AFTERMA~TH TIME!!!! My Hero Academia Chapter 298 BREAKDOWN

Oh joyous, joyous, JOYOUS day! Is it finally time for that, Horikoshi sensei? No, but it can’t be! We still have a few more shenanigans to deal with before we get to see how the passed 40-something chapters impact the Society of Japan as a whole? How the Heroes MASSIVE BLUNDER has pushed people away from the career path? It’s finally time to see that? OH JOY!! It it happens the same way I imagined in my head- more-or-less. And that usually never happens. Well, I mean; aside from that 1 time, yeah? But let’s get on with the review, shall we? My Hero Academia Chapter 298: “Sounds Of Collapse.” I wonder to what this is referring to? Also; I Love Viz Media’s translation of this weeks chapter title. I love the idea that the “Walls are coming down around everyone” because of this whole mess. It’s………. I’m just having fun watching this whole thing mess with everything.

Rest In Peace, Dear Twice; I didn’t care much for you.

We open this weeks chapter on a flashback sequence to the events of chapter 240– one week after the Tomura decayed a whole d@mn city. This this scene; Twice and Skeptic were arguing over some kind of dumbsh!t. Skeptic was all “WE’RE the ones paying for your food, your medical treatment, edited all that footage, and Toga’s new coat.” Again- 1 week later. They had time to do all that stuff and heal properly, yeah? And Skeptic is upset because Twice said some dumb sh!t- as he tended to do. Hori just remindin’ us Twice is dead and gone.

Past Twice responds “Who do ya think it was that brought your bald boss guy to this cool @$$ hideout rather than to a hospital?!” He’s of course referring to the Re-Destro, who they kept around because he had some really deep pockets. Speaking of; we cut back to the around the beginning of the Jakku Hospital raid– the past, but much more recent. We hear Re-Destro’s inner monologue as we cut over to the Public Safety Commission Building. We hear him say: “My ‘public face’ as the Detnerat CEO and steeping down as Grand Commander in the Liberation Army and taking up a smaller leadership role in the Revolution- after our crusade in Deika City; I made these 2 faces of mine into 2 separate people themselves.”

His external monologue to the Public Safety Commission members themselves is “Pulling such an underhanded trick like falsely requesting a joint venture into support items. I know you Commission fools had been keeping us under surveillance, but I believed that you couldn’t ignore our products any longer. It’s a good thing I prepared those 2 faceseven if the joy was short lived.” What I surmise from this is the that the Public Safety Commission enlisted Detnerat to make some support items for the purpose of 1)Actually procuring Hero support tech to help the Heroes in a coming invasions and 2) To investigate them from the inside. Good thing Re-Destro’s not an idiot, or else he would have walked right into it.

Man, he looks like a Monster. Nice artwork as always, Horikoshi.

We see Mera- the proctor of the Provisional License exam– holding another member with his face all bloodied. Re-Destro continues with “I didn’t think you would resort to such fire and brimstone- but then; that is the ‘public order‘ you sought to create. I suppose it was something you needed.” Re-Destro begins to dissipate– revealing that he was a clone created by Twice all along. If I were to guess what was going on here: Re-Destro’s Clone was sent to kill these guys. But before he could; Hawks’ mission went into effect, and that clone could no longer be sustained. Either that, or this was just a ploy to scare the p!ss out of them.

Clone-Re-Destro leaves the Safety Commission on a very chilling note before he completely disintegrates:

What we strive for is “Order Without Order-” Genuine Freedom…….through Liberation.

The Seeds…….have already been sown……….

Rikiya Yotsubashi- The Son Of Destro

We cut away from building to around last week’s chapter- 6 hours later. At 3:06 Am; Shian Prison was attacked plane, and several Villains ended up escaping. And a Mid End joined in the raid. At 3:55 Am- all the same at Bagu Prison. 4:30 Am- Kuin Prison. All done by a man in a plane- fearful for his life. So you remember how last chapter; All For One had a Security guard in hand when he went to meet up with All For Tomura? Well, as it turns out; All For One needed this guy to pilot this plane because they have biometric scanners that allowed certain guards to fly it. His plan: To throw people off his trail. As such; he dropped off several Mid Ends at 7 different prisons- freeing a multitude of prisoners……….except in 1 prison. So 6/7 jailbreaks are an actual success. Though it’s implied that this was part of All For One’s plan. Kind of just a “keep guessing for the Heroes, I suppose.

I wonder which prison it was and who they were holding…….? Also; All For One looks like Slender man here.

At 5:04 Am; we cut to a certain Forest- where the League Of Villains OG squad(give or take a few members) touches down. All For Tomura tells his remaining followers “With this; the ground works have been laid. What a thrilling day we’ve had!Whose f*ckin’ fault is THAT, Mr “Perfect Demon Lord?!” He talks about his aim with letting loose all these criminals, and says that having them all free and about will divert the authorities attentions away from him. I imagine a lot of them quit immediately after they saved all these people caught up in Machia’s little whirlwind.

As for these guys; All For Tomura asks that they “watch over him” while he rests. Like All For One said last week: “Once the deed is done; he should rest so the Hyper regeneration quirk can take effect.” But he’ll still need some kind of protection while he’s asleep. But Spinner has a question for All For Tomura: “…….It surprised me me how well we connected….. over video games and stuff,” he starts. He’s basically talking about how close he’s become to Tomura over time, and he wants to know: “So……Who Are You? Because you’re not the one I chose to follow.” Really pushin’ that “Most Loyal Follower” thing, huh? I hadn’t seen anything that indicates that he was any more or less loyal to Tomura than someone like Compress of Twice or even Re-Destro. But I guess Horikoshi’s starting to show us why now. So he’s basically telling All For One that if he’s taking charge, then he refuses to be part of this anymore. Or so I believe. I’ve never been “the best” at interpreting moments like this.

All For Tomura reassures Spinner: “Worry not! I have the utmost respect for Tomura’s wishes. Starting now; I’ll have him rest his body and make him perfect. And once he’s perfect- Our desires shall be achieved.” All For One comes out of the shadows, and Tomura begins to take his body back to rest.

Master And Student- Reunited At Last. And Slender Man Again.

Aside from the………chilling image of All For One coming out of the shadows behind Tomura(with his ol’ Slender Man no-face havin’ @$$); this scene makes something clear that I might have overlooked in my infamous “All For One’s Master Plan” post. The idea that All For One does not wish to “overthrow” or “stop” Tomura from bringing about mass destruction. All For One most assuredly wants world domination(he’s greedy and evil like that), while Tomura just wants to skip the “burning” and reduce everything to ash. But he doesn’t want to stop his successor from pursuing his goals- he genuinely wants to see Tomura succeed. And there in lies his plan.

I have SO MANY theory post ideas that I’ll need to address at some point. And this is one of those. MY little theory here is that All For One is pulling a Fire Lord Ozai. Horikoshi’s said that he has never seen Avatar: The Last Airbender. BULL. CR@P. And if the story goes in this direction; that all but confirms that that was a lie. The thought I’m addressing is when Ozai tried to become the “Phoenix King Of The New World.” At the end of The Last Airbender(SPOILER ALERT for one of the greatest cartoons ever made); Ozai tried to use the power of Sozen’s comet to burn down the world- and build a new society on top of the ashes of the old one. “Phoenix King,get it? Seein’ where I’m takin’ this? All For One wants Tomura to destroy the world- so he can build a New One- devoid of the notions such as “Heroism” and “Justice.” And guess who’s gonna be the one on top?

And That is Why He’s “Jumping Ship” to a new “vessel.”

And the reason why he’s trying to take over Tomura’s body is because it’s the only capable of that destruction. By the time Tomura’s perfect; he’ll be the most powerful entity in existence. And if All For One’s the pilot of this Death Machine; people will have no choice but to follow his lead. Tomura’s dream plays into his Grand Scheme for World Domination. I want to go more in-depth with this at some point in the future, but let me know what you think so far.

We cut to 2 Days Later– at “Central Hospital;” a hospital described as being “cutting edge” and having “top notch medical treatment.” Here; we see 1 Katsuki Bakugo waking up after being asleep for a few days now. He sits up, and immediately starts tearing the mask off.

Did Anyone Get The Number Of That B@stard That Hit Me?”

Before he can even get his barrings and access the situation at hand; his wake up is interrupted by his classmates– of course. Mineta, Sero, Sato, and Hagakure(I actually had to google her to remember her name) come in- excited and happy to see him awake. “AH, YOUR AWAKE,” cries the pervert. Reflexively; Bakugo responds “SHUT UP!! WHERE THE H#LL AM I?!” Someone says “What a reliefTHAT’S the short-fused freak we know!!” I agree. But Kacchan does not, saying “DON’T MAKE THAT THE STANDARD OF EVALUATING ME!!!Yeah; Bakugo’s gonna be alright. Not that I thought he would DIE! Though I am curious what lasting effects Tomura’s attack will have on his physical body going forward. Horikoshi tends to make injuries have a lasting effect- unlike other’s of the Shonen battle genre. As for the effect it’ll have on him mentally; just means more character development. And power progression. He’s gonna work to get that “feel” back for those explosions again.

They explain to him that this is Central Hospital, and express their relief that he’s alright now. He doesn’t care; he wants to know what happened to everyone else- like Todoroki(uses his actual name), Aizawa, Nejire chan, Endeavor…….and Deku. They all looks down with these concerned looks on their faces. We then cut over to the LIVING Gran Torino. Well; he’s alive, but in critical condition. He’s hooked up to life support at the moment. As he clings to consciousness; he can’t help but think of Nana Shimura, and………what’s become of her grandson………..

We then cut over to Aizawa and Present Mic. The doctor gives him the same spiel that he gave to Gran Torino: “If you had waited even a moment longer; it would have been even worse. You should thank Lock Rock and the others for prioritizing your life, got it?” Yeah; he gets it. The doctor whose examining him looks completely uninterested in helping him. Even that comment seemed a little rude and derogatory. I guess he’s one of those people who aren’t feelin’ Heroes right now.

He’s crying internally……

Mic is about to talk about the unfortunate passing of Midnight- whom was their senpai when they went to UA(read My Hero Academia: Vigilantes for more on that story). Aizawa- picking up on that because she’s not at his bed side like she so WOULD be, even if she were in worse condition than him- tells Mic “Don’t say it, Yamada; just tell me: How the students doing?He’s……..“crying internally.” He…….knows that Midnight would want him to think more about the students and their well being rather than mourn her. “That’s what Heroes Do,” after all. It’s like……he cares, but he doesn’t………he………It’s just how Aizawa is now. Shirakumo’s passing and subsequent “revivalREALLY messed him up.

Speaking of the students; we cut over to…… of the people hit the most by this whole situation: 1 Shoto Todoroki. Oh Sweet Mother Of GodThis. Is. Fan-F*cking-Tastic. Dabi’s “Message To The World” must be on loop by now- the whole Todoroki Family history is on BLAST, and Endeavor’s name is getting dragged through the mud. The whole family is now in the d@mn spotlight and won’t be allowed to exit from it for a while. Good Thing Shoto can’t speak right now. Yeah; his match against Big Bro Touya ended up charring his throat- he can’t talk at all. Will that stop the reporters from hounding him? Like H#ll it will. The unfortunate truth- but truth all the same.


Shoto sits up- mummified from head to toe- sits and and looks out the window. He sees a plethora of reporters outside- just waiting for him to comment on the situation regarding Dabi and confirmation of Endeavor’s former abusive ways. The boy just woke up after physical and emotional trauma of a War, and all these d0uchebags can think about is getting the jump on the “Next Big Scoop.” F*ckin’ Vultures, man. Kirishima tells him to just ignore them all. While off to the side; Yaomomo chan is comforting Ashido(GETCHA MYND OWTTA DA GUTTR), who’s crying profusely over the death of Midnight. She probably- in some regard- blames herself for what happened. Like; she might be thinking about how she froze up hearing Machia’s voice again for the first time in years- while Midnight was fighting for her life elsewhere. She’s mentally not well right now. All Momo can do right now is try to comfort her. Also; she’s telling Shoto they saw the video. And how could they not. Even if they didn’t watch it directly; they won’t be able to get away from it for like a decade.

Outside the hospital; we hear the reporters clambering to get in to the Hospital to get Endeavor’s official statement regarding Dabi’s video right now. They’re pleading to the hospitl to tell them “Dou you have any connection to Endeavor right now?! How is his condition at the moment?! Does Endeavor understand the current devastation across Japan?! Everyone would like to know his connection to Dabi!! When will he hold a press conference?! The people are restless, you know?!” At least someone asked how he was doing rather than demanding that he speak on the “Dabi” mess. Inside the hospital; we see an unconscious and injured Endeavor, and Shoto begins to think back to a few months ago, when they arrested that “Fallen Light Emperor” guy. What he said begins to ring in his mind.

“Mind The Signs……..”

HE IS THE ‘ROOT OF DARKNESS!’ THE LIGHT HE IRRADIATES INVITES DARKNESS!! IT BRINGS DESTRUCTION!!” At the time; I more thought that it was referring to the idea that he was sent by the Paranormal Libertion Front to off Endeavor and make Hawks– their supposed “Mole” in the Heroes society- the new Number 1 hero so he can promote their brand. But then Dabi revealed that he sent him just to f*ck with him. So the “darkness” he was referring to was Dabi, and he was- in some capacity- trying to warn Endeavor of what was to come. No one took his warning- and look where we are.

Shoto- head down- thinks to himself about how powerful Touya’s flames were compared to his own- or even their father’s strength. No, I mean it; he actually refers to Endeavor as “Father” rather than something like “B@stard” or “Endeavor.” Progress! Anyway; he thinks “Those were the flames- of a Strong Hatred.” Thinking back to their initial interaction at the Forest Training camp- what he said: “How Sad……..Shoto Todoroki…..” His anger towards their father; the way he puts his own body at risk to prove himself better than him- at the cost of many of lives………Like looking at his past self. Think about it: Pre-Sports Festival Shoto refused to use his fire in battle- allowing his ice quirk’s draw back to hit him hard. And as Aizawa tells Izuku anytime he even considers breaking his body to save others. Shoto would have let himself freeze to death before he used his father’s fire. And if the Hero that’s supposed to be protecting people dies mid-fight…… he’d technically be putting people in danger.

Thinking back to his brother’s behavior; it starts to remind him of his old self prior to the Sports Festival. And thinking of that allows him to come to a decision- 1 that I both am excited for……and kind of Dread: “It can’t be Father……… My brother Touya………has to be dealt with by me……..I should probably clarify what I mean by “dread.”

Just don’t let it consume you, Dear Little Shoto…..

When I say I “dread” this decision; I mean that I am afraid that dealing with Touya will be the only thing going on for Shoto going forward. I’m afraid that anything Todoroki does in the story going forward is chase after Touya- all of his character develoment just has something to do with Dabi and he just becomes a “1 Note Character.” Heck; less of a character and more like a “plot thread” that Horikoshi can go to whenever. I have thus far enjoyed Shoto as a character. He’s not my favorite character in the story(I more like 1)Tamaki Amajiki 2)Rappa 3)Muscular 4)Stain and 5)All For One), but I really do like his character and quirk. His design also. But I worry that he’ll just have that 1 thing going for him now. I’m sure Horikoshi is aware of this, and has a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen, but it’s a concern of mine.

Back to the chapter; we find that Fuyumi and Natsuo managed to get by the reporters somehow. They enter the hospital room- worried expression worn on their faces clear as day. Shoto’s friends greet them all “proper” like, and explain that he can’t speak right now because his throat got burned. From the side of Fuyumi; we see a silhouetted figure in the door way. Shoto looks at them in surprise. Whom ever could it be, I wonder?

“Family Reunion?”

Now………I can see this being his Mother. Simply because that’s the only person I could possibly see entering with these 2 specifically. The hair in the silhouette is also much longer in the front- drooping down much more like a woman’s rather than a mans. I also can’t exactly see anyone other than his family and friends coming to visit Shoto right now. At the same time; I mean……HER DEAD SON APPEARED ON HER TV SCREEN IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL. She’s gotta be almost as messed up in the head as Endeavor now! Like; how would that not have made her go crazy all over again?

But then again; the doctors did mention in chapter 290 that she was making progress towards being released. Maybe they made it in time before she could hear everything in the video, or she was mentally well enough again that this phased her- but not send her over the edge again. Like; it hit the same way for these 3, but nowhere near as much as it hit Shoto and Endeavor. At least; I would venture to guess that’s how it is. But nothing concrete enough yet.

Cutting back to Dear Little Kacchan for the last part of the chapter; we see him stampeding down the hallway. Sato and Mineta are trying to stop him, yelling Calm Down!! If you keep moving like that, then your wound might reopen!! You really might DIE!!” He shouts back “SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS!!! You jerking me around like this is what’s gonna kill me!!That hurts them a little bit. Despite their joint efforts; Bakugo keeps marching onward towards his destination: Deku’s Room. He says out loud “I’ll kill that idiot if he thinks he can die on me!!

Bakc to the Mind Scape- NEXT TIME!

A flashback to earlier in the chapter plays- in which Bakugo hears from Sero and Sato that Deku’s the only one who hasn’t regained consciousness. We cut to Izuku’s hospital bed, where the One For All successor lies in a coma- his arms and legs completely mummified- All Might at his side, awaiting for him to reawaken. My Hero Academia Chapter 298 END! You know where this is headed.

Now any time Izuku’s unconscious; I think we’re going to cut to the One For All realm to learn a few things. Seeing Izuku manifest more in that world; have some more users come and talk to him. The last 2 times he manifested quirks; Daigoro Banjo and Nana Shimura came to speak with him. He manifested quirk #3- “Danger Sense.” And that quirk belongs to User #4- whose history and name were mysteriously omitted from the “Book of Successors” All Might gave Izuku. And as All Might pointed out to Bakugo in chapter 284; there had to have been some reason that All Might omitted everything but the quirk this user used. So……… does this mean that Izuku is going to “converse” with the 4th user? Come to think of it; more of his body manifests the more quirks he gains access to. So he might actually be able to speak to the other users now. So he might be able to ask the 4th user why his history was crossed out.

Next weeks chapter is going to be……….crazy. Or at least; I hope it will be. I really do want to know what’s going on with this guy. It’s always possible that next chapter will end up focusing on something else. Doubtful, but always plausible. This series is going into a new stage. I hope everyone’s ready for what comes next- bot that we have much of a choice in the matter. Get hyped, guys! And until the next post, everyone- catch ya later!!

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  1. According to Caleb Cook, Twice was implying he created a Re-Destro clone. The clone went to the normal hospital (and played the role of CEO) while the real Re-Destro stayed at Gunga Villa. The Hero Safety Commission lied to Re-Destro about the joint business venture to get him there and arrest him, but they underestimated his power. Either they were finally able to deal enough damage or the clone simply died because Twice died.

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