The Rutherfords Family History- Rater R. Edens Zero Chapter 127 BREAKDOWN

Once again: THIS CLOSE to dump post. Like; the internet were I’m at has gotten better, but it’s still not exactly perfect, yeah? Then again; this weeks chapter came out a little bit earlier in the day. Even so; I have 5 other posts to do. So I didn’t get to this immediately. Mostly because it wasn’t on the site I’m using these days. So this might still come out later than we’re used to, but it should be more thorough and better polished. And if it does end up coming out later than Wednesday, then just expect Thursday to be our regular day for this. Now that my weekly complaint and excuse are out of the way; Edens Zero Chapter 127: “The Doomsday System.” Let’s do this thing.

Sexy- but in a “mature” way.

This weeks cover page shows Sister sitting on a couch in some kind of fancy @$$ house. She seems to be wearing a black sweater, a necklace, some kind of bottoms(not ones that show us her panties, clearly), and barefoot. As she sits on a really fancy couch; we see a number of pictures behind her- showing a number of wealthy humans and machines on the wall. One of them looks like they’re perving on her specifically. It’s a nice cover page, yeah? Not so much on the fan service(which is fine), and honestly a calm cover to an action packed, emotional chapter.

We open this weeks chapter on the ship- outside the Medical room. Having returned to the ship following Kleene having a complete mental spasm; Kris hands her over to Sister- placing his trust and his beloved sister’s well being in her. He sits outside of the medical room- sitting in a worried position. Inside the Medical bay; we see Kleene lying unconscious on a medical table. I’m tempted to mention that we can see her boobs, but given the severity of the situation- I’ll forgo it and simply tell you that she’s naked. Witch enters the Medical room, asking if Kleene is doing any better than she was earlier. Sister replies “She’s in really rough shape!” She explains that whatever is happening to her is causing her health to deteriorate faster than her Heal optimizer can keep up with.

You know how”love sickness” makes you feel like you’re sick despite not having any actual disease? or how someone who’s prone to suggestion thinks they have the symptoms despite not having an ailment, either? Well; there are some cases in which mental health can directly effect physical health. And what we have here is such a case. Which is why- even with her healing powers- it’s still quite difficult to heal a “fractured mind.” Steven Universe taught us as much through Volleyball and an assortment of uncorrupted gems.

“Inside The Mind.”

That said; Sister refuses to give up. She begins to to start the “digitization” process so that she may enter her mind and start digging around until she finds the root of the problem. Witch points out how bad of an idea that is by saying “If you dive into someones memories without a destination; you might end up getting lost.” Sister does not know what it is that messed Kleene up so bad, and Kris won’t tell. So she’s going in basically not knowing where the h#ll she’s going. Even so; Sister made a promise that she would help Kleene. And if she has to move Heaven and Earth to do it, then DAG GUM IT- she will! She says “I swear- on my name as ‘Life Of Edens-‘ I will not let anyone die on this ship.Sister Ivry- The Life Of Edens, everybody. I don’t know if you call this “character development,” because it was always within her character to do this- to help people that needed her. We saw this in her introduction in chapter 26 of the series. Despite having been tricked into going to Guilst; she still saved all those girls Illeega turned to stone. So………’s not like this is anything “brand-spankin’-new.” More like it’s the start point for character development later on. At least; I’m fairly certain.

Back up at Ziggy’s server; we find Arsenal and Hermit standing in shock at Muller’s revelation from last chapter. Arsenal: “So it’s your fault he’s an O-Tech Cyborg?!” Muller- with the same disgusting, vile smile he had thinking back on his actions- asks “You know him? That’s a surprise.” He then begins to ask how he’s doing, to which he then replies to himself “Never mind– he’s doing splendidly, of course. He was my Guinea Pig, after all Hoo Hee Hee Hee………” He thinks that Kris is enjoying his time as an O-Tech Cyborg and is taking care of himself. 1)He’s getting upgrades every once in a while. His recent upgrade pushed him to the a late stage in Overdrive- I’d say that he, much like Shiki was, isn’t all that far from Full-On Overdrive. 2)He’s the furthest thing from “fine.” The man probably doesn’t sleep much. And when he does; he might just end up in cold sweat.

He’s Just Mad People Found Out What He Did To A Whole @$$ planet.

Hermit asks how he even knows Kris and Kleene. Muller explains that the Rutherford family was- much like the real world family of the same name- was a wealthy family that had investments in Muller Royal Laboratories(Muller’s old research facility). And when the Union Army came in and arrested him; the Rutherford’s naturally, correctly, understandably withdrew any and all financial support for the Mad Doctor’s research. Hermit says “Of course they did,” but Muller refutes by saying “YOU KNOW NOTHING!!! MY MAGNIFICENT RESEARCH COULD HAVE SAVED COUNTLESS HUMAN LOVES!!!!Lies; he’s just a sadistic creep.

He tells them that, after he broke out of prison; he went to see the Rutherford’s- for Revenge for refusing to fund his twisted research. As he spazzes out once again; he laments that he killed Mr and Mrs Rutherford, and kidnapped their children to use as Guinea Pigs. This backstory…….. it’s starting to remind me of Android 17 and 18’s backstory in Dragon Ball Z. They were once delinquent children that were kidnapped by Dr Gero to be turned into Androids made to kill Goku. The details of their past are different, who became what is changed to only one of them being made a cyborg is different. But the idea of a mad scientist kidnapping children to make them into Cyborgs- I think Mashima is definitely inspired by the Android arc here.

Hearing this information; Arsenal begins to tremble in an assortment of emotions- everything from disgust to anger to even sadness for the Rutherford’s. I almost imagine that he’s gonna start treating these guys…….nicer. At least; he’s going to try. He’ll reach out to them, and whatever happens- happens.

Already Doesn’t Look Good.

Back on the ship; we see Witch and Sister find that Hermit has come back on line after having shut down at the sight of Muller. Witch overhears them talking about Kleene’s past, allowing them to pinpoint a time in her mind to go to. Destination: 10 Years Ago. Let’s talk for a minute. So…….we are currently in the year X492, as confirmed in chapter 5. Assuming Shiki’s 16 years old; he would have been 1 at the time Hermit was working with Dr Muller- which took place 15 years ago. Meaning that Muller was in prison for 5 years before breaking out- which is when this happens I wish Mashima would reveal these characters ages already. We didn’t learn about how old they were from Pino’s little Analysis thing. It would make discussing the timeline SO MUCH EASIER.


Sister digitizes into Kleene’s memory of the event, hovering over a room I can only describe as being an abandoned hospital room. And I don’t mean like “The room looks like it was over 70 years old;” I’m talking like- within the last year in the context of the flashback. She’s sees a lot of basic b!tch medical tools, and a desk full of notes- just something a mad scientist who recently broke out of prison and kidnapped some children would have lying around in his evil lab.

We see Kleene tied to a pipe facing her brother- in tears of sheer fear at what may come. She cries out “Help……Help…….My Brother……PLEASE HELP!!” She cries out for anyone to hear to save Kris. While Kris- being a little bit older and a little more realistic(sad as it is to say)- forgo’s pleading for someone to save them and instead demands that Muller keep his grimey hands off of Kleene. The deranged Doctor tells them “We’re going to start a very interesting experiment.” He explains that his plan is to take Kris apart piece by piece, and have Kleene watch until she breaks. Like the sick b@stard that he is. He turns on the chainsaw, and begins to cut into Kris’ left arm. The horrible sound make Kleene scream out in fear and sadness as her brother is converted into a Cyborg.

“Awake me From My Nightmare.”

This scene is……….grim. It’s one of the darkest moments in the series, and we’re only 127 chapters in. I’d still say the events of chapter 83 is the darkest the series has ever gotten(the main character legitimately DIED, for Christ sake), but this does come to a close second. Even the way Kris is holding his head down; it seems like he’s just accepting his fate so long as it keeps him from ruining Kleene- at least physically. Meanwhile; Kleene can do nothing but close her eyes and scream and cry.

Mashima includes scenes like this to set it apart from his previous(and to date; most popular) work, Fairy Tail. That series- at least to me- came out to be a little too “Campy dark” rather than what “Edens Zero” has done. From what I hear; no one ever dies in that series. And from what I’ve seen; it’s more of a “sadism beating” rather than something like this. Like; people just beat the sh!t out of each other and get sexual gratification out of it. Here…… get stuff like Kureani becoming a gang’s “pet.” Though granted; I’ve seen a few panels of 100 Year Quest, and it certainly looks like Mashima’s trying to go a little bit darker with it. So I guess he’s ready for darker storytelling.

He also stated that he wanted to make Muller an “irredeemable, unsympathetic character that audience could never sympathize with.” He’s doing a good job. I like that I hate Muller- usually when I hate a character; I come to realize they either weren’t that bad, they go through character development and become one of the better characters in the series, or feel bad for hating them. So I’m glad he’s making a character that I’m supposed to hate. Good on you, Mashima.

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Hate This Guy.

Back to the chapter; Sister can only watch– watch as the kids are tormented by a raving lunatic. Her face is clearly horrified, but……not in your typical way. Like; her expression is more “shocked and afraid” rather than “COMPLETED HORRIFIED.” It’s a…….“tamed” reaction, I guess you would call it. It’s not exactly the most “animated” reaction to a horrifying scene is the point.

Back up at the server; Arsenal remodels his arm and rushes at Muller, calling him a “Dirty piece of Filth.” He turns his arm into a rocket that sends his fist forward at high speeds. This time; the attack hits hard. So hard that even someone like Muller and his armored body can feel it. When he goes flying backwards; Arsenal creates his signature “Vice Cannons” on his other arm to shoot him down. Muller gets back up- angry that Arsenal is beating him back so easily.

He tells himself “Calm down– you have better functionality than he does!!” He turns on his “Cooling Ears” to keep himself cool(d0uche). He points at them, and threatens to do what he did to the Rutherford kids to Weisz and Hermit. He plans to take Weisz apart until Hermit breaks, but then walks that back by saying “Whoops! I forgot- Machines don’t have emotions. So Arsenal CLOCKS HIM dead in his face!!

So That’s What It Says

As Muller is sent flying back again; Arsenal tells him “Don’t you dare open your mouth.” So what does the mad doctor do? Defy the warning, of course!! He tells them “It doesn’t matter anymore- You and Hermit will die here!! And Foresta Will Be DESTROYED!!! I’ve activated the Final Protocol- The DOOMSDAY SYSTEM!!” Hermit asks what that mean, which is when we cut back down below on Foresta. We hear the planet rumbling, and the clouds beginning to whip up.

We catch up with Shiki, whose noticing the rumbling around him and asks “What is it this time?!” Xenolith thinks for a moment, and realizes “That’s not good- they managed to access the Doomsday System…..” Shiki asks what that means, which is when Xenolith’s head begins to smoke. Almost as if he’s short circuiting. He tells Shiki “There’s no time to explain- Get off this planet!!!” After saying that- Xenolith sits, and shuts down. He stops smoking- signifying that whatever happened to him has stopped. As Shiki grows even more confused at the situation happening around him- his friends come in on the motorbike. Before he can say much of anything- AN LASER COMES FORTH FROM THE GROUND!!

A Lot More Edited Pics in this one, aren’t there?

Their assorted reactions are as followed:

  • Shiki- “WHAT THE….?!?!??!”
  • Rebecca- “A Laser Beam shot out of the ground?!”
  • Homura- “What In……?!??!”
  • Pino- “I’m getting heat readings from all locations- here comes the second wave!!!”
  • Happy- “Get Out Of It’s Way!!!”

All at once- all across the planet; beams of pure ether energy begin to burst forth into the skies of Foresta. Homura speculates that these are weapons that have been “slumbering” beneath the planet’s surface. Whatever they are; Shiki tells them to get back to the ship- grabbing Xenolith and taking him with him. Time to go, I guess. I, um…….I’ve loved this arc. It might just be my favorite in the series sheerly because of everything that’s been happening. And I’m kind of sad to see it end because I kind of feel like it could have gone longer than this. Heck; I really wanted to see Hyoga and Gowen’s fight against Victory and Creed- I wouldn’t have minded a chapter or 2 of that fight.

I also would have liked to see more of Laguna and the others fighting those drones. Space battles like that are some of the best parts of any Space themed series. And I think a few other fights like seeing Beast Squad 1 getting away when Xenolith used “Gravity Center.” I don’t think Homura was the only one that got away from them when that happened. It’s like…….this arc had so much potential. And it manage to live up to about 90% of that. But it left the last 10% on the table. Still a A rank arc, though.

I Wish I Could Say “That’s The End Of This Guy,” but…..

While those guys rush back to the ship; we cut back to the server to find Muller explaining the “Doomsday System” to Hermit and Weisz. “It’s the planet’s defense mechanism- Foresta will be facing a terrible tragedy now.” So I’m gathering that this is system was installed by Nero- as a way to deal with people on this “Neutral territory.” Since he’s not the “absolute ruler;” he implemented the system as a way to counter invaders- or destroy the planet when need be. It counters forces inavading the planet by blasting them from multiple, unseen and unpredictable places. Clever move, Nero. You get to destroy the planet if it’s beyond saving, and protecting the people so they love you and will follow you.

Anyway; Hermit summons up her keyboard and stuff, preparing to hack Muller’s O-Tech parts and shut him down. But Muller won’t let that happen, and creates his tentacles to stop her. To the rescue is Arsenal with his patented “Grandee Wing-” a blade he remodeled out of his arm. He uses it to cut Muller in half diagonally. He must have underestimated how much of Muller’s body was mechanical at this point. Based on what was under the metal; I’d say that the only “human” thing he has left would have to be his head. I could make the joke that he doesn’t have a heart, but I also think that he has that underneath. Either that or he removed it and now has a fuel source of some kind. In which case, he really doesn’t have a heart. Whatever the case may be; the Grandee Wing didn’t take Muller out.

Rather; Muller- upside down in the air- uses his tendrils on Weisz again, and shocks the Arsenal suit off of him. Now that his suit is gone; Weisz is back to being immobilized. Things look bleak once again, as Muller exclaims “I’LL TURN YOUR BRAINS INTO MUSH!!!” Just then; some water gets on to one of the circuits Arsenal severed, and Muller is electrocuted. “Where did the water come from?” you ask. Why– from none other than LAGUNA! Where he got the water from is a good question, but I figure he keeps an certain amount of water on him at any given moment. Where he keeps it is a good question, though. Heck, for all we know; he could have turned Moscoy to water and is using him now. Man; this is a bigger question than I had initially thought.

Laguna Husert To The Rescue!!!

Weisz- ever the tough guy and still a little butt hurt about Drakken- tells Drakken’s former henchman “I don’t need your help, alright?!” Laguna- indifferent to the whole thing- responds “Really? ‘Cause you look like you do.” They’re, uh…….they’re improving their relationship. They’re not exactly friends, but not enemies at all. And like I said: probably gonna start being nicer to Kris and Kleene. And maybe Laguna after this.

As the water washes Weisz away and continues to electrocute Muller; Weisz tells Laguna “If you have to help me, then use your water to carry me!” He’s asking Laguna to take him somewhere in specific. Laguna responds “Sure- and at a discount price. Where to, sir?” Ah; he’s playing along with the joke! I wonder if he’s actually gonna make Weisz pay him for that? Like; that once again gets into where the crew gets there money. I honestly don’t know how serious this is. Probably not all that serious, but it’ll be a fun little gag after this.

Weisz tells him “Take me to the heart of that old geezer!” He wants to be taken to Muller so he can end this fight with him once and for all. Muller- fat headed as ever- cackles “IT WON’T WORK- WON’T WORK!!! YOU CAN’T FIGHT ME UNARMED!!!” Weisz gets close enough, and turns on his “Machina Maker.” He places his hand on Muller’s chest, and says “Apparently– your a defective piece of junk. I’d like to remodel you into someone decent, but it’s too late for that.” He looks at Muller with an intense face, and yells out to Muller: “So I’m Just Gonna Have To SCRAP You!!” Before Muller can even begin to process what Weisz is talking about- he explodes. Weisz’ new move: “Mortal CRASH!!”


Muller’s body is destroyed, and his head roles around on the floor with a surprised look on his face. Laguna jokes “That move was so brutal- it would make your Hero suit cry.” Hermit- blushing- agrees in that sentiment. Weisz responds “Sorry, but Arsenal is the ‘Champion Of Justice.’ Outside of the suit, I’m…….” Hermit finishes the line- and the chapter- by saying “Very Cool.” Her blushed cheeks and cute smile bring Edens Zero Chapter 127 to an adorable END!Ship intensifies,” I’m hearing? People ship Hermit and Weisz? I mean, yeah; they have a lot in common. And yeah; it’s not creepy cause Hermit’s older than she looks, and Weisz is a time traveler. So it wouldn’t necessarily be “weird” if they got together. Their moments together at this server have certainly made her like Weisz more. I can see it.

It’s possible……..

But yeah, guys; this arc is coming closer and closer to it’s end. I definitely see some character dynamics changing going forward- Kris might open up a little bit more to the people who are saving his sister, Weisz might open up more to these former henchmen of Drakken’s, Weisz and Hermit might be getting a bit closer, and that little girl………do you see them taking her along with them? Cause it’s like; this planet’s clearly gonna get destroyed after this. They can’t just leave her here all alone if the planet doesn’t die. Things might go back to normal, but the damage might be a bit irreparable. Foresta’s ending is up in the air. In a good way.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. And until the next post, everyone; later!


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