The End Of Chainsaw Man(Part 1)-RETROSPECTIVE: One Of The Best Manga In 2020(SPOILERS Up Ahead)

Hello, everyone! Man, I kind of wish I had talked about this one more– heck; AT ALL would have been acceptable. But you know what- “Better late than never.” Not to mention the fact this isn’t even the end for this property; a continuation has been confirmed for the Jump+ app, which publishes things like Kaiju No 8(which you should be reading). All this and I still haven’t told you what we’re talking about, now have I? Today- we’re discussing Tatsuki Fujimoto’s PHENOMENAL series: “Chainsaw Man.” It’s exactly what it looks and sounds like.

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I Think this is drawn by Horikoshi, actually…

It’s a series that I started reading last year. And guys………This. Series. Is. Amazing. Like; I wasn’t expecting this series be very long by any stretch of the imagination. I was expecting like 115- 150 chapters at MAX. They way this series is- I don’t think that it could do 200 something chapters and still be as good as it is. So ultimately– this wasn’t a bad idea. And hey; at least it didn’t get Cancelled! This series is……….very Dark. It’s very dark and very brutal in the way the fights are, the transformations and themes……’s just not something you would see from the same magazine that publishes Black Clover or One Piece. But for how violent it can get; it’s still somewhat toned down. Which is part of the reason why the sequel is being moved to an app with significantly Less restrictions. Yeah- this is gonna be Sick. In the best way possible.

I also think a series like this is good for the magazine- it’ll pave the way for more series like it to have a home. And heck; the success of the CONFIRMED anime-handled by Studio Mappa- the one’s responsible for series like Dorohedoro, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack On Titan: The Final Season, and The God Of High School– will probably pave the way for more series like it in other magazines like Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. This series could be something “Revolutionary” for the manga industry. Which is ironically something that I fear for the series.

EMGHE – Teatec EMGHE Mangas Anime
The Cover Of Volume 1

When I say this- I am of course referring to the likes of the JUGGERNAUT that just won’t go away: Demon Slayer. Look……….I’m so glad that this series has become so profitable. You know that that series won an award from a RIVAL COMPANY for helping out the publishing industry?! But there in lies my point. I do not want another Demon Slayer– another series that takes the world by storm because it has amazing animation. Now that the……….now that we aren’t watching new Demon Slayer content like that; I think people have started to realize that Demon Slayer is not as “Amzingly stupidously amazing” as we thought when episode 19 came out and began making more money than I think Shueisha knows that to do with.

I would prefer a series that’s good on its own merits and be “realistic” in its popularity. Look; I’m not saying Demon Slayer is trash- it’s a good series on its own, and it speaks to the Japanese audience in a deeper way than we could ever realize. But can you guys honestly say it’d be this big without the stellar adaptation by Studio Ufortable? Would ever one be so “ga ga” over it if it looked like season 2 of One Punch Man? Which wasn’t really all that bad, but worse compared to season 1? Yeah; I don’t think people would be as “infactuated” with Demon Slayer if that happened. I’m glad people are enjoying Gotouge’s work, but I wish people would stop saying it’s the “Greatest of All Time.” I don’t know; maybe I’m just a hater. Took up 2 d@mn paragraphs talking about it in a “Chainsaw Man” post- I must look like I hate the series or something.

The point is I don’t want the adaptation to be so big that it makes me ponder why it’s so popular- I want something “realistic.” And I can see this series doing numbers comparable to Jujutsu Kaisen, but less than something like Demon Slayer of One Piece. And I see it being a different kind of popular- like; it may have a “cult following” like series such as Courage The Cowardly Dog or The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy. Now that we’ve talked at length the kind of popularity and influence of the series; let’s actually talk about the manga, shall we?

Weird Heads Showdown (Chainsaw Man x No Gun Life x Keyman) | SpaceBattles  Forums
Denji Becomes The Chainsaw Man For The First Time

The story is all about a street rat named “Denji.” I use the term “street rat” in the same way it’s used to describe a person who lives on the streets. His story(SPOILERS for recent revelations): Denji’s father was an abusive alcoholic He was attacking Denji one night when the boy just couldn’t take it anymore and killed him. Unfortunately; his dad owed the Mafia tons of money, so………he “inherited” the debt. And if he didn’t pay it- he dies. Couldn’t even properly cope with his Dad’s death before he was told that he has a job to do.

As he cries in the rain alone; he meets the Chainsaw Devil– a small, red dog-like creature. Seeing it was wounded, he tries to help it. He let’s it bite me, as Devil’s recover the more Blood they drink. He gives it some of his blood- and in exchange; it would work with him as a “Devil Hunter” for the Mafia. Ever since; Denji and Pochita killed multiple Devils and lived in a shack trying to live…….period. Any money they didn’t give to the mafia was used to live- which wasn’t much anyway. Still- they were Happy so long as they had each other. Which actually ties into Pochita’s dreams, as revealed in chapter 97.

Chainsaw Man with Alexis Kirsch, Deputy EIC of Weekly Shonen Jump
The Chainsaw Man!

They do the whole “Devil Hunter” gig over the course of their life together. Denji eventually sold a kidney, and eye, and one of his testicles(no; I mean it)- but still didn’t put a dent in his debt. He does a lot of things for money(eating a lit cigarette, for one thing), and manages to eat with Pochita. Then one day; the Mafia decides to give him over to a Devil in exchange for more power. Oh well; he expected to die before he payed off this debt, anyway. Which is why he made another deal with Pochita: If he dies being a Devil Hunter, then Pochita would take his body and achieve his dreams- such as eating good food and having a girlfriend. Very basic mindset. Which is just that much more appealing.

I like this different kind of dream for the protagonist. Don’t get me wrong; watching Luffy continue in his dream to be King Of The Pirates; seeing Naruto become the Hokage; watching Asta’s journey to become the Wizard King- all of it is fun to see. And the fact that it seems like an unobtainable goal makes it even better when they succeed. But I like this kind of dream, too- it’s usually a “commoner” like Asta or an “orphan that nobody wants” like Naruto striving to become the biggest “somebody” around. But Denji………..Denji doesn’t want any of that stuff even though you could make the argument that these 3 have very similar backgrounds. Denji’s just a h0rny teenage boy. He’s stated repeatedly since chapter 4 of the story that he “wants to feel some boobs.” He wants to eat good food and have a girlfriend- not be “Head Of The Devil Hunters Association” or whatever. I like the change of pace.


In any case; Pochita begins merging with Denji’s mutilated corpse- which is when they meet again. Denji’s ready to just die, but Pochita has other plans. He “revamps” the contract; he speaks to Denji and says “I’ll be your ‘heart.’ In exchange- show me more of your dreams.” He gets our of the dumpster they threw him in, and sees that Pochita is gone- but the cord that was his tail is. And seeing as the Zombie Devil(the one that convinced the Yakuza to bring Denji) has turned the Yazuka into Zombies- he’s gotta Fight. So- he pulls the cord. And low and behold- The Chainsaw Man Is Born! Or rather; an “new version” is born. As we find out later in the series; Pochita’s true form is……..A Hulking Chainsaw Monster with 5 Chainsaws. Like- the dog is a FREAK. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a dog so much before.

Chainsaw Man, Chapter 85 - Chainsaw Man Manga Online
Imagine Having To Deal With This When You Come Into Work

Like; Denji had completely given himself over to Makima(more on that later), so Pochita “took the wheel” for a while and………this is what he became. And now that he was in the driver seat; he fulfilled some of Denji’s dreams- such as going on a date with a girl. Poor, poor Kobeni. She had just quit her job at the Devil Hunters association after having her arms taken off in H#ll. She was having trouble with her new job so her boss slapped her, and then she had the misfortune of having to serve Chainsaw Man his hamburger. THEN she had to go on a date with Chainsaw Man! Poor girl was traumatized. Oh right; I’m skipping around a lot. You guys who haven’t read along don’t even know who Kobeni is. Well, it’s whatever; this is just me giving my thoughts on the series. Honestly; I kind of make it a point of not talking about the whole first chapter. It makes the posts longer than I intend. Then againI love what I do. So it’s whatever.

Read. This. Manga. ASAP.

Where was I, exactly? Oh Yeah; Denji rippin’ up some Zombies ‘n sh!t! So he spends the whole night ripping Zombies apart with the chainsaws coming out of his forearms and head. Yeah, that’s the other thing; when he pulls the cord- a chainsaw portrudes from his head and his skull changes to that of a Chainsaw handle. 2 more chainsaws come out of his forearms extending to a little ways away from his hands. Yeah- Wicked Sick.

So rips through the Zombies, yeah? It’s morning. And Denji- having lost a lot of blood from having f*cking chainsaws coming out of his body- collapses and essentially doesn’t know what to do next. Enter: Makima. Otherwise known as b!tch (^$# @$$ head @$$ $!^# w#0@!. Or simply just the “Control Devil.” She’s………The Worst. In a “good” way. Good for storytelling purposes and good in terms of characterization. But as a person and what she does to Denji and pretty much anyone who is anyone in this whole story- She. Is. Awful. And she deserved to die. Like- straight up. There’s even a little joke with her being a b!tch. In the finale; Denji tricks her by faking his death. And she was blind to his trick because she only ever recognized different people by smell. Like a dog. Makima is a “Female Dog.” She is literally a B!tch!

You know what Makima did to Denji? This b!tch gave this man a home- and took it away. Makima paired him up with Aki- a stern, determined, Devil hunter and “Power-” a fiend that came about from the Blood Devil. Aki acted as the “older brother” of the group, and Power the “annoying little sister.” She put these 3 together- and killed em both. And what she said to Denji was like: “Any happiness you ever have is made by me– so that I can take it away from you.I’m paraphrasing, of course, but you get the idea. And she did this because she was in love with the Chainsaw Man- the “Hero of H#ll.” She wanted to live a happy life with the Chainsaw Man- to be with him forever. But so long as it was Denji- she had no interest at all. But Denji had all the interest in the world in her. So she used that to manipulate Denji, and threw him into “despair-” so deep that it brought the true “Chainsaw Man” to the surface.

Chainsaw man 2: Fujimoto, no mates a mi waifu edition - Hispachan Files
Makima Kills Power

And like; after she killed Power- on Denji’s BIRTHDAY, mind you- Denji was in shock at what the f*ck just happened. He wanted Makima to deny what just happened- to hear that he was just having a “bad dream.” You know what she did? SHE LAUGHED AT HIM. He was so in shock that it looked like he had a heart attack- and this b!tch laughed. Just……disrespectful, honestly. But in the end; Denji was in love with her. But he also realized that she was bad news and needed to be put down one way or another. So in the end………Denji ended up cutting her up, and Eating her. Cannibalized her. Cooked her up and ate her in pieces. All gone. Or so he thought.

You see, when a Devil is killed; they reincarnate in H#ll and start from scratch. Makima- the “Control” Devil- was killed and reincarnated. “Nayuta” as she’s called now lives with Denji while he’s going to High School. Oh yeah; Denji’s in High school now. But that’ll be covered in the sequel series on the Shonen Jump+ app. This feels kind of disjointed, doesn’t it. Let’s see where we can get back to it- starting with Makima herself.

The Cover Of Volume 10- The Second To Last Volume

Makima is the “Control Devil.” Different Devils represent different fears. The more the concept is feared; the more powerful the Devil. And what people fear a lot seems to be the “lack of free will-” represented by Makima. She allowed Denji’s happiness- she manufactured it for him only so she could take it away. She controlled Denji from the get-go, using little more than Denji’s infactuation with her to do it. Makima became the way she did because of government influence- they made her into a cold, unfeeling, vile thing for their own purposes. When in actuality; the Control Devil only wants to be “loved.” She wants to have the familial connections that come with love, rather than making a false family through subjegation. In that way; Makima’s story is a rather tragic one that ended happily. Because now Denji is her family. They live together with Makima’s dogs, and have fun. Even though Nayuta sees him as a “dog.”

Denji took in Nayuta to prevent Makima from happening again- giving her what she wanted in the end at the cost of what he wanted: To be with Makima. But I guess they are together- just more like “brother sister” than lovers. Speaking of; I was looking through chapters of the series to talk about. And I remembered this 1 chapter wasn’t available for free to read in the Shonen Jump sections of the VIZ Media webstie. I was wondering what the H#ll the problem was, so I went to my usual site. Then I saw the cover page. And it immediately made sense why I couldn’t read it on VIZ. And honestly, if you were expecting this to have the usual “PG13” atmosphere I try to preserve- You were woefully mistaken in that regard. This series was no PG13. Not even a little. So seeing something like this in Weekly Shone Jump magazine was just……..just look at the picture.

What do I……? Can I Be…….? Thank you, Fujimoto sensei

YEAH- He could draw this. This was how he chose to begin a chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump. But where are my manors? The one with the eye patch is “Quanxi-” a Chinese Devil Hunter contracted to take the Chainsaw’s heart. And those are her fiends- her harem. The one with a brain leaking out is the “Cosmos” Devil. She knows everything. But what she knows is so unspeakable that she can only say “Halloween.” Yeah………You guys out there probably stopped reading and are basking in the colored cover. But you know I’m gonna catch h#ll for this. Someone’s gonna be like “You Sick” whatever. But’s it’s fine; I’m a pervert. And sometimes I take the joke too far. For that, as well as offending someone with this image- I’m deeply sorry. Boy; I’m just kind of a scatter brain in the back half of this post, huh?

Ah……..what else can I talk about? Um………ah; let’s talk about the bratty Power! She is the “Blood Devil.” She became a fiend by when she took over a teenage girls body. After doing so; she end up finding a cat- which she dubbed “Meowy.” This was very much Fujimoto trying to draw parallel’s between Denji and Power. Meowy was taken by the Bat Devil, and offered Denji the chance to grab her boobs if he helped her. Denji agreed like that. 1 murder of the Bat Devil later, and Denji gets his first feel of boobs. Not what he expected- they were padded. And from that point on; his first taste of “2nd base” was ruined.

Power (Chainsaw Man) Image #3135654 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
Fan Art Of The Most Popular Character In The Series

Power is very bratty, as I said before. Talks all big, but is quick to give up when things don’t go her way. She’s very playful- often wanting to fight to prove her strength. That said; she’ll flip sides and help the enemy if they turn out to be stronger than her, example most recently being when she was willing to kill Denji when Makima proved stronger than her. She’s also very whiny at times, and will shift the blame onto someone else when there’s trouble. Nevertheless; she does love Denji- as a buddy. They bathe together- but in the same way that siblings bathe together. Kind of weird since they’re teenagers, but it’s whatever.

Power was actually voted the most popular character in the series during the first fan poll. Denji ranked #5- which I found to just be plain weird. At least Izuku ranks 2nd nowadays! For the protagonist to rank 5th in his own series; that just seemed kind of weird to me. Another character that ranked higher than Denji was the 1 Reze. She is the “Bomb Devil.” And also Denjis sort of girlfriend. You know; that girl he’s close to and keeps getting closer to until they go “Facebook” official with their relationship. They do kiss- she just bites Denji’s tongue off in the process.

mangaterial — reze from chainsaw man icons, please and thank...
Like I said- she bit some of it off!

She activates her transformation in much the same way any Fiends would: Pulling something that would signify what your Devil is. Be it Quanxi pulling an arrow out of her eye to become the Cross Bow Devil(you need to have good aim, which requires at least 1 eye), or the katana Devil pulling his hand off to reveal a katana blade(you need both hands to wield a katana effectively). For Reze; she pulls the pin on her neck- as if she were a grenade.  Which ties into the shape of her head when she transforms into the Bomb Devil- it looks like a giant grenade with a mouth! At first; I thought it looked kind of like a blimp, but then I looked at it closer and noticed that it was indeed a grenade. Why the h#ll would it be a blimp?

Reze’s time in the series was limited- as she only came to take the Chainsaw’s heart. That was where the quest for that D@mn heart started. After Reze and her typhoon Devil failed; the fight that ensued put a massive target on Denji’s back. The pedophiliac “Santa Clause” from Russia; Quanxi from China; and more came after Denji’s heart. Santa wanted kids as a reward(“3 To Make Contracts- and 1 for pleasure“), and Quanxi just wanted her harem to be granted basic human rights and the chance for an education. She does care for them beyond just sexual gratification- even if she remains stoic the whole time she’s in the series.

Reze was raised by some foreign government to be the ultimate assassin- which she was. But more than that; she wanted to live a happy, normal life like Denji. And in that way; I think she truly did like Denji. Even it was just “2 kids after the same dream;” she did have affection for Denji. Which makes her death and revival both at the hands of Makima even sadder. But the fight she had against Denji and Beam was F*cking cool.

A Chainsaw Riding A Shark vs A Bomb and a typhoon. I love this serie.

Guys……..A Chainsaw monster riding a shark fought a living bomb and a living typhoon. Need I say more? You just have to read this series to know how it makes the coolest, edgiest stuff possible happen. Like; this series is just amazing. And the art lends to the bloodier, graphic nature of it. Like; when the sequel series comes out on the Shonen Jump+ app; he’s going to be even less censored than before! Can you imagine the kind of stuff he wants to draw but couldn’t because of the nature of the magazine?

Another think I remember distinctly about the series is the reveal of who was build up as the central antagonist of the series: The Gun Devil. Yeah; Fujimoto seems to have been making fun of how afraid of guns people are- how “irrational” it seems to be. I’m not gonna spark that whole debate here(I want to have fun here); I just want to make you all aware of the joke with this character and his design. Because his design is how we view guns. The Gun Devil’s power comes from our own fear of guns. The more we worry about gun laws; the stronger this thing gets. Until…….well; we get what is possibly the coolest, edgiest, most “wannabe hard@$$” design of any manga character I have ever seen.

Gilgamesh vs Gun devil(chainsaw man) | SpaceBattles Forums
The Gun Devil’s First Appearance

The Gun Devil is something of a “legend” in this world- he’s known to wipe out entire countries in a matter of seconds. He currently boasts the highest kill count in the series with his first on-screen appearance, I believe. I still remember those 2 or 3 chapters, too- how there was no dialogue; only walls and walls of text. As it killed a lot of people from the same position; just walls and walls of the deaths listed in the attack. This was also somewhat part of Makima’s plans, I think. She used him to turn Aki into a miniature Gun Devil and starts attacking Denji- under the guise that they were kids having a snowball fight. He died at Denji’s hands, thinking they were having a snowball fight. What a sad way to die, huh? I hope the anime does this battle justice.

That’s another thing I wanted to discuss- “Chainsaw Man’s” anime adaptation is being handled by Studio Mappa- who are animating all those series I listed earlier. And I’m sure that they’re going to bring their absolute A Game(anything less wouldn’t do the series Justice), but I’m worried about what it’ll do. Like; they’re animating A LOT right now between Jujutsu Kaisen, the second season of God Of High School, the rest of Attack On Titan, and more are probably on the way. You guys remember what happened to Mad House, right?

Because of season 1 of One Punch Man; EVERYONE started commissioning anime from them. And because of the heavy work load; they not only had to drop the series that made them famous, but they also had a dip in quality anyway. I don’t want Mappa to go in the same direction as Mad House- I want them to stay at the quality that they’re currently at. And if more work is gonna be a burden on them- don’t do a “Chainsaw Man” anime right now! I’d rather wait a few years for anime then overwork these animators anymore than they already are. Heck; I actually didn’t even want Mappa to take it- my studio of choice was actually Ufortable- the studio behind Demon Slayer. If they can take a great series like that and make it LEGENDARY; what could they do to a phenomenal series like “Chainsaw Man?”

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Vs Rui GIF - DemonSlayer TanjiroVsRui Finale -  Discover & Share GIFs
Imagine THIS– But replace the heat with blood and the sword with a Chainsaw

I know what I said earlier, but I really do want this series to have the best animation humanly possible. And right now; Ufortable has that quality. Though I could have also seen studio WIT- the studio that animated the first 3 seasons of Attack On Titan. And both “Chainsaw Man” and Attack On Titan share similar “seinen but not quite” vibe to them with the blood and gore and things that they depict. They can already do the obscene amounts of blood splatter and carnage that’s coming from “Chainsaw Man,” so why not send it to them. I’m not saying I’m upset with the studio choice; I just want you all to be “Cautiously optimistic” when it comes getting this anime.

To end this post; I guess I should talk about the moment I’m most eager to see in animation. What is hands down the BEST Tournament arc in the history of manga. Context: Aki and Denji had captured a Yakuza thug that came for the Chainsaw’s heart- again. While waiting for back up to take him into custody; Denji made a suggestion: A Competition. Whoever kicked this guy in the nuts harder- won. Thus began a competition of nut kicking. Best. Chapter. Ever. Just……animate this. This episode better have like Demon Slayer Ep 19. Talkin’ a lot about a series I consider “overrated,” aren’t I? I might even sound like a broken record when it comes to this topic, or like I’m trying to be “unique and different,” don’t I? Yeah; sorry about that.

Jō on Twitter: "#chainsawman Chapter 38 - Aki and Denji kicking the Yakuza guys  balls in together had no right to be as beautiful and emotionally impactful  as it was…"
2 Brothers Having A Friendly competition about kicking guy in the nuts. Only In This Series would that be great.

With all that said and you’re opinion of me being lowered because of all the Demon Slayer slander; I’ll bring this post to a close. This post took a little bit of time to make- longer than I had expected. Because I do truly love this series- I think it is without a doubt the Best Manga in 2020. I’m glad that it’s getting a sequel series somewhere where it has less restrictions, and Fujimoto has more freedom to do as he wishes. I think that more people should read his manga- it’s really amazing. Thank you, Tatsuki Fujimoto Sensei- until the day you return; have a nice one! And to all my dear followers; Happy Holidays! Stay safe, and have a magical day!


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