Evil’s Liberation! Black Clover Chapter 246 BREAKDOWN

Hello there, all you wonderful, beautiful people! Guess what happened? My THEORY post got a reaction! People are starting to react to “Black Clover” content! Oden, bare with me-It was rough! I almost gave up on talking about this series(I’m reading this to the end, baby!), but someone FINALLY reacted to my posts about the manga-and it was positive! With new found motivation; I present to you Black Clover Chapter 246: “The Tree of Qliphoth.”

What Did Noelle Put in My Drink?!

We kick off this weeks chapter with Asta in-okay; no clue what this world is. I’ve been assuming that this world is just the world in his grimoire. The Anti Magic Devil is continuing to goad Asta into killing Dante. What this could be is similar to what Kurama did to Naruto while he was fighting Pain. I know, “Real original comparing ‘Black Clover’ and Naruto.” But I genuinely think that’s what’s going on: the further Asta is plunged into his Devil power, the closer the Anti Magic Devil comes to manifesting in the human world.

What this could also be is him trying to kill Lucifero before he can fully manifest. He knows about him, but Lucifero doesn’t know about him. So he’s likely trying to kill him before he can either kill Asta or learn about his “big plan.”

In any case; Asta wakes up in his crater. He’s so beat up that he can’t even move. But he can still sense ki pretty well-particularly Gauche’s and Dante’s, much to his relief and dismay respectively. He sees that Yami has slashed Dante’s chest. The Captain says “A condensed Mana Zone plus a Iai Slash never misses.” Dante…………is exhilarated. In his own words:


Now when he says “This side;” I think he’s hinting that the Gravity Magic attribute is actually Lucifero’s, and he has a different kind of magic. Maybe some kind of magic that allows him to regenerate. Think back to what Elf Rill said about Charmy when she taps into her Dwarf power: “Hybrids are capable of using 2 types of magic.” So maybe he’s using human world magic(his real magic) to recover.

Vanessa and Yami are put off by Dante’s use of a second kind of magic. But they’re even more put off by what Dante says next: “Jealousy……Fury………HATRED-I CAN’T ENDURE IT!!!! MAGNIFICENT, YAMI SUKEHIRO!” We get a hint at his origin story when he says “It was Boring. Nothing……

Glad I can use pictures now!

Yami wants to know what he meant by “He’s a key to the Underworld.” Dante explains that the “Tree of Qliphoth” is a magic channel with the power to connect this world-to that one. But they need Arcane Stage Magic-specifically Dark Magic and World Tree Magic. WHY? I think Williams power can connect to that world, but that alone cannot bring out the Devils. IMPROVISED THEORY: The Devil’s weakness is light. And they need the darkness to keep out the light of the World Tree. As evidence by why he had to capture Lumiere before he went and made his move on the Elf tribe. And thinking back; wasn’t the Shadow Palace a dimly lit area?

In any case; Yami asks what will happen if this world and their world connects. Dante says exactly what we thought: The Devils will flow into this world, “overflowing the with Evil Intentions-” just like Dante wants. With the information out; Yami decides to move in-for the killing attack. The battle rages on! Tabata, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but……can we see what’s going on in the Heart Kingdom next week? Not just because my waifu Mimosa and Back up waifu Vanicca are there; I’m genuinely curious about what Vanicca needs from Rolopechika and the Heart Kingdom. What is she doing there? was mi’lady just that bored, and she’s just going to cause a little havoc?! THAT’S FINE(and, if I’m being honest here; a little hot); I just want confirmation.

Megicula | Black Clover Wiki | Fandom
Here comes the Back-up Bride!

Back in the Spade Kingdom; the Dark Disciples left behind start talking about a spy in the kingdom. A little on the nose, but why not: SPEAK of the Devil! The spy is analyzing Spade Documents to figure out what the Triad is plotting, and how exactly they plan to let the Underworld loose. Some random No-name comes in with some kind of snow creation magic to try and stop him.

The cloaked figure opens his eye, and then- he vanishes, and reappears through the shadows. The mage is dragged into the shade as the cloaked individual walks out. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Vice Captain of The Black Bulls. Black Clover Chapter 246 END!

I wonder what Captain Yami’s doing right now?

We’ve seen em all-except for this one. Well; only once in silhouette at the beginning of the series.

Black Bull's Vice Captain : BlackClover
Wait a Minute……..

Either a flamboyant male, or a female. I guess we’ll be finding out soon. Man; how much you guys willing to bet we get the reveal of the Vice Captain before we see what the girls are doing in the Heart Kingdom? I don’t know about you, but I’d be a fair bit mad! Come on, Tabata! Anyway; later!