New Series Recommendation: Bone Collection

Hey guys! You wanna know something; I was not always a fan of My Hero Academia. I had gotten into the series until October of 2018; during Deku vs Todoroki. It took me so long to get into it because it didn’t sound interesting the way my brothers described it. But I did some research(Youtube videos, mostly), and decided to watch. Binged the whole series up to that point and been watching ever since. For this reason(and another, much pettier one), I’ve been looking at other series to see what I like. And Shonen Jump just released another new one-“Bone Collection” by Jun Kirarazaka.

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The Original One Shot From 2019

This series actually had a one shot adaptation in 2019. It got picked up for serialization. The issue number and original one shot-I have no information on. That said; chapter 1 is up on VIZ media’s official website.

The big threats of this series: Yokai. And the ones who fight them: Exorcist. The exorcist we will be following for this particular story- Kazami Jinai. He belongs to the distinguished Exorcist family, Jinai. The Problem: He only knows one exorcist spell-and it’s a forbidden one. The “Yokai Spell” allows Kazami to borrow a Yokai’s unique abilities, but it’s a bit of a “double edged sword” in that it turns the human into a Yokai. Kazami didn’t know, so he used it to copy his Kappa friend, Kawanoshin’s, abilities. Kawanoshin was executed, and Kazami himself spent 3 long months in prison-and that Yokai was “F rank!” Can you imagine the punishment for a higher class Yokai?

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Introducing an higher class Yokai

The story starts in Kazami’s High school; he’s summoned to exorcise a Yokai. His friends remind him that they have a mixer after school. Kazami is a pervert, so the mention of one of them having H-cup breasts gives him a nosebleed. As he loses more blood, he claims “the safety of others is more important.” He also mentions “When I become a famous exorcist, then girls with big boobs will come to me.” As long as it doesn’t reach Mineta levels; I’m fine with this gag.

But when he gets to fighting the Yokai; he’s captured immediately. His friend, Rino Tendo, comes to his aid. Rino is a second year at Wakate High school-like Kazami. Unlike him, however; she’s a prodigy. She got in on her talent and grades alone-an example of duality. Someone from a prostegious family with no talent, and someone from a no-name family with nothing but talent. Nevertheless; Kazami strives to become a great exorcist like his dad and older brother.

As he and Rino walk home; Kazami finds a small Yokai on the side of the road; a small, puffy ball with a rat tail. Be’s about to copy its ability, but Rino stops him. He goes off to that same staircase-by-the-river that all anime have to sulk and think of Kawanoshin. So he decides to buy a magazine with girls with big boobs in it. That is until the sky cracks open-signalling a Yokai incoming. Out of the gateway comes a girl-whom names herself “Paira.” Kazami tries to catch Paira, but she falls to the ground. Kazami picks her up, and takes her to the police.

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Meet Kazami

All the while; his dad desperately tries to get in contact with him. His dad is a bit of a helicopter parent, whereas his brother………..he seems to have a lack of interest in him. He seems to have some kind of rivalry with him because he says “If he’s going through a rebellious phase now, then that’s pretty late. He’s probably just out with some girl.” He’s technically right. So Mr Jinai calls up Rino-to accuse her of seducing his son! All jokes aside; Mr Jinai informs her about Kazami: “This may come as a ‘surpise,’ but Kazami has never broken curfew before. He doesn’t discriminate between Human and Yokai-which is fine as long as we can monitor him. But if that spell were to be used in front of someone else…….” Rino creates her Shikigami, and flies off to find Kazami.

Meanwhile; Kazami is trying to suppress his “urge” with her breast pressed up against his back. And then Paira wakes up. She acts all princess like “Who are you?” and “How dare you touch me so intimately?” and such. After learning she’s in the human world, she gets super excited. So she orders Kazami to take her for an “Arrival ceremony.” The cermony is eating the BEST Breakfast Food Known To Man- Pancakes. Yeah. Pancakes are the best, with bacon as a very close second. F*CK YOU; FIGHT ME.

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She drools over her pancakes, as Kazami drools over her. But she’s no good with chopsticks, leading Kazami to believe that she’s from another country-which is technically true. She’s not from Japan, at least. She’s taken aback by Kazami thinking of her as a “person,” labeling him “Minister of Hospitality.” And then they go out and do some karaoke and other stuff like that before we get and indication as to who- or what Paira is. She admits to being a Yokai, but Kazami doesn’t care. 1)Boobs and 2)”It doesn’t matter. As long as we can hang out and be friends; I really don’t care if you’re Yokai or human.” He grabs her hand, and crosses the street.

As they’re about to go to a another fun place; a Yokai attacks! The A rank “Single-eye Uroko” begins to rampage, targeting mainly the women-setting his sights on Paira, squeezing her in his hand. But he finds something off with this particular woman-he can’t crush her bones. He puts in all his strength, but it’s not working. All it succeeds in doing is p!ssing Paira off, as she says “Unhand me, Vermin.” As she is about to lay down the whoop@$$ and Uroko ; Kazami tries to save her-only to end up being impaled in several places. As he bleeds out with Paira at his side and Uroko belittling him; he begins flashing back to Kawanoshin-to the day he died. This motivates Kazami, and he does the only thing he can think of at this very moment: He cops a feel of Paira!

Bone Collection Chapter 1 Digs Around - Your Manga Week #26 – OTAQUEST
Please……..before I die……….

But this was only a clever ruse-well; a double victory for him– his true goal was to use the “Yokai Spell” to borrow Paira’s power! He is now inside of her chest, and pulls out a massive bone SWORD! He gets back up, and turns to Uroko asking “How dare you attack a girl, you scum?” You know; cause men who hit women are dirty, rotten, spinless scum. That isn’t me being passive aggressive, either; if you ever lay a hand on woman-you’re no longer a man. You’re scum-nolower than scum.

Kazami wants to wrap this up quickly so no sees him like this. Uroko comes in for the attack, and Kazami instantly counters with a swift KICK to to the Yokai’s gut! And then another to send him up in the air so he can leap over it, and pierce the monster’s thick hide! Once he finishes taking out the trash; he walks back to Paira to say “I’m just glad you’re safe.” He then ask what kind of Yokai she is. Paira answers: She is a “Gasha Dokuro.” According to the page I read:

Gasha Dokuro are “spirits that take the form of giant skeletons-said to be 15x larger than an average person. They are created from the amassed bones of people who died of starvation or n battle, without being buried. These yōkai roam after midnight, grabbing lone travelers and biting off their heads to drink their spraying blood. There is a way to know of their approach, as the victim would hear the sound of loud ringing in the ear. The Gashadokuro are said to possess the powers of invisibility and indestructibility, though Shinto charms are said to ward them off.

Gashadokuro Wiki
Bone Collection Chapter 1 Digs Around - Your Manga Week #26 – OTAQUEST
The End of The First Epic Battle

In this series; they are “Triple S Class” Yokai that control masses of minions-said to be “Pillars of the Yokai World.” Thus; Paira is a literal princess. Kazami beings to panic; he just used a Yokai RULER’S power-not just some F Rank Kappa. So if anyone saw what he just did; he’ll be in some MASSIVE trouble! Enter a confused Rino Tendo. Looks like this series is gonna be off to a rough start for our dear little Kazami.

I greatly enjoyed chapter 1; I will be reading it going forward. Reviews for it……..I don’t know. I’m already reviewing 4 series weekly, and one monthly. I think I’ll let this series keep going a while before I talk about it again. Maybe in a similar format to how we talked about The Last Saiyuki. I just hope we get further here than we did there. Man, I’m STILL upset about Shonen Jump cancelling it. I hope to avoid that in the future. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, folks. Catch ya later!