Glitch Techs Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW

Hello again. Dude; I’m righting this after having another intense argument with a family member. A lot of my posts are like that; me trying to calm myself down and get whatever he says out of my mind. I’m sorry to bring my personal life up in a post, but…..I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being there for me in these kinds of time. Now that we have the sappy mush out of the way; it’s time to talk about the new Nickelodeon/Netflix original series, “Glitch Techs!”

“Glitch Techs;” what a fun little history it has behind it. It was never really slated for any sort of official release date. But it was in production, being animated by “Top Drawn Animation,” who was assisted by “Maven Animation Studios” in South Korea. Then production was stalled. Cast members were laid off. And we just never got anything else on it. Series Co-Creator Eric Roble came out and said that the series “wasn’t exactly cancelled.” So hope was still alive for the series. That hope dwindled with everyday-until early in 2020 when all that drama was going on. Because of said drama; the announcement that it was going to Netflix flew under the radar.

Cut to February 21, 2020: “Glitch Techs” made its debut appearance, and I bet you didn’t even know until you either logged on and saw it in your recommended, or just now because I’m telling you. The marketing push for this series just sucked, huh? I’m just lucky the site I watch all my other cartoons and anime on told me about it.

The show starts with a 46 minute episode 1, 8 other episodes ranging from 20-25 minutes. This makes for a total of 9 episodes. To be honest; I literally binged watched it all in a night(February 23, 2020). And the 9 episodes I saw were STELLAR! The 9 episode length meant they had more of the budget to work with, meaning the episodes were all top quality in terms of animation and movement, which clearly had an anime inspiration. It also might have had some influences from the Power Rangers franchise and just martial arts in general in the way the fights were. It was mostly improvised martial arts, but I’m pretty sure some expert will point out the fighting style.

The organization of “Glitch Techs” is in charge of dealing with with creatures that break out of video games. We’ll go more in on the video game references later. And “Glitch Techs” are the ones that are tasked with destroying them. Think of them as “Men In Black” for video games; they even have memory wiping technology. Which leads into 2 points. 1)The Tech: It’s SO COOL! The gauntlets the Glitch Tech’s use are like a backpack in an RPG; they store all their weaponry and do pretty much anything. Communication, maps, alerts; the works! AND they can be easily repaired! Seriously; the main duo’s boss instructed them not to lose the gauntlet; they can bang it as much as they want, and all the boss has to do is press a button to fix them. It’s the same with their vans.

The way they get access to more technology is by “leveling up.” I wasn’t kidding about RPG; the Glitch Techs actually gain experience from getting rid of Glitches. To go from level 1 to 2; you need 10,000 EXP. Once you get to level 2; you gain access to wrist blades and jet boots. And the more you level up, the more tech you get. You can also combine experience points to get “companion pets.” You know those animal sidekicks that are just there because kid’s like animals? Yeah. The one the main duo gets is an Ostrich that, under certain conditions, can change form. But more on that later.

As for the characters; the main 2 are a 14 year old girl(Japanese/American) named Miko Kubota, voiced by Monica Ray, and Hector Nieves/”High Five,” voiced by Ricardo Hurtado. It’s the standard “Wild Child and Level Headed Follower” dynamic, but it works. Miko is an avid gamer girl; she excels in playing games like Mortal Combat and Castlevania. She lacks focus most of the time, but in the game and in the field fighting Glitches; she’s super on-top of things. Five is her partner; he usually works in his family’s food van. But he also finds time to be a gamer, even if he often finds himself losing to a gamer by the name of “ME_K.O.” I wonder who THAT could be? He’s follows Miko’s lead most of the time, but suggests responsible ideas often. He actually has a pretty funny moment involving Miko’s younger sister where he tries to mind wipe her

“Ally” is their “companion pet.” It’s a Ostrich type bird from an online game. Ally is capable of teleportation and running at high speeds. By eating certain Berries from her game; she can change form to something like a fire bird capable of flight(Moltres; Articuno and Zapdos next season, just watch). She was introduced after eating another Glitch, and asked Miko and Five for help-in her own quirky way. I liked Ally a lot, but I feel like their was more to her than what we got. She was mostly used for chase sequences. Miko once started to contemplate the whether or not Ally was real(as one would tend to do in a video game based series), but quickly dropped it because there’s no point in thinking about it.

There were other characters like Mitch, the very first Glitch Tech we meet in the series. He’s a pompous jerk; definitely didn’t get validation from his parents when he was younger, so now he seeks to impress total strangers. He’s also kind of Miko and Five’s rival. In one episode; Five’s oldest friend is infected by a Glitch and turned into a video game character. Rather than try to find a way to cure him; he was just as ready to deal with him like he would any other Glitch. You also have their boss, who…….acts like a boss. Not in a “cool Whitebeard” way; more like a “ugh…….I don’t get paid enough for this” and just sips his coffee and walks away.

For how much the length helped the show; it also hurt it in a way. The season finale felt like it could have been just some random episode at any other point in the series. This might be due to the fat that production ceased, and they only had time to get these 9 episodes ready for the release. Which is why the episode count is so weird. It also had a plot in the background involving Miko and the fact that she can’t be mind wiped, but that stopped after the first 2 episodes. But I expect to see more of that in a potential season 2.

All in all; I think this show was a GREAT change of pace for Nickelodeon. I loved Spongebob Squarepants and The Fairly Odd Parents growing up, but I have to be honest: Those shows haven’t aged well. Fairly Odd Parents in particular was just BAD at the end of its run. The Loud House and its spin off The Casagrandes are fine from what I saw, but no one’s really talking about them. THIS show, as well as the future live action Avatar: The Last Airbender series, are a nice change from their norm; a “breath of fresh air.” 7/10; needed more time, but a very well made, creative, and fun watch. Please share it with all your friends and until the next post, amigos!