The Fall of The Villains! My Hero Academia Chapter 266 BREAKDOWN

Hello everyone! One Piece is unfortunately on break right now, so we’re doing this series first! And yes; I saw the end of Steven Universe Future. Which is the one saving grace of Oda’s little break(well; his health is also a perk); I can get my full series review out on Tuesday. So much is coming down the pipeline I’m having trouble deciding what to post first! Amazing! But anyway; My Hero Academia Chapter 266: “Happy Life.”

Icarus vs The Sun

The chapter picks up with Dabi’s flames engulfing the room. But Hawks takes a feather, and slashes his way out of the inferno, carrying Twice with him. Dabi did this when they were in such close proximity because he knew that Hawks would save him; “The ‘instinctive lifesaving’ schtick is a heroes bread and butter, right?” I have to say, Hawks; that probably wasn’t the best idea. Your job is to kill him(I’m rooting for you to succeed, but). If you knew that Dabi’s come to kill you, then you should have left Twice in the flames and let him burn to death. But, like Dabi said: “That’s what heroes do.”

Dabi reveals that he never trusted Hawks; he knew this day was coming. Hawks takes note that his one good wing is burnt to a crisp, thus limiting his movement-even more so because they’re in a confined space. Bu this “Worst Case Scenario” has 1 saving grace: Twice is too damaged to do his Sad Man’s Parade. His organs and bones are cut to h#ll; he may not die, but he can’t fight. Thus another Liberation Front Heavy hitter down! Things are looking good for the heroes………a little too good, if you ask me. Disaster of unimaginable proportions imminent? Like, maybe, say: Tomura wakes up, wreaks sh!t, comes face-to-face with Izuku, One For All Leaks, All Might holds press conference and reveals One For All to the world, and then Tomura comes to UA, sh!t gets wreaked all to h#ll and back again, All Might dies, “Deku vs Kacchan 3,” and All Might Nomu? SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!

Twice, using the last bit of strength he has, leaps away and shouts for Dabi to “Light him up!” Dabi goes full force, creating a massive hole in-what’s left of the ceiling. Of course; Twice does his opposite schtick with “It’s burnin’ cold!” Dabi tells him to “go wild” with his Sad Man’s Parade. With a high five; Twice tries to duplicate himself. Hawks shut’s that sh!t down REAL quick, adding to Twice’s pain. And then………Dabi says something I don’t think Hawks was quite expecting:

What the h#ll?……………

That’s enough for Hawks to ask the obvious question: “Who are you?!” That’s a really good question, Keigo; some believe him to be 1 Touya Todoroki. Others believe him to be just some random guy with a similar quirk to Endeavor. The world may never know. But I get the feeling that his identity may be revealed rather soon.

Twice, despite his injuries, gets up-if for no other reason to “Protect their dreams.” Compress and Best Girl Himiko chan are on the run from some hero, while Spinner and Giran are in the underground hall watching the whole thing fall apart. As Hawks continues to try and end him; Twice laments:

My life… DEFINITELY…..a series of failures. Failing and failing…..getting conned and backstabbed. It’s a pathetic and meaningless existence.

Jin Bubaigawara

The hero from earlier has some kind of quirk that allows him to shoot these Ghost things out of his hand, which he uses to snatch up Compress and Himiko chan(LET HER GO!). As he makes some triumphant hero speech; Twice sneaks up behind him, and bashes him in the back of the head with a rock. With him unconscious; Himiko chan and Compress are released from his quirk. You know; I still don’t like you, Twice. But you saved Himiko chan. So…….I guess I can learn to like you. Anyway; Compress and Himiko chan think that he can just uses his Sad Man’s Parade to stop this battle, but he’s too beat up from the fight with Hawks.

He apologizes; apologizes for trusting Hawks, being so useless, and getting them into a lot of trouble over his time in the League. He sees that Himiko chan has a scratch on her face, and uses the same handkerchief she used to help him to wipe it. Seeing his guilt and kindness; Himiko chan gives him a great big hug(JEALOUSY INTENSIFIES).


The chapter ENDS with Twice saying that Hawks was “wrong;” Who are you to say my life was filled with bad luck, Hawks? I was happy to be here-happy as can be!”

So……..this chapter was a character driven one. Twice’s emotions, Hawks vs Dabi; it definitely felt like there’s some history there. If I were to add to the “Dabi Todoroki Theory:” I’d say this happened after Touya “self cremated.” He faked his death, and ran away until he came to Kyushu, FukuokaHawks’ home island. And my guess is that they were friends on that island. Then Hawks went away to be a hero, leaving Dabi alone. At least; I would assume. Otherwise; there’s a traitor amongst the heroes ranks, too. But, considering we haven’t even learned about the UA traitor; I highly doubt that’s the case.

But that’s all for now, my homies. Smell ya later!

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  1. Fantastic chapter! Double Twice stabbed the hero trying to capture Toga and Mr. Compress. A real gentleman doesn’t murder with rocks. *sips tea with pinky finger extended*

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