Those That Escape And Those That March On! One Piece Chapter 996 BREAKDOWN

I guess Blackbeard Likes having someone to brush with……..

QUESTION: If you had to pick between being a “Hero who always wins” and a “Hero who saves everyone;” which would you rather be? You’re probably wracking your brain over that question rather than reading this next sentence and have the tab you’re using to read this my review up for about 20 minutes now(at least; that’s how I’ve responded to such questions in the past). But what I’m trying to tell you is: You can do both. It’s what Deku and Kacchan have to learn, and it’s what Oda displays with a lot of this week’s chapter of “One Piece.” You’ll notice what I’m talking about by the end of this, but let me explain anyway. One Piece Chapter 996: “Island Of The Strongest.” Where only the Strong shall survive……..

The cover page 1)Tells us that Volume 97 of “One Piece(containing chapters 975984)” is now out in Japan and 2)A cover page request from “Ebi” gives us……..where do people come up with this sh!t? We see Blackbeard/Marshal D Teach brushing his ugly @$$ teeth……….with a f*cking Hippo. I love this series. It’s the only series I’ve seen thus far in which you can actually get stuff like this and it would make a sense! Not to mention how they’re looking at each other right now. The Hippo’s looking at him like “……..? The f8ck are you lookin’ at?” While Blackbeard is looking over at him like “………The H#ll is this guy doing here?…….” Truly hilarious. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oda decided to add this Hippo to the Blackbeard Pirates in canon!


We opin this weeks chapter on where the last left us: Usopp and nami had their skulls bashed by Ulti, and were saved by Tama and Komachiyo. We also learn that they ended up getting chased into the Bathhouse. Huh; maybe Nami should have used her “Happiness Punch” on Page 1. But I guess that would just make Ulti more p!ssy. I don’t think she wants Page 1 to be with any woman; she has a brother complex, after all.

“Where’d the Komainu from the Mainland come from?!” asks a startled Page 1. Nami thanks Tama and Komachiyo for the save- as they run off on his back. Ulti wants “Paypay” to eat the dog(there’s a joke I could make, but I won’t because I have respect for other cultures……..though I doubt they would ever see this). Nami asks Usopp if he’s okay, to which he jumbly replies “Gtofns;gkjdkgkkdfngkd;ns;fbjbskd;kdgptjfhnjfgsdfgsgndmg!” Don’t look for a hidden message because I literally looked away from my keyboard to write that one. But Nami calls him out on his BS and tells him that he is so not alright. “I’m glad I’m safe, at least!” A great character moment and back to normal………ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. He prepares to argue, but Nami knocks him out. Poor, poor Usopp. He just can’t catch a break!

Nami next question is for Tama: “O-Tama; how did you get here?” She simply replies “I came on an enemy ship!!” No explanation is given- as Page 1 is on their @$$e$. But I get the sneaking suspicion that Babanuki and Speed’s positions as Headliners has something to do with how she got here. Here presence here presents a dilemma for the Beast Pirates: If she can turn Gifters and just general Zoan users to her side, then…………Her presence has just made things even more interesting………

As Page 1 prepares to chomp down on Komachiyo; he is met by Hihimaru the Baboon(both of whom we saw at the beginning of the arc; rather poetic considering this Raid comes at the end) and his sword. Tama tells him to hold Page 1 there for at least 3 minutes. As they run off; Nami worries for Hihimaru- considering how tough those 2 are. Tama tells her: “Don’t look down on us, O-Nami!! We came to fight as Samurai, too!!” I thought she wanted to be an “enchanting Kunoichi?” Meh; whatever. As long as she fights; it’s all good, I guess.

Yamato vs Sasaki Armored Core

We cut over to right Brain tower where Yamato fights Sasaki’s Armored Corp. He fights and breaks through even their toughest shields- leading them to to try shooting him from behind with a Bazooka. Yamato is engulfed in flames- and only merely coughs. But then…….he IS the son of Kaido. And a fan of Kozuki Oden who apparently did battle with Fire Fist Ace himself. These flames are probably the equivalent of like a smoke bomb or something.

Shinobu pleads with Yamato once more: “Yamato……!! No matter how strong you may be- this is TOO MUCH!! If you truly are a samurai, then you understand what you half to do: Leave me and save Lord Momonosuke!!” And like any true Kozuki Oden fan worth their weight in salt- Yamato tells her: “I Refuse! If it were up to Kozuki Oden……He Would NEVER Do Such A Thing!!!He’s right, you know. And Shinobu knows this. That’s why all she can respond is “……….You……Stubborn Fool………” Sasaki over heard their conversation, and let’s “Young Master” Yamato know that he’s not going down that easily. “My impregnable Armored Corp will be wiped out if this keeps going. This schrade stops Now.” Sasaki begins to unsheath his sword. So Yamato- Kaido’s flesh and blood– begins to undergo………a change……


Do you see that? Do you see Yamato’s face? How it’s beginning to undergo a metamorphosis? Is that him turning into a Dragon? I think it was the chapter 994 review that I brought up the idea of Kaido being a Dragon that ate a version of the idea that Kaido was a Dragon who ate a variation of the Human-Human Fruit, and used that to “mate” with a human woman to create Yamato. The problem with this theory is that Kaido wouldn’t have any sexual attraction to a human woman in the same Chopper lacks attraction to them(which is why Nami and Robin let him bathe with them(the lucking f*cking b@stard….)). But one way around this lack of attract has already been revealed: He’s a alcoholic. He could have gotten drunk and just……….and 9 months later; Baby Yamato was born and had the ability to become a Dragon like his old man! People think that Oden’s death is the reason he’s a heavy drinker, and some don’t. We won’t know until we get Kaido’s flashback, so the skies the limit for why he is the way he is and what exactly he is. An ancient giant experiment like the Numbers? A guy who ate a Dragon Devil Fruit? A Dragon who ate a Giant fruit? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS!

Another idea comes from Asian Mythology- in said myths; it was believed that Dragons had the ability to transform into Humans in much the same way Kitsune’s could. I’d like to remind you of Gyakimaru– the bandit at Oihagi bridge that took Shusui from Zoro. Since Oda added Kitsune’s from mythology; why wouldn’t he incorporate Kaido’s ability to transform. My brother proposed the idea that Kaido may not even have a Devil Fruit- that this transformation is just something that he can do. I like this idea because it would explain why Kaido couldn’t just dive in the water and drown as a suicide attempt. And then Yamato was born with the same ability.

Episode 3: Dragons of Japanese Mythology - Mythsterhood
Also; Dragons were more associated with water than fire

Or, you know; I could just be overthinking this and he just has a Zoan Devil Fuit that gives him teeth like that when he transforms. Could be that!

But before Yamato can reveal his transformation; a voice laughs “Hachachachachachachacha!!!!!” Enter: The Franky Shogun And Number 8 Hachca! “That was way too close!” he yells. Yamato recognizes the Shogun as Luffy’s crewmate “Cyborg Franky-” worth 94 million berries. Hacha is about to slam his Kanabo on the Shogun, but misses and ends up opening a hole in the floor. Naturally; this is a convenient way for Yamato, Shinobu, and Momo to escape. They explain that they weren’t captured, but rescued. Before they can explain; Yamato yells “Cyborg Franky!! I’ll leave this floor to you! Luffy put me in charge of these 2!!” Franky has no f*cking clue who the actual f*ck Yamato is, but he just responds “SU~~PER LEAVE IT TO ME!!!” And he’s fully prepared to do so- but he can’t leave without helping Franky out even just a little bit. S~o……….“NARIKABURA ARROW!!!!” He swings his Kanabo, and hits Hacha dead in the chin!

Oh; it went through!

You know what I learned from watching various videos about Naruto? I learned about the “button.” It’s basically a spot on your chin that causes the maximum shock force is transmitted to the brain to achieve a KO. At least; I believe that’s how it works. I googled it and this was the best result I could find. Maybe you’ll have a better time in your search for the definition. Also, since we’re talking about Naruto; my friend Otaku Orbit recently uploaded a post about  his Top 5 arcs in Naruto. Check it out; it’s a really good post. 

In any case; I think Hacha may have a hole in his chin? I think Yamato put a little too much force into that last attack. But nonetheless; it floors the giant. Franky is left puzzled like “….? Who the H#ll was that?” and Saski was all like “D@MN IT ALL TO H#LL- THEY ESCAPED! Gethch’ya @$$e$ in gear and FOLLOW THEM! Carrying them both under his arms; Yamato tells Momo “You absolutely MUST survive this, Momonosuke!!! The person to guide the world to it’s ‘Dawn-‘ IS YOU!!!There’s that word again: “Dawn….” The minks want to see it, too. And that they will……..

We next cut over to see 1 Trafalgar D Water Law inside Floor B2 of the castle. He cuts down some random SMILE user(dog on the chest-the norm(Only in this series would that be “the norm”)), thinking about an Unseen conversation he had with the charming Nico Robin. Thinking back to when Corazon told him about what the initial of “D” means to the Celestial Dragons. He tells lovely Robin about his true name- telling her to keep it a secret. “I’m surprised that you also carry the middle initial ‘D,'” she says. She replies that even if Luffy doesn’t really care; she still wants to know. She explains to him that what the name means might be on the Road Poneglyphs- thus they must fight the Yonko. Easier said than done………….

So Do WE!!!

Now………I want to propose something to you all: Could we learn what the “Will of D” is at the end of this arc? Now you may be thinking I’m crazy and going to the comments to tell me there’s no way we’ll be seeing it this early in the story. To which I must remind you: We saw Pirate King Gol D Roger in a fight against THE Whitebeard. Something that we as fans wanted to see for a very long time. Did you ever in you mind think that we would see that fight in this arc? Not to mention that he payed off the message Roger left in Skypiea, as well as get a HINT as to what the One Piece might be(we know it’s something “funny” if nothing else). It’s not impossible……..

We cut over next to the 3rd Floor of the castle, where Kidd and Killer are getting ready to face Kaido once again. As they move closer and closer to the top; Kidd pulls more and more and more weapons towards him- much to the dismay of the Beast Pirates. His signature Weaponry arm grows ever bigger- as he asks his “Partner” if this is enough. Killer- ripping through the Beast Pirates left weaponless like a Hot Knife through butter- says that when challenging “The World’s Strongest Pirate;” “There’s no such thing as being too prepared!!” Kidd: “D@MN STRAIGHT!!!”

Back At The Skull Dome……….The Akazaya 9 might be in for some Big Problems. With Kaido back in his…….”Human” form we’ll call it and no longer a moving target; They are getting their @$$E$. KICKED.

Oh Cr@p.

We jump into the battle with Kaido swinging his Kanabo at Kin’emon with enough Conqueror’s imbued to knock anyone out. As Kin falls to the ground; Kaido prepares to squash him completely under his weapon. But he is then stabbed in the side by Denjiro.

As we look up at the Full Moon; we are greeted to the image of Kaido walking triumphantly over the bodies of the Scabbards- Raizo, Kawamatsu, and even Denjiro lie defeated.

Okay………Who did you guys think is dead right now? Cause I’m not seeing Kiku or Izo in this picture. Now they could always be just off the panel, but………. I really hope they aren’t dead. And heck; where are Inu and Neko? Last wee saw; Inurashi was tearing it up with the others, but here……

We next cut over to the Live Floor– the site of an outbreak of COV-I MEAN- the Ice Oni Virus. Things just went from bad to worse– as Big Mom returns to the scene. Everyone looks at her with baited breath(even the infected Chopper). Fortunately for them– Big Mom has some other business to contend with………At The Top of The Skull Dome. Oh boy…………Kidd, Luffy, Jinbei………you’ve got your work cut out for you. Not only is it 2 Yonko- which on its own is already a problem- but it’s a Yonko you p!ssed off. I’m expecting to see Jinbei and Big Mom confront one another and talk about the exact details of what happened when the Straw Hat’s escaped Tottland(I REFUSE to believe Jinbei escaped without having a scratch on him).

And as for Kidd…….. as he stated in chapter 928; he messed with one of her Sweet Commanders to get payback for hurting his crew/get something they took from him(depends on the version of the chapter you read). So he’s on her sh!t list, too. And as we all know: “Big Mom cuts the head off your loved ones, and sends it to you in a box.” Killer………you might be on the chopping block now……..

As Beautiful As Ever, My Dear Nico Robin

The last part of the chapter displays Luffy and co’s further progression in Kaido’s castle. In between floors 2 and 3; Luffy begins to accelerate up the stairs. “If we go up those stairs; we’ll be on the 3rd floor!” Jinbei yells. But then……..Luffy hears a voice on the 3rd floor…. and then; so does Sanji. The voice is saying “Come,my dear!! That’s IT Nweh heh heh!! But my lord- You Musn’t!! It Would Be So~~- Naughty!!That’s Black Mariah, isn’t it? Whoever it may be; we know it’s a female- if Sanji’s reacting to it. One Piece Chapter 996 END! And One Piece Will NOT Be On Break Next Week! Boy; Oda’s tryin’ to reach the goal he set for himself, huh? Chapter 1000- here we come!

Is It A Spider Lady? Or A Titana Boa?

Did you guys manage to catch the theme of this weeks chapter? The title of this review? You have half of it being about people running away from one battle- and other people running towards a battle!

Tama an the others ran from Page 1; Franky from Hacha; and Yamato from Sasaki. While on the other end; you had Law running towards the Poneglyph, Kidd towards the roof, the Scabbards toward Kaido, Big Mom towards the Skull Dome, and Luffy towards the Skull dome.

As for what the ending is leading to; I gather that Sanji’s gonna be clearing the path a lot quicker than before. And as for what Black Mariah can do to him…….doesn’t matter, anyway; she’ll win simply because he can’t fight back. I wonder who’ll take up the battle in his place this time. Maybe Jinbei? Or perhaps Yamato? Meh; we’ll see come next week- as the race towards a thousand chapters of “One Piece” CONTINUES! Later!

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  1. I think Luffy will likely face off against Kaido and Jinbei will fight Big Mom. As for the “Will of D” I think we’ll get more information on it this arc but won’t get everything. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it.

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  2. Oda really needs to get over this “snapshot” battle storytelling he’s been doing for a while now. He won’t but still….
    Look at My Hero Academia, Horikoshi focuses on a part of the battle then jumps to another part, he’s not bouncing all over the place like a 4-year-old on caffeine. It was cool when he first started doing it, but now, I’m tired of it.

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