All For One’s Master Plan- My Hero Academia THEORY

Man; it’s been a while since we last did a “My Hero” centric post that wasn’t a chapter review, huh? I know the last one probably wasn’t as good as the others; it definitely wasn’t my best work. That said- I think I’m ready for a second try! Today’s post will discuss the Symbol of Evil- All For One- and his grand plan involving Kyudai Garaki(Dr Ujiko), Izuku Midoriya, and Tomura Shigaraki in particular.

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The Face Of EVIL

Basically, the theory is: All For One Will Try To Steal Tomura’s Body. The evidence being how much he’s done for and to Tomura. Look at all of the facts: He took in Tomura at a young age, and “cultivated” him to be “the new him.” He’s trying to make Tenko into his ideal successor. But that’s just what he’s said. When you look at it more; you start to notice something.

The main point of evidence: He gave the boy his own quirk. All For One, since Kamino Ward, has been using a copy of his own quirk. All For One doesn’t strike me as the type to part with a quirk willingly- unless he were to get something out of it. He used this method to become a crime lord in the age where quirks first developed; he would take the quirks of someone who didn’t want them, and give them to someone who did. They’d both owe him now. Tomura owes him a much greater debt- a life debt. All For One saved his life, so All For One will be calling on a favor. What will it be?

As for why he needs to switch bodies with someone- that’s actually fairly obvious. He’s dying. Because of he and All Might’s unseen fight(the fight where he put a hole in All Might’s stomach, and All Might turned his face into a 4 year old’s knee cap); he’s beaten to h#ll and back.

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This also probably didn’t help either

He needs a new, fresh, younger body to continue his ambitions. Tomura may not be in the best of conditions(he lost 2 fingers on his left hand to Re-Destro), but he’s certainly better off than All For One. Not to mention the fact that he got the regeneration quirk present in the Nomu before any further damage occured. Look at it like this: The Regeneration quirk seems to heal you back to the point when you initially received it(when it comes to giving and taking quirks). Ujiko implied that they found the quirk after All Might beat the sh!t out of him. So if he were to posses the regeneration power- he’d just heal back to what he is currently.

In the case of Tomura; he’s only lacking 2 fingers on his left hand. Which doesn’t seem to be encumbering Tomura in the slightest. Not to mention that he can willingly control Decay now. And other than missing a few fingers; his bodies just fine. And he always has the regeneration to keep him that way. Not to mention he’s much younger than All For One. The way it seems; All For One was already in an older phase of life(late 30s/mid to late 40s), so a younger body would be able to do a lot more than his older one, anyway.

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Not That It Would Attract A Lot of Females; just a lot easier to use

And with Ujiko’s preservation quirk in conjunction with all the strength boosting quirks pre-loaded in All For One(or may even be implanted in Tomura’s body himself); he’ll stay this young and powerful potentially forever.

Another piece of “evidence” I just thought of: Tomura’s only 75% complete. And his desire for more power is driving him to chase down Izuku for One For All. But what about the other 25% of All For One that wasn’t completely transferred over? THAT is where the man himself comes in with the rest of it. Thus: 100% plus One For All. And that in itself is another reason: He can feel One For All’s power growing. And he knows in the back of his head that if he fights Izuku Midoriya himself- he will die this time. The first fight with All Might + Kamino Ward + One For All Mastered Izuku=The End of Evil. So another way you take this is that All For One needs Tomura to take One For All first before he makes the transfer.

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But WHY Does He Want It So Bad?

Now that we’ve discussed the evidence of why he wants to take Tomura’s body(potentially); Why does he want One For All so bad? One way of looking at this is “It’s the one that got away.” One For All was created to fight All For One because the quirk couldn’t be stolen. One For All is the one quirk that he could never take by force. Think of it like a girl: It’s the only girl in his life that’s ever denied him. And because of that; he became obsessed with her-following her throughout the years, awaiting the day he could finally have her.

Another way you could look at it: The quirk that allowed the user to access stockpiled power was given to his brother by him. So you could look at it like he’s “Taking back what’s his because it’s being misused” in his own twisted state of mind. He sees justice and peace as “foolish notions,” so seeing something he made himself being used to fight for those notions must be killing him- in both the literal and metaphorical sense. But I think the main reason for his obsession with this quirk: It’s the connection to his brother. It has his brother’s consciousness and essence in it- it was partially his brothers quirk, anyway! So this is probably his sick, twisted way of “missing” his brother.

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“I want to show him the world I created”

I think the evidence is all there- as shallow as it may seem. But I think now’s the time to speculate when the body swap can happen. I see it happening after the initial time skip. You know: Tomura comes to UA to take One For All while Dabi leads a prison break at Tartarus, All Might dies at Tomura’s hand, Deku vs Kacchan 3 happens to get Izuku out of his funk, his dad comes to offer to take him over seas for the rest of High School, and skipping ahead 2 or 3 years later to see that Japan has changed. Tomura’s become the biggest crime lord in history, and All For One’s time is just about ready to kick the bucket. Tomura, desperate to save his father figure, asks if there’s anything he can do to keep him from dying. Symbol of Evil: “There is…….one thing you can do…….” leading into All For One telling him to hand over his body.

I think all this is evidence enough of my theory. I think that All For One is building up Tomura to steal his body and become more powerful than ever. Thank you for listening to my theory, and have a magical day.

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  1. I wasn’t able to guess any exact details, but the moment All For One talked about Tomura being “the next me,” it struck me that he was planning to take his body. I think you are right on the money with what he intends.

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