1001 Ways To Say: GOKU BECOMES A GIANT! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 BREAKDOWN

I don’t know WHAT kind of drugs Toyotaro was on last month, but it seems like they’ve worn off. Because this month sees Toriyama’s successor trying trying to redeem himself for what he did last chapter! I swear; it’s like last month was just an “off” period because THIS- was f*cking GREAT! It’s crazy how quickly things have turned around because of this. I guess cause he set our expectations low with………that, that it looks like this was just a step up. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66: “Moro- Consumer Of Worlds.” Are ya ready to see how the story ends……?

Reaction To Last Month’s Chapter Still Lingers In Them……

We open this months chapter with the people Dende had just healed- the Androids, Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo are all up and at em. Oh, and Dende’s there, too. Naturally; they were reacting to Goku and Moro’s battle moving further away from them than it was earlier(likely as a result of their little “chase around the world” stunt from last chapter).

Dende’s the first to notice that something is going one with the Earth. And Gohan begins to feel the effects: “M-my body hurts all of a sudden!” Vegeta begins to figure out what this is: Moro stealing their genki. He yells for all of them to get off the ground immediately. Seeing as Moro is still up and about-even still capable of stealing genki from the life forms of Earth- he yells “D@mmit, Kakarot- You’ve managed to screw up again!So Vegeta agrees with us! No surprise, there: Goku did screw the pooch on this one. Toyotaro, as well. But they begin their long atonement period with this chapter.

All around the globe; the people of the Earth begin having their genki drained from them to feed Moro- The Consumer of Worlds himself. The living planet cackles “HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! THE ENERGY OF EARTH IS MINE!!!!!” You know how this goes: One of the Z Fighters starts winning, and the enemy begins throwing a sh!t fit. Say what you will about the anime, but I really like the portrayal of Goku Black- how even when he was losing; he was calm-composed- completely in control of himself and his emotions. You can’t deny that that was cool. In any case; Goku’s all “STOP THIS, MORO!!!” It’s your fault he went this far, clown. Moro just glares down at him and then makes a ground fist to hit this Saiyan with(pardon the language), but he just blocks it with his fore arm. He makes another- Goku blocks with his foot. Keep in mind: He’s still in Mastered Ultra Instinct.


But all too soon does these hands begin to push back on the Saiyan. And then- Moro makes a THIRD fist RIGHT UNDER EM! It manages to hit home this time- sending Goku to the sky. “As I said” he monologues; “My body is now the planet itself! There’s No Where Left To Run!!!!” As Goku ponders his next move; Moro begins to create more and more hands to attack with(I count 6 in all). As Goku battles on; Beerus, Whis, Krillin, and Jaco look down on the battle from the safety and comfort of Whis’ bubble. “This is bad” says the Destroyer; “Simply dodging those attacks may avoid the detonation, but Moro’s energy continues to swell unabated……”

When Krillin asks if there’s any way they can avoid Earth’s explosion(taking this galaxy along with it), Whis says that there is one method- the only method, really. But he questions if Goku can manage to do it. Hearing this- Beerus decides to step in: “Tch- Looks like I have no choice. It’s a special case, so I’ll lend a hand. Losing Earth would be troublesome, anyway. ” Oh. My. Zeno. BEERUS/GOKU TEAM UP!!!! Toyotaro, You MAD LAD!! He probably should have intervened a month ago(in story), but we WELCOME THIS!! He exits the bubble, and prepares to descend and wreck sh!t. “I’m in big trouble if the other Gods of Destruction see me do this, so let’s make it quick.” By this; I believe he’s referring to his reputation. The Gods already hate him most of all(something Toytaro added when writing the manga version of the Universe Survival Arc), so they’ll take any chance they can to belittle him. “Haha- the ‘Great Beerus’ needed help from a Mortal to SAVE a planet from destruction! What a failure of a Destroyer!!” Can’t have that now, can we?

But just then; Whis gets a message on his staff………from the Grand Priest. Ah Cr@p. I take you all the way back to chapter 55– where the Grand Priest flat out stated “Troublemaker or not- I do not wish to lose an Angel.”

Once Again- I Had To Download an image

Naturally– Beerus begins to flip out like a quiet kid being called into the Principals office. As did most of us– in both circumstances. Whis suspects that this is about Merus’ erasure from existence. Beerus-panicked- says “WE CAN’T BE HANGING AROUND HERE!! Let’s hurry back, Whis!!” Beerus’ easy 180 concerning the Earth catches Krillin and Jaco off guard- he even says “What? You think I care what happens to your ‘precious’ planet?! SOLVE YOUR OWN D@MN PROBLEMS!!!

Leaving his staff behind to keep up the bubble; Whis transports over to Goku- on the defensive once again. He tells Goku “The only way to Moro is to once again shatter his forehead crystal- it will release Merus’ power and, if done properly- will destroy Moro and leave the Earth intact.” So it’s like the final boss in a Video Game: You need to hit a specific point to do proper damage. Only in the case of this- he should only have to hit it once. Goku- once again- has a moment of legitimate doubt that he can do this. I can’t seem to figure out which chapter this was, but he had a moment during his training against Merus where he doubted that he can achieve Ultra Instinct in time for this fight. I really like moments like that- moments that don’t paint Goku as a “Flawless, fearless Champion For Justice,” but as a man who seeks to get better, but also has worries about if he really “can” get better at this point.

You See That? He Blocked a Punch from PlanetWith. His Index Finger. Can You Say “BROKEN?”

When Goku is faced with this doubt in his power; Whis tells him “You have already acquired Divine Power- Have faith in your own power.” He says this– while Blocking a Punch From A Planet With his Index Finger. Dude…….. SO. Angels. They’re strong- we know this. But to THIS extent? While Mastered Ultra Instinct- The Form intended to be THE ULTIMATE Final Power for Goku- is struggling to hold up against a living planet; Whis simply taps it and it STOPS? Man……..Goku’s got a LO~NG way to go.

And it seems like Whis isn’t even aware of the hand coming at him- he’s got Ultra Instinct down, so it’s not surprising. But for his body to feel like just his Index Fingers enough? Come On, Man.

Goku looks at Whis like “…………!” As if he just had a great, big epiphany(HA! You guys thought I was gonna say……….!). And then he looks over at the insane, corroded mass of dirt that is the current Moro. It laughs “Guh heh heh…..” with the crystal Goku has to smash in the mound of his head. Goku gets ready to dart in, and says “Okay……if it’s the only way……” and Whis makes preparations to return to the Angel realm. Before they leave; Beerus yells at Goku: “Listen up, Goku!! Even if this planet dies- save me some Earth food, y’hear!!!” Goku just smiles hack at him to say “Got it!” Because he knows that that’s just Beerus’ way of saying “You got this.” They depart- and Goku is left to deal with Planet Moro on his own.

Right; the “main body” he’s using to fight against Goku is growing bigger and bigger- expanding, really. And Goku realizes that this means “Detonation Imminent.” “If act I don’t act soon- it’ll be too late!” he says to himself. As Moro begins to grow- the crystal Goku has break to starts to recede into the dirt. And without a clear shot at the target; there isn’t much of a point in going in for the attack if there’s a chance he might miss at the crucial hour. And that’s when the man- the myth- the Legendary Prince Of All Saiyans returns to the field of battle! “Stand Aside, Kakarot!!!” Super Saiyan Blue Evolution(the form he attained in the Tournament Of Power) Vegeta leaps in front of Goku and SLAMS his fist into the ground while using the “Forced Spirit Fission” technique to drain Moro of his energy.


The more and more Vegeta pounds on the Earth(PAUSE); the more and more genki Moro loses. And the more genki he loses- the more and more exposed the crystal becomes. And with his body now deflating; Goku has a clear shot. He thanks Vegeta, but he simply tells the clown “Enough Yapping!! Destroy that blasted crystal- I can only rip away spirit energy from him for so long!!” Goku gets ready- his fist drawn back, as he claims “Everything’s riding on this fist of mine.Weird…..phrasing, but…ya know; whatev’s, I guess.

He flies on in- dodging Moro’s hands as much as possible before just deciding to PUNCH THROUGH! He goes through one of his hands, then another, then another, then another- on and on as much as he can until he’s just barely close enough to smash it! It’s a great scene- watching Goku fly through rock formations like this. WHEN the anime returns, it’ll have the same staff that worked on “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” and who are working on the current working on the Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai anime(which is F*CKING GREAT- it gives you Nostalgia for an anime you’ve never watched before. Go check it out; it’s more than worth your time!). So you know that it’ll look stellar

So Close.

Before he can reach the d@mn crystal; Moro ends up creating a wall of rock thick enough to trap Goku mere feet away from landing the decisive attack. Vegeta begins to get sick of the plot bait-and-switches and yells “ENOUGH NONSENSE!!! I’m at my limit(but I thought Saiyan’s didn’t have limits?)- he’s draining energy faster than I can strip him of spirit!” So he’s saying that Moro is taking in more energy than he can strip him of. I imagine Earth would now be the equivalent of Anur Vladus from the Ben 10 franchise- it’s a planet that drains you of all your energy and life force the closer you get to it. Was this an excuse just to flex my knowledge of Ben 10 lore? P~robably.

Goku continues to struggle to break free of Moro’s grip, saying “Darn…..Merus did it, so why can’t I?! I still don’t have enough God Power!!” Is he implying that he thought he was stronger than Merus at this point in time? I mean……..okay; this gets into a power scaling debate that isn’t as cut-and-dry as one may think. On one had; Goku’s “Saiyan Power” kicks into Overdrive whenever he uses Ultra Instinct, so he gets stronger the longer he fights in this form(at least; in anime). But on the other; Merus is an Angel. A Trainee Angel, but an Angel all the same. I like to think that if MUI Goku fought Merus; Goku would win simply because he can use his full power.

Goku’s mention of “God Power” give Jaco an idea. So he jets off somewhere- leaving them to face Planet Moro on their own(not that he was really helping much in the first place. As he exits the scene; Goku’s Ultra Instinct power begins to be drained by by Moro. Enter: The Rest Of The Cast!

Utilization- If Only It’s An Assist

Toyotaro is really trying to make up for last chapters little senzu bean stunt. He’s utilizing the parts of this arc that people actually LIKED– it’s honestly like he was high or something when he included that scene. He’s utilizing the side characters in the Best way he possibly can. And it’s working out pretty well- one of my favorite fights in this arc was Gohan’s fight against OG7-3. And this scene is another example of this.

So the others arrive to Vegeta’s side- Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, Yamcha, and even Chiaotzu. Piccolo asks Vegeta “Your ‘Forced Spirit Fission-‘ Can you do it in reverse?” He’s essentially asking if he can do a regular Spirit Bomb with this technique. And I just kind of chuckled because now that’s 2 techniques Vegeta’s stolen from Goku. Yeah;it’s usually Goku stealing techniques from others, but this arc showed us that Vegeta can now use Instant Transmission(no way he doesn’t do that again, even if by accident), but now he can even manage to do the Spirit Bomb? Ah~……….. I feel like if it weren’t for that 1 monumental mistake last chapter; no one would be complaining about this arc. I mean, yeah; this ending has been drawn out a lot, but I feel more like it was Toyotaro’s editors telling him to keep this arc going so they can start the new arc(that they’ll be announcing at Jump Festa this year) at the beginning of next year.

But back with the chapter; Vegeta responds that “It’s possible– it’s the same principle.” So Piccolo suggest that they give Vegeta their ki so that he can give Goku their power. “Hopefully, it’s a ‘gift worth giving……..'” he says, as he and the rest of the Z Fighters lend Vegeta their power. He gets in telepathic contact with Dende, and tells him to get everyone at the lookout in on this plan(just like Vegeta did at the end of the Buu saga). And this message even manages to reach “Park Rangers” Goten and Trunks, who willing turn over their energy, as well. Utilization! Even of the…….unaging Goten and Trunks.

Vegeta gathers up the energy and condenses it into a great big ball of ki in his hand- even adding his own ki into the mix. Notice the change in character: During the Tournament of Power(anime); Vegeta refused give Goku energy for the Spirit Bomb. Here, though…….although it could just be because it’s his own Spirit bomb. And the situation is a little bit different(that was a Tournament(to decide the fate of a Universe or 2), but this is a battle to prevent the destruction of the Earth and the Galaxy itself). Still- I count it has character progression.

Z Boost

He tosses Goku the energy and it revitalizes him- and he gives Moro’s crystal another go. However; he can’t seem to tap into Ultra Instinct again- only managing to make it to Super Saiyan Blue. But nonetheless; he jets on in at max strength. However; he can’t break out of Moro’s grip. He manages to get closer- but not quite.

“That’s just Blue form- why isn’t he using Ultra Instinct?!” Vegeta replies that it’s not that Goku won’t use Ultra Instinct- he can’t right now. The power required to enter that form is gargantuan– he had to take his own Spirit Bomb attack to the face to get into the half @$$ed “Sign” form(in the anime)- this piddlely @$$ power isn’t gonna be enough for him to go into MUI! Nonetheless; Goku continues to try.

Back up at the Lookout; everyone is hunched over in exhaustion- surprised that their ki couldn’t help Goku all that much. “I don’t know the whole story- but it looks like ordinary ki doesn’t cut it……” Dende also laments at his inability to help: “My own divine power is still developing, so it didn’t do much to help you…..” Okay- Dende is a “God” in the sense that he watches over Earth. He’s the “God Of Earth.” So that’s what he means. Anyway; Jaco’s ship comes up from down below, and he comes out. “Where’s Majin Buu?!” And here’s where Majin Buu factors into the story once again. Or rather- the Grand Supreme Kai. He wants to wake up the Grand Supreme Kai in Buu so he can give Goku some of his God Power- however much he can since……….more on that in a minute.

Moro Continues To Grow……………

The next page sees Moro having manifested his entire upper torso to(malformed and rocky as it may be) holding Goku in his hands and continuing to crush him like most kids do to soda cans because from ages 5-8, crushing a soda can is proof of how “strong you are.” But when you get up there and can actually fit the whole can in your hand; crushing it doesn’t seem that difficult. In fact; you can crush it better than you could before. Also; this scene is similar to when Great Ape Vegeta was crushing Goku in his hands. Toyotaro has made a lot of callbacks in this arc. A bit too many for peoples tastes, but all the same…….? All the same what? What am I even saying right now? Whatever.

Once again; Goku powers down as his bones begin to turn to jelly. As Piccolo and Vegeta look on trying to think of a plan; Yamcha suggest they leave Earth for now and use the Super Dragon Balls to fix the damage later. Krillin tells him that when Moro explodes- he’ll take the entire Galaxy along with him. Not to mention how astronomically hard it would be to round those things up. For 1 thing; the Super Dragon Balls go inert for “length of a cockroaches life span(about 1 year)” just like any other set. So if there are any close by- those would turn to dust. If there even are any in this Galaxy. This set of Dragon balls splits up between 2 Whole Universes. Finding them like this would be impossible for mortals that don’t live for billions of years. And besides- They’re out of time, according to Vegeta. Just by looking at Moro; he can tell that Moro’s about to burst(PAUSE).

I have to say: The situation actually feels tense. Yeah; it’s obviously going to workout in the end because this is before the end of Z. And yeah; it’s just some kind of ploy to make this arc longer than it probably should have been. But for even accounting for all of thatIt really does feel like they could lose right now. It’s almost like their actions are having………consequences. Boy; if Merus stays dead after this arc- then Toyotaro might have succeeded in making a Nice arc. H#ll, without the senzu thing; I feel like this is would have not only been the best arc in “Super(which it is even considering that),” but one of the best in the whole franchise(certainly better than anything Super Dragon Ball Heroes has).

As all looks lost; the Warriors Of Earth prepare to charge in to save Goku- one last time. But then- Something catches Chiaotzu’s eye. “Tien-Look!” They all turn around to see……A Massive ball of Energy comin’ RIGHT at em!

Oh. My. Zeno.

Goku senses it, too- and it feels like Divine energy. As Vegeta looks at it looming over him; he can’t help but ask “Who sent this?!” Far, far away from the Battle Field- practically on the other side of the Planet; we see something payed off that was set up in chapter 49- at the very beginning of this arc: Uub. Or, more specifically; the idea that Kid Buu absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai’s power! And when the 2 of them split; Kid Buu took that power with him. But of course– he was obliterated by the Spirit Bomb. A~nd Reincarnated. This would explain why Goku’s still interested in training and fighting Uub- he has God power just like him. It got weird with how strong Goku was getting that he still wanted to train Uub. But now we know why. Nice one, Toyotaro. Honestly 1 of your better moves.


We cut over to Uub’s village to see the Grand Supreme Kai telling Uub how to give over energy. So Buu did factor into the ending of this arc- just not in the way that people had been hoping for or expecting. There were multiple theories like him absorbing Goku and Vegeta- combing Buu’s endless stamina and regeneration, Vegeta’s Forced Spirit Fission, and Goku’s Ultra Instinct to make a variation of Gogeta/Vegito. Or that he would seal away Moro’s power in the end once again. But no- he just told Uub what to do. Meh; at least he wasn’t a “dropped plot point.”

Dende realizes this as well- even realizing that the Grand Supreme Kai’s power went to Kid Buu during the fission. Everyone else- even Bulma- look at them puzzled as to what they meant. Back with the man of the hour; Uub asks the Kai “Is this right? I’m not sure what I’m doing…….” But the Grand Supreme Kai assures him that he’s doing it. “Yes, that’s perfect. Thank you, and sorry for the sudden trouble.”

Back at the Battle Field; Vegeta is holding Uub’s ki in his hands in a similar fashion to how Goku holds the Spirit Bomb- particularly during the Buu saga. The more and more I bring up the copious references; the more and more I realize that this is a veritable “Frankenstein’s Monster” of a lot of previous arcs. I’ll probably go more into it during the actual review of the arc in either December(when the arc officially ends) or in January(gonna be a very long review), but just note all of the reference I’ve called out in this post alone.

“Who’s ever ki this is,” yells Vegeta; “…..take it and use it……..For another round of Ultra Instinct!!!” He takes the energy ball, and throws it right at Goku. Boy I hope Moro doesn’t absorb it right there……..

Forward Spirit Bomb!

The ball begins to descend upon the minuscule Goku and the Mountainous Moro. In a flash of light- blinding enough to be seen from the other side of the planet- Goku takes in the energy and……..Attack On Moro. Great Kaiju Goku. Goku using the Godd@mn SUSANO’O. WHATEVER YA CALL IT- Goku makes a GIANT GOKU SHELL made of his ki! Yeah; you probably saw the spoilers for this months chapter, right? You saw it and thought “Okay what?” It probably made you want to check out the manga, right? I hope so- I really want the anime to come back soon.

Titan Goku vs Moro The Living Planet

Kaiju Goku and Mt Moro clash- in an epic final duel of wills. Their hands pushed against one another; Titan Goku looks down upon the Rock Goat- calm and collected, as if he’s saying “What now?” As he’s pushed back; Moro’s face begins to cringe up. We look deeper into the Susano’o-esk form- seeing Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku hovering in the middle of his forehead. Calm and composed; Goku begins to open his eyes- and glares ahead at Moro’s crystal.

The Titan gets his head right up close and personal with Mt Moro- and the mini-Goku takes aim. He roars his FURIOUS roars- and blitz right at the crystal! In a beautiful double page spread; Goku Destroys the crystal.

Animate This-Immediately.

Th punch is heard-nay; felt across the entire Universe. Even Whis on the way to meet with the Grand Priest looks back like “It’s about time……” Bit by bit; the crack in the crystal exacerbates further and further until it completely shatters. With his head essentially smashed in; Mt Moro begins to crumble and break apart- before becoming a MONUMENTAL Geyser of ki that explodes! A few volcanic eruptions later- and the dust settles.

Krillin looks puzzled, and asked “Did he really do it? Did Goku win?” Piccolo simply points over with a smile- to an exhausted Goku turning towards us with his thumbs up and the same big stupid grin we know him for. Son Goku Has Defeated World Eater Moro. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 END!! Now the Aftermath! Which will be in chapter 67 next month either before or after Jump Festa. Either way; this arc will end in December. And what an arc it has been. I know that not everyone liked Moro’s minions(people didn’t even care much for 7-3 from what I have heard), and maybe the last few months have been dragging their feet- with chapter 65 kind of taking this arc from the solid 9 that it was at to 7 1/2 we come to know it as. But ya know what? Still The Best arc in “Dragon Ball Super” to date. The movie re-telling’s were trash; the Universe 6 arc was a little sub par in retrospect; the anime version of the Zamasu arc was great up to a certain point(COUGH COUGH*Super Saiyan Rage Was Stupid*COUGH COUGH. Don’t worry; I’m wearing a mask) while the manga was……….a thing; and the anime Tournament Of Power was fun but was riddled with problems, while the manga was just plain rushed.

“Broly” was F*cking great; I don’t give a d@mn what none a y’all say. But this– this was phenomenal. Or- just a “cut above the rest.” We’ll discuss it more at a later date. Until next we meet, my friends- later!

Victory At Last!

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