Nostalgia Corner: Power Rangers- ALL OF THEM!

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The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

Who doesn’t know about these guys?! At this point; there so ingrained in our culture that I wouldn’t even need to talk about it! But I’m going to because I’m stuck inside and about to go completely crazy, so we’re talking about the American Super Sentai equivalent: The Power Rangers! I’ve been kind of on a “Power Rangers” binge on Netflix recently(Don’t rightfully know why), so I thought “Hey; I’ve been starting posts like crazy recently, too. Why not make another ‘Nostalgia Corner’ on them!”

Let me get one thing straight: I have not seen every single piece of media. I have seen Dino Thunder, Samurai, Dino Charge, and few episodes here and there of Lost Galaxy, Mighty Morphing, Jungle Fury, and, by the time you read this; probably all of Ninja Steel. I think my favorite by far was Dino Charge. All of you may know Tommy Oliver as the Evil Green Ranger, the White ranger, and even the red Zeo ranger. But I’ll always know him as the Black Dino Ranger. It brings me to what Power Rangers is at it’s core: A toy commercial. Power Rangers Legacy Megazord Action Figure: Toys & Games
I Don’t Even KNOW Which One This Is

The story is pretty repetitive(a joke with Tommy at the beginning of Dino Thunder): Villain wants something. The Power Rangers come together to defend it. Villain sends monster after monster that fail. Villain gets off their @$$ and whoops rainbow colored booty. Power Rangers “push passed their limits” and defeat the villain. And that’s just the over arcing story! The episodes are even more basic and repetitive: Monster attacks. Ranger’s catch a whoopin’. Monster leaves. Monster returns. Rangers win. Monster gets bigger. Megazord kills monster. Villain gets mad. Lather, rinse, repeat. Which is what made me refer to that stuff as the “B plot” of the episode; the “A plot” being whatever the Rangers are doing outside their spandex.

I call it a “toy commercial-” because that’s what it is. Think about it: The plot of each episode are really basic, but they always find new ways to get toys into the show. Like the new Zords they create, or the new weapons. Or even the new morphers, the villains themselves, the way they look inside the Zords, and all of that stuff. It’s that kind of stuff that makes me appreciate the frachise; even though it bends over backwards to make cool toys, it feels so natural-like they’re actually putting EFFORT into making whatever iteration they’re making. You know; they “give a f*ck.”

I know that last little bit was me tearing into it, but I genuinely love it-BECAUSE it’s so corny and repetitive. Okay, this is something I may or may not have alluded to in my full series review of Steven Universe, but here it is: I hate change. It frightens me, and it just happens so fast. But the one thing I can count on to be consistent: Power Rangers! So what if it seems like some of the actors are just phoning it in? It’d be a little weird if they did try to deliver on some of their lines. Just take Jaden from Samurai; the actor, Alex Hartman, looked like the Red Ranger, acted like the Red Ranger, but it was so stale and lifeless that I just couldn’t take him seriously.

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The Embodiment of A Red Ranger

I think that Samurai was the best example of the series being a “toy commercial.” It had a bunch of zords-just for the sake of it, it seemed. But again; they at least made it make sense.

I think Dino Thunder was my favorite because the actors tried to be people out of their spandex, and acted really cheesy and over the top when morphed. And I just like the way they are. The Dino gems gave them powers outside of their suits, which made those “Let’s kick butt before we morph” bit a lot more entertaining and made more sense logically. And their Zords were all cool-even if they were just a bunch of toys. Seriously; it’s like the biggest draw to their target demographic. Merging Dinosaur’s and Robots just equals dollar signs for Saban. Which is why they keep going back to that. And I just love the central villains name: MESOGOG! Just try to say that name for a minute- “Mesogog.” That just sound evil!

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The Greatest Power Ranger Villain Ever. F*ck You. FIGHT ME.

Mesogog had a presence that dominated ever second he was onscreen. And he moonlighted as the adoptive father of the White Ranger-Trent Merser’s father, Anton. He wanted to use the Dino gem’s to “return the world to it’s former glory-the Age of the Dino-” as most primordeal villains tend to wish. I think the best part was whenever he threatened his generals, Zeltrax and Elsa. You actually felt like he was gonna do something to them. Other villains said stuff like “Fail me, and you’ll wish those pathetic Rangers had destroyed you” or “I’m sick of excuses. Annihilate the Rangers-or I’ll annihilate YOU!”

I wonder if I should talk about “Power Rangers Samurai” and Deker. Didn’t you know? The actor who played him murdered his roommate with a katana! No, I’m serious; check it out! “Ricardo Medina Jr,” who played the Red ranger on “Power Rangers Wild Force” and Deker in “Power Rangers Samurai,” was convicted of voluntary manslaughter of his roommate, Joshua Sutter. And with a sword of all things. I’m sorry to make lite of such a serious topic, but I just find it weird that he ended up commiting murder with a sword. Me and my brother actually make jokes about it like “His sword, Oromasa, was thirsty.

You know; this honestly didn’t surprise me. The katana part did; the fact that he killed a man didn’t. He always kind of looked like a murderer-in-waiting whenever I saw him onscreen.

Deker | RangerWiki | Fandom
See What I mean?

I can’t think of anything else. I mean; I “liked” the movie. It was fine. Wasn’t really in a hurry to see it; just saw on TV guide one day and was like “Oh; this looks like something to watch.” Tommy Oliver? Okay.

See; you all may know him as “The Evil Green Ranger,” while others may know him as the “Zeo Red Ranger.” But to me; my very first experience with him was in “Power Rangers Dino Thunder,” where he played the Black Power Ranger. So to me; he’ll always be the black ranger no matter what he’s in. I always did like the concept of an Evil Power Ranger; the idea of “fight fire with fire” has always been an interesting concept. Look at how many counter part villains there are in the world: Superman has Bizarro and Cyborg Superman; Batman has Owl Man; The Powerpuff Girls have the Rowdyruff Boys; Spider-Man has Venom; Ben Tennyson has Kevin 11 and Albedo; Iron Man has Iron Monger; Hulk and Abomination; Flash and Reverse Flash; and SO MANY MORE that I can’t even name.

But one thing that’s always vexxed me: Why stop at 1? The rangers preach that “teamwork” cr@p during every battle-and it clearly WORKS considering how much they win over you. And Saban; wouldn’t a team of Evil Ranger’s bring in more money than just one? Just something to think about.

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I notice the Ninja Storm Ranger’s aren’t in this one.

This was fun. I enjoyed talking about Power Rangers with all of you. But I guess I didn’t have as many things to say as I thought-and what I did say wasn’t exactly the most “positive,” to say the least. Heh heh; bet you learned some things you didn’t know before, huh? It was at least informative, if nothing else. Catch ya later!

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