All For One’s Grand Ambition: The Birth Of The Ultimate Evil Is Upon Us All- My Hero Academia THEORY

Hello again, wonderful people in internet land! I’m back at it again with another “My Hero Academia” THEORY discussion! Yeah; you guys seem to respond really well when I do stuff like this, so I’ve been racking my brain over another theory post to do. Then I though of one- a sort of “sister post” to my ever-popular “All For One’s Master Plan” theory. People have been questioning what All For One’s “End Goal” is- what he plans to do after he steals One For All. What does he want? And what does he want with One For All? I may have the answer………….

“The Ultimate Evil Will Soon Be Born……….”

I believe that All For One’s plan might just be to “put things back to the way they were before-” to turn things back to the way they were when he was in charge. I site chapter 258, when Hawks described the Paranormal Liberation Front’s operations as “bringing about the second coming of All For One.” The world that All For One plans to create is a “lawless world without foolish idealism,” where he himself sits atop the throne as the “Demon King.” It seems like what he’s going for is breaking down society so that Quirks can be used freely. But there in lies his plan.

The more lawless the world gets; the more his ideology from Vigilantes come through. In chapter 92 of the spin off prequel series; All For One breaks down for us his philosophy on “What makes you a Villain(as well as being one of my favorite pieces of dialogue in the whole franchise)-” one of the core themes of the series. He describes it to Kurogiri:

You and I may be what the “Good Little Citizens” and Politicians call “Villains,” but what is a “Villain” exactly? The term is certainly too emotionally charge to describe a certain class of criminals, wouldn’t you say? If that were all; why not just say “Quirk Criminal” and be done with it?

I believe that the concept should be defined by a particular relationship between a person’s will and their quirk. When that will and that quirk support each other to create a “firm bedrock of resolve-” Well, we call those people “Heroes.”

But when an extreme and violent will stimulates a quirk into running, or on the flip side when an unruly quirk twists a person’s will to its own ends- That disparity creates a Dangerous imbalance. Unstable characters like that deviate from their “Pigeonholes” in society and threaten to destroy the entire frame work.

As such; that sort of “Logical Evil” or “Enemy of Society” is shunned and scorned- as a “Villain.” Meaning that at the core of Villainy is that essential “imbalance.” Going by that definition; what is the next logical conclusion?

Basically- forcing a person’s quirk to rage out of control or otherwise flipping their quirk around destroys that balance- Letting Me Turn ANYONE into a Villain.

All For One- The Symbol of Evil
Horikoshi is such an AMAZING Artist.

Feel those chills you’re getting? That’s what happens when a Villain describes himself! And in his mind; his quirk is the one to blame for his behavior- or; perhaps he’s admitting that his behavior is unjustified. Maybe it’s like the quirk “All For One” could have been a force for good, but his will twisted the quirk until it became……exactly what we see in the current story. I think this quote is also something to look at when it comes to what he’s done to Tomura.

I’m not going to address the theory that All For One is the one who gave Tomura the Decay quirk- I don’t know how I feel about that one. But even just considering what he’s done to the boy; he’s clearer used his philosophy on what a “Villain” is to twist Tomura to fit his desires.

In chapter 297; All For One made it very clear that he needs Tomura as part of his plan. At the time; I had thought that he was going to use Tomura’s anger to take further control over his body- that Tomura fighting All For One made his control that much stronger. But after thinking on it more; I realized what Tomura’s anger is: A Powerful Magnet. Let’s say One For All represents All For One’s house key that somehow ended up in one of those crane machines(A TV trope reference. It’ll all make sense in a minute). Up until now; All For One had just been trying to go about stealing the quirk with the crane hook the “ol’ fashioned way.”

But then Tomura came along with a super powerful magnet- one that attracts the key right up to the glass and he moves it to the exit slot. Up until now; All For One’s attempts to steal the quirk hadn’t worked. So he realized that he needs something stronger than than each users will: RAGE. If he can cultivate an “anger” stronger than a One For All User’s “Will,” then he’ll be able to steal the quirk by force this time. Case and point: Chapter 304 showed us Izuku conversating better with the past user’s, and they implied that All For One’s recent attempt made it possible. As Shigaraki(First User) described it: “He ‘drew’ them out.” Something that is implied to be a NEW Thing. I wonder what’s different this time compared to when he tried taking it from Banjo or En?……………..

“Like A Good Little Battery!!!”

What I’m getting at with this point that- even if he hadn’t given Tomura the “Decay” quirk; he has been cultivating Tomura’s rage at the world- forcing him to get angrier and angrier so he could use Tomura as something like a “Battery” to power that Super Magnet. And it almost worked this time. But as for what the End Goal is- his Ultimate Plan- I think One For All has multiple things to do with it. It might serve several reasons, such as:

  1. Serving to connect him to his brother like he seems to have wanted all along.
  2. A Physical boost to his body to prevent it from succumbing to Quirk Singularity.
  3. Increasing his life span with “Life Force.”
  4. “The One That Got Away.”

1. Connecting To His Brother

Focusing on the first reason for a minute is the idea that it serves as “A Reminder of His Brother.” In chapter 193; All For One admitted that he did indeed love his brother. During their whole “sibling dispute;” All For One spouted a similar line that you would here from Muscular: “Without power; one cannot assert their ideals.” He tries to sway his brother over to his side properly, and then ends up leaving him left in a room where he refused to eat. All For One came in and talked to his brother about a comic book they used to read. And after vowing to “rewrite reality;” he forces the stockpiling power unto his brother.

The Geneses Of One For All

He even admits that he handpicked this one for Yoichi- a quirk that even someone in his state can use. Because he “matters to him.” So if Yoichi refused to submit to him, then he just “rewrote the story” to make himor at least he TRIED. But the first user didn’t want to submit- leading into the flashback in chapter 310. It’s all coming full circle. And to take it a little bit further; it contains a portion of Yoichi’s consciousness. He can show his brother the world that he wants to create- to prove to the brother that “spurred his love” that he was RIGHT in the end. Now Yoichi has no choice but to watch; to live in this world of All For One’s design- just like the man wanted all along.

2. A “Physical Boost”

This is an idea I got from Mammoth Base Opera Castle. I think I’ve mentioned his idea a few times, but in case I haven’t: He postulates that All For One’s intention was to give Yoichi a wicked powerful quirk so he could pass it on and make it strong enough to reinforce his own body- that he somehow knew about Yoichi’s quirk and gave him something to supplement that so that he could steal it back later and gain a body wouldn’t succumb to “Quirk Singularity.”

Now……….I’d believe this idea, if there was a little more evidence to back it up. Like; All For One knowing that Yoichi had the quirk to pass on quirks? How? Can he like………SENSE these things? Like; he can “sense” the quirk factor in others?………….Actually; that’d be a cool little ability his quirk affords him. Maybe not knowing what each individuals specific quirk is, but has the ability to sense who has a quirk or not. But that still doesn’t explain how he knew about the “Baton Pass” quirk(we’ll call it)(Imagine if I just guessed the name of the original user’s quirk?). It’s like; it’s weird. But I will believe that that became his goal after learning about the Singularity………..which is probably what Mammoth Base Opera Castle meant, huh? Oh well; I guess the clarification is good to have, huh?

More evidence for this theory comes from chapter 281, and is explained in chapter 304: The “Cracks” that form in their skin. By this; I am referring to the cracks that formed in Tomura and Hikage’s skin. Hikage said that these cracks formed in his skin formed in the last year of his life- when One For All’s strength and the multiple quirks locked inside it began to eat away at his life. The cracks were a result of his body decaying. I use this wording because we see this effect EARLIER in 281- on Tomura, who had undergone treatment to have the All For One Quirk and its various quirks within transplanted into him. That’s right, folks: Tomura might be succumbing to Quirk Singularity!!

The thing that lead me to this was the cracks, but I also would like to take you back to chapter 283– in which, after turning off Aizawa’s erasure; he regained his quirks- only for the Hyper Regenerations quirk to fail on him and he d@mn near falls apart. Granted; he was only 75% complete- but I think that lends to this idea. He’s incomplete his body can’t take all of those quirks right now. And considering the context clues we keep getting about the end goal; this body will NEVER be able to. So what my brother postulates is the idea that these cracks are not in fact the result of his body succumbing to the weight of all those quirks, but rather Tomura’s “metamorphosis” taking place and whatever Tomura is becoming is going to “come out” of him. Like; the thing that we’re seeing is just the “cocoon,” and beneath the cracks is something…………Vile. Something that everyone in the series unanimously agrees that whatever it is- “Can’t Be Allowed To Exist.”

Hood(Final Form)

That said; I think that that both interpretations are correct. I believe my brother’s idea that the “shell” is cracking, but also that his body can’t handle it. And because his body can’t take it; Ujiko modified his body in such a way that it would sort of “create” a new one that could take whatever the monster could dish out. Ujiko reworked his body to adapt to these quirks and “make” a new body that could handle it. And before you tell me how crazy I am; I’d like to point out that he took Hood from a street fighters to a Winged Beast between the events of Vigilantes(which you should all be reading) and the main series.

It’s not as if it’s impossible for Ujiko to rewrite someone’s genetics to do so- he copies quirks and implants them in corpses for a living.

3. Increasing His Life Span

In chapter 270; Ujiko revealed his quirk: “Life Force-” it doubles his life span in exchange for his physical capabilities. One For All is a quirk that allows you to access Stockpiled power. But it is not in itself a “physical augmentation-” rather, it’s a “reinforcement.” A “boost” of sorts. But you guys saw all those augmentation quirks he used against All Might during the Kamino Ward Battle– and that was the counterfeit. Imagine- in ALL of his 200+ years of life– how many physical augmentation quirks the REAL DEAL accumulated?

I count about 8 augments

Now; think about the “Life Force” quirk- ” doubles his life span in exchange for his physical capabilities.” Think about how One For All and how it interacts with other quirks. 1)It speeds up the aging process- which could be theoretically “cancelled out” by the Super Regeneration Quirk. Which leads into 2)It “boosts” one’s natural quirk– as it did to Bakugo in Heroes Rising. And 3)It takes the quirks with it when it is passed on. Taking all of this into account and considering how obsessed All For One was with One For All; he more than likely knows all of this. So his plan is to boost the physical augmentation quirks to feed into “Life Force.” And when One For All begins to erode his new body; the boost it’ll give to the Super Generation quirk will make it so that he doesn’t begin to wear down- and allows him to regrow organs he loses in seconds. For all intents and purposes: He’d Become IMMORTAL. Which is more than likely what he’s aiming for on that front.

Think about how long he’s lived and all the quirks that he has accumulated. Someone like him- someone whose “quirk is dictating their actions-” more than likely wants to collect as many as he can, as long as he can. So he’s trying to extend his life span even further so that he could collect more quirks potentially forever. Collecting more and stronger quirks- quirks that are becoming stronger and stronger and thus have a lot more “kickback” to them. So a stronger body would also help to deal with those- not to mention the “Shoto Effect,” whereby the other quirks he collects compensate for the weaknesses of the others………..This is feeling more like just in general what he wants from this quirk than “extending his life span.” But we’ve come THIS far, so let’s keep going a little more. Cause I just though of something else that might be a problem.

“Quirks Are Physical Abilities”

Something that I only just thought of while writing this is the idea that All For One’s own quirk is beginning to show his limits. Remember what Deku told Shoto during the Sports Festival: “Quirks Are Physical Abilities.” They’re not just “superpowers that can be used infinitely;” there’s a limit. The All For One quirk itself has a limit, and I think- over the course of his long life span- has probably ran into it once or twice. But this time; he’s prepared for the worst. But before we discuss his plan to deal with it; What is it? Simple: He can’t hold that many.

Sure; the copies he and Nine used are far more limited, but the REAL “All For One” quirk probably has a limited number, too. And when he hits that limit; those cracks begin to form on him, too. So the Super Regeneration quirk was a “MUST HAVE” in his mind. But that CERTAINLY has a limit. And whatever quirk he has to compensate for it- has a limit. It’s a never ending chain of limits on his quirks. And like Hikage Shinomori- He’ll die when he hits it. What I’m postulating here is that he’s trying to pull a Kars from part 2 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: “Becoming The Ultimate Life Form With No Weaknesses.” P.S.: Battle Tendencies Is The Best Part Of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures F*ck you; Fight me.

But his downfall will come from the very thing that would make him this “Ultimate Lifeform:” One For All. The stronger the quirk is- The Bigger “Kickback.” One For All wouldn’t just boost the quirks themselves- it would make the side effects of the quirks worse, too. We saw it in Heroes Rising when Bakugo momentarily received the quirk: His arms being strained by his own explosions was amplified to the point where his arms actually broke. So whatever the side effects of “All For One” and its various quirks are going to be amplified- resulting in a very similar situation to the other ultimate life form defeated by a teenage boy: Cell. I can see Horikoshi making it so that all these quirks mixing as violently as they are results in Final Form All For One expanding like Semi-Perfect Cell. And- much like Goku, whom he is partially inspired by- Izuku uses the first 2 quirks he ever unlocked(“Black Whips” and “Float”) to take this Explosion-Waiting-To-Happen to the sky so he can safely burst(PAUSE). Izuku saves the world and dies the Greatest HeroPerfect Ending. No pun intended.

More Grotesque Than This, Though. And that’s saying something.

…………………How did we go from talking about what All For One wants to predicting the end of “My Hero” almost perfectly? Meh; I won’t erase it. I’m curious how correct I am about the ending, and curious what you guys think about my super-correct prediction. Sorry I’m actually posting content; it seems like I didn’t get the job I was hoping for. So I’m just throwing myself into something I love doing. I’m just feeling like sh!t is all. So if I go off on small tangents; do forgive me.

4. “The One That Got Away”

The last point as to what All For One wants with One For All is actually one of the more basic: It’s “The One That Got Away.” Or more accurately; the 6 that got away. One For All(and its assortment of quirks, which I’m just gonna group together as one collective thing) is the sole quirk in EXISTENCE that he could not get- the one thing that never bent to his will. And with an ego like his– the idea that he can’t steal this quirk must drive him crazy. If we go by the “symbol” example set up by All Might and All For One; One For All would represent “The Symbol Of Defiance.” As long as this quirk is out of his hands- people who seek peace have a fighting chance against him. So he’ll take that symbol and TWIST IT to his own ends.

10 tips to master the art of reverse psychology
Reverse Psychology Example

It’s also just basic “Reverse Psychology-” which I- like many of you, I’m willing to bet- learned about from Ed Edd N Eddy. The more it fights against him and defies him; the more and more he wants it. If that’s sounds r@pey- that’s because it IS. He wants it because he can’t have it.

The “Endgame”

Now that I have detailed why he wants One For All and what it may potentially do to him; I want to talk about what his big “End Goal” is- what he wants when all is “said and done.” I’ve probably thrown it out in a post or 2, but for a refresher: I believe that All For One is trying to “reset the world.” It’s all in the dialogue:

  • Chapter 258– Hawks describes the Paranormal Liberation Front’s plan as “The Second Coming Of All For One-” how they’ll destroy cities, take over during construction, and spread their twisted ideologies to everyone so that they follow Tomura and All For One.
  • Chapter 297– All For One describes this new point in history as a “Void Era,” in which the are progressively less and less Heroes working, and more and more Vigilantes coming about- just like back in his time. He’ll take advantage of these frightened people to twist them to his will and amass the same power he did centuries ago.
  • Chapter 310– Daigoro Banjo describes this era as being “just like the ‘Advent of The Exceptional-‘” the era where quirks first started to pop up.

What All For One wants is for everything to go back to the way it was when he was in power- with his brother forcibly at his side this time. And with One For All in his hands; there’s no one around to stop him again.

Any “Resistance” That Pops up this time- Shut THAT Sh!t Down Real Quick.

But the core part of his rule was how people reacted to quirks in the beginning- some people wanted to get rid of their quirks and live a “normal life,” and the others were jealous of those with power. Nowadays; Quirks make up 80% of the world- they’re no longer feared as a “concept” by anyone. So how will All For One take advantage of people without his “Go-To-Gimmick?” Perhap’s that’s the OTHER THING All For One need’s Tomura to do– to make people afraid of Quirks again! But how……….?

Well…………..Tomura wants to Destroy the world, and All For One seems to want to rule it. But he’s also made it very clear that he has no intention to stop Tomura’s wish. Thinking about that; I thought of what Horikoshi might be going for: “A New World Born From The Ashes.” Horikoshi says he hasn’t seen Avatar: The Last Airbender- but I think the more we watch the series unfold, the more we start to call “Bullsh!t.” For those who don’t remember or have never seen it(Bullsh!t, but I guess it’s believable. Unacceptable, though- Go watch it on Netflix or Paramount+ RIGHT THIS SECOND!!); the main villain’s goal at the end was destroy the entire rest of the world and build a new one on top of the ashes and wreckage of the old. Maybe All For One is going for a similar idea?

Ozai GIFs | Tenor
Something Akin To This

I can forsee him giving Tomura’s body back to him, and letting him enact his will upon the world- a wave of “Decay” sweeping all over the place, turning anything and everything in it’s path to dust. It starts with Japan- everything starts there. And once Tomura’s made everything decay; All For One will take over and preach his false ideology to the survivors. Something along the lines of: “Do you SEE what happens when quirks are left unchecked? It was the quirk of Tomura Shigaraki that lead him down this path- down the road of Destruction!! I am the solution to this problem- I can take away the problematic quirks of the world and make THEM bend to MY Will!! These quirks may control the weak- But They’ll NEVER Control ME!!!!

Do you SEE the hypocrisy I put in his claim? I made the quote taking into account All For One’s ideology towards Quirks and People, and I think he’s smart enough to construe to the masses at large that Tomura’s “Decay” made him want to destroy everything the way he does. And he’ll try to paint every criminal in that light- trying to make it so that the punishment for a crime committed by a quirk user results in him taking it away. The more people try to enact their will(or the will of their quirk); the more quirks he’ll amass. And using the resources he’ll accumulate from being this “Messiah” figure will allow him to go all around the world– letting Tomura destroy as much as he wants, then taking control back and spreading this false belief to the survivors. Tomura gets to destroy; All For One gets one quirk after another and World Domination- It’s A “Win-Win” in his twisted mind. At least; I think this is what Horikoshi is going for. But maybe you feel differently. If so; let me know!


And there you have it. my lovely readers! My theory on what All For One wants at the end of the day. I think he wants One For All for multiple reasons, and he wants Tomura to destroy the world so he can rebuild it from the ground up- with himself at the top of the pecking order. I’d love to to your thoughts in the comment section. That’s all I got for you guys today. Until next we meet, everyone- Later!!