THEY’RE HE~~RE!!! Black Clover Chapter 279 BREAKDOWN

Tabata is a FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC artist. Like; I FINALLY read all of his previous series Hungry Joker, and the character art in that series was just on a whole other level. But this weeks chapter, my guys- heck; this WHOLE D@MN INVASION and the assortment of transformations he’s introduced have all looked incredible. And the…….the 2 New guys we get to meet this week are just………They’re F*ckin’ creepy. Which is the point. This might just take “Chapter Of The Week” for me in terms of Jump manga. Let’s…….let’s get to it. Black Clover Chapter 279: “Door To H#ll.” Again; I censored that. My family reads my blog(I think); gotta keep it clean.

Fire Boobs. Thank You, Yuki Tabata.

We open the chapter on H#llfire Incarnate Mereoleona basking in her victory over the Ancient Demon from chapter 275. After having trained for months in the Ultimate Volcano; she acquired the power to completely roast this thing. As it burns to death in the snowy Spade Kingdom; the Lioness laughs “WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT ALL YOU GOT, ANCIENT DEMON?!!?!?!?!!!Man- she beat that thing and didn’t even break a sweat. And yeah; it going down like this confirms that she defeated it. I guess the thrill of defeating a “Legend” overshadows her disappointment over the honestly somewhat lack of a proper “challenge.”

The Spade Kingdom Resistance looks at her in shock and awe- in sheer amazement of her raw power. Before they can even give her a proper “Thank you;” the team of Makusa, Sally, Rades, Valtos, Sekke, and Ralph come up behind them. Huh; I guess they didn’t go to disrupt the tree at the roots like I had speculated. Shame; they might have been able to stop what happens in the end. But I guess somebody should have provided Mereoleona with back up in case of emergency. Still, though; you have like 6 whole people here. The Magic Knights went in 3’s- 1 to deal with the Dark Disciples, and 2 to fight the Triad directly. Not everyone needed to be here.

You could have sent Sally, Makusa, and Valtos to disrupt the ritual, and Ralph, Rades, and Sekke could stay out here to meet with the Resistance. Valtos is a Spatial mage, too; he could have brought them all in to fight if need be. Whatever; I guess it doesn’t matter all that much.

Why Is That A Surprise?

Ralph and the others meet up with Division Commander(so there’s more than one group. That makes sense) Albert(the leader guy from a few chapters ago). Albert says “Glad to see you’re alright! You must have also met with Sir Nacht…..” Ralph replies “Yes!’ He begins to tell them how strong Prince Yuno has become since they had to leave him in the Clover Kingdom 16 years ago. “Lord Yuno…..became a great mage who practiced Wind Magic! He looks like Lord Ciel, and inherited Lady Loyce’s strong will!” So Yuno’s appearance comes from his father, but takes more after his mother. What a perfect combination. No wonder he seems so perfect.

When Albert hears this; his reaction…… quite strange. Internally; he thinks to himself “Wind Magic…!!” Like he’s surprised. Why is Yuno having Wind magic a surprise? Do his parents have different kinds of magic? What would Yuno having a different magic type even mean? For the series, Yuno’s character, and the Spade Kingdom royalty? I wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to speculating why this is his magic type until we see some evidence as to why that shouldn’t be his magic attribute. In any case; Albert starts to think that “If it’s Yuno…..and the others, then perhaps…….” He has faith that they’ll succeed.

We cut back to the inside of Spade Castle, seeing one of Nacht’s Devils behind the Clover Kingdom Combatants- one shot of him behind Langris and Boreas Yuno fighting Zenon(who has 1 wing shaped bone that I honestly just noticed), and one of him behind Rill and Briar Queen Charolette having locked up Lady Vanica. He transports back to Nacht’s side, filling him in on the situation regarding the other Magic Knight’s battles.

“Eyes Everywhere…….”

Hearing this information; Nacht thinks that they made it just in time to prevent the gate to the Underworld from opening. He says “It seems our Kingdom’s strongest Magic Knights- were stronger than I had expected!” I don’t think they’re listening, Nacht; Jack and Dante are too busy killing each other. Continuing on from last chapter; Jack’s new form is slashing up Dante quite easily. But this just excites Dante further, laughing “HWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SO YOU’RE ALSO ENTERTAINING ME?!!?!!” Jack- somewhat annoyed with Dante’s behavior as he’s getting sliced up- yells “SHUT UP AND DIE ALREADY!!

The very moment he speaks- a tremor starts. Nacht, Yuno, and Char all feel an intense burst of mana. All 3 of them begin to think “….This sensation……” We cut to the interior and exterior of Spade Castles- seeing that the tree has begun to take root in the very foundation of the castle itself. Everyone on the outside looks at the roots of Qliphoth begin to form.

Ah Cr@p…….

In a matter of moments; the entirety of Spade castle is covered from head to toe in the roots of the Tree. Back on the inside; Nacht’s sees the gigantic roots forming, and deduces that this is Qliphoth. He powers down from his “Equus” Union mode and summons the Devil he used to check in on everyone’s activities- named “Plumede.” He takes on his 3rd Union mode: “Felis.” Based on the features and esthetic of this Unite mode; I surmise that this is the Cat Masked Devil behind Nozel in the Captain’s meeting in chapter 263.

I think this might be my favorite of the 3 Union modes we’ve seen from him thus far. The “Hooded Thief” design with a Cat touch- it makes him look like the coolest kind of “Cat Burglar.” It also has the “sleaker” frame to it, compared to the “cloaked vigilante” design of the “Canis” mode and the “Walking Fortress” design of “Equus.”

“Cat Burglar” Nacht

This mode seems to give him eyes like that of a Cat, as he using “Shadow Magic: Heaven’s Shadow Second Sight.” On some Thunder Cats shenanigans; he gains “sight beyond sight,” and looks at the center of the ritual circle. He sees sees the roots taking up more and more of the castle. He begins to sense another mana aside from Yami and Vangeance’s at the center of the “Advent of Qliphoth.” He looks closer to find that none other than Morris is there.

The DoctorIs IN.

The spell circle around Yami and William’s coffins is covered in Demonic writing. And around Morris– a Demoic circle as well. Nacht sees him, and recognizes him as the scientist who was expelled from the Diamond Kingdom for his inhumane experimentation. This chapter more-or-less reveals what happened after he was kicked out- at least; from a sheer “dialogue implications” and “visual confirmation” perspective. It’ll make sense in a minute.

So apparently; Morris is blindhe can’t see. So his magic acts as his way of receiving visual information. And his magic was given a Devil Boostcourtesy of Dante. At least; based on the shape of the Devil marking on his head. This boost allowed him to extract information from others and implant it in himself. And Lady Vanica brought back with her the Ultimate source of information. Initially; taking Lolopechika in chapter 255 was only something she did to motivate Noelle to get stronger so she can have a lot more fun fighting. But Morris saw an “opportunity.” He dug around in her mind, and found The Archive– the joint cluster of mana where former Priestess’ of the Heart Kingdom cataloged all the information they experienced during their time as rulers of the Heart Kingdom. And in one of the files; he finds an interesting piece of information: How To Accelerate The Growth Of The Tree. Hold on a minute.

Which Advent Is This?

Does this mean that the Tree of Pliphoth has been summoned more than once in the past. The fact that one of the Heart Queen’s had experienced it’s destruction first hand means that it was summoned at least once. But for one of them to learn of a way to accelerate the “Advent Of Pliphoth” would mean that someone summoned the tree multiple times, and one time someone tried to find a way to make it grow faster. Even if they only read it in written documents; that would have to mean that it was at least attempted. How many times has this tree been summoned. And how many Devil’s managed to get out? What happened to them? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

Come to think of it; it was implied by Lucifero in chapter 268 that Liebe wasn’t the only Devil in the Human world. And if that’s the case, then that would mean that Devil’s can live upwards or thousands of years. Hearing all this information; I can’t help but think of what kind of people tried to summon this tree before. And what other Devil’s are out there.

Back to the chapter; Nacht begins to actually FREAK at the idea of the gate being opened. He looks at it, thinking “I don’t understand the reason behind it, but is he acting as the catalyst for the gate to open?!” Morris’s dark aura begins to shine even more violently, and then………The Door Opens. The “Advent Of Qliphoth” Has Begun. Nacht begins to move to stop him from accelerating the Advent, but it’s too late- and 2 Devils have already made it out.

Oh. F*ckin’. Cr@p.

2 Devils comes out of the gates- the first 2 right at the stem we saw in Nacht’s imagery chapter 263. On the left; a female Devil. Her wings are low to her waste, and look as if she has actual feathers. the dark gooey stuff covers her skin from her legs up to were the nipples would be(because censorship), and around her right arm- which is much larger than her other. her right eye is covered with the same black stuff, as well as giving her a horn. On the other side; the boy looks almost the same, aside from his wings being more dragonic than avian.

They appear before Nacht and Jack- looking quite menacing. Nacht instantaneously moves out of the way- allowing them to blast Jack into the wall behind him. The force of……….whatever they just did even knocks off Dante’s horn. It is only because of Felis Modes “Agility” characteristic that he was able to dodge that attack in time the way he did. He glares at these 2 Devils, and thinks to himself “THESE guys……are Top Class Devils.” The pair speak to each other. The girl says “I hit.” Boy: “I missed.” So The girl is the one that hit Jack, and Nacht dodges the boys attacks. 

They chat about things becoming “Interesting-” as Black Clover Chapter 279 comes to an eerieEND!! Like I said; GREAT character art. 

I think I’m gonna puke- in a good way.

Like I said earlier in the post: Shoulda sent some of em to the center. Or did they forget that they still had to save Yami and Willaim? Like; this WHOLE SITUATION RIGHT NOW was somewhat avoidable- had they sent someone in to deal with the problem literally “at the roots.” Don’t even know that they were doing out there; Mereleona took care of the Ancient Demon. And Ralph was kind of the only one needed to rendezvous with the Resistance. Honestly; I don’t even see how they got outside. Didn’t they go through Nacht’s “Shadow Corridor” too? It’s whatever, though; I don’t think they would have been able to do much against a Devil Powered Morris. Plus…….the end result is leading to something COOL. So it’s fine.

But, yeah, guys; WICKED. SICK. How are the Magic Knights gonna get out of this one? Only time will tell. Asta; Noelle; everyone- Get A MOVE ON!! There’s no more time. Til the next post everyone; catch ya later. 


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