Global Gravitational Distortion! Edens Zero Chapter 125 BREAKDOWN

Alrighty, guys- after almost a week of post after post; we’re slowin’ things down a little bit. I think this might be the only post this week. I honestly haven’t been working on those other 3 post as much as I had claimed to in the Talentless Nana review. I’ve just been taking it kind of slow lately so I don’t burn out like I did last year. Also, keep in mind: This post might be up a little bit later than we’ve grown accustomed to on weeks without the Jump chapters. This is due to the fact that the site where I usually read “Edens Zero” is down. Don’t know if it’s me or my computer or what. I’ll provide a link so you can check things out for yourself.

Thus; the site we’ll be using this week(and possibly from now on) will be different. I don’t know how the pictures come out, but whatever the case may be; we’ll find a way to keep these reviews going! Let’s go; Edens Zero Chapter 125: “Heart Of Gravity.”

Eden's Zero Chapter 125 Page 2
It Looks Like They’re Gearing Up To Assassinate Somebody!

As you can see(or not; I don’t know if the pics will stay up since I’m getting these from a different site); we got us a Colored Cover to bring in the new year of “Edens Zero.” It depicts the original group- Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, and Pino- in some kind of spy gear. Rebecca’s holding some kind of machine gun, and some sexy spy clothing. And Shiki- lookin’ fresh to death– is levitating some kind of drone in his hand. Of course; you got Happy trying to look like a “dapper young kitty.” Pino’s also there looking cute as a button with her little black dress and white tie with a heart on it. D@mn, Rebecca lookin’ so godd@mn FINE. And- believe it or not- that’s all the fan service this chapter. Rebecca’s assassin look is about the only fan service we get. Well; that and Elsie’s behind in our faces. But that could just be me.

Rather than pick up right where the last chapter left off; we pick up with Witch and Sister on the ship coordinating activities- while chaos goes on just outside the window of the ship. Witch informs Sister that they lost contact with Weisz and Hermit a while ago. Why she didn’t mention this til now– is completely reasonable. I mean- the thing you have to keep in mind about shows: We’re seeing these events “1 at a time,” but in reality; they’re all happening simultaneously. While Weisz and Hermit are dealing with Muller; they’re probably just realizing they’ve lost contact. Plus, Witch is bae, so. God, I hate that I just said that. Can’t believe I spelled it like that either. I’m not an idiot.

Kris gets in contact with the ship, telling them that he’s bringing Kleene back in. All the while; they hear Kleene saying “Somebody bad is here…….somebody bad…….” Sister realizes that whatever caused Kleene’s ailment was a person- someone hurt her so bad that she’s mentally not all there anymore. But who could have caused it? Out of the assortment of characters here; none of them seem to type to hurt people without reason(even Justice’s obsession with Elsie is at least “cause.” But Kleene hasn’t even seen Elsie yet, has she?). And those Commando Team Beast jokers couldn’t have done it; they got beaten too easily to be important(I say that, knowing full well I speculated that one of them would stick around in the story) So who………….?

What’s That On His Back?

Witch contacts Laguna and asks him to check on Weisz and Hermit in the satellite. He responds “You got it.” As for Mosco– who asks “Where should I ‘throw my weight?!'” Ah………. Don’t hate him. Not necessarily my favorite character- probably my least favorite on the ship right now- but I don’t dislike him in anyway. I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS UP WITH THAT GOD-FORSAKEN BUTTON, so I hope he sticks around until then. Sister gives him the order “Annihilate The Enemies Flying Around.” He responds with a “Moscoy” and a thumbs up.

Back on the satellite; we see Muller shifting his focus from Hermit to Weisz- as we saw last time. He wished to pick apart the brain of a “Future Genius,” possibly planning to replicate his capacity for knowledge onto himself- like the f*ckin’ creep his is. We see something kanji for something on his back. I cannot for the life of me figure out what it says, but I know it’s there to tell us something. Since it’s on Muller’s back; I’m willing to bet it’s either the kanji for “Doctor” or its Mashima making a joke and calling him “Crazy,” or some synonym. As Muller begins his “experiment” on Weisz; we see Hermit cry in the background- scared out of her wits and unable to do much of anything.

Time To Suit Up!

Eager to break away from this freaks cybernetic clutches; Weisz tries to think of a way out of this situation. He considers transforming into Arsenal, but he remembers that Muller’s pulse from a few chapters ago paralyzed him- he can’t move, so what could would it do to put on a metal suit? But then that makes him think: “What if I use ‘Machina Maker’ to make the suit move.” He controls technology. So he’s thinking that he can use his Ether gear to make the body move around as he wishes it to. He puts it to the test and activates the Arsenal armor. When it’s fully equipped; he gives Muller a swift “KNEE TO THE FACE!!”

He breaks himself free- but knows that he can’t keep this up forever. “It uses up more ether than usual- and this suit has bad mileage to begin with” he shouts. Man; I would have thought he and Hermit would have tried to fix that by now. Probably when they had to rebuild it after Drakken kind of blew it to smithereens. Honestly; I kind of expected him to make a whole new suit after that. But the classic is fine as is. He rushes to Hermits side, and pulls up his mask. “You’re okay now,” he says; “You have a friend right here, see?” Hermit calms down, and they turn their attention to the server. “We came here to rescue the bots on Foresta” he reminds her; “And if it’s going to work, then we’re gonna need your help.” Still a little shaken up; Hermit says “……….Okay” with a shaken expression on her face.

What do you think is gonna happen with Muller after this?

Muller gets back up, and wraps his tentacles around a lever(PAUSE). Looking even more deranged than before(apparently that’s possible); he yells out “IIIIIII WIIIIILLLL NOOOTT LEEETT YOOOU!!!” Clearly; hitting his in the chin like that hit the “button” on the chin. And instead of rendering him unconscious; it just made him blow a literally “fuse.” He’s short circuiting. It makes me question what’s going to happen to him when this arc ends. Is he just going to die- like Blanch did in Rave Master, only not as sympathetic? Or is he going to run back to Ziggy with his proverbial “tail between his legs,” and get killed by one of the Dark Stars? I don’t think he’s going to live much longer is the point.

He pulls the lever, continuing to freak out “YOU HAVE SOME NERVE THINKING YOU CAN DEFY ME!! NO MORE MERCY!!! NOT POSSIBLE, NOT POSSIBLE-NOTNOTNOTNOTNOT!!!!” When he pulls it; a switch in this satellite is activated and the central computer system begins to sound a siren of sorts. Hermit asks “Wha-What did you do?!” Muller tells them that the switch he just flipped sent out a signal that ups the machines violent tendencies- so the Machines went from “Machines Control Humans” to “EXTERMINATE ALL LIFE.” Terminator: Salvation mode- Activated.

We cut down below to the town where Rebecca defeated Britney– where the humans are being treated like dogs. One Human is managing to survive as a dog. But thenIt happens.


He barks just like a dog, but his machine master tells him “Humans make no such noise.” He kills the human- as the “Slaughter On Foresta” begins. One after another; humans are shot and killed- much to the surprise of Rebecca, Happy, and Pino. This development also puts a damper on their plan to have Rebecca pretend to be a dog like the rest of them so they can sneak out. With that plan now scrapped; they decide to just say “F*ck it” and start saving as many people as they can- starting with a little girl right before them.

Rebecca brings out her Happy Blasters and starts unloading her Ether bullets on these machines. As they begin to surround her; Pino activates her EMP wave to shut the lost of em down. Happy also gets hit with the wave, so he’ll be out of commission for a little bit. But while all these bots are out; they grab the girl and make a mad dash to a place with less technology. Speaking of; we jump cut to the forest- where Shiki still lies face down in the same crater Justice left him in. He is approached by a cloaked machine, who tells him to “Unleash his gravity.” Shiki asks “Who……are you?” Rather than get an immediate answer; Shiki’s is instead helped.

You can do that?!

The machine holds up his hand, and it glows. Shiki’s body begins to do the same- as all the pain inflicted by Justice begins to disappear. The bot explains that he merely “made his pain lighter-” not healed his injuries. I guess it functions a lot like Kuma’s Devil fruit in One PieceShiki’s ribs are probably still all cracked; he just can’t feel them. So he’s still have to be careful not to move around so much, or the injuries will get worse. But I think the thing we’re supposed to take away from this is: Shiki can take away pain. Or; I guess I should be saying “suppressing it.” Oh man; does that mean he could help Rebecca get past her little drawback with the “Rewind” ability? This could get real broken real fast. Look at me- getting all ahead of myself! Shiki can’t do that!………..yet. The reveal with this machine may lead to him learning a thing or 2 about the true power of gravity.

The machine explains:

True Gravity transcends even concepts. It is the ‘Weight of The Heart.’ It will sometimes allow you to make others hearts fall inside you, or sometimes attract a young woman from the future. It’s power is that great.


OKAY. Where is this one coming going? The first part of the quote comes from the ever-iconic chapter 98– in which Shiki made Drakken’s memories “fall into him,” as described by the Dark Alchemist himself. But the other part……! THAT sounds cool! Does this mean that Rebecca is from the future? We know from chapter 84 that Cat Leaper utilizes Time travel via gravity. So what I’m getting from this is: Rebecca was born in the future. But- much like Noah– she had the Cat Leaper ether gear pretty much from birth. And one day; it activated and she went back in time to around where Ziggy found Shiki. She ended up on Blue Garden, and……the rest is “history.” That would mean that Rebecca’s parents aren’t even around in this era- or at least not at the age where they would be that serious with their relationship. Wait a minute. Think back to the end of chapter 4.

Could This Be……?

What if the reason Rebecca’s Cat Leaper activated as a result of her planet being destroyed. Those guys who found her B Cube 20,000 years in the future were in front of a destroyed planet. What if that’s Rebecca’s Homeworld? What if she’s from 20,000 years in the future, and her planet was in danger. So her Cat Leaper kicked in and sent her back in time. And Shiki’s or Ziggy’s gravity attracted her to this era!! Everything is starting to make sense now. I might have to do a whole separate THEORY post for this. I gotta get back to the chapter!

The machine finishes his statement by saying “Its Force Is Infinite. That Makes It Powerful- As Well As Dangerous……” My guy, if Gravity can do all the stuff you say it can do; it might be the strongest force nature has at its disposal. And you, Shiki, Ziggy, and Shura for that matter. But his explanation is interrupted by the sound of the machines attack. “Those machines are making quite a racket,” he says. So he sets out to calm them down. This is gonna get CRAZY. But more on that in a little bit. For now; we cut back to the fight between the ex-royals- Justice and Elsie. Honestly; I’m a little surprised they’re able to continue their fighting- considering what they did to each other last time.

Emotional Mortal Combat

At the construction site; Elsie and Justice continue their pitched combat- Justice’s resolve to end Elsie is matched by her rage for daring to hurt Shiki the way he did. Continuing with the Dragon Ball influences; their brawl causes a great many explosions each time they clash. The sheer Ether they’re producing is caught by the Drones of Foresta- who have received the order to kill all humans, as well. They blast the 2 of them down below, so they break away and start dodging the laser blasts. Elsie dashes around the blast, and propels herself upwards to destroy them all(giving us the shot of her @$$ that I told you about).

She moves through the drones to see Justice- doing the same thing. Seeing as their “spectators” are now gone; they get back to fighting with a mid air clash. The resulting impact pushes them away from each other, so they prepare classic. Elsie: “7 stars- leave your mark.” Justice: “7 stars- pass your judgement.Say it with me boys and girls: “GRAND CHARIOT!!!!!” Is this like their signature move? I know it was Jellal’s, but……. Whatever; epic double page spread.

Are They……? Nah!

I’d say “Are they dead?,” but I think we both know they survived this. Though I imagine they’re not exactly in the best shape right now. Their crews might have to come pick em up and get a move on. I also imagine this left quite the crater for years to come. You get it; they’re pretty banged up right now.

We cut back to the Gravity Bot, who begins to make motions with his hands. He plants his foot firmly in the ground, and chants “Megimech Attack: GRAVITY CENTER!” The “Megimech” thing might be a translations error, or it could mean something else. Like; Shiki says “Magimech Attack,” as in a “Magic Mechanism.” Maybe what this means is that the level beyond “Magic Mech” is “Mega Mech.” It might seem a little bit cheesy, but it’s otherwise fine- and good display of power, considering what he does with it.

The Zenith Of Magimech Power

Shiki- for lack of a better example- bares witness to a Singularity. He’s basically at the epicenter- the origin point of Black Hole. All around Foresta; the Gravity starts to “put its foot down-” it starts baring down on them and begins to attract everything towards the machine. Even the water ether that makes up the Aoi Cosmos begins to come closer to the planet than ever before. He’s kind of collapsing the planet and everything around it into one point.

Even the Edens Zero is starting to feel the pressure of the Gravity bearing down in the vicinity.

When he’s finished; that water isn’t just gonna “fall” anywhere………

We cut over the the town we first came to on Foresta– where Rebecca is saving people from the genocidal machines. Here; we see how the Gravity bot is effecting the world around him: He’s weighing down the Rogue machines so that they can’t attack the humans any further. You also see that he’s weighing down characters such as Rebecca, Creed, Victory, Gowen, Hyoga, and more. He even unintentionally gets Creed to let go of Homura’s little cage. With all of them weighed down down, he can finally explains to Shiki who the heck he is.

Shiki asks the cloaked machine what he just did. He explains that he simply “immobilized them for awhile.” Shiki notes that he said “Magimech Attack” earlier(meaning that the “Megi” thing was just and error),confused as to how he knows “Magimech” techniques. The machine uncloaks himself to reveal a flat top, circular head and an stern, motionless expression. His forehead bears an upside down large triangles under a smaller on, with 2 dots on both sides. His earphone shape ears have the the same upside down triangles on them as well. The machine responds to him: “Yes– I am The Founder of the Magimech School of Martial Arts: Xenolith. I was Ziggy’s Mentor.” Edens Zero Chapter 125 END, and 2021 “Edens Zero” kicks off with a great, big BA-BAM!!! Where do I even begin with this chapter?

“Training Time, Hatchling.”

We’ve got the speculation about Rebecca being from 20,000 years in the future, and the gravity of 1 of these 4 bringing her into this era. Who’s gravity was it? I said it could have been Shiki because of Mashima’s tendency to connect the main hero and heroine to each other(Elie was Resha- who created the rave stones in Rave Master, and Lucy had to rewrite the “Book of END” to save Natsu in Fairy Tail). But if we assume that they’re around the same age; Shiki couldn’t have been the source that drew her to this era. So who then………?

As for Xenolith; I like to think that this will lead to Shiki’s long-awaited Training arc. At least; I know I was waiting for it. Shiki’s been wicked powerful since the story begin- due to the overpowered nature of Gravity itself. And I don’t know if you noticed it, but you can see each time that Shiki’s won a fight- it’s been closer and closer each time. Compare his fight against Castellan in chapter 1, to his defeat of Sibir in chapter 10, to his fight against the fake Elsie– all the way to right now. Each time; Shiki is put further and further on the back foot until chapter 82 where he completely lost. Lost so bad, that Rebecca had to LITERALLY go back in time to undo everything.

Plus, as powerful as it is; Shiki hasn’t really been using his gravity to its “fullest-” its “Zenith.” What Xenolith did in this chapter confirms that fact. And if we’re going to be going by the “Shonen Escalation formula” here, then foes a lot stronger than Drakken are gonna start popping up. We’ve gotten hints at this with Holu calling him “Little Drakky.” Not to mention that Shiki is now on Nero and Justice’s “sh!t lists” for his actions against them this arc. Bounty hunters from Nero; the Union army on his tail- Shiki’s gonna need to get stronger fast.

This Could Come In Handy At Some Point

As for Xenolith; I’m quite curious. Because didn’t Witch say in chapter 112 that Xenolith died a thousand years ago? And considering the tattered clothing and design; this model looks to be pretty darn old. You don’t think that- Xenolith put his mind in a robot body? It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but……why? As a master of the martial arts; you’d think he wouldn’t care to live beyond a certain age. One might think that he’d accept death rather than try to prolong his life.

Or maybe this was out of his control. Maybe he was dying and someone close to him to it upon themselves to put him in a Robot body. This chapter is so full of speculation. If I were to stop and speculate on every single thing, then we’d be here forever. So rather than spend time here talking about all of these shenanigans; I’ll leave this post here. Until next time, people- catch ya later!

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