Houston- We Have A Problem. One Piece Chapter 997 BREAKDOWN

Oh me, Oh my- Oda’s re~ally outdoing himself with this one. Man; I think this man is holding himself to a very high standard if he’s doing stuff like this. If this is what he’s doing for just the “War For Wano Kuni,” then what in the h#ll does he have planned for the “Throne Wars” arc at the end of the series. And more to the point; how is this battle gonna end in a way that doesn’t destroy the country itself. You’ll see what I mean at the end(unless you read the chapter; in which case- you already know). One Piece Chapter 997: “Flames.”

I’m sure we’ve all done this before, have we not?

The cover page this week was requested by “Michi Narahaka” from Tottori Prefecture. It depicts Sanji trying to meditate in a Buddhist temple- but he’s constantly distracted by a Bathing suit Nami playing Volleyball(much like she and the flawless Nico Robin did in the beginning of “Film: Gold”). And every time his mind wanders; he’s hit over the head with bamboo swords by a Buddhist Racoon Priest. Only in “One Piece” would someone suggest this. Then again; it’s not like it’s impossible that this could happen. I think I said it last week or maybe the week prior, but at this point- Oda might consider make some of these canon at some point.

Also……….I understand, Sanji. If I ever saw Nami in a bikini out the door- I might just drop whatever I’m and run out the door(with my wallet in my pocket so that she’ll hug me). Like; I might just move faster than the d@mn wind. Might even knock sh!t over trying to get out the door- if it’s even open. My house has a glass door. God, Nami’s hot. And intelligent. Which is really the best combination of traits anyone could have.

Picking up from where last week left us- Sanji’s ears pick up the sound of a woman in distress. So naturally; our dear “Mr Prince” decides to run off and go see what the problem is. As he’s bolting down the hallway; he continues to hear a woman saying “AAAAH~~~~~ My Lord~~~~!!!!” And then a man’s voice is saying “Let’s do it- No one will know!!” But she continues to scream “No” in an attempt to get him to stop. You know……..this actually isn’t the first time Oda’s teased…………… that stuff. I mean; just look at the Boa sisters. We all know what the Celestial Dragons did to them. But with the constraints and nature of the magazine; he can’t exactly say it. He can imply the h#ll out of it, but he can’t say it.

He’s watching the display behind the doors, and thinks to himself “She’s in trouble!! Is this what sexual harassment is like in Wano?!” He watches as a woman’s kimono is being forcefully torn off- that she is about to lose her “purity.” And he can not let that stand. He breaks through the door, only to be caught in a Spider web!!

Trap. But an effective one.

You know? The lady pretending to be attacked kind of looks like Sarahebi Sensei from chapter 919– the lady who was teaching kids but started displaying Snake-like traits. Maybe it is her, but in a different Kimono. In any case, with Sanji caught in the “Naughty trap;” the “helpless” woman and her attacker turn and attack Sanji! With him sufficiently damaged, they tie him up and bring him before Black Mariah. “And with that, we have another naive ‘Warrior Of Justice’ in the bag,” says a woman with horns. They recognize him as “Black Leg Sanji” worth 330 Million Berries.

He demands that they untie him- promising to overlook the situation this time. Little does he know who he’s up against: from the Tobi Roppo- Black Mariah. She tells him “Please don’t– I’d rather this banquet hall not become a battlefield like the other places” She exists her den- holding a pipe in her hand and cleavage for the world to see. She proceeds to see Sanji by saying “You know- I like rough Boys like you. So what do you think- Do you like me, too?

Sanji “vs” Black Mariah

He begins to act aggressively, saying “Me– a ‘Boy?!’ Get off me!…..How I feel about a bro@d like you?! I LOVE YOU!!!!” Of course. Wonder what we’ll see about this plot point next chapter? And I wonder who it was that spun the Spider web?

More Weird SMILE Users

Elsewhere on the 3rd floor; Luffy and Jinbei notice that Sanji’s run off somewhere. Jinbei says he ran off with an angry look on his face.

Meanwhile; more Headliners with…….weird @$$ ways of manifesting their animals begin to appear. This timenot so weird. The girl “Mizerka” manifested her Gorilla SMILE in a somewhat better way than Briscola from chapter 993– the torso comes from her waist and her arms arm merged with its stomach. While the other one- “Poker-” has a rattle snake growing through from his armpits through his shoulders. Peculiar, but I’d take that over becoming a Chicken anus or having a Giraffe’s head up my @$$ or being a Panda’s penis.

In any case; the Headliners receive word that Straw Hat Luffy is on his way to their location. As Mizerka complains about her Gorilla “Gorishiro” about it dropping Banana crumbs on her; Poker looks at Luffy’s impressive(yet debatable “undeserved”) 1.5 Billion Berry bounty, and thinks that this is his chance to get into the Tobi Roppo. Unfortunately for him; the Rebel Samura build Luffy a latter to the next floor so they don’t even have to fight them! Poor, poor Poker………

Back inside the Skull Dome; Big Mom flies through the hole Kaido made in the roof on Zeus(only for her to find out that the “party ended” before she got there next chapter), with Zoro watching to make sure she leaves. As she exits the dome; Zoro notices something……..something that falls to the ground after Big Mom leaves. Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that she isn’t getting involved in this Ice Oni mess, but Zoro finds something that………pushes him over the edge. Whatever it is hits the ground and he just snaps.

Que Zoro’s epic anime theme!

His twinge of RAGE is overshadowed by the fact that Udon Yakuza Boss “Blood Letter” Ohmasa has gone completely Ice Oni and has begun his rampage. Zoro looks back at him, while Chopper and Brook run to the highest point they can to make an important announcement. More and more people become infected with the virus- making Queen laugh more and more. And Oni comes at Zoro, but he cuts it down without even looking at it. No~…….. he’s looking at Apoo trying to defend himself against Drake. Seeing the one holding the cure for this pandemic going on around him- as well as being Beyond Livid- unscheathes one of his swords and………..“Lion’s Song.Apoo is cut. Down. HARD. He’s obviously not dead, but I think we might have seen the last of him for the………time being. Let’s see what the climax of the battle has in store for us………….

Welp- Apoo’s been written out of the next 20 chapters!

With Apoo coughing up blood; he releases the vile of anti bodies and it falls into Zoro’s hand. While we simply sit and think “Cool;” everyone on the live floor is stunned as to this feat- not to mention that now they have to get the antidote from him. And something tells me that ain’t gonna happen.

Zoro hands over the vile to Chopper, and asks him to handle this floor. Chopper confidently says Of Course! I’ve figured out the composition of this virus!!” Zoro simply smirks and says “Knew you would!” The little reindeer gets up high and yells to everyone:

Everyone- Listen to me!! Use Fire to counter the Ice Oni’s! The virus is infused with a gas that freezes the body! If you manage to stop the body from freezing, then you can contain the spread of the virus! I’ll make enough anti-bodies for everyone!!!

I’m a doctor- I’m obligated to to save both allies and enemies alike!!

“Cotton Candy Lover” Tony Tony Chopper

I think the gas that Chopper might be referring to “Nitrogen-” because of liquid nitrogen. And the fire being the thing that prevents the spread of the virus- obvious once you think about it. That explains how you avoid the Ice part, but what about the muscle growth? Does that stop with the stop of the cold? I guess so, based on the way the official chooses to word it. And I’m willing to bet- just like RJ Writing Ink– that some of the Beast Pirates are gonna be switching sides by the end of this.

In any case; Queen is none to happy that Chopper spilled the way to delay the virus’ effects, so he prepares to pump him full of holes with his gatling gun. But Zoro is like “H#ll No,!” and launches an air slash at Queen, destroying his gun. He points his sword at Queen and tells him pure and simple: “I didn’t come to Onigashima to play your Stupid Game- I came here to cut down Kaido, the Strongest In The World!!” His proclamation is followed up by a massive earthquake that starts knocking everyone over.

Oh My.

With everyone falling over following Zoro’s proclamation- Brook speculates(much like the community as a whole) that this was Zoro displaying Conqueror’s Haki. But Zoro tells him(and this might just be Oda telling us the audience) “That’s obviously not me.” Yeah; there are a lot of fan theories about Zoro having awakened Conqueror’s Haki in his scarred eye and he can’t stop from using it, but……….No. I don’t think there’s any evidence as to why he would have Conqueror’s other than an attempt to mimic Roger’s crew, but……I honestly don’t think that anyone aside from Luffy has Conqueror’s Haki on the Straw hat crew. But hey, if he does- I’m all for it. I just don’t think he’d awaken it in one eye. So that would mean that this tremor is……….something else………

As for what Zoro saw fall from the top of the Skull Dome- the ever observant Robin saw it, as well. And she gets why Zoro’s so angry right now. And the it in question- was Kiku’s arm. Yikes………..She ain’t gettin’ that one back!

This is of course the wake up call that he needed for him to be definitively certain that he needs to get on that dome ASAP. But seeing as how Queen’s waiting for him at the staircase and King is monitoring the air to make sure no one who isn’t going to “help” Kaido gets up there; neither route to the top is going to be viable enough for him to use his maximum strength against the beast. Fortunately for him; Luffy has friends in high places- if ya get what I mean. You don’t? Okay, I’ll spel it out for you: Marco arrives to offer him a way up. Still, though- King The Wildfire is awaiting them in the sky.

What’s going on here…………?

I think we definitely will see King and Marco fight at some point- their power sets are similar enough for it to be a really entertaining fight. Like; you know how flying type battles in the Pokemon anime are portryed? The 2 flying type pokemon flying around each other and using different attacks? Imagine that but both of them are on Fire. And if they put their top animators on that; it would be an amazing episode of the anime.

Elsewhere on Onigashima; everyone’s starting to feel the tremors- from Tama and Komachiyo to Luffy and Jinbei. Jinbei remarks that Onigashima’s terrain is weird to begin with, so they just kind of ignore it………..kind of. The next scene tells us that this is the first time something like this has happened on Onigashima. While in Law’s sub; his crew notices that rocks are falling and they can’t seem to dock. Wait a minute…………

Back on the island; Black Mariah looks up, and says “So impatient………..” Hyou thinks that the island is beginning to sink– which would be a problem for someone like Kidd, right? While outside of the Skull Dome near the port; you see Yamato hauling @$$ to the port- trying to get him as far away from the island and the battle as possible. But from the looks of it- All of the ships are gone. Heck- even the sea itself has disappeared. Yamato realizes what this means- and that it means that they’re too late.

He explains to Momonosuke and Shinobu “Dragons– they can generate Flames Clouds that enable them to fly. Which means right now………” The finals page of the chapter left me floored…….. So….. you remember the map of Wano, right?

Wano map | One Piece | Know Your Meme
This Thing?

Now………I want you all to think back to chapter 985– when Kaido announced his plans for Wano. Plans of turning it into a “Pirate Paradise” much like Beehive Island. The plan was to make Onigashima the “Capital” of “New Onigashima-” with Yamato as Shogun. Look at Onigashima. Now look at the Flower Capital. Are ya seein’ what I’m gettin’ at? Kaidomeant that literally. Kaido-using his Dragon powers- LIFTS up Onigashima and plans to take it to the Flower Capital and put it there. I have several ideas about what will happen when this thing lands(1 being similar to that of a cataclysm), but the main theme of them all is: Million Dead. Instantaneously. But Kaido doesn’t give a F*CK– he just wants it to begin “A world of Mayhem-” with ‘New Onigashima’ as a Stronghold for Pirates.” One Piece Chapter 997 END! One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. No Chapter 1000 this year…………… but it looks like we’re going out with a bang.

Ah, You gotta be kiddin’ me……..

And……….that……….that, uh………..YEAH. Kaido’s really trying to bring about the “End Of Everything,” ain’t he? Like; the impact if he just decides to “drop” this thing in the Flower Capital results in the Death Of This Country, and maybe even cause the rock formation Wano is on top of to……….Oh man. This won’t end well, will it? The caves under Wano where they mine the Sea Prism Stone are hollowed out at this point- they’re gonna cave in and then tidal waves and tsunami’s are just gonna blast everything around them, not to mention the destruction of Wano as a whole. Geez, Kaido……. And you wanna know what’s even more f*cked up? He Won’t Die from this!!!!!! He might even know it, too!

Maybe he’s hoping that the end of the world will bring him the death he so desires? I don’t know- this man’s just a f*cking psycho. Til next time, everyone.