Yuno Gets ANOTHER Power Up! Black Clover Chapter 310 BREAKDOWN

No, I’m serious: Yuno has gotten YET ANOTHER POWER UP this arc alone. After gaining the “Spirit Of Breas,” and “Spirit Of Euros,” and the 2nd Star Magic grimoire, and now- THIS!!! I’m usually all over stuff like this with people getting stronger the longer the fight goes on, but……….CHRIST, MAN!!! But at the very LEASTThis is not the worst way for it to happen. In fact; it somewhat reminds me of a concept in Jujutsu Kaisen. Though if you were gonna do THIS, then why give him the second magic type. In any case; let’s get into it. Black Clover Chapter 310: “Unyielding Right And Wrong.”


THIS is what you would call a “Ludicrous Magic Battle!!”

Picking up from last week; Yuno- now with dual grimoires and access to his “Star Magic-” continues his fight with a very perturbed Zenon in earnest. Zenon sends 1 bone javelin after another at Yuno, but the Spade prince dodges it effortlessly. He gets behind Zenon and attacks with “Star Magic: Quartile- Flagellum(whip in Latin).” It ends up slashing Zenon right down the middle, but he just regenerates himself and combines his Bone Magic and Beelzebub’s Spatial magic to make a brand new spell: “Demon Sword Dansleif(“Dansleif” is among the most mighty weapons in Norse mythology- Dansleif, or “Dann’s Legacy,” is laid with a curse that says it must always kill a man when it’s drawn).” Almost immediately; he uses the new “Spatial Rupture” to carve up Spade Castle!!

The slashes actually manage to do something- they destroy most of Yuno’s Stars so that he can’t pull his teleportation gimmick. As he continues his assault; he recalls the rest of the flashback from chapter 306– in which his eldest brother starts to impart his ideology onto Zenon:

The Weak Die Easily. it’s impossible to protect them all, so we’ll TEMPORARILY Destroy Them All. Then- we’ll regenerate them with “Undying Bodies!”

With the Devil’s power; we 4- the Zogratis Siblings- Can use Our Magic To Remake Humanity. Fortunate citizens who have no fear of death- Let us create a Truly Peaceful Spade Kingdom!!

The Eldest Child of The Zogratis Siblings

These words have stuck with Zenon to the present day- where all that he does is for the prosperity of the Spade Kingdom and the future his brother talked about, where “no one has to be afraid of death.”

When 4 Magic’s Collide!!!

As the castle begins to fall apart; Yuno makes his way towards Zenon for a final strike. The 2 lock eyes, and they clash with “Spatial Rupture” and “Spirit Of Boreas.” The impact of the clash ends up destroying Yuno’s last star- thus stripping him of any way to avoid Zenon’s attacks. So Zenon thinks it’s time for him to make his final strike.

However…….something ain’t quite right. Because the narrator begins to tell us a little bit about Saint Stage: “‘Saint Stage’ is when the Resonance Rate between a Spirit and their Host is near 100%.” And by fighting Zenon the way he has been- “on the brink of death;” Yuno has gotten access to that power- creating the “Saint Spirit Of Zephyr!!” But Zenon doesn’t pick up on any change; he’s too enthralled in the idea of finally ending Yuno. He swipes at him with Dansleif and even creates portals to allow more Bone Javelin’s to stab him. But Yuno disappears before he can slash him.

And what of Qliphoth…….?

It is in this moment where Zenon realizes what happened- in the moment he got access to Saint Stage; he gained the power to create another Star. Which allowed him to get behind Zenon- and cleave his f*cking heart in 2!!! Black Clover Chapter 310 END!!! Oh man……….


Okay………let me get right to the point. So far- in Spade Kingdom invasion alone– Yuno has displayed the “Spirit Of Boreas” form; the “Spirit Of Euros” bow;” gotten a second grimoire and new magic; and has now accessed Saint Stage. And he accessed 1 right after the other– much like Ichigo or Naruto did in their series. In the case of Naruto; Naruto’s power ups were much more spaced out- with the 4th Great Shinobi Wat being where he got power up after power up. For Ichigo; he had to develop in combat- unlocking more and more power as he fought throughout each arc(all part of Aizen’s plan, right?). And here; it seems more like Ichigo– wherein Yuno is developing the power he’s had all along as he fights “on the verge of death.”

Saint Yuno

Now………I talked a little bit during one of my Edens Zero reviews about how many people have attained Overdrive in the current arc of the series. I said that I thought that Homura and Weisz attaining it in this arc makes it feel cluttered with power ups- and I brought up “Black Clover” in the same review saying a similar thing. Though; I think here is a case of “a single character getting too many consecutive power ups.” Like; he’s gotten 1 right after the other for a 5 chapters now. I think that………attaining Saint stage like this should be the last power up he gets this arc. Especially with what that would mean for Asta.

Asta got Demon Dweller- Yuno got the Wind Spirit; Asta got “Black Asta-” Yuno got “Spirit Dive;” Asta pushes past his limits and gains a second horn- Yuno awakened more of his Elf power; Yuno got “Spirit Of Zephyr-” Asta got “Black Divider;” Yuno displayed “Spirit Of Boreas-” Asta showed off “Black Guardian.” That’s 1(Euros), 2(2nd Grimoire and Star Magic), 3(Saint Stage)3 amps. And Asta can only use Devil Union for 5 minutes twice it seems. He’ll “push past that” soon; get a “level up” on the Union mode; and……..what ELSE can he get? Will I get my wish for a “Devil Fusion?” Well; I guess we KIND OF got that with Lillith and Naamah, but- YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!

Clever Reference there, Tabata sensei

I really liked the sword that Zenon created- particularly how he created it. Like; he applied Beelzebub’s Spatial magic to a sword he made with his bone magic. And the name he went with meant that, just as the 2nd grimoire was “engraved to defeat Zenon-” Dainsleif was created by Zenon to kill Yuno. I kind of wanted to see what else it could to beyond just his “Heavenly Magic Extinction” attack- maybe an application that makes it “chase” after Yuno to live up to the legend of the sword. Something like that would have been cool to see.

I also found the flashback Zenon had interesting. So……..Vanica and Dante’s devil mark’s were noticeably smaller than when we see them in their present designs. Heck, in the case of Vanica; the mark around her eye is underneath the right eye instead of where we see it in chapter 254. We know that you can “increase” the how much Devil power you use, so the marking’s would be small when they aren’t able to draw out a lot of their Devil’s powers. Vanica and Dante probably can’t draw out all that much of Megicula and Lucifero’s power respectively(leading me to wonder more about how they EVER made contracts with these guys in the first place). But why is it under her right eye? Is it just an error on Tabata’s part? Or intentional?

It also helped to establish where Zenon’s mentality and philosophy come from. It seems that he has a level of admiration for his older brother- though I don’t think this extends to Dante and Vanica. Don;t think he really even cares about those 2. But the Eldest; he might also be doing this to carry out his brother’s dream- to prevent more tragedies like the one he faced in that dungeon. Though he’ll ironically put it one repeat x1000.

On A Continental Scale…..

I’m highly curious what the “Undying Bodies” thing is about. Is he referring to a similar thingto what Morris did to Dante in chapter 278coincidentally titled “Undying Bodies?” If so; does that mean that the Zogratis are a family of Scientist as a “day job” while making contracts with Devils on the downlow? Some interesting history to explore later on. It may well serve to explain how these 3 new about the Tree of Qliphoth(though I guess they could have learned about it from their Devil’s, as well).

There’s also 1 thing that I wanted to talk about- in regards to Devil’s and their regenerative abilities. because it seems like they can regenerate so long as you don’t hit their heart, based on when Yuno cut him with Flagellum. But I think I might save that for a different post. There are a LOT of things that I want to clarify about Devils that I got wrong in the past. I want to fix that.


And- There You Have It! Boy- this is the second post I got through with on Friday. I kind of got a little distracted in the end(I’m sure I’ll have fixed that by the time you read this), but I pretty much got my thoughts across as best as I could. Let me know your own in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- stay safe; stay healthy; and have a Wonderfully Magical day!!

Killer vs Hawkins! One Piece Chapter 1,029 BREAKDOWN

I know, I know– “generic title.” It’s a GREAT chapter- but very much a “basic” one. Simply here to finish up a battle. But again: Pretty epic. Because we learn a little bit about Tarrot cards(Jojo’s fans rejoice, I suppose), and about Hawkins’ powers. We also may have a tease for the future of the story- which is ALWAYS welcomed! But in any case; let’s get into the chapter! One Piece Chapter 1,029: “The Tower.” Let’s begin.

The Glutton Jewelry Bonney vs Otters!!


Picking up from last chapter; Queen’s sword shatters against Sanji’s newly developed exoskeleton. Everyone else seems to think that it was Armament Haki, but Queen knows what it is: “I remember what Judge said once- ‘I can give the Human body and Exoskeleton, abnormal regeneration, great physical strength- and an unfeeling heart of ice!!” While he charges his Brachio-Beam things; Sanji fixes the cheek that Queen dented, and starts to panic. He doesn’t want to be like his brothers- he wants to keep his “humanity.” He runs off to try and think about how this even happened.

He’ll Be A REALLY GOOD SHIELD for Nami at some point……..

As he runs away from Queen; some Beast Pirates shoot at him landing a few head shots on him. But because his Vinsmoke genes have “awakened-” those do little more than irritate Mr Prince. But he can’t deal with them right now because Queen is still on his tail- trying to FORCE him to use the “Germa Technology” on him.

We then cut over to Law and Kid’s fight against Big Mom and her personal Homies on the 2nd floor. As the fight goes on; Kid begins to get a deterring pain in his head that’s preventing him from fighting properly. Big Mom takes this chance to attack him, but Law uses “Counter Shock” to save him. Prometheus responds with “Stolen Fire(a reference to the both the German pastry “Stollen” and the mythological figure “Promethues-” the man punished for stealing fire for humanity).” And then; Big Mom hit’s both Supernova’s with “Mama-Raid(pun on “Marmalade“).” What the heck is up with Kid?!

Well; we cut over to the 3rd floor, where Hawkins is banging his head against a stone pillar- transmitting that pain over to Kid to interfere in his fight with Big Mom. Killer lies on the ground in pain- pleading with Hawkins to stop interfering in that fight, and telling the rest of the Kid Pirates off to the side to stand down- any damage they give to Hawkins will be deliver to Kid. But Hawkins just makes fun of him for having eaten a SMILE fruit and laugh right now. .

And with the fire’s Orochi strated creeping ever closer; he doesn’t have a lot of time to finish this battle. So he tries to offer himself in the place of Kid as one of Hawkins’ Straw Dolls. But for some reason; this infuriates Hawkins, as he starts to relentlessly kick Killer. His anger stems from the fact that Kid thinks that he can “defeat an Emperor Of The Sea so easily” despite their strength. But Killer calls him out on his sh!t, saying “You regret the decision you made- You feared death in your future while we’re still standing here!!

See how weird the translations in that one panel are……?

Hawkins prepares to finish the fight, but Killer has 2 questions to ask him about his powers:

  1. If you take damage without a proper “conduit;” where does the damage go?
  2. When he removes Kid’s straw doll; how many “lives” does Hawkins have left?

Hawkins doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so Killer demonstrates- by lopping off Hawkins left arm. And since Kid doesn’t have a left arm to begin with- the damage has nowhere to go. And when he gets that severed arm; he pulls out the Straw Dol that represented Kid- leaving Hawkins with no “lives” other than his own. So the battle is now SOLELY Hawkins vs Killer!

Hawkins draws from his Tarrot deck the “Upright Death,” and summons the Straw Man that used against Zoro in chapter 913. But Killer just lops that thing’s head off with “”Beheading Claws.” So Hawkins just swipes at him with his regular Straw sword, and draws another card to try and summon the Straw Man again. But he draws the “Tower” card- which signifies “The collapse of the ‘old and brittle-‘ and means ‘A New Way Forward.'” As such; Killer defeats Hawkins with “Spin & Sonic,” and Kid is able to resume his fight with Big Mom in earnest. And that brings One Piece Chapter 1,029 to a dramatic END!! And NO BREAK next week!!

A Great Change Indeed………


I think the theme of this fight is pretty obvious, right? Hawkins decided to give up and submit to Kaido- giving up on his own goal of finding the One Piece. Now; he’s trying to get Kid and Killer- and likely Law and Luffy- to give up against the combined might of Big Mom and Kaido. He likely only gave up because his Tarrot cards told him that his chances against Kaido was a big, fat Goose egg. Though…….that ain’t mean he liked it.

In this series- “Dreams.” Reign. SUPREME. To give up on your dream may as well be committing suicide. So Hawkins being told by the thing he trust most in this life telling him to give up on his dream must have been heartbreaking for him. And since he had to give up on his ambition; he’s trying to justify in his mind that this was the right choice. And to do this; he has to make the other’s of his generation- who are currently doing what he refused to do- give up just as he did.

“Why Won’t You Submit?!”

I think that Killer’s purpose in this fight was to show Hawkins the “alternate path-” show him that he didn’t have to give up just because his cards told him to. He seems to have been the “something” that Hawkins lacked: Someone he could trust. Because Kid has Killer; he’s now able to fight Big Mom unabated. Because Luffy has the Straw Hat’s- he’ll be able to become the Pirate King. That is why Hawkins lost- he only saw his men as just “extra lives,” and not as true allies.

The last 3 pages of this chapter were all double page spreads- which are always cool to see unfold. It could get a little distracting at times(I had to reread the first one a few times to see when Killer took out Kid’s Straw Doll), but it worked. I especially liked the panel when Killer lopped off Hawkins arm- and the Straw Man’s head.

Another thing I guess I could talk about would be the card Hawkins pulled and what it means for Kid. As we heard; the Right-side up “Tower” card represents “the upheaval of an established order.” This caption appears over Kid specifically. We KNOW that Luffy is going to become the King Of The Pirares(he’s already wearing his crown), but…..what of the Yonko during his reign? Is Oda teasing that Kid will replace Big Mom as a Yonko in the future? Because he’s lookin’ like he’s ready to end this battle right here!

………..Sanji losing his emotions and becoming unfeeling like his brothers? No– I don’t think THAT’S the direction Oda wants to take this. Like I said in the last review; it’s more than likely going to be a story where Sanji has to accept his Vinsmoke lineage if it means he can protect Nami and Robin…….and the others too. But MOSTLY Nami and Robin(and Carrot and Yamato).

You won’t be, Sanji- Trust me.


And- there you have it! Wow; would you believe that I got through this post in 1 day. I mean; I had to edit this post based on the official release, of course. But as far as the gist and exact lay out goes; I got through this all on Friday. Then again; I wake up pretty early during the week, so that makes sense. But even so; it usually takes me a while! I guess this means I’m getting good at this!

In any case; that’s all I got for y’all today, folks. Until the next post- Have a magically wonderful day!!

H#ll Hound UNBOUND. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 36 BREAKDOWN

Hello, all!! Man; this series does not leave you with a lot to speculate on in battle chapters like this. Like; I have the 1 thing I want to talk about(and knowing me- I’ll find some way to stretch out that part), but other than that- this is just a “Big Battle” chapter. It’s a fun chapter, all the same! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 36: “Cernunnos, The Mystic Beast.Let’s do this.

Off To The Next Adventure!!


Picking up where last week’s chapter left off; The Holy Knight Ardbeg sends his hunting dog “Cernunnos” to attack Percival- to prevent the prophecy of the “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.” Nasiens recalls myths of a “God With Deer Antlers” much like Cernunnos has now. But Ardbeg says that “Kellie” is “Neither a Deer nor a Dog- but a Mystic Beast said to reside in the depths of H#ll!!” It gets up in Percival’s face- breathing heavily. It’s breath makes Percival gag.

Hearing Percival’s crack; Cernunnos knocks the boy several yards away- flying through a house and skipping across the ground. He only stops when he hits a nearby rock formation, which is when Cernunnos uses her antlers to fire a magic attack. Percival manages to dodge the attack, but not the resulting explosion. With the boy disoriented from the blast; Cernunnos gets up in his face, and tries to devour him. But he again manages to dodge by turning his cape into wings again(see this chapter).

Nasiens yells for Percival to aim for her antlers next, so he flies in to attack. BUT…… doesn’t work– not the Dragon sword he just got, or the one he made with his magic. All he did was get close enough to the antlers for Cernunnos’ magic attacks tot hit their mark!

We see Sylvan running away from the battle into a building to hide. But it turns out that this building was where the Elder left an unconscious Sin. He runs around trying to make enough noise to wake up Sin. He succeeds, and a groggy Sin thanks the Elder for “The long nap.” But then; a loud “BOOM” almost gives Sylvan a heart attack. Sin yawns, and makes his way outside to see the Village beginning to go up in flames. He can’t sleep for 5 minutes with these kids around……..

Percival- The Chew Toy

Back with Percival; he’s being knocked around ferociously by Cernunnos. Donny and Nasiens plan to get in and stop him, while Cernunnos…….seems to have taken a liking to Percy- intentionally toying with him instead of ending the fight, much to Ardbeg’s chagrin. As he orders Kellie to finish the fight; Anne sneaks up behind him and orders him to call off the dog.

Anne chastises Ardd for lying to her- asking how he managed to avoid her Lie detection. But according to him- he told them no such things. Everything was true– from him being a hunter to helping them save their friends. But things changed when he found out that Percival would be one of the “Knights Of The Apocalypse.” The Elder steps in, claiming that “It was note out of ‘virtue-‘ you needed the children’s help to enter the village because the barrier prevented anyone with murderous intent from entering.

I wonder which one Ardbeg is?

Arbeg- infuriated and annoyed- knocks Anne’s sword away. He then claims that the Elder’s claim was correct. He and Anne battle, and Anne demands that he hand over the Arch Angel Amber so she can free the Demons. Ardbeg claims that she’s “too young” to know of the travesties wrought by the Holy War 16 years ago. He recalls……..struggles face by all during the War- dead parents; dead children; death as far as the eye could see. And the arrival of the 4 Knights is bound to bring with them and even GREATER travesty- 1 not so easily recovered from. And to prevent that calamity; Ardd is even willing to go as far as to kill a child.

Back with Percival; he’s knocked to the ground by Cernunnos. As he stands back up; Sin comes by and berates Percival for wasting his new sword. Percival says that neither of his swords are working against Kellie’s antlers- Dragon or Magic. But Sin says: “Why’re you using them one at a time?” This gives Percival the idea to to channel his magic through the Dragon Sword, making it dozens of times stronger- strong enough to finally lop off an antler.

That’s 1……….


……..Alright; a little more to talk about than I thought. Specifically; I’d like to talk about Ardd as a character. He was a dad at some point- probably took up hunting to put food on the table(whether they would eat the animals like Percival did or sold them for food- we may never actually know). So he wasn’t lying to Anne and Nasiens when he said he was a “Hunter.” And yeah he didn’t know that Percival was one of the Four Knights, so he was genuinely trying to help them. It’s not that he lied– he just didn’t tell them the WHOLE thing.

And this is definitely something that tells us he’s unlike any of the other Holy Knights we’ve encountered- aside from Ironside. In fact; it may just clue us in on some of Ironside’s mindset. If the Holy War happened 16 years ago; Percival would have been born around the time it ended. Ironside may have lost his wife- Percival’s mother- in the war, and she gave premature birth to Percival, which is why he’s so short for his age.

And when he suspected that Percival or Varghese would be one of the “4 destined to destroy the world;” he chose the greater good over his family because he felt the pain of loss, and didn’t want that to fall on anyone else. Thus- Chapter 1. Maybe this experience will play into Percival’s battle against his father somehow.

Another thing to talk about is Cernunnos/ “Kellie.” I don’t know what to make of this. “A Dog From The Depth’s of H#ll?” I thought that he was similar to King’s pet Oslo- and he may well be. It could just be that Ardd is “talking out of his @$$” about her being a H#ll Hound. But I am curious how Camelot came to get such a dog. Does it have something to do with Arthur’s chaos powers from the end of the last series?


Percival has learned a new application for his magic- applying it to weapons to make them stronger. I doubt he’ll use any weapons beyond a sword, though.


And- There You Have It!!! Sorry this came out a day later than usual, but I had work Wednesday when this chapter came out- along with Dragon Ball Super and Boruto. Plus- I NEEDED to get that post out there. I hope you all read it- I poured my heart and soul into that one. But in any case; that’s all from me for today, folks. Until the next post, people- catch ya on the flip side!!

The End Of Attack On Titan- RETROSPECTIVE(SPOILERS Up Ahead)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Is it that time again? Man; it feels like series are either “close to ending” or are going to end a little bit after the first season of their anime’s come out. It’s kind of starting to get me down. But I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point, right? Even the legendary One Piece will end someday(According to Oda’s comments; someday in the next few years). But we’re not here to talk about that today- we’re actually here to talk about one of its Rivals for Shonen Popularity: Hajime Isayama’s Mammoth Success- “Attack On Titan: Shingeki No Kyojin.

Eren Yeager- The Boy Who Dreamed Of Freedom

……………How do I even BEGIN with this one? I mean; it’s such a……….TITANIC TASK to talk about such a large series! Okay; that’ll be the only “Titan Joke,” I swear. Should I start with how I got into the series, or how the series itself starts? I guess where I got into the series? I initially didn’t want to watch the series when it first aired. Heck; I wasn’t even in to anime like that– I just loved and adored Dragon Ball and One Piece. I didn’t have access to the internet like that either, so I never got into anime like I am now. Really; I only watched each week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super on my phone in the last 20 minutes before I went to High School.

That said; the Toonami block was on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, so I ended up watching a bunch of different, random anime. Dragon Ball Z Kai; Soul Eater; Space Dandy; and- you guessed it- “Attack On Titan.” I initially didn’t think much of the show at first- I think I said this on one of Otaku Orbit or Crow’s World Of Anime posts that I’m not so interested in the “Zombie Apocalypse” genre; I’m just not a interested in it. I feel kind of bored sometimes- seeing people run and hide, and fight and run, and just the premise doesn’t catch my eye as much. As you can see from my blog; I’m more interested in the “Shone Battle/ Adventure” stuff like Black Clover, One Piece, and more. Though that’s not to say that I can’t “broaden my horizon” of things to watch- I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime and Crow’s World Of Anime talking about Demon King Daimo has me curious.

ATTACK ON TITAN ENGLISH DUB Eren and his Squad Mates Get Eaten on Make a GIF
THIS was My Introduction To The World Of “Attack On Titan.”

What I’m building to with all of this is what drew me into the series- the thing that made me look at this particular “Apocalyptic” series and think “…….WOW.” This was the first episode of the series that I ever watched is one very famous episode. That being the ICONIC episode 6, in which Eren Yaeger- the main protagonist that we’ve been following for the first handful of episodes- Get’s His @$$ CHOMPED.

When I saw this episode; I was full on convinced that Eren would find a way out of this situation- that something would come in to rescue him at the last possible minute. Be it Armin finding the “will to fight;” Mikasa coming in to rescue him; or some other 3rd thing of 3rd person that would be important going forward- SOMETHING would happen to rescue the main character so that he can use this moment as a “motivational factor” to push him to get stronger and better. Boy Oh F*cking BOY was I ever wrong. Rather than pull a Deus Ex Machina that would be relevant later; Isayma- the most sadistic mangaka in the world- decided to go ahead and let it happen. No one came to save Eren; there was no “Last Minute power up-” The Boy was EATEN. THEN he got the Deus Ex Machina power. A power I thought would tie back to how Titans are created in a much different way than what we got.

But I liked this moment a lot because………because nothing happened. He was, well- Eaten. There was no “savior coming to his aid;” as far as he knew- that was it. And it wasn’t until after he was in the stomach and about to die that he…… know; got the “power up.” It’s something that a lot of stories in this day and age are doing: “We aren’t ‘Heroes;’” “No one’s coming to save you- you have to save yourself;” “Fairy Tales are such bullsh!t. I always find speeches like that to be so compelling………though I could not tell you WHY…….

The Definition Of “Pointless-” Rude As It Is To Say

I think that the other thing that drew me to “Attack On Titan” was the Animation; the voice acting for Eren(annoying as he was); the characters and this world; and definitely the philosophy and video essay’s and dissection of the story. I think the dissection videos I watch for a story can really help me to like a series more(though in the case of Bleach; I ended watching more videos about how the writing was Bad). Like; the video that even prompted this post(aside from the manga ending) was Totally Not Mark‘s review of the series- I liked how he broke down the thematic parallel’s between Eren and Reiner. He described Eren as a “Sword Forced To Defend-” an Active Character who wants to make the plot happen put in a world that forces him to react to everything that comes his way. It fits well with the motif of his having the “Attack Titan” that has to defend Paradis rather than strike down the enemy where they stand.

Reiner on the other hand is the “Shield Forced To Attack-” a reactionary character in a position that demands that he “take action” and attack Paradis- Ironically possessing the Titan that’s perfect for Defense. If this were to be taken as fact, then what would happen if the roles were reversed? What if Eren had the Armored Titan, and Reiner was the Attack Titan? It’s not like their personalities would change much at all- but maybe they could fit into these forced roles a little bit better. One Thing For Sure, Though: Reiner Could Not Die. And before you say that has nothing to do with what you were just talking about- Hear Me Out.

He Though I Suppose That Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Pull This One Off…….

So…………How many times did Reiner escape death? There was the time with Mikasa; fighting in Shiganshina took like 4 or 5 almost-deaths; the recent season 4 almost death………Doesn’t matter. Point Is: This Man Escapes Death A Lot. And the way he escapes it is kind of B.S. Like; he “moves his consciousness around his body to another area that wasn’t attacked” or something? Or; was he “moving his weak spot?” I feel like either way it’s just kind of bull cr@p. I like him as a character- and I like the fact that he made it to the end. But I feel like you didn’t have to make up some dumb sh!t just to explain his survival. He could just be really hard to kill. There are just characters out there with high levels of durability or simply “refuse to die.” The second one might even tie into the point I’m trying to make, as well as the point I think Isayama was trying to get across with his character.

Reiner is very much a victim of his surroundings and upbringing- brought up in a household that valued him only because he was a soldier trained to destroy Paradise; he worked hard to become the inheritor of the Armored Titan. But he didn’t do it to destroy Paradis, but to protect Marley from its enemies. Paradis- Yes. But also other nations that began to develop Anti-Titan weapons- all so they could crush Marley and Paradis. Which ties into one of the questions I and my brother had about the end of the series that I will address later on. But back to the point: Reiner simply wanted to protect his homeland and loved ones- not to seek out conflict. But due to Marley’s own prejudice and paranoia; they ended up sending 3 of their Titan Shifters to destroy Paradis before they can develop any further.

Can’t Rest Just Yet.………”

Reiner was appointed to that squad, but the Squad leader- who possessed the Jaw Titan- was eaten by the Titan form of Ymir. This would up putting Reiner in the position of Leader- even though he was only following orders. His plan was actually kind of simple: Break down the walls Paradis put up and let the Titan’s they sent devour them all. But it took a lot longer than he would have suspected. So he ended up developing Split Personality disorder to cope with it all- the Reiner who was just as friendly with everyone else in the……….in Eren’s…….little grope. Not well versed in the series; I want all of you to be aware of that fact. It’s the “104th Training Corp?” He was close to them one minute- and the ruthless b@stard responsible for the events of the first good chunk of the series in the First place.

You could see that he was just doing simple things to the best of his ability- but it’s only on the orders of someone else. Whereas Eren is actively trying to fight against the Titans and Marley- whether the Scouts and Paradis want him to or not. He mostly acts of his own accord- but only after he’s “let off the leash” as it were. But at the end of the series; he was finally “Free” to act of his own accord and fight against the World that tried to “deprive him of his freedom.” That’s the thing: It wasn’t just Marley that hated Paradis- The Whole D@mn world did, too. Marley was just the only one that was willing to attack them; the others were just content to let them rot on their little island. And whatever Eldians were outside those walls; well………World War 2. Isayama was very clear in the reference he was making.

This is the thing that makes me wonder: Should Eren have just destoryed the Whole Worldor just Marley. Marley were the only one’s directly attacking, yes. But the rest of the world was either sitting by and letting them get away with that, or fighting against them- but not to save Paradis. And in Eren’s mind; that made them “Animals that were trying to take away his freedom.” Just like those kidnappers who took Mikasa and tried to sell her off as a slave. And you saw what he did to those guys. Which is another cool thing. Like; I don’t really like pre-time skip Eren as much as I thought I did- I think he’s kind of a whiny. But I ALWAYS enjoy seeing him rage out like that. There is no trying “Talk No Jutsu;” No beating people until they submit; We are NOT Heroes. No, no; there is only Life or Death- To Win, or to lose. And as he told Mikasa, and Mikasa tells us: “If I don’t fight; I won’t win. And if I don’t win; I can’t live.” So Eren does the same thing every time: Stand Up- And Fight.

No Hesitation

What I like about this series is how it makes me think about 2 philosophical questions- 1 that I was proposed recently, and one that I heard a long time ago. The second one is the one that I want to explore first- told to me by Terrancecrow on “Crows World Of Anime-” a quote from episode 98/ chapter 209 of My Hero Academia in reference to a Charlie Chaplin line:

1 Murder Makes A Villain- Millions; A Hero

Charlie Chaplin; Monsieur Verdoux

This line is in reference to soldiers, I believe. When a civilian kills another; those people are deemed “Murderers.” But when he select citizens to go over seas and do that times A Thousand- we give those people Medals of Honor. I don’t want for this to become some kind of “Moral Debate” over War- I have several family members who are either enlisted or were part of the Armed Forces. I just want to paint a mental picture for you all: “Murder” is only “Murder” when no one deems it necessary. The Death Penalty; War; “Self Defense-” these are all times where taking another life is deemed “okay.” But doing so without cause or being told to makes you a criminal. How this applies to Eren in this situation is a little complex to talk about. Because it seems like the Scouts plan was to destroy Marley itself- work together with the nation of Hizuru and destroy Marley. But there’s a Fundamental Problem with that plan: Those Are People, Too- Some Of Them Eldians.

All of them had lives- loved ones- Family. It’s not just a nation of hateful bigots and Soldiers; we see that some of them actually tolerate the Eldians- treat them like people sometimes. But Eren, The Scouts, The Azumabito- They were gonna wipe them all out without a second thought. Which is no different the what they were doing to Paradis. So the question the series proposes is “What’s the difference?” What makes the mass genocide of Marleans good and the genocide of Eldians wrong? Looking into it; Hizuru is the only country in this world that will tolerate the Eldians. Whole rest of the world hated them just as much as Marley. The only difference is AGAIN: Marley Acted On This Hatred. Destroying Marley would just put a target on Paradis rather than Marley- in addition to all the hatred that they already had.

The Island Of Paradis

But let’s go back to the quote- specifically the difference here. The difference is that Marley started this battle, and ended up creating a character like Eren Yeager. The Rumbling; Eren’s ascension- All There Fault. A scene that probably BEST incapsulates this message comes from one of the last episodes of Season 3- in which Eren’s father Grisha was subjected to watching people become Titan’s by some Marlean @$$wipe. He went on this whole speal about how he “has pity for those D@mn Devils” and “has fascination with what they see before they die” or whatever. And then the former Attack Titan- Eren Crougar– pushed that guy down and he was devoured by the Titans. He instigated and antagonized a bunch of Eldians- ones who don’t know anything about history other than what their Ancestor Ymir did. They themselves did nothing wrong. And for that; one of them got up and threw his fat @$$ to the Lions. And because of thatEren Crougar was the Villain. At least in the eyes of whomever was in power at the time. It’s all a matter of “Authority.”

The quote applies to Eren because of the Rumbling- his trampling people all over the world. No one gave him the order to do that. And because no one gave him the order- he is deemed “The Villain………….” I picked up writing here after sleeping- it takes days to weeks to write a post like this. And some times; it requires me to stop mid writing, thus losing momentum when I’m breaking down the message behind themes like that. Now you know why I sometimes lose my train of thought mid-post. Since I kind of f*cked that one up; I would like to discuss the other quote- which I heard in a little movie called The Dark Knight. You know the one:

You Either Die The Hero- Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain.

Harvey Dent; The Dark Knight

I interpret this quote as being “You either stick true to your ideals and morality to the very end- or you go through so much that puts that to the test that you end up betraying them.” I love stuff like this, if you couldn’t tell. I love it when a story makes you think about the difference between Heroes and Villains- the REAL difference- the “line between them.” It makes you understand the Antagonist of the story in relation to the Protagonist a bit better. Lines like “I’m No ‘Hero Fighting For Justice'” always stick with me because of how gray their morality is and how they react to a situation. A Hero will try to find a way for everyone to be happy without taking themselves into account- ready to lay down their life at a moments notice in “the name of peace;” a Villain will look for a way for themselves to survive- disregarding the lives others immediately without giving it anymore thought that it takes to pick between 2 brands of water; and then you have “the one’s in the middle.”

A “Hero” And A “Villain.”

The “Ones In The Middle-” it’s not like they “don’t care.” It’s more like “Self Preservation-” they themselves want to live more than they want to save others. Eren wants to be free more than he wants freedom for those that oppressed him to be free. I guess in this case; Eren would be the “Anti Villain-” striving for freedom for his people at the cost of the rest of the world. I think when you take into account these 2 quotes; Eren “Died The Villain” by choice, instead of “living to see himself become the Hero.” Had he succeeded in his ambition; he would have been held as a Hero by the Eldians. The Eldians did not care- some of them even went as far as to agree with him. The Scouts stopped him because they realized that not all Marleans were awful- not everyone wanted to strip away their freedom. So they went to stop him- making him “the villain.”

I don’t think that this was part of Eren’s plan in the end- or at least not the whole of it. We could kind of see that he knew what he was doing was wrong- when he apologized to that kid all teary eyed in chapter 131. It became kind of clear there that he didn’t want to- that he didn’t want to kill the innocent in the world. But it’s also evident by his expression in chapter 90 and really everything after the time skip that he was……….just tired. he just wanted to be free, but he found out some animals were keeping him in a cage. And he would have to continue to fight and fight and fight and FIGHT so he can just “be.” “Be” himself; “Be” happy; “Be” with his friends; “Be” able to put his mother’s death behind him; “Bewith Mikasa. He may believe in the ideology of “Fighting for what you want,” but………well, like I said: “You live long enough to see yourself become the villain-” live long enough to either betray your ideologies, or realize the flaw and lose all hope in life.


Eren- despite the whiney start he had- became one of the most complex fictional characters I’ve probably ever seen in my life. It’s like………..I’ve been talking about the philosophy and his morality for How many paragraphs now? I didn’t much like him at first- he was just kind of loud and mad at everything. And I was one of those “Edge Lord” kids when I first saw this, so I thought that I could “relate” to his situation: The Lack Of “Freedom” Looking back on it; I was just a Broke Weeaboo. Today- in the here and now; I know that I could NEVER feel what Eren felt- I could never imagine what it’s like to see my mom eaten alive right in front of me; eating my dad alive; be locked up behind walls when all I want is to see the Ocean………I have no clue what he went through. And I hope I never will. That said; I can kind of see the “Freedom” idea now, because my personal life- much like everyone else’s– was upended by the Coronavirus.

It wasn’t just being trapped in a cramped Hotel room with my parents; it was……..the circumstances I alluded to in my Hiatus post. Because of that awful bottle; I and my brothers had to leave home and live with my paternal grandmother- where we’ve been living for over a year now. And in that time…… Lizard died. He was my “partner-in-crime-” my “second.” My house has always had 5 people- Myself, my brothers, and my parents. So when we got Congo; he became the other half of our dynamic duo- someone I’d tell absolutely everything to without judgement from him. And when he died; it hurt. Yes, because I lost my friend, but also because I………….I wasn’t there for him. I chose to run away to a place of safety- leaving him behind. And because of my decision; I wasn’t there for him when his time came. And I’ve been kind of messed up by it ever since. Man, this would be like the WORST time for my family to start reading my blog.

Top 30 Eren's Mother Dies GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat
Can’t Relate- See Why He Hated It

Eren was forced to run away- more like taken away when his mom was eaten by the Smiling Titan. And he had to watch her be a f*ckin’ Gusher. I………..I still can’t get it. But I now know why running away from a fight leaves a bad taste in so many people’s mouths. And it’s like……..It sucked. I wish I hadn’t have left him like that.

The “Freedom” aspect is kind of fresh. As you all know; I’ve recently been working. And that’s gotten in the way of my blog schedule so much that I had to take this hiatus- to stop doing consistent weekly content. And…………..I feel like………..How do I put this without coming off as a “Whiney Little Kid?” Okay……..I haven’t been able to do consistent weekly content in MONTHS. And I’ve been really missing it. It’s kind of funny, actually– I had planned to add Boruto and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse to the roster of series I talk about. And because of first job that I had on the weekend, and because me and my brothers stopped watching shows together………….It just kind of started to fall apart on me. I must have explained this story a thousand times by now; go read some of my other more recent posts to get the story.

So, Context: I started writing at this point AFTER my time off of the internet and electronics. In the time that I was away from my computer; I had time to think about what I really wanted to say about my relation to the series. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I– much like Reiner- am the “Shield Forced To Attack-” the Reactionary Character Placed In An Active role. I’m having to actually……… things now, rather than just having a “Daily Routine.” I’m not waking up, getting ready for school, going to school, and going home; I have to actually think about how to manage my money, contact my boss about my work schedule, and get clothes for work. I have to take action, rather than just let the world go ’round and react to what comes.

Whenever I had bad grades- I’d work to get them back up. Waiting for my mom to pick me up from my Granddad’s house to take me home rather than actively going after my drivers license. I didn’t really think about going to college; I just knew that it was expected of me. I didn’t really care about it, so I just went to Community College 3 months after graduating High School(which a lot of High School Graduates seem to think is a “Not So Good” idea). Things are kind of different now……….

At least……….Kind Of………….

Whenever I’m forced to make some sort of important decision these days; I start to think back to when I just had to be silent and work. I didn’t have to think about something important like whether to buy a pair of glasses at that moment, or wait. But the more I think about itand the more I have to wake my brothers up in the morning for school- the more I start to feel like those times where I was just unconsciously “going through the moments” of my life had me doing some…………some things that didn’t make me so happy. Nothing BAD– but nothing I would look back on today and say “I enjoyed.”

I’ve had to adapt in the best way I know how, and I’ve kind of formed this mindset that if I would just stop “feeling bad” and “feeling like a burden to everyone around me;” I would feel better about my choices. Basically; if I were a little more selfish and uncaring- I might have an easier time making decisions. But……….That’s Not How It Should Be. Look: Humans Are Innately Selfish; it’s just part of our nature. But it’s not a bad thing to be a little selfish; if it’s a choice between getting a promotion to make more money and support your family, or sitting back and letting a friend take it while you and your family are living check to check- Who are you going to pick in that situation? If it’s a choice between leaving your childhood neighborhood so you can get your life together and support your family, or staying there and doing the same old same old- What Will You Do?

It’s not a bad thing to be a little selfish. But my problem is that I’m trying to be too selfish- trying to not take everyone else into account and understanding their circumstances. I essentially tried to make myself something of a Sociopath. And I think that a really good example of the level of selfishness that everyone should have might come from a character in this story: 1 little Miss Historia Reiss.

The “Bad Guy

I take you back to the events of Chapter 66 of the manga- corresponding to episode 44: “Wish.” Historia has the chance to take the Founding Titan from Eren- to claim the power of “God” and put everything back to it’s “peaceful” state by making the Eldians forget everything again. Or heck, once she realized that she can use that power to destroy all the Titans; she had the chance to End This WHOLE Situation!! But rather than take the power for herself- killing Eren and being possessed by the Will of the First King- She decide to chose Eren. She chose he singular friend- who was even chanting for her to EAT him- instead of saving Paradis. Selfishness. And she even recognizes this as a pretty selfish act.

What I’m thinking to take from this scene is that……………What Can I Interpret? I think the moral is that you have to put your own needs ahead of everyone else- even if that makes you “The Villain.” Going right back to the quote: “Die A Hero- Live To Be The Villain.” And I guess instead of taking the Titan power and dying in few years; she chose to live long enough and became a Villain. Well; she became the Queen. But You Know What I Mean!! What I’m getting at is that………..this scene is supposed to tell you not to strive to satisfy everyone- to not strive to be everyone’s “Salvation.” But it’s also saying that “other people are important, too,” since she only acted this way to save Eren. THAT Should Be The Moral Of This Little Tangent.

Have I Mentioned How Much I Like Blondes?

Speaking of Historia; I guess I can segway into the next part of the post: The Characters. Let’s continue with Historia for a minute. 1)Yeah, she’s really pretty. Like; yes- I’m into her. I’ve always found blondes attractive, and short girls have always been kind of cute to me. Good Lord, my family would never let me live this down if they heard any of this. It be a really bad time for them to start reading my blog right here. For several other reasons. Moving on– 2)I like her as a character. I mean; she flipped her dad over when she decided to save Eren! She was always the “Good Girl” trying to please everyone- which was fine- but then she flipped and became a tough, strong, decisive woman. Which is also appealing. All of this considered; I guess you could say I have a slight crush on her.

I also liked her relationship with Ymir………..which would hurt any chance of me ever being with her(aside from the fact that she’s not real). Do I think she’s gay? Not sure. Ymir definitely is, but we never got enough of Historia’s interactions with her and reactions to Ymir’s signs of affection- nothing more than just how a girl would interact with her Best friend. So I can’t say for certain that they were ever in a relationship. I know that there are a whole bunch of official and unofficial statements about the nature of their relationship, but you have to realize what companies are thinking now: “Sexual Orientation= Money.” Anything that’s not “Straight” is basically just more “Marketing material-” to the point where it becomes the main selling point of the show!!

Gotta Say It Somewhere

Now………I love and ADORE shows like Steven Universe and The Owl House. But I’m Sorry: Once 1 Same Sex Couple happened- That’s ALL that the shows were known for. Steven Universe introduced Ruby and Sapphire- The Show Gained Massive Popularity. This generation has The Owl House– a great show with a unique story and setting with an amazing story from one of the minds behind Gravity Fallsand all my brother can find on the subreddit is Lumity fan art. And look; there’s nothing wrong with being gay, or bi, or trans, non-binary, gender fluid, or any of the other 56 genders there are now. But when that becomes the Main Selling point of your show- Would you even call it a show at that point?

So you see: Ymir and Historia both are and are not gay- they are whatever they need to be for Kodansha to sell manga volumes. If the “new thing” is being anything but straight, then every studios going to hop through hoops and hurtles to make them gay- They will. I’ve just always kind of seen Historia as straight and if anything bi-sexual. But I don’t think her relationship with Ymir was anything more than just “Friends and a 1-sided crush.”

Another character I really liked- and I’m sure that you can all guess who it is: Captain Levi Ackerman. Come on; this man is ridiculously cool. I like how cool he is- and how lame he can be when it comes to cleaning. I get that character is a lot of of more comedic series have these little “character quirks,” but I never expected “Attack On Titan” to do something like that. Like; the Titan Slaying Mad Lad is a neat freak? That’s………a little ironic considering how violent he and the series can get at time. Considering what they do; I’m kind of surprised that they even have the time to worry about things like that.

復讐 — RivaMika Doujinshi Translation: リヴァミカ -2- by 櫻川なあ... | Attack on titan,  Attack on titan levi, Attack on titan anime
Especially when you have him doing stuff like THIS……..

I also like all of his moments with Eren- from his first KICK IN HIS FACE, to his interaction in Season 4 Part 1 where he remembers how “kickable” Eren’s face looks. That’s another thing: He just loves to kick Eren in the face!!! It’s both funny and kind of f*cked up the first time it happens. But then you come to their moment in Season 3 Part 2, when they’re debating on whether to save Irwin or Armin. I like the way Eren just got up in his face like “Do Something, B!tch,” and Levi just looked at him as if he was saying “You don’t want to catch these hands……..” Then you had Mikasa over here with tears in her eyes like “I don’t want to do this……..just comply……..please………” Heck; I just like the content of that part of the season in general.

Speaking of Armin; I’m…………kind of mixed on him. On one hand; I like how strategic and smart he is- how he balances out Eren’s anger and Mikasa’s intensity with with his light hearted nature. On the other; Kind of too “sniveling” for my liking. He feels a lot of guilt for being a coward- for being chosen over Irwin. But I think the main thing to take from him would be something similar to what you take from Historia. If her story was “being who you want to be,” then Armin’s might be “Not feeling sorry for everyone.” Because if you start to put everyone’s well being ahead of your own; you’ll lose out on everything you want. And the people you let get those things you wanted- won’t spare you a passing glance when they have it.

Could both Armin and Erwin have eaten Bertholdt and become either two  Colossus Titans or each have half of the power (i.e., one has steam and the  other the size)? - Quora
He had the audacity to beg everyone for help

If Irwin had gotten the Colossal Titan; he would not have been so torn up about losing just the 1 soldier- especially not after all the one’s he had just sacrificed moments prior. But what’s very interesting is how Armin inherited Bertolt’s feelings for Annie………..Oh right; she was a character. I mean; she spent d@mn near the whole series in a crystal. And her Titan wasn’t even all that unique- the only thing she had going on was that her Titan was Female. Other than that; her Titan had no special traits like the Jaw, Attack, Armored, Colossal, or even the F*CKIN’ WHEEL BARREL TITAN!!! If a Walking-Talking Wheel Barrel has more of a “unique trait” than you- you f*cked up somewhere.

Wow………… I started talking about the characters, and then went right back into the series itself. I don’t know if I’m rushing myself to get this post out and don’t want to dive into characters as deep as I always have- or if the characters are just not the most interesting and memorable in my mind. I mean; I like Connie and Sasha and Mikasa and even JEAN to a certain extent. Zeke was a fine character, I felt- I liked his interactions and relationship’s with Levi. Actually; let me talk about Zeke for a minute.

Zeke Jaeger - Episode 37 | Attack on titan anime, Anime best friends, Anime
Zeke’s first appearance

Zeke is Eren’s older brother- Grisha’s first son in Marley. His story about betraying his family for Marley rather than help them usurp the corrupt nation was kind of weird- but in a good way. It’s like; he was raised in a place that taught him that his heritage was wrong, and then his parents just dumped this information on him and was expected to just “comply blindly.” It’d be like if your parents and neighborhood were teaching you all your life that murder was wrong- and then your parents tell you to kill the girl they just brought home. It’s like- OF COURSE that would happen! Did you expect him to just “go along” with your plan after years of being told that his heritage was something to be ashamed of? So……..I don’t blame Zeke for that. I was a little upset with him in the moment, but looking back on it– I understand it more.

I think his euthanization plan for the Eldians was a curious point- a little more human than what Marley had been doing to them thus far. But it was still f*cked up, and I’m glad he failed. Although I liked his character because of what he presented to the story and just in general all of his scenes as the Beast Titan. I liked the line he had in season 4 part 1 that was pretty funny- talking about his “secret” and saying that it’s “the way he wipes his @$$it’s REAL special.”

no mourners, no funerals — superjaegerbros: Attack on Titan Season 3 Part  2...
Couldn’t find the Baseball throw

Armin and Mikasa– the other 2 of the MAIN 3, and I think that they’ll be the last 2 characters I talk about. Other than them; the rest weren’t quite as interesting. Like………okay; Sasha and Gabi last. But those are the last 2 I’ll talk about!! This post is gonna be long as all F*CK as it is. In fact; let’s save Armin and Mikasa for last. Firstly; let’s discuss Gabi, and why I think she’s ALRIGHT. because I don’t hate her as much as everyone else seems to do. Actually; I think she works well as a contrast to Eren- which is exactly what she is. She’s Eren before the time skip- single minded and active; angry and determined; dreams of being “free.” The only difference is placement- Eren was trapped behind Walls made to keep out the Titans. Gabby wanted to become A Titan and invade the Walls. if she became a Titan shifter, then she and her family would become Honorary Marleans.

But I think that she’s also a version of Zeke– one who also hated their bloodline, but wanted to make them suffer rather than die naturally. She was definitely channeling Eren’s anger there. I think the reason she was made this way was to show that…… that things weren’t easy on the outside, either. Like; it just further cements what Eren realized at the beginning of the time skip: “No one will be free until Marley is destroyed- until the World is destroyed.” Eldians are hated by the World(except the Orient), so they wouldn’t be free if they just squashed Marley with the Rumbling. Gabby’s role I felt helped to further that sentiment in Eren’s mind. Here’s a girl who- like him- was persecuted for a lineage that goes back 1000s of years ago. She was just as angry as he was- he is. So it just reconfirmed in his mind that what he’s doing is the right thing.

It also serves to show the contrast between the current Eren Yeager and the past, temperamental child he once was. The only difference was that Eren had the power to enact his rage and revenge- Gabi was a child with an axe to grind, and she didn’t even know who she was grinding it against. It’s why I like her moment with Kaya in chapter 109, when Kaya was asking her what the Eldians today had to do with Ymir. “What did I do? What did my mom do? Why do WE have to suffer because of our ancestors- What Did WE Do To The World Today?” It was in this moment that she realized who the Bad Guys were- Here when she realized that her ambitions were all for naught. Because she realized the tragic truth of the world- much like Eren once did. The Difference Being: Where as it merely soured Eren’s outlook on the world, making his rage boil to the highest point but also making him mature- Gabi seemed to have wanted to change things rather than destroy it all.

The Shock Called “Realization.”

And then we have the ever popular “Potato Girl-“ Sasha Blouse. Funny- Yes. Pretty- Yes. The character that I was the most invested in? NOT Really. Like; i liked the levity she provided to the series- she was definitely made as the comic relief character to show that this story isn’t all “Doom-And-Gloom-” it’s only 98% that. And I like that about her- I really really do. But Is she the most interesting beyond that? I think her saving Kaya was a good flashback- seeing her try to take on a smaller scale Titan the way she did while this little girl was processing her mom being eaten slowly like that. That was pretty cool. Though………I wasn’t as impacted by her death as everyone else.

I know that something like that probably comes across as me just being a heartless monster because I’m not in tears and chanting “Kill Gabbi!!,” but……..I honestly didn’t care. In fact, her death was probably the best move Isayama could have taken. Because she had the most development, and had…….an actual family waiting for her to come back. Man, what a f*cked up thing to say. But it’s the truth– no one’s waiting at home for Levi, or Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Eren, Armin, and all of those guys. Like- they don’t. Now; I do think that Isayama should have built up her romance with Niccolo better- for her romance to have been offscreened and not even flashback to it until after her death was a bad move. It made Niccolo outing Gabbi as her killer feel forced and unnecessary. It was a good, dramatic scene(almost to the point of “hilarity”)- out of place all the same.

And now– the duo you’ve all been waiting for: Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman. Which one should it be FIRST…….how about Armin. The scene that I first want to talk about involving him would have to be the one that caused THIS hilarious scene!!

Eren vs Levi | Attack on titan tumblr, Attack on titan season, Attack on  titan

Now………I think that Armin is a fine character- probably the most relatable of the main cast, given his reaction to this world vs everyone else’s. Everyone else has this air of “I’m scared but I’ll still fight,” whereas Armin can and will panic and freak out. But he’s also a smart lad- he can look closely at the situation and think of what to do. We see it when they were fighting against the Colossal Titan in season 3. It also portrayed him as a Ballsy S’um B!tch. But I would also like to point out how he also sent a number of tropes to their possible(certain if they weren’t the main cast) deaths- much like Erwin. Their parallelism in that is also reflective in the arc itself- Erwin leading a platoon against the Beast Titan, and Armin against the Colossal.

The only difference is that Erwin’s plan was a Suicide mission that got him and a number of other people brutally killed- and failed, anyway. Whereas Armin took a minute to explain the plan in full detail, and structured it in a way that would make it so that he’d be the only death. I think that it shows that Armin is both smarter and much more caring towards those “under” him. If Sasha is the “comedy” of the series; Armin would the “heart in an otherwise heartless world.” His dream of reaching the ocean was unrealistic- down right childish when you look at what Paradis was up against. But while this world seems to be telling them to “give up;” he- much like other protagonists like Asta, Naruto, Luffy, and several others- “dares to defy.”

I think that might be the BIGGEST thing separating Armin and Erwin: Their dreams. They dreamed of knowing the truth of the world(Erwin), and seeing it(Armin). 1 goal was very selfish and self centered; the other wanted to bring who was at the time his best friend with him. All of what I am saying is tying into the choice that Levi- that Isayama– made in the moment. They looked at both candidates, and made a choice. Levi’s choice was made out of sympathy- out of wanting the man he respected to die in peace, rather than becoming the very monster they were trying to destroy. And then you have Armin– someone you wouldn’t think was smarter than a High Ranked Military Officer. But Levi didn’t save Armin; he spared Erwin. Isayama I felt saw both of them- looked at them critically in that moment. And looked through all of their plans in the story and their success rates. Most if not all of Armin’s plans worked- Erwin’s got people killed and accomplished notta.

……………Feel like I’m just repeating myself without giving actual evidence, but this post isn’t really “planned.” I didn’t go back and read the manga or anything; any information I used was looked up when I thought about using it. The only piece of evidence would be the arc win which this event happened. And I think I only remember it so well because of the moment with Levi and Eren.

And Also THAT!!

I think that Armin’s story with trying to live up to Erwin was nice to see unfold. Because it’s like; they chose you over a Military leader that already proved himself(by sacrificing people in the name of his own personal goal). But it’s not about “proving yourself” or anything- it’s about you being the best you you can be, and strive to be better than those who came before. By keeping that tactile mind and not sacrificing others; you can rise above this world to make it better…………THAT was weirdly positive. But in any case; this storyline was good– but I don’t think it went beyond just the initial reaction to the situation. But I think that’s also a good thing- stuff like that can get REALLY annoying after a while and bog down the story with a lot of unnecessary personal dilemma’s that are usually solved as quickly as they’re brought up.

But I think another………interesting plotline is his growing feeling for Annie inherited from Bertolt. Speakign of which; What The H#ll Happened With Annie? Like; I hear she actually came out of that f*cking crystal, but……did she even do anything- and should I even really care about it? Cause she was in there for THE LONGEST TIME. I just……did not care about Annie. And come to think of it; I didn’t even really care about the romantic relationship they were building. Just…….do not care. I think the idea of inheriting personality traits is a unique thought- but not when it’s for some chick in a stupid crystal that came out during the final arc only to do NOTHING OF NOTE the whole time.

Come to think of it; I kind of want to take a moment to rant on my brother’s behalf about the Female Titan. yeah; Ajay doesn’t like this series much to begin with. But he finds the Female Titan to be “lazy.” Heck; he makes the joke about “This show wins awards even though the only thing ‘special’ about the Female Titan- is that it’s female.” And I kind of agree with him on that front. You got the Armored Titan, who boast the highest defense of any of the 9 Titan Shifters; the Attack Titan boasting the Highest Attack power; the War Hammer Titan who can create constructs through their hardening power; even a F*CKING WHEELBARREL. But then you have the Female Titan. It’s a Titan– but with FEMALE ATTRIBUTES. So very interesting. And look; it’s not like we’re sexist or anything. Probably should have lead with that- now I’m gonna get cancelled faster than Family Guy. But; it’s just that we feel that the “very fact that it’s female” shouldn’t be its defining trait. At least; that’s how I see it. It’s like she’s a “token-” there just to “fill a purpose and nothing more.” In this case……….not really fan service(though you know there’s some…….creep out there getting off to the fan animations of her and Titan Eren(JK; I don’t judge, bro)).

But even THEN she did nothing for the rest of the story. If you were gonna sideline her til the last possible minute- can you at the very LEAST give the Titan power to someone else. Like, oh……….say MIKASA!!! Neat Segway, right?

♥オタク AnimeFam♥
Just Not That Into You

Mikasa is………interesting. Her blood connections make her rather important- between the Ackerman’s Titan-like strength and her lineage in the Orient. Though I found the Ackerman bloodline to be a fair bit more interesting. I mean; them passing down Titan Spinal fluid that gave them incredible strength in intense moments made for some very good scenes, I felt. It certainly made for cool moments, like when Eren inspired her will to fight against those kidnappers. But I think an unexplored topic is how she was related to characters like Levi and Kenny. We know how those 2 were connected, but not how these 2 were related to Mikasa beyond their last name and blood traits.

Like I said; I feel like she was meant to get the Female Titan at some point. And i would have liked that more than Annie coming back at the 11th hour. If anything; you could have had a scene of Mikasa going to see Annie’s father and telling him what happened. You could have used the idea you teased with Armin inheriting Bertolt’s emotions on Mikasa and have it actually- you know- GO somewhere. It may have also been a little more potent with her because of the Ackerman bloodline. Then you might have a similar moment to when Eren flipped over the Smiling Titan, but with one of the others, like Bertolt.

I think that her relationship with Eren was………a little confusing at the end there. I mean; I would have preferred their love for each other simply being that of family rather than lovers. It’s not like a situation like that is IMPOSSIBLE– childhood friends who grow up in the same house falling for each other. Like; it wasn’t unrealistic. But I knew how it would end, given what this series is and what it does. It ended pretty much how you would EXPECT a romance to end in this series: With Mikasa kissing Eren’s severed head. Their circumstances were “special” in comparison to everyone elses(the bodies are more than likely eaten by Titans), but it was pretty much the same. I did nt like that. Because…….it wasn’t very clear on Eren’s side. And Mikasa’s love was always kind of “up in the air” to me.

You could take this as “As Family” or “As A Lover”

For me; I don’t think Eren had expressed any interest in romance- he was so single minded in his goal of eliminating the Titans and Marley that he probably didn’t really ever notice girls like that. And……..I think that he did see Mikasa as his “Sister” rather than his lover. And I think that’s what Isayama had intended for the story. He may have beeing going for a one-sided attraction from Mikasa, while Eren saw her as an older sister- almost “motherly.” And the scene where Eren admitted to “hating” her being a situation of yes– “pushing her away so she can do what has to be done” or whatever- but also him rebelling against his parent to do what he perceives as “right.”

I think that that’s a good way to segway into what I THINK will be the last thing that we talk about: The Ending. I do think that something were changed at the last minute- in the worst way possible, for the worst REASON possible. Aside from the somewhat forced romantic feelings Eren had for Mikasa; I didn’t like how it was so “sequel batey.” Like; there were those last few epilogue pages that came out that teased Mikasa’s descendant starting this whole mess up again that were just………No. You mean she and Jean never told their family the story of Eren Yeager, Ymir Fritz, The Titans, and the World’s true history? Or is the implication that this kid wants the conflict to end so he found the tree where Eren was buried to get the Titan’s power? Either way; too “sequel teasy.” And I don’ think that this series needs a continuation.

Though that also ties into how the series ended and what Eren accomplished. Or, rather; what he didn’t. I believe his plan was to……..was it to like “Destroy the World with the rumbling,” or “become the villain for the forces of Paradis to stop and become Heroes?” Either way; neither plan worked. Though I would have preferred it if Eren had destroyed the world. Because it’s like……….The WHOLE D@MN WORLD hated the Eldians. Even if he were to destroy Marley, then the world wouldn’t “like” them after that; they would just focus the attention from Marley to Paradis. And they had already been developing Weapons to contend with Titans. While Paradis was still getting caught up on the world’s technological advancements.

Anti Titan Tank

And then it’s like; I know that just flat out flattening the world would be messed up. But would you rather the world that made Eren Yeager who he is today, or would you rather see him- and the characters we’ve been rooting for the whole 139 chapters of the manga- achieve a REAL Victory for once in their lives. This series- when all is said and done- is a War Story. It’s Paradis vs The World- an ongoing war that the Paradis of today had no idea it had a part in- unrightfully so.

They may win battle after battle against the Titans- but each time they lose more and more people; more and more of themselves to the point where Eren became who he is- they never even remotely get even a millimeter closer to winning the shadow war. And Marley may have been the only one’s f*cking with them by sending the Titans at them repeatedly, but the world didn’t do anything to stop. H#ll; they encouraged it because of their prejudice. Prejudice that would have only amplified if Paradis had defeated one of the World’s leading superpowers. So………..destroy em ALL.

Like; he could. He could have even done something similar to Zeke’s “Eldian Euthanization Plan” and sterilize the rest of the world if they manage to survive the Rumbling. And that is a MIGHT POWERFUL “IF.” Those Colossal Titans he had could trample a LOT just by walking around. Or he could have also done something like put his spinal fluid in drinks that were sent around like Zeke did and turned everyone into a Titan right there- probably use the Founding Titan power to mind wipe them and make them all accept Eldians if he was so inclined. Or however the h#ll that works- this post has been going on for a LONG TIME, and I don’t feel like looking up all of that sh!t!! Just know that he could have either gone through with the plan; did the euthanization plan on a global scale; or mind wiped em all. Just…….something other than the “Zero: Requiem” idea. Because it may have worked for Lelouch, but………this world is just prejudice against Eldians. And having an Eldian becoming the Biggest Bad Of ALLwasn’t gonna help anything. It’s…….not the ending that I envision for the series.

Not to mention the fact that the “Final Panel” Isayama put out on his Twitter wasn’t even used. What the H#ll was that?! If you need any evidence that the ending was changed at the last minute to make room for a f*cking sequel- This is it. Because this shows something to me- something that we were just talking about: Eren Yeager’s Victory.

Yes- Yes It Is.

I think that the character holding the baby is Eren. And I do believe that that is Eren and Historia’s baby. Because…….everyone was speculating whose child that was. But we never got any clarification or confirmation that it was Eren’s. The only reason she even decided to have a baby was to stall becoming a Titan shifter. But unlike her own mother- she’ll actually care for the girl. And……..again: Never got anything from Eren and Mikasa. I don’t think that she and Eren made the best pairing either, but it made more sense- at least, to me. But getting back to the panel; it implied to me that Eren saved the Eldians- saved Paradis– and that baby was born into a world that was finally “Free.”

Or, if you don’t think that’s Eren- you could think of it as someone talking about Eren holding his baby, and talking about he was “Finally Free-” in death. It may have been a case in which Historia is thinking of Eren because Eren had finally succumb to the Titan Shifter’s limit(how long they would live after becoming a Shifter) after saving the Eldians, and talking about him being “free” of this cruel world. Though calling it a “cruel world” implies that Eren lost in the end and everyone accepted their fate of being wiped out. Which- if I’m being honest with you- That also isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Isayama seems to enjoy f*cking with his audience like that. Make you care about someone and then- WHAM!! Killed. So at some point I just accepted that everyone would die in the end.

To The Boy Who Dreamed of Freedom

………………….I think……’s done. Because, like; I could talk at NAUSEUM about things like the animation or the story or characters like Ymir Fritz. But…….I think I’ve said all that I needed to say about this series. Like…..I already said everything that there is for me to say about my experience with the series, and everyone thousands of times smarter than me have broken down things like that. So instead of dragging this post on for any longer- instead of talking about things that I’m not qualified to- I am going to leave you all on this panel from chapter 131 of the manga- what I feel is the perfect summation of the series. It is the story of a Boy Who Dreamed Of Being Free- and The Man Who Sought To Make That Dream A Reality. The Hero Of Paradis: The Attack Titan- Eren Yeager.

Thank you, Hajime Isayama- for giving us such a captivating story. I hope the Final season of the anime does your Master piece justice. Til next time, my friends……..

Gravity Spirit Bomb!!- Kind Of! Edens Zero Chapter Chapter 164 BREAKDOWN

Hello again, duckies!! Once again; Hiro Mashima graces us with a doozy of a chapter!! I was under the impression that we were gonna have a double chapter this week, but we’re just getting back to back color cover pages. And…….I’m not disappointed AT ALL. ‘Cause this gives us a LOT to discuss- so much so that I don’t know how a double chapter would have worked out. But since we don’t have to worry about that; let’s get into the chapter!! Edens Zero Chapter 164: “Downpour Of The Black Heavens.” This is giving me vibes from that chapter. Let’s do this!!

Please Be Alright, My Love………..


We begin the chapter in the skys above Nero 66, were the Leviathan has just launched an attack that took out some members of Oasis. The remaining forces prepare to launch an all-out assault against against the Leviathan. Unfortunately; Eraser’s display in chapter 139 left him exhausted and depleted- to the point where he himself can do nothing to stop the Mechanical monster. It’s about to launch another attack when Oasis starts attacking.

Back down below on 66; we cut over to the Edens Zero, where Laguna has returned with a heavily damaged Witch. As they rush her over to the infirmary; Laguna asks them to take care of “another person.” But when he looks in his canister- he finds that Ijuna is gone. She managed to escape somehow to somewhere else.

The Fights Not Over Yet!!!!

We then cut back to the All-Link mainframe room- where Shiki’s returned to continue his fight with Shura. Shura rebounds from the ground, and goes back into Overdrive. Rebecca can’t believe that Shura can Overdrive, as well.

The fight continues, as Shiki uses “Meteor Breaker” on Shura’s ugly face. With blood spurting out of his mouth; Shura yells how Shiki is “Garbage-” they all are. He catches his footing, and uses “Heavy Collision” to bring the ground up to attack Shiki. The attack ends up hitting him in the wound Shura gave him last chapter.

From there; we cut over to The Temple, where Nero grapples with the sneak attack Ziggy pulled off on him. Ziggy’s body pulls its head over and reattaches it. He brags that “Mere decapitation isn’t enough to kill a mechanical life form.” He berates Nero for being so careless, but Nero says that “this wound is not enough to kill me.” As he starts to talk about “destiny” again; Ziggy reveals to him: He took The Empire Dice From Nero. And to add insult to injury- he crushes them in his hands, saying “It’s all just matter- It can’t resist True Gravity.

In anger; Nero uses Wormhole to move behind Ziggy- reaching for his head again. But Ziggy has other plans in store- and it involves Nero’s power in some manor. So…….he takes it for HIMSELF. He uses the “Deepest Part Of Gravity, Where All Excess Is Destined To Fall-” “Gravity Drain.” And something begins to happen to Nero- as if he’s being absorbed in some way.

“Drain?” Like your draining his…….

Back on 66; Shiki and Shura continue their conflict, as Shura yells “I’M GONNA BE MORE POWERFUL THAN MY OLD MAN!!!” Shiki asks him “But do you have to hurt others to get there?!” Shura contests that “you’ll never make it to the top if you don’t step on people.” Shiki shouts back “We’re not going to ‘the top………..” My friends and I- We’re Going Forward!!!” He raises his right hand, and starts to gather a massive ball of gravity in it. The ball begins to tear apart the ground, as a flashback starts to play.

He calls back to the training with Xenolith– the Magimech Master tells him that he needs to “Strengthen The Weight of his Heart.” He gives him a speech about using that technique:

It is the feeling you have for our friends- The Courage You Have To Move Forward- The Resolve To Fight.

Master Xenolith

We cut back to the present- where the ball that Shiki made grows to epic proportions. He thinks about all of the “lights that went out” in this war- man and machine alike– and tells Shura that Gravity itself is “Knowing the weight of life.” And he launches it- “Super Ultimate Magimech Attack: BLACK SKY!!!!

Shura’s shocked expression is followed by him getting crushed under the “weight” of the “Black Sky-” and then somehow being electrocuted. He falls out of Overdrive, marking his defeat. But the battle against Ziggy still goes on- as he comes on the monitor and commends Shiki on his victory. He uses Nero’s “Wormhole” to open a portal to the All-Link system, and presses a button. The AI comes on and says the line: “Now Activating- 20,00 Imperial Antimatter Bombs.

He says that “With their deaths- The Wheel of Fate Will Be Complete.” We see his sinister face, as Edens Zero Chapter 164 comes to a resounding END!! Time for World 31? Or can they make it far enough away in time? We’ll find out next week!!


Alright we got a LOT of things to talk about!!! I think the first thing I’d like to discuss is Ziggy’s power. I’ve said before that he’s somewhere between Shiki and Shura in terms of what he can do to gravity- that he’s able to mess with his own Gravity and the Gravity of others. But this– THIS implies something very unique that he may be able to do. Like; is it possible for him to ABSORB Gravity?! Or is he just “pulling” Nero’s ether into himself, in much the same way Shiki “pulled” in Drakken’s memories, and that allowed him to use Nero’s Ether gear? In which case; where’s Nero? So many questions!!

“All For Ziggy?”

In either case; this would make him just like All For One from My Hero Academia– he’s able to steal other people’s abilities and use them as his own. This now could imply that we see a few characters who’s abilities he wants. I don’t know if Nero’s ability was specific to this situation or if he has a few ideas for it in the future, but I can almost guarantee that he wants to get his hands on a Cat Leaper. I doubt that he wants to actually contend with Shiki himself at this juncture, so he may steal it from Capt. Connor on some “Did you really think that we would allow a Human to join us in our perfect world” type deal.

I would also like to talk about “Black Sky” for a second. I titled the post the way I did because it sounded like a Spirit Bomb in the spoilers that came out before. But looking at it; I think it’s more similar to something like Kid Buu’s “Planet Burst” that he used to destroy the Earth in Dragon Ball Z, or Baby Vegeta’s “Revenge Death Ball” from Dragon Ball GT. Like; it’s a 1 handed giant ball of power- much like the Planet Burst. But it’s coming from an emotional place like the Revenge Death Ball. Shiki’s drawing it from positive thoughts of his friends, while Baby drew that power from his hatred of the Saiyans for what they did to the Tuffles.

But then you also have what this attack means for Shiki. He says that it’s “knowing the weight of life.” And I talked at length a review ago that Shiki may want to kill Shura. But going back to Xenolith said; he has to be better than that to defeat Ziggy. And after going into a fight with him with that mindset; Shiki was not only impaled, but he also lost his eye. So i think between being impaled and left by Shura and when he came back- Shiki may have realized his flawed thinking and changed his mindset. he realized that Shura’s life also had “weight” to it, and that’s what allowed him to access “Black Sky.”

Character Development- Achieve

I would also like to talk about the future of the story now this arc begins to wind down. Now…….this seems to be the last arc in the Aoi Cosmos– the end of the admittedly “short lived” Aoi Cosmos saga. I definitely believe that Shura and the Oceans are going to escape the Antimatter bombs. And yes; I DO believe the Antimatter bombs are on Nero 66. Even if Nero didn’t send them there himself as a bluff for Shura- Ziggy certainly sent them. I don’t know if we’re gonna have Rebecca Cat Leaper shenanigans, but I think that they will be escaping.

The question I have in mind is: Will Shura and the Oceans chase the Edens Zero. You have the set up with Callum and Kris being rivals from youth, and I’m willing to bet that Lyra’s wants payback on Rebecca for the Lost Card game. But then you have characters like Ijuna and Milani- Milani doesn’t like Shura because of what he did to Cyca, so she’ll probably take this chance to leave. and Ijuna’s starting to “see the light” because her battle with Laguna. So those 2 are more than likely done with the Empire. And Nasseh didn’t really strike me as much as I thought he would- I thought he was gonna be more important than he ended up being, but he wasn’t even all that interesting. I could honestly go either way with him.

I honestly like the idea of someone actively following the Edens Zero like that- someone who challenges them on a semi-frequent basis. But I also don’t see Shura giving up ruling a cosmos like that. And it would be really good character development if he stayed. Even though he caught an @$$ whoopin’ from Shiki; he still technically won- hus dad’s dead, leaving a vacancy for him to take over as Emperor. So Shiki leaves the Aoi Cosmos- SO WHAT?! You got what you wanted, so why follow him and risk losing- hurting your reputation more?

It’s not like anyone saw this. And if they did you’d just kill em!!

But if he’s got his heart SET on revenge- then don’t just go after him halfcocked and leave your empire defenseless. Send someone else after them while you run things- have them bring back the crew and fight him again. THAT would be the best thing that Shura can do right now.


And- there you have it!! I got this post done the DAY the chapter came out!! Even though the power went out where I am; I still managed to finish it in a timely manner. Which is a really good thing. Especially with the monthly chapters for Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations coming out on the 20th. Letting you know right now: Those post tend to take longer than the weekly’s. So they’re gonna be out later then you may be expecting.

In any case; those are my thoughts on the chapter. Let me know you’re own in the comments. That’s all I got for y’all today. Til next we meet- have a magically wonderful day!!

The Star Player Appears! Meet The Prince Of The Spade Kingdom: Yuno Grinberryal Takes The Stage!! Black Clover Chapter 309 BREAKDOWN

Long title, huh? I wanted to go with like a Dragon Ball episode title feeling because of how much Yuno seems to be channeling his more Vegeta-esque elements. This was more prevalent in his speech last chapter, but I feel like there might be a little more here. All that said; I think that yuno is actually going to win this one. Black Clover Chapter 309: “Blink.” Let’s get to it.

Spade Prince vs Bone Devil- Round 2!!


Picking up where last week left off; we see Yuno glowing with both of his grimoires open- ready to face the superpowered Zenon once again! Zenon looks on with as much disinterest as ever– but he is internally thinking “What is this? 2 Grimoires?! What in the……..

Before he can continue his thoughts; Yuno blasts him with his new magic- 1 attack through his wing, and 1 blowing off part of his head. Zenon is caught off guard by the speed and power, when he looks over and sees glowing, crystal-like object floating by Yuno. He begins to recall something: “The Spade Kingdom Royal Family has passed down a unique type of magic for generations. His father, Loyce possessed ‘Sun Magic-‘ his mother Ciel possessed ‘Moon Magic.'” This combination of Sun and Moon gave Yuno a potent magic type: Star Magic.

It is here and now that Zenon realizes who exactly he’s dealing with- as the prince floats towards him with 3 more of those crystal objects. Meanwhile; Bell begins to stand up in Yuno’s hand- happy to finally meet the “real” Yuno. Yuno replies “Yeah……but I can’t win this with Star Magic alone. Gather your strength inside me, Bell.” Blushing and grinning from ear to ear; she gathers more power and they go back to the Boreas form. He makes a “Celestial Wind Ark” to send Langris Finral to get healed. Before they leave; Langris asked Yuno just who the h#ll he is. Yuno: “I’m The Vice Captain Of The Golden Dawn.” Langris smirks, and they depart.

Stellar Wind and Bones In Space- I love this manga, man!!

Zenon sends his Bone whips in for an attackbut Yuno uses the crystals to form a Magic barrier– “Star Magic: Quartile- Scutum.” The barrier is strong enough to block Zenon’s whips. So he tries to trap Yuno in the same box he did chapter 238, but things go quite differently this time. Whereas before Zenon used this to make Yuno his b!tch; Yuno manages to escape the sub-space by moving one of the crystals, and teleporting under it- “Star Magic: Conjunction.” And once he’s close to Zenon; he uses all 4 stars to make “Quartile- Hasta(“Spear” in Latin, and is one of the 28 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology).”

The attack is potent enough to blow Zenon’s arm off!! Yuno vows that he’ll prove that his choices were “right,” but Zenon makes a vow to crush him here and now. He unleashes a flurry of bones, but Yuno dodges them all with ease- making Zenon upset. The 2 think simultaneously that they are “Righteous, and clash against each other with swords of Wind and Bone. Black Clover Chapter 309 END!!! I kind of don’t want anyone interrupt this fight, but……….

The One Who Wins is The “Right” One.


You know; I heard a fan theory in the last year that postulated the idea that Asta’s own Magic type was Star Magic. And like; he still has magic, but has no mana to use it. And using Devil Union with Liebe allowed him access to it. So when I read in the spoilers that Yuno had Star Magic of all things- I giggled. Their pieces of evidence being things like “Asta” in some dialects(Scandinavian, Arabic, Greek, and Indian) meaning “Star,” or how his Devil union with Liebe has a lot of Star type patterns on it. There’s also the floating orbs of Anti magic that surround him during Union and how Licita’s Magic may have mixed with someone else’s to make “Star Magic.” Loose evidence- and apparently misplaced.

But as for what Yuno’s new power means; we still don’t know why Yuno went through his whole life using Wind Magic. Because as I said in last review’s “Analysis” section: That’s not how Elf Reincarnation has been shown to work in the story. i feel like this was done just so we can get that “Oh Sh!t” moment. From what we saw with Langris and Fana and all of those characters; tapping into the Elf power didn’t give them a whole new magic type- they just got stronger and their mana and ki felt angry and evil.

He didn’t gain new magic here

Although; I suppose the nature of who possessed Yuno is a little different from most. It was merely an unborn infant- not a child like Patri was when he died, or a a grown @$$ woman like Charla. He had control over his body when the Reincarnation magic activated- it may have been a case where yuno had an easier time tapping into his Elven power than anyone else. Not the best explanation, but it’s SOMETHING.

I also like the theme of Yuno and Zenon- their parallelism and what this fight means. I like it when a story can have 2 characters with similar circumstances go into battle as if to debate whose choice was correct. If Yuno wins; that means his choice to work together with Asta to defeat Mars was the “Right decision.” If Zenon wins; it means his ideology of “absolute strength” and sacrifice of Alan to defeat that Mid Rank Devil was “right.” We know who has to win in the end, but it’s still fascinating to see.

A Star is Born!!

I also found it kind of interesting that Zenon’s face and wing began regeneration. Is this because of the Devil’s heart? Or is this Zenon? because we saw in his first encounter with Yuno that his bones regenerated- we didn’t see him have to regrow anything like an eye. I really don’t know what to make of this. Perhaps Devil’s can regenerate to an extent- at least the Higher ranked ones like Zenon and Lucifero. Though Megicula did not display such a feat when she was about to die– she just kind of left her heart exposed for them to attack.

I think another point of discussion comes Finral and Langris. When they go to look for a recovery mage; they’ll more than likely run into Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama- who is with Asta and the others. I kind of don’t want them to intervene in this battle; I think they should actually go and deal with Morris at this point. I feel like he and Lucifero may have worked out a contract themselves on the sly- gaining something better than what Dante had. And this time; they have every f*ckin’ body there. Morris is fittin’ to catch an @$$ whoopin- provided the next Qliphoth Devil hasn’t or doesn’t come out. It should be slower without Dante and Vanica around now.

I wonder what his regular magic is


And- there you have it!! I don’t know what next week hold for the story, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing this fight being continued. I think we will cut to everyone else, a glimpse of the battle, and then seeing them make their way to the center of the Tree. Will they find William and Yami? Or……….their corpses? Because if Morris found a way to accelerate the growth– he may have also sped up their deaths.

But in any case; that’s all I’ve got for the lot of you today, boys and girls. Until the next post, everyone; Have A Magically Wonderous Day!!

Mind Meld MAYHEM! My Hero Academia Chapter 330 BREAKDOWN

Like my use of Alliteration? I thought that it would be a fun little title. Especially since something that I was hoping would happen- HAPPENED!! I prefer this way over a lot of other ways this could have happened. To what am I referring? You read the chapter; you tell me!! I wonder what he will be like? My Hero Academia Chapter 330: “Me and Myself.” NOTE: This makes a little more sense in Japanese because Tomura tends to use the more masculine way to refer to oneself- “Ore,” while All For One uses the gender neutral “Boku.” The english translation(at least the fan one I’m using first) is using the regular “me” and seemingly more refined “myself.” In any case; let’s do this.

The World’s Greatest Hero And The King Of Villains!!


Picking up where last chapter left us; one of the Pilots of the stealth jets tells Star that the man before them is the one known as “Tomura Shigaraki.” He also warns that he possesses EMP waves, so everyone needs to turn off Autopilot and activate their shock shields. When asked what she wants to do in this situation; Stars replies: “Do you even need to ask? We SMASH, Of Course!!!” The jets begin to get into a formation, and Stars promises to “send their remains to their loved ones.” F*cked up thoughtbut at least she’s honest.

Where does “Tomura” end and “All For One” begin?

All while they do this; “Tomura” is standing atop his Nomu thinking to himself that he’s been in this “strange state” ever since he reawakened. He monologues to himself that “I can truthfully say that I am ‘Tomura Shigaraki,’ but at the same time- There is no doubt that I am myself.” But right now; he has to steal Stars’ quirk. So he opens the battle with “Radio Waves + Air Cannon + Heavy Payload” to create a MASSIVE shockwave that nearly blows them all away.

Stars and Stripes is knocked off the jet, but she manages to get back on and starts to brag to “Tomura:” “Do you already know what my deal is? It won’t help you fight back– Because I Reign Supreme, Boy!!!” It is here where we get the reveal of her……..unbelievably powerful quirk.

So……….her quirk is called “New Order.” And it allows her to apply rules to anything she touches and says the name of. For example(and to give you a scope of her power): She grabs the atmosphere, and- I sh!t you not– says that “The ‘Air’ 100 meters in front of me does not exist. She pulls the atmosphere around her towards her, and a star shape forms in front of them- which ends up bring herself and “Tomura” closer to each other. Which allows for the Stealth jets to fire on the Villain King.

Oh My God……..

As Tomura calls it a “brutal quirk;” All For One says that he wants it. Stars remarks that “Any freak who’s able to come all the way up here surely wouldn’t be finished just by that,” so she commands her team to fire their lasers. “Tomura” responds to the attack with “Reflect + Scatter-” he catches the lasers and blasts them BACK at Stars. But she applies a rule to the laser as well: “The ‘Laser’ Is Holdable.” “Tomura” takes this chance to regenerate himself after catching that blast- when he sees that the vacuum is undone. He moves off his Nomu towards Stars.

Stars responds by leaping at him and getting in the first strike, which sends “Tomura” backwards into one of the jets. It is here where we get further explanation of how her quirk works and why she’s so strong: She can only put “rules” on 2 things at a time(catching the laser deleted the vacuum)- she keeps 1 rule on herself constantly to make her Super strong(though not the the extent of someone like All Might or Muscular).

As she jets towards “Tomura;” she explains her backstory: She and her family were in their car on their was to Santa Monica Pier some years ago- when a Burglar on the run attacked them. Stars made her peace with the situation- but she begged and pleaded for somebody to come and rescue her sister. Enter: Japanese Foreign Exchange Student Toshinori Yagi- Young All Might. Ever since; he’s been her “Role Model” someone she emulated and strived to be like, even growing out 8 antenna to contribute to maintaining Global peace.

A Troublemaker(Have you guys heard this song it’s FIRE!!!)

“Tomura” remarks that “There’s No Escape From That Cursed All Might!!” But the sheer fact that a Villain is tired of hearing about him- is what makes him “The Symbol Of Peace.” Now that she’s made contact and said his name; Stars applies a “rule” to “Tomura:” “If Tomura Shigaraki Moves At All- His Heart Will Stop.” This WOULD be the best way to handle the situation- if this were in fact Tomura. But it’s not anymore. As internally; this new being is thinking “She fell For It…..”

We flashback to chapter 277, when Tomura and Izuku heard All For One call out to Yoichi. He remembers how he felt something dangerous when that happened- something not good. And inside the Vestige World; we see an Amalgamation of Tomura and All For One forming- ol’ Knee face beginning to merge with Cap’n Chappy lip further(which was actually teased in a panel in chapter 286). The parasitic All For One is melding with Tomura, saying “It would usually take 2 months of recovery for you to completely become ‘me,’ but- You’re such a ‘Firecracker,’ Tomura. Your Sheer Hatred- Your Drive For Destruction have exceeded anything I or the doctor could have EVER imagined!! ” This confirms that Tomura’s “hatred” is allowing All For One to gain further control over Tomura’s body- merging with his consciousness to become someone……….someone else. Which is why Stars’ “rule” doesn’t apply to him- That’s not “Tomura” anymore.

He also says that he and Tomura are around 97-98% “complete” as of the moment. And when they reach completion; they’ll become someone new entirely. While on the outside world; Tomura’s conscious mind is completely rejected his Master’s will, as he screams “NO!!” Stars is taken aback by his immunity to her new rule, but even moreso by this entity going ballistic. It starts to scream “Not in favor, are you? Well I Sure Am!! Do you detest me?!! Let That RAGE Flow!!! Your Hatred Will Deliver us To Our Glorious Future!!! ” This new being- who my brother dubbed “All For Destruction-” breaks free of Stars’ grip, and his hair begins to rapidly grow out. Thinking back to the house where it all began(the Shimura household); a blinding flash of light and Black Lighting fill the sky- as My Hero Academia Chapter 330 comes to a inconclusive END!!! You don’t think…….?

Super Saiyan 3- Acquired


NOTE: I owe my brother, Ajay, for coming up with the new name “All For Destruction.” So I’m gonna tell you guys to go check out his Webtoon “SCP 999 In Containment.” Look it up just as it’s spelled there. It’s a comedy series following the adventures of the titular SCP 999- a blob with a face. There’s something of a story there, but I haven’t seen it myself. Not into the SCP stuff. But maybe you are. Go check it out if you want! Heck; just do it for me. I want to see the look on his when one of you guys leaves a comment about how I sent you there. Comment over there: “Your brother says ‘Omnitrix Androids Are Cool.'” It’s a joke from a long time ago.

So……..BOTH were the case. I think I said that this is 1 possibility for All For One’s “Big plan” for Tomura. Though I can’t remember which post I said it(it may have been the “Grand Ambition” one); I talked about how I would prefer a merger of Tomura and All For One- rather than a “vying for dominance” story. I’ve always kind of preferred a fusion of characters over something like an “inner demon” like this felt like it was going to be. I want to know what an a calculating, manipulative ego maniac like All For One and a mass murdering man child like Tomura would make together. Unstoppable @$$ force is what you got yourself there.


I’m not gonna act like I “own” this thought if I can’t even remember which post I said it. All I’ll say: I was right AGAIN. Don’t know what it is about this series that allows me to create such good theories, but I know I have TWICE now. But enough of me bragging; I want to talk about All For Destruction and what he brings. 1)I heard a theory a LONG time ago that Tomura and All For One’s merging quirks would cause a quirk that decays you when he takes your quirk. And I do believe that is what will happen HERE. Yes; I think he’s going to beat Stars And Stripes. It may feel a little underwhelming for her to go out after the last few chapters of hype around her, but I think that’s the point.

It’s a good way to show that Tomura is now even more of a threat now than he was before. If he’s able to defeat America’s #1 hero, then that just ups his threat level. And besides; it would be underwhelming if Tomura didn’t win here, either. Like; him coming back after being further worked on would also make him look like he wasn’t all that much. The difference being that Stars victory extends the story and adds to the list of things that All For Destruction has to do- Tomura’s victory fast forwards the story. because if he gets “New Order,” then he could apply a new rule like “I- All For Destruction- am able to steal One For All” or “Izuku Midoriya Cannot Use One For All,” and things like that. And if Stars is able to make herself super strong with this quirk, then imagine how much stronger Tomura would be when he applies the same rule to himself. On top of the strength Ujiko built in to him that was only AMPLIFIED once he got to 98%. This man is now SCHWOLE @$ F****************CK!!!!!!

The Gains………Are OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though; Ajay also pointed out to me the idea of how Stars could hypothetically defeat All For Destruction. She could say something along the lines of: “If The Entity Formerly Known As ‘Tomura Shigaraki’ Moved Even An Inch Closer To Me- His Heart Will Stop.” Since it’s still TECHNICALLY the body of “Tomura Shigaraki,” then it could work- even though his REAL name is “Tenko Shimura.” So I guess even that wouldn’t work- if we’re going by Death Note rules.(Heh; get it?).

Something else that I think I want to talk about is Stars And Stripes quirk itself. 1)It’s BROKE To H#ll and Back. Like; she can ERASE SPACE?! Well; not EXACTLY. I don’t think she literally “got rid” of the space between them; I think it’s more like she created a vacuum that her jets and their lasers are able to travel through better. I do think that she was able to stop his heart, or to prevent someone from using their quirk- but not something like “Tomura Shigaraki Will Become A Good Person.” Broken quirk- bjut it still has a limit. And I don’t think that she’s able to “turn off her limits” or anything like that- because that would just mean no tension. Imagine if she said something like “Japan and America are closer together-” this whole series would not be happening.


I know that the “Analysis” section has gotten a little shorter in the last few posts. I just end up getting distracted when making these posts. When I’m focused; I could knock this post out in like a day or less. But I get distracted by my own thoughts that sometimes make their way into the post. But recently; I’ve been stopping at the review, going to work on another post, and coming back to finish. It allows me to sort my thoughts out better- but I end up forgetting some of what I was thinking. Sorry to bore you with the details of my posts.

But in any case; let me know what you guys think in the in the comments. That’s all I got for the lot a ya today, my lovelies. Until the next post; I’ll catch ya later!!

Am I The Bad Guy Here?(STORYTIME)

Hello, everyone. It’s time for another “Story” post. This one will be unlike any of my other story posts- because this one let’s you know a little more about me as a person- whereas my other’s have just been funny little stories from my life. No; this one will tell you some things about me- some things that I’m………..okay with happening? It sounds f*cked up, but I honestly don’t know about this situation. So I want to pose a question to you guys right in the beginning. And after you read this story; you can tell whether or not I’m a horrible person, or if the situation wasn’t as big. I ask: Am I The Bad Guy For Going Back To Normal After Watching Someone Choke? Wait for it………..

So; this story takes place during my Senior year of High school- and hour or 2 before the 4th or 5th game of my final season. It was an away game(that we WON HARD, I might add). Before got ready to play; we would always eat something. It was usually some form of pasta(which was always really good), but today we were being fed by the cafeteria. it was salad and………I think it was like Lasagna or something. I just remember the salad because of what happened.

So we’re eatin’- goofin’ and gaffin’ and “shootin’ the sh!t” as one of my coaches would say- just having fun and getting it all out before it was time to play. And then……… happened. One of my teammates- who already had a history of seizures- started choking on a small tomato. It’s like; not only did he not chew it before he swallowed, but it also seemed to go down the wrong pipe. So as one of my coaches was administering the Heimlich maneuver- he was coughing up blood. Speaking of; one of my coaches started the Heimlich, while a horde of my other teammates started stampeding down the hallway to get the Athletic health instructor person(forgot the name of this profession).

Now………I am oh so very much NOT one to talk about how fast someone should be running. During my Junior year; I was really fit and really into running(I had just started watching CW’s The Flash on a regular basis), so I got REALLY good at running and building my strength in stuff in the off-season before my 1st and 2nd season. But between my 2nd and 3rd; I ended up slacking off, and essentially went back to square 1. Not fun at ALL– but not what this post is about. I merely telling you that I am not one to judge someone for how fast they move. That said; I can’t help but feel that the Athletic Health Instructor was moving a wee bit SLOW. Like; he was jogging down the hall like the situation was already taking care of bet he just needed to be sure. Like; I felt bad for mentally saying “Pick up the pace, man……”

And it’s like; these……….these ANIMALS were moving like a herd of Murder Elephants that just so happen to be running alongside Rhinos. They were trying to GET there. And then here comes this guy just joggin’ on to see what happened.

In any case; the Coach had manage to get the Tomato out, and he waas saved. But they still wanted to make sure he was okay, and it was time to go back into the Film room to wait for the buses anyway. So we left. And when I got back in that room; I just………..kind of kept walking around. I don’t even think I said or did anything besides pace back and forth when one of my teammates yelled “Why can’t you just SIT DOWN?!” I was kind of taken aback by this because it was like………weird? That’s just what I do before we get on the bus; just walk around watching everyone do there things- pace back and forth thinking about some anime topic- general stuff like that for the last 2 years. So I was like “What was different?”

I joked around about something or other, and someone else jumped in to tell me to like “Calm down,” to which I thought that was weird also. The guy who told me to sit down was relatively new, so I guess he wasn’t used to me. But this guy has known me since I got here- he knows my ways. So I’m over here like “What the H#ll?” So I again jokingly say that I’m trying to cope in my own way, but they throw some old bs like “You have to understand this and that-” just in general trying to preach at me that this isn’t the time for me to acting like a wacky @$$. And that made me kind of upset.

Now………..I wasn’t coping. If I’m to be perfectly honest; I wasn’t even all that invested in the event while it was happening. I was like initially shocked, but I honestly can’t say that I was looking with this face of like “fear.” It was more like; I was shocked- and then I was like “That looks bad.” Those were my thoughts in that moment. And then I was just thinking about how a hole herd of people started stampeding down the hallway(I even saw 1 guy having to like bounce off the wall to keep up), and I kind of giggled at the site. Then he was okay, so I just went about life as per usual. I was like “He’s fine now, so we can just…….do whatever it is we do, right?” I know that they needed some time to process what just happened, so I just tried to not talk to anyone. Just mindin’ my own business.

I heard one kid say “I thought I lost a homie.” My thought was not “I feel you, bro;” it was “…………” Now; I had already seen my brother choke on a Skittle at this point, so I already had experience with someone close to me choking. Not to mention that this wasn’t the first time someone I knew from school almost dying. In 5th grade; I knew a girl who had a hole in her heart. She went to get it fixed in surgery, but it looked like it was going to make it. So my teachers had us all join hands and say a prayer. I remember just looking around and seeing people crying, and some actually laughing. Didn’t judge em at all- I honestly felt………….I don’t know. I didn’t particularly feel one way or the other about this girl. I was hoping she’d LIVE of course, but…….You know; also little reaction.

Even when my brother was choking; I didn’t really feel much of anything. I don’t think I panicked; don’t think I got worried or anything. So the only question I have is again: Is there something wrong with me? Am I the one in the wrong in those situations- for not feeling much of anything towards the situation? For going back to normal after watching someone who’s supposed to be like my brother cough up blood? I’m legitimately curious. I don’t feel any kind of bad about this situation- I don’t think I would have reacted any differently in the situation now. Maybe I could have just gotten on my phone and done nothing, or…….maybe I could have asked people what they were feeling(though that may have p!ssed this guy off more), or………..H#ll if I know.

I want to hear your thoughts and how you would react to this situation if you were me. Would you panic? Or would you just go back to acting the way you always had like I did? Let me know in the comments! I have 1 other story involving the guy that told me to sit down, and a 2 part story in 4th and 5th grade. I might be telling those stories in the near future, so look forward to it. Until next we meet- Stay safe; stay healthy; and stay beautiful. Later……..

Yuji Is A Human-Cursed Spirit Hybrid- Jujutsu Kaisen THEORY(MANGA SPOILERS UP AHEAD. PROCEED AS YOU WISH.)

Hello again, all you wonderful people out there in internet land!! Man; I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’ve just had this “wave of ideas” coming to me. This is one of those ideas: Yuji Itadori- the main character of Gege Akutami’s “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga, published by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine- is the offspring of a human and a Cursed Spirit. “What would lead you to this conclusion?” you might be asking me. Well; there are several clues in the story that support the idea of Yuji being a Human/Cursed Spirit. And if this is the case; it may well explain is incredible physical ability and the “Memory” bit. You know the bit I’m talking about. I don’t know if anyone else came up with this theory; it’s just something I got to thinking about recently. But, without further ado- Let’s Begin.

1 Body2 Minds

You guys know how I like to do things when it comes to Theory Posts: I like to present the theory, and then tell you the evidence to support the idea. Sometimes that’s not always the case when I go off on tangents and come up with other theories, but that’s not always the case. The theory here is that Yuji’s mother is another “skin suit” for the Curse user “Kenjaku-” who originally tried to make hybrid offsprings of Human and Cursed spirits long ago to try and “evolve humanity.” But Yuji’s grandfather “Wasuke-” being a former Jujutsu Sorcerer- could see through Kenjaku’s ruse while Jin- Yuji’s father- could not for one reason or another………..or so it would have seemed…………. Which I’ll discuss more in a minute.

Let’s begin with Yuji’s flashback in chapter 143– when we first meet Yuji’s parents: Wasuke warns Jin to leave “that woman(Yuji’s mom)-” or he’ll die. Jin doesn’t want to hear any of it- suggesting that they’ve had this exact conversation a few times- and doesn’t want Yuji to hear any of it. After all: “Baby’s remember more than we think they do.” Keep in mind the “memory” bit for later. But we also get a few pieces of information about Jin in the interim- such as his attempt to have a child with a woman named “Kaori.” But at some point and for some reason- that woman died. And he moved on to the woman that would be Yuji’s mother- against the wishes of Wasuke. This woman came in, asking what they were talking about. And when we see her; we see that she has a scar mark across her head- the same as Suguru Geto when we first meet him in the series.

daily getou on Twitter: "Getou on Jujutsu Kaisen 3rd PV!… "

We see that she has a scar across her head like Geto, who(SPOILER ALERT) is revealed to have died and is currently a “skin suit” for the man himself: Kenjaku(or “Noritoshi Kamo,” but there’s already a character by that name in the story, so let’s go with “Kenjaku” for now)- who was revealed in chapter 134 to be using Suguru Geto’s corpse to further his ambitions. He’s turned himself into a a brain, and put himself into other peoples bodies. He did this to implant himself into the body of the Noritoshi Kamo of the Meji period where he originates from, and then into Geto in 2017. Who’s to say he didn’t switch bodies at some point before then? He would kind of have to in between the last 1000 years- a Human body couldn’t last the long. At least; in his case.

But the fact that he’s kind of become a “brain inhabiting a skin suit” means that the “ascension” that he’s looking for is on its way. As we learn about Master Tengen in chapter 145(or possibly sometime earlier- I’m not as versed in where information appears in this series compared to others I talk about); he has to “change bodies-” planting himself in a compatible star plasma vessel once his body reaches a certain age. And he is a Human-Cursed Spirit Hybrid. My thinking is that Kenjaku- being the one responsible for these hybrids- would have this ability as well. He’ll change over his body to a compatible vessel to continue to try and make more of these hybrids. And he saw the perfect opportunity in the Itadori family- a family predisposed to Cursed Energy.

A Memory of What Never Happened…..

Other evidence being a weird occurrence around Yuji- something we see in Aoi Todo in season 1, and again with Choso in chapter 106: The seeming Memory Fabrication thing he does when he’s up against a dangerous opponent. Looking at Choso in specific; he was about to kill Yuji. But before he could do the deed; something happened that resulted in him gaining a memory of Eso, Kechizu, and Yuji sitting around a dinner table together. That sh!t ain’t NEVER happened. But something made him think that.

The other point is in season 1 in which Aoi Todo ended up with a fabricated memory of he and Yuji as classmates- even confessing to the idol Taka-chan. None of that happen- Yuji had only met him that day. But what does all of this have to do with him being a Human-Cursed Spirit hybrid? Well; I’m thinking that that might be his own Innate cursed Technique. He had to learn “Divergent Fist(I think he actually made that technique up)-” but a cursed spirit with such sapience would likely have their own technique. Jogo has “Disaster Flames;” Mahito and his “Idle Transfiguration;” Hanami has his “Disaster Plants;” this could be Yuji’s. But why is his technique “Memory Manipulation?”

We see from Choso, Eso, and Kechizu that they all have some form of Blood manipulation technique(Choso can manipulate it; Kechizu ‘s poisons and decomposes; and Eso has both), and their father is Kenjaku. If we’re going by the idea of Yuji also being Kenjaku’s child, then wouldn’t he have a similar innate technique to them? I don’t think so, and I’ll explain why.

Blood Manipulation: “Convergence”

Let me explain how “Innate Cursed Techniques” work(and by that; I of course mean “copy them from the Wiki”):

They are intrinsic supernatural powers congenitally engraved into a sorcerer when they are born. They generally manifest around the age of 5 or 6, and are completely unique to the respective user. These techniques cannot be copied in most cases because they require innate talent to possess. For those who possess an innate technique, it is considered to be 80% of their skillset.

Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki

From this description; we gather that your lineage does not directly determine your innate technique. Another example would be Maki and Mai- Maki has the “Heavenly Restriction” placed on her, whilst Mai has “Construction.” But if that’s not enough evidence for you- I can also point out how Choso and the others were created vs how Yuji was born.

2 Humans- 1 Curse

We learn during Choso’s inner monologue in chapter 134(it may have been revealed earlier than that, but I’m on a role and I found this chapter easier. Plus; I’m on a role at the time of me writing this and I don’t want to stop just to look for it so THERE!!) that he was born when Kenjaku had a Human woman impregnated by a Cursed spirit, and Kenjaku mixing his blood into the fetus- then causing her to have multiple miscarriages, creating Choso, Eso, and Kechizu. But Yuji seemed to have actually been………”born.”

But Choso was made back when Kenjaku was still using his original body. Since he’s been moving from one body to another for hundreds of years; he’s likely become more Curse than human. If he is in fact Yuji’s mother, then he wouldn’t need to mix in his own blood into a hybrid baby- his DNA would just be a part of Yuji. And since he’s more of a Cursed Spirit now(or it would probably be more accurate to say that he’s more like Sukuna in that he’s no longer human but not quitea curse); that means that Yuji would be his biological offspring and a Human-Cursed Spirit.

………………Wasn’t I trying to explain the Innate Technique Connection? Let’s get back to that for a minute: Kenjaku and Sukuna are fairly similar characters. Both were once Humans who furthered their Cursed Energy to the point where they essentially became powerful curses. Both are hundreds of years old(though Sukuna might be older as he’s over a thousand). And both have plans that will affect the World somehow(Kenjaku wants everyone to be a Human-Cursed Spirit hybrid, and Sukuna seems to want to destroy and rule over everything). Okay- just the “Human Became Cursed Spirit” thing. I might have been reaching with those last 2 points.

In any case; I’m getting at the idea that Kenjaku may also have the ability to steal Cursed techniques- just like Sukuna. In fact; he may have gotten the idea to do that from Sukuna since the King Of Curses is older than him. And yes; there is some evidence in the story that Sukuna can use the Cursed Techniques of others. Though it is unclear how right now. But as for Kenjaku; he may be able to steal the Cursed techniques of others by stealing their bodies. Perhaps Yuji’s mother had an innate cursed technique when her body was stolen, or he could have picked it up along the way to that point, and ended up passing that onto Yuji. Or again; it could be that Yuji’s Innate technique just manifested differently from Choso. It could just be something as simple as that.

I think one more piece of evidence that I neglected to mention earlier was Yuji’s immense strength and why he only recently got his Innate technique. I only realized I hadn’t talked about these points after skimming through my post to make sure I brought up every point. Starting with Yuji’s own strength; we know that Yuji is incredibly strong- even before accessing his Cursed energy. That would mean that his body was already physically capable of moving at the speeds he displays against Choso- who displayed that he can also break a wall like Yuji did. Already a comparable feat. But there’s also the fact that his strength is completely natural to him- while someone like Maki has “Heavenly Restrictions” placed on her.

But then there’s also why his innate technique awakened so late in life. I’m not entirely sure why. It could have to do with him being a Human-Curse hybrid- they may only awaken their innate techniques when they tap into Cursed Energy. it may also have something to do with Kenjaku actually messing around with Yuji’s physiology and cursed energy a little bit- likely trying to “implant” this innate technique. Huh; that might be a better idea than him “inheriting” it. Maybe he even put the condition on it that he couldn’t use it until he was able to access Cursed Energy.

Divergent Fist

We also learned in chapter 135 that Choso can sense his brother’s “deaths,” and he was able to sense Yuji’s– which was probably a better piece of evidence than anything I could have brought up, but I also kind of forgot about it. This post kind of falls apart in places. But I do believe that I have presented enough evidence in the story to support the idea that Yuji is the offspring of a Human and a Cursed Spirit. But what do you guys think? Let me know your own thoughts down in the comments. That’s all I gots for y’all today. Until the next post- Have a Magically fantastical day, duckies!!

The REAL “Monsters.” 4 Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 35 BREAKDOWN(SPOILERS For The 7 Deadly Sins Manga)

Good morning, all you wonderful people! Well; I’m assuming it’s morning when you’re reading this. If not; Good………whatever time I put this out. I know last week I didn’t use the number “4” in the title, but I figured I’d go a little interchangeable with the title of the series. Sometimes I’ll spell it out- sometimes I’ll use the number. When- no clue. But you know what we’re here to do, so let’s get right on into it! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse: “A Sinister Endeavor.”

Percival and Dolchomonte


When we last left off- Anne had destroyed the totem in the center of the village that helped the Demons disguise themselves as Humans. The Holy Knight “Ardd” had convinced her that her friends were in grave danger so that he could get into the village and get rid of the Demons. But more on that later- for now; we see Anne freaking out at the sight of the Red and Ash Demons. She and Sylvan begin to run, screaming for the others to come out. She gets her wish(all except for Sin), them being carried around by a Red Demon.

“My Pudgey Demon Friend”

She begins to freak out and slash at the Demon, but Percival assures her he is their friend. As the other Demons begin to rebuild the totem; Donnie and Nasiens try comfort Anne. She asks them how Percival is able to speak to them, but just as Percival doesn’t know- neither do they.

Seeing as the Demons seem to be harmless; Anne questions the point of this “Rescue Mission.” She thinks that all it did was make them look human, but the Elder comes by- the only real human(…..I think….) in this village- explains that it also served to “keep the ‘enemy’ out.” Nasiens thinks that he’s referring to them, but he’s not– he means the “humans who despise the Villagers.” Before he can speak further- Ardd shows up. Or; I should say The Holy Knight Ardbeg. And he claims that he will “exterminate the Demon clan all at once.”

Anne, Donny, and Nasiens are all surprised to find out that these are the same Demon clan that almost brought an end to Britannia 16 years ago. Dolchomonte already told Percival about this. The Elder informs him that these members wanted no part of the conflict, and fled from the Demon clan. But that does not concern Ardbeg- the mere fact that they’re Demons is enough for him to want to dispose of them. After all the countless deaths the clan caused in general.

The “Amber Of The Four Arch Angels”

Ardbeg then pulls out a strange chunk of crystal- known as the “Amber Of The Four Arch Angels.” It’s a tool that can seal a vast quantity of Demon clan members. He utters the phrase “Lothcobaskh Melcit Metehtoma,” and- in a blinding flash of light- all of the demons are sucked into the Amber. Dolchomonte had ended up dropping Percival at Ardbeg’s feet. Seeing his hair; Ardbeg realizes that he is one of the prophesized “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.” Not only that, but he’s also carrying the Dragon Relief from the Coffin of Eternal Darkness!! All of this piling onto the fact that he refers to a Demon as his “Friend” becomes the last straw- and he attacks.

Anne and Nasiens plead with Ardd to let Percival go, but he tells them to go away because this conflict does not concern them. They then reveal that Percival protected them from Ironside back in Sistana, which greatly surprises Ardbeg. But he rejects the very thought by knocking Percival away. He then calls down the dog that was with him- now much bigger and monstrous. He commands “Cernunnos” to devour Percival- as Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 35 comes to an END!!! This is going to be interesting……..


……………There isn’t that much to speculate on, if I’m being honest. Other than what this village is and Ardbeg……..The Arch Angel Amber? I mean; it’s just an upgraded version of the Goddess Amber we saw in “Seven Deadly Sins,” but I can’t exactly speculate on that. Maybe they created it at some point in the last 16 year? That’s, uh……….that’s it.

So; this village was made as sort of a “refuge” for the Demon’s who didn’t want to fight in the Holy War. I still think that my theory from last week was correct- that Meliodas is allowing them to stay in Britannia under Liones. But this takes on a different context. He seems to realize that these Demons aren’t bad guys, so he’s letting them take refuge from the other members of their race. And still; that doesn’t sit well with Arthur- fall out with Liones- current day.

Yeah- No.

I guess 1 other point is the Village Elder. He’s not human- he’s a Demon just like Meliodas and Zeldris. He’s one of those “Human looking” types. The only difference is that he doesn’t put away the miasma encompassing his body. I don’t think we’re gonna get a scene like at the end of the Vaizel Festival arc from season 1, but we may see him come out and defeat Ardbeg. If, in fact, he needs to. Because something that happened in this chapter is making me think that Ardbeg might not be all bad himself.

Because when he heard what Ironside did in Sistana; he was shocked and taken aback by it. Or instead of trying to kill the whole group; he told Nasiens and Anne to run. Clearly; he’s different from the other Camelot Holy Knights they’ve faced. Now; I’m saying he’s gonna join the main cast. Honestly; he might not even survive this arc- one of the others may end up killing him for something like “being weak” or treason against Camelot. I do think that they’ll appeal to his humanity and sway him to let the Demons go.


………..That’s……….That’s all. That is all the speculation this chapter provided me with. I don’t think that the chapter is bad by any means- it was just a chapter to set up the big battle for this arc. Man, are we really 35 chapters into this series already? Huh…….Cool. I love this franchise, and I can’t wait to see Percival come face to face with Arthur. Who knows…… may happen here. But that’s just me being optimistic. Let me know you’re own thoughts in the comments. That’s all I gots for the lotta ya today, boys and girls. Til the next post; live long and prosper!!