The End Of Domestic Girlfriends- RETROSPECTIVE

Ah……….remember this? Remember this anime? You probably don’t, right? Well this is your reminder-whether you want it or not. So, in June of 20202; “Domestic Girlfriends” by Kei Sasuga came to an end. And we are here to talk about it becausewhy not? It’s not like the anime is going to get a season 2. So I think it best to talk about the end of the series for “closure” for the people that actually liked the series. That said; I read the manga sparcely. I jumped around a lot, and read in little chunks mostly. I heard the anime cut out a lot of stuff, so I went all the way back to chapter 1 and went from there.

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From there; I actually enjoyed the series more. I mean; it’s not my favorite romance series. Heck; not even my favorite drama. Or anime, manga, show- I’m completely indifferent to this series one way or another. It having a season 2 or not has no bearing on my life at all. I’m simply talking about it for the people that did. Also the pandemic is has people doing content like blog post or Youtube coming up with content to keep peoples spirits up. Miniature Tangent Aside: I enjoyed what I read. It almost makes for good joke material.

I think the plot of the series is pretty funny, honestly. I mean; the girl you lost your virginity to is the younger sister of the teacher you have a crush on- and now they’re BOTH going to be you’re sisters?! That’s sounds more like a light novel comedy rather than a drama. I could even imagine the title: “My Teacher And One Time Lover Are Now My Sisters!” Man; I’m just kind of dumping on this series, huh?

In any case; I think the animation and art were pretty good. I still distinctly remember the scene after Natsuo broke his leg and Rui helped him out in the tub. The power went out and she ended up grabbing his wiener. I liked the shift from super detailed art to a 4 year old’s drawing of a person. I also found a scene with Al having a sleep over at the Natsuo’s house. He planned to go after Rui full force-despite having almost forced her into a sexual encounter on the infamous school trip. Speaking of: A LOT more detailed in the manga.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode #08 | The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica
Remember When He Spoke English?

I don’t know why they cut so much so out of the anime; time constraints, or whatever. But I think the quality would have been enhanced. Heck; they could have ended the season on them going on the school trip, and season 2 could have continued the story. But it’s unlikely now that this series will get a season 2. Or hey, maybe it will.

The stuff at the cultural festival probably could have made up for a lot of the season. I found it interesting. Wait; Season 1 had that, but it cut out a whole plot with Kiryuu Sensei. I think that came later on. And I remember it distinctly because that was the arc where Rui and Natsuo finally got together. I also liked it because of Momo and Al; their whole plan was depended on Natsuo and Rui’s feelings for each other vs their feelings towards them. Momo liked Natsuo-beyond just wanting someone to be around. I also liked that scene in season 1: Natsuo rejecting Momo’s advancements. She wanted to bone because she thought it was the only way to keep someone around so she wouldn’t be so lonely. But Natsuo refused to take advantage of her like that. That leans more on the harem aspect of the series- a simple act of kindness and the girls head over heals for him!

That festival saw Al realize that Natsuo and Rui wanted to be together. But he also wanted to be with Rui. But he knew that he’d never get a moment alone with Rui as long as Natsuo could chase them around. So he helped Momo confess to him. The Confessions:

  • Momo X Natsuo: Momo managed to get Natsuo up to the Literature club room where they pretended to be lovers. Then she got naked and seriously confessed to him. But Natsuo’s shock caused a bag to fall of the table-Rui’s. And Rui had the hairpin he had given her a while ago. That made him realize: He Wanted To Be With Rui.
  • Al X Rui: Al got her to come up on the roof, where he confessed his feelings to her during the bonfire-as per tradition. But Rui could not return his feelings. Not just because of Natsuo, but also because she’d feel bad using him as a crutch to handle Natsuo’s rejection.
Domestic Girlfriend' Season 2: Release Date And Renewal Updates
“Wow; I didn’t know they could………”

I also liked seeing Natsuo’s college years; joining a theater group and such. There was a funny B plot going around with some girl having sex with every guy in each stall in the boys bathroom and then running. She was just a girl that liked having sex- simple as that. And I like that kind of stuff. I think when looking at particular series; fans often look deep into a characters philosophy and personalities to look for hidden layers. But sometimes; it’s just as simple as can be. She likes sex, so she has sex. As Alfred said in The Dark Knight: “Some men just want to see the world burn.” If I were to make a series; I’d at least want one character to be straightforward like that.

I also liked seeing Natsuo and Rui’s relationship; I think they were great together. Too bad he ended up marrying Hina in the end. But Natsuo and Rui did have a child-Haruka-together. Weird @$$ ending. And to make it weirder; Natsuo ended up writing a novel called “Domestic Girlfriends.” Which brings me to the title: I never got it. Like; what was supposed to be “Domestic” about it? Is it because they live in the same house. Because if so, then most ecchi harem series would have “Domestic” in the title. Whatever.

But yeah; Natsuo and Rui were really good together. I especially liked this one chapter where where the girls in Natsuo’s theater caught some feels for him, so she dropped off some food at his house. But he wasn’t there, so his neighbor let her in with his spare key. But then Natsuo came home with Rui. Rui was about to go overseas for a business opportunity. And Natsuo was all like “Go!” But Rui had some doubts. She goes out for pastries, and comes back to Myabi(the girl in the bed) out in the open- in her underwear. They try to play it off like she’s some kind of Ghost, but………Rui’s too smart. So now her concerns about going away just increased.

v o i d )
Oh Cr@p.

Myabi was pretty interesting. I think she died, though. I found an image on online while looking for pictures for this post. It looked like a joke image, so I don’t know how seriously I should take it. I mean; it looks like it was drawn in the same style. But you know how these things go; someone rely good at mimicking an artists style can pass off certain images as fact. Anyway; I liked her as a character because of she works as a good foil to Rui and Hina. While the relationship between these 3 has clear problems(morally, legally, and something else I’m probably not thinking of); if he got with Miyabi, then things would be just fine, right? Although, to the series credit; it shows that love isn’t something selective. “These things just kind of happen.”

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Meet Misaki Ogura

Another character I really like was Misaki Ogura. Her story is that she was a model. But then some jealous little mink put something corrosive in her lotion. Her face was burned, and she lost her career. Shortly before meeting Natsuo(through Miyabi, weirdly enough); she took up doing cocaine. She kind of drifted towards Natsuo following his break up with Rui. They broke up because they were “trying too hard.” They so wanted to not be a burden on each other that they ran themselves ragged- and that’s not what a relationship is supposed to be like.

She saw that Natsuo was depressed- the same way she was after her career ended. She starts getting flirty, and even follows him home. Problem is: She won’t leave. She doesn’t have much of a home to go to, and I-based on what I saw of her- she was on the run cause she owed her dealer some money. Like I said; did not read the series religiously. I’m mostly just skimming through my favorite parts whenever I did try. She did make a pass at Natsuo, but he(rather violently) rejected her advances.

Her story ended with her going into a Rehab center. Some other stuff happened with Natsuo and her getting kidnapped. But again; skimmed around.

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That’s All, Folks!

I think I’ve said everything that needed to be said- or rather; that I wanted to say. I know in the end it looked like I was just half-@$$ing my way to the end. But then; I half @$$ed my enjoyment of the series. I liked some of it, but overall; I was indifferent. This is more just to introduce someone who likes this kind of stuff to the series. Feel free to check it out. Goodbye, “Domestic Girlfriends;” may you rest in peace!