Space Pirate Elsie Crimson! Edens Zero Chapter 104 BREAKDOWN

What A Cover To Return With!

Just because Weekly Shonen Jump takes a week off doesn’t mean the workaholic Hiro Mashima is just gonna stop. Though he works in a different magazine for a different publisher, so~……..WHATEVER! What I’m trying to say is that I’m back, and we’re getting back into the swing of things with another review for Hiro Mashima’s 3rd work- “Edens Zero.” I know I was off for a little while, and in that time 2 chapters(chapters 102 and 103) came out.

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Shiki’s grandfather and the OG Demon King Ziggy had mysteriously revived- only to become and anti-organic machine bent on conquering the Universe with the aid of Cpt Connor of the mysterious “Edens ONE,” and his new Stars- The Dark Stars! As Ziggy and his minions overtake the Edens Zero’s forces; Space Pirate Elsie Crimson of the Oracion Seis Galactica makes her return. Knowing that Elsie is most likely beyond him by now; Ziggy has Connor take them away- to their grand goal: Mother! For further details; my good friend RJ Writing Ink talked in full detail about both chapters while I was away. So go check out his post about both chapters- as well as the rest of his content. Now that I’m back; let’s begin! Edens Zero Chapter 104: “The Woman They Called Pirate.

Thank You, Hiro Mashima!

Just so you guys are aware: The Site that publishes the raws have been doing this thing where they upload fan translations of the chapters. Don’t know if this will keep happening, but just roll with it. I say that mostly because I’m using the images from said-translations. Why? Getting a jump on the posts so I’m not rushing to write the day the actual chapter comes out! I do the same with One Piece and the others.

As you saw; the cover page depicts Homura in the same attire her mother wore while she ruled over Sun Jewel. Like other drawings of Homura; she’s depicted as being rather cute. It’s also kind of seductive when you drift lower. I love the way Mashima draws her using one sleeve to cover her mouth- and even more so when he draws her in that art style. You know what I mean; mangaka have there moments when they draw a character in a super detailed way, and times where they’re more for comedic effect. EX: Kohei Horikoshi-creator of My Hero Academia.

Page 1-as you see above- shows Elsie, Homura, and Rebecca in the Spa of Edens. As she reminisces about her days coming into the bath and looking up at the cosmos; Homura tries to withstand the heat, and Rebecca sits in the tub confused. “I didn’t expect your first request when you came onboard the ship to be a bath……or that we join you……….” Elsie’s logic behind this action: “This is the first time we’ve seen each other in person- in our most natural apparel! There’s nothing like it to strengthen bonds.” She’s trying to get to know them better. And I guess once you’ve seen them naked; there must not be much else to learn, huh?

Bath Tub Brawl

Homura decides to try her hand against Elsie- and challenges her to a fight in the Bath Tub-AGAIN! Man; she just loves to challenge people to fight in the spa, huh? Not like I’m complaining, though. And rather than be weirded out or refuse- the Space Pirate accepts the challenge! I guess because of her similarities to Erza from Fairy Tail; you could think of this as a battle of “Past vs Present.” Funny Mashima!

Homura summons her Soul Blade, as Elsie just sits in her same position. Elsie’s not taking it quite so simply since it’s just a sparring match. Homura makes her move-and Elsie catches the blade with her foot. So everybody who has a foot fetish; I hope you enjoy the fan service Mashima just threw your way. Anyway; Homura tries to wiggle the sword out, but the grip strength in Elsie’s foot is too great. To the point where she literally tosses Homura out of the tub! I fully expect the anime to take this scene and make it a lot more sexual. Thought it is a pretty good action seen. I mean; she beat a swordswoman with just her toes?!

She Lost Outright.

Once Homura stops bouncing; Elsie takes the sword and and holds it over her- as if to say “I win.” Homura, seeing Elsie’s might, gets on her hands and knees(Weisz’ head must be EXPLODING somewhere right now) and apologizes. Elsie commends her, but Homura pledges to work harder(which, knowing Mashima, is probably going to be taken seriously). She then turns to Rebecca to see if she wants to try her hand, to which the Cat Leaper user replies “No Way!”

The girls exit the spa room relaxed-until they find Shiki outside waiting for them. Don’t worry; he’s not perving on them. No; he has much more serious things to discuss with Elsie. Elsie kneels down, and says “Don’t worry; Ziggy won’t fly far away.” We then cut over to the meeting room, where Elsie reunites with the Shining Stars. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Elsie was just a child-a refugee of a war- when Ziggy and the Shining Stars met her on their way back from trying to find Mother(a lot of wars going on in the Sakura Cosmos, I’m noticing. Could that mean anything?……). They picked her up, and stayed up to when they went back to Granbell. Shiki was no more than a baby- who Elsie admits to changing the diapers of. Awkward……… Thought I guess their more like “brother-sister.” That’s fine.

Critical Explanation

When they approached Granbell; Ziggy took a smaller vessel and went to raise Shiki on Granbell- leaving the Edens Zero to Elsie to bequeath to Shiki when he set out to explore the Cosmos. Valkyrie, Sister, and Hermit left to do their own things(train Homura, get captured, and help corrupt scientist respectively) while Witch disguising the ship and going into hibernation- and the rest you know.

Rebecca asks why she was left in charge of the ship, to which they are met with a……..rather shocking revelation. So…..even as a young girl; She was already rubbing shoulders with Valkyrie. And that was bare minimum a decade ago. I don’t know what her Ether Gear is, but she certainly has something. But does she have Full Overdrive?Almost certainly,” right? But she couldn’t keep the ship from falling apart on her own; she couldn’t even use the ship’s facilities to their fullest- running out of supplies in a few weeks! So she gathered people to help her with that. Like Jessie(the traitorous gamer who works for Amira). But she still needed provisions, so~~…………Pirate activities insued. Thus; “Space Pirate Elsie Crimson” came to be.

Proud Pirate Princess!

That pretty much covers everything- except what happen to the ship he used to to take land on Granbell. And also the matter of Pino. Witch’s hypothesis: Ziggy made Pino on Granbell as well. And then one day; she took the ship and left- eventually ending up on Norma. Then the Chronophage happened, and-AGAIN- the rest we know. And she can’t remember the rest because her memory bank was damaged.

Elsie continues the story: After having given Shiki the Edens Zero; she went to Granbell to tell Ziggy she fulfilled her promise. But when she found his grave; she felt a small Ether signature. It may have been small, but she felt that it wasn’t Ziggy- it was something different. Something…….malevolent. So she left a small Observation Drone- which 11thdoctr on Twitter pointed out on his account. If you look closely at panel 3 on Page 8 of chapter 102; you can see this Drone Fairy in the debris as Shiki rushes to save Rebecca. Nice attention to detail on Mashima’s part, huh? This fairy was also why she was able to come to the rescue so fast.

Courtesy of 11thdoctr on Twitter

However; she’s just as stumped as everyone else when it comes to why Ziggy is acting like this. The only thing anyone is certain of: The Ziggy They Knew Is Gone. Even down to something the Drone Fairy had recorded the Evil Ziggy saying. His first words upon waking up: “I will……Go See Mother……” Now….the line in the fan translation was “Me….Under Mother.” I think what the new Ziggy is trying to do is take over Mother’s position as God of the Universe- which plays into his grand goal of ruling over humans. Wow…….Everyone thought he was faking, but it turns out that this is the Real Deal. This isn’t some final trial for Shiki to deal with before he leaves to find Mother; Ziggy is seriously bad news. And if left unchecked; he might just get his wish granted.

Elsie departs- but not before giving Shiki these final words: “Shiki……I’m going to follow Ziggy. He saved my life; it’s my duty to stop him! If you feel that you can do it, then come-to the Outer Cosmos!” Shiki makes his decision: He wants to chase Ziggy, and stop whatever plan he may have brewing. But that’s more of a side thing. Like; “We’ll kick his @$$ if we come across him on our quest.” Because they’re true goal is still to find Mother. Because Shiki just thought up his wish: “Repair Granbell.” Yeah; Ziggy kind of tore the planet in 2(with the mere wave of his hand, at that). So he wants his homeworld restored to normal.

Abso-Fre@kin’-Lutely, Captain!

Everyone’s more than ready to follow Shiki into battle-while Kleene and Kris are in the background. I think Kleene’s willing to fight, but Kris is only going to get involved because Kleene is-or so he’ll portray it as at first-which it probably will be at first.

But before they can depart to the Outer Cosmos, they have one final obstacle in their wake: Dragon Falls– a nest full of Dragons. To be honest; I was expecting a wall-like in the first How To Train Your Dragon movie. But this……….not so bad. I mean; we don’t see what the Dragons look like, but we know they’re indeed Dragons. Even knowing this; Shiki gives the order “Let’s Go!,” as Edens Zero Chapter 104 comes to an END! D@MN, It’s Good To Be Home!


Well guys…….we’ve made it. In chapter 106; we’ve officially left the Sakura Cosmos. It’s been a h#ll of a ride in a Cherry Blossom filled sky. But we now move on-to the next saga in Edens Zero! Don’t miss it!


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