Burn The Witch Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW: I Like It!

Hello again, all you lovely people from the lower dimensions! I’m back at it again with a different kind of review- one that could be very telling for the future of the manga industry as a whole. One that might actually prove to be a Good Change when it comes to these mangaka’s health. They also might be doing it to keep up with those meddlesome Webtoon’s that keep getting anime adaptations! I am here to talk about Tite Kubo’s Bleach Spin Off Series- “Burn The Witch!”

BURN THE WITCH] | [COLOR] : bleach
The Cover of The One Shot From 2015-I believe………

Now…..I’ll be the first to say this: I am NOT a huge fan of Bleach. In fact, for a very long time; I had this mental aversion to the series. I had watched it out-of-order when I was younger- and I liked what I saw. But then I tried watching it again on Netflix a~nd………it was so boring it KILLED me. But eventually; I forced myself to sit down and watched- and I enjoyed what I saw. It was a fine series- although at the time I picked it back up; it was during the Soul Society arc. So naturally; it was good. Then I started reading the manga and I realized that I enjoy Bleach best in manga format. I’ve been reading ever since, and have made it all the way to the final arc.

But where does “Burn The Witch” come in? Well-long before any of that. Like I said; I read the One shot in 2015-ish- long before I had this blog. And I liked it- it was very exposition heavy. But then; I feel like that goes for Tite Kubo’s writing style itself. I can’t remember in what interview it was, but I know that he stated that he “Just likes drawing cool sh!t, and the story is a way to explain that.” So he does all the exposition and such to make sure you know what the cool sh!t. And, while I think quick exposition is a nice way to make sure you get everything in the most simplistic way possible; I don’t think that it should be done in a very “compounded” way like that. I broke it down better in my post about Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 post, so check that one out.

Read: Bleach Creator's Burn the Witch Manga Debuts First Chapter
The main characters: Noel(right) and Ninny(Left)

That said; I think that Kubo’s writing style has improved vastly since his days working on Bleach. Though the improvement in writing might be also be due to the length of season 1. yeah; the manga industry is starting to go more of the webtoon format. Now that people are starting to be made aware of webtoons; the manga industry is trying to play “keep up.” So these last 4 chapters of the series has been listed as “Season 1.” And if this really is the future of the industry, then I’m all for it! Because THIS series-was INSANE!

1)It would work better for the mangaka’s health- having them draw up a few chapters longer than your Black Clover’s and your One Piece’s but they all drop weekly and then go back and keep drawing. They might actually get sleep, now! And 2) I think it contributes to the writing in that you can tell a story arc quickly and seamlessly. “Burn The Witch” season 1 managed to pick up with the events of the One Shot: Balgo Parks is a “Dragon Clad-” someone who was bitten by a dragon and has their biology changed. To prevent more of these; the “Piper” organization was created to prevent Dragons and Humans from interacting.

It’s a spin off in the sense that it takes place in the West Branch of the Soul Society- which was established in Bleach. What this spin off does is open the door to potential others- the idea of their being different kinds of threats that each branch has to deal with- one branch may deal with Hollows, but this branch deals with Dragons.

ilana steinberg on Twitter: "read BURN THE WITCH, a delightful Kubo  snippet. We need more Kubo (THAT DOMESTICATED DRAGON IS SO GARGANTUAN IT  HAS LADDERS GOING UP ITS NECK AND NOSTRILS; THE
A “Dark Dragon.”

I think that what “Burn The Witch” season 1 does is build it’s world throughout all 5(counting the one shot) chapters. Each chapter builds the world out further- rather than just doing a whole “exposition dump.” We learn that Dark Dragon’s are beings that hide in a vessel until they’ve been in contact with a human long enough to absorb their negative energy- becoming “Dark Dragons.” Balgo was around 2 Dragons for a very long time- that being his friend Selbey and his dog Osushi. So now he has to stay with Noel and Ninny in Reverse London- something he enjoys vastly. Oh yeah, Did I Mention: He has a crush on Noel.

It’s mostly played for a joke- both in the original one shot and the series itself. He introduction let’s us know he’s a bit of a pervert- he tries to sneak a peek at Noel’s panties, but she kicks his @$$ rather easily. He also makes jokes about holding onto her whenever they fly on her broom and how he can almost feel her breasts(she has the typical Kubo female art style), but I do think that he likes her. And maybe not even a small crush, either. As for how she feels about him; Noel seems rather annoyed by him- his perverse comments and his “scaredy cat” demeanor. But when he has those moments of bravery to save someone he cares about- she can’t help but admit that he looks rather cool. She might only like him as a friend, but his behavior over the course of the series might change that- not that she’ll admit it. She’s very “mundane” in how she emotes.

Spangle Ninii - Burn the Witch by Tite Kubo en 2020 | Animo, Mangas
Meet Ninii Spangle

Another character that-in terms of personality(not quite as attractive, I have to say)- I like more than Noel is the tough talking realist- 1 Ninii Spangle. In terms of personality(and somewhat appearance); she’s very similar to Hiyori Sarugaki from the Visored in Bleach. She’s short, but believe me when I say “She’ll kick your @$$ for saying so.” She’s also of the mindset that “Fairy Tales are stupid-” despite being a witch. By which I mean that She finds the idea of waiting for a “Fairy God Mother to wisp you a way to happily ever after” is stupid. And if she has to rely on a magic spell to thrive in this world- then she wants to be the one casting said spell. I think what Kubo is trying to convey is “If you have to rely on a miracle- then make one.”

Ninii used to be part of this band in front London- but she quite because it was “fre@kin’ annoying.” She left- giving her band mate(and love interest) Macy incentive to leave as well. I think she might have done it for her sake, actually. Macy has feeling for her- to the point where she freaks out when someone starts talking so casually with her. Heck; she threw a whole WORK DESK at Noel for doing so. And she kind of “stumbled” into the life of a star- and was essentially stuck in that life, just going through the motions……….then Ninni came along and saved her. Ninni…..and her Dragon, Elly.

Elly | Bleach Wiki | Fandom
Macy and Elly

Elly is a legenday Dragon- a “Marchen.” These dragons are very powerful- and very destructive. And even though Macy raised Elly from a baby Dragon- it still ended up being a monster that destroyed most of Reverse London. Elly was the dragon “Cinderella.” Yeah; the Marchen’s are named for a lot of Fairy Tail stories- “Cindella,” “Snow White,” the witches candy house from “Hansel and Gretel” and the likes. These-beyond the big organization they work for that’s after Balgo’s head- will most likely end up being the big threats of the series. In the same way it was the Hollows, and then the Soul Society itself. But will Kubo do another Arrancar twist? I feel like he will- but that depends on how long this series goes for.

A.I.R (Anime Intelligence (and) Research) on Twitter: "The official "BURN  THE WITCH" anime movie website has launched https://t.co/bQDZyJIKLh… "
The anime adaptation is coming this October!

But yeah! Those are my thoughts on “Burn The Witch!” It’s a great series with phenomenal art- which is nothing short of standard for Kubo sensei. I’m really excited to see this animated. And I hope you guys are, too. That’s all I got for you today, folks! Be sure to share this around with your friends and until the next time, my dear meat puppets! Later!

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