The One Lie That She Could Never Tell. One Piece Chapter 995 BREAKDOWN

Yeah; That’s Pretty Accurate

Do you guys know the morals of “One Piece?” “After almost 1000 chapters, you should. They’re “Freedom,” Dreams,” and “Loyalty.” Devotion so deep that even in the face of Death itself- you stand by your comrade and their beliefs. Brook’s dream is to fulfill his crews promise with Laboon- so much so that he came back from Death to do so. And that is what this weeks chapter of “One Piece” is about: Nami’s loyalty to Luffy. Or- it will be at the very end. But it won’t take us very long to get there! Oda’s not only kicked things into Overdrive- but he did in a REALLY GOOD WAY this time around! Let’s talk about it, shall we? One Piece Chapter 995: “A Kunoichi’s Oath.” Let’s go!

Because last chapter saw the end of the “Oh My Family” cover serialization; we’re going to be getting these Cover art request pages for a while. This weeks cover was requested by Arukumama from Setagaya Ward. It depicts Luffy going to School for the first time!- And quickly getting bored. Yeah- that’s pretty much how it would go: Luffy would be all excited to try a new thing, and then lose interest and play with whatever animal’s around him when he gets bored with it- much to the annoyance of whatever crazy teacher Oda decides to make. In this case; it’s an Owl.

We open this weeks chapter at the gates of Onigashima- where Marco is doing battle with Big Mom herself. Big Mom screams “Outta My Way!!” and clashes her Prometheus-coated fist against Marco’s flames(it seems like his flames because both his legs are down, and he seems to have both of his wings back). Marco-trying with all his might to push back the Yonko- tells her “I know more than any of them just how DANGEROUS you can be!!” Seeing as she’s losing; Linlin starts pushing back harder– only for Marco to cancel out the flames. “My Phoenix flames are quite unique, you see yoi.” he taunts. So she just grabs him by the throat and singles for Perospero to finish him. Peros seems to have made a candy bow and arrow- and prepares to shoot. “TOO BAD MARCO! Looks like I’m taking Mama’s side now perorin.” He smirks- as he prepares to shoot Marco dead.

Good thing it’s a Full Moon out; Wanda and Carrot chan arrive just in the nick of time to save him!

He’s Blind Now

With a “Moon Raid” attack; Wanda and Carrot chan(Sulong) slash Perospero in the eyes and pump him FULL of Electro. Wanda asks Carrot chan if this is Pedro’s killer- to which she responds “yes.” Perospero sees it as “That idiot Pedro blew himself up!! And I payed for it!!” He sees it as Pedro committed suicide and he just got caught up in it. F*cked up way to think, but then- he’s one of the Charolette Family, so it is what it is.

Marco asks the minks who they are. Carrot chan asks if he’s Neko’s friend Mark, to which he replies “Yes yoi.” Big Mom- annoyed with the constant interruptions and lack of Souls to use- evades Marco and escapes to the war zone. “Marco, If you want to kill me- Do it some other time!” I don’t have any souls to use against you right now!” As she flees; Wanda tells Marco to go after her while they deal with Perospero. Perospero looks scared- because he knows in the back of his mind that if he fights these Minks right now; He Will Die. Especially since he can’t see right now.

As he gets ready to take off; he notices a mob off in the distance- chasing after someone with very long arms. THIS is the thing I told you guys about: Instead of random jumps to other parts of Onigashima- Oda decides to segway to the next part of of the chapter. A naturally jump over to the what’s going on. It’s like in an anthology plot line-the idea of following 1 thing as it passes through another event only loosely connected by that 1 thing. The Amazing World Of Gumball had an episode about this that focused on the concept of the “Butterfly Effect.” I prefer this way a lot more than just random jump cuts.

A Harmless Game of “Catch The DJ”

We segway to the Live stage, where Apoo is to out run away for a whole hour with the cure to the Ice Oni virus. Now everyone-friend and foe alike- is on his @$$ trying to get that cure. Zoro uses “720 Pound Phoenix” to attack, but the lucky b@stard manages to avoid the blast. The Beast Pirates start to plead with him to hand over the antibodies- “We’re you allies!” But he refuses because Queen told him if loses it then the Plague himself will end him- if the rebels and Oni’s don’t kill him first. “There’s murderous intent everywhere I look! Queen, that fre@kin’ lunatic……!

As they start gaining on him; Apoo uses his Devil Fruit attack them. It manages to hit it’s mark- except for Zoro and Drake. He takes out his knight sticks(I guess that’s how he fights in close combat) and blocks their swords. And then they just start laying into Apoo for some reason. Zoro tells him “I want to back up Kin’emon and the others!! Fighting you is wasting my time!!” And then Drake(Hybrid Allosaurus Form) tells him “I’ve always hated you.D@MN! You ain’t gotta hate on Apoo like that- it’s not his fault he got the antibody that heal all of your allies! Well; okay- he may be wasting your time, but……………. You know what; F*ck it.

As those 3 square off; Queen looks at their wanted posters. “So he’s Roronoa Zoro, huh……” he says to himself. He looks at the wanted posters of Sanji and Zoro- wanting to eliminate the 2nd and 3rd strongest of the Straw hats. Uh…….didn’t Jinbei join, recently? I’m sorry; I don’t think Sanji can beat Jinbe as it stands. But it looks like Queen is lingering on the fact that Sanji’s a Vinsmoke. Maybe he- like Drake and Hawkins and Bege- grew up in the North Blue and read that comic strip.

Oh no…………

We cut to the middle of the Live Stage- where we find Chopper, Brook, and the beautiful Nico Robin holding things down and trying to find a solution. It looks like Brook was attacked by one of the Oni’s- to no ill effect. Chopper speculates that because Brook is a Skeleton; he has nothing to freeze or infect. “You’re the same as a dead body!!” Not the same, Chopper- he is a dead body. Yo ho ho ho ho ho ho~……………..

Brook feels a little bit insulted by this fact- but takes it to mean that in this current state of affairs, he’s basically invincible. So he decides to charge on ahead and carve out a path to get them out of there.

Brooks current condition acts as a hint for Chopper. He’s beginning to speculate that this virus is probably……..But before he can finish his thought; the every intoxicating Robi yells for him to look at his arm. Low and behold: Choppers infected. Oh boy……. NOW who’s gonna find a cure?! Honestly; I don’t think Chopper getting infected is that big of a problem. I mean; we have Law here. And Marco- who lead the 2nd Division of the Whitebeard Pirates. That division specialized in “medicine.” He’s a doctor. Let’s face it: A lot of the people who’ve become Ice Oni’s are probably going to be dead at the end of this war. Chopper will survive, but not a lot of them will. They might have to find the cure after the battle. And if Law does in fact do the “Ageless Surgery” on Luffy, and Chopper being close to death- it’ll be up to Marco to synthesize a cure.

“What an annoying sister……”

We then segway into the final part of the chapter: Usopp vs Ulti! Yeah, I know! Some people thought it would be Nami vs Ulti or Usopp and Nami vs Ulti- but it looks like that already happened. As Nami lies bloody and half-conscious on the floor; Uopps launches His Green Star: “Devil” at Ulti. She seems like she’s in trouble, but it’s obviously just her brother complex kicking in that’s making her ask her “Dear Paypay” to rescue her. Page 1 even calls her out on the BS. Nevertheless; he helps out his sister by tearing up the plant from the roots. It seems like she “swoons” in 1 scene, but her facial expression stays a “Perpetual scowl.”

Usopp’s eyes well up with tears as he launches his “Bamboo Javelin’s” at them. They grow out of the ground and it jabs at Page 1 in the chin. But he’s an Ancient Zoan user, so……..they kind of just break against his skin. He’s in his Spinosaurus form, by the way. The siblings call is a “waste of time,” and just at Usopp. Ulti reaches him first, and hits him with another “Ulti Mortar.” We cut to see Usopp’s skull to see that not only is his nose broken, but the front of his skull is just about dust from that attack. Man; this man cannot catch a break! The running gag in each arc is the he ends up taking a lot of damage in the climax. This arc’s no different, it seems. Wow………this is starting to look a lot like Alabasta or the fight against Kuma at Thriller Bark: Everyone’s gonna be F*CKED UP at the end of it! Chopper’s gonna have his work cut out for him when this is over.

When Usopp is sent flying; we see Nami on the ground- bloodied up and spirit almost shattered. She pretends to be unconscious, but Ulti can tell she’s still alive. She begins to creep over to Nami, and yells “HEY WOMAN!!” Nami panically begs Ulti not to kill her- tears streaming down her face. She screams “I GIVE UP, YOU WIN!!!” Ulti: “Way to state the obvious! I’m p!ssed off right now, so say it!! Your Captain said he’ll beat Master Kaido and become Pirate King.” Nami- fearful for her life- begins to say “He’s a Stupid Idiot!! Forgive him!! Please don’t headbutt me anymore!!” Ulti says she’ll let her go if she admits that Luffy will Never be King Of The Pirates. Make or break moment.

She Would- What The Actual F*CK, Oda?

This goes back to what I was talking about in the beginning: The theme of “loyalty.” Oda’s spent the entire story building up the relationships between the Straw Hats- and if there’s one thing that’s consistent; it’s that the crew BELIEVES wholeheartedly that Luffy will become King Of The Pirates. To have Nami choose between her life and her beliefin her Captain- her best friend- essentially her family. It makes for a really good character moment that- despite any gag with her debating over to save her friends or treasure- makes you realize that there’s no debate to be had in her mind. At least- I think.

As she is about to speak; we get a panel in which we see Luffy and the others making their way up the castle- where Luffy is about to be attacked from above by a Panda SMILE user. The panda is his @$$. This man now has a Panda as the bottom part of his body. His D!cks gone, and his anus……..where does it……….? Oh my God……..Oda’s torturing these characters. No- Kaido’s the one who made these guys eat these SMILE fruits. Man oh man; I just can’t fathom what the h#ll this guy must be going through. Wait a minute………..? The more I look at it……..the more I look at it….the more it looks like he’s the Panda’s………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moving on.

Usopp internally encourages Nami to lie- to survive as a liar rather than die here. But she can’t do it. She can’t bring herself to say that Luffy won’t be Pirate King. H#ll; I’m debating on whether or not she’s even aware of what she’s saying at this point. The words that come out of her mouth are “He’ll definitely become…………Pirate King.” Considering how she was so scared and barely conscious; I doubt she was aware of what she was saying at this time. Which would just further prove my point.

A New Player Has Arrived!

As Ulti is about to turn Nami’s skull into a Pancake; Nami cries out the Luffy “Definitely Will” achieve his dream. Before the finisher; Ulti’s head is chomped on by the Komainu from chapter 910! The one that Tama managed to get under her control with her Devil Fruit powers. Speaking Of- Tama’s Here! And Page 1 is not happy that this “dog” is eating his Sister. One Piece Chapter 995 END! There Will Be No Break Next Week. 5 chapters awa~y………..

I like the way this chapter was structured- I liked the segway format more than the jump cut. And I like what this chapter sets up. I’m interested in what Chopper’s going to look like as an Ice Oni- maybe he’ll have antlers or maybe he won’t even look like the other Oni’s. And the idea of Law and Marco showing off their Doctor skills is always a plus. Maybe Marco can use his flames to some extent to help them- or Law could use his Op Op fruit to exam the virus itself. I mean; he used it to get rid of the White Lead poisoning. Maybe he can do something like that for Chopper so he can still find a cure?

I’m looking forward to how and why Tama came to Onigashima. Actually……..she might be able to turn a lot of the Gifters to their side, thinking about. Maybe she’s here to recruit more people to their side and have them attack some of the major players. Heck; that mightbe what she’s trying to do to Ulti and Page 1 right now. And as for how; she still has Speed and Old Maid under her control, doesn’t she? Maybe they had something to do with her getting here.

But yeah, folks- it was a h#ll of a chapter, this week. I hope you enjoyed. Til the next post, people- Later!

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