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Hello again, everyone!! Sorry to do these posts so close together, but as I said in my review for the recent chapter of Black Clover– I’m feeling a little bit “overwhelmed.” I don’t know if I want to go on Hiatus again, but I just need a little bit of time to just “enjoy” manga rather than my usual “Read Real Fast- Type Up Review- Post- Talk On Facebook.” I haven’t even POSTED on my Facebook page recently. I just need to slow down a little bit, yeah? So I’ll be doing this post, and then…… might not see a post from me next week(unless I finish one of those 3 post I’m still working on), so just be warned. Now that you’ve been updated on what’s happening; I’ll tell you about what separates this “Review Dump” from the others.

You see; I already did the My Hero Academia and Black Clover reviews for this week. “So what chapters are you talking about?” you must be asking me. Well for 1; we still have to talk about this month’s chapter of Dragon Ball Super. That was posted 3 days ago. It should have already been in production already, but it fell on kind of an “awkward” day for me. So I haven’t actually begun to work it yet. That’s why we’re going to do it here. And the other- Edens Zero. Yeah; we’ll be talking about it here, too. There wasn’t a lot going on from what I’ve read, so I thought I’d just summarize it here, too. Though it is Pretty Fre@kin’ GREAT!!! Now that that’s out of the way- let’s get on with the reviews!

Edens Zero Chapter 131: “VR-C

Before we “dive on in” as it were; I feel that I must clarify what I said in regards to the Ether Gear contest winners in last week’s review. The only ones who were fanmade characters were Lyra, Milani, Nasseh, Callum, and Ijuna. Fabian and Cyca were actually made by Mashima himself. I apologize for the confusion. Now that I’ve cleared up a misunderstanding; we can get on with the chapter!

Spider Shiki!

We open this week’s chapter on a flashback- featuring a Younger(yet still delinquent) Poseidon Shura beginning to show an affinity for Gravity Based Ether Gear. He asks that Ziggy teach him more, but his father orders him to leave. As he runs off; Nero explains that he adopted Shura because his dice “told him to.” Which ties into last week’s chapter with Shura not liking his father’s trust in the dice. But that’s neither here nor there.

He continues on to say that he had planned to “bequeath” his power to Shura, but it seems that he’s incompatible with whatever it is. Ziggy mentions how “his dice roll some interesting numbers.Hinting at something for the future? I won’t discount the idea. But this flashback leads to the present, in which Shura displays his power to the Oceans 6, declaring himself “The King Of Gravity.” Below him; his secretary Ijuna tells him that “Everything is ready for departure.” But before he leaves Temple- He crushes Cyca’s head. He states that he “Doesn’t need a robot on his side if he’s going up against the King of Machines.” Fabiano will remember this. The others don’t really seem to care.

Back on Foresta; Xenolith puts the crew through their spaces. In the ships “VR-synC” facilities; Xenolith has them running and doing basic exercises like that. Witch explains that the physical training they do in this world is reflected on their physical bodies in the real world. Not only that; but they can adjust the time settings on the room in such a way that it’s 5x’s faster in there. So the 7 days that Xenolith has to train them before he has to do maintenance becomes 35 days! So in that time; he plans to put Shiki, Rebecca, Weisz, and Homura through their paces.

The Rutherford’s Have Joined The Party

As they’re running through the virtual world; the Rutherford siblings join in on the training(Kleene’s idea). Since she’s feeling better; she decides to join in on the training- so she can become a member of the crew. In excitement of having a new friend on board, Shiki leaps in- only to be stopped by the ever-over-protective Kris. But they’re friends now, so he let’s it slide. Yeah; Kris is beginning to warm up to the crew. So there’s that.

Xenolith orders them to keep running, and that their next exercise is going to be working on “Ether Deficit caused by physical restraints.” He’s basically telling them that he’s going to teach them how to use their Ether Gear even when restrained. Weisz- being a pervert- thinks that this means “Sexy bondage time,” but he soon finds out it’s……..not quite fun at all.

What He Was Expected
What He Got

Rebecca and Homura seemed to be pretty worried about it(they’re aware of their tropes at this point), while Kleene…….seems a little bit excited about it. But then they get to it and it’s not at all sexy. Xenolith begins to pick up one block after another, and throws them at the crew. The objective of this training: Using Ether gear even when tied up. As such; he wants them to use their Ether Gear to dodge the blocks. However, being an O Tech Cyborg; Kris s able to untie himself- though he may have missed the point of this training entirely. He is about to help Kleene, but she wants to do this on her own- surprising and pleasing Kris. Only for Xenolith to interrupt their moment by throwing a block in Kleene’s face.

As the crew struggles to use their Ether Gear to free themselves from their bondage; an abnormality appearing in the program. Xenolith begins to glitch out, and Ziggy takes his place! Somehow; Ziggy’s has managed to get through the Edens Zero’s defense system come into the VR-C world to mess up their training. And as Witch said: “Any physical strain felt in this world is reflected in the real world.” These kids are in major trouble.

The Demon King Descends Upon Ye……..

Now obviously Ziggy would be able to get past the ship’s security system- He made the d@mn thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has surveillance on the Edensz Zero as we speak. He’s more than likely watching them and listening in on their communications right now. So him breaking in just when they get tied up and can’t fight back. Shiki will probably break out next chapter- if not with his Ether gear than on put strength. Then he and Kris and fight Ziggy together- just like I always imagined in my head. That’ll be fun to see!

One of the things I like about this chapter is that it shows the whole crew training, and not just Shiki. I mean; you’re lacking Laguna and the Shining Stars, but I kind of feel like the Shining Stars can’t get stronger through “physical exercise-” they’ll have to upgrade themselves later on or off screen. And although Laguna is travelling with them; he’s not “one of them……..” just yet. Give him some time. But you get what I mean: I like that it’s more than just Shiki training. I feel like the crew is going to walk away from this with some inkling on how to use “Overdrive-” particularly Kris. In fact, if Shiki and Kris do fight Ziggy here- I fully expect Kris to go Full Overdrive. As for the rest; I can see them at least getting to the “first stage” we saw Shiki displaying.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69: “The Evolution Of Planet Cereal

I felt that this months chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” was a pretty good one- however “convenient” it may have been in terms of the plot revelations. Despite that; it was a good chapter that told us a lot about the lore of this world- which is always a good thing. Listen to me- giving my thoughts like I just gave a full review of the chapter. Let’s get on with the review.

The Opening Page

Rather than jump back and forth between plot developments and important moments; I’ll just talk about both in detail. The part I want to talk about first: Vegeta and Beerus. Beerus starts by asking Vegeta how many planets the Saiyans have destroyed. Vegeta states that it’s “hard to say;” all the Saiyans knew was combat, so the number of lives they took is beyond uncountable. And it was only the annexation by Frieza that invading other worlds and destroying the inhabitants became “business as usual.” Beerus accuses him of blaming the Frieza for all of the Saiyan’s “sins,” but Vegeta instead claims that it was the King’s lust for power and control that lead to their down fall even before Frieza.

Beerus begins to be angered with Vegeta’s thoughts on the matter- calling them “ridiculous.” He displays part of the technique, and tells Vegeta that “As long as there is doubt in his ‘soul,’ then this power will never be his to wield.” Beerus reckons that Vegeta is taking on all of the Saiyan’s sins unto himself- he’ll need to let that go to use this technique. As such; he begins to whoop Vegeta’s royal b!tch @$$. He even goes as far as to reveal that it was He who authorized Frieza’s elimination of the Saiyans! It had nothing to do with “destiny” or anything like that; they died because Beerus wanted them to. So Vegeta needs to get rid of this mindset that he has to atone for all of their sins; he needs to “destroy” this mentality. After all: “Before creation- There must come Destruction.

Is He Actually………?

Vegeta is enraged by Beerus’ claim- attacking immediately. Despite telling Dodoria when he killed him that “he didn’t care about his parents, his planet, or his race.” I think what this scene was supposed to demonstrate is that Vegeta feels guilty for the Saiyan’s history- that he got so caught up in atoning for his own sins that he just started taking on the sins of his race. Which is dumb when you really think about. Those were the Saiyan’s sins; they had nothing to do with Vegeta himself. So he shouldn’t be trying to take them all onto himself. This is all that Beerus is trying to tell him.

Now you may be asking me right now “What does all of this have to do with Vegeta learning a new technique?” Well I’ll show you. During the fight; Beerus managed to get a hold of Vegeta, and holds out his hand. You know what this one is: Beerus uses The “Hakai” on Vegeta. But he only uses enough power to destroy Vegeta’s Armor. As the prince gets up in a daze; the God of Destruction tells him “If you really want this power, then you’re going to have to ‘destroy” any stray thoughts and ‘recreate‘ yourself from scratch.” As simple as that. I like this character development in Beerus, and I’m eager to see how “Super” continues to Develop Vegeta in the future. No matter what you’re thoughts on “Super” are; you can’t deny that this series has given some really good characterization and development for the Prince Of All Saiyans- even if they shaft him out of wins all the time.

How would Moro be able to defeat Beerus in Dragon Ball? - Quora
I Don’t Care What Every Single Person Says About This Arc: This Was AWESOME!!!

The rest of the chapter is all about Granolah and setting up what he’s going to be doing for the rest of the arc- in regards to what the Oracle Fish said in last months chapter, and just how strong he’s going to be going forward. At least; that’s what his goal seems to be. This chapter ends ambiguously. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We see Granolah return to planet Cereal, where he lands in a city where the the new inhabitants- the “Sugarians-” live. He asks for them to fix the ship that……..that other bounty hunter guy blasted. He then goes to pick up some food and water for he and his friend/roommate, “Monaito.” The Sugarians tells him that they can live in the city if they want, but Granolah turns them down. 1)For “amenable cohabitation” and 2)He can see the town he grew up in- or rather; what’s left of it. It serves as a constant reminder of “what he had lost.”

PTSD On Blast.

We then end up cutting over the the Heeters– who seem to be actual important players in this arc. Side Note: We learn from Granolah that they were the ones who sold off Planet Cereal to the Sugarians. Important for later. Maki tells Elec that they found Zuno’s location from extracting 73’s data. But that ain’t all they find: They find out that the Galatic Patrol owns the sector of Space- so they were waiting to ambush the Galactic Bandit Brigade when they arrived on Zuno’s planet. As Elec said last month: “Knowledge is power.” Now they know what’s waiting for them when they invade.

But they also end up seeing how the Galactic Bandit Brigade was freed from Galactic Prison by Moro’s 3rd wish. They learn that they were freed through the use of the Dragon Balls, and cross reference them with the legends of the Namekian people. Putting evrything together; Elec deduces that these Dragon Balls were used to resurrect Frieza(not knowing anything of the Tournament Of Power or anything). Maki tries to remember where she heard the term “Namekian” before. Which is when Gas drops on us the lore bombshell that “Namekians were a Tribe that once lived on Planet Cereal.The first of many lore expositions. This is very “exposition” heavy chapter. But a very convenient exposition chapter. It’s like; all of this lore is really “conveniently” revealed at the same time so that everything make sense. To the point were Elec just so happens to remember that Monaito is a Namekian. Well………That was conveniently timed, wasn’t it?

The Elder Of Cereal- Monaito

Back on Cereal; Monaito and Granolah eat their dinner(or rather, in the case of Monaito- just…….drink some water). As they chat; Granolah brings up the fact that Frieza’s back in power. Granolah is willing to go after Frieza completely free of charge, but Monaito tells him not to, as he “doesn’t have the power to take on Frieza.” Hearing that he lacks the “power” to do so; Granolah suggests that they use the Dragon Balls that Monaito just so happened to make. More “convenient plot revelations.” Though this plot convenience comes with an explanation about how different Namekians make different Dragons Balls.

We see on New Namek that Elder Mouri is giving a class on Dragon Balls. That was convenient. We learn that each set of Dragon Balls is made differently and varies in both size and number depending on their creator. Even the number of wishes and their power is entirely dependent on who creted them. Each village on Namek is gifted a Dragon Ball- which we learned were used as “Rewards” for “Bold Warriors” who sought out the Dragon Balls in times of “Great Suffering.” Basically something that a lot of people to wanted to use to restore what they had lost. But along the way; people like Frieza and Moro came about and wanted to use the Dragon Balls for personal gain.

Thus……..they went into hiding. Though Mori states that there are other sets of Dragon Balls made by other Namekians on other planets- such as Earth. For all that Elder Mori knows; there could be dozens of sets of Dragon Balls out in the Universe somewhere. And not just the 7th. Interesting world building, Toriyama and Toyotaro.

Back on Cereal; Monaito tells Granolah not to use the Dragon Balls for revenge- or to revive the other Cerealians that were wiped out. Not because he Hates them or anything; the Namekians and Cerealians lived peacefully together on this planet before the Namekians moved away. He’s just worried about the Sugarians being kicked out their new home. So Granolah goes back to his revenge idea, wanting to find the 2 Dragon Balls Monaito made. But the old man tells him “Revenge just gives rise to new enemies.” I wonder about that. Maybe he’ll seek out revenge on the Saiyans and then end up making enemies out of Goku and Vegeta.

Please Don’t Make What I’m Thinking Will Happen Happen……….

Granolah puts the ball back, and Monaito goes to bed. That night; the Sugarian news just so happens to report that a “mysterious orange crystal ball with 2 red star shaped markings on the inside” was found in the crevice of a mountain where a little Sugarian boy was hunting insects. THAT was convenient. Like; I would legitimately say that this is the most “plot convenient” chapter in the franchise. I’d even title it as such if I hadn’t already used it. And not just because I’m too dumb to think of a synonym for “convenient” but too proud to nut up and look it up, okay?!?!!

Granolah sees it, and compares it to the 1 star ball(the same Dragon Ball associated with Emperor Pilaf- the first villain in the franchise and Syn Shenron- who was originally the final villain) Monaito kept. He hears on the news that “Specialists at the Institute say it’s possible that the ball did not originate on Planet Cereal and are currently conducting research.” I mean; it didbut not from the Cerealians. They don’t seem to know what they have in their possession just yet, so…….Granolah leaps at the opportunity- quite literally. Which is something I’m liking about this arc so far: Granolah acting a lot like a Mandalorian.

Some times; you get chapters like chapter 67, where he does just come in an shoots up the place. But then you also have chapters like this, in which he has to do the “sneaky sneaky espionage” stuff. I like this heist moment- and I wish it had lasted a little bit longer. The way it’s portrayed; Granolah goes into town, breaks in, grabs the ball, and dips. I hope the anime- if and when it returns- expands upon this scene a little bit more.

Though I guess this is something he doesn’t want to do, so he didn’t want to drag this out any longer than was necessary

Granolah wraps up his face in a cloth, and goes into town. He leaps onto the Institute where they’re holding the Dragon Ball, and waits for the Sugarian scientists to leave. He then smashes the window, grabs the ball, and darts out of town into the forest. He stops somewhere, as Oatmeel asks him if he really intends on defying Monaito’s wishes. But Granolah tells them “I have a plan.” He puts down the balls, and asks Oatmeel to help him recite the spell to summon the Cerealian Dragon Balls. It- like with the Namekian Dragon balls- must be said in Namekain. So Granolah recites: “Takkarapto Tottoronbo Pupiritto Paro. I’m sure there’s 1 super uber fanboy out there who broke down the Namekian language and can speak it almost flawlessly. I am not that fanboy.

The next scene goes as you would expect: Sky goes dark, and the dragon comes forth in a flash of light. it actually reminds me how cinematic summoning Shenron used to be. Remember that? How every time he came out, it felt like the whole world stopped moving for a minute and we were greeted to the sight of an almighty Dragon God? Good times- especially when you compare to the little b!tch Shenron we have nowadays whenever Beerus is around. Even though it is pretty darn hilarious to see. The Dragons’s name is “Toronbo(according to the wiki),” and he will grant any 1 wish within his power. And with no language barriers put up. So Granolah makes his wish: “To Be The Greatest Warrior In The Universe!!As the Oracle Fish had predicted.

The Cerealian Dragon- Toronbo

I ultimately do think that this chapter is a little bit contrived and convenient on the exposition about the Dragon Balls. But I do like the lore and world building that this chapter added. The idea of the Namekians being these Nomadic people that migrate even as far as multiple Universes is pretty cool, and I like the idea that it doesn’t always just have to be “a set of 7 Dragon Balls.” It can be a set of 2, 3, or even just 1. That makes me think that this is going to be an important plot point for the future of the story- be it the next arc or even arc afterwards.

I like Toronbo’s design a lot- I think that this different design from the other 3 Dragons is pretty cool. He takes more after Shenron, but you can definitely see the spike design influenece from Porunga, and the face does kind of remind me of Super Shenron. But I think he might even be smaller than Shenron is. He doesn’t do as many loops, nor does he seem to even reach outside of the Forest. It just looks like he’s bigger than Granolah but that’s about it.

Another thing I like about about this chapter is the development and characterization given to Vegeta and Beerus. I think that these are 2 of the strongest characters in the series right now. So seeing them in this light is very welcomed. It’s a really Good chapter- but not exactly “great.” Solid, but needs work.


And……….yeah!! If I had to pick; I’d say that I like “Dragon Ball Super” more than “Edens Zero-” even though I feel that “Edens Zero” was the better of the 2. I think they were both really good, and are moving the story along at fine paces respectively. I’m super curious to see what these Manga have ins store for us next, and even more so to hear you’re thoughts on both of them. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, folks. Til the next post, my ninja’s- later!

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