Well-THAT Was Unexpected. One Piece Chapter 984 BREAKDOWN

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One Piece Chapter 984: “My Bible.” The chapter begins on volume 27 of “Oh My Family.” An emotional meeting between Father and daughters! Chiffon and Lola’s reactions: “WHAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Either this reaction is “We have a dad?!” or “Wait….Really?” Though; maybe not that one. I think it’s just “YOU’RE OUR DAD?!” And of course; really exaggerated funny faces-typical of Eichiiro Oda. And Bege and Pez in the background looking at him like “THIS is my father-in-law?”

We open up the chapter on the hallway area: Page 1 rushes to his sisters side. After calling for a medic; he orders some of the Beast Pirates to go after Luffy and Yamato. See; he does care about his sister! Even though most of the reason he wants to go after Luffy is because his Elephant Gun almost dislocated his jaw. Keyword: “Almost.” This-coupled with Ulti’s quick recovery- make the Gifters say “Ancient Zoans are TOUGH.” She gets up, and immediately hugs her “Pay Pay.” “Pay Pay~; they heurt me really ba~d! Delicate little me~!!!!” So Page 1 says “If you’re hurt then rest(you little psycho).” And the ever bipolar Ulti says “Try again!” Though; is she bipolar, or does she just want “Pay Pay” to to show concern for her? She could just be a doting sister who loves her little brother(I’m assuming she’s the older of the 2).

In any case; Ulti is eager to get back at Yamato for that “Thunder Sigua(6 Trigrams)(which is different from the “Bagua(8 Trigrams)”) .” In the official release, she simply calls it “Blunder Bagua-” both are ways to indicate that Yamato is in fact weaker than papa Kaido. She wants to “show him what it’s like rolling with grown ups.” This indicates that Yamato is younger than he looks. I’ve assumed that he was like late 20s- early 30s based on Kaido’s age(roughly 50). Anyway; they get alerts as to Yamato and Luffy’s whereabouts- and page 1 heads off, leaving Ulti behind(much to her annoyance).

Speaking of: Luffy vs Yamato! So the thing about last time: Yamato is not out to harm Luffy- he just wants to talk. But Luffy is focused on other things at the moment(finding and kicking Kaido’s @$$, freeing Wano Kuni, Meat, becoming King of The Pirates). However, because Yamato helped him out against Ulti and Page 1; he’s willing to lend him 5 seconds. Luffy is a grateful person- but even someone as……….”on track minded” we’ll say- as him knows that you should never talk to strangers. But Yamato doesn’t walk to talk about this particular business in front of all these people. He wants to go somewhere else to talk- but Luffy has an important talk with his dad to get to. So to end this little skirmish- he shows off “The Results of His Training:” Ryou. The attack creates a massive explosion- which provides them with cover to get away.

Something Yamato says during this encounter catches my eye: “This reminds me of him more and more- of our fights together.” Hm……fights with his dad? Or fights with……….?

We then cut over to the Skull Dome, where Orochi is preparing to execute Momonosuke. But because he’s a vendictive little dork; he starts spouting off “This is the brat son of Kozuki Oden- Momonosuke! He and the Red Scabbards were sent here by the Witch Toki!” But none of the Beast Pirates are buying any of it. Especially with one Knight Of The Sea Jinbe and the lovely, enchanting, elegant Nico Robin discrediting his everyone word. Robin is anxious to rescue Momo, but Jinbe says they have to be patient. Little do even they know- The Infiltration Squad have invaded. The noose around Orochi’s neck is tied- now we just need the dork to put his head through it.

While on the other side of the island; Law’s Polar Tang has made it to the other side. Everyone’s ready to invade Kaido’s castle, with the Scabbards putting their absolute trust in Law. I can’t help but feel Shinobu should have been here to make this scene more impactful. She was the one that mistrusted Law’s crew in the first place.

When they rise up; Law uses “Shambles” to transport the Scabbards to the island- before he and his crew re-submerge and head to another side of the island. At Kaido’s backdoor; the Scabbards are met with some unexpected allies- Marco drops off Nekomamushi and Izo! Izo’s got this scar over his left eye now; I think he got that during the Payback War against Blackbeard. Neko explains that Marco knew where Izo was, so they stopped to pick him up. I’m sure Izo had his reservations about “returning to this life-” until he heard that the field-of-battle was Wano. And, while I’m sure he wants to have a moment to talk and catch up with his old friends and his sister; he has another War to go and fight. Wow; whenever we see or even here mention of Izo- it usually has something to do with a war. Poor guy!

In Kaido’s keep; Bao Huang informs the Dragon that Big Mom still hasn’t arrived(probably still chasing after Nami swan and Best Bunny Girl Carrot chan- oh; and Shinobu, too). So he decides to make their “big announcement” himself- along with his Calamities. The 4 of them come out on stage, and Kaido makes the big “Onigashima Initiative” announcement. Is their gonna be some kind of “Onigashima Force” made up of Kaido’s Calamities(King The Wildfire, Queen The Plague, and Jack The Drought) and Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders(Katakuri, Smoothie, and Cracker)? Or is there something else going on that we’ll find out about in 7 or 8 chapters? Probably the latter, right?

While in his attic; his son and his sworn enemy make an alliance. Luffy- graciously giving Yamato 5 minutes of his time- listens to what the boy has to say. He starts: “One day; I went to my dad and said ‘I want to be Kozuki Oden!-‘ and he beat the h#ll out of me for it.” Luffy begins to get impatient, so he continues: “I was THERE 20 years ago! I saw it! The Legendary ‘Hour Long Execution!’ There’s never been another Samurai like him-and Orochi and my own DAD killed him! It was frustrating to say the least. But more than that; I felt an Inferno in my chest and my streams of tears were like rivers!”

As a show of trust; he shows Luffy his “bible-” Odens Log Book. The thing he wrote down his legend in- the only thing in the world that might hold the biggest secret in the story. And Yamato’s been hiding it from Kaido for 20 years! Boy; if he beat the cr@p out of you just for saying you wanted to be like that “Fool of A Lord-” just imagine what he’d do to you for hiding the location of Laugh Tale island and the World Governments secret closest guarded secret from him?-Probably. I don’t know the full detail of what the f*ck Oden put in this thing. For all I know; he could have wrote down Toki’s little “kinks!” But I think that Yamato and Kaido’s relationship is enough of a reason to have Sanji go up against Kaido as well.

Think about it: Yamato wanted to be something different than what his father had intended for him- just like Sanji. I know we just got a whole arc about Sanji’s family history, but I think that this parallel between the 2 could lead to a big character moment for Sanji. Besides……….. actually; I don’t even think I want to go there in this day and age.

Yamato compares this book to the bible– at least; as far as he’s concerned. And because he so reveres Oden; he plans to carry out “Odens will-” and reopen Wano’s borders. Yamato takes off his mask, and reveals to Luffy- he’s a she. “She” became a man because Oden was a man. So, being the fan girl she is- she decided to become a man. Yet again; a man decides to act as a woman in Wano. I think the thing Oda is going for is in 1 part a subversion of the trope in Kabuki theater(Wano is being billed as a Kabuki play with it’s individual acts) of men playing women, and has woman playing men. But I also think this ties into the feudal Japan references present in this arc.

In feudal Japan; women couldn’t do much. There roles consisted of cooking, cleaning, and tending to the young. That’s about all. So, like the landscape of Wano having “super vibrant colors” in the anime to contrast the “black and white” of feudal Japan; he has the woman in more prominent, combative roles. And there’s absolutely No political reason for him to do this so don’t even get that conversation started. In any case; Yamato asks for Luffy’s help- commenting “You remind me of Ace…..” One Piece Chapter 984 END! WHOLY SH!T; did Yamato and Ace……………? I mean; Ace did come to Wano a few years before his death. I guess they met and the battle Yamato was remembering during his fight with Luffy was a bout he had against Ace.

On the lowest end; Yamato would have been 4 or 5 when Oden was executed- making him 24-25 in the current story. So it’s not like it’s impossible that they………….But Yamato would be identifying as a boy from that age to now. So either “he” went back to being “she” to be with Ace(if only for a little bit) or Ace……..you know what; let’s stop it there, yeah? See you guys later!

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