where this is going.” But I’m not mad. Maybe a little disappointedbut not mad. And why is that?

I imagine that it’s because I’m not wrong. I had the sneaking suspicion that Toyotaro wasn’t gonna give Goku the kill on Moro. No. He has done FAR too much build up for Vegeta to claim the win this time. And what happened this chapter? Not only did Goku basically cripple Moro- but Vegeta woke up. Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m talking about the idea that Goku loses Mastered Ultra Instinct- and Moro drops his guard. Only for Vegeta to use “Forced Spirit Fission” to RIP 7-3 out of Moro. Gohan and Piccolo take out 7-3- Vegeta takes out Moro. Truly a “Team Effort.” Which is what Toyotaro is trying to convey with Goku’s………”Character Rediscovery” we’ll call it.

I think that’s everything that I wanted to say. The art was phenomenal- the fighting was GODLY– but we’re basically just retreading our steps at this point. Which sucks because this arc had such a strong start. But sadly; it will end like the anime’s Goku Black arc: On a whimper. Or at least; for most of the community. You’ll always have that 10% that- like me- will try to defend the “Dragon Ball” franchise til their dying breath.

That’s all for now, my loving subjects. Until the next post- catch y’all later!

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I miss the anime………..

The Elves New Home! Black Clover Chapter 265 BREAKDOWN

Wow……..this chapter’s only 11 pages long! As opposed to Tabata’s usual 14-15 pages. I wonder why its page count is so low? Could it tie into “Black Clover’s” break next week? Yeah; probably. Get some rest, Tabata-sensei! As for this week; it’s a quick “set up” chapter. I hope we see their training in addition to Asta’s. Or who knows; maybe he’s just gonna time skip and chapter 266 is gonna be the start of the invasion……….Wow; that sounds more like and ending tag than an opener. Whatever; let’s get to the chapter! Black Clover Chapter 265: “Elysia.”

Very Heart Kingdom-esk Environment- which makes sense considering its geographical location

We open from last weeks chapter– Noelle waking up to see the former Eye Of The Midnight Sun leader and 3rd Eye force. As she gets up; Leopold, Charmy, Luck, Sekre, and Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime sama start to get up, as well. They also have their grimoires lying next to them.

Patri explains that this place is called “Elysia-” a secluded area in a strong Magic Region(Grand Magic Zone) within the recesses of the Heart Kingdom. As such-it’s brimming with intense mana. But her inthrallement with the mana surging around her brings to her eye the 2 kids behind Patri. When she asks; she gets an answer no one was expecting. These 2 kids(unnamed as of right now) are the Descendants of Licht and Teita! So it that way- Noelle and Mimosa Sama are related to these kids! But how? I was also under the assumption that the Elf possessing Yuno was Licht’s son- who left this world following chapter 213. But it turns out that…………..

We go back in time 500 years ago- to the events of chapter 205. In the panel in which Sekre finds Teita’s body; we learn from this chapter that she was supposed to give birth to TWINS! Even bloodied; Teita managed to hang on for dear life- for the sake of her children. Which allowed Sekre to save 1 of them- that one likely being the daughter. She sealed off Teita’s wound, and left to be by Lumiere’s side- and the rest we know. So that’s how one of the kids survived- and the other one ended up as the Elf Soul inside of Yuno.

Something that I would like to propose is the idea that the “Tree of Qliphoth” was created between the age of Lumiere and Licht and the current era- that the surviving child of Licht and Teita went on to fight against the Devils that escaped the tree and died- but left his sword and the inscriptions for the Wind Spirit in the dungeon they went to during the 2nd arc of the series- where Asta got the Demon Dweller Sword and Yuno got Bell. It would explain why there’s information on the tree readily available, and how those 2 ended up in that dungeon. Nice foreshadowing, Tabata.

Does that mean that the Clover Kingdom Royals have Elf in their blood?……

Realizing this means that Lady Teita survived- Sekre can’t help but tear up. But there’s no time to focus on that emotion- her face says it all!

We learn that the Elves have decided to make this place their new village. Mimosa asks how and why they saved them- considering their…….history. Patri: “Dryad-The Guardian Deity of Elysia- sent us a divine revelation to telling us to do so.” This further confirms the existence of multiple Gods in the series- or does it? Okay; there are Gods in this series- the evidence presented supports this. But maybe– just maybe- it was Undine. “Why do I think this way?” Well…….Lolopechika isn’t dead(this confirms it), and Undine wants to save her. She’s made of water- which can travel through roots. So maybe she came and pretended to be “Dryad” to save the only people strong enough to stop the Dark Triad. Or maybe it was a divine revelation. Who am I to argue against the idea of Divine Intervention?

Survival Of The Strongest

The Elves rushed out to the scene- but they were too late. The bombs went off- but they all managed to survive. They even managed to save some citizens of the Heart Kingdom. He commends them on their rapid growth- which just fills like Spit in their faces. Even after all that intense training to learn how to use the Heart Kingdom’s arrays……..they still lost. RATHER BADLY, considering what happened.

Noelle gets up, and YELLS: “Not Strong Enough!! We couldn’t protect her– we couldn’t defeat them. We trained for 6 months and got stronger, and yet………..They took Lolopechika. There’s no telling how long she has to live. We just………..We Have To Get STRONGER!! MUCH, MUCH STRONGER!!” She grabs Patri, and begs him help them get stronger. Rhya’s a little annoyed by her demanding tone of voice, while Patri is sceptical that they can get stronger in such a short period of time after 6 months worth of it. But they’re all for it. As they says: “Giving Up Is Even Harder.” So the Elves concede to teach them the Elves esoteric technique: Ultimate Magic! Black Clover Chapter 265 END! Black Clover Will Be On Break Next Week. D@MMIT!


You know……..I rather like this chapter- despite it’s short length. I like what it sets up, and I like the art. Like I said in the My Hero review: The art in every chapter this week was on POINT. I also like how Noelle is the defacto “Leader” in the absence of a Captain. Makes me excited for her future……..

I think that’s all for now, people. Be sure to share this post with all your friends, and until the next post! Later!

Deku vs Shigarak! My Hero Academia Chapter 284 BREAKDOWN

Let’s Go- It’s 9-on-2!

And so- “My Hero Academia’s” critically acclaimed War arc’s curtains begin to close. Sad- but this is what must be. All arcs must come to a close- and the story must continue to walk forward. That said- Horikoshi is ending off this arc with a BANG! Deku- having just awakened the 7th users “Float-” takes his cracked reflection and his teachers and friends to the sky! But now- THE BACKLASH of all this power. My Hero Academia Chapter 284: “Deep Blue Battle!” Not really getting what Horikoshi is going for with the title of this chapter- I usually hear “Deep Blue” in reference to the ocean.

Picking up from last chapter- Deku is using Black Whips and float to bring Tomura to the sky where he can’t turn anything to dust. PROBLEM: Like when he awakened Black Whip- his body starts to become unstable and he starts losing control of Black Whips itself. Once again- Horikoshi is showing that he is not immune to consequences. As the Whip’s around the beat-to-h#ll-and-back right arm begins to glitch out; he drops everyone off and takes Tomura to another location. Endeavor tells Shoto to tend to Gran Torino- and internally curses himself for not being up there dealing with the monster suspended in the air.

Bakugo- probably of a similar mindset- yells out to the d@mn nerd: “HOLD IT, DEKU! YOU’RE THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE FURTHEST FROM THAT GUY! He’s no long…..being held back by ‘Erasure’ anymore!” To this; Izuku yells back “SOMEONE HAS TO KEEP SHIGARAKI UP IN THE AIR!” And both Endeavor and Bakugo make the same “D@MMIT!” face. They realize that he’s right- and there’s nothing their raw power can do about it. A character moment that I imagine will stick with them going forward- one that probably only they can understand. So maybe Endeavor and Bakugo will be getting a closer “Master-Student” relationship. NAH!

“Your mouth’s writing checks you can’t cash”

Tomura chuckles: “If you like the sky so much- I’ll take One For All and send you to heaven! I’ll even send those geezers so you’re not lonely!” Huh…….is it just me, or do you not hear villains talk about sending people to heaven a lot? It’s always “I’ll send you to h#ll!” or some variation of that line. And of course; Izuku hits him with a “LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Don’t you DARE hurt ANYONE ELSE!” He whips his foot back, and gets ready to PUNT the King of Villains to the sky!

As Bakugo can do nothing but look up at the nerd he so despised; we flashback to the events of chapters 253 and 254– when Aizawa went to see Kurogiri. Back at the school; we see that Izuku and All Might called upon the help of Sero(“Black Whips” training), Uraraka(“Float” practice), and Tsu(Target practice). But Izuku…………..looks different. He has this “Afro” hair style from his previous training with Bakugo. It’s rather funny.

Uraraka’s Never Been More Attracted To Him Before…………

Sero asks why they didn’t ask Aizawa for help- to which All Might interjects: “I hope he can learn to ‘hit the breaks’ while Airborne from your quirk, Young Uraraka.” She reminds him that he’s always hopping around, though. You get the point; he’s sort of “talking out of his @$$” right now. I mean; what he’s saying true, but he’s not telling them why he needs to train in doing all of this.

After freaking everyone out with his constant note taking; the training begins. Uraraka compares the feeling of floating to “swimming-” only in mid air than in the sky. After he gets the feeling- he starts to move around with his Air Force. Now that he’s learning how to manuever in mid air- All Might thinks it time to apply Black Whips in mid air. With him learning all of this; All Might sits down next to Bakugo. Big Character Moment Imminent. Bakugo: “He’s working pretty hard, huh?’ All Might figures that since “Float” and “Zero Gravity” work in a similar way(suspending one’s body in midair), Izuku can learn what it feels like to float with Uraraka’s help- and training like this might even manifest it before they go in front of a crowd- which is a necessity. As Bakugo said: “They can’t hide the true nature of One For All forever.” Which is especially true for when more quirks awaken.

People are probably already suspicious of Izuku’s “Black Whips-” manifesting another quirk in front of others would probably lead to the inevitable-yet-undeterminable explanation.

Aerial Movement Training

Bakugo and All Might get into a much more………….private conversation……No; That’s Not The Phrase. Maybe a more “personal” conversation would be correct? Yeah; let’s say that. But in any case; Bakugo brings up how they can’t hide this secret forever. All Might says he has no intention of discussing anything beyond “Black Whips.” He thinks it better this way- as “It’s not only the wicked that seek power.

Bakugo sits quiet for a moment- which makes the next scene much more…….interesting. He brings up chapter in which All Might gave Deku the Successor Notebook– remembering how the 4th users information was scribbled out. He starts: “Deku trusts you with his life, but………… the notebook about the successors……your summary of the fourth was kinda half-finished. Only that one. Meanwhile- the others had detailed notes. The 5th, 6th, and 7th users had their causes of death listed. Why is that?” He also recalls how All Might dodged the question when he asked him back then.

“The Seeds Of Mistrust Have Been Placed………..

Bakugo asks if it has something to do with One For All’s true nature- to which All Might says “Not Yet!” He says that he’d rather not speculate on “uncertain things” for Deku’s safety. And he speculates that Bakugo is similarly concerned- which leads to an important character moment for Bakugo. Bakugo admits that Izuku is “special-” but he doesn’t realize just how “special” he is. And it never sat well with him- that someone so “special” was so humble about it- as if he himself didn’t know he was. It made Bakugo want to distance himself from the d@mn nerd- and when he wouldn’t get the memo; he bullied him. And All Might speculates that helping with his training is part of his atonement.

In that way; he and Endeavor were really never so different. Endeavor was not aware of his own short comings until the events of Kamino Ward- like how Bakugo couldn’t understand what drove him crazy about Izuku until he realized that Izuku was so “special.” It’s reminds me of how in chapter 275; he was talking about how he recognized Deku- but that he wasn’t gonna be “2nd rate.” It’s like Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super- only done a bit better.

Horikoshi ALSO Watches Fire Force.

Back in the present; Bakugo isn’t gonna accept what Izuku just said- he’s going up there to kick some mutated @$$. And he tells Endeavor not to miss his next shot- knowing that that will likely be his last. As they fight in midaid; Deku lands a powerful kick to Tomura’s gash- which basically knocks the wind out of the Villain King. As he reels from the damage One For All(both the new quirk and the fact that 100% is killing him) is doing to his body; he also realizes something important: The Damage is STICKING. Tomura’s Hyper-Regeneration is starting to slow down- he’s hitting his limit. But then- so is the beat-to-h#ll-and-back Deku. His arm-braced by Black Whips- basically destroyed his left arm. But that still leaves the ever-busted up Right Arm.

Tomura Shigaraki- The 2nd User of The All For One Quirk- and Izuku Midoriya- The 9th User Of The Quirk Created To Stop All For One-One For All. Here and now– Izuku releases EVERYTHING his One For All can do against The Ultimate Villain! With all his might- Izuku Midoriya unleashes his STRONGEST right hook! My Hero Academia Chapter 284 END!

“Goodbye, Dear Arms………”

Man……….this chapter was just FULL of good art- and it’s not the only one! Black Clover, Dragon Ball Super- all 3 of these series were at the TOP of their art game! Not to mention the characterization of 1 Katsuki Bakugo. I think that this fight will be the last in this arc. Next chapter- I expect Deku and Bakugo to rough him up at max power- then Endeavor- then Machia comes to his aid and leaves. Then a few chapters to talk about character deaths, and the future of some heroes. Man…….this war is going to end with losses on all sides. No one won- Both sides just managed to not lose.

Man…….what’s this trio’s relationship going forward- Tomura, Izuku, and Bakugo? And how is Izuku going to explain his new floating abilities? Find out-NEXT TIME! Later

New Series Recommendation: Kaiju No 8

Hello again, mortals of the lower dimensions! It’s time again for me to tell you about a a new manga series that I think is gonna knock your socks off. And a fun fact: this series is actually a recommendation of Yuki Tabata- The creator behind Black Clover! By Naoya Matsumoto- I present to you all “Kaiju No 8!”

Kaiju No. 8 (Title) - MangaDex
If this doesn’t look cool to you, then there’s seriously something wrong with you.

This series is a little different from your everyday shonen battle manga- in the fact that this series follows a 32 year old protagonist! Usually; they have the protagonist on the younger side so that the audience can better realte them- to be somewhat of a “champion” to them in the idea that you’re never too young to do the right thing- that being young means that you have this “unlimited potential” to do whatever it is that you set your mind to. But the thing that I think Matsumoto sensei is trying to convey with this protagonist is that “It’s never too late.” As long as you’re willing to put in the work and do whatever it is you have to to achieve your goals; you could be 13 or 30. And I think the change in protagonist change will contribute to it’s popularity- both amongst the young kids and the adults.

Kafka Hibino-age 32- is a part of the “Kaiju Clean Up” crew. After the military does what it does in taking out the Kaiju and all of that; these guys are the one’s that clean up the mess. Which shows conveys the idea these monsters don’t just “go away” after they’re killed- they have to dispose of the corpses and rebuild what they destroyed. But the main point of the story is for him to get into the Kaiju Defense Force. He tried twice and failed- despite his promise with the Captain of the Defense Force Captain, Mina Ashiro. Yeah; I feel like the mangaka kind of based this name on Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia! however; their personalities could not be more different. She’s very stoic, and her desire to kill Kaiju comes from the fact that her(and Kafka’s) parents were killed in a Kaiju attack.

Kaijuu 8-gou - Union Mangás
Mina Ashiro

You can tell that she kind of has feelings for Kafka- as she’s in the bath thinking about how she saw him(NOT LIKE THAT!) this particular day when she killed a Yonju. You know the “Skull Diggers” from the Godzilla franchise? They’re like that; they come up from behind and pick off the scraps of what the Kaiju eat- they’re scavengers, essentially. But in any case; she sits there thinking back to seeing him that day and back to their promise to each other- and calls him a “liar.” It let’s you know that he hasn’t left her mind- even if they don’t talk anymore.

As far as what makes him try to get into the Kaiju Defense Force a 3rd time; you have 1 “Reno Ichikawa-” who works as a sort of “younger version” of Kafka. He’s the initial force driving Kafka to join the Defense Force- as he has the same dream as Kafka when he was that age: To Eliminate All Kaiju. Speaking of his age; he is 18 years old– not that much older than your typical shonen protagonist(heck; Luffy’s 19 years old, and Goku’s around 43). And his behavior is definitely that of a “tragic backstoried” protagonist; he-much like Kafka and Mina- lost his parents to Kaiju. Lot of similarities in with the cast, right?

What I think Matsumoto sensei is trying to convey is the classic shonen story of a young, hot blooded kid who has the same dream as the older, wiser, “sensei” type character- motivating them to keep trying at their dream even though they’re “out of their prime.” Only it’s told from the sensei’s perspective.

ichikawa reno | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir
Even kind of looks the part.

Story picks up with Reno as the new member of the clean up crew whose just here til he can take the Defense Force exam. Kafka is revealed to have had the same goal, once upon a time. But he-like any protag- is very blunt in telling you what he thinks. If he doesn’t like you- he’ll say it to your face and take it how you will. Which he does with Kafka- he does not understand the mentality of a “quitter-” nor does he want to understand it. In that way; Kafka begins to feel down on himself- but he keeps moving forward anyway. Because he’s the protagonist. This is his story.

But he doesn’t look down on or hate Ichikawa for his comment- he’s right. “No excuse for quitting.” So for the “pick me up;” he treats Ichikawa well on the first day- even though they have to clean the Kaiju’s intestines for fecal matter……..again. Once they day is done; Ichikawa apologizes and thanks his senpai for his help on his first day. So, as a token of gratitude; Ichikawa gives him some important news: The new age limit for recruits is 33. Basically; Kafka had to tries. And throughout the training for his 3rd; he just gave up and never went back. And by the time he wanted to try again; he was over the age limit. But because of the declining birthrate due to Kaiju attacks; the age limit has been raised to 33. One year left- one try left.

Read Manga Kaiju No. 8 - Chapter 2 - Read Manga Online - Manga Catalog №1
The Initial Transformation

As they prepare to leave; a Yonju attacks-defense force comes in-the meeting between Mina and Kafka I talked about-rushed to the hospital. Yonju follows. Right when he decides to get off his @$$ and try again; The Yonju assimilates him. I’m not kidding; it says “At last I’ve found you!” and flies in his MOUTH! And thus- “Kaiju No 8” is born! I’ve still no clue on why the Defense Force labelled him as such- but I get the feeling it will be explained later.

It’s not like anyone else knows right now- just Kafka and Ichikawa. Oh wait; a new character revealed in recent chapters by the name of “Kikoru Shinomiya” has to be saved from a Kaiju during the test! And yes; the name “Shinomiya” is just as prestigious as it is in my favorite romance anime- Kaguya Sama: Love Is War(links to the past 2 seasons; check them out when you get the chance). Seeing 2 prestigious families with the name of “Shinomiya” makes me wonder about the significance of that name in Japan.

Kikoru is a bit of a bully- teasing Kafka for being older and such. But she is similar to one Katsuki Bakugo in that she is under a lot of pressure to be the best. Beneath her taunting, disinterested, murderous exterior lies a character who-yes- does actually want to eliminate Kaiju because they killed her mom. But she’s more under pressure from her father to be the best and uphold a certain standard- something that motivated her to become a “Kaiju Hunter.” She can smell Kaiju(which almost gives Kafka away had it not been for his line of work), and her strength in her suit is remarkable- giving her the highest nation wide score.

matsumoto naoya | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir
“I hope you’re watching-Kafka Hibino…………..

Some trouble during the Practical Exam forces kafka to reveal his secret in front of Kikoru- which begins to spark a “fascination” with him within her. And you could see it in their interactions during the beginning of the exam that she kind of likes him- or, at the very least; likes teasing him. But it’s very clear that she’s a potential love interest- at least one-sidedly. Keep in mind the age difference.

You can probably gather that the Kaiju are much smarter than Humans think-based on the plot- and that they have a much larger, over arching plan that the cast has to deal with. This begins to build up in one of the more recent chapters- as well as the idea of the defense Force being suspicious of Kafka. Especially when they let him in even though he failed the test. I don’t think that they know exactly what went on during the exam- but I think they think it has something to do with Kafka- and the mysterious “Kaiju No 8.”

Kaiju No. 8 7-4 - Comic Book Revolution
The Future Is In Your Hands!

I think that’s all I got for you guys. I hope you check out the series; I think it’s great and I would really like to see it succeed. If you like what you see; read it on VIZ Media’s website. I hope I’ve sold you on this series- i think it’s going to go down as one of the greats!

Until next time, my wonderful viewing audience; see you in the next post!

Burn The Witch Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW: I Like It!

Hello again, all you lovely people from the lower dimensions! I’m back at it again with a different kind of review- one that could be very telling for the future of the manga industry as a whole. One that might actually prove to be a Good Change when it comes to these mangaka’s health. They also might be doing it to keep up with those meddlesome Webtoon’s that keep getting anime adaptations! I am here to talk about Tite Kubo’s Bleach Spin Off Series- “Burn The Witch!”

BURN THE WITCH] | [COLOR] : bleach
The Cover of The One Shot From 2015-I believe………

Now…..I’ll be the first to say this: I am NOT a huge fan of Bleach. In fact, for a very long time; I had this mental aversion to the series. I had watched it out-of-order when I was younger- and I liked what I saw. But then I tried watching it again on Netflix a~nd………it was so boring it KILLED me. But eventually; I forced myself to sit down and watched- and I enjoyed what I saw. It was a fine series- although at the time I picked it back up; it was during the Soul Society arc. So naturally; it was good. Then I started reading the manga and I realized that I enjoy Bleach best in manga format. I’ve been reading ever since, and have made it all the way to the final arc.

But where does “Burn The Witch” come in? Well-long before any of that. Like I said; I read the One shot in 2015-ish- long before I had this blog. And I liked it- it was very exposition heavy. But then; I feel like that goes for Tite Kubo’s writing style itself. I can’t remember in what interview it was, but I know that he stated that he “Just likes drawing cool sh!t, and the story is a way to explain that.” So he does all the exposition and such to make sure you know what the cool sh!t. And, while I think quick exposition is a nice way to make sure you get everything in the most simplistic way possible; I don’t think that it should be done in a very “compounded” way like that. I broke it down better in my post about Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 post, so check that one out.

Read: Bleach Creator's Burn the Witch Manga Debuts First Chapter
The main characters: Noel(right) and Ninny(Left)

That said; I think that Kubo’s writing style has improved vastly since his days working on Bleach. Though the improvement in writing might be also be due to the length of season 1. yeah; the manga industry is starting to go more of the webtoon format. Now that people are starting to be made aware of webtoons; the manga industry is trying to play “keep up.” So these last 4 chapters of the series has been listed as “Season 1.” And if this really is the future of the industry, then I’m all for it! Because THIS series-was INSANE!

1)It would work better for the mangaka’s health- having them draw up a few chapters longer than your Black Clover’s and your One Piece’s but they all drop weekly and then go back and keep drawing. They might actually get sleep, now! And 2) I think it contributes to the writing in that you can tell a story arc quickly and seamlessly. “Burn The Witch” season 1 managed to pick up with the events of the One Shot: Balgo Parks is a “Dragon Clad-” someone who was bitten by a dragon and has their biology changed. To prevent more of these; the “Piper” organization was created to prevent Dragons and Humans from interacting.

It’s a spin off in the sense that it takes place in the West Branch of the Soul Society- which was established in Bleach. What this spin off does is open the door to potential others- the idea of their being different kinds of threats that each branch has to deal with- one branch may deal with Hollows, but this branch deals with Dragons.

ilana steinberg on Twitter: "read BURN THE WITCH, a delightful Kubo  snippet. We need more Kubo (THAT DOMESTICATED DRAGON IS SO GARGANTUAN IT  HAS LADDERS GOING UP ITS NECK AND NOSTRILS; THE
A “Dark Dragon.”

I think that what “Burn The Witch” season 1 does is build it’s world throughout all 5(counting the one shot) chapters. Each chapter builds the world out further- rather than just doing a whole “exposition dump.” We learn that Dark Dragon’s are beings that hide in a vessel until they’ve been in contact with a human long enough to absorb their negative energy- becoming “Dark Dragons.” Balgo was around 2 Dragons for a very long time- that being his friend Selbey and his dog Osushi. So now he has to stay with Noel and Ninny in Reverse London- something he enjoys vastly. Oh yeah, Did I Mention: He has a crush on Noel.

It’s mostly played for a joke- both in the original one shot and the series itself. He introduction let’s us know he’s a bit of a pervert- he tries to sneak a peek at Noel’s panties, but she kicks his @$$ rather easily. He also makes jokes about holding onto her whenever they fly on her broom and how he can almost feel her breasts(she has the typical Kubo female art style), but I do think that he likes her. And maybe not even a small crush, either. As for how she feels about him; Noel seems rather annoyed by him- his perverse comments and his “scaredy cat” demeanor. But when he has those moments of bravery to save someone he cares about- she can’t help but admit that he looks rather cool. She might only like him as a friend, but his behavior over the course of the series might change that- not that she’ll admit it. She’s very “mundane” in how she emotes.

Spangle Ninii - Burn the Witch by Tite Kubo en 2020 | Animo, Mangas
Meet Ninii Spangle

Another character that-in terms of personality(not quite as attractive, I have to say)- I like more than Noel is the tough talking realist- 1 Ninii Spangle. In terms of personality(and somewhat appearance); she’s very similar to Hiyori Sarugaki from the Visored in Bleach. She’s short, but believe me when I say “She’ll kick your @$$ for saying so.” She’s also of the mindset that “Fairy Tales are stupid-” despite being a witch. By which I mean that She finds the idea of waiting for a “Fairy God Mother to wisp you a way to happily ever after” is stupid. And if she has to rely on a magic spell to thrive in this world- then she wants to be the one casting said spell. I think what Kubo is trying to convey is “If you have to rely on a miracle- then make one.”

Ninii used to be part of this band in front London- but she quite because it was “fre@kin’ annoying.” She left- giving her band mate(and love interest) Macy incentive to leave as well. I think she might have done it for her sake, actually. Macy has feeling for her- to the point where she freaks out when someone starts talking so casually with her. Heck; she threw a whole WORK DESK at Noel for doing so. And she kind of “stumbled” into the life of a star- and was essentially stuck in that life, just going through the motions……….then Ninni came along and saved her. Ninni…..and her Dragon, Elly.

Elly | Bleach Wiki | Fandom
Macy and Elly

Elly is a legenday Dragon- a “Marchen.” These dragons are very powerful- and very destructive. And even though Macy raised Elly from a baby Dragon- it still ended up being a monster that destroyed most of Reverse London. Elly was the dragon “Cinderella.” Yeah; the Marchen’s are named for a lot of Fairy Tail stories- “Cindella,” “Snow White,” the witches candy house from “Hansel and Gretel” and the likes. These-beyond the big organization they work for that’s after Balgo’s head- will most likely end up being the big threats of the series. In the same way it was the Hollows, and then the Soul Society itself. But will Kubo do another Arrancar twist? I feel like he will- but that depends on how long this series goes for.

A.I.R (Anime Intelligence (and) Research) on Twitter: "The official "BURN  THE WITCH" anime movie website has launched… "
The anime adaptation is coming this October!

But yeah! Those are my thoughts on “Burn The Witch!” It’s a great series with phenomenal art- which is nothing short of standard for Kubo sensei. I’m really excited to see this animated. And I hope you guys are, too. That’s all I got for you today, folks! Be sure to share this around with your friends and until the next time, my dear meat puppets! Later!

WATER Shiki! Edens Zero Chapter 110 BREAKDOWN

How Cute………..

Howdy, everyone! I read the chapter before I went to bed, so I woke up and got right to the post!- not that you’ll be seeing this the day of me writing this(Tuesday). Sh!t; I hope you’re seeing this the very next day. I have to power down my computer while my brothers are in school. So I only get about an hour or so to write before I power down for a few hours. Then I get back on and write until I go to bed. But enough about my life; let’s talk about some godd@mn anime and manga, shall we?! Edens Zero Chapter 110: “A Robot In Love.” Let’s do this!

As you can see; the cover sees Pino and Happy in some kind of workshop- looking all cute n’ sh!t. Not really much else to disect from this cover page- not that there ever really is. I sometimes wish chapters of “Edens Zero” were more like My Hero Academia or Black Clover in that regard- the way they just dive into the chapter and leave the title of the chapter either somewhere in between the panels or in the panels themselves- or even taking up the whole panel like in Bleach. Bleach is a really good example of a series that knows how to introduce the titles of its chapters- very creative, Tite Kubo.

Probably should have included an example of what I meant here, huh?

We dive into the chapter at the Sea Temple- where the crew recovers from the intense heat they just faced. And by “crew-” I mean Homura. She has a rather weak tolerance for heat. But then again; it was an Inferno. So I can’t fault her for that.

In any case; Shiki gets up and asks what this clue to Mother is supposed to be. Nadia simply tells him “That is something you must discover for yourselves.” Expected reaction. And I feel like somewhere deep down Shiki knew that would be the response, too. Like she’s really gonna tell us what the f*ck we’re looking for. If Luffy knew what the One Piece was- he’d quite being a pirate! Lol. He tries asking again, but it garners a similar reaction. So Rebecca interjects by asking what happened to the Robots outside.

Nadia explains that the treasure that was stolen long ago was their sole source of power- and that many a traveler’s came to see it. But when it was taken from them 200 years ago; they all ceased function. Sound familiar? Well; I guess it’s not a 1-to-1 comparison- but it is rather similar to what happened to Granbell, is it not? Anyway; they had shut down. But then a human engineer named “Andrew” fixed Nadia- althought she had to be tethered down by a cable to keep running. He stayed- conducting maintenance on the other Androids. She starts to get all blushy and cutesy as she talks about this Andrew character- leading the crew to believe that she was in love with him. And of course they believe there isn’t anything wrong with that.

“The Hearts Wants What It Wants”

But it’s only when she says that Andrew went to reclaim the treasure 200 years ago that Rebecca realizes: That Pilot They Found Was Andrew. Cr~@P. As Kristoff once said: “Someone’s gotta tell her.” But she so believes in the promise that Andrew made that Rebecca feels the need to let her keep believing in it. Even when Shiki tries to tell her that no human can live that long(forgetting what he learned about Drakken Joe); Rebecca covers his mouth- allowing her to continue to believe.

I feel like she knows. She might be pushing it out of her mind- but I think that she knows that no human could have possibly lived that long naturally. She might just be believing because the idea of her beloved coming home to her is keeping her going. It’s gonna kill her to hear the truth– but you know that she’s just gonna keep moving forward.

Cr@p On Cracker.

They wait and wait for Witch to return(Weisz flicks Pino’s………bunny ears? to pass the time)- and eventually walks through the doorway with Laguna! Witch says that she was prepared for long form negotiations, but Laguna agreed on one condition- rather easy.

Shiki, Homura, and Weisz were a fair bit skeptical- seeing as he was one of the Drakken’s minions. Laguna seems to takes offense to that, and says “We weren’t minions- or if we were; he needed us.” He explains that the Element 4 did not know Drakken’s age at the time- but what they did know is tht he was old. And knowing this; they realized that he needed Ether Masters of the 4 elements to keep him stable- recontextualizing that line “Those 4 are a part of me” in chapter 72. When he said that; he was referring to how he was stealing their life force and Ether to keep his own ether stable. But when the Shining Stars took the 4 of them down; Drakken’s ether began to destabilize and he became- what he did.

So when Shiki won; it was a significantly crippled Zombie. Laguna tells them to “never forget that.” He took that “minion” comment to heart, huh?

Unstable Joe

Weisz takes his little comment to heart until Rebecca steps in. “You’re the chick Drakken was looking for………” Rebecca recalls that Laguna was the only one of Drakken’s crew who was “decent” to her in World 29. Laguna figures the time travel was key in defeating them- which isn’t wrong. YOU saw it- they didn’t have a chance in that world of defeating Drakken. And it wasn’t Mashima just killing off Shiki just for the sake of it; he died in a “natural” way. They couldn’t beat Drakken- and that time travel power Rebecca accidentally activated was their deciding factor.

In any case; he’s here to fulfill the end of his bargain with Witch. As he walks by Shiki; they lock eyes. “I can’t believe a kid like you beat Drakken……” and Shiki says “Hi! Wanna Be Friends!” Laguna: “Yeah, I’ll pass………..” New Crew Member acquired!

But He Will………

When Nadia sees Witch, she can’t help but think of how beautiful she is. Witch asks her if anyone was with Ziggy when he came 15 years ago. Nadia responds “He came alone.” It’s rather odd to Witch that he came alone- but at the same time; it’s not like he needed them to come along. Like they said: his armor could withstand the heat- the Stars could not. So bringing them along would have brought them unnecessary danger.

Shiki, Witch, and Laguna go back in the cave- where the flames begin to rage once more. Witch advised the others to stay behind- only the 3 of them are required for this mission. Which leads us into Witch’s grand plan: They’re going to turn Shiki into water and coat him with Witch’s Ether. Then he’ll use his gravity to fly through and ba-da-bing ba-da-boom! All the while; Witch’s swimsuit begins to burn up. Shiki warns her of this- to which she states “If you have no ethical concerns, then I am unconcerned with being nude.” No f*cks to give about a lot of things, I notice. Heck; Shiki could say “Take off your swimsuit” and she’d do it. She seems to be the most willing and loyal of the 4. I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen(at least, not in any serious way); it’s just something funny. Especially since Laguna has concerns with it.

Witch explains this by saying “For a sorceress such as myself; exposure of the face is a greater source of shame than general exposure of the skin.” To which Shiki reminds her that she’s not wearing her mask now. She gets flustered and covers her face immediately. Laguna calls this “Rather cute.”

She pulls herself together and explains the plan to Laguna- who states that there is a high probability- No, he thinks that Shiki is DEFINITELY gonna bite it……again. Witch says that coating Water Shiki in her Ether will keep him from dying- so Laguna obliges to plan. So he tells Witch to make him cry. She cries out “Lord Shiki- There’s a bug on your shoulder!Cries. Liquifies. Phase 1: COMPLETE.

“Mizu Shiki”

She coats up the puddle in her Ether- making it into the shape of Shiki. And now that he’s the equivalent of a “water balloon;” he can now move through the fire wall unincumbered- he can even use his own Ether Gear to fly through. Laguna asks why he couldn’t have just suppressed the flames with Gravity- to which Witch says that the ether in this cave was preventing him from doing so.

Like a miniature comment; he blitz through the fire wall-coming up at the end of the cave and into a chamber. But not just any chamber- it’s a hallway filled with the “familiar ether” reading he got from the temple. As the ether swirls around him; a voice says “There was once a part of me in this chamber….” Shiki goes on the defensive and asks “Who’s there?!” The voice continues: “It has since been lost……..but my Ether remains…….” Shiki looks at the empty pedistal brimming with Ether- and figures that the pedistal is where all this Ether is coming from. “Follow This Ether Flow…..she says; “And it will show you the path to find me…….

The Ether begins to swirl up- forming Her. Ladies and Gentlemen- The Matriarch of The Cosmos: Mother. Edens Zero Chapter 110 END!

“Hello again, Shiki……..”

Now………when Shiki said that there was a “familiar ether” in this temple; it was clear that he was referring to Mother’s presence being strong in this place. Or, at the very least; he was here at one point in time. But I think the Mother connection was more obvious. I bring all the way back to chapter 3 of the series: He saw the huge holographic statue to Mother the Shooting Starlight Guild has and said “I feel like I’ve met her before……” So Shiki getting a familiar reading and it being Mother would make sense.

I liked this chapter- but I feel like I had trouble writing this review for some reason. I appreciate any feedback I get on this post. I think the chapter was really good- especially the idea of making Shiki into a water person like a certain puddle from Infinity Train. But that’s all for now, my party peoples. I hope you enjoyed the post. Til next time!

Nostalgia Corner: Gravity Falls- My Favorite Animated Series Of The 2010 Decade

It is a name know throughout the lands for its playful-yet-twisted sense of humor and amazing storytelling and lore; a series that, in truth, needs no introduction. And yes; I enjoyed this series more than the famed Steven Universe. I present to you all: Gravity Falls!

Gravity Falls Wiki | Fandom
By the Genius– Alex Hirsch

Aw………where to pick up? Tah………I guess with episode 7,where I was first introduced to the series. Yeah; I didn’t start with episode 1. In fact- I didn’t really want to watch the series when I heard it was coming out. YEAH; glad I watched it! “Double Dipper” was a pretty good episode- on that definitely made me want to watch more of the show- especially the episode “The Inconveniencing.” Which was also pretty cool. For how amazing I think the story was; I think these little episodic adventures really hooked me.

“Double Dipper” saw Dipper finding a cursed copy machine that copied other people. He used this copy machine to insure that he can ask Wendy to dance with him. You get the story: We sometimes get in our own way. Which I also do sometimes- I start to think and think until I ultimately either talk myself out of the idea or just decide to do it. And I think that the idea of us being our own worst enemies is really cool concept- especially when it’s taken to a metaphorical sense. But the thing that really hooked me into the show was the AMAZING theme song. I’m sure that I’ve heard cartoon theme songs without lyrics before- but I just love the theme song and how it built up to the “Da~~~ Da DA- DA~~~ DA DA DA!” my singing SUCKS!

HD] Gravity Falls Theme Song on Make a GIF
Man, Ford; what the h#ll were you doing?

And I especially enjoyed seeing Stan run away with that cash register. And when we got that Weirdmageddon REDUX?! That was so creative, funny, scary, and animated so well- which pretty much sums up the rest of the show. Anyway; after this episode, I just kept watching and watching the show to religiously until the end. I liked the mix of stroy driven episodes with episodic plots that actually ended up building to something. Or; a few of them did(COUGH COUGH*Dipifica 4 Lyfe*COUGH COUGH. Don’t worry; I don’t have COVID- just a frog in my throat). Ultimately; the show was only 2 seasons. Not because it got cancelled- it was the decision of Alex Hirsch.

He broke down in an interview that the process of creating an animated series was rather taxing- more so than he had initially thought. So he ultimately cut the show short, even though I believe he stated that he wanted 3 seasons or more. The thing that I think you should take from Alex’ story and the reason “Gravity Falls” was so short is not “Don’t go into animation-” follow your dreams, dude. But I think the thing we should learn is to calm down and prepare before hand……, that’s not it. Maybe the message is something like “Stay calm, be cool, and don’t stress?” Yeah; that sounds closer.

Bill Cipher | Gravity Falls Wiki | Fandom
Bill’s Debut in “Dreamscaper”

Now……….I could save Bill for the end of the post. But he’s my favorite part of the show, you see. Favorite character- and overall one of my favorite animated villains aside from like Spinel from Steven Universe The Movie and Cell from Dragon Ball Z. Bill Cipher-Triangle. “Liar, Monster, Snappy Dresser.” Oh, but wait; that’s not his real name. I think it’s in Journal 2 or 3 that reveals that Bill’s true name is unpronounceable to 3rd dimensional beings. And those that try usually end up having their head burst into flames! That’s another thing that makes the show so good: The Comedy! Things like that are just casually dropped in a conversation like it’s no big deal- as if it’s just an everyday occurrence. Or even Bill’s sense of humor- it’s always comedic delivery followed by some sick twisted sh!t.

How 'bout instead I shuffle the functions of every hole on your face?! |  Gravity Falls | Know Your Meme
Like so

Bill is- for all intents and purposes- the main antagonist of the series. Though his role as such does come into play until Season 2. FUN FACT: An animatic that leaked online revealed that they had originally planned for Bill to appear to Dipper in a dream before Gideon summoned him. Okay; I guess you could say that Bill was the main antagonist of the 2nd season, and Gideon would be the first seasons primary villain. But that just makes the show even better because of the connective tissue this creates. Gideon- the “Big Bad” of the last season- unleashed an even BIGGER threat onto not just the town- but our entire dimension itself.

Going into that: Bill is from the 2nd dimension- a dimension he describes as “A flat world inhabited by flat minded people.” So he “liberated it- by setting it ablaze! He watched as his home burned to the ground – and then the ground burned and the dimension just ceased to exist. Which would tie into a big reveal in the “Gravity Falls: Choose Your Own Adventure” book. When Dipper and Mabel met the Axolotl in “The Time And Space Between Time And Space(classic “Gravity Falls!”);” they were permitted one question each. Dippers question: “What do you know about Bill Cipher?” And the Axolotl only had this poem to say:

30 Degrees That Come In 3s. Watches From Within Birch Trees.

Saw His Whole Dimension Burn- Misses Home And Can’t Return.

Say’s He’s Happy- He’s A Liar. “Blame The Arson For The Fire.”

If He Wants To Shirk The Blame-He’ll Have To Invoke My Name.

One Way To Absolve His Crime: A Different Form And Different Time


And I could go into a whole thing about that, but I already feel like this is becoming more of a “Bill Speculation” post than a “Gravity Falls In General” post. Moving on; I also liked Bill’s voice- Alex Hirsch famously voiced Grunkle Stan, Soos, and even the Dream Demon himself. It’s even the voice he uses for King in The Owl House– minus the echo effect.

Bill Cipher - Bill Cipher - Magnet | TeePublic
He also has A LOT of fan art surrounding him

Okay………before I gush anymore about Bill; let’s move on. If I talked about every single thing I love about the character- you’d never finish this post.

I think that one thing that could have benefited from the show being longer by even 1 season was the character development of 2 certain characters- one’s that occupied the “Episodic antagonist” roles for Dipper and Mabel’s development. That’s right: I am talking about Robbie and Pacifica. Now……they changed in season 2- but I and my brothers feel that it may have been a little too fast. By which I mean- did there turn from enemy to friend seem a little bit fast to anyone else? I think that a longer show would have given us a chance to see a fleshed out character arcs for the both of them- more so for Robbie than Pacifica, who got more focus overall.

Robbie’s introduction in “The Inconveniecing” immediately set him up as Dipper’s rival- both in how he views himself and in pursuit of The COOLEST Girl You Will Probably Ever Meet– Wendy. Robbie represents everything that Dipper wishes he was- tall, cool with girls and just people in general. And I feel like Robbie viewed Dipper in a similar light- he saw Dipper as everything that he wanted to be: smarter, more comfortable being himself, and accepted by everyone. Dipper didn’t need to try so hard to get in everyone’s good graces- just Robbies. And this is even more apparent in the episode “Fight Fighters.” I do not think Robbie was actually going to beat up Dipper. Like, removing Rumble McScirmish from the episode; I don’t think that they would have fought. Or if they did; it would end with them understanding each other a little bit more.

And this is especially a poorly handled character because of what his role in the story was supposed to be. He was set up to be a key factor in defeating Bill. He represented the scarred heart on the Cipher Wheel- a fragment of the only thing(at the time) that could have conceivably destroyed the Dream Demon Bill Cipher. But no– he was relegated to a background role of just having his arm around Tambry for the rest of the shows run. 1 flaw in an otherwise perfect show.

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“Why Can’t I Be More Like You?” The 2 boys thought.

On the other end of the spectrum- you have Mabel and Pacifica, who are much easier to understand because Pacifica had a lot more episodes in which she played a role. Debuting in the first episode I saw; I immediately new what Pacifica Northwest was about. And she would make appearances here and there throughout the first season- in a small role in “The Time Traveler’s Pig” and in a much more prevalent role in “Irrational Treasure.” Which will be where I draw the idea of Mabel and Pacifica wishing they could switch lives: This episode showed that Mabel wants to be taken seriously by her peers. And it’s kind of obvious what Pacifica would get from their hypothetical swap: Freedom. The freedom to not be her parents “puppet-” the ability to be free to be who she truly is, rather than pretend to be something she wasn’t.

Golf Queen Pacifica by greatlucario on DeviantArt
You poor thing…….

But how would a swap between the 4 even happen? I mean; it’s not like there was a carpet just lying around that could swap people’s bodies by rubbing your feet on it, was there? OH. WAIT. Yes there was! You could have had an episode like that, but that was another missed opportunity.

Although I must say that I enjoyed Pacifica’s little character progression in the critically acclaimed episode “Northwest Mansion Mystery.” 1)DIPIFICA 4 LYFE! 2)See #1. 3)I just really LOVED that episode! Especially the pay off from “Into The Bunker!” But the core part of this episode is still Pacifica and the relationship she has with her parents. It only serves to further validate why picks on Mabel all the time- Mabel has the one thing that she could never possess, and it manifested as jealousy. But through the twins; she learned that if she truly wants to be free- she has to take her freedom- which wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I mean; they conditioned her to respond to a bell like she was some sort of pet. But seeing her defy that to save everyone just made an already-astonishing episode(They Showed Actual BLOOD) into an iconic, show defining display of why “Gravity Falls” is one of the Greatest Animated Series Ever Made!

I just realised that in the shape-shifter episode, the shape-shifter  actually predicts Dipper's future! : gravityfalls
THIS is how you fulfill a promise!

I think I should next talk about the Original Mystery Twins: Stanford and Stanley Pines. Their dynamic is suppose to represent a possible future for Dipper and Mabel- should Dipper take up Ford’s offer from “Dipper And Mabel vs The Future.” This episode-nay, The Show As Whole up to this point- functioned as a 1-to-1 parallel of the flashback in “A Tale of 2 Stans.” Or……not “1-to-1,” but a parallel. Stanley and Mabel- adventurous, sociable, and wacky. Ford and Dipper- The “Voice of Reason” for the most part- albeit a little bit “self involved.”

Dipper and Ford were going to leave to achieve something in life- which would require leaving Mabel and Stan behind. So Mabel and Stan both accidentally did something to try and avoid losing their closest friends. The key difference being that Stan’s blunder only broke 1 invention- and Mabel’s could have caused the entire dimension to collapse. And, while Ford continued on the path he set for himself, even without Stan in his life; Dipper decided to stay with Mabel. Which I think was for the best- considering what Ford and Stan’s lives lead to in the end.

The Long Lost Twin... | Gravity Falls | Know Your Meme
Remember This Episode? How CLIMACTIC it was?

Talking about the Mystery Twins reminds me of what I– and probably many others as well- consider to be the GREATEST “Gravity Falls” episode in the Universe. You know its name- it’s one embedded into our hearts whenever we think of Stan. I am of course talking about the episode mid-season finale of Season 2: “Not What He Seems.What in the h#ll could I say about this episode that hasn’t already been said?

I like how serious it was the whole way through. There were very little joke- although I enjoy the humor in the show generally. But I think an episode where we put down the jokes and “get serious” is a pretty good way to show the dire situation you’re trying to convey. The gravity anomaly that was effecting the town whenever the portal started acting up gave meaning to the name “Gravity Falls.” And then you have the final part of the episode in which Dipper and Soos had lost a lot of trust in Stan- and Mabel even started to falter. But she trusted him in the end- which payed off, but also, as Ford stated- was a “calamitous mistake.” Which we saw in the form of the Interdimensionl Rift.

Gravity Falls S 2 E 11 Not What He Seems / Recap - TV Tropes
The Point Is Properly Conveyed here

I think I may have said everything I wanted to convey with this post. “Gravity Falls” may be one of the greatest series ever created(animated or otherwise)- but it’s not without its flaws and missteps. I think that the show could have been longer without being too-too long, but the length is ultimately what it is- giving the show a sense of “finality.”

I hope that what I said made sense to all of you; I realize that sometimes I contradict myself later on whenever I talk, and that I don’t make much sense in the first place. But I really wanted to talk about “Gravity Falls” with people that I know enjoy quality television. Thank you for your continued support, and I’ll see you next time. Later!

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Gravity Falls Will Return………….