Manga Chapter Review Dump Post 8: “The Next Level”

Hey there, my lovely readers! It’s time again to talk about new chapters! The posts that I’m working on are going good; some of them might be ready to go out by the time this little break of mine ends, while others are going to continue to take a minute to work on. Sorry about that. This is the second to last “Dump Post” and I haven’t finished a lot of them yet. I’ll keep trying with all of my might!

This week’s chapters seem to be of the theme of “The Next Level-” the characters fighting are showing us what they can do and how far they’ve come. From Luffy realizing what he has to do to fight Kaido now to Asta showing Lilith and Naamah what Anti Magic can do. And every last chapter is nothing but a BANGER this week(Bangers all across the godd@mn Board). And we start with our KingOne Piece!!!

One Piece Chapter 1010: “Color Of The Supreme King

Last Time, On “One Piece:”

This week’s cover page is requested by User name “Matsu,” and it depicts Pudding and a few Homies(her 2 personal homies, a cake, and a tree) using eye drops. If you ever wondered how Pudding used Eye drops; she puts the first drop in the middle eye. I guess this is funny.

When we last left off; the Supernova’s had manage to separate Big Mom from her homies, and push her off of the Skull Dome towards the sea below(as we see this chapter(that is what was waiting for her at the bottom). She calls for Zeus to save her, but he’s trapped in Kid’s metal box. Prometheus tries to go and rescue Big Mom, but Zoro continues to hack him up. But the pain from taking the brunt of that last attack starts catching up with him. And in that moment; Kaido closes in to attack him. But a timely intervention from Law saves him from Kaido’s fury- while also letting Prometheus and Napoleon get away. Oh well; at least he saved Zoro.

Lw takes this chance to attack Kaido with “Injection Shot.” It makes Kaido hack up some blood, but it ultimately doesn’t do much to slow down the King of Beasts. Seeing as Kaido’s getting annoyed with him; Law uses “Anti Bacterial Curtain” to soften the blow. In the rubble; Zoro chastises Law for letting Prometheus getting away, to which Law says “The plan might as well be a Failure if anyone dies.” But they can’t deal with both Yonko- especially not right now. So Kid and Killer opt to intersect and stop Big Mom when she comes back up- Kid dragging all the metal he had collected up til now with him.

You Little………..

We cut down below to the sea of Wano- where Big Mom has been rescued by Prometheus. She praises her Sun Homie and berates the cloud for getting caught like that. Prometheus joins in on the sh!t talking of his brother, and takes the opportunity to ask a favor of his Mother. While up above; Kid and Killer are waiting for Big Mom to come back up when they notice that the clouds above them are stirring something fierce……..

Back at the main battle field; Kaido begins to laugh at the unconscious Luffy, who’s glaring at him just like he was after Kaido beat him into the dirt the first time. To make sure that the glaring stops; he plans to either gouge out his eyes, cave in his skull, or even simply crush his heart. But Zoro isn’t willing to let that happen. He tells Law that he has 1 attack left in him, and if he ends up dying because of it- it’s all on Law. using Haki on all 3 of his blades; Zoro displays to us a classic: “Demon Aura 9 Sword Style: Asura Blades Drawn- DEAD MAN’S GA~~~~~~~~~ME!!!!!!The name is said to be a reference to an Edo Period work called “Hell Hakkei: Dead Play.” “Hakkei” can mean “Explosive Power,” but is often pronounced “Bakkei” or “Bare Blade.” Neat little piece of trivia.

F*ckin’ A Right, Sword Boy.

The attack hit’s Kaido dead on(I almost feel like putting and emphasis on that “Dead”), and ends up leaving a scar on his skin. In much the same way Oden did all those years ago. Looking at the scar; Kaido asks Zoro a very INTERESTING question: “It can’t be………You Have Conqueror’s Haki, too?!” 1)Kaido has Conqueror’s CONFIRMED if that was ever a question in any one’s mind. 2)ZAH? Does this mean that……..? I mean; Zoro says he has “no idea what Kaido’s talking about,” but it’s like……it’s like: People want Zoro to have Conqueror’s because Rayleigh had Conqueror’s and he was Roger’s right hand man. I guess this scene is implying that he has the potential for it, but we’ll have to wait for the rest of the story to see where this goes.

In any case; Zoro explains that this was simply him “putting everything he had into that assault to knock Kaido down.” But it only left a scar, which Kaido says “should be more than enough for him to be satisfied.” He’s about to take out the downed Zoro when Law gets in the way, but a quick “Thunder Bagua” gets Law down and out. All seems lost, as Kaido laments that he would have liked for them to submit and join him. But then you see STRAW HAT MONKEY D LUFFY standing up once again. And he refuses to submit- to Kaido or to anyone. The boy stands up, and say “‘Join you?’ Like any of us would ever team up with the likes of you, idiot. We love the Samurai.”

The Monkey Says: “I’m Gonna Knock You FLAT.

As he vows to send Kaido flying by the end of this; he thinks back to what Hyou said to him about Ryuo: “Coating yourself in Haki should allow you to devastate your opponent from the inside. Stop forcing it- let the Haki flow into your fist.” Thinking back on it; Luffy realizes that all of his attacks thus far “still aren’t ‘it.'” He begins to put it all together and he realizes: Kaido’s infusing Conqueror’s Haki into his Kanabo and himself- making him indestructable. Kaido confirms as much– saying that only a “Handful of the Strongest” have been able to do this. But isn’t willing to give Luffy the time to hone this power in the midst of this battle.

Using the abilities that he already has at his disposal; Luffy dodges and blocks all of Kaido’s attacks. And even gets in a few hits of his own– one’s that do some damage. He takes the fight to Kaido without even touching the Dragon b@stard. And seeing as he’s making more headway than they had before; Luffy tells Law and Zoro to make their way down below- he’s about to knock Kaido’s head into the dirt. And THAT, boys and girls- Is How You Make A BATTLE Chapter. AlsoOne Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. I’m glad things are getting back to normal.

So people with Conqueror’s Haki are able to coat themselves with it? So someone else with Conqueror’s is able to damage another. Is Oda teasing us with the Conqueror’s reveal for Zoro?- AGAIN? We’ll see as the story continues in another week or so.

My Hero Academia Chapter 308: “Full Power!!

This week sees the return of Kohei Horikoshi and his last ditch success story, “My Hero Academia!!” After a week away for health reasons; he’s returned to us and given us a real treat: Deku vs Muscular Round 2!!! Hearing the voice of the kid who beat him and got him sent to prison in the first place; Muscular is all but Elated at the prospect of fighting him again. Izuku remains silent, however.

Izuku Does Not Feel The Same Way.

Izuku looks down at Muscular- smoke coming off of him like smoke bomb– as Muscular’s joy gets the better of him and he leaps at Izuku and ending up smashing apart the building the boy wonder was standing on. Unfortunately; it was right next to the building where those civilians were held up. Tatami rushes out of the building to Shindo’s side. Izuku brings him to her, and tells her to give him immediate care. He also promises to keep the collateral damage as low as possible from now on. Because of the smoke; she can’t see him, but she at least recognizes his voice.

Izuku speeds off- creating more smoke. That’s right, ladies and gents; Izuku has unlocked the 6th users Quirk: “Smoke Screen” He creates smoke from his body. So he uses that to blind Muscular’s line of sight while he thinks of a plan. But En-User #6- comes into his mind and tells him not to get too used to this power- to not let “One For All dictate his actions,” but keep it under control and use it sparingly. Izuku listens to En, and begins to use float to ascend above the smoke screen he created, and uses “Danger Sense” to avoid Muscular’s flurry of crazed attacks.

Dance Of The Demented

Izuku manages to wrap Muscular up in Black Whips, and throws him down into a nearby river. With the hedonistic killer momentarily restrained; the Crybaby hero takes this chance to ask Muscular where All For One and Tomura are hiding. His response: “Don’t know– they just told me to ‘go wild’ and left me on my own!!” He takes this chance to berate Midoriya for not fighting “like last time-” using all these “cheap tricks” to subdue him and avoid fighting him like they did in the Forest Training camp. He just wants to Fight. So Izuku tries out his newest technique: Talk No Jutsu.

He asks “Goto Imasuji” why he goes on rampages like this. Goto responds that he wants to “live life without any regrets,” which include “Not being able to fight Midoriya again.” He breaks free, and tells the boy flat out to “peddle that ‘therapy cr@p’ somewhere else” and fight him. No “redemption arc” for this guy! Which is fine; not every villain introduced in the story needs to switch over to the good guy’s side. And Izuku has to learn that.

Second Verse- Same As The First.

Seeing as the talking has failed; Izuku thinks back to Kota, and begins to think about trying to understand his enemies more. He thinks that if he’s able to understand Tomura better, than he can “save” him from himself. He charges forward, and Muscular that this rematch is “pointless,” as his muscle tendons begin to unravel. You see; Shindo’s “Tremoring Earth” did cause Muscular some damage- it just took a while to kick in. And when it did; it caused his tendons to “pull,” and his muscles began to retract back into his body. Which is why he didn’t jump straight at Deku earlier; he couldn’t– and he felt that. But he wanted to fight anyway because it’s Midoriya, so………THIS Happened.

This chapter served to show how much Izuku has grown- from a quirkless loser to someone who has a whole 7 quirks, as well as showing how strong he is with them in his arsenal. I had the feeling En’s quirk was smoke related(“En” translates literally to “Smoke” in English), but I didn’t know what it was. I’m curious to see what else this “Smoke Screen” can do. Maybe a high pressure shot of smoke from his hands or something? That’d be cool to see! And I mean; Horikoshi incorporated it for a reason. Maybe he has a plan for it beyond just making Izuku look “Kick @$$.”

Black Clover Chapter 289: “Freezing Sun

The Guardian STRIKES!!

In this week’s chapter of “Black Clover;” the fight against the Supreme Ranked Devil’s Lilith and Naamah goes to another level! After using “Casualty Break” from the Demon Destroyer Sword to force the twins back into their physical forms; Asta takes the Demon Slayer sword and cleaves Naamah in 2. Lilith gets in the middle of the attack and freezes Naamah in place- saving her somewhat.

I say “somewhat” because she didn’t do this to save her brother- She wants a Fusion. And she seems to be happy that he got Naamah first. So she begins the merging process to become one, creating a monster like they’d never seen before- and much stronger than Nacht had ever imagined. As he states that it’s not “1 + 1-” no; this thing is SO RIDUCULOUSLY STRONGER than the sum of its parts. And the power is driving Nacht crazy. Fortunately; Asta doesn’t have the ability to sense magic, so he doesn’t have any idea how strong this Devil is. Just that it is.


“Laamith” we’ll call this thing, puts its power on full display by creating twin pillars of Fire and Ice that fall towards Asta. He hacks them apart and starts flying at Laamith. But the Fusion Devil ascends to the sky(giving us an overhead shot of the Spade Kingdom that let’s us know how much the Tree of Qliphoth has grown), and creates the name sake of the chapter: A Freezing Sun. One high enough in the sky that it doesn’t interfere with the growth of the tree- and large enough that Asta can’t dodge it.

Asta takes to the sky(How much time does he have left?), and makes the Demon Slayer sword larger than it was in chapter 230– and SLAPS that sh!t right back at them. Seeing it brings back a certain memory of a certain someone- who’s back to show us what he’s learned from a fellow common- Magna and Zora show up; I don’t know why the h#ll I’m dancing around the topic when I’m just gonna show you the image.

Right Back At Cha.

Seeing how much the tree has grown; I’m worried. Another stronger Devil could pop out at any given moment, and Asta only has another 2 minutes to literal seconds left in his Devil Union mode. I don’t even know if he’s gonna be able to completely deflect this attack properly. Hopefully whatever Zora and Magna learned doesn’t need power to make it work!

Edens Zero Chapter 139: “White Flash

After a 2fer to celebrate the release of the anime; we return to our regular singular chapter. Yeah; not even a break between double chapters. Hiro Mashima puttin’ in that WORK, I’ll tell you what!! This week; we see the beginnings of the “Aoi War” to decide the fate of all machines in the Aoi Cosmos- as well as its future as a whole. And I get the feeling that 2 SPECIAL guests will be a little “Tardy To The Party.” But they’ll be there- just you wait. Man; this is Foresta all over again, isn’t it? GREATNESS.

just a little “Flow Chart” to let you know where all the players are

Picking up where last chapter left off; we see the opening of the battle on Planet Nero 66- where the All Link System is located. It’s the Nero Empire’s fleet of 3,200 against Oracion Seis Interstelar Eraser’s fleet of 250. I’m not digging on those numbers, fam. Justice gets on call with his fellow Oracion Seis, and tells him not to do anything before he and Jaguar arrive. But that ain’t how the Interstelar “rolls,” as we learn that there isn’t a “chain of command” in Interstelar- they are all allowed to do whatever it is that they think is right(as Justice had explained to Shiki back on Foresta).

Justice reminds him that he’s going up against the Aoi Empire- The Largest Organization In The Oracion Seis Galactica. But Eraser responds that he’s not actually fighting Nero himself; just his “punk kid.” And besides: “He’s not the scariest member of Galactica that he(Eraser) knows.God; I picked THE WORST chapters to pull a Hiatus, d@mmit all. Jaguar asks what their forces look like, and Eraser responds that Shura sent out around 3000 ships, but their could be more. But in any case: He’ll “Erase” EVERY LAST ONE OF EM.

NOW You just sound like my brother!!

Down below on Nero 66; Shura and Ijuna walk into the command center. Ijuna informs her boss that the intruder is none other than “White Flash” Eraser of the Oracion Seis Interstelar. Shura calls his epithet “stupid” and enter the Command Center like he’s Darth Vader. Even pulls a similar move on a guy later on in the chapter.

All at once; the soldiers stand in attention, and the General tells Shura “All of our troops are in position.” He says that they’ll never be able to break through the planets defenses, but Shura doesn’t care and just wants the situation dealt with- taking a seat and kicking up his feet. While up in space; Eraser’s “Hot Eyes” Commando Carrier(Justice’s is the “Angel Feather” I believe), where Mr “White Flash” gives the order to break past the enemies defenses. Interstellar Battle Breaks Out- causing an untold number of explosions.

Ships on both sides are destroyed one after another- but neither side wants to give in to the other. But whereas Eraser feels legitimately sorry about putting so many of his comrades in danger- Shura feels like a kid watching fireworks. The General vows to eradicate the enemy, but catches eye of Ijuna. He respectfully asks that “Prince Shura’s consort” leave the control room. Shura says that Ijuna is his secretary so it’s fine, but the General recalls that they used to be a “thing.” But Shura doesn’t want to talk about whatever this is, so……….

Now annoyed and irritated; Shura orders “more fireworks-” which is the pompous @$$hole way of ordering his minions to send in the BIG Guns. Out of nowhere; a giant mechanical Krakken ship- dubbed a “Krakken-class Cruiser” and one of the Empire’s “Capital Ships-” comes along and DESTROYS a vast majority of the enemy ships in a singular shot. Having lost so many soldiers; Eraser decides that it’s “his turn” to take on Shura.

He exits the ship- sitting atop his Commando Carrier in the void of SPACE, and activates his Ether Gear. And in a similar fashion; Eraser wipes out a vast number of enemy ships- including the Krakken Class Cruiser- instantaneously. And he doesn’t stop at just one shot- he fires continuous blasts that rip through every ship in his path. And with all of them out of the way; he and the rest of his fleet are ready to charge at Shura Full Force.

“White Flash”

While Eraser and his men are preparing to charge into Nero 66; we see the Edens Zero and the Oasis Battleship have left Sandra, and hear word of Shura’s battle against Eraser. Goodwin thinks that this is the optimal time- their Best Chance– at getting to and destroying the All Link system. And with their alliance now cemented; both ships head off to Nero 66 for the Battle Of A Lifetime.

I like how Mashima is getting from point A to Point B- Foresta made most of these characters aware of one another, and set up these future conflicts. And while I think we could have done with a little more relic finding, but I’m liking how fast this War arc is coming up. It’s like a larger scale Foresta except lacking Elsie……for the moment. I definitely expect to see Elsie and Ziggy show up later on in the battle- Elsie to assist Shiki and stop Shura(as well as keep the Union Army off of the Edens Zero’s back). And Ziggy’s most certainly coming for the All Link. Though he may just let Shiki and Shura exhaust themselves first. Or……. He COULD Try To Take Out Nero While This Battle Is Going On. Just a thought.

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 12: “It’s Showtime!!

Sorry to debut a new series on a “Dump Post,” but if I don’t talk about it now, then the “Catch Up” post I’m working on will only get longer. That post will cover the first 11 chapters of the series, so look forward to it. And, without further ado- Nakaba Suzuki’s sequel to the wildly popular “Seven Deadly Sins: Nanatsu No Taizai:” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse!!! And what a doozy of a chapter to drop in on.

And a Colored Cover, to boot!!

Picking up from last week’s chapter(will be discussed later); Talisker the Amber Knight has decent upon the Echo Gorge along with the Gorge’s former Physician Ordo- now a giant 2 faced monster. Percival- enraged that such a fate befell someone else’s grandfather after having lost his own a few days ago- activates his “Hero Type” magic and begins to overflow. Like last time; smaller, cuter Percival’s begin to swirl up and around his aura, and even starts to float. Much to the surprise of Nasien’s- Ordo’s adoptive grandson- who had just done several experiments on Percival a while ago.

Everyone stands in amazement at Percival’s overflowing magical power, and Sin the Fox can’t wrap his head around this magical power. But Talisker doesn’t seem to think too much about it, and attacks by raining down magic blasts on them. But Percival’s aura just Eats it. Like; a “Chibi Percival” head forms and heats the blasts, then spits them out like Watermelon seeds. The aura succeeds in knocking Talisker off his feet, and make him role backwards.

Powered Up Percival

Percival- without a care in the world- walks on up to Talisker and points at him(It’s impolite to point at someone), and tells him flat out: “FIRST I’ll land a blow so you’ll reveal everything, and I’ll beat so you’ll turn Nasien’s grandpa back to normal!!” Talisker refuses to let a “brat” talk back to him like this, so he swings at Percival with his axe. But the boy’s aura CATCHES IT before it even reaches his skin.

Enraged; Talisker leaps up and starts bringing his axe down on Percival with unrelenting force. But it doesn’t even reach Percival through his magic. And when Talisker taunts that Percival can’t attack without weaponry; the boy makes a Giant Hand to SLAM Talisker into the dirt!! It feels like the force of Gravity Itself is pressing down on him, as Percival claims victory and demands an explanation.

Talisker- defeated- explains that Ordo was a Sinner guilty of healing other races that aren’t human. He says that King Arthur wants “a land where Humans live in peace,” and these other races are apparently getting in the way of that somehow. He had originally just given Ordo a warning- for taking in a Giant child- but Ordo refused to listen to him or anyone else. So this is “punishment” for not obeying King Arthur- he’s become a monster that spreads poison and rots away Echo Gorge.

Talisker gets out, and Percival scolds him for his actions done for “such a silly reason.” Talisker doesn’t see it as such, so he summons his Magical power: “Calamity-” the ability to control the weather. He starts changing the weather to create a storm cloud to strike Percival with lighting. “Riot Piercer” hits the boy dead on. But what he did not expect is for Percival’s magic to absorb the lighting and super charge himself. Hearing Talisker’s mockery of Ordo; Percival’s fury overflows and he rushes at Talisker with all his might.

It is here where Talisker realizes who exactly he’s up against: One Of The “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.”

Thinking about how young and inexperienced the boy is; Talisker thinks that this is his best chance at wiping out the “threat” before it can even come to pass. So he pools his magic into making a Roc Bird- shaped blast. But because it was a Roc Bird; Percival knew ex-ACTLY what to make with his magic: His grandap’s cutting knife. You’ll have to read chapter 1 to find out more. He chopped up the bird and even ended up cutting up the Gorge in the process. In the soon-to-be Immortal Words Of Talisker: “And There Are 4 Of These MONSTERS?!?!?!!”

This chapter built off of chapter 5(I believe), when Percival first activated his magic. This one showed us what he can do with it: Magical Constructs. It seems to be all predicated on his mind. Which is something you could pick up on when he fought that other Holy Knight. Wicked sick, my guy- WICKED Sick.


And there you have it, my lovely’s: Every new chapter(that we’ll be talking about) this week!! Which one is your favorite? And are you excited to begin talking about a new series again? I’ve been wanting to talk about Four Knights Of The Apocalypse for a while now- I just love the 7 Deadly Sins franchise! But for whatever reason- I decided against it until it got too late in. So you may be a little lost going forward until that post I’m working on comes out. Even so; I’m SUPER HYPED to talk about this series!!

And what do you think will happen next in each respective story? Let me know in the comments, and until the Final “Dump Post;” I’ll catch you all later!

Manga Chapter Review Dump Post 7: Combat Collision Course

Good morning, all you individuals out there in internet land! This is 2 of 4 “Dump Posts” to come over the course of the next few weeks. This week’s chapter’s seem to be the very “Combat Centric,” so I made the tagline what it is. I’m dragging this out because I feel like the opening paragraph should be a certain length. But that’s not something I should do- particularly with this kind of post. And with the kind of time I’m on right now. That part doesn’t matter for you some odd days later. Let’s just get into it.

One Piece Chapter 1009: “Naraku

The King Always Takes The Cover!

After taking the cover of Weekly Shonen Jump once again; we open the chapter with a colored cover depicting all of the Straw Hat’s playing with Tama and Komachiyo out in the snow. Tama steals Luffy’s hat to put on one of the Jizo statues. Nice little cover.

We open the chapter on a beat from last week’s chapter: Orochi setting the Castle on fire. The Beast Pirates are trying to put out the fires as best as they can, while Orochi and Fukurokuju meet up with some unwanted company: The Red Scabbards. The cowardly Orochi begins to tremble until his most loyal Oniwabanshu Ninja reminds him that the Scabbards are unaware that he’s “already died once.” He wants Orochi to go back the other way, but orochi doesn’t want to deal with the angry Beast Pirates either. And seeing as Kaido’s already ruffed em up a bit; he thinks that he’s enough to take him. As much as they would LOVE to make him suffer for everything he’s done– to subject him to the fury of Wano over the last 20 years, crushing him under the weight of his sins; They don’t have the time to waste on him. Leading them to lop off every last head he has in a very quick, visually pleasing yet underwhelming storywise motion. A common trend with Orochi it seems.

With Orochi hopefully dead this time; the Scabbards march off to “fry some bigger fish.” However; Fukurokuju is not at all happy that his Lord was murdered so casually. Knowing this; Raizo opts to stay behind and face his old rival. Remember that? How that was a thing?

He Doesn’t Even Deserve A Public Execution…………..

We cut over to the top of the Skull Dome- where the Yonko are putting the Worst Generation through their paces. Big Mom suggests that they wipe them all out with a joint attack, as Kid asks Law to send one of them away. He says that he’s been trying to, but their “Haki’s” been blocking his “Shambles.” So they’ll just have to separate them “The Old Fashioned Way.” If they survive this next attack, that is. Both of them swing back their weapons, and send a wave of Haki forward. Ladies and Gentlemen:Conquest Of The Sea.” And it’s coming for em full force.

Killer knows they won’t be able to dodge this one, so Zoro takes a stand and blocks the attack. The Haki eventually detonates, and knocks a lot of the mountain off. But not the Supernova’s. Kaido can stills sense their “voices,” and we see them trying to recover from the blast in the rubble where they can’t be seen. Zoro, mostly– he ended up taking the brunt of that attack. But then they notice that Luffy is missing. We see our dear little Rubber boy leaping forward, trying to hit Kaido with a “Red Hawk.” However; Kaido dodges the attack, prompting Luffy to taunt “Are dodging because it would hurt?!” Sick burn!!

Luffy vs Kaido

With Luffy over head; he’s essentially a sitting duck- which Kaido takes advantage of and hits with his Kanabo. Luffy Haki’s up his arm and blocks the hit, but still stings a lot. With Luffy on the gorund; Kaido rushes at the boy, and fires off a Boro Breath blast. Luffy dodges, and Kaido flies into the air. He twirls around his Kanabo, and brings it down on Luffy. Ladies and Gentlemen; I present the “Conqueror Of the 3 Worlds: RAGNARAKU!!! Luffy takes that hit head on– leaving him seemingly out of commission for a minute.

But he bought the others enough time to prepare a tactic to get rid of Big Mom. Kid prepares a metal box- one that Law uses to trap Zeus with his “Shambles.” Killer and Zoro then take up the assault- getting rid of Prometheus and Napoleon as well. Zoro hacks up Prometheus so that he can’t put himself back together, and Killed tries to break Napoleon apart. And Kid is trying to keep Linlin from rescuing them- as he fires off “Punk Pistols.” But Big Mom is effectively an “Iron Balloon,” so no dice on that, and Kid ends up getting his face pushed into the dirt.

However- this was more or less part of Kid’s plan. With Big Mom looming over him; she’s a MASSIVE target(emphasis on “Massive”) for his “Repel” attack. Yes; an “Almighty Push.” And it sends Big Mom even higher into the sky, and makes her a sitting duck for Law to use “Takt” to throw a rock at her. It doesn’t hurt, of course– but it succeeds in getting her off the Skull Dome, and most likely Onigashima itself. And according to her; there’s “nothing but ocean below,” so as a Devil Fruit user……..She’s not gonna be okay. That said; she did wash up on the Beach of Wano, so maybe she’ll live. One things for sure: She’s outta this fight. All that’s left is to take out the Dragon himself. Holy Sh!t are they f*cked in the @$$ or what?

Oh Well; At Least They got rid of the Sea Hag!

Look– a few chapters ago; we saw Onigashima fly past Mt Fuji. As such; the island is somewhere over the mainland. And Big Mom can SO survive an impact onto the ground like that. She may be out of this fight- but she’s not done in Wano yet. Not by a long shot. As for how the Supernova’s are going to fair against Kaido……….. Either Kaido’s gonna have his hands a bit full, or he’s gonna tear these kids in half(PAUSE). Sh!t’s just gonna get crazier and crazier from here, folks.

Black Clover Chapter 288: “Exposure

Due to My Hero Academia’s sudden break this week(Horikoshi’s having some health issues right now; send out some good thoughts to him); we’re jumping right in to this week’s chapter of “Black Clover.” Continuing on from last week’s chapter; Asta has arrived in the Spade Kingdom to challenge the Qliphoth twins. Off in the distance; the Black Bulls see that Asta went on ahead of them- but they’ll be arriving shortly. So look forward to that moment in the upcoming chapters.

Black Guardian Asta vs Qliphoth Devils Lilith and Naamah

Over in the Spade Kingdom; Gilmedelo is super happy to see that Nacht is okay. As he cries out how happy he is that he’s safe; Nacht laughs at how “ridiculously late” this turn of events is, and tells Asta to go defeat the Dark Triad. Asta undoes the magic holding Nacht in place with his Demon Slayer sword, and tells him “I became stronger thanks to you- And I want you to live to witness that strength.” The image of Asta reminds Nacht of his brother Morgen- making him think that he had been waiting for “A new morning has finally come.” As in he’s finally found someone like his brother to save him from the darkness of his sins. Only for that “New Morning” to realizes he just wasted a whole minute being wicked cool.

Naamah looks down at the nub where his hand used to be, and trembles– in Excitement. In the countless centuries that they’ve been in the Underworld- they never experienced anything as “fun” as what they’ve done today, from torturing Nacht to having a significantly better plaything. While Liebe is excited at the chance to slay Supreme Ranked Devils such as these 2. And with all of them raring to go; the fight begins in earnest, with Asta charging in and slicing through their Fire and Ice joint attacks. Seeing this; they turn into their elements and disappear into the chaos they’ve created.

Anti Magic vs Fire And Ice Incarnate

The twins send more and more attacks at Asta, becoming further thrilled by how hard he’s fighting against them. But Asta busts apart all of their attacks and comes at them with all of his might. He takes out the Demon Destroyer Sword, and it evolves- like it’s own version of “Black Divider.” The hilt ends up with an open hole in it, and the blade itself becomes longer than before. The Anti Magic orbs that surround Asta appear around the Demon Destroyer, and he uses the “Casualty Break” ability to delete their magic and it’s effects- clearing the room and turning them back to normal. And with THAT- He slices Naamah in half. It’s not like that’s “it,” though.

Come on; if it were that easy to defeat a Supreme Ranked Devil- they wouldn’t be “SUPREME Ranked,” now would they? They probably have some kind of regeneration abilities- though most likely not to the extent of someone like Zagreb or Elf Fana. Still pretty cool, though. And seeing how far he can push his swords now is pretty nice; I don’t think he was able to use “Casualty Break” like that before.

Should Be The End- But probably not.

Edens Zero Chapter 137: “Empire Dice

This week; Hiro Mashima blesses us with not 1, but 2 CHAPTERS this week(probably in celebration of the anime that had the first 2 episodes leak online but I haven’t had the chance to watch because my brother SUCKS)!! So it looks like we got 4 segments after all. And the best part is that both have colored cover pages! This is the first chapter: “Empire Dice.”

The Demon King And His Shining Stars(Minus Homura For Whatever Reason)

In this chapter; our dear narrator Xiao Mei greets us, catching us up on the events of the recent chapters- about Shura’s plans to lure in Ziggy with the All Link and all. She also tells us that there are gonna be 2 chapters- which she is also happy about, and hopes that we enjoy them.

We dive into the chapter on the Market Place- which we learned last chapter was under attack by the Temple’s forces. They’ve begun to round up the droids and have them lined up to be executed. The people just look on as the machines they come to know are about to be demolished. The machine’s resist of course, prompting the Sergeant of these soldiers asks why the bots on this planet were so calm. His answers comes in the form of a bullet to his head, as the Oasis resistance comes to the bots aids. A battle breaks out- prompting the Crew Of Edens to intervene and display more of their training. Such as Shiki displaying the ability to divert bullets with his gravity, or throwing his “Gravity Fist” at the enemy.

Shiki’s Display Of Power

Weisz displays his Machina Maker’s improvements- remodeling a wall of wiring and cooling units into a blockade that sends an armed vehicle into the air. Thing is: A “kids” at the wheel. I put “kid” in quotations because he says later on that he’s not. And while it is entirely possible that he’s just acting tough; I’m uncertain so I’ll just role with it. Whatever the case maybe; Rebecca sees what seems to be a boy at the wheel so she leaps in to save him. Panty shot. She makes it out and the landing cause the car to explode.

Rather than thank her; the “boy” simply punches her in the face and runs into battle, prompting Weisz to ask why and empire is using “brats” as soldiers. We then see Homura blocking attacks with her blades and striking back at them, and we even learn that Pino got an upgrade that allows her to focus her EMP wave so that she won’t affect her allies. Neat.

As the battles begins to change in Oasis’ favor; the big boss cat himself comes in, making me realize something: His clothing is a reference to Haru Symphonia Glory from Rave Master. The sword reminded me of that- and looking at his clothes; I almost slapped myself for not realizing it sooner. He comes in on a giant Camelish and a giant sword in hand, ready to cut through the oppositions.

As Good win kicks more @$$ in another part of the market place; Laguna fills Shiki in on just what Nero has been doing: “Everyone on this planet had their freedom taken from them by the Empire.” He washes away the coming soldiers with his Tears Lover, as he says that the people of this world “will never bow down to Nero.” His explanation prompts Shiki to ask him “Did Nero take your freedom taken, too?” Laguna goes silent, and we cut over to the Temple for the final part of this chapter.

Over there; we see that Fabiano of the Oceans 6 has stayed behind while the others and Shura went to Planet Nero 66. He asks Nero why he’s letting Shura make such a mess of things, to which the Krakken man tells him flat out: “It matters not if my son’s foolish actions lead to the deaths of 10’s of millions of people, or even if it leads to the fall of the Empire- I will be victorious, so long as I possess the ‘Empire Dice.’Okay; he’s a SUPER Villain. I thought this guy was gonna be one of those “Seemingly-evil-yet-kind-hearted” ruler types. But I guess not.

Edens Zero Chapter 138: “Prelude To The Aoi War

A “War Arc” so soon in the series run? Either this series won’t be quite as long as we were hoping or we’ll be getting more big “Wars” like this in the future. But I don’t think this will be the very last thing they do in the Aoi Cosmos. They might still travel around and collect more relics from the planets here until they hit the edge of this cosmos. But no matter what; I feel as though Shura’s going to be coming after them- with a Vengeance. All this and I haven’t even talked about the chapter yet. This chapter continues on from the last, as we see the crew and Oasis continue to take it to the Imperial soldiers. I mean seriously- They’re whoopin’ that @$$.

The Empire gets such a thrashing that they eventual call in the Air Force. So Shiki “falls” to the sky and starts dismantling them 1 after another. And when they all fall to the ground; Laguna washes them away with Tears Lover. As Ibaraki puts it: “You drop em, then ya flush em down- just like a toilet.” Shiki finds it funny to, while Laguna sees it as more of an insult than anything else.

A giant air ship joins the battle- only for Goodwin to leap onto the wind shield and block the view. He brings the ship down, and uses his MIGHTY GAINS to toss the ship a decent distance away, surprising the crew vastly. But he says that he’s equally surprised that “Rebecca-wecca” can fight, making him love her even more than before. Men are attracted to powerful women- and it seems that that idea extends even as far as cats.

Goodwin hears that there are troops coming in from the westside, but then a certain group chimes in. Hermit has Pino put her on speaker, and tells them that they’ve(the Shining stars, Mosco, and the Rutherfords) already dealt with the problem. F*cking Awesome, aren’t they?

Kick @$$ Double Pager

When Goodwin hears that this is the crew of the legendary War Ship Edens Zero; he recalls the fact that it was that crew that defeated Drakken Joe- and they’re here asking for his help. And hearing that “Rebecca-wecca” was one of the reasons that was even possible is just “icing on the cake.” He begins to think that Laguna is right in what he said- that if they team up with the Edens Zero, then defeating Nero might be possible.

After capturing more of the Imperial soldiers; Goodwin because to converse with them, and explains that he may hate the empire itself- but not the people serving under Nero. So he asks them if they want to grab a drink with him after this whole war is over- maybe even watch some B cube or something. Nice Kitty. And as Homura puts it: “He has a big heart.” So does Shiki, as he tries to make friends with Ibaraki. Never change, Shiki- Never change.

Let It Begin, Young Prince……….

For the final part of the chapter; we cut over to Planet Nero 66- a planet that seems to be a “resort” of sorts. At least; Shura and the Oceans are using it as such; Shura even has a bunch of women around him at all times. Callum also has some women wanting to get with him, but he’s rather uninterested. Lyra wanted Fabiano to come along, but Nasseh says that “They don’t need a useless old man.”

We learn here that Fabiano is one of the “older” Oceans- one from the previous group. As such; Milani doesn’t think he gets how “the new generation does things.” Callum asks Shura if Ziggy is really going to come here(meaning the device he’s going to use to shut off all machines is on this planet), to which Shura replies that if he’s really after All Link, then he’ll be here. However– before they are able to prepare for battle; an uninvited guest shows up: Eraser of the Oracion Seis Interstelar- and he ain’t alone. He’s brought a whole FLEET of ships to battle Shura and the Oceans. But I suspect they’re ready for battle.

I’m super excited to see what Shura can do in battle, and see what Eraser’s power is. I hope we get to see this fight; as much as I would LOVE more “War Build Up-” I would also like to see a big battle like this take place. Though it’s entirely possible we’ll be jumping between both plot points. This is gonna be SO GODD@MN COOL to see animated.


And- after a few little “setbacks” while writing the post; I’ve finished another “Dump Post!” I like all of these chapters; I think my favorite one was probably Black Clover. Come on- That chapter was sick. From an art perspective and from an action perspective; Black Clover was the best. Though One Piece comes in a close second. A CLOSE second. Edens Zero had some pretty good build up chapters- leading into a pretty impactful moment in its story.

That’s all for now, folks. Til the next post, people- Catch Ya Later, Gators!!

What Does The Gun Devil Want With The Chainsaw’s Heart?- Chainsaw Man THEORY

No; I’m genuinely doing a “Chainsaw Man” theory. I know the first part ended, but part 2 is coming- soon. And I REALLY wanted to talk about this series more. I regret not doing a New Series Recommendation on it when I caught up to the series. I hope you all have read the whole “Public Safety Arc” before hand- it’s not that long a read; only 97 chapters. Fujimoto doesn’t do long running series like others in the magazine. And I had started thinking about this topic recently, so I figured I’d share it with all of you. It regards the BIG Big Bad Of The Series- The Gun Devil, and what he wanted with the “Hero Of H#ll’s” heart. Remember seeing the Gun Devil for the first time. Perfectly Edgy- as “Chainsaw Man” should be.


As always; I’ll present the theory first and foremost, and then address all of the evidence as to why I feel that this is the case. The theory is that the Chainsaw Devil- the “Hero of H#ll-” presented some kind of problem in the Gun Devil’s plans. So the Gun Devil sent several Devils after him while he was weaker to capture his heart, and then contain it somewhere so that he couldn’t regenerate with any blood. “What was his plan?” you might be asking me, or “What problem could the Chainsaw present to a stronger Devil?” The answer to the first is a little more difficult to find, while the second is quite simple: He doesn’t want to get offed for good.

It was revealed in chapter 84 that “The Devils the Chainsaw Man eats has their name erased from existence.” Whenever Chainsaw Man eats a Devil; their name and their very concept is erased from existence altogether- from the past, the present, and the memories of every human. Evidence for it only affecting Devils is the fact that Makima- the “Control” Devil- remembered the Nazi’s. And in Makima’s monologue about what the epithet of “Hero of H#ll” is; she told us that he would kill Devils somewhat indiscriminately– whether they were asking for help or attacking other Devils. As such; the Gun Devil would be a prime target for his saws to go after. So why hasn’t he? Or………..Has he?

Such A Cool Epithet: Hero Of H#ll.

I want you guys to think back to when Denji met Pochita in chapter 1– he was injured. We know that Devil’s in this series strength corresponds to how much they are feared. Plenty of people already feared Chainsaws, and the Devils who know of the legend of Chainsaw Man are scared of him, too. He is powerful. So what could have possibly injured him so much that he ended up becoming a cute little dog like that? The answer seems fairly simple: The Gun Devil. Because he was more powerful at that point. Maybe this was the beginning of the Gun Devil’s rise to power- but the Chainsaw Devil was getting ready to stop. But he was too strong, and ended up dying.

Perhaps he was too injured to reclaim his original form, and ended up stuck in a little doggy body. And perhaps this off-screen battle took place in H#ll- which is why ended up in the Human world. As we learned from the Angel Devil in chapter 53: “Devil’s who die in H#ll apparently come to this world.” This may just be speculation on Angel’s part, but it’s a piece of evidence that may well tell us how Pochita ended up in this world with that injury. The event in which the Gun Devil made himself know to the world happened 13 years prior to the current storyline. Denji met Pochita when he was very young- around 7 or 8 years old. He was 16 at the beginning of the series- meaning that these events do not line up. D@mn it.

However; I still think that the Gun Devil had something to do with how Pochita ended up injured like that. Like Makima said: Even if you kill him; he’ll get up and rev his Chainsaw again and again.” That’s for the Hulking Monster– what about the puppy? Is this form a form that he can be permanently killed in? If so, then EVERY Devil would be after him. Which they were. And the fact that he became the “heart” of a “Weakling Human boy” made him look even weaker. So that’d why they decided to go after the Chainsaw now. But what did they plan to do once they got his heart? I think Denji’s very existence answers that question.

Does This Mean That………….

As we’ve established; the Chainsaw Devil can erase other’s from existence by eating them- an ability that a lot of Devils would want to have for themselves. Be it because they want to be their own interpretation of the “Hero Of H#ll,” or just to get other Devils out of the way so that they can have the humans all to themselves. And that’s probably what the Gun Devil Wanted- to use his superior strength over a lot of other Devils in conjunction with the ability to erase them and their concepts from existence entirely. I mean; when you take into account the fact that the Gun Devil is obviously one of the strongest Devil’s of all- the only thing that the Chainsaw Man has over him is the erasure ability and the seemingly the regeneration ability being better than a lot of the others.

The only wrench in his plan is that the Chainsaw’s Heart is now part of a Human being- making him neither Human, Devil, or even a Fiend. Not to mention the fact that this human is more-or-less “subpar” compared to every other Human. But seeing as this human is “less than the others, who weren’t even all that much to begin with;” he probably thought it’d be a lot easier to get it. So instead of coming after Denji himself and ending up getting erased by an angry Chainsaw- he sent out a bunch of other Devils to steal it for him. That did not go so well, and by the the end of the first part of the series- he’s left unable to get it. Good thing there’s a part 2 on the way.

Though Not Every Devil Who Came For The Chainsaw Worked for Gun

As for how he would go about getting Chainsaw Man to agree to this potential contract; I think that Denji would have some involvement in it- something along the lines of “If you give me your power, then I’ll let this human live.” Simple enough deal– for a series that is somewhat simple in what it is. I mean; the VIZ Media description of it was “Broke Young Man + Chainsaw Demon Dog= Chainsaw Man!” And the power system is as complicated as it needs to be to be an interesting Shonen Battle story, but just easy enough to understand why a Chainsaw can ride a shark into battle against a living bomb and living typhoon. I don’t think the contract would be too complicated. Though it raises the question of the Chainsaw’s purpose as the “Hero Of H#ll” is. I might address that in a future post, depending on how well this one does.

Ultimately; I think that the Gun Devil wanted to use the Chainsaw’s erasure ability for himself. For what purpose is uncertain, but that’s most definitely what he wanted…………Wow; short post. You never would have thought that it took 2 months to type up. Oh well; it’s just a theory for a decidedly short series. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and until next we meet- Have a Magically Wonderful Day! And Remember: Love. The. Chainsaw. Later, gator haters.

Nostalgia Corner: Code Lyoko

Hello, all! I feel like I should start this post by saying that I recently rewatched this show on Netflix MONTHS ago. In fact; I only recently picked back up with this post by the time you see it- which I hope is very soon. These little notes are more for me than they are you, which probably isn’t a good thing. I should probably start talking about the show we’ll be reminiscing about today, shouldn’t I? Today’s “Nostalgia Corner” Topic: The French Anime “Code: Lyoko!” I’m sure a lot of you have either very fond memories of this show, or very vague memories of this show that make you think “Oh, hey; I remember this show! It was pretty good!” I’m here to tell you why it’s still a pretty amazing show.

The Lyoko Warriors(Virtual World)

The show follows 5 characters- Jeremy Belpois, Aelita Schaffer, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Sturn, and and Yumi Ishiyama- as they not only fight against an Evil Computer program to prevent the world from falling into chaos, but also navigate the complex life of Middle school right at “that age.” In this way; it’s kind of a “coming of age” tale for all 5 of them- with a few other characters and situations thrown in here and there to “spice things up.” I will talk about this aspect of the series in FULL Detail, but I should probably talk about the……….BIGGER part of their lives. You know; the whole “Save The World” deal?

We don’t find out about the whole story until LATE into the series(which is one of the things that hurt the series in my opinion, and I’ll tell you why in a little bit), but the basic story is: Jeremy was just exploring an abandoned factory one day, and found a Super Computer. He turned it on, and met what at the time he thought was a sentient computer program called “Aelita.” He thought it was just a little game to play in his spare time, but as he finds out- it’s all too Real. Eventually; he gets unlikely allies in the form of Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd to help him fight against “Xana-” a super advanced AI out to take over the world and replace humans with machines controlled by himself.

Image result for xana code lyoko
X.A.N.A(No Physical Appearance Given)

As a computer program; Xana lacked any actual appearance(though I believe concept art was revealed by one of the creators)- so we are instead simply given his logo and his various minions such as the “Roaches,” “Crabs,” Cubes,” “Tanks,” and a number of other monsters he sends to deter the Lyoko Warriors. Jeremy describes Xana’s knowledge as being “approximative-” as in he knows the generalized facts about them, lacking the knowledge of their emotional connections to one another.

That said; Xana is also capable of learning. He learned the “general outline” of how the Lyoko Warrior’s relationships working, and used their emotions against them in 1 episode. He also seems to learn from failures- though they all end up failing for one reason or another. And yet every season between the first and the final sees him win in a substantial way at the end. I actually like that fact, if I’m being honest- how Xana seemed to gain experience and outsmart the Lyoko Warriors, or force them into a situation the would benefit him better.

Xana and the virtual world of “Lyoko” were both created by the genius scientist “Waldo Schaffer-” or his false name “Franz Hopper-” as a way to escape from the Government and their Project “Carthage.” It was originally a project just meant to obeserve enemy communications, but the “higher ups” had planned on some……..rather Unpleasant uses for it. So he took all the data and fled with his family. And they were able to live a happy life in Switzerland…….for a while. They caught up with him, and kidnapped his wife. So Waldo and their daughter- “Aelita-” fled to France and changed their names. “Franz Hopper” is “France” and his wife’s maiden name “Hopper.”

Aeilita And Her Family

In France; he found an abandoned factory, and set up a laboratory and a Super Computer there. I Thus what Jeremy and his friends find. He had also created a sentient AI to act as his online assistant and a deterrent for Carthage- an little AI named XANA. In his pursuit to perfect the virtual world of “Lyoko-” a place he made so that he and his daughter could run away to if Carthage ever caught up with them again. In doing so; he had to “repeat” the same day he started making the virtual world 2,546 Times. He did it all one day, so by doing the math(thank the wiki for all of this info)- he made Lyoko over the course of 6 years, 11 months, and 3 weeks(approximately). Though to everyone else; it was just a single day.

But the continuous “Returns to the past” had 2 Fatal Problems:

  1. His mind began to deteriorate- he became more and more paranoid and mentally insane from the effects- even though it also served to make him smarter and helped him to perfect and complete Lyoko.
  2. It made XANA stronger. The smarter and stronger it got; the more it began to control everything. And the stronger and smarter he became; the more and more the “Skynet” of it all began to set in.

From here; Franz only became sloppier and sloppier in how he hid away from Carthage- until they finally caught him. But fortunately; he had completed the virtual world of Lyoko, and transported himself and Aelita inside the digital world. Then the computer shut itself down, and he, Aelita, and especially Xana lied dormant for some years. That is- until- the factory and Super Computer are found by Jeremy Belpois. Together- with the help of friends Odd Della Robian, Ulrich Stern, and Yumi Ishiyama- the “Lyoko Warriors” were formed, and fought off XANA’s constant plans to escape the digital world and rule over everything.

The Lyoko Warriors(Real World)

And now that we have the pesky backstory out of the way; I can finally freely discuss the series in the same way that I viewed it years ago: Out of Order and all over the place! I’m kidding about the “backstory” part. Not so much the “Out Of Order” part. I never consistently watched the show growing up; I more or less just ended up dropping in to the series every now and again at different points in a serialized story. Good thing I was following the story to the best of my abilities- otherwise I wouldn’t have understood d!ck.

I think what made me like the show so much is the animation style and tone of the characters and the show itself. I would end up finding this show in that era of my life where I was getting more into watching Anime such as Naruto. So the different art was an immediate perk to the series. And when I say I liked the “tone of the show;” I mean I like how much “older” it was. I won’t say “mature-” this show was about f*cking Teenagers with raging hormones. But I’ll instead phrase like “I was a kid watching a teen’s show.” It had the kind of school drama you would expect from someone like Spider-Man: Trying to save the world while also getting at least a B on Math test or whatever. It’s like; it was your average “melodramatic teen drama” mixed with something like The Matrix or Teen Titans(which was also airing at the time, and is deserving of its own “Nostalgia Corner”).

I liked seeing the stupidity and humor that came with seeing Yumi and Ulrich interact- in contrast to the somewhat “flawless” relationship present by Jeremy and Aelita in the first handful of Seasons. Which I guess leads into what I want to talk about most in the series: Yumi and Ulrich.

Where Do I Even Begin With These 2?

Yumi And Ulrich. Ulrich And Yumi. “Yurich” and “Ulmi.” I Think one of those is the actual “fan name” for their ship. Probably “Ulmi” sense it sounds better. I’m…..getting kind of “off-topic.” This ship is probably- scratch that; DEFINITELY the most prominent in the show. Sometimes; these romantic plots between them become core components of the episode. Which would get annoying for anyone who dislikes romantic subplots in action/adventure stories like this. I myself loved seeing it, though. It was just genuinely laughable how dumb they got when it came to each other. I mean that in the kindest way possible, though. Because, at the end of the day: They’re teens.

All those hormones + “Fate Of The World” x School and Family lives being so different(both in terms of culture and in relationships with their families)= “How The F*ck Do I ‘Make A Move?'” It’s funny seeing them interact- seeing Ulrich working up the nerve to “make a move” and Yumi trying to get Ulrich to “say it.” Actually, now that think about it; Yumi’s actions somewhat remind me of Kaguya’s in Kaguya Sama: Love Is War(which is a PHENOMENAL anime that you should be watching already in anticipation for the upcoming 3rd season and OVA coming soon). In one episode; she tells Ulrich that they should “just be friends.THAT cut the boy deep. But he complied as she had asked- however begrudgingly. Little did He know- Yumi was telling a LIE. It was bait; she wanted to see how Ulrich would react- if he would continue to try and go after her, or given up after something like that.

She wanted to know just how much Ulrich really wanted to be with her. But based on Yumi’s reaction to his seeming “acceptance;” it seemed to have the opposite effect. Now she was only upset with Ulrich- for several episodes afterwards. Which you could kind of say is her own fault and not necessarily Ulrich’s. I mean; the man was respecting his beloved’s wished- that to me says that this boy would do anything for this girl. Whi~ch………did happen at one point. And it- without a doubt- has to be the Most “SIMP Move” that any guy has EVER pulled.

yumi x ulrich on Tumblr
Yumi is not “Holy Innocent” in this, either.

So…………Yumi’s dad lost his job, right? And it looked like they had to move back to Japan. Everyone was really worried about losing their friend- and Ulrich took it the hardest. So you know what this man did? This guy………This Absolute PINNACLE Of SIMP– Ulrich copied down the Winning Lottery Numbers and launched a Return to the past, and gave Yumi’s parents the winning number. The man- rewound time- to keep the girl in this school. And they were not even together. Holy F*ck, this just gets worse the more that I think about it. Because no one aside from the Lyoko Warriors know that time gets rewound like that. So while the were getting ready for bed or even in bed fast asleep; he rewound them to that morning and had to relive that same d@mn day AGAIN. There wasn’t a X.A.N.A. attack, so it was probably fine- or so he thought. XANA attacked the second time. And do you know why he was able to attack the second time around? BECAUSE HE WAS STRONGER!!

Every time they rewound time; XANA became stronger. And this point; Ulrich knew it would- they all did!! So him rewinding time just to prevent his “just friend” from leaving and even using this force for good to cheat at a game like this was just……..he got excommunicated for a minute after that. They made amends by the end of the episode, but…….SIMP move, Ulrich; SIMP Move.And you wanna know that worst part about this is? This won’t even the last time he would simp like this. Though no moment in his simpage has ever gotten to this level before. But he has simped further. And it’s all because of William. Who, looking back at it- wasn’t all that bad of a character.

Low Key Best Character

When I say this; I mean that he presented a “different” kind of problem- he was a very prominent wall in Yumi and Ulrich’s non-existent relationship. He had a crush on Yumi, and acted like a real “Casanova” to get her, while also presenting a problem for Ulrich that actually served as motivation. I scene that I was reminded of while rewatching the show on Netflix saw William call Ulrich out on his sh!t. Up until then; Ulrich had just “sat back” and “gone through the motions” when it came to Yumi- trying without actually trying, hoping that Yumi would make “the move.” Either that, or making himself look Incredibly stupid and possessive of her in the process. Another thing that I’m reminded of is when Yumi’s little brother had this friend who was in to her, so Ulrich gave him advice to be as obnoxious as humanly possible. Threatened by a child…….. I don’t think you can get any crazier than that.

Yumi was not into it- she wanted Ulrich to tell her how she felt, and got really upset with him when he didn’t “go for it.” So she more or less just hung around William for a little bit. D!ck move, btw. Which brings up another point that I want to discuss after this. But more on that later. But what I’m trying to get at is the fact that Yumi- knowing how jealous Ulrich can get- was only “using” William to push Ulrich to “step up” and all that. And it actually kind of worked– just not in the way that she would have liked, I imagine.

Rivals In Love

In one episode; Ulrich was being particularly annoying when it came to Yumi- he was whiny and at some point just decided to give and retreat to his room. Everyone was so over it that they more or less just let him run away so they wouldn’t have to listen to him. As such; this presented a problem when it came to Lyoko and the World saving(relationships are a problem that XANA tried to exploit in them), so they thought that they could just do it without him. William didn’t know the context; he just knew that Yumi was upset- and that she wasn’t as in to him as he was in to her. If we’re being quite honest here; I think he knew about Yumi and Ulrich’s complicated relationship. Which is fine because he’s a nice guy who just wants Yumi to be happy. And- for better and worse in a lot of cases- Ulrich did so. So he marched into Ulrich’s room and told him to “Nut up.

He came in- sick of watching Ulrich wimp out of going for it with Yumi- and told him flat out to either go for it, or he himself will. Cause if he thought that Yumi would wait around for him forever- he had another thing coming. I liked this scene because it kind of validates that “Nice guy, Casanova” persona he showed to Yumi- it felt like less of an act and more like he was only trying to get with her and wasn’t backing down. It’s like he was a nice guy(looking back on it after so many years; he wasn’t all that bad a character), but also serious about her. It makes me wonder how he’ll react if and when Yumi and Ulrich finally get together- even though it feels like there’s too much “baggage” there for that to be a stable relationship.

I guess that leads to the next thing that I want to talk about when it comes to the show- as well as many others that will probably get “Nostalgia Corners” of their own in the future: Perception- how you and I now views shows in our childhood compared to how we see them now in our older years. As a kid; someone like Sissy was a constant problem, and easily my least favorite part of any episode. Now……..

See the source image
She has her annoying moments- but she’s ultimately alright

Now that I’m older; I now view her as less of a pest and more like a regular teenage girl- with regular teenage girl problems and moments. It’s like; I remember just being incredibly irritated with her growing up. I would always look forward to the moment in any episode involving her that would end with her getting in some sort of embarrassing moment or something equally as miserable. Now, though– I kind of feels like the Lyoko Warriors were jerks to her a lot of the time- in some cases borderline “bullies.”

Whenever I think about this show now; I just remember how her story ended in the finale: They just rewind time and say “We’re friends, so stop acting like a wacky @$$.” And she just DOES. Like; all she wanted was to be their friend and part of their group- and when she got it; she stopped messing around with them. It was……weird. Cause after seasons and seasons of her following them and finding out their secrets some times- after all the pranks they pulled on each other………All they had to say was “We’re friends,” and that just stops. I wouldn’t call it “anti-climactic;” just maybe a “logic problem.” Because it’s like “Why the h#ll didn’t we try that before?” Could have saved a sh!t ton of time. Save you from a lot of problems, too.

I also recall when Sissy hadn’t even done anything to them, and Odd showed the whole school- family, students, and staff alike- an embarrassing video of her. That was just plain mean– and they all just looked and laughed at her. But then you also have to account for episodes like the one where she blackmailed Ulrich into going out with her by stealing his diary. Like I said: “Normal Teenage Girl With Normal Teenage Girl Problems.” She just wanted Ulrich to like her- so she did everything she could and tried every which way to get him to think of her as more than just a “nuisance.” To that end; she followed him several times, stole something precious just to get him to sit with her, and even helped with some of their schemes. But he was a simp for Yumi, so someone basically simping for him just repulsed him. And yes; it sometimes came off as more “repulsion.”

Elizabeth “Sissy” Delmahs

Something that my brother told me about when he realized that Sissy and William weren’t all that bad was all the fan art of her Lyoko self- meaning that some fans of the show from years earlier actually liked her. Which just surprised the h#ll out of me; I had thought that a lot of other people still hated her. Low and behold: THOUSANDS of images of her and what everyone thinks that she would be if they had let her in the group earlier in the show. And I feel like a potential reboot of the series could capitalize on the Sissy’s popularity- particularly her budding friendship with William. Yeah; that was a thing.

I don’t remember the full episode- all I remember is when William and Sissy had to sit out from swim class, and they ended up talking about the Lyoko Warriors- specifically Ulrich and Yumi. Sissy had revealed that this wasn’t just some “Popular Girl Loves Teen Heart Throb” thing; she genuinely and earnest liked Ulrich- has for a very long time. William says that he’s liked Yumi ever since they met; how “deep” and “smart” she is. Sissy liked Ulrich’s calm demeanor and confidence- just his general “cool” factor, and wanted to know more about him……to be closer to him. But at every turn; the both of them were turned away so that Ulrich and Yumi could continue to fumble over each other. Which leads into the next episode, which I believe is the one where William tells Ulrich to “Nut Up Or Shut Up.”

I think that this moment was supposed to be followed up on- to be a throughline were they’re kind of working together to get the objects of their affection. Not in a negative way that would hurt Ulrich and Yumi; just a way to get closer to them without any sort of problem. That said; I highly doubt that this was building towards a potential relationship between the 2. They’re definitely “kindred spirits” or whatever the f*ck you wanna call it, but they wouldn’t get together just cause Yumi and Ulrich did. They have more self-respect than that.

The last major relationship that I want to talk about is obvious: Aeilta and Jeremy. What can I say here?- They were just about perfect!! At least in comparison to the only other big relationship on the show. They rarely fought; they seemed to be around the same level of intelligence but no one ever got jealous of the other; they were the right amount of “into each other-” it was honestly a “counter balance” to the somewhat childish Yumi and Ulrich’s “It’s Complicated.” Although some things imply a clear “difference” in where they are in the relationship. Whereas Jeremy seems to be the “Honeymooner” that does a whole bunch of romantic stuff; Aelita seemed to be ready for…….”otherthings– if ya catch my drift.

See the source image
Those Faces Are Saying 2 Distinctly Different Things………

Aelita seemed to be the more “aggressive” of the pair- pursuing Jeremy more once she got out of Lyoko and accustomed to the real world again. I distinctly remember 1 episode in particular in which they were on a bus to a class camping trip. Jeremy’s face said “W~ell- I have a whole romantic weekend planned that involves lots of hugging and kissing and hand-holding- a very ‘PG-13’ weekend of love with you my dear Aelita!” You know; some “Casanova” lovey-dovey cr@p. While AELITA was giving him the “F*ck Me” eyes. She looked at him like “Drop your godd@mn pants.Homie fittin’ ta swipe his V-CARD, fam!! Or, I guess now- already has. Props to you, Jeremy Belpois- Hats Off To You.

Odd also had his fair share of relationships- a lot of just unimportant and irrelevant ones that had no barring on the show beyond just random jokes and offhanded comments, and 2 important ones. One from a “character developing” stand point, and the other was a genuine budding relationship. The character developing relationship involved a new girl who was rather controlling and manipulative- but Odd was “head-over-heels” for her and more or less just followed her every command. He even went so far as to REVEAL to her the Super Computer and everything there is to Lyoko up to that point. Which was weird. Because when Ulrich simped so hard that he rewound time- they booted him out of the Lyoko Warriors for a while. But when it Odd revealed their secret to a new outsider; he received no punishment. Weird? Yabsolutely. But I guess Odd did less damage in comparison. By now; they knew that returning to the past made XANA stronger, and Ulrich risked that to cheat at a game. While Odd only revealed the secret to someone whose mind would be wiped clean after the returned to the past.

See the source image
The Biggest Player In The Show

The other relationship was with a troubled girl that Odd had a lot in common with. But she had some financial trouble, so she took up stealing. One thing lead to another, and Odd ended up taking the wrap for her. It almost got him expelled- but a quick “return to the past” solved this problem, and Odd ended up helping her in a different way. This girl would return later during a skate competition- she was supposed to give Odd a message to go to the factory, but she kept it from him in an attempt to spend more time with him. He understood, but told that what he has to do is EXTREMELY important, and bolts to the factory.

………….Is there anything else I could talk about.? I feel like after talking about all the relationships and drama in the series; everything else just seems rather “straight forward.” They get virtualized, and end up having to fight drove after drove of XANA’s monsters- such a “Kraabs,” “Roaches,” “Bloks,” and more. Oh; I guess that’s something I can talk about: The designs of the monsters.

I think my favorite of them would have to be the Cubes. I mean; they’re just Cubes with legs. How “basic” of an enemy could you possibly make? There’s also the Crabs and Roaches- the Turantula’s and the Mega Tanks- the Scipizoa and the Goliath(His 2 strongest Monsters). I remember a few episodes in which XANA actually worked with the Lyoko Warriors, rather than against them.

See the source image
The Main Forces

The first case was when Jeremy tried to make a virus that would get rid of XANA for good- but it ended up almost completely destroying Lyoko and Aleita in the process. XANA had sent his monsters to help the Lyoko Warriors fix the mess that they made by reactivating a tower(I believe– I don’t recall exactly how they solved the problem). When the virus was stopped; they met with XANA’s monsters again. And rather than start fighting once again; the Monsters simply took a bow– and walked off to……..where the H#ll do these things stay when they’re not in use? That’s something I always questioned about the show: Where did XANA live? Where was his home base? We find out the answer much later in the form of Sector 5- which I can somewhat only describe as being like the inside of the Technodrome from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But we’ll get to that a little bit later.

The other episode was a pretty “simple” problem with a solution that would take……..some severe measure to carry out. The problem: The Battery In The Super Computer Was Dying. Just like a regular computer. So it needed a new battery- which is Uranium. As such; the Lyoko Warriors couldn’t get their hands on it. And XANA knew this. So he used his phantom to take over a criminal, steal the material they needed, then kidnapped Jeremy to fix the Super Computer. And they had to fix it because of the Virus XANA installed in Aelita when she materialized: If the Super Computer were to ever be turned off; she would go down with he and Lyoko. So they couldn’t shut it off until Jeremy found an Anti-Virus software.

I like these episodes because it shows us just how “logical” XANA is- he’s willing to put aside their differences for the sake of his own self preservation. And the episode with the goo in Lyoko showed that he’s willing to give them a “break-” at least; he won’t attack them immediately after working together.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If This Was True?

Another thing I liked about the series is seeing the main cast’s families- particularly Ulrich’s. Jeremy’s family life was really interested- the gifted only child of a poor family sent to a Boarding school based on his pure intelligence, or Yumi’s Japanese family in France. Before I get to all of thatI would like to talk about Ulrich’s family life first. First off- His father is very demanding. He was never all that impressed with Ulrich’s grades no matter what he does.

Ulrich got really good at sports to impress his dad for once- who was either always working or just unimpressed to uninterested. But when he was in a Soccer match- his dad was always there, front and center. As such; he was kind of “condition” by himself to choose sports over a lot of other things. In the episode I’m talking about that revealed all of this information; Ulrich was really willing to ditch his friends in Lyoko to play soccer- even though XANA’s plan in that episode directly conflicted with the game. Okay; not “directly,” but it did get in the way of game. Oh; that’s another thing I want to talk about. But I’ll get to that in a minute. Right now; I want to talk a little bit about Yumi’s family, who seem to have a number of problems.

Yumi’s home life seems to a somewhat Japanese-French mix; they eat with chopsticks and have Kotatsu’s, and don’t wear outdoor shoes in the house. But they also have your traditional dinner table and have been shown to use forks and spoons. It’s a nice nod to her Japanese heritage without making that the “main point” of her character. You know how shows introduce a character either “for Diversity’s sake” or to tell a cliche story like “I don’t want to acknowledge that part of my heritage- I wanna be me!” This show does not do that.

Yumis parents - Code Lyoko Photo (36498208) - Fanpop
Then there was this……

But beyond just that; he parents seem to have a rather rocky relationship to say the least. The first handful of episodes showed us that her parents had lived apart for a while- her dad went over to a friends house while they sorted out their personal issues before addressing their issues as a married couple. And they had done that for sometime before coming to a play featuring their daughter, and resolved their issues. Though that was only 1 problem- the other problem was that her father Takeho couldn’t hold down a job for very long. Which led into the “Ultimate SIMP move” Ulrich pulled. What I like about this scene was how they were shocked to have one the lottery- but didn’t take the money for themselves. Instead; they gave it back to Ulrich. Or rather; had an Extremely upset Yumi deliver it.

Something else I would like to discuss is how much XANA can affect everything- from the weather to technology and people to even the Laws of Physics. In the episode I was talking about earlier with Ulrich’s soccer game; he made it so that gravity was……….was “turned off? And everyone begun to float into space?! How……..How’d he do that? And more importantly– If he can do something like “turn off Gravity,” then Why the H#ll hasn’t he attacked the Lyoko Warriors with more stuff that? Why does he attack them with Machines made from the factor of take over people instead of making multiple Earthquakes or something equally as destructive? It’s kind of perplexing. Though I guess there are a few factors he has to consider about the situation- like how this effects the Super Computer. If the core is destroyed- he’s shut off for good. So I guess I get it. Still; if you can effect gravity, then you should be hitting them a little bit harder.

Minus Aelita– But Appropriate!

……….I think I did it. I think I finally managed to convey all of my thoughts on “Code Lyoko” properly. And it only took me 3 months to do so. I enjoyed this show immensely growing up, and even more so now that I’m an adult. The animation was amazing; the music was great; and I just had a lot of fun watching it. But what about you guys? Did you like the show? Did you watch it years later and forget about it? Let me know in the comments. And until the next post- I’ll catch ya later!!

Manga Chapter Review Dump Post 6: Yeah; Get Used To This For A While

Hey, guys. If you saw my first post about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, then you’ll know that I’ve gone on a different kind of “hiatus.” As such; we’re just going to do all the manga chapters- One Piece; My Hero Academia; Black Clover; and Edens Zero– in one post for the next 4 weeks(Or at least until I finish all the posts I have in store for you guys). You already know how this goes- I don’t need to reintroduce you guys to this segment. So let’s get to it, shall we?

One Piece Chapter 1008: “Leader of The Atamayama Thieves Brigade, Ashura Doji

Are We Ever Gonna Cut Back To Robin Chan fighting Naked Black Maria?

After a cover page request that depicts Robin giving wings to a Horse; we pick up where the last chapter left off: “Kozuki Oden” enters the storage room where Law had transported the Scabbards. He looks like what Oden might look like years later- and his behavior seems to be the same. So some of the Scabbards believe it. Raizo and Ashura, howeverdo not. The others think that they’re just being needlessly paranoid, but Raizo then reminds them that Toki’s power only sends people forward in time- “It’s impossible to go back to the past.” And Oden Most Assuredly Died That Day.

With the ruse blown; “Oden” is revealed to be nothing more than the barely-alive Kanjuuro’s handiwork- made to dispatch them while he goes after Momonosuke. The fake tries to attack the emotional Kin’emon, but Ashura knocks Kin out of the way and takes the stab wound to the chest. But he admits to wishing that this was the real Oden- just like his other comrades. After filling them in on his grand plan; the clone lights the fuse on a stick of dynamite in his chest.

Before the explosion can go off; Ahura dives bombs at the copy. They fall out of the window behind them, and the clone tries to shake Ashura off of him. But the Samurai refuses to let this fake “defile the name of ‘Oden’ any longer.” The dynamite detonates- and Ashura is nowhere to be found. All they see is his seord on the grounf. No time to mourn, though- they gotta go rescue Momonosuke! And they’re about to do just that when Jack shows up to dispatch them.

Vs Jack Again

Inurashi sends the rest of them ahead- wanting to keep him here in this hallway while his allies go to rescue their lord, rather than settle the score for what happened on Zou- with no Full Moon or Poison weapons to be had this time. Elsewhere in the castle; we see the halls being set ablaze by none other than Kurozumi Orochi– alive and still kicking. And now he wants revenge for Kaido’s betrayal. And with Fukurokuju still at his side protecting him while he burns the castle to the ground; he’s got as big a head as ever. He runs around setting fire to anything within reach.

We cut to Momonosuke’s group- with him back in Yamato’s shirt. He recalls that he couldn’t control his transformation very well at first, but he’s gotten better at it. But he wishes that he could become as large a dragon as Kaido so he could be more useful to everyone. And Yamato wishes that he could go upstairs and fight alongside Luffy against Kaido. Momonosuke says “Luffy is worn out– but he’s as high-spirited as ever.” Shinobu asks how Momonosuke could possibly know that. As do I.

We cut back up to the top of the Skull Dome- where the Worst Generation experiences a “New Kind Of H#ll-” as Kaido and Big Mom get serious. As their attacks do less and less damage each time; Luffy continues to fight on and gets knocked down over and over again- only to be knocked back to the same spot. But he ain’t giving up. Law, Zoro, and Kid all come to the agreement that they need to separate them so that they can start making some kind of headway against the Yonko.

Vs The Yonko- Full Power!!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 307: “Been A While!!

It’s funny, actually– I had thought that last week’s chapter was going into a big time skip of at least a few months. Low and behold- this week’s chapter of “My Hero Academia” starts a few weeks later, with the new school year starting. As we see the now 3rd year students from Ketsubutsu Academy’s- 1 Yo Shindo/ “Grand” and 1 Tatami Nakagame/ “Turtle Neck-” out on a mission in a ruined city. Apparently; some civilians are refusing to relocate to the Ketsubutsu Shelter, and a certain “Tartarus Escapee” has been sighted coming in the direction of this area. So…….They gotta MOVE.

Would-Be Protag And Would-Be Uraraka

However; getting them to relocate is easier said than done, as these civilians have taken up Vigilantism and refuse to listen to what the Heroes have to say. Yo tries to use Joke’s tactics to put them at ease, but considering what happened during the Paranormal Liberation War- they aren’t too thrilled to be “fish in a barrel” for Villains to attack whenever because the Heroes failed to protect them again. And since they were able to fight off some random thieves a few days ago; they now think that they’re top sh!t and can take on any threat that comes their way. So-No dice.

As they’re walking back to Ketsubutsu; Tatami teases Yo for his failure and initial confidence going into that discussion. Yo jokingly says that he could have “shaken the whole building apart and dragged them out by force.” Before she can explain why that wouldn’t work; she gets a call from Makbe, who tells them to “Get Out Of Their QUICK!!” But it’s too lateThe Villain Has Come. And it turns out to be none other than Muscular– out for blood as always. Shindo sends Tatami to evacuate those civilians while he fights Muscular on his own. And that goes about how you would expect it to: Man get’s his sh!t pushed in.

When Tatami enters the building; the citizens are refusing to listen to her and want to get out there and defend their city- as well as rescue the boy. Meanwhile; Shindo- refusing to accept defeat and let Muscular do as he wants- tries to use his ultimate “Tremoring Earth” to do some kind of damage to the musclebound Killer. However- it does nothing to the Muscular’s 12,000+ layers of Muscle fibers.

“Just Not Strong Enough……”

As Muscular is about to turn the boy to pulp; he ends up getting a “SMASH” to the side of his head. A familiar voice calls out “Muscular- No wonder my ‘Gift From The 4th’ wouldn’t shut up.” Ladies and GentlemenIzuku Midoriya. In his tattered suit and mask on; he holds Shindo in his arms, and prepares to face Muscular once again. Bro- Let’s. F*cking. GO.

Black Clover Chapter 287: “Day Of Atonement

MOVIE ANNOUNCED!! That’s right, everyone; “Black Clover” is FINALLY getting a movie of its own! Not to mention the Global popularity poll that’s about to start. Yeah, boys and girl; “Black Clover” ain’t over yet!! At least- I hope not. But I’m super excited for the movie, and the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie being developed. Yeah; that’s also a thing. But enough of that- let’s just talk about the chapter.

There Was A Colored Cover Page, But The Site I Get The Images From Don’t Have It

Picking up where last week left off; Nacht is hung up by the Qliphoth Devil’s magic. Having recalled what led him up to this point; he concluded that the best way to defeat these 2 Devils is to “Push Past His Limits” like he used to. He plans to die to stop these things- he has no intention of dying any time before that.

Unfortunately; all of the Devil’s that he’s made contracts with are Mid-Ranked(Lucifugus gave him some sort of PTSD), so he’s at an EXTREME disadvantage against these Supreme Ranked Devils. Factoring in his limits; he ends up flashing back to his brother’s funeral. He sat at his grave in the rain alone, with a pack of cigarettes next to him. Yami walks up behind him, and tells him that he’s starting his own Magic Knight squad- and wants for Nacht to be his Vice Captain so they can “be laugher at together.” Nacht says nothing, thinking about the best way to atone for his sins. But he can’t think of one. He won’t forgive himself no matter how much good he does, and won’t let himself be praised for the good deeds- he’s resolved to being a “Warrior Who Fights From The Shadows,” and refuses to let evil get near the “light” of good people.

To this end; he combines his “Gallus” and “Felis” Unite modes to attain power on a parable level with these Higher Ranked Devils for a short period of time(and giving us a WICKED cool design).

Using this Combined Unite mode; Nacht ends up casting a new spell: “Monument Of Atonement.” It creates a giant cage of sorts of shadows around himself and the Qliphoth Devils- wrapping them up in multiple Shadow hands just as he did earlier. Only this time; he plans to trap them in the “Shadow World” by sacrificing himself along with Walgner and Plumede. However………They get out. To Nacht’s surprise; they were able to get out of the Shadow World- a space that physically does not exist. But they were able to get through with “Devil Ice Magic(Lilith)” and “Devil Flame Magic(Naamah).”

Having used everything in his arsenal- even sacrificing Walgner and Plumede- Nacht is left exhausted and almost dead. So the Qliphoth’s decide to to torture their downed opponent further, causing Nacht to scream in agony. His screams of pain are like dopamine for Lilith and Naamah- they just can’t get enough of his suffering. They even emote more beyond the sadistic smiles they’ve been displaying thus far. Their zeal turns up the fire and ice to an unprecedented level, making Nacht give in to his fate. He thinks to himself how no Human alive currently could possibly stand against them…….except for a certain Anti Magic Brat that just arrived.

Fashionably Late- As Per Usual.

Asta arrives to aid Nacht- ready to challenge the Qliphoth’s and any Devils that will come his way!!

Edens Zero Chapter 136: “Goodwin

The anime is so close………I can feel it in my colon. I almost can’t believe that this day has come. Now if only my new computer could play episodes from “less than good” sites. In any case; this week’s chapter of “Edens Zero” picks up where the last left off: With the crew facing Oasis Rebel Leader Goodwin(who may or may not be an Excede cat). He looks pretty darn frightening- until he geeks out over Rebecca. He’s a fan of hers.

That Was Convenient

Rebecca and Happy are initially uneasy about his fanboy persona, but soon warm up to the idea. Rebecca remembers him as “Oa_NEKO-” a fan who constantly donates to her Financial Support Chat. She thanks him for all his support, while members of Oasis yell at him for spending their funding on “some b!mbo.” But Goodwin corrects them and says he’s using his own cash. But then the fact that she’s “friends” with Laguna comes up again, and they become uncertain about this discussion.

Goodwin doesn’t want to listen initially, but Rebecca convinces him to. Laguna tells them that while they may not be able to take out Nero necessarily– they might be able to take out Shura with Shiki here. But they’re still going to need help, which is where Oasis comes in.

Back on the ship; the Shining Stars are monitoring the crew vitals- seeing little more than a spike in Rebecca’s endorphin levels. They’re talking about all the mystery surrounding Laguna when they see on the news discussion of the Temple’s recent declaration. Many machines have begun to leave the Aoi Cosmos; peoples reactions are rather mixed. While some see it as a problem and mean to machines and harmful to businesses; others see it as “God’s Will” or just not their problem. Because of the mixed reactions; the Temple’s approval ratings reach an all time low.

Back on Sandra; Shiki and the others see the news, too. Shiki promises not to let that happen- which Oasis Soldiers just find “adorable.” Goodwin’s take on this is that he now sympathizes with Nero this time- “His regime is falling apart because of his half-wit son.” Weisz asks if there’s a way for them to take out all the machines in Aoi, to which Goodwin explains: “‘All-Link-‘ every few years; the ocean that spreads throughout the Aoi Cosmos reaches ‘high tide’ and swallows up every planet in the cosmos. They say in that great sea- ether and electricity combine, and all networks become connected.”

Time Limit

Hermit is flabberghasted as to how high that tide would be- but confirms that it would be possible for the Temple to make that happen. Shiki asks if that would cause everyone to drown, to which Laguna replies that each planet in the cosmos has an Ether atmosphere- the planet itself goes under, but now the people and surface of the worlds themselves. But the All Link event itself won’t happen for another 3 days. They have until then to defeat Shura. Goodwin doesn’t think it possible, but Laguna assures him “With Shiki- We Might Be Able To Defeat Shura.” But Goodwin doesn’t want to rely on an “outsider” to solve their problems.

The discussion is interrupted by another Oasis member coming in, yelling that Imperial Soldiers began attacking the marketplace. But he didn’t realize that they were following him, and he ends up getting shot in the shoulder. Goodwin yells for everyone to arm themselves for battle, but……. The Crew Of Edens has it covered. All at once; they put their training to work. The End Result:

I Hope This Image Stays Up So That Line Can Land………

Seeing the Imperial Soldiers being defeated so easily; Goodwin can’t help but think about what Laguna was talking about. He seems to start to believe it………


And there you guys have it- all of this week’s manga chapters! I’m sorry this took so long to get out- I’m still getting used to my new computer. It doesn’t shut off, but……there are other problems. In any case; what was your favorite of the bunch? And what do you think next week’s chapters will hold? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. That’s all from me for this week. Til the next post- catch ya later!!

Dragon Ball Super Arc REVIEW: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Hello, everyone! As you all know; I am a massive “Dragon Ball” fan- it’s my favorite series; the one that even got me into anime. It’s the template of which all modern series in the “Battle Shonen” genre are based off of. And it was revived with “Dragon Ball Super-” to varying results. The most recent arc of the manga- the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc- began in chapter 42 of the manga in 2018. And when it started out; it held much promise. And now that it’s over 2 years later with chapter 67(that would make this the longest arc of the manga of “Dragon Ball Super” currently, at 25 chapters. Keep in mind; it’s a monthly series); I can do a FULL in depth review- as I did for the other arcs!

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga by AriezGao on DeviantArt in 2020 | Anime  dragon ball super, Dragon ball super manga, Anime dragon ball goku
A Lot Of This Post Is Going To Be Using Fan art and manga panels since there’s no anime adaptation(currently)

Now, as I said with my “Universe Survival” arc review; all the past Arc Reviews were pre-typed- I did those ahead of time. But this arc review is gonna be a little bit different than those other reviews. For one; I’ve been review this arc ever since it began. So I don’t need to go back and talk about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL and secondly; I don’t have to do any comparisons and contrasts between the anime and manga of “Dragon Ball Super” because there is no anime adaptation! So it’s like I can just do an in depth analysis like I always want to do. This arc review is gonna take a little bit longer to write compared to the others, but I guarantee that it’ll be a lot cooler!

Beginning in the tail end of manga chapter 42; the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner” arc tells the story of Goku and Vegeta joining the Galatic Patrol to fight against the Ancient Evil- Moro The Planet Eater. Having reawakened his powers that had been sealed by the Grand Supreme Kai 10 million years ago; Moro plans to return to consuming the numerous planets in the Universe- after he gets his full power back from the Dragon Balls.

The thing you gotta know about Toyotaro: He is- much like the rest of us- A Huge Fan of “Dragon Ball.” You can see it all throughout the manga the various(somewhat constant) references to the original 42 volume manga series. And this arc- beginning to end- felt a lot like a mash up and cavalcade of “Dragon Ball” plots points. Be it Moro needing the Dragon Balls to restore his full power being similar to King Piccolo’s drive for the Dragon Balls, to his returned youth being again a King Piccolo reference, to………..Moro was just a reference to King Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Super Artist Reveals Moro's Surprising Tie to Piccolo
Not In Appearance, But Concept

Toyotaro literally stated as much: “He was designed with the intent of appearing as a being of pure evil who the reader could not see as ever becoming good (like King Piccolo).” Toyotaro did not want us to ever believe that Moro could be redeemed- he was a Villain, plain and simple. And his monologue at the end of the Namek section of the arc made him sound like an “Anarchist.” In his own words from chapter 50: “I detest the sort of ‘peace’ that you people want to preserve on this planet(Namek) and others. And those who would strive for such nonsense- should be eradicated.” What Moro wanted most was to freely eat planets as he wished- but the Galactic Patrol and everyone who strived for such “peace” wanted to get in the way of that.

Toyotaro could have spun this in a different way- making Moro the “Tragic Villain.” As he told Goku during their rematch on Earth: “I only consume planets to fill my stomach. Weakening my opponent and strengthening myself are only ‘fortunate side effects-‘ not my primary goal.” You could have made a whole @$$ story with this. You could have portrayed him as someone who…….didn’t have choice. He has to eat planets- they’re no different than fries or pizza or sandwiches to him. You could have tied that into how and why he “surpassed the Gods.”

But why, though?

They could have made Moro the “sympathetic villain-” making his magic an ability he had from birth and nothing he ate was ever as “filling” as life energy. And because of that; he became a feared Warlock that was shunned by everyone and called a “Monster.” And he was so feared that he just became the villain everyone thought he was as a defense mechanism- a lie he told so much that even he started to believe it. And he blamed the Gods for making him this way, so he vowed to us this power to “destroy all of their other creations.” Sympathetic Villain With Actual Motivation For Being Evil + Unique Character Design= Best Villain In The Whole D@mn Franchise. I think that would have been an interesting way to tie in the Gods themselves into the arc, as well as present the idea that the Gods created this problem that are now left for the Mortals to defend. This could have been the beginning of the “War Amongst The Heavens” arc.

Remember back during the Tournament Of Power how we all saw Goku and the Grand Priest look down at each other, and people tried to spin that into a “War In The Heavens” with the mortals rising up against the Gods? That could have been Moro. Moro could have blamed the Gods for the way he was born, and sought to annihilate their “other creations.” Or plausibly just “become the the monster” that everyone thought he was- using the “Planet Eater” monicker as a defense mechanism, and using it for so long made even Moro believe that he was Evil. They could have made him the “tragic villain,” but instead went for the “mercilessly pure evil” route- which wasn’t awful looking back at it.

Characterizing Moro

Although I feel like they could have gone with the “Tragic Villain” motif and might have been able to do it in a really good way that would make the Divine characters relevant to the story as more than just “Plot Devices;” I can appreciate Moro’s villainous character and irredeemable behavior- to a point. It’s like: In the beginning of the arc; he was a Demon in every sense of the word. From his design to how he acts to how Goku reacted to his ki and presence- he was a terrifying, merciless being who just wanted to “destroy peace and anyone who believes in it.” I adored that line.

There was no redeeming this guy- there was “talking it out” with him; Moro was- for all intents and purposesA Devil. I liked that he was simply “Evil” with nothing behind it, and I liked that this arc was building it to make it seem like Goku wouldn’t try to talk it out with him- to try to get him to stop. I cite the review in which I detailed what- at the time– I had thought was Toyotaro trying to write a character arc for Goku in which he was a “Martial artist that had lost his way amongst the competition.” Chapter 63, was it? I had thought that Toyotaro would try to pay off what Roshi had told Goku in chapter 39 in regards to how he got wrapped up in the quest for “power” because of the influence of characters such as Vegeta and Frieza. That Goku needed to go back to his “roots” and re-learn these lessons a second. “A contrived way to force character development on a character who’s been characterized so well but has been ruined by the new stuff coming out?Oh, absolutely. But it’s just 1 way to have Goku grow from this…….moron and become the Goku we saw at the end of Z. Something that will be discussed in length later.

But that’s just looking at the arc from an “present” standpoint; I’m looking back at it instead of thinking about how I felt while reading it. Which is only part of the review process. So what I would like to focus on is the beginning of the arc on Planet Namek, and just how Great it was to see.

One Of The Best Parts Of This Review Is That I’ve Already Discussed all of these chapters.

I have to say; the stuff on Namek had to be my favorite part of the arc- Moro’s introduction and the reveal of his full character design; Vegeta vs Moro R1; the Galactic Bandit Brigade’s arrival and seeing the Galactic Patrol fight them off; just so many Amazing parts. I think that Moro vs Vegeta might be some of my favorite stuff from that portion of the arc- in that I loved seeing this decrepit old Wizard fighting someone who has attained the power of Gods. I distinctly remember titling that review “Field Spell- Activate!!” Which is one of the best parts about Moro: His powers- his magic and what he presented for the Z Fighters………even if that aspect kind of got “lost” in the finale. Amongst OTHER things that we will discuss at nausium.

For one thing; Moro’s ability was Magic based- not “ki” based. And that matters because of the problem that Majin Buu presented to them. Remember how difficult it was to get rid of him? That was because of all his abilities- abilities that these guys have never seen before. Abilities that are derived from Magic. And because he had magic; Goku and Vegeta lacked a way to counter it at that moment. Between his ability to manipulate a planets genki and attack with it; the Saiyans essentially had to fight a Planet. In that way; I guess you can think of this as a reference to Goku’s fight with General Rilldo in GT. If you don’t remember: General Rilldo was a Machine Mutant from the Planet M2. His ability allowed him to control and become the metal on the Planet. Goku could not defeat him unless he destroyed all the metal on M2. Goku and Vegeta could not fight Moro without destroying the planet itself. And causing the Namekians any further pain was something that Vegeta refused to allow. Which is one of the other good parts about the arc: Vegeta’s further characterization.

The “Prince Of All Saiyans”

Ever since “Dragon Ball Super” began; I have enjoyed how it’s characterized Vegeta. I love how it walked back his character arc a bit, and made it more about becoming “The Strongest” rather than about “surpassing Kakarot alone.” As he said in episode 2(or 3 I believe): “I have already accepted that Kakarot is the ‘Mightiest.’ But I refuse to let that be the case forever.” It actually makes me think of 1 Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia. He wants to be the “Undisputed #1!;” not just “I want to be better than Deku.” Vegeta wants to be THE Strongest now- Kakarot is just something like a “benchmark;” the “measuring stick” as it were.

And each arc has only served to further that progress that character in him- even the TRASH Resurrection F arc allowed for him to get revenge on Frieza……..even if he was ROBBED out of the kill. But going on from that(we’d be here all day if I got into THAT); the Universe 6 arc had Kakarot as little more than an “afterthought” until he displayed the x10 Blue Kaioken against Hit; he was focused on the fighters from Universe 6, as well as the Gods themselves. It’s one of my favorite moments involving Vegeta. And don’t even get me STARTED on the stuff with Goku Black. The way that he Thr-ASHED Black in both the anime and the manga- the speech he gave about Black’s power being “stolen” and how “only a moron like Kakarot can use that power to its fullest.” I just love seeing him continue to grow as a character; to see that people “never really stop growing.”

And here; you find that Vegeta feels regret for killing that singular village of Namekians- how much he’s grown to regret what he’s done to them. And even though Elder Mouri tells him that “holding petty grudges is pointless;” he’s still willing to put his life on the line to make up for what he did to them during the War On Namek.

The Thing That He Wants To Make Up For

And this character arc for Vegeta takes him to the Planet Yardrat to learn a technique that would counter Moro. Which gave us the incredible “Forced Spirit Fission.” Why is it so “incredible” you ask? Because of what it represents to Vegeta. By which I mean: Vegeta has never been on to “rely” on anyone- to accept anyone’s help in the matter even if it were to be the end of him. This technique works perfectly for Vegeta in that it “personifies his beliefs-” the belief that everyone should “rely on their own strength.” Which is something I like; I like the idea that characters should be strong on their own and overcome the problem with their own strength. It’s why whenever my brother talks about how much he likes the “inner Demon” trope in anime from series such as Parasyte: The Maxim or Jujutsu Kaisen; I don’t dislike that about those series, but if I were in that situation- I would want to use that power myself.

It’s like: Would you rather try to “negotiate” with the monster living in your body just to beat this 1 guy or do this 1 thing with this monster setting the terms of the agreement- knowing full well that if you lose control for even a single second it’ll come out and kill everyone you care about just to spite you- their “prison warden?’ Or would you rather get access to the full power, and struggle to use it and “make it your own strength?” Try to convert someone to your line of thinking every time want to win a fight, or have that full power and struggle to control it? Are you seeing what I’m saying?

My Thoughts Precisely, Prince!!

Now; some people find the fact that Vegeta single-handedly brought back the entirety of the Namekian race on New Namek. And while it was a little bit contrived for them to have “such strong life forces that they survived a month with no life energy;” it ultimately payed off what Vegeta asked Elder Mouri told Vegeta in chapter 47- about how Namekians don’t easily forget such things, but “have no need for grudges.” It’s a thematic through-line that connects to the recent chapter of the Granolah arc. The Namekians may have moved on from the deaths that occurred in that village, but Vegeta kept thinking about it- and let it motivate him to swallow his pride and learn Forced Spirit Fission. We’ll talk more about his character arc when I get to the review of the Granolah arc, but it connects in a pretty nice way, I think.

But as you may have surmised– my love and enjoyment of Vegeta’s characterization and development in this arc was……..I don’t want to say he was “robbed” of the W this time. Do I think that Goku struggling to attain Mastered Ultra Instinct could have continued into this current arc, giving Goku SOME kind of character arc, while allowing Vegeta to take the W and be the deciding factor in the story? Yes- most certainly. They could have had Goku continue the fight with Ultra Instinct-Sign-, and then Vegeta could have come in and they could have come in during the middle of the fight and RIPPED 73 out of Moro- thus reverting Moro to his old, 10 million year old self and made him taken him out with the Big Bang Attack- paying off Moro’s earlier mocking of Vegeta by using his own attack, and it could have been a tribute to when Vegeta was ACTUALLY ROBBED of his win in Resurrection F.

You could have made Resurrection F a little bit better; tied in Vegeta’s defeat from earlier; and had Goku continue to struggle to master Ultra Instinct- tying into this arc, giving it a little more stakes. But that’s just how I feel. I would like to know how you feel in the comments. Which brings me to another point I would like to talk about: Moro’s Transformation.

Moro(73 Absorbed)

I hear that a lot of people didn’t like this twist. They felt that it “robbed Moro of his unique character design.” And, granted- I did like Moro’s original design. The “Decrepit Old Beast” look, if I’m being honest. I really like how long his beard was- how emaciated he looked. He looked like Satan. It’s was honestly a really cool design- really interesting and unique look for any character in the series. But I did not “dislike” his post-absorption design. I felt that the transformation made sense in the context of the story, and I feel like it would make a really cool figurine when the anime returns and they start making Moro Merch. All that being said; I feel like this was the equivalent of Super Saiyan Rage in the “Future” Trunks arc: This transformation is where the arc began to go down. Hill. QUICK.

I talked about how I dislike Super Saiyan Rage as a concept and a form- I felt that it only served to put Trunks on a “somewhat comparable” level to the other characters in the arc. That was not the problem– the PROBLEM I had was it’s lack of explanation; the fact that he just “got it” and no one ever addressed what the h#ll it was- leaving fans to just make up head canon that isn’t awful, although it just makes me hate the form more because I KNOW in my heart-of-hearts that these fan explanations are going to be 10’s of BILLIONS of times better than anything they could come up with. Whether that’s because the form left a bad taste in my mouth and I can’t accept any other explanation after it’s introduction, or if I’m just biased and being a “toxic fan” is completely irrelevant to me- I DESPISE That Form. Even if- admittedly- it looks cool.

I do not dislike Moro’s new form- though that may just be the “fanboy” in me making excuses up in his mind to make “Dragon Ball” out to be better than it really is. I admit that I can sometimes be a gate-keeping, toxic “Go-tard” at times. But that doesn’t make this a “horrible mess of an arc.” Though again; I can admit that this was where the arc started to go “off the rails.” It began to lose it’s “unique charm” that made people love it so much. I feel like the radical change in character design is what through people off initially– and what happened afterwards just added to that.

The Galactic Bandit Brigade

Another aspect of the arc that I think a lot of people liked(myself included) is Moro’s minions and the fact that they gave the side characters like Gohan, Piccolo, Tien- even Yamcha and Chiaotzu purpose in the arc. Even though they themselves were not the most interesting bunch. 73- easily the most prominent character out of the bunch. He’s kind of a “Souless Machine,” so his lack of anything akin to a “personality” just adds to how cool he is. And he connects us to the next arc of the manga, so it’s easy to see why people would like him(I don’t know if anyone actually does). People didn’t seem to like Shimorekka, but I found his behavior and way of fighting cool. He was simply a “murderous little imp” who’d use his small stature to attack and slash people attack!!

The girls were………interesting. Miza, Iwaza, and Kikaza had really interesting designs, and their “fusion” against was something that I wanted to see more of. At least; I wanted to see how they did it. Miza seemed to be the leader of the 3- and the most “blood thirsty.” She honestly reminded me of Caulifla(which means a lot of people probably won’t like her. People didn’t just hate how Caulifla powered up so fast; they also found her “annoying”). Iwaza’s design made me think of Android 21- especially with her elasticity that she displayed when they invaded a planet. And Kikaza was older Arale. I ultimately liked what they did in the story- even if it wasn’t much. I really hope the anime expands on their scenes and characters a little bit more. And show us how they fused like that.

From Left To Right: Kikaza, Miza, And Iwaza
The Girls Fusion

I also think that the fact that all 3 of them are present in the fusion means that there are types of Fusion that can be done with 3 people. Maybe we could learn about that at some point? I doubt itMoro’s minions didn’t really get the best reaction from readers(aside from 73), but you never know, right?

Yunba’s little rivalry with Krillin was fun- it very much reminded me of that Pintar guy from the martial arts tournament in the Buu saga. And his design reminded me a lot of Botama from Universe 6. So did Quitor. We finally meet another Metalman, and I think his fight against Tien and Chiaotzu was pretty funny. I like how Tien was incapable of insulting him- it gave Chiaotzu some kind of relevance in the fight. Yuzun- the guy that Vegeta beat up on Yardrat while learning Spirit Control. Obvious reference to Zarbon. Which leads into a “problem” with the manga as a whole: Toyotaro’s too much of a fanboy. I use the word “problem” loosely.

Sometimes; the neat little homages to iconic scenes in the franchise are nice. They remind us of what came before, and just visually pleasing to see. And when it comes to the writing; it can work. Just look at the anime’s Tournament of Power: Goku used the Spirit bomb- only for it to fail; he gets a new transformation that allows him to fight and somewhat overcome the enemy, but ultimately doesn’t end the fight in itself. Or when in the manga; Toyotaro depicted a scene of Merged Zamasu losing his arm the same way Cell did after Vegeta’s Legendary Final Flash. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t do these little homages to a series that loved; just tone it back. Because when you have man whose supposed to be someone’s grandfather repeating the SAME GODD@MN MISTAKE HE MAD IN HIS YOUTH- that just plain undoes his character development and makes it seem like he’s a moron who never learns anything, alienating the fans he still had left who stuck by him even when “Super” made him act like a little kid again. Rant To End All Rates- Imminent.

Vegito’s Handiwork
Vegeta’s Handiwork

Yeah; you all knew that this was coming. I can’t put it off anymore- I simply HAVE to rant about Goku right now. For a long time- pretty much since Goku punched Monaka in the face on the way to the Universe 6 Torunament(even a little before that with that Impatient Goku episode); I have been very upset with Goku’s portrayal in “Dragon Ball Super.” All that character development and progression- seeing Goku go from an isolated monkey boy in the mountains to the savior of the Universe. That scene in which Goku “lost control” and punched Monaka in the face like that- even Kid Goku wouldn’t have done something like that. He would have asked Monaka if he wants to spar, and then just backed off if he said “No.” He would have stopped if anyone told him not to- he wouldn’t have just “gone off the handle” like that. Especially not in his adult years.

All of this is leading to that moment: Goku giving Moro a Godd@mn Senzu Bean. Look: I can appreciate a good reference- even when the references influence the story in major ways. Edens Zero is a case of this. But this was just awful. Like; I just could not understand what he was thinking. I talked at one point during the arc about the idea that Toyotaro was trying to tell the story of of a “Martial Artist Losing Their Path-” that this character………….to say “regression” would imply that he was like this before, which I’ve detailed to not be the case. I thought that this would pay off what Roshi said in the Manga Tournament Of Power about Goku being too caught up in the enemy’s strength- their raw power, rather than martial arts itself. A kind of “self reference” to the franchise; how it became more and more about “strength and power” over the martial arts and fighting techniques of the early series.

I Guess This Is Leading Nowhere………

The theme of this character arc would have involved Goku getting over his opponents strength and worry more about his own– he’d stop worrying about just getting stronger and actually start to grow again. Ever since Vegeta came to Earth in the Saiyan Saga; Goku’s quest has become to get stronger, but the pursuit of power is clouding his judgement- he’s letting the bad guys go because he wants to fight with them again, rather than end the problem while he has the chance. Goku told Merus in the flashback in chapter 63 that he doesn’t kill the enemy because he wants to fight them again- he’ll fight them as many times as they want, and maybe they’ll become good guys at some point. All In The Pursuit Of Power over common sense. It’s not all that different from what Jiren or Vegeta pursue, really.

But as I said; that’s not always the best idea. It works out with characters like Vegeta and Piccolo- but characters like Frieza and Moro will never change. And despite that reluctance to change; Goku refused to end them. In fact, he saved both of them. But in the case of Moro; giving him a senzu bean like that proved to be disasterous for the Earth. What I;m trying to say is that Goku should know by now who’s going to change their ways and who won’t. Moro will NEVER change- Goku should have been able to feel that. He’s older now, and should be much more aware of the world around him and how his actions affect it. For him to make the same mistake he made with Frieza on Namek- for him to help the mass murderer that’s begging for help at his feet despite them showing no signs of remorse or humanity- doesn’t sit well with me.

The story could have involved Goku coming to terms with what he must do, and making the kind of decisions you would expected from someone pushing 50. But that’s just the “Big”stuff. The other problem is that Moro even needed a Senzu bean. He didn’t- everyone was speculating about the hand Merus severed coming into play at some point in the final battle. He didn’t need the senzu bean to get that hand; he could have just gotten the hand that would have been the end of it. Heck; people were thinking that Moro’s little “plea for help” was a diversion until he could get the hand over to him. Didn’t need to happen– that was just a homage for the sake of it.

I guess that means he was serious, huh?

……….You knowI think that’s IT. I’ve said everything that I really wanted to say about this arc. Is this the best written arc in “Super.” In the beginning, at leastYes. Heck, even when you consider the ending; this arc is still the best in the MANGA. The first 1 was an arc retelling; Toyotaro skipped the Resurrection F arc(which is fine); The Universe 6 arc was alright; “Future Trunks” went off all kinds of rails; and the Universe Survival arc was rushed as h#ll. This is the best in the manga. Which is somewhat sad if you think about it. If this ending is the best that the manga can do; I’m kind of scared to see where the Granolah arc is heading. But I’m still going to enjoy “the ride-“ just as I did with this arc.

But these are all just my thoughts- I would like to know yours down in the comments. That’ll be all from me for now, everyone. Til the next post, my pretties; catch ya later, home skillets!!

Imminent Collision! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 56 BREAKDOWN(First Time Talking About Boruto)

First Chapter Review I EVER Do On The Series, And I Pick The Chapter With Her On The Cover!!

Hello again , everyone! And yeah- we’re adding a NEW series to our roster!! I realize that some posts are taking longer and longer to come out these days(and it’s starting to feel like my posts are starting with the same godd@mn apology). But I think the new format is going to be lending to us getting posts out a little bit faster now. So I’m going to be adding 2 new series that I REALLY want to talk about. Those 2 being this one, and Nakaba Suzuki’s 7 Deadly Sins sequel series- Four Knights Of The Apocalypse. I wanted to start that this week, but Dragon Ball Super and Boruto came out 2 days earlier this month(it’ll be back to normal next month), so that’s getting pushed off for a little while. Why so long?- You’ll find out in due time.

And don’t worry; I’ll have full story recaps for each series so you can get caught up to were we’re reading so you won’t be lost. When those’ll come out is beyond me because I still have posts from the beginning of the year to get out, but those are stories for days set in the(hopefully) near future. We’re……..dragging on a little bit here. Let’s just get to the post. Boruto Chapter 56: “CodeLet’s do this thing.


We open this month’s chapter 1 week after the previous battle against Isshiki Ohtsusuki. Boruto- hailed as “The Hero” for transporting the enemy away from Konoha- is on a talk show, looking incredibly uncomfortable. The talk show host(I’m blanking on his name, if it was ever revealed) is asking him all sorts of questions and giving him all kinds of praise. Then we get to the question of “What was that jutsu you used to swallow the notorious Ohtsusuki?” As all information regarding the Karma mark is forbidden from being discussed with the public; Boruto has to think of a way to step around the problem.

Poor, Poor Boruto……

We then cut over to see Kawaki- Isshiki Ohtsusuki’s Old Vessel- getting treatment from Defected Kara Scientist Amado and Ninja Tool Development Team Leader Katatsuke. Oh; and Sumire Kake, too, who had been his caretaker for the last week. With the help of Amado; Kawaki’s hand has completely regenerated- much to the surprise of Katatsuke. Kawaki is also somewhat shocked, as he states that it “feels like his old hand.” Amado explains that it’s “a hand made with his own cells-” it’s essentially his original hand that he lost defending Boruto and Naruto from Delta(I’ll explain later). He also adds that “It wouldn’t be possible if he were an ordinary human- and his whole body not a scientific Ninja tool.”

Sumire comes up to give him a shot, and Amado says that she’s been a big help to him since coming to Konoha. Sumire says that she wanted to help with Kawaki’s treatment, as she’s learning more and more about Ninja tools and medical care. She also adds that “She can ask him about Boruto, since they’re always together.” Kawaki calls her out on liking Boruto- much to her embarrassment and unsurprising to anyone else in the room. Because comedy.

Something I Will Say About the Series: Panelling is Kind Of “Not So Good

With his treatment done; Kawaki is extremely eager to leave. His progress is complimented, and Amado tells him to come back again next week for maintenance. Kawaki puts on his jacket and starts heading to out. Before he can leave; Amado is about to tell him something. But he stops- instead deciding to leave that for later. Sceptical; Kawaki walks away.

We then end up cutting back to Boruto talking on the television, as the talk show host tells the audience “Unfortunately; it appears that we are out of time. Everyone; please give another ’round of applause’ to the Tiny-But-Mighty Hero who saved our village: Boruto Uzumaki!!” The embarrassed Boruto just chuckles and rubs his head.

Elsewhere; we see Boruto’s friends watching the show. Sarada thinks that all this attention and praise is starting to go to Boruto’s head- and the fact that Team 7 is prevented from going on missions because Boruto needs constant surveillance in conjunction with that might be going to his head…….or so she would think. But Shikadi points out that he’s more likely the MOST depressed of all. The constant surveillance; the restrictions placed on him; and he has to be careful with what he says in regards to Karma. And the fact that all of Team 7 is restricted must make him feel bad for holding the rest of the team back- as well as making him feel like sort of a “prisoner.” As such; Shikadai thinks that this “Hero Treatment” is compensation for all of that. But it ends up becoming more of an “Insult” than anything else.

Sarada explains that she only meant that this reality is a little bit “harsh-” but she wasn’t blaming Boruto. Mitsuki suggests asking Konohamaru for advice(A fat lot of good HE’LL do), and Shikadai just hopes that his friends will find some sort of happiness in the near future. Or something like that.

We then cut over to Boruto sitting atop Naruto’s head on the Hokage statues. He’s looking out at Konoha- and some little girls see him and wave to him. He waves back with the hand that carries the Karma mark.He quickly retracts it in fear of anyone seeing it. Kawaki then approaches him to see how he’s doing. Seeing that he’s not as bummed out as he’d been expecting; he begins to suggest an idea to Boruto that he’s been sitting on for a minute. Seeing as their bodies are 80% Ohtsusuki-fied(and in Boruto’s case: Still Rising), then it should theoretically be possible for Boruto to place his own Karma on someone.

Not the worst idea……..

He basically thinks that- since he’s almost completely Ohtsusuki- he should be able to implant a Karma mark with his information in it. That way, when Momoshiki takes over his body; he can reincarnate in someone else. But this is all just speculation on his part. But even so- even if it’s possible; Boruto doesn’t want to put another person through what he and Kawaki have went through because of this mark. To that; Kawaki suggest someone who might be the perfect vessel: Code– the only other person who survived Jigen/Isshiki’s “Ritual.”

We then cut over to the man himself walking to another Kara base in the middle of a snowy region. More on that later. For now; we cut back to Konoha to see Amado explaining Code to Naruto and Shikamaru. He explains that Code is the last of the Kara “Inner” members left. There are still the “Outers” who carry out small scale tasks for the Inner, but as far as the “Higher Ups” go- he’s all that’s left. Once they take him; the Outers should cease functioning.

Not only that, but Code was in charge of guarding Isshiki’s 10 Tails in the other Dimension. And after Saskue invaded; Kara went on High Alert. Knowing the danger the 10 Tails presents; they want to take that out as soon as possible. Easier said than done, as Sasuke losing his Rinnegan means no more Space-Time Ninjutsu shenanigans. But Amado explains that there are other ways to get to that Space to execute the 10 tails. But first; they’ll have to get passed Code– which is sort of a problem. You see: Code is not like the other Kara Inners. While the others had cybernetic enhancements to make them strongerCode had his in place to Restrict him. After the Karma experiments and development of his “White Karma;” he became incredibly strong. So Isshiki had Amado place limiters on Code so as not to undermine his authorities.

“Kick It Up A Notch”

Code’s restrictions restrain his power- but he’s still unimaginably powerful because of his unique “Karma” mark. The “White Karma” is a rare case that comes about every once in a while- a case in which someone is compatible with Karma, but can’t become the “vessel” for the Ohtsusuki who put it there. But it still ends up making them much stronger- giving them all the abilities of regular Karma. Thus- Code. And we see him putting these abilities on display against some Outer Kara’s who only answer to Boro(another Kara Inner). The Karma lines cover his body, and his Scientific Enhancements are put on display as he changes his hands into claws, and starts to take them both down. We also see here that his unique jutsu allows him to create straps to ensnare and harm them. After killing them both; he comes in to get what he came for.

Back in Konoha; Amado explains that Code allowed these limiters to be put in place because of Jigen- more accurately Isshiki. Because he revered the Ohtsusuki(Isshiki in particular) as “Gods;” he let the limiters be placed on him. His adoration of Isshiki lead him to envy and despise Kawaki for being Isshiki’s vessel. That’s not leading to an important event in the future. But in any case; he goes on to mention that he created several cyborgs to be that strong. But seeing them as a threat to himself; Jigen had Amado dismantle the lot of em. So he instead went down the organic route and created Kashin Koji- Jiriya’s clone. After summing it all up; Naruto realizes that he, Sasuke, Boruto, Kawaki, and Amado are all more than likely on Code’s sh!t list. And without Kurama there to back him up and Sasuke losing his Rinnegan- as well as Kawaki losing Karma and Boruto being almost completely Ohtsusuki; they are in for a WORLD Of Trouble.

Why Do I Have This Gut Feeling That That’s Not Going To End Well………..

Fortunately; the only one who can remove these limiters is Amado himself. And now that they’ve given him sanctuary in the Leaf Village- everything should be fine in that regard. But the threat of him coming to get Amado to remove the limiters is still a point of concern- as he admits that if Code starts torturing him to get the limiters off; he will snap- like a twig under a bears foot. Basically they’re all up a creek if Amado is captured. So they’re gonna need to keep an eye on him for right now.

As for how they plan to go about dealing with Code; Naruto tells Shikamaru to make preparations for: A Gokage Summit. You know I don’t think that will go well? More on that later. Because we end up cutting back over to Boruto and Kawaki, where Boruto admits to never having thought about implanting his own Karma on someone else, but thinking about it for minute- he feels that it may well be possible. Kawaki mentions that becoming an Ohtsusuki would mean having access to their techniques such as the Space Time Ninjutsu(which we’ve seen on display before). So why not Karma?

However; Boruto still questions whether 1 person is able to take having 2 Karma marks on their body like that. Kawaki doesn’t know either, but it’s the fact that he survived being given Karma that’s key in all of this. “If it were easy for Karma to stick; Jigen wouldn’t have had so much trouble. So it only makes since to try someone who’s already survived it once. And besides; he’s no one’s vessel.” Even so; Boruto still has a few reservations of implanting Karma on someone else- even an enemy. But Kawaki let’s him know what Code is like, and tells him that he’s “Gotta do it- unless he wants to die.” Hearing this, and seeing as Naruto is no longer a Jinchuruki; Boruto comes to the conclusion that they have to Train– and become strong enough to beat Code and implant the Karma on him.

I Kind Of Went Crazy with this one, huh?

We then cut back over to see Code talking to the Senior Outer at this base- “Bug.” He alerts Bug to the fact that Jigen and Boro are dead- greatly surprising Bug. He asks what’s going on, but Code doesn’t tell him much of anything, and instead shifts the subject over to what he really came for: “Eida-” one f the Cyborgs that Amado talked about earlier. Boro secretly stored her and several of the other ones at this particular base(though he doesn’t know exactly why). Hearing that Code is after Eida; Bug can’t help but question him about Boro. But Code gives him an intense look- leading to Bug complying with Code’s commands in exchange for a hefty payment.

Bug takes him to the storage facility, and he walks up to the chamber containing Eida- “She Who Knows Everything In The World.” Boruto Chapter 56 END!! And on a somewhat cryptic note, no less.

The All Knowing And The Almighty- A United Front Strikes Back At The Leaf!!


Something I’m noticing from everything I’m hearing about the anime is the fact that they are trying harder when it comes to relationships than Kishimoto did during “Naruto’s” serialization. They’re dedicating more time to developing Sumire’s crush on Boruto- as well as teasing fans with Boruto x Sarada. Not a problem– in fact; it’s much better than “Naruto” when it comes to stuff like that. At least- the anime is. And I kind of basically REFUSE to watch the anime. It just…… has too much filler. Sorry: “AnImE cAnOn.” It has anime original stuff that ties in more with the other stuff in the anime than what’s going on in the manga. It expands upon stuff that happens in the manga, but adapting the actual arcs is………just few and far between. But enough about me b!tching about the anime- let’s talk about the source material!

Code Goes On The Offensive

The other thing I want to talk about is actually Code’s powers himself. Like the other Kara Inners; he has cybernetic enhancements- which is why he’s able to alter his body in the way he does in this chapter. That said; they serve to make him weaker rather than stronger. He wouldn’t want to undermine “God” Isshiki, so he let’s himself be held back. Which is probably also serving as a metaphor to explain his character arc.

For Code to reach his full potential; he’ll have to remove his limiters. Amado can take off the physical limiters, but Code is going to have to overcome his psychological limiters. Code strikes as the type to intentionally suppress his strength to not undermine Isshiki- he doesn’t want to surpass the one he idolizes so he holds himself back. So his character arc is going to be accepting the fact that he’s stronger than Isshiki. And to do so; he might have to face Momoshiki.

He revered Isshiki as a “God,” but he harbors a “religious devotion” to the Ohtsusuki clan as whole. If he ends up fighting and Ohtsusuki who wants to get the chakra fruit- the thing his “God” told him to take for himself– then he’ll have to fight and defeat him. Where you want to ranked Momo in comparison to is up to you, but I definitely think that Code is stronger than Momoshiki. But he doesn’t want to believe that, so his initial confrontation with the “Higher Than All” Momoshiki will end in his defeat. But when accepts the power he has, then I think that Momo’s gonna have his hands full- BIG TIME.

I’d also like to speculate on Eida for a minute, as I feel like Code calling her “The One Who Knows Everything” might be leading to a few major reveals. For one; if she really knows “EVERYTHING” everything- then she might know how to get rid of Karma. And that could lead to Code getting rid of Boruto’s karma mark and do away with Momoshiki- while using the 80%(or whatever percent he is at that point)Boruto or Kawaki as 10 Tails chow. No resistance from Momo; a weakened Boruto and/or Kawaki to throw to 10 tails; and Boruto is free of Momoshiki. Somewhat of a Win/Win scenario. But beyond just knowing how to get rid of Karma; what else could she know? The history of the Ohtsusuki clan? What actually happened to Kurama after the Baryon Mode ended? Cause we’re still unsure on if Kurama is DEAD dead, or if he’ll reincarnate at a later point.

Though it is also entirely possible that I’m just blowing this all out of proportion and she doesn’t really know EVERYTHING everything. Still fun to speculate, though. Though I think her data would update every now and then through some other means.

White Karma Code


So there you have it, boys and girls- the FIRST “Boruto- Naruto Next Generations” post of many to come! Next month. For now; I have a very important Announcement: I’m going on a little bit of a Hiatus. By which; I mean that I am going to be doing “Manga Chapter Review Dumps” for the next 4 weeks. I have 15 posts to finish, and I need time to do so. “Review Dumps” don’t take long to make, and I don’t want to not talk about the chapters. It’s not that I’m “tired;” I just need to finish all of those other posts. Not going away- posts are just gonna come out slower. I’ll post “Review Dumps,” and whatever posts I finish in the next 3 weeks.

And when I come back- prepare to be Bombarded with post after post after post. You know; unless I’ve posted them all by then. I guess “Hiatus” wouldn’t be the right word, would it? But that’s enough about that; I wanna know what you guys thought of this review. Did I do everything right? And have you been reading “Boruto” all this time? Let me know in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- catch ya laters!

Finding Allies In The Sand Land! Edens Zero Chapter 135 BREAKDOWN

“A Lot Of New Wo~rlds!!!”

Hello again, my lovely readers! You’re reading this on Wednesday, but I started typing this up Tuesday. And on this day- My NEW computer arrived!! And after…….many, MANY, MANY minute dedicated to setting it up; I think I can finally use it more. Meaning post should come out a little bit faster because my computer isn’t shutting off constantly. Now if only I didn’t have to do what I have to do. You’ll find out in due time. For now; let’s talk about this week’s chapter of “Edens Zero!” We get hints at Laguna’s past; new creatures and a new world introduced; and the crew gearing up to battle the forces of Shura and Nero. And it’s all right here in Edens Zero Chapter 135: “Desert Oasis.” Let’s begin.


This chapter begins with a wide shot of the New Planet introduced: “Sandra-” the “Planet of Sand.” It’s basically a great big desert planet with small towns spread throughout(ironic considering it’s in a sector of space where water can exist in space). We zoom in to see a town amongst the sand hills, and zoom in further to see a merchant town- where people are buying things like food and supplies. Rebecca and Happy are amazed at how many shops are in this one town.

Rebecca And Happy In Appropriate Attire For The Environment

They look around- seeing and talking with a plethora of people and bots along the way. Homura admits that she was expected something a little more like a desert, to which Laguna explains that 9/10’s of the planet is covered in sand.

Shiki ends up seeing a large creature called a “Camelfish-” a creature that has the head of a fish and the body of a Camel. According to Pino: “Camelfish are capable of functioning in a wide range of environment- from arid regions to underwater ones.” Rebecca and Happy are extremly eager to ride one for a B Cube video, but Laguna reminds them that they’re here on important business- which leads us into a flashback sequence to 10 hours ago on the ship.

After Hermit finished crying; they begin to discuss what to do about the situation. Witch summarizes the events “Lord Ziggy wants to control all machines, while Shura is attempting to slay them.” Weisz doesn’t think that he can really do that, but Sister speculates that he can, based on what Ziggy was able to do. Of course; Shiki ain’t fittin’ to let that sh!t happen. So he suggests that they go attack the Temple head on. Laguna calls him crazy, saying that “This ship is like a cruise for Suiciders.” He then goes on to explain the overarching problem with that plan: “‘The Temple’ is the planet where Poseidon Nero is. If a civilian ship even thinks about getting close- It’ll end up as Fish Food for its 60,000 strong Defense Fleet.Naturally- Shiki don’t give a f*ck. So Laguna goes on to explain that he has a 100,000 Battle Cruisers on the planet ready to attack if they manage to get through that. Shiki still not giving a hint of a sh!t– while everyone except for Homura are composing their wills as they speak.

Seeing as Shiki isn’t budging on the topic; Laguna instead suggest they go about attacking the Temple differently. He tells them “If you’re serious about this, then I know again that’s willing to help.” But they won’t be able to call this guy; they have to go to him in person. Thus- the trip to Sandra.

“I’m Not Scared- As Long As I Have My Friends”

Back in the present; they walk through the town- seeing that the machines and people aren’t in much of a “panic” like they had been expecting. Laguna replies that “This planet is special,” and asks Rebecca got so calm so fast. She replies that “Shiki’s made up his mind, and we’re going to see someone who can help, anyway.” She says that she is still afraid- but she can’t just ignore people who need her help.

They walks for a while longer, and Weisz starts to get a little bit impatient. Lagua tells them that they’re here, and knock on a steel door. A guy looks through the peep hole, and utters the phrase “The Camelfish Depot Is On The Other Side Of Town.” Laguna responds “Yeah, but I want a place with some good Mansfa(most likely another kind of creature here in Aoi).” The door opens, and they enter into a dark room. Homura thinks that the password was really cool. “To each their own,” I suppose. Laguna tells Rebecca not to record anything in this place, but Rebecca replies “I know better than that!” A voice in the darkness calls out “That voice……Laguna?” The figure comes out of the dark, revealing a very “Thug” type” appearance. Meet “Ibaraki-” a member of this gang. He says “Iffen So- I’m Surprised Ya Came Back.”

He Has A Pompadore So You Know He’s A Thug

The lights come on to reveal that they’re surrounded– this gang has their guns point at all of them, with Laguna as their main target. Ibaraki calls him a “Dirty, Rotten Coward.” The crew puts their hands up in fear, while Laguna tries to talk down the situation. Shiki asks if they were his friends, to which Laguna says “Old ones….” Ibaraki interrupts “IFFEN SO- You got some nerve showin’ yer face around here!!”

Shiki- being Shiki– assumes that just because they were Laguna’s friends means that they’re his friends, too(despite Laguna rejecting his friendship many times). But Ibaraki ends up confused by him, seeing as they’re enemies with Laguna now. But Shiki explains that they’re friends with Laguna, so that makes them friends- much to the annoyance of Rebecca. Laguna doesn’t give a flying f*ck who’s friends with who– he just wants to talk to the “Boss.” But Ibaraki already has an order from the Boss: Shoot Laguna On Sight. He raises his gun and is about to pull the trigger- until Shiki gets in the way and makes all of their guns heavier. He tells them that they’re only here to talk, so they don’t need to use weapons like that.

When He Says “Put Them Down……..”

The gang is surprised to see that this boy has Ether Gear- and even more so to find that it’s Gravity based, just like Prince Shura. While the rest of the crew is just surprised that he’s made such strides in his power since training with Xenolith. More on that later.

Having shown how serious this group is; Laguna demands to see the boss now. But between of the vast numbers and the fact that they have a leader; Rebecca asks “What is this place?” Another voice comes up from the floor- explaining that they’re a group that’s dedicated to “Stopping Nero’s Tyranny” named “Oasis.” All this information; Weisz realizes that Laguna was once part of Oasis! But the boss doesn’t want to talk anymore about Laguna- he’s much more interested in Shiki. The leader “Goodwin” comes up from the ground- revealing his gigantic cat-like appearance. He introduces himself to the crew as “The Man Who Will Take Down Nero-” as Edens Zero Chapter 135 comes to a resounding END!! Rebecca and Happy are scared of the Kitty.

Goodwin- Leader Of Oasis!


Where do I begin with this chapter? Let’s talk about Laguna for a minute. As many may have suspected: Laguna’s roots lie in the Aoi Cosmos. Did they suspect that because of the water theme of his powers in addition to him coming back in Aoi Cosmos saga? Plausibly. Other than that; I don’t necessarily see a reason for him be important coming up. I mean; I honest and for truly thought that Laguna was originally from the Sakura Cosmos(which is still always plausible; just because he has ties to Oasis doesn’t mean he’s originally from Aoi). But it seem like this is his “Homecoming.” Which kind of makes me question why he came back. For them to want to “Shoot Laguna on sight;” something ridiculously bad must have happened.

Then Why Did You Come Back Here?

Maybe a hint lies in the lie he told Homura to try and get her to cry in chapter 73– about he and his friend competing to become the “Greatest Swordsman in the Universe,” and their death. The end part might not be alive. Maybe his friend did in fact die, but he made up the rest. And he may have died when Oasis tried to fight against Nero. After that; Laguna probably left- and left the rest of Oasis feeling abandoned. Or something like that; it’s only one possibility. But I’d definitely say that it involves some feelings of betrayal on Oasis’ part, and Laguna’s secret regret in combination with his stoic personality would lead one to believe that he had some sort of falling out with his old gang.

As for why he joined and why he left; I think Laguna’s planet might have been one of the first that Nero conquered. And when he did so; he had to use Lethal Force. His parents may have died- or possibly the childhood friend from earlier. As such; Laguna would want revenge on Nero and his forces, wouldn’t he? But then one thing lead to another and he ended up leaving Aoi altogether. So why he would want to come back to this cos…….mos………. You know I forgot that “Finding a safe planet to live on” was a ruse he told the crew? I honest and for truly did. In chapter 129; Laguna’s inner monologue told us that he plans to stay on the ship until he accomplishes his true goal. And that goal must be to take down Nero. And seeing as this is group that was able to take on Drakken Joe and win– then maybe defeating another Oracion Seis Galactica wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility……..right?

Something else to talk about his Shiki’s strength now. Something I’ve noticed with Mashima over my time reading Rave Master(Finished it some time ago- really enjoyed it) and Fairy Tail(trying to watch the anime and reminding myself with the manga)- whenever Mashima has his characters get stronger in a short period of time- be that through legit training or through “ulterior means;” he doesn’t do a big display of power immediately. Shiki’s used “Gravity Wave” before to stop a group of enemies- but never like this. It’s more just been to disperse and confuse the enemy, while knocking out their weapons was more of an “added effect.” Now; he’s able to make their weapons “heavier.” I like that detail– it shows more precision with his “Satan Gravity.”

He Only Hit The Weapons This Time

Now for something RJ Writing Ink speculated on in his post about this week’s chapter: Goodwin Potentially Being And Exceed- just like Happy. I feel like it’s possible- Exceeds were talked about in chapter 2, and they were important during the Edolas arc of Fairy Tail. I don’t think that they’ll be that important this time around, but we may well visit their planet in the future. Considering all the fish in this cosmos; I feel like it’ll be in the near future. Is Goodwin one, though? It would not surprise me; I think that there has to be a reason for him to be a cat. And Exceeds are all cats- Cats that could come in any shape and size. So it’s a definite possibility.


And yeah, folks; that’s all that went down in Edens Zero capter 135! I would like to know your thoughts on the chapter in the comments. I thought that was a good chapter- very much a tease at what’s to come in the future. I think that next chapter is going to see Shiki trying to gain Goodwin’s favor, and then they gear up for an assault on the Temple. I hope to see a few chapters of build up to that, but it’s Mashima’s manga, and he can do whatever he d@mn well pleases.

But that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, folks. Until the next post, ladies and gents- Catch Ya Later!!

Nacht Faust: The Origins! Black Clover Chapter 286 BREAKDOWN

Are you guys like my brother and are fascinated by Demonology? If you are, then cool- Demons are pretty cool. If not, then hey- I hope you enjoy whatever you enjoy. Mythology, Astrology, Deuteronomy- It All Started With A Big BANG! I will give any one of you 10 Billion Points if you can tell me what song I got that from. But that’s more for later. Right now; we gots to talk about the origins of the Black Bull’s Vice Captain! Black Clover Chapter 286: “A Night With No MorningDo you get what the joke is in the title of the chapter? If you don’t; see last week’s chapter review.


Picking up from last week;s ending; we begin the flashback to Nacht’s past. Apparently; Nacht was the “Delinquent Brother” who only did as he wanted, and his younger twin “Morgen(German for “Morning,” as Nacht is German for “Night”)” was the “Goody-Goody 2 Shoes” who everyone loved(even Nacht himself, as we will soon find out). Nacht narrates that he “Only did things he found fun,” and had been doing so from the get-go. While Morgen was “prim and proper” and beloved by all. We see Nacht’s perspective as he looks at his brother being praised and helping him in situations. Nacht looks at his brother being praised by the adults- as he thinks to himself “Even if we have the same appearance, but I never thought we were the same.”

The Difference Between Nacht And Morgen

He time skips to when he received his Grimoire; he had heard a rumor of someone who a “rare kind of person” with Magic similar to his own. He went out to look, and low and behold- The “Delinquent:” Yami Sukehiro. When they met; Yami thought that he was looking for a fight, but that wasn’t the case as Nacht told him. From there after; Nacht and Yami went around “doing bad things, but doing ‘just enough’ to prevent from getting in trouble with the Magic Knights.” They essentially caused enough trouble to be “delinquents,” but not so much that they attracted the attention of the Magic Knights.

About half a year later; Morgen and Yami took the Magic Knight Entrance exam, and were inducted into the Azure Deer squad- surprising the h#ll out of Nacht. He didn’t think that Yami would be such a good Magic Knight. Though that was more because his brother chose to get close to Yami- bridging the gap between he and the rest of the squad. At one point; Morgen claimed that they’re “more similar than just their magic,” but Nacht completely disagreed with that sentiment. He always bugged his brother trying to get Nacht to join the Magic Knights, but Nacht dodged at every turn.

One fateful day- after the twins turned 18 years old; the Faust parents called Nacht into their room for a conversation. He thought it was gonna be “yet another lecture, but it turns out they wanted him to talk to him about taking over as head of the House Of Faust. He says to just let Morgen take over, but they feel otherwise. You seeThey’re practitioners of Forbidden Magic. They’ve been studying Demonology for generations now. But since it’s forbidden; Morgen would turn them in for it- while the rebellious Nacht excitedly and readily accepts the offer. Because it means that “He was the one who truly fit in with his family.”

“Shunning The Morning And Welcoming The Night”

For some time; Yami and Morgen went about doing missions as Magic Knights, while Nacht continued to study Devils and Demons- even showing a talent for it as he advanced further in his studies and even making contracts with 4 Devils just like that. Even mastering their powers in conjunction with his Shadow Magic quickly.

For his abilities and skills in Devil Binding; his fauther hands him a relic that’s connected to an EXTREMELY High Ranked Devil- one of the “Rulers Of The Underworld,” who have the magic of Gravity, Space, and Time. One of them being the “Supreme Devil:” Lucifugus. Nacht is interested in taking up the challenge against a “Supreme Devil-” until Morgen reveals himself, trying to prevent his brother from breaking the law any further. But his pleas end up falling on deaf ears- as Nacht summons the Lucifugus so that he may have “more of a rush.PROBLEM: Supreme Devil’s are SO INCONCEIVABLY POWERFUL. Even with the ritual suppressing his power; STILL A SUPREME BEING. But more than that: He’s able to attack people other than the individual who summoned him- as he displays by infecting the other Faust clan members with his repulsive mana and they all start dropping like flies.

It is here that the young Nacht realizes: “He’s Something That They Never Should Have Messed With.No. Sh!t.

Visit The Official To See The Full Outline

All looks lost for the Faust line, as Nacht’s body freezes up at the intense pressure before him. So it’s up to Morgen to rescue his brother! He grabs hold of the relic on Nacht’s wrist, and uses his Light magic to destroy it. This ends up cancelling the ritual- but Morgen Dies in the process. As he dies in his brother’s arms; Morgen admits his “secret dream:” The dream to one day stand side by side with his brother and protect people. To this end; even went as far as to hide the fact that his family practiced Forbidden Magic like this. He dies in Nacht’s arms, leaving Nacht the sole survivor of the House Of Faust.

Nacht admits to loving his brother dearly- so much so that he willingly stayed away from him so as not to “defile his light” with his existence. As such; he begins to call out for anyone- be they God himself or even a Devil- to bring his brother back and take him instead. But halfway through his cries, he realizes: This Was His Fault. If he hadn’t tried to “do whatever he wanted,” then his brother wouldn’t have had to save him and he’s still be alive. He feels that he doesn’t deserve the help of the Gods for his crimes. So he cows that he’ll make up for his sin by making sure “Unjust Evil” like the Triad and the Devils “don’t lay a hand on anymore ‘Good’ People.”

We cut back to the present- where Nacht was left in chapter 284: Strung up on spikes of Ice by Lilith. He tells them that he won’t let them do as they wants, and vows here and nowHe’ll Surpass His Limits. Black Clover Chapter 286 END!!

Did You Get That From Yami, or did Yami get it from you?


Holy. F*cking. SH!T. This chapter is full of lore and world building potential!! I think it does a lot for Nacht’s character(as it is supposed to considering it’s a character explaining flashback). Out of all the sh!t I can speculate on; the first question that popped into my mind after reading the chapter was pondering if Nacht coined the term “Surpass Your Limits Right Here Right Now” or if he got it from Yami. I’m kind of inclined to believe that it’s Nacht’s line– considering where Yami was at in the contents of this flashback. He was still the “Delinquent Foreigner-” not someone who would have came to that conclusion on his own. Nacht likely taught him this line of thinking while they were in a fight with someone one day, and he just took this to heart and made it his motto.

Or try to, anyway.

That said; I can also see the opposite being a thing- in which Yami taught him this philosophy, and Nacht applied it to the Faust Devil Binding rituals. And him thinking that he could do that this time is what ended up getting him in trouble like this. Him taking on this philosophy is what led him to think that he could take on a Supreme Devil- resulting in his brother’s death. Yami is Indirectly responsible for Morgen’s death– at least partially in Nacht’s mind. He definitely blames himself the most, but he won’t deny that he used Yami’s words(if it was in fact Yami who came up with it and not Nacht himself).

As for the BIG thing revealed in this chapter: SUPREME DEVILS. “They represent Time, Space, and Gravity.” We already met the Gravity Devil in Lucifero; we can infer from this information that the Devil that Zenon is possessed by is the Spatial Devil in this trinity; which would leave Lucifugus as the Time Devil. And because his name contains “Luci-” in it; we can infer that Zenon’s Devil possesses it as well. Story for another time. What I would like to talk about is what this could mean for Vanica and Megicula. If Megicula isn’t one of the “Supreme Devils,” then…..Who IS She? Is she one of their “Pillars-” someone who supports them directly? Or is she a Qliphoth Devil on one of the lower branches of the tree? This is kind of an important plot point. At least; I think it is.

Speaking of; we never did learn how the Triad ended up making contracts with their Devils- nor what their relics are. I discussed what I think they are in my now-defunct “Devil Fusion” theory. I think that Dante’s crown is what connects him to Lucifero, while Vanica seems to have chosen to go the “Asta” route and given Megicula her eye. Zenon is tough to speculate on, as he doesn’t have a significant physical feature to latch onto like his siblings. But that’s besides the point. What I’m trying to figure out here is: How Did They Win?

Team “Vanicula” All The Way!!!

I can see Vanica fighting against Megicula, but whether she’d win or lose is up in the air. It’s like; Megicula simply has “Curse Warding” Magic- she can only curse people with varying degrees of success(based on Charolette in chapter 277). While Vanica can change the shape and size of her blood at will. Something tells me that was a much more even fight than people might be thinking. But when it comes to SUPREME DEVILS– how did Dante and Zenon manage to make contracts with them? If they were even CLOSE to this strong(with Nacht implying in chapter 263 that Lucifero is the strongest of all), then how were they able to make any sort of contract with them?

Well, when you stop and think about it; Asta was able to use Liebe’s powers even before the “Devil Binding Ritual.” Perhaps that means that the Triad in nature are not bound to their Devils. Maybe they’re just using the power that leaks out from them via the relics attached to them. Or maybe it’s as I said in the “Devil Fusion” post; they didn’t win against the High Ranked Devil’s and they’re being Possessed possessed by their Devils. Or they’re possibly influencing their actions and behavior. These are all possibilities. And it’s what I adore about this series: Its “Lore” Potential. The way Tabata has crafted his story- taking inspirations from different mythologies and how he thoroughly he’s crafted the Demons; I just have to sing this man’s praises every time we get any sort of lore revealed in the story. Bravo, Yuki Tabata- Bravo.


All in all; this was a really good chapter. It did what it was supposed to do in developing Nacht and showing us why he is the way he is in the story. I think the lore that was revealed to us thus far is leading to something important happening later on in the story. But that’s just me. I would love to know all your thoughts in the comments down below. That’ll be all for now, everyone. Til the next post- catch ya later, gators!

Farewell, Hero Academia. My Hero Academia Chapter 306 BREAKDOWN

Guys……..Izuku Has Left UA. This is the “End” of “My Hero Academia. That said; there is no conceivable way that this is the end of the story. Far from it, in fact. No, no- This marks the End Of Our Beginning. Our “End” has yet to begin. I think you guys are going to enjoy this week’s chapter- I know I did. But I enjoy seeing stories descend into madness, so maybe you shouldn’t take my word for it. Ladies and Gentlemen; My Hero Academia Chapter 306: “The Final Act Begins.” Let’s begin.

What They Represent And What They Want To Destroy!


RATHER THAN PICK UP WHERE LAST WEEK LEFT OFF(Little bit upset by that fact); we cut to the outer world to see All Might– looking over the unconscious Deku like a watchful hawk. He can’t do anything but that- as he feels in his “Soul” that Izuku is having a conversation with the other users of One For All(of which we didn’t get to see the end of, unfortunately). Just then; he hears a knock at the door. He opens it to find Hawks and Best Jeanist outside. They’ve come to talk to Izuku Midoriya. Not Good.

“Long, Long Ago- In A Time Where Quirks Were First Cropping Up………”

Hawks says that he’s just been going around collecting information about various things from various people. They apologize for interrupting something important, and say they can come back later if that’s the case. But All Might says that it’s fine- “He’ll be up soon, anyway.” He then asks what they’re here to talk about.

As the kids rush in to see their friend; Hawks explains that he’s here to ask about this “One For All” business. “It’s existence was revealed to the media by some Heroes who were in the big battle and quit their jobs.” And this information made it all the way to the media, and they’re starting to connect it back to All For One(not knowing how close they are to the truth). As such; Hawks wants the Full story from Midoriya- as it’s not just villains that are going to be challenging the Heroes anymore; Vigilantes and Civilians are going to be presenting their own assorted challenges. Be they an actual physical confrontation or a clash of ideologies and philosophies. And All Might KNOWS this. But he also remembers what he told Deku in chapter 13: “This secret was kept to prevent mass panic across society. I hope you understand that this is for you as well, got it?” As such; All Might weighs his options, and makes his decision: He let’s them into “The Loop.” He seems to give Principal Nezu a call, and let’s him know to get a bunch of Heroes together for a “certain meetings.”

We cut to 3 days later- when a Press Conference is being held. At this press conference; the Top 3 Heroes- Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist- address the public’s concerns. Endeavor’s family history; Hawk’s lineage and the event regarding Twice; and Best Jeanists supposed “Death-” All Of It. A Female Reporter gets a little personal and starts asking them if they realize the severity of the situation- only to get her @$$ Blasted when Endeavor asks her if she wants him to “breakdown and cry” in front of everyone. Suck on That, Be-0tch.

Best Jeanist interjects when she backs down, and explains the new initiative: “We here by announce a plan to prioritize the protection of ‘Certain Civilians.'” The plan is essentially to move all parents of Hero Course students into UA- with housing and security provided on campus for them all. We see Mitsuki Bakugo(Kacchan’s Hot Mom(Don’t @ Me)) and Inko Midoriya(Deku’s Mother) moving in already- signifying that the initiative has already started. But the general public as a whole is still not satisfied. So Endeavor asks that they direct all of their anger and frustration towards himso he can Burn It All To ASH.


We see a sequence of all the remaining Heroes- such as Wash, Mt Lady, Mirko, Aizawa, and such- getting themselves together to “do their jobs” once again. We see that Mt Lady is starting to get much more serious about this Hero thing; Mirko and Aizawa are sporting battle scars going forward- what with Mirko losing her arm and Aizawa having his face carved up by Tomura– while Wash and Mt Lady are “scars” are more of the mental variety. But even soThey’ve Got A Job To Do. But then; so does Dabi– who watched the press conference and chuckled at what’s about to come to his father.

Oh; and in regards to the “One For All” mess- Endeavor just “side stepped” it. He just said “I don’t know” and ended the conference- keeping All Might and Deku’s little secret so they aren’t pestered by the media. We cut to a few days later to find the UA Dorms- where Class 1A gets a very important message– from none other than Izuku. We zoom in on Uraraka’s letter in specific, and it says:

Dear Uraraka;

Thank you for everything. I don’t feel like I should be keeping a secret from everyone in Class 1A, so I’m leaving a letter.

My quirk……is a power that All Might passed onto me. It’s a special power– Shigaraki and All For One are trying to go after me to seize it. Before that happens; I must leave.

Sincerely; Izuku Midoriya

The whole class gets similar notes- explaining himself and why……He’s Left UA. We see Izuku Midoriya- High School Dropout and Successor of All Might- standing atop a ledge, looking out at the city. A building begins to crumble, as Izuku whispers to himself “……..A Big Villains Attacking…..” As My Hero Academia Chapter 306 comes to a game changing END!! And so ends Izuku Midoriya’s Academic life- Onward, Young Midoriya……To The Uncertain Future.

“……….To The Future……….”


……….Is this Really it, Horikoshi? After some many attempts at getting a series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine; are you truly planning to take this series towards it’s finale? After only 8 YEARS of serialization?! No;I HIGHLY doubt that this is the case. No, no- I believe that Horikoshi is trying to take us into The Future. I think where Horikoshi means to take us into a life after High School- into what many fans call “My Hero Association.” The idea that Horikoshi is going to “skip” the last 2 years of High School and we’ll see the kids as Pro Heroes. The Problem with that might be what All For One is doing in that time.

“Let’s Play Another Game. This time- I Get To Win.”

We know that All For One can go completely off-the-grid for years at a time. So it’s not entirely impossible for All For One and All For Tomura could go completely silent and just have little groups causing general trouble for a while. That said; it’s like: At this juncture? All Might’s GONE; society has lost faith in the Heroes; Izuku doesn’t have full control of One For All yet(as far as he knows); and you’re getting closer to be able to forcibly steal One For All. It feel like if there were ever a time to swipe it- It Should Be NOW. But I guess there’s something that he still needs to “fester” in Tomura to truly snatch it. Perhaps by making Tomura angrier and angrier; he plans to use that anger to force the Quirk to bend to him. Tomura’s Anger vs Izuku’s Will, huh?

As for the other stuff in this chapter; I would like to discuss The Conference and “The Question.But let me talk about the conference first. Because I feel like I should address what I had been talking about for months whenever Hawk’s situation was brought up.

For those who haven’t been reading all of my reviews; I have been of the mindset that Hawks would tell the public at large the truthWhich He Did. Everything from his lineage to his actions regarding Twice. I knew he was going to do this. You did, too. I kind of wanted him to reveal that the Public Safety Commission put him up to it- simply to show that Hero Society is someone corrupt, but more to gauge how the public would view this. Because it’s like: Would it be worse if they refused to accept Hawks’ actions? Or……..Would it be worse for them to condone it? I wanted to know how the country would react to the people they entrust with their safety being enlisted for assassination- but for a “Dangerous Criminal” such as Twice. This chapter seems to imply that they do not condone these actions- meaning that he may indeed face some sort of “penalty” for cold blooded murder like this. As I was hoping would happen.

I was also looking forward to seeing what Dabi has in store for his father. Because we saw in this chapter that Dabi was watching the press conference, and he says “So I didn’t go far enough, huh, Dad?” He’s about to take it to the “Next Level Up.” And I somewhat feel like one of the Todoroki’s is about to bite the “Big One.” Either that or the whole family is about get a shock like none they felt before. I wonder who’s jaw bone they have at Touya’s shrine thing?

Who’s Ashes Are These?

The other part of the chapter: Izuku’s Letter. Class 1A Knows Izuku’s Little Secret Now. I had a feeling that they’d all be some of the first people to learn- I just thought that the Heroes would honestly tell the media the truth of One For All as well. Why? I Honestly Don’t Know Why I Was So Attached To This Idea. But I knew- we ALL knew- that the entire class would find out at some point. Just not like this.

What I wanted to talk about here is Uraraka’s role in all of this. In chapter 212; Uraraka’s inner monologue explained to us that she wants to be “A Hero Who Supports Everyone-” a Hero who helps when other Heroes are in pain. Such as Deku in the very same chapter. She thought back on all the times that Izuku was in trouble, and made up her mind to become someone who can help a Hero in pain- so that they can continue to help everyone in the same way that Deku does. And the final monologue of the chapter tells us that Izuku is “Suffering in Silence.” It’s the theme of the whole series given 2 different answers: “Is a Hero Someone Who People Can Count On, Or Someone Who Suffers in Silence?” Not…….the best way to phrase this, I’m sure, but……..You get what I mean. It ponders what people would define as Hero, and asks us “Who Supports The Latter?” In this case: Uraraka. Uraraka will be crucial in bringing Izuku back- in easing his mind. Their little “love story” turns out to be crucial to the plot after all. Meh; not what I would do, but then- I’m not Horikoshi.

That Would Be You, Ochako Uraraka.


Those are all of my thoughts on the chapter, everyone. And I would like to know your thoughts in the comments. Do you guys think we’re going into “The Final Arc,” or are you like me and think that this manga still has some longevity to it, and we’re just heading into a time skip? Okay- We’re DEFINITELY going into a time skip. But do you think that’ll lead us into the finale of the series? Or do you think we’ve got a few more years of series? And let me know your thoughts on other things that went on in the chapter. That’ll be all for now, guys. Til next time; take care of yourselves- and each other.