The Power of 4! Edens Zero Chapter 87 BREAKDOWN

Dude; that title was not easy to come up with! I could have come up with stuff like “Stars vs Elements” or “Parts of The Universe vs Forces of Nature,” but I opted for something a bit more simplistic and less “punny.” I could also have made a reference to a certain Pokemon movie, but the joke was beneath me. Edens Zero Chapter 87: “4 on 4.” I saw spoiler leaks for this chapter say “4 vs 4,” but it isn’t that big a change.

This week features a new kind of cover page for the series. The cover is an analysis from Pino about Shiki. It’s a really cool cover page; I hope Mashima does more of this:

The Demon King

The chapter starts with the Edens Zero flying in the skies of the Belial Goer. Hermit suggests ramming the building, but Rebecca is worried about hurting Labila. So she suggests they find her first. Witch suggests finding a space for them to land the ship, while the Shining Stars protect it. Pino, meanwhile, warns Shiki about Drakken: “Based on the internet sources; Miss Rebecca was right, Master-you can’t beat him.” This visibly worries Shiki. Which to me says that they’re definitely gonna get into a brawl with him. Look at what Scenario A Shiki said in chapter 83, just before getting shot in the head. Whether it’s this arc or some arc in the future; Shiki will fight Drakken. And he will win.

But right now, I think Shiki is thinking “How can I protect my friends if we run into this guy?” Keep this in mind, because there’s one way for him to do that later in the chapter.

But anyway; Weisz, in light of this information, suggest they avoid him altogether-but rob him blind instead. Uh, Weisz…….the whole point of this is to get away WITHOUT having to fight him. But you knew that already. So why would you suggest stealing his money- the one thing you don’t ever do to Drakken Joe? He will follow you to the ends of the Universe and back-TWICE, if need be-to get you back. And Shiki can’t beat him right now, so if he gets his hands on you…….who KNOWS what will happen?

Happy asks why they’re bothering to save Labila at all. It’s because Rebecca is a nice person; she can’t knowingly let someone suffer-especially when the suffering was supposed to be a “gift” to her. Homura asks “If he Drakken’s aim is to take Rebecca; is it truly wise to storm his stronghold?” Rebecca, being privy to some important information, plans to strike a deal with Drakken if it comes down to it. The ship lands in front of Drakken’s building, only to come face to face with The Element 4. Knowing that there are 4 enemies to deal with; the Shining Stars head out to deal with the problem. It’s just as Senku said in Dr Stone: “Information is key to winning a war.” Well……it was “communication,” but……YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Having this information may not help them win, but at the very least they won’t lose.

While Rebecca, Weisz, Shiki, and likely Pino and Happy board the Aqua Wing; Fie prepares to shoot them out of the sky. Look; I like Fie. His design is cool, he’s crazy interesting(and just plain psycho), and his gimmick is really cool. So even if you wanna say that Jinn, Kleene, and maybe even Laguna will return in the story(whether by joining the crew or following Drakken on his quest to chase after them); I want Fie to come back, too! Don’t………..don’t look too much into that tangent. So Fie is about to shoot them out of the sky when Hermit interjects and breaks his gun down. Daichi is SUPER excited to see a “girl his type,” but then Sister bops him one, saying “Yo, piggy; eyes on me! I’m your opponent!”

It’s ON!

Laguna sees that they’ll have their handfuls here, so he orders Sylph to follow the Aqua Wing. Not so fast, Kleene! You’ve got a rematch to fight! That’s right; Homura vs Sylph round 2! But even so; she keeps the same dead eyed expression she’s always had. So of course; the just leaves Laguna The Water Element and Witch-The Steel Sorceress. On her command: “Battle Dress-Requip.” She, Hermit, and Sister begin to change. Homura uses the Outfit Weisz had given her to change. I don’t know if it was Valkyrie’s original Battle Dress, but it has to have another function. Otherwise there’d be no point in changing outfits.

A GLORIOUS double page spread of The 4 Shining Stars

I did not expect that to be Hermit’s Battle Dress. I was honestly expecting something simple for her. Sister’s was completely out of no where. Though, to be honest; I had no clue what to expect from her. And I’m guess that Homura’s dress has some function to looking like that. The Element 4’s reactions are……well; they’re them, that’s for sure:

  • Laguna: “So it’s ‘4 on 4,’ eh?”
  • Fie: “Ya think you can make fools outta us?”
  • Daichi: “So…so….so many beautiful women…….I…I ca….can’t…..”
  • Sylph: “3/4 are androids.”

Back with the raid group; Drakken’s defense system kicks in and starts blasting at them. Rebecca manages to outmaneuver them, but they end up taking a few hits. Now you may find yourself asking “Doesn’t Drakken want to capture Rebecca?” And you’d be right………..if he wasn’t so UNIMAGINABLY P!SSED OFF RIGHT NOW. His response to the idea of No 30* being on that ship: “If a little thing like that could kill that cat, then I don’t want the power anyway.” BIG CHANGE from someone who was going after her relentlessly, right?

Shiki, being himself, crawls to the outside of the ship, and uses “Magimech Attack: Anti Gravity!” A large bubble of gravity appears around the Aqua Wing. I’m not entirely sure if the bubble is just keeping the missiles out, or if Shiki shut off the gravity in the area to make them go every which way. Or maybe he changed the direction of the gravity, and the bubble is keeping the Aqua Wing on course. Let me know what you guys think about it!

Gravity SMACK!

The crew goes in full throttle toward’s Labila(for some reason I can’t fathom)! But before they can get to her; they must deal with the Master of the Shooting Starlight Guild: 1 Noah Glenfield. Edens Zero Chapter 87 END!

Pretty Boy Noah

Okay, let me start by saying that I had pictures up. I don’t know if they’re still up when I post this; I tried pictures before, and they just don’t seem to stick. So if you don’t see them; see page 1, 8, 12, 17, and 19.

As for the chapter; I thought it was pretty darn impressive. I think next week will see them talk to Noah for the first 2 or 3 pages, and then we learn about Sister and Hermit’s abilities, as well as seeing more of Homura and Witch in battle. I like the cover, but it doesn’t reveal anything like ages or height and weight. I hope we get that revealed soon. I hope the next cover is about Weisz!

That’ll be all for now, folks. See you next time!

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