Homura- The Wolverine! Edens Zero Chapter 119 BREAKDOWN

You know how much of a turd I was? If you had told me approximately 2 years ago that a series by Hiro Mashima- The Creator of Rave Master and Fairy Tail– would be my 4th favorite manga series(behind Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Black Clover, but above My Hero Academia)- I’d have called you stupid. But you know what? I’m glad I gave “Edens Zero” a chance. And I’m glad I picked up Rave Master and Fairy Tail- they’re both great! How does this pertain to this weeks chapter? Don’t know. I just thought that’d be a cool way to open up this post. Edens Zero Chapter 119: “Homura vs Mora.” YAY! Let’s go!

Kris- You Lift, Bruh?

The cover page this week features Shiki and Kleene playing some Holographic chess game- and it looks like Kleene’s winning. I’m sure that Jinn is happy about that, and it seems like Kleene is too, based on her hairpin. Also……….Look at Kris for a moment. Do you guys see anything………different about him? Like his he’s……..buffer. Now you notice when you compare Mashima’s art all the way in the beginning of Rave Master to his latest work in “Edens Zero” that his arts gotten a little more “toon” like, and that the women have became less like that of One Piece woman and more real woman(give or take a bra size or 2). But with the guys, they mostly stay the same: Look like they could probably kikc your @$$, but you’re not entirely sure. Then you get Kris– who’s cybernetic arms have gotten BEEFIER!

Which design of Jinn do you prefer? : EdensZero
Slim Design vs Most Recently

I guess it might be because he’s in civilian clothing instead “Mercenary attire,” but still. And come to think of it- can cyborgs like him build muscle mass in the regular sense? I have no doubt in my mind that he trains day in and day out while on the ship, but is he building muscle mass like that? And where’s he even getting the parts to upgrade himself like this? I imagine a lot of the money he makes goes to supporting Kleene, but then does that leave him with enough money to repair himself ‘n sh!t? I don’t need sleep- I need answers!

Now that we’re able to move on from the cover page; we open the chapter to Laguna, Kris, and Kleene having taken out a copious amount of drones- one wave at a time. But as Jinn says: “They just keep coming.” Which is when Witch buzzes in to alert them to follow Weisz and Hermit to the Main server orbiting Foresta. They have Moscoy, so they should be fine when the next wave of drones comes. Weisz-distrustful of anyone who helped Drakken- doesn’t want their help. But Hermit reminds him that for however many drones were attacking the ship; there will be that many more guarding the server.

Laguna and Jinn are purely on business right now, while Kleene simply wants to help. So Weisz; you can at least trust her. Still; the future professor scowls down……

All For One…….? Or One For All?

The next sequence is the meat-and-potatoes of the chapter: Homura vs Mora! And yes- we’ll be focusing on this fight A~LL chapter! Love it when that happens! And we go from looking at the sky above them(still smoking because the forest is still on fire) to the combatants themselves(shot of Homura’s behind cause she doesn’t wear pants(is anyone gonna address that?)). Homura- hot a sweaty from the flames- against a cool-as-a-cucumber Mora. “Oho? You don’t give up,” he utters. Seeing as she’s not backing down from him; he uses his glue to grab the trunk of the tree Shiki busted up and slings that sh!t at her. She manages to avoid the trunk, so Mora whips it around and tries again. So the swordswoman cuts the tree in half, and starts dashing forward!

Homura’s blade clashes against Mora’s cane. Homura tells him “I will not be defeated by someone who cannot understand that Androids have hearts.” Mora(and the audience as a whole at this point): “SO CHEESY!!” I feel like that’s Mashima taking a shot at himself with how a lot of the villains in this series think. As I’m vaguely certain that Shiki’s goal of making friends with everyone in the Universe is a reference to how much he uses the “friendship” trope. It’s always nice when you can laugh at yourself, right? So I think here he’s making fun of this trope in his series.

And then………Homura displays another thing she can do with her Ether Gear: Wolverine Claws! As Mora points out: “Looks like your Ether Gear creates more than just swords; you can make any bladed weapon you want!”

The Wolverine vs Glue!

I think I liked this more than I probably should have. I found this to be one of Homura’s coolest moments so far. Now……….it was my little theory going into this chapter that we would see Homura utilize the initial state of whatever her version of “Overdrive” is. I thought that we would see her tap into Overdrive- but I guess not. Still pretty cool, though! She calls this “Five(?) Sword Fencing-Tiger Form!” Uh……..I count 6 claws, but it’s whatever. Then she attacks with “Tiger 6 Claw Strike,” and I kind of feel like either Mashima is f*cking with us, or whoever does the translations for this chapter made a mistake.

Even with this attack, though; Mora’s body just turns into untouchable glue. “None of your blades is working on me, innit?” he taunts. He ends up placing his foor on Homura’s gut(just below her exposed chest). Now that Mora’s stuck to her like…….well; glue– he uses his malleable glue body to toss her around a bit with “Glue Axe.”

Is anyone else getting Logan vibes?

I have to say: I’m really like Mora’s Ether gear right now! And I know that some people find him or will find him to be an annoying, through away antagonist- but I like how cold and unfeeling he is towards machines and even humans. There’s a line in the chapter that I want to highlight when we get to it that I should hate but I find to be entertaining and even adds to his character in a pretty good way- at lest, in my mind. And I really like the Glue ability- I’ve always kind of liked the stretching ability ever since I first saw One Piece.

As per usual; a heavy slam like this causes Homura to cough up blood(it’s how Mashima chooses to depict battle damage). Seeing her writhe in agony like this gets Mora all excited and happy like “Come On!! Don’t go poppin’ off on me that easily(PAUSE)!!!” He moves his glue leg around to slam her into something else, but she uses her claws to cut the glue and free herself.


Truth be told- no matter how many I bust up; Robots just ain’t no fun!! They ain’t nothin’ but scrap! Their faces always look the same, donnit?

Human’s are what I want!! If I’m gonna break something; it’s gotta be a Human!!!! The Fear And Despair on their faces as they DIE is like the best thrill!!!!


Poseidon Nero Commando Team Beast Mora

I really liked this line. I really like the kind of antagonist that delights in what they do- the kind of villain that’s bad, knows they’re bad, and loves every single second of it. And when they condescend to those they view as beneath them in a “psychotic” type of way rather than the “Oh Aren’t I So Much Smarter Than You,” snooty snobby way(though doing it that way isn’t bad, either). Mora-in my mind- is quite the bad guy.

Sister’s Got Her Work Cut Out For Her This time

He moves closer to Homura- trying to get up close and personal to see her “Despair” and ends up choking her. But this gives Homura a great shot at his torso- which. She. Takes. She forces her claws through him- only for it to pass right through Mora’s Glue body. “I told you it wouldn’t work, innit?” Homura- not being one to keep her thoughts to herself- says “How can I…….defeat him?” Hearing her words makes Mora excited(PAUSE- again). “Yes……That’s The Face” he says in ecstasy. As he’s choking her; he gets over………..the innuendo’s in this chapter are very apparent. So….. Mora gets over top of her……….and starts dripping hot glue down on her chest. 1)Cleavage shot, 2)Ya know……..

As Homura writhes in agony; Mora laughs and laughs an laughs…..asking her “THERE YA GO!! AND THAT HEAT WON’T COME OFF, INNIT?! IT’S KILLING YOU, INNIT?!” Refusing to let this psycho be the end of her; the Sword of Edens brings her leg back and tries to YEET the f*ck out of this man like how Bertolt(the former Colossal Titan) yeeted Eren into the wall in Attack On Titan. She doesn’t hit him, but it manages to get him off of her because she ends up kicking dirt in his mouth. This is where she plans to turn the tide of battle in her favor.

“Kicking Sand In The Nerds Face”

Bit by bit; Homura starts digging her claws into the dirt and tress and basically anything around and tossing it at Mora’s glue body. “Glue sticks together! But it does not unstick!! Especially when it’s bonded to dirt or sand!” But he doesn’t seem to mind the dirt, so she brings in the sticks ‘n sh!t.

Mora begins to get annoyed at the delay of the inevitable, so he prepares to finish her- not realizing that Homura’s strategy has worked: Everything she tossed at him has completely stuck to his body- much to his surprise. “Shall I bedazzle you further?” she taunts him. Upset; Mora still manages to figure out what Homura is trying to do: She’s tossing a bunch of stuff at his glue to try and immobilize him so that she can run- so he decides to turn his Ether Gear off. The dirt and the twigs start to fall off of him. But THAT is what Homura was hoping he would do.

Mora taunts her once again “NICE TRY!! TOO BAD!! Obviously, my glue body can turned off when I want, innit!!!” When he asks to see her face of “despair” once again; she instead treats him to her “victorious smirk.” It is here that Mora realizes Homura’s true intention: To make him revert to his true, solid form. And with that– Mora’s fate is sealed. In yet another GLORIOUS double page spread; Homura uses “Warrior Maiden 6 Claw Attack: Wild Tiger Lighting Claw!!” Mora begins to bleed, as Homura takes the win.

Fan Service and a Satisfying Victory

Homura explains to him why he lost- and not a cheesy “heartless” line: “It seems that the instant you ceased to be glue; you were stuck……..by my blades.” And in regards to his desire to see a face of “despair;” she advises him to “Look In A Mirror.” D@MN. And what a savage way to finish this chapter. Edens Zero Chapter 119 END!

Hey; I got this all done in 1 go! My computer didn’t shut off, I didn’t have to put this post on hold to do something else- I got to do this whole post all at once! Well; I have do the “Final thoughts” thing, don’t I? I loved this weeks chapter- the art was on point(as per usual), I found Mora to be pretty cool, and the copious amounts of Homura fan service made me happy. I also like the implications and facets of what Homura’s Ether gear can do now. She can make other bladed weapons like an axe, or a scythe– her arsenal just got a whole lot more diverse!

Which brings me to a question I have: Can Homura ride her swords? Like how Asta learned to recently in Black Clover? I mean; we saw in chapter 65 of “Edens Zero” that she can control her blades in such a way that they float. So could she potentially ride on her blades at some point?

Scenes Such as this

But yeah, folks- that’s all I got for you all today. Another great chapter for the history books. I guess next week is gonna be “Rebecca vs Britney,” huh? That should be pretty fun to watch- especially if Mashima decides for the leaf to fall off. Heh……alright. Catch ya later.

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