Dance With The Dragon! One Piece Chapter 992 BREAKDOWN

Ah……..after 2 weeks off;Eichiro Oda graces our unworthy eyes with his MASTER PIECE- “One Piece!” Shueisha’s Editorial Staff came out and said that he was sick- but not with that d@mnedable diesease that has us on lock down; just like a cold or something. I’m glad he got his rest, and I’m glad to see him come back Firing On ALL Cylinders. Because this week’s chapter of “One Piece” is a CAN’T. MISS. Not that you should be missing any chapter. One Piece Chapter 992: “Remnants.” D@mn, it feels good to be saying that again.

Welcome Back, Straw Hats!

In celebration of the “Return Of The King;” we get a colored cover page! It depicts the Straw Hats- Jinbe included- aboard the Sea Train Leaving the station. most of the crew sits in an actual car; Jinbe sits atop another! And it looks like they’re having a gay-ole time!

Jumping into the chapter; we find that Marco and Perospero have arrived- together. You see; they had made an alliance: They agreed to join hands as long as they’re fighting the Beast Pirates. And when Big Mom hears about this; she told Perospero off like “Understand, Perospero?! I decided to form an alliance with Kaido!” So Peros- trying to save face, I presume- says “I understand, Mama……..but we all want to see you become King Of The Pirates perorin!” She says she knows, and asks “Don’t You Kids Trust Me?” Perospero……..he looks……..hesitant to ask. As if he doesn’t know how to answer. You kind get where I’m going, right?

It’s a very popular theory in the community the Perospero wants to get rid of Big Mom due to her last Hunger Pain at the end of the Whole Cake island arc. In that she actually threatened his life over the Wedding Cake. He may 1)Be Fearful of his life 2)Resentful of Big Mom and 3)See her as “unfit” to lead the crew considering how she acts when she can’t get what she wants to eat. At least- that is the way that I choose to interpret that idea, should he have those thoughts. But I tend to not believe in it whole-heartedly because 1)He can’t kill her and 2)The loyalty of the Big Mom Pirates. However; recent events(Katakuri’s “loss” to Luffy, the betrayal of Chiffon and abandonment of Lola, Pudding’s feelings, and more) make me believe it more. And like Luffy told Vivi when they argued over how to handle Crocodile: “It’s a WarPeople Die.” If he were ever to make an assassination attempt- Now Is The Time.

In any case; Peros says “………Well……..I’m glad to here that…….” This line might have been the “nail” in the proverbial “coffin.” For Big Mom- and this alliance between Marco and Peros.

Now What The H#ll Could She Be Thinking?

With the alliance dissolved; Marco prepares to go off to help Luffy(Luffy’s gonna get to fly in on a PHOENIX!). But before he can leave; Big Mom asks him “Why is a ‘Remnant‘ of Whitebeard’s crew helping those kids?” Marco responds: “It seems you don’t know what the word ‘Remnants‘ mean-Big Mom. We’re not ‘tied down’ by Pop’s words. Those of us that have remained- are free to do as they want.” She gives Marco a menacing look, and says “That’s right-‘Dead Men Tell No Tales,’ huh? Do As You Please, then……..

Carrot chan-wanting to avenge Pedro’s sacrifice against Perospero- rushes to kick his @$$. Luffy does the same- trying to get up to the Top of the sky dome. For Carrot chan- I don’t think she’ll win easily. I expect her to win over someone who’s not used to close range combat such Peros- but I also don’t think of the Eldest Child of Big Mom to be a “pushover” by any means. Not to mention that BIG MOM is RIGHT THERE! So I don’t think that she’ll end up killing him like I think she might want to.

“She’s GAINING On Us!”

In the banquet hall theatre; Black Mariah and her subordinates are huddled in the Tatami room. They ask her to play something on her Shamasen to calm their nerves. So she tunes the shamasen, and begins singing a song:

On A Snowy Night……2 Who Wished To Be United…….But Could Never Be Together

At Last……Will Meet! Beneath The Light Of The Moon…….

Their Passion…….Run HIGH!

Tobi Roppo Black Mariah

This song is played as we continue to see Shinobu and Momonosuke running from Yamato. Funny. But it looks like Momo is getting ready to accept Yamato’s help at the behest of Luffy.

The lyrics, however- I think are referring to the Top Of The Skull Dome. Because on this snowy night- under the moon light– we see the Akazaya 9 continue their long awaited bout with Kaido! I count 1 2 3 4 5 WHOLE DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS! The first of which continues to see Black Mariah playing her shamasen.

9 Scabbards vs Dragon Emperor- 20 Years In The Making

The Scabbards- Nekomamushi, Denjirou,Kikunojo, Kawamatsu, Kin’emon, Inurashi, Raizo, Izo, and Asura Douji- vs the Ultimate King Of Beast-Emperor Of The Sea Kaido! The Clash 20 Years In The Making COMMENCES! Kaido begins with a massive “ROAR!,” creating lighting and thunder each and every time. The first of which is enough to destroy and most of the Skull Dome- causing the Scabbards to lose their footing. The Dragon moves in to attack.

The Scabbards manage to jump out of the way, and even try to attack while his face is within reach. But he roars once again to keep them off of him. While he’s occupied; Neko leaps around the lightning and HITS the Dragon with a “CRIMSON CAT DANCE!” Kaido is sent upwards, where Kawamatsu is with his Soto Musou blade and cuts Kaido with “Kappa Style- River Of Sea!!” The twister end us even cutting Kaido’s jaw as blood begins to gush out. Beginning to get upset; Kaido makes a move to grab Kawamatsu in his Dragon claw- but he ends up knocking Kawamatsu into a rock! So Inurashi comes in with his Sword Peg Leg and STABS Kaido in the gullet!

“I Stab At The, Unholy Beast!”

I’d like to take a moment to thank Series Creator Eiichiro Oda for all he does. This man has admitted to only getting about 3 Hours of sleep a week to bring us this amazing series. And with him being the workaholic that he is; it must have hurt a lot when he had to take that break. 1)Take care of yourself, Oda; I’d rather have you around than read the manga and 2) Thank you. Because the artwork and pacing of this weeks chapter of “One Piece-” Is On A Whole Other Level! I know that some people don’t really care about the fights in the series- while some might only come for the fights and not care about anything else. And yeah; not many people have been liking the Wano Kuni arc. But can’t we all agree that This Chapter Is Awesome? Especially the double page spreads we get!

Going back into the chapter; we see that Izo and Kiku are attacking Kaido- Izo in particular is using guns. And-while it would be cool if Izo were using see stone bullets- I tend to think that this is more likely than not Haki Imbued Bullets. Or rather- Ryuo Imbued bullets. We saw it with the Amazon Lily arc that it is possible to imbue a projectile weapon with Haki- within a certain range. And Izo knows how to use Ryuo- the only thing that could possibly pierce Kaido’s scale at this point. So I would like to believe that he’s using Ryuo Bullets.

Luffy × Marguerite | One piece gif, One piece manga, Luffy
Haki InfusedArrow

Kaido wails in pain- thinking to himself “Those crafty little b@stards………….. Their sword skills are nothing compared to Oden. So why they h#ll can they CUT me?!” As they look up; Kaido prepares to use his Boro Breath Attack. But Raizo starts channeling some of that Naruto energy to capture the Boro Breath in scroll and RETURN IT!

This…….does not surprise me. We all know that Oda and Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto are friends and were rivals during the duration of Naruto’s serialization. It makes sense that the Ninja character in Oda’s manga would have a few tricks inspired by Naruto. I don’t even think that he has a Devil Fruit- it’s not like you need a Devil fruit to explain every power in the series. Look at Sanji and Zoro- they don’t have Devil Fruits, but Zoro once crew 2 more heads, 4 more arms, and 2 more legs to cut a BUILDING in half, and Sanji literally ignites his foot with “The Fire Passion In His Heart(as Oda claimed in an SBS).” I think this like that- it’s just something that Raizo(and likely Shinobu and other Ninja) can do.

He catches the Boro breath in the scroll, wraps it around Kaido, and returns the blast to its sender. “Reverse Boro Breath- HOUKAN!” Houkan for “Return To The Emperor.”

“Naruto Reference No Jutsu!”

We the dust settles- Kaido looks at his prey with intense, murderous eyes. Likewise; the Scabbards stare back. They think back to the days in which Oden and Toki lived in the Kuri region together following his expedition with Whitebeard and Roger. Oden wanted to teach his retainers his 2 Sword Style techniques- but they refused: “That’s nice, but No Thanks! Each of us fights in our own way!” They even rejected him teaching them Ryou. However……….it’s not like they weren’t listening and watching him train. At least- some of them were.

In their little flashback here; Toki tells Oden that if they were to attempt to learn the Oden 2 Sword Style techniques, then they would only start arguing over who would be “Oden’s #1 Disciple.” And the logic she arrives at when saying this is “They Love you so much they’d end up killing each other to find out.” Dedication-but a little bit too creepy. Cue that disgusted face we got in most every chapter of the Oden Flashback!

Back in the present; Douji, Kin, Denjiro, and Inu get in their “Oden-2 Sword Style” stance. Kaido sees this as them mocking Oden- a man that he actually respected. It angers him, and he begins to charge another Boro Breath attack. They think back to when he was trying to teach them Ryuo- and lunge in to attack. “Oden 2 Sword Style- Paradise Totsuka!” Their attack lands right on his scar from when Oden cut him– as One Piece Chapter 992 ENDS! And No Break Next Week! Yay!

They Keep Punching Me In The Scar.Why……..Wy Do They Keep Punching Me In The Scar?

Not much in the way of speculation- but a big “Battle Chapter” is just as good! I enjoyed this chapter, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. I especially want to see Marco give Luffy and Zoro a ride to the top of the dome(what a page that’ll be), or watching him in an aerial battle against King. Oh man, PLEASE Let Us See Pteradon vs Phoenix, Oda! If there were any series in which that could happen- it would be this one!

Until next time, my loyal skin puppets- take care of yourselves, and each other.

3 thoughts on “Dance With The Dragon! One Piece Chapter 992 BREAKDOWN

  1. Perospero wants to kill Big Mom? That’s my first time hearing that theory. But, I don’t believe it. I took that scene and Big Mom pretending to ally with Kaido until she can take him down. Perospero should know what her true intentions are if she’s the one who proposed the alliance and wasn’t swayed/manipulated by Kaido.

    I don’t think Perospero holds a grudge against Big Mom threatening to kill him. You don’t mess with Big Mom and her food. All her kids should know that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suppose you’re right. I had heard the theory from Joy Boy Theories on Youtube, and he presented some evidence as for why he thinks this way. I thought it sounded pretty cool. I can even sort of think of a scenario in which it could work- provided the rest of her kids don’t arrive by then.

      Liked by 1 person

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