We Bare Bears The Movie SPOILER REVIEW

You know; you’re probably seeing this a lot later in the month. But I actually watched the whole movie online a few days after it leaked. I know, I know; “I’m scum.” And honestly- I probably should have waited. Because THIS MOVIE……..was fine. It’s no Steven Universe The Movie or Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus, but it was a fine, calm, nice little 1 hour 8 minute movie. Let’s talk about it!

We Bare Bears Movie Official Trailer | Cartoon Network - YouTube
The Poster

Before we go in, I have to be entirely honest with you: I have seen episodes of this show sparcely. I’ve seen a total of……..17-19 episodes MAX of the series. And from what I’ve seen; I like it. Not at the top of my “Must Watch” list-not even in the top 20-but I would recommend it if you want a “feel good, light hearted” episodic series. It’s a nice change of pace from your One Piece’s or Harley Quinn’s or Amphibia’s. No solid “plot” going on(aside from a certain mystery involving Ice Bear); just the misadventures of 3 bears who adopted each other as family- something nice to see play out further in the movie.

I’ll have to do another, separate “Retrospective” post on this series since this movie is slated as the series finale. Just know: It was a good show. But how does the movie compare?

The movie is all about the humans of San Francisco are fed up with the bears antics. Enter: Agent Trout. He’s a xenophobe; he doesn’t like the Bears because of how they’re trying to integrate into society. His goal is to ship them back to their natural habitats so that they can stop their “pretend family” and do what they’re supposed to do in nature. And so; the chase begins as the Bears make their way to Canada- where Bears are the most free.

We Bare Bears: The Movie (TV Movie 2020) - IMDb
Poster 1

I think the animation for the movie was pretty good; it didn’t deviate too much from the main series, but it was just enhanced enough to be of movie quality. Though I think this movie should have aired on TV before going on DVD. You know; like Steven Universe The Movie. Sure; maybe it wouldn’t have been quite as watched, but I definitely think this that would have kept it from leaking online. Or maybe not! They have to have thought that would have been a better idea. “Straight To Video” movies don’t have a record of success-at least from what I know.

I liked seeing Grizz have a moment of reflection. Last 20 minutes of the movie: Grizz is separated from his brothers for the first time in a while; all on his own amongst other non-talking grizzly bears. He’s tired, hungry, scared, and about to lose everything he fought so hard for. But then the baby Griz comes to him, and he reminds him of the promise he made with Panda and Ice Bear: That they’d always be together- no matter what.

The thing I liked about this scene was that it showed that Griz subconsciously remembered the promise- but he was exactly trying to fulfill it. Like; you see throughout the movie that Griz didn’t put any effort into thinking about how they would go to or get into Canada- he just wanted to go because he wanted to stay with Panda and Ice Bear. And that’s all well and good, but you have to put more mental effort into it. I like that fiction is moving in a direction that’s saying “Just because you reached your goal doesn’t mean everything’s okay.” It’s a mental thing; you have to work smart- not just hard.

We Bare Bears: The Movie - YouTube
No WAY This Works-Oh Wait…

Another part about the movie found to be humorous was when they visited that tree- only to discover that is was a secret club for all the meme animals. Animals such as that Kangaroo who got punched by that guy, the startled Cow, those crabs, the keyboard playing cat, and such. But I think it was kind of a “rinse-and-repeat” plot. Bears slow down, Trout catches up, and they get away until the end of the movie. That’s a definite negative in my eyes- or at least it would be if I didn’t find the final sequence of it so cool.

So after escaping Trout at the Meme Tree; the Bears fined that the meme animals have made some modifications to their van- such as giving it a canon, turbo boosters, and probably more that I’m forgetting. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen the movie, honestly. But in any case; they pull out all these stops to get away from trout- ultimately making it to the border of Canada. But that ultimately fails in the end- they can’t get in without passports. Trout catches them and tries to ship them away. Then Grizz finds primal strength, and Ice Bear uses his awesome Ninja moves to unite them all!

We Bare Bears Cartoon Network 2020-Movies [Online] | by Deddy Wardoyo | We  Bare Bears Movie | Jun, 2020 | Medium
The aformentioned Kangaroo

I think that the end of the movie was really nice. I liked the action set piece that lead to Trout’s defeat. Like I said; Grizz breaks out of his cage and breaks the other Grizzly’s out of their cages. Then Ice Bear does the same for he and Panda. And when they got Trout; it reminded me of the climax of Madagascar: Europe’s Most Wanted. You remember how Alex made that whole speech to that animal control woman? A similar thing happened with Grizz and Trout. I found that speech to be more comedic(which took me out of the movie), but I think Grizz’s speech was really good.

For the most part; the movie was pretty good. I felt like a lot of it was hitting the beats of the usual “Run away” movie, but think the crew that worked on the movie handled everything pretty well. This was a good movie, but I don’t know how much I’ll revisit it in the future. That’s all I got for ya’ll today. Til the next post, beautiful people; catch ya, later!

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