The Promised Neverland Season 1 SPOLIER Review

Hey guys! How is everything? It’s time to talks about season 1 of “The Promised Neverland!” For those who don’t know; “The Promised Neverland” is a series published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Now, for those who have seen the series; you know that this series can be……..brutal. So when I found out it was published in the same magazine as series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, and a bunch of other series I like; I was like “WTF.” Like; this series can range from really lighthearted to borderline R RATED! Especially with the way killings are done. I guess this is to reflect how much Shonen Jump is changing. It was always violent, but with “The Promised Neverland;” it’s really serious.

“The Promised Neverland” is about Emma, Ray, and Norman; 3 orphans in an orphanage. However, they find that this is not an orphanage at all; it’s a farm. They are cultivating children to become intelligent so that their brains “taste good.” See; they are being sold to demons to have their brains eaten. Yes; DEMONS. We they find out, they make a plan to escape with the other kids of the orphanage. But they don’t want to cause a panic, so they train them for the escape in secret; it’s disguised as a game of hide and seek. This works to keep the younger kids from finding out, but also hiding it from their caretaker; Mother Isabella. Isabella was once like them; an orphan who would some day be stabbed with white flows that would drain their blood and turn red and then have their brain eaten(told it was super dark!). But she bargained with the Demons, and worked her way up to be in charge of a farm. Why? 1 Word: Survival. She wanted to live. And if that meant sacrificing children to do so………

Along the way, 2 other kids find out(in probably my favorite scene); Don, and Gilda. They had been suspecting Emma and the others of hiding something, so they confront them about it. DON’S REACTION: Upon hearing this new information; he laughs a little….. and punches Norman in the face. Ray tries restraining him, but…..he is sent flying. Like; his feet were off the ground with that punch! A “Killer Left Hook” if I’ve ever seen one! He’s even about to knock Emma for a loop for lying to them and keeping this secret, but he holds himself back.

Now the escape plan; the plan is to jump over a wall. Sounds easy, right? I actually know people who know how to jump fences! But……..there’s only a cliff over as they soon discover. But that happens in like the last 3 episodes  of the season. Let’s talk about the characters. First off; Emma. She’s the obligatory “positive, straight forward” character in Shonen anime. Norman initially wants he and Emma to escape alone, but Emma wants to save everyone. Norman tries to tell her that that would be impossible. Emma’s response: “We’re ALL escaping, no matter what!” Kind of greedy and selfish, isn’t it? But in this case; that’s a good thing. And Norman, caring deeply for Emma, is like “………Alright; let’s do it.” So the training goes into motion about a day or 2 later.

Next is Ray. I think that Ray would be my favorite character. He’s….”interesting” to say the least. So; Ray has a rare condition where he’s able to remember everything as far back as when he was in the womb. So…..he’s smart. Like; dumb smart. He actually KNEW about the demons and the true nature of the orphanage the whole time. But he bit his tongue for awhile. Not only that, but……he was secretly working with Isabella to sabotage the escape plan. Well; he wasn’t really “sabotaging” so much as he was working in a way that Emma and Norman would escape. But ONLY those 2; he was like “f dem other b!tches.” Hey; I can’t say I didn’t agree with his line of thinking. If I had a choice between saving a bunch of people I care about and 2 people I care a bout most in this world; I’m gonna choose the 2! Less stress on my brain! Then again; I’m more like Gon from Hunter X Hunter in that regard.

Norman works as the balance between Ray and Emma. He’s almost as smart as Ray(some times he seems even smarter), but also compassionate like Emma, though it seems to be to a lesser extent. He only took interest in saving the others when Emma made it her mission. These 3 are very gifted even amongst their peers; Ray is gifted with intelligence, but also very physically capable. Emma is physically gifted, but a quick learner. And again; Norman is the “jack of all trades.” Together; they train the kids in preparation for the escape, disguising it as a simple “hide and seek” game. You may think “How is playing hide and seek training to escape essentially a prison?” Look; childish games can build your brain muscles as well as your physical body. I played tag with a boy from 2nd grade all the way up to 5th grade. He was better physically than me, but I played the game a lot smarter than he did. It was fun! And very educational on my part.

Isabella worked as the antagonist. Not so much a villain or enemy; just an obstacle to get passed. All she wanted was to survive until she died of natural causes. And in the end; I think we can all relate to that. Am I justifying her actions? NO. I just get where she’s coming from. She has a very complex relationship with the kids. On the surface; she seems like a loving, caring “momma” to them. But in actuality; she can be a cold, calculating, manipulative monster. Her relationship with Emma and Ray are very important. With Ray; she is his actual birth mother. And she knows that she’ll have to give up her son to be eaten. As a parent; that must mess her up inside. She’s incredibly good at hiding her emotions until the end. She does seem genuinely happy to see him escape with the others.

As for her relationship with Emma; she sees a lot of herself in her. Hopeful about the escape plan, cared for everyone; that stuff. The difference; Isabella was more focused on escaping alone than in a group. And when she found out there was a cliff; she gave up. Emma did not. Isabella took the offer to become “momma;” Emma rejected it. It was their choices and their drive that made them different.

And then there was Sister Krone; a……very special character. You could tell that living in this word has driven her insane; she went through all the same things Isabella did, trying to become “momma” and survive. She FAILED. Ended up getting chomped. But she was good for her time in the series. She was actually brought in to help stop the kids from escaping. But she ended up helping them. Why? Well; if they escaped on Isabella’s watch, then she would be killed and Krone would be promoted. What she probably should of thought of was the fact that she was brought in to help STOP the kids from escaping. So…..wouldn’t she get killed, too?

The opening was my favorite from this season. My second favorite would be Kaguya Sama: Love is War’s opening, and Domestic Girlfriend ends up being last once again. The opening, “Touch off,” was sung by Uverworld; the same guys that made opening 4 of My Hero Academia. 

This show was very cool; I enjoyed watching it, and I can’t wait for season 2. Until next time, guys!