Reunion: INTERRUPTED! Black Clover Chapter 240 BREAKDOWN

We now return to our regularly scheduled! I gotta tell ya; I’ve been feeling “Black Clover” a lot more than its sister series, My Hero Academia, lately. I don’t know if that’s because the anime’s been fire lately, or if it’s because we’re going to the most boring(yet charming) arc of My Hero in the anime. Either way; get ready for another banger of a chapter! Black Clover Chapter 240: “The Great War Breaks Out.”

It begins wholesomely in the Heart Kingdom; Princess Rolopechika is doting on the plump Charmy. While our little piglet devours the “yummy Heart Kingdom food” with all she’s got. Secre(as Nero) sits upon Charmy’s head like “………….Really? THIS is what you call ‘adorable?'” The enchanting Mimosa sees it as “One problem child liking another.” One’s clumsy, and the other’s super fat. Makes sense to me! Noelle steps in: “Excuse me, Rolopechika! Quite spoiling Charmy!” But she keeps doting on the plump Pappiston anyway. I would like to know why Charmy was chosen as an Arcane Stage mage. I mean; she’s a hybrid, of course……… know what; I answered my own question. I would like a flashback to how these guys were all recruited. Which should be revealed soon(if not in the manga, then as anime filler episodes).

Gaja is in the background looking at the events before him unfolding. He smirks, seeing the Princess the happiest she’s been in a long time. Rolopechika laughs until………BAM! She calls for Udine to bring up the monitor magic. She screams “The Heart Kingdom’s under attack!” She makes the same map that Mimosa can make, revealing 6 invaders. Her surprise that they were able to make it through the Mana Zone barrier is surpassed by the fact that all 6 of them possess Devil power! And to make it all worse; it’s the one the Black Bulls are after: Megicula! That’s right, folks: Vanica is the one in possession of Megicula! What a bait-and-switch Tabata sensei; you built up Zenon as the strongest and main threat of this arc, but then you turn around and give the main Devil to someone else. Which begs the question: Who is Zenon’s Devil?

I had incorrectly assumed it to be Megicula, but that clearly wasn’t the case. So who is he? We know it would likely have Bone Magic like Zenon considering Asta’s Devil has Anti Magic. I guess I should say there was a chance that that Devil was Megicula(the horns were different, but that could have been a redesign. It wouldn’t be the first time a silhouette was different from the final design), but this chapter confirms that it wasn’t.

You see that Vanica walked, simultaneously dainty and sinister. And behind her; Megicula’s silhouette. Noelle’s reacts to the thought that they can finally catch Megicula. While in the hills near the Spade Kingdom Border: The Black Bull’s Hideout! I guess they moved; Yami did say they were “travelling abroad.” Asta and Finral walk in, with snacks as thanks for everyone’s hard work. In the room currently are Vanessa(and Rouge), Grey, and the loli-con Gauche, up to their normal antics(drinking, hiding, and making Marie dolls, respectively). But Finral can’t stay for long; Yami is away on a conference in the Clover Kingdom. It’ll be ending soon, so he has to go and pick him up. “From the Heart Kingdom to the Spade Kingdom border to the Clover Kingdom; your having a busy day, Finral!” Asta yells.

He says he’s gonna make a few stops considering it’s so far away, so it’ll take a while. After he leaves; Asta asks about Gordon’s Hex magic studies. Gauche answers “Don’t ask me. Either way; I’m never going near that house again.” Grey agrees with him on that. They also say that, without Charmy and her abundant amount of mana(Dwarves are stated to have as much mana as Elves); Henry’s not had a lot of his own. So he’s been sleeping a lot lately. The Black Bulls aren’t surprised that Charmy’s “totally in love” with the Heart Kingdom’s food. What surprised them most is the fact that Magna and Zora are off and about again. Apparently, they’ve been off doing things together for the past 6 months. Gauche reasons they hit it off because “they’re both peasants(naming them “The Thug Faced Duo.” HARSH).

While outside; Dark forces mobilize. Henry senses it, and screams out “HEEEEEEEEEEEY YOOOOOOOOOUU GUUUUUUUUUYS!” Anyone else remember the “Electric Company” right now? Or is it just me? No? Okay then. Gauche looks out of the window to see that THE HIDEOUT’S FLOATING!! This is because of one Mr Dante Zogratis and his Gravity magic! Now all we need to learn is Vanica’s magic attribute. “It looks like Yami Sukehiro is away,” he condescends; “I guess I’ll play with you while I wait.” Vanessa(boobs waving as she whips around) sends Rouge out to counter Dante’s spell. Henry jumps in with “Raging Black Bull,” and combines his rocket punch with Gauche’s “Large Reflect Refrain.”

Dante hover- completely still- and says “Insolence.” He uses “Gravity Magic: Presence of The Demon King.” Think of this spell as Conqueror’s Haki from One Piece, but it does more than just knocking out grunts. The force of this Gravity is enough to not just destroy the Black Bulls combination magic, but also split every tree in the forest! In fact; Vanessa speculates he could have done that to the base if not for Rouge! Dante is JUST THAT POWERFUL! And if Edens Zero has taught me anything; it’s that the power of gravity is no joke.

But he does commend the magic knight squad: “I see you have someone who can manipulate natural laws. To think you’d have a Stage 0 besides Yami Sukehiro.” So Vanessa’s tier is confirmed. I would’ve expected her to be Arcane Stage, but this…… better. Because it would’ve been a little TOO convenient for a whole bunch of Arcane Stage mages to be part of the Black Bulls. Stage 0 is fine for Vanessa right now, but the Witch Queen’s foreshadowing of her abilities with Rouge being “able to manipulate fate itself;” I think Vanessa is gonna be an Arcane stage Witch by the end of the story.

In any case; Dante takes a liking to this magic, exuding a sinister power. Asta comes out with a “Black Slash,” surprising Dante. On his Demon Slayer Sword, Demon Dweller in hand; Asta declares “You’re gonna fight ME!” Black Clover Chapter 240 END!

If I had to guess what were to happen next chapter; Asta’s gonna catch a whoopin’ from Dante, but then Yami, Magna, and Zora are gonna drop in like “What’s good, b!tches?!” And then probably like 2 or 3 chapters of that. And then we do a “Rewinding time” chapter that shows Noelle and the others getting thrashed by Vanica. and losing………Rolopechika? Gaja? Which one? Or Both? Or they could show both fights at the same time, and one ends in a big victory while the other ends in tragedy. OR……….They could both end in tragedy. They could end like how the Golden Dawn’s battle against Zenon ended. It could be done to show that, even after 6 months of intense training; they still can’t beat the Dark Triad.

Or they could both win, showing the gap between Asta and Yuno to be ever widening-in Asta’s favor. And that could be Yuno’s cue to get a move on. I don’t know; something like that. But that’s all I got for ya for now, party people. PEACE!