ASSEMBLE! Black Clover Chapter 283 BREAKDOWN

…………….I was gonna do out usual “cheery, happy-go-lucky” cliche opening paragraph that we usually default to when I have nothing more “interesting” to say in regards to today’s chapter, but……..I Honestly can’t pretend to be happy right now. At the time of me writing this, I’m presently experiencing all of the problems I usually have- seemingly dialed up to 11: My computer shutting off when I get into my “groove;” it’s too cold; the internet where I am is being stupid. Just all the problems I’m sure you’ve heard from me before. Whiny much?Yes- and prone to tantrum when my stuff starts acting up. Let’s just try to get through this post without me rage-quitting and smashing my computer over my knee, yeah? Black Clover Chapter 283: “A Huge Melee.”

Wizard King Moment Over- Now You Gotta Go!!

Following last week’s chapter- in which Asta displayed his new “Devil Union” mode and saved the Clover Kingdom from destruction at the hands of an Ancient Demon; Asta and the other Devil’s prepare to go off and help stop this problem at its source: The Spade Kingdom. The Ancient Demon- cut in half- falls to the ground in pieces, as Asta looks off in the direction of the Enemy nation(The Spade Kingdom is north of the Clover Kingdom), and says out loud “Although I said ‘Let’s Invade The Spade Kingdom;’ it’ll take a lot of time- even with Devil Union.Let me explain. Cause I feel like some people are gonna have a problem with this.

Now, when Asta says this; he’s referring to the fact that he only has 5 minutes with this transformation. And the Spade Kingdom Capital city where this is all happening is……..kind of far. Asta has displayed the ability to dodge light speed attacks- implying that both his reaction time and physical speed is beyond that. But even so; he can’t go that fast forever. It’s like an Olympic runner running 15 meters compared to 5 meters. They’re going to be able to run a lot faster in the 5 meter one than in the 15 meter run. Asta has his limits- just like the rest of us.

Back to the chapter; the Chibi Gilmedelo tells Asta “Long-distance teleportation is impossible without Sir Nacht himself- but Sir Nacht is not in a state where he can do that…….!!” He’s worried about his master. But without Nacht’s Shadow magic; they can’t traverse that distance. And what’s more- Asta’s out of time.

It’s About D@MN TIME!!!” yells the fandom.

Before they can even discuss how they’re going to go about getting to the Spade Kingdom; Asta’s Devil Union mode wears off, and he reverts back to normal. You even see Chibi Liebe split off from him. As they all fall to the ground; Asta mentions that it “wore off so quickly!” Is this implying that his limit isn’t even 5 minutes? Does he have a long ways to go before he’s even able to use it for that long? Maybe. Or myabe Tabata just wanted to draw something he thought was funny. His manga. And a GREAT one at that.

As they’re descending; Liebe yells “YOU IDIOT! Fly with Demon Slayer!” Ah, Demon Slayer- You’re a surf board now. But before he can use it as such; he ends up falling through a portal that appeared out of nowhere. That portal dumps him and the Devil’s out on in the Capital. The voice of the one who made the portal says “Growing ridiculously strong again, but still………” We zoom out to see sets of legs, exposing to us who just saved his magicless @$$. They go on to say “Trying to go alone- Aren’t you a bit cold?” Seeing them; Asta smiles, and says “YES!!” What a peculiar response to being called “cold.” I’m sure the official release will clarify what the H#ll this is, but for no- I guess Asta’s a “Stone Cold B@stard.

Humans Who Just Want Peace vs Bored Devils!!

We cut over to the Spade Kingdom- Spade Castle, where we find see the Tree of Qliphoth growing branches in the sky. I wonder where they’ll lead to? Down below in the Capital city; we see a number of Spade Civilians trying to escape the Devil’s that have escaped the Underworld. We see more Devil designs the Ogre from when this whole beginning of the opening of the gate; a cyclops; and just a whole lot of other Devils charging at the innocent people of the Spade Kingdom- while the Resistance members rush to their aid and attack the Devil’s directly. Albert yells to all of them “PROTECT THE CITIZENS WITH THE PRIDE OF THE MAGE DEFENSE FORCE!!!I guess that’s either the name of the Resistance or they were formerly part of the Spade Kingdom’s defense- their version of the Magic Knights or Spirit Guardians.

While the Mage Defense Force protects the people; we see Sally makes smaller variations of her “Slimy Salamanders” to round up all the civilians, and brings them into a veil of snow created by Makusa’s “Hideout of Snowmen” spell. Yeah; the man makes a “Snowman Safehouse.” In any case; it works to conceal them as they navigate to get these people out of the Capital City- which they plan to accomplish with Valtos’ Spatial Magic. He’s transporting as many people as he can away from here. 

The Cold Never Bothered Me, Anyway~….F*ck you, Elsa; It’s Too D@mn cold!!

As people are being transported away by Valtos; we see the ever unlucky Sekke trying to keep up appearances despite being absolutely shook. But I have to say that he’s hiding his fear Really, really well. I suppose that’s a point for you, Sekke. Externally; he yells to everyone “If you get caught, then my Magic will gush out fires!” He’s bluffing, of course; he can shoot bronze cannonballs with his Bronze magic, but that’s about it. While internally; he’s chanting to the Gods “DON’T FIND US, DON’T FIND US, PLEASE DON’T FIND US PLEEEEE~AAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!You know what: At least he’s not running and hiding, right

Outside the veil; the Mage Defense Force is fighting against a horde of Devils(there’s a really unique one that looks like a Werewolf), and Albert remarks that “These things are strong- and there’s a lot of them!!” No Sh!t, Sherlock Homes!! What an OBVIOUS observation. JK; I’m just padding for whatever reason. As he is about to be attacked by the Wolf-looking Devil; a massive Magic blast comes down from above to destroy it. Low and Behold- Sir Fuegoleon Vermillion has arrived! After dealing with the Dark Disciple he was assigned to; he goes outside to help his allies deal with the Swarm of Devils that have entered this world.

Lion And Salamander

He let’s Salamander turn into his full-on Dragon form, and starts roastin’ these Demons! Something of Note: Fuegoleon still has the fire arm. Meaning that he still has the prosthetic arm made of fire magic even while Salamander is in use. Interesting. As the Devil incinerate in Salamander’s flames; Fuegoleon says to everyone “Even though the county is different- We share the same desire to protect people…!!Fuegoleon- not in the story as much as one would think, but when he’s here; he’s AWESOME. And quite level headed and logical.

The Magic Defense Corp looks up at Salamander, and are left dumb-founded at the power of the Fire Spirit- of a mage of the Clover Kingdom. They even remark how “breath-takingly divine” this display of strength is. It looks like he is about to annihilate the Devils, but…….Flying ones end up swarming around him. So he and Salamander work to fight back against them. Fuegoleon starts blasting them from one direction- Salamander from another.

Dragon vs Demon Spawns

Back down below; we see the Mage Defense Force battling back a great number of Demons- ones that look like Oni’s; a Toad looking Devil; a bat; very uniquely designed ones. They all start coming after the Humans- eager to “play with them” like they always dreamed. One of the Mages Defense Force members tries to fight them back, but he realizes that “Their Numbers just keep Growing!!!No duh, guy; the gates open now and there is no way this thing is closing any time soon. As he realizes that the number of Devil’s flowing into this world just keeps growing; a Dragon and Ogre Devil breath Fire through Makusa’s “Snowman Safehouse” and discovers them all before they could get all these people out of here. Sekke is thoroughly sh!tting himself right now.

The Devils go in to attack them, but more of the Mage Defense Force- specifically one with ice magic- grabs the Ogre Devil by it’s arm, trying to freeze it in place to prevent it from coming at them. But while he’s busy trying to stop that one; the Dragon Devil is free to attack a woman and her child. All seems lost– as no one seems capable of stopping the increasing number of Demons. That is, until- a blast comes in and destroys those 2. But miraculously not the people of the Spade Kingdom or combatants. We see behind said people the Heart Kingdom’s Mana Method circles protecting them. The Ice mage turns around, thinking to himself “What was that powerful spell?! It attacked only the Devils and left the humans unscathed.

When the dust settles; Fuegoleon says “Good- You’re Here.” But guys- he’s not talking about the Black Bulls. At least; not specifically. So you guys remember how Vanica kind of-sort of Nuked the Heart Kingdom? And how the Elves came in and rescued all of those guys? And then Noelle asked Patri and the others how to become stronger? This is the pay off- The Heart Kingdom’s Spirit Guardians and the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights and the Elves have arrived. And they’re ready to kick some serious Demonic @$$!! Valkyrie Dress Noelle tells the lot of em “We Won’t Let You Devils Have Your Way With The World!!!” You see in the group shot Gaja, Noelle, Luck, Sekre, Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama, Patri, Charmy, and more. As Black Clover Chapter 283 comes to a mic dropping END!! Black Clover Will Be On Break Next Week. Works for me.

Bring. It. ON.

Not much to dissect or talk about with this weeks chapter. It was a very clear cut, straight forward chapter- not much to speculate on. Aside from maybe who all was with Asta there. But you could probably gather who it was from looking at it. And I’m sorry if it felt so rushed halfway through. I’m really tired, guys. I might not do a post next week. Or I might. I don’t know yet; I’m starting to feel a little “overwhelmed” with the posts………..I’ll figure it out. Until next time, everyone; catch ya later, gator haters!

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