The Future of Asta- Black Clover THEORY/DISCUSSION

Hey, everyone! You know; this pandemic has showed me: “The content on this blog isn’t all that diverse.” You have the regular manga chapter discussions, and the WHAT IF’s, and then some other stuff. Which is diverse, but few and far between. Especially when it comes to “Black Clover” related posts. I want this series to be HUGE– bigger than My Hero Academia, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and maybe even One Piece! Cause it’s an amazing, funny, well-written series. So today; we’ll discuss the future of the series protagonist: Asta!

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Well D@MN.

Asta is an orphan boy from Hage Village-way out in the “Forgotten Realm” of the Clover Kingdom. All this-plus the fact that he is the the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD without magic- made becoming who he is an uphill battle. And when his best friend/rival was in trouble and he was powerless to stop him; Asta lost hope. Which gave him exactly what he needed: A grimoire for Anti Magic! 3 Swords that effect magic in different ways:

  1. “Demon Slayer” allows him to swiftly cut through magic.
  2. “Demon Dweller” allows him to absorb and release magic in the form of a flying slash.
  3. And “Demon Destroyer” allows him to absorb magic-and negate it’s effects.

You might be asking “What do you mean ‘giving into despair’ allowed him to get the Anti Magic grimoire?” What I mean is: a 5 leaf Clover grimoire has within it a Devil. It goes back to what “Black Clover’s” said about the leaves of Clover’s: “The first 3 leaves of a Clover is given over to faith, hope, and love(the 3 theological virtues of Christianity). The 4 is given over to good luck. And in the 5th-resides a Devil.” And Devils-feed on despair. And because Asta had no magic to start with; it just kind of fit.

Who Is Asta's Devil In Black Clover?
The Anti Magic Devil

But the swords are extremely heavy. So Asta is the only person capable of lifting them. That-and they cancel out mana-of which Asta has none. That was the basics of the series, but now it’s time for the main idea of the post: “What is Asta’s Future?”

I kicked around a few ideas, and came up with something. But first; we need to talk about why he has no magic. I do not think that Asta is some kind of “experiment,” and I don’t think he has some “grand destiny.” And I think that because Vanessa is a thing. Her “Red Thread of Fate” spell is proof that fate can be changed at will. “Fate” in this series is magic-which Asta negates. Ar you getting it? Asta can tell fate to “F*ck off” because he has the power to do it. And that freedom from fate allows Asta to choose his own destiny, rather than one predetermined by someone else. So even if he does have some “grand destiny;” it’s not like he has to follow it.

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Rouge The Cat-Not The Bat

But that also comes with the idea that he had some sort of destiny-so what would it have been? I think that it has something to do with the Anti Magic Devil. Maybe this Devil is an ancient being-one so ancient that even the Elites such as Lucifero don’t even know who he is. And the destiny is that Asta will be his “vessel” that allows him to enter the human world and consume all magic in existence. But like I said; Asta has the power to say “F*ck that noise(which, if this is the case, would be ironic considering the Anti Magic Devil gave him this power)” and stop him. And my main reason for thinking this is due to Yuno.

Look at how Tabata has structured these 2:

  • Yuno is the long lost Prince of the Spade Kingdom. He possesses Wind magic, the Wind Spirit Sylph, and is the reincarnation of the son of the Elf Tribe, Licht, and princess of the Clover Kingdom, Teita Silvamillion Clover.
  • Asta is so far the only person ever to have Anti Magic. Not even the first person to have a Devil in his grimoire because the Dark Triad is a thing.

These 2 are so vastly different in characterization-but are going for the same goal. The difference being that fate is “shining” on Yuno, and doing everything it can to ruin Asta. It gave him no magic; the Anto Magic Devil gave him swords to negate that. Took his arms so he couldn’t use his swords; used his teeth and cut through it to get his arms back. Gave him rags; he’s rising to riches.

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Duality Personified

Maybe Yuno is supposed to the one to stop Asta. But then Asta defeats his rival, proving what I had thought, and then defeats the Anti Magic Devil-erasing his destiny completely.

With this new freedom; what will Asta do? Well, for one; he’ll become the Wizard King. No getting around that. But also; what he said to Mereoleona in chapter 146: “I’ll make a country where everyone can live in acceptance an laugh with each other when I become the Wizard King.” That might happen for the Clover Kingdom, but what about Spade, Diamond, and Heart Kingdom’s? He’s not the type to turn a blind eye when someone’s in trouble. Plus; Tabata takes a lot of references from mythology and religion. The meaning of the leaves of a Clover are direct references to the “3 Theological Virtues of Christianity.”

The story that I am currently referring to comes from a legend in Norway. β€œThe Saga of Harald Fairhair” (Heimskringla) is a Scandinavian saga that was written two centuries after the event. According to the story, the Hordaland-Rogaland and Agder-Thelemark factions were advancing with their troops towards Hafrsfjord, they were met there by the strong force of Harald Fair Hair, who was on a mission to unite the Norwegians who up until then lived in small tribes and villages.

Three giant Viking swords stand buried in a stone in Hafrsfjord ...
Sound familiar?

The Norwegian tribes led a warring life, constantly fighting with one another. According to the legend, Harold, who was in love with Gyda, the daughter of King Erik of Hordaland, had to convince her of his love and devotion by uniting the tribes and thus putting an end to all the fighting between them once and for all. He was the son of a king who wanted to marry the daughter of rival one, and she was the daughter of a king who despised the man who wanted her hand. So marriage was not an option if peace between the two was not reached.

Any of that sound familiar? Asta wants to marry someone who doesn’t love him? THIS is that story! Tabata is structuring such a way that, for Asta to fulfill his goal of marrying Sister Lilly; he has to unite the Clover, Heart, Spade, and Diamond Kingdoms. And he’s basically 3/4 of the way there! Or you could look on the bigger scale and say that Asta will achieve peace- in the afterlife!

Clearly; this world worship’s some sort of deity/deities. And if there are Devils, then there must be gods to contrast them- someone who put them in that realm the same way God put Lucifer in H#ll in Christian writings. And the only way for them to “leak” into our world is through the “Tree of Qliphoth” from Hebrew teachings. So if there’s a tree to the Devil world- isn’t there a tree to the realm of the Gods? What would you say, William?

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Not what I was looking for, but you’ll see my point

William can create the “Tree of Yggdrasil.” Which, in Norse mythology, connects the 9 realms(in no particular order): Asgard, Midgard, Alfheim, Jouhtenheim, Musphelheim, Nidavellir, Niflheim, Svartalfheim, and Vanaheim. If the Anti Magic Devil manages to get out and wreak havoc, then the Gods have a clear point of entry into this world through William’s magic. Thus; the final arc being a big war arc between the Anti Magic Devil and whatever big minions her has, the gods, and people of Midgard- being the human realm. Asta could be the one to unite the 3-3 worlds united by 3 swords. Of course, if Asta gets a 4th sword; this theory flies right out of the window.

Another thing you can think of comes from things Tabata says in interviews. He once claimed that “Asta is the antithesis of the whole series” and also stated that “Black Clover” will have “3 main story arcs.” The first of which being the Elf Invasion arc, culminating in defeating the Word Magic Devil, Zagreb. I’d like to focus on the latter of which for a moment.

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Key Visual For The Anime Adaptation

Are you familiar with the term “saga?” It’s basically “a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.” So I think that he meant that those “3 main arcs” would be the culmination of their individual saga’s. The Elf Invasion arc was the culmination of what I would like to call “The Elf saga.” And the current arc is only the beginning of the “Devil saga.” PREDICTION: the final saga will be “War of the Gods” saga.

As for what he said about Asta being “the antithesis” of the series; I’m not sure what he meant. He could be referring to Asta being the opposite in that he was born with magic in a world of magic. Or maybe he’s referring to Asta’s role in uniting the people. Everything’s in a caste system: Royalty> Nobility> Commoners. Asta doesn’t see people like that, whereas everyone else can’t.

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That’s All, Folks!

But yeah, guys; those are my thoughts on the future of Asta, and ultimately; “Black Clover” as a whole. I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject. Until next time; ta-ta for now!