CRUNCH TIME. Black Clover Chapter 272 BREAKDOWN

There comes a point in every man’s life that pushes them to their utmost limit- a moment where he can’t afford to feel things such as “exhaustion” and “doubt.” A moment in which he must do as his Captain told him to- and go Far Beyond His Limits. And this week’s chapter of “Black Clover” depicts that moment for Asta and Liebe. The children of Licita must push past their limits and tap into new powers they never knew they had. They’ve only got 1 Day Left to do so. Now that we’ve got the epic intro out of the way; we can talk about the chapter. Black Clover Chapter 272: “Dark Prison Hunting Ground.” Let’s go!

The Avengers Assemble!

This week- a beautiful colored cover page! In the background is Licita- their mother. And standing in front of her are her children- Asta and Liebe, face to face with big @$$ grins! You see Asta’s regular arm has the band from when he defeated Liebe– while Liebe’s band is on his other arm, obscured because of the angle. However it is in that arm in the official release, despite him having shaken Asta’s hand with his(Liebe’s) left hand. Weird; I expected dialogue differences(especially at a certain point we’ll discuss later), but an artistic change? You don’t see stuff like that often- if at all!

Boy…… kind of looks like Liebe’s shorter than Asta- at least by that weird hair antenna. The caption reads “Two Of Their Fates Now Overlap!”

Now, rather than open the chapter with the Anti Magic duo; we cut back to the Clover Kingdom to see dear little princling Yuno training at a cliffside! He pants and pants, as the caption reads “While Asta’s training goes on; this man also walks the path to be the strongest…” We see 4 MASSIVE HOLES in the side of the cliff- in a swirling pattern. It reminds me of the old Naruto game from Ubisoft Montreal- Naruto: The Broken Bond, which is the continuation of Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja. You guys probably don’t know these games- heck; I’ve never even played them myself. But I did watch playthrough’s for both games- and I LOVED em! But I’m getting off topic. THE POINT IS: The holes Yuno’s putting in this cliff remind me of the Rasengan points from The Broken Bond. I can’t find the proper image, but those who play the game should know what I’m talking about.

See What I mean?

It makes me wonder………is Tabata hinting at………? Or maybe this is just his “Spirit Storm” spell. In either case; he’s preparing for something huge. As he recooperates; he senses a presence watching him. “Why don’t you come out of hiding……….Former Vice Captain Langris.Woah………. Former Vice Captain? I had thought they were “Co-Vice Captains-” like Yami and William were in the Azure Dear in their youth(as revealed in a Light novel which became a few episodes of the anime). But I guess not! Considering how none of the Golden Dawn were imprisoned following the Elf invasion; he wasn’t exiled from the Magic Knights. I guess he quit some time prior to the time skip. But why…….?

Zenon’s Devil DOES possess Spatial Magic………

Finral’s little brother comes out of hiding- revealing his new post time skip appearance. He asks that Yuno refrain from calling him “Former” Vice Captain. “As per usual” he continues; “You speak unpleasant things…..” He then notices that Bell isn’t around. Yuno simply replies that she hasn’t come out or his grimoire for some time now. Because as she said in chapter 264; she’s “storing mana” so she can help Yuno take out Zenon. So for that reason; she’s hiding away in Yuno’s grimoire.

Internally; he’s thinking about a certain strategy he thought up to beat Zenon the next time they fight. But as of right now; there’s no way for him to know if it’ll work the way he wants it to- if at all. And that’s what Langris is doing here. He tells Yuno “It looks like you need a Spatial mage opponent to test out your plan. It can’t be helped; Do you want me to be your opponent?” Seeing as Zenon’s Devil has Spatial magic; Yuno needed to find a way to counter that. But he needs to make sure it could work- which is why Langris came to help with his training.

“Honestly,” he replies; “I’d like to do this on my own……but this problem involves the entirety of the Golden Dawn. You’ve probably gotten stronger, right? I look forward to having your cooperation.” Langris replies “You’re still arrogant, but it looks like you’ve become more agreeable.” So yeah; we’re about to see Langris vs Yuno. For those of you who don’t know; my favorite fight in all this series is Asta’s Team vs Langris during the Royal Knights Selection Exam. The art and build up from the previous fight, not to mention the emotion depicted and how much effort the anime staff put into making sure it looked good. Amazing fight; check it out. It’s chapter’s 128131, and I don’t know the anime episode…..numbers…….. But I doubt we’ll see how this fight goes, based on the end of the chapter.

Moving on; we jump back to Asta and Liebe’s “Devil Union” training. “Once again……You guys lost.


Exhausted and beaten once again(implying that they’ve been trying and failing multiple times since the end of last chapter); Asta lies on the ground thinking “Vice Captain Nacht……is incredibly strong…….No matter how many times we try- I can’t see us winning!” But what’s worse than Asta having doubt in his abilities? Him realizing that Nacht isn’t at full power yet. Which we could kind of gather– based on the fact that he’s implied to be a former Noble and is possessed by 4 Devils. If he really wanted to kill Asta- there’s nothing he could do to stop it.

Asta ends up asking himself “Why can’t me and Liebe do it?!” He notices that he and Liebe seem to be incapable of doing the “Devil Union” transformation. But even moreso; he realizes that whenever he takes his Black form- any damage he takes is copied onto Liebe! So because of the nature of their current union; they share damage equally. So now Asta has to be careful while he’s in his Dark form.

As he’s preparing to get up; he notices a basket full of cookies ‘n sh!t. Where the h#ll did these come from? Did Nacht bring some in? Ah, whatever; it probably isn’t important, anyway. They eat- and are treated to a good, welcoming taste. After having your @$$e$ kicked simultaneously; I can imagine those pastries must taste like Heaven. And they seem to be stamina restoring cookies, as Asta mentions that he’s beginning to recover. “These were made by the guy in the Spade Resistance, right(I think he’s referring to “Ralph”)? I’ll have to thank him when I meet him!” When did Nacht have time to talk with that guy to get these cookies?

I also imagine Liebe is pretty grateful for the food and really happy after not having food trapped in a grimoire for however many years.He’s not at all mad at Licita for putting him in there, but still, man; WHAT DID HE HAVE TO EAT?!

“What Did I Sign Up For?” Said The Devil Riding A Magicless Boy’s shoulders

Eating these treats gives Asta an……..idea? He asks that Liebe cooperates with him- which makes Liebe think: “……..In times like these; this guy has a 1/10 chance of getting excellent results.” I think he means that when the situation is this dire; Asta has a 1 out of 10 chance of thinking of something that garners results. And usually; it ends up working. This time……….if the picture’s still up; look to the left to see the end results.

It was the 9/10 losing ticket” he says to himself internally. Asta shouts “COMBINE!!,” but Liebe tells him “This isn’t the time to joke around, you 90% Idiot.” He’s of course referring to the fact that Asta’s plan only had a 10% of paying off in the end. After asking what he means “90% Idiot;” Asta tells him “I’M NOT JOKING AROUND!! Fighting like this will put our body and souls into one-” But Liebe explains “If things like this could bring people together- no one would suffer, you 90% idiot.” But Asta just tells him to stop complaining since he gets to be on top(PAUSE). All the while; Nacht is looking at the 2 of them like “……….” As if he’s in disbelief that they’re “messing around” like this at such a crucial hour. It makes him think………..back to when “Nacht” was still………”human.” It seems like those possessed by a Devil don’t think of themselves as “Human.” I wonder if Asta will think the same way when he manages to get this “Devil Union” thing down.

He flashes back to a time when he was doing laundry, it seems. Now………..the dialogue here sucks– I’m going to leave it here in case you can understand it. I’d usually edit this to the official release, but I want to leave this up for comparison sakes. So………a guy in the flashback says “You don’t feel tired if you’re going to be that good kid?” Um……….What? Are you saying he’s “putting on an act, and it looks exhausting?” In any case; Nacht responds “Haha, isn’t it exhausting for you to be free like that?” What the f*ck is up with this f*cking dialogue? Are you asking him if he’s tired of being “free?” Do you think it’s TIRING being able to do what you want?! WHO’S TRANSLATING THIS?! Okay; I’m kidding. But this translation is pretty weird. And the final piece reads “This idiot; how can I be tired when I’m free?” My thoughts exactly, Nacht.

In the official; the white haired guy is asking “Doesn’t it get tiring being a Goody-Goody?” Past Nacht responds “Heh heh! What about you, brother? Doesn’t it get tiring ‘doing your own thing?” And Nacht’s brother responds “Moron! What’s ‘tiring’ about being free!!” 1)Much, MUCH clearer now. and 2) So he did have a brother like we speculated. Now………he’s not a “twin” brother like we had thought. So the idea I proposed a review or 2 ago might be mute, but that means that the other idea is that much more plausible.

Go Time.

Whatever the case may be is irrelevant at this current juncture. Nacht walks upto the pair, and tells them: “It’s nearly time for us to gather.” Like I said towards the beginning of the post; this chapter implies that they’ve been training for the past 2 days at least. And they still haven’t managed to tap into the “Devil Union” power- or rather, because of the nature of their contract; their weird equivalent of that power. But in any case; I believe this is what Athlete’s refer to as “Gut Check Time.” It’s time for them to really get serious about this. “Limit Breaking time” begins NOW.

Asta is surprised to learn that it’s already been 2 days. Nacht tells him “…….There’s nothing that I can do. If you can’t do it- Then Die Right Here.” He begins to spread out his Shadows, cloaking this entire “Dark Garden” chamber in suffocating Darkness. Ladies and Gentlemen– Nacht’s Mana Zone: “Hunting Ground Of Darkness.” Asta goes into Black Asta just before this place is completely consumed in shadows- but it doesn’t save him from what happens next………

For my Beyblade: Metal Fusion Fans: DA~RK MO~VE!!!!!

Chibi Liebe clings to his side- as Asta gets slapped by some unforeseen force(likely Nacht cloaked in the Darkness). He slides backwards. He realizes that this Darkness isn’t just masking his vision; it’s also preventing him from sensing the presence of anyone around him- he’s gone Ki blind. And because he can’t read Nacht’s ki in here, he’s basically a sitting duck. Or No……..more like a “Flailing Target.” Nacht says “There was potential- What A Pity.” And this line- coupled with the earlier “Die Right Here-” make it clear: He’s going in for the kill. Or…….he wants Asta to believe that he’s trying to kill him. In all honesty; Nacht must realize that that the thing that pushes Asta to the brink is a near-death situation. So he’s trying to make it look like he’s moving in for a killing blow when in all actuality- he’s probably still not even at half power.

Nonetheless; he’s layin’ on the whoop@$$ on the Anti Magic Boys. Back and forth Asta goes like a Paddle ball. As he gets his @$$ handed to em; he begins to think to himself “Darkness when I can’t feel anything…….The slowly creeping death…….This is absolute fear….!!” And then their thoughts begin to overlap(like the cover said) “Even hen we’re cornered to this extent……” thinks Asta; “I want to obtain more power!!” thinks Liebe. “Me and Asta’s emotions should have been one, so……” and both together think “WHY CAN’T WE USE THE DEVIL UNION MODE?!

2 Hearts Connecting!

Asta thinks back to the events of chapter 260– when Yami was taken by Zenon through a portal. How Yami looked as he was dragged through Zenon’s portal- the face that said “…….You guys did great.” And just how……how defeated he was at that moment. The anger……the sadness…….sorrow……..guilt………Weakness…….Helplessness…… all of these emotions begin to well up inside of him.

While on the other side; you have Liebe thinking about the events of chapter 268– the day that Licita died. He felt like it was because he was a Devil…….because he was a Devil; Lucifero could manifest further in this world. And Licita put herself in danger to save him. He felt guilt…..anguish……..the pain of loss……….the feeling of lonliness……. these emotions begin to resonate, as they both think “To Save” Yami and “Avenge” Licita- They Can’t Die Right Here! And- I can’t let Him Die, Either!!” In the darkness………a Light shines. Nacht looks at it, and realizes what it is…..he realizes what the source of this Light is. And whatever it is… growing. Growing out of controlled and wild like. An eye is shown…….with a star in it. The caption reads “A New Power Awakens-” as Black Clover Chapter 272 comes to game changing END!

Oh My…………

Now ain’t this a “turn of events!” The Anti Magic Duo awakens a new power- one I’m certain is going to open up a brand new world of power for them. Maybe they’ll be able to unlock more in the grimoire because of it. A long range attack similar to “Sea Dragon’s Roar” or “Spirit Storm” would be nice to have in their repertoire. Not to mention a defense spell like “Sea Dragon’s Nest.” It would be pretty cool to see Asta do stuff like that. 

As far as this chapter goes; I think that Tabata hit another one out the park! Watching these 2 connect like this- it was amazing to see. The art was on point(as always), and getting an idea of Yuno’s training was pretty cool. I also liked seeing Langris again- and how they addressed his position in the Golden Dawn. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Til the next post, guys- later! 

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