Ether Gear Contest Winners- Edens Zero DISCUSSION

Hello there, my pretty little readers! If you guys read my review for chapter 130 of Hiro Mashima’s 3rd work “Edens Zero;” you’ll know that the Ether Gear contest winners had been decided. Only there was a bit of a problem in my review. You see: I had mistakenly labeled the Oceans 6 members Fabiano and Reverend Cyca were also fan made characters. But that is not the case. The rest are, though. This post is about me telling you the new information I’ve learned about these 5 character- creators and abilities, as well as lite speculation for their future. Without any further ado; here we go!!

#1- Callum Steelford(Submitted By @NCo726)

Contest Winner #1

Ladies and Gentlemen– Contest Winner #1 is none other than “Callum Steelford,” submitted by @NCo726. Congratulations to that person; you made an awesome design and a wicked sick Ether Gear For him. No name was given to the Ether Gear from what I’ve seen- but he has the ability to absorb the energy(it says energy, but I think we all know that they mean Ether) from the inanimate objects around him to increase his physical strength. Everything from rocks to water to even the air itself becomes the source of his power. But that ain’t even the Best part of it.

So………..this man- this………BEAST– has the ability to Straight Up ATOMIZE people, whether from up close or from an unspecified distance. This man can reduce people to atoms, my peeps. How and why did Mashima choose to use this…….BUSTED character?! Honestly; I don’t know how the crew is going to deal with this guy. Like; I am genuinely flaberghasted at this man’s power set. I think that if Mashima included a character that can atomize people; he’s going to include away to reverse that effect. I wouldn’t even know how you reverse being reduced to atoms, but I’m sure that Mashima has a plan to make sure this character isn’t ridiculously overpowered.

As for what his role in the story is going to be; he’s a member of the Oceans 6- just like the majority of his fellow contest winners. That said; I feel like- depending how Mashima chooses to write him- he could become a fan favorite. Popular enough to join the crew? Plausibly. Though it more-or-less depends on how much fun Mashima has drawing him. You know how he is. But I can see him fitting in pretty well with the rest of the crew. And his strength is nothing to sneeze at, ya feel me?

#2- Lyra(Submitted By @Altairiis)

Contest Winner #2(My Favorite Ether Gear)

This is “Lyra-” another member of the Oceans and a fanmade character. This one was submitted to the contest by @Altairiis. Congratulations to you, my friend; you made my Favorite Ether Gear out of the bunch! And I really like her design, too; between the heterochromia and the freckles- not to mention her clashing hair colors, the sunglasses, and her choker? This. Woman. is. B-e-a-UTIFUL. She would also be a contender for “Best Design” if not for the last one.

But the thing I like most is her Ether Gear- my favorite of these 5. It’s called “Gamble Rush,” and- as its name would imply- is heavily dependent on her “luck.” It’s Lightning based, with power depending on what number she rolls. Even numbers up to like 2, 4, and 12 are all “good rolls,” while an even number like 3 causes her to “short circuit,” and 11 would inflict recoil damage on herself. Simple- but effective. I don’t know if she’s going to use an actual pair of dice like her boss or if her hand is just going to glow with a certain number on it- but I’m interested to see her in action.

I can see her fighting either Homura or Weisz- maybe both. Homura trying to avoid her electric attacks, and Weisz getting hit by one of them, plausibly overloading the Arsenal suit. I can also see Weisz hitting on her a little bit- but not without reason. As for if we’re going to see her again in the story after this saga……….maybe. I hope so. I- like many anime fans- have a soft spot for Electric anime characters. Eneru, Sasuke, Killua, Laxus, Kaminari, Luck- All of them are great. And I want Lyra to be great, too.

#3- Nasseh(Submitted By @satansuol)

Contest Winner #3

THIS GUY right here. This man is……….probably the weirdest and creepiest of all. But a good design and power all the same. You did good, @satansuol(Cool name, by the way). I like the name of his Ether gear: “Eye Of Horus.” Horus is the Egyptian God of The Sky- with the sun in his right eye and moon in his left. Much like his name would suggest(“Horus” means Falcon in Egyptian); he had “Eyes like a Falcon.” What does any of this have to do with Nasseh’s Ether gear? Well; he has the power to read peoples memories. No; really. This man is able to see the memories of your past- and even remove and replace them with false ones!

Now…………I can see this man being the type to “Mess with peoples friends;” the type to pit one friend against another just for the fun of it. A Mashima-style d0uchebag. But I can also see him as being the key to unlocking a few things. Things like the Shining Stars memories working under Ziggy- including where they found Shiki, how close they got to Mother, and maybe even what happened to make Ziggy like this. He could also unleash Rebecca’s memories of the different timelines- from World No 1 all the way to now. He could end up revealing several key ideas in the story. And if he does, then that might just make him the single most important character out of these 5’s. Maybe even one of the most important in this story. But I don’t see him coming back at any point after this saga is over.

#4- Milani(Submitted By @Ft_72m)

Contest Winner #4(Would Be My Favorite Design If Not For………)

It’s funny because I actually did know a girl named “Melani” in real life! Didn’t like herat all. But based on her design; I might like this one. Like; just look at her in her introduction in chapter 130!! She’s hot. And the way that she’s wearing her shirt- not to mention her hair style and earrings. She’s just really fre@kin’ pretty. Which is a core part of her character. And a core part of her Ether gear, considering what she can do.

Her ability is called “Mirror World.” Think Brulee in One Piece- she creates a pocket dimension that exists between all mirrors on whatever planet she’s on. You can move about these mirrors as much as you want- but if the mirror breaks while you’re doing so, then your existence will be erased. What I think this means is that if she breaks the mirror she puts you in, then you will die. In this regard; think “Mirror Master” from The Flash comics. Which just makes me think that Rebecca is going to have to fight her. She has Super Speed- Milani mess with Mirrors; it’s too much of a parallel not to do it. I even know what I would title that review.

I also feels like she bears a striking resemblance to another fan character- the one just under her, in fact. They look so much alike that I honestly thought that they would be sisters in the spoilers. I think that less now, but I still think they might be related in some manor.

#5- Ijuna(Submitted By @honatu0726)

Contest Winner #5(My Favorite Desgin)

And lasty- my Favorite character design of the winners: Ijuna. Is it because of her boobs? I’d be lying if I didn’t say 60%. But more than that; I like how lifeless her eyes are- like she’s just seen too much sh!t and has now given up on life. They remind me of Sekre’s eyes in Black Clover. And I think the reason that Mashima chose Ijuna to be Shura’s secretary rather than a member of the Oceans is because of her design. In the character sheet that…….”displayed(?)” her; she had the same clothes- exposed chest and all. My thought is that Shura chose her to be his secretary because of her chest size. And he’s making her wear such a revealing outfit so he can easily grope her whenever he wants. Cause that’s the kind of scum he is!!

You can even see below the cleavage tears in her uniform- almost like someone ripped he shirt open and didn’t finish. Does that not sound like Shura to you? And going back to her “lifeless, dead expression;” maybe Shura’s abused her so much that she’s lost any will to live or to fight against him, and is just accepting his behavior at this point- just “going through the motion” with her boss, essentially. I can see that coming into play during her fight whoever. I actually had this slight idea in my head that Ijuna was the girl Britney was talking about- that Shura chose her over Britney to be his secretary because of her breast size, but looking back at chapter 120 tells me that that is most likely not the case. Though Mashima could change a few things.

It’s Possible………

But beyond just her design; I like her Ether Gear. She creates a thread of Ether between 2 people that makes them love each other(Shippers are gonna have a F*cking Field Day with that). But when she severs the thread; the individuals at both ends of the string Hate each other. That’s something I like about Ijuna and Nasseh: They can turn your bonds of “Friendship” into a major problem for everyone. While Nasseh can make you fight such and such on his behalf in the name of “Friendship;” Ijuna can make you fight because of “lost love.” She can increase and destroy peoples feelings for each other. And having people get all “lovey-dovey” during a War like this and then getting into nasty break up? THAT’S gonna lead to some dysfunctional @$$ teamwork on missions.

I also just came up with the idea that she’s a machine that was created to work for Shura, but……….I read the latest chapter and………that’s not the case. Still; she’s attractive and she can f*ck with the crews “rhythm.” I’m starting to see why Mashima chose her for the story.


And there you have it, boys and girls; the Ether Gear Contest winners and their abilities! What do you think? Who’s your favorite out of these 5? And who do you want to see in a prominent role in the story going forward? Let’ me know all your thoughts down in the comments below. Congratulations once again to all the winners of the contest; you made some wicked amazing characters, and I look forward to seeing what they can do in the story. And to all those who weren’t picked; Mashima stated that he wants to do another contest like this in the future! So be prepared for the future!

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Til the next post- catch ya later, gators!