Superman And Lois Mid Season SPOILER REVIEW

Hello, everyone! I know I rarely talk about live action stuff(I don’t even remember the last post we did on a live action show), but I’m a big fan of DC Comics. So I wanted to talk about some of the CW “Arrowverse” shows like The Flash, Arrow itself, and more. Problem: I didn’t watch any of the shows last year; the place where I was living didn’t have the CW. But now I’m living in a place that does get the CW. So we’re going to be talking about a show that won’t be back until May: the new “Superman And Lois.” Yes; I’m serious. It’s a new show they’re doing following the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” crossover event(that I was unable to watch at all).

Meet The Kent’s

The series follows Kal El/ Clark Kent/ Superman(played by Tyler Hoechlin) and his wife Lois(Bitsie Tulloch) as they navigate through their greatest challenge of all: Parenthood. One of the changes brought on by Crisis: How many kids Clark and Lois have. As many of you may already know; Clark and Lois have only ever had the 1 son: Johnathan Kent. But not only did Crisis cause Jonathan to age up to 14- but it even went as far as to give him a brother, named “Jordan.” However……..Jordan and Jonathan could not be anymore different. Whereas this version of Jonathan is a Football player and popular kid in his school in Metropolis; Jordan has an anxiety disorder- he gets freaked out in social situations, so he spends a lot of his time playing video games rather than being like his brother. That ain’t all, though.

We soon learn in episode 1 that Jordan is the one who inherited their father’s powers- at least a little bit. He fires an initial burst of Heat Vision that flares up again episodes later when those bully’s were messing with him and Johnathan, but so far it only comes out at the height of his emotional stress. Which one would think would be a little more frequent, as it is also shown in episode 1 that Jordan suffers from a “Social Anxiety Disorder.” He gets freaked out in social situations and is prone to panic or studder. As such; he requires a lot of attention and care- from his parents, and from his brother. Actually; I think I would like to talk about John for a minute. Because he’s RADICALLY different from his comic book counterpart.

New Jon Kent Poster Image for “Superman & Lois” – Superman Homepage
Johnathan Kent- Teenager

This version of Johnathan is 14 years old- unlike his younger comic book self. He’s a Football player in High School; very popular with the ladies; and has a lot of his father’s behavior, such as the optimism and the outbursts of anger being few and far between- but are BAD when they happen. These angry moments crop up a lot more these days, as his family made the move from his “stomping ground” of Metropolis to the Farming Community of Smallville. Yeah; he’s gonna be THAT guy- the guy who will do his d@mnedest to hold himself together, but will lash out and blame others for his misfortune. Though I kind of feel that that’s realistic. By which I mean that’s how a child– heck; even some adults– react to moving to a new place.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; moving to new places and adjusting to a new life with new people around- far away from where you felt comfortable in your own skin and knew people(he even had a girlfriend back there, dude)- is scary. And uncomfortable. And when you have little control over the decision in addition to knowing why your moving(a more comfortable life for his mentally ill brother); you tend to blame those around, such as the aforementioned brother, the father who’s off being the “Man Of Tomorrow” halfway on the other side of the planet, and the mom who’s trying to jungle those other 2 things, as well as her own career. Point is: John’s not irrationally upset. I can see where he’s coming from- although the fact that he seemed to “have it made” in Metropolis makes it seem like he’s whining and blaming other for his misfortune.

As for Jordan– like I said: “Social Anxiety Disorder.” However; he inherited his father’s powers- if only slightly. He’s used heat vision once, and he admits to not having “Super Strength,” but is in fact stronger. Strong enough to protect himself and John from steel beams falling on them, and strong enough to be good at Football, but not Godly at it. As far as his potential growth over the course of the season(or potentially the series); his biological paternal grandhologram Jor El speculates that he may never properly develop powers like Clark. Though Clark and Lois thought that John would be the one to manifest powers, so surprises are bound to come. My personal theory is that at some point in the series future- Jordan will become the Arrowverse interpretation of Super Boy Prime. He just kind of LOOKS like him to me.

Superman & Lois Spotlights Alexander Garfin's Jordan Kent
Superboy Prime screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

As for Johnathan; I think they might be going for the original “Super Boy Kon El” interpretation. Originally; Super Boy Kon El/ Connor Kent only had the power of “Tactile Telekinesis-” the ability to surround his body in a psychic force field to augment his physical strength and make himself more durable and even fly. “Psychic Supermanis what I call him. While Jordan becomes Superboy Prime; Johnathan might be going in that direction. But does that mean that Jordan will become a Villain at some point in the series run? “Yes And No” is my answer.

I think that this is the direction of Jordan’s character, but whether it’ll be this Jordan or another Multiverse version of him has yet to be seen. In fact, the way the Arrowverse shows are going post-Crisis On Infinite Earth’s; they’re going to kind of “hold off” on doing any Big “Multiverse-isms,” which is what introducing a Super Boy Prime from another Earth would do. But to make you certain that this is going to be Superboy Prime; I’d like to point out the Earth that this show, The Flash, Supergirl, and Black Lightning take place on is Earth 1The PRIME Earth. And both Johnathan and Jordan have called each other “Super Boy” before(both times in somewhat insulting manors).

But I think the Hardest piece of evidence is the original synopsis for the series that said that Jordan would be the one developing telekinetic abilities while John would end up getting his dad’s regular set of powers. Low and behold- That is not the case.

Jordan is pushed to the edge in Superman & Lois episode 3 clip |
Doesn’t That Look Like Some Bright Burn Type Sh!t?

I think that Jordan’s story arc will play out somewhat like Arthur Fleck in Joker. The “Punchline” of that movie being “You get what you f*cking deserve-” Arthur was kicked around by society, so he became the one person who could destroy that very society: The Joker. Jordan- in the beginning- was kicked around by kids at school and needed his brother to “fight his battles.” Not only that; but his dad was rarely there because- unbeknownst to him- he was Superman. The move to Smallville; the bullies; absent father who kept secrets from them; all of these things and more might result in him just being “over all of it,” and becoming a version of Superboy Prime. Though this is all speculations, and this probably like 3 or 4 season build up to when a Superboy Prime level event would take place on the show. At least; I would hope.

Another part of the show that I’m liking and hoping they play into more is the “Captain Luthor” character. He’s a version of Superman’s old enemy Lex from another Earth. Crisis may have moved some stuff around. Like in the final season of Supergirl; something changed in Kara’s past. I won’t say what because I don’t want to spoil you, but there are several difference in character histories from the old continuity. In fact; Johnathan and Jordan themselves are one such difference. In the old world; Clark and Lois only had 1 kid- a baby named “Johnathan.” But when the Multiverse got reset; 2 boys were born to Clark and Lois- and we pick up with them as 14 year olds. Which I kind of feel lends to the notion that Jordan will become Superboy Prime. The actor just looks like he could pull off the suit!! But back to Captain Luthor.

Captain Lex Luthor

He’s from the “Injustice Earth;” an Earth where Superman tried to take over the world. This version of Lex was one of the leading officers of the Resistance against him, but they were very much fighting a losing battle. The End Result: Nothing Because Crisis Happened. But Lex blames that version of Superman for the destruction of his homeworld- and the loss of his wife: Lois Lane. Yeah; he and Lois were a Thing. So see the man he holds responsible for destroying his home marrying and having 2 kids with the love of his life must be KILLER. So he’s done a few things attacks on him out of sheer anger. But he’s also extremely intelligent; he’s knows he can’t wage war against Superman all on his own. So he’s trying to bring the military over to his side.

Which actually brings us to the other point of the series that I really liked: General Sam Lane- Lois’ father. In this version; he’s fully aware that his daughter is married to the “Man of Tomorrow.” As such; he’s trying to work with him as best he can not just for Lois, but for the sake of the world. Yeah; he realizes how much of a necessity Superman is to the World’s security. So he works(begrudgingly) with him. However; he has a problem with…………”over reliance?” I guess that’s not the right word; it’s more like he can be a little insensitive to Clark and his daughter- taking Superman away from his family to do some kind of mission. As such; it leads to a lot of “Clark Being Absent-” which not only affects the boys who need all the help they can get right now(between the powers and the move), but it also once caused him to break a promise that he made to Lois. Which lead to a very………..“Unique” scene that I actually liked more looking back at it.

image1 – Superman Homepage
Not the scene I’m talking about, but it indicates some kind of conflict

Lois was going to call out a business man for his shady practices, and she wanted Clark to be their for support and to ask a few questions of him. But General Sam Lane called him in to deal with a superpowered individual(which we’ll get to in a little bit), and he bailed before the press conference even started- leaving Lois high and dry. And when he gets home; he’s met with an upset Jonathan, and angry Lois. She admits that this anger is irrational- she knows that being Superman is a very demanding job, and has made her peace with him having to up and leave sometimes to save the world. But she is still upset that he couldn’t keep this promise to her. She GETS it- but that doesn’t mean she’s not upset. It’s actually very similar to a storyline in season 1 of Amazon’s Invincible(which just had it’s season finale and has been renewed for 2 more seasons- A MUST WATCH for Comic Book Fans).

Later on; we see General Lane talk to the boys about calling their father for their problems. THIS is where he messed up. So…….he pulls the boys outside, and talks to them about their father. He was against the boy’s ever finding out his secret, but respects the decision(to and extent, as this will show). He “suggests” to them that they not rely on their father unless it’s an absolute emergency- that they shouldn’t call him away from an important mission such as dealing with these new Super individuals and that they should try and handle the problem on their own. And if it gets to a point that they genuinely, earnestly cannot handle- then call in the Big Blue Boy scout. I can’t BEGIN to tell you everything wrong with what he asked of them.

New Sam Lane Poster Image for “Superman & Lois” – Superman Homepage
Grandpa Sam Says “Don’t Tell Dad(PAUSE)”

First off; he is telling them that they can’t bring their problems to their father- to just deal with them on their own while dad is away working. What the f*ck, man? Parents are supposed to be the sole people in the UNIVERSE that they can go to for anything– no matter how small, insignificant, stupid, pointless, moronic, or selfish. Because a Parent will NEVER see it that way. They’ll help you no matter what. So to tell them that they can’t bring these problems to the one man in the world that they should- is just p!ss poor Grandparenting. And it can and will lead them to further resent their father after enough time.

2)It shows you the kind of environment Lois grew up in in her formative years. She could not go to her father because he was always busy with work. And while General Lane probably saw it as “Neglecting his daughter to make the world safer for his daughter.” But a young- and even Adult Lois- took this as neglect and isolation, which is the exact opposite she gets from her husband. And to see him try and alienate her children from their father in the same way that he alienated her; Lois just lost it. He tried to justify himself by elaborating how important Superman is to the world, but while Clark was trying to keep his composure and not fly off the handle and knock this guy out for trying to alienate him from his kids- LOIS f*ckin’ LOST IT, and told her dad off for his awful parenting techniques. He is effectively banished from their house and their lives- for the moment.

But see; that was unknowingly their biggest mistake YET. As in the episode before; we see Captain Luthor make contact with General Lane, and give him a means of contacting him in case he needs him to deal with Superman. Sam wasn’t too sure about it, but if Superman is willing to ignore dozens of American citizens in favor of leading a happy life with his family; I think Lane might be seeing Superman as a problem. One that isn’t going to just blindly follow his orders like the rest of his soldiers- he might be thinking it better to either terminate him, or make him “irrelevant.” I don’t think he’s going to kill his son-in-law- despite trying to alienate the boys; he is the father to his grandchildren, and the one who his daughter has chosen to spend the rest of her life with. So he might try to like undermine him, you know? Make multiple soldiers who are almost as strong, rather than have 1 man doing it all. But that ain’t what Luthor is planning on doing. Keep in mind: This is STILL Lex Luthor we’re talking about.

He looks like Tom from the Toonami block

This version of Lex seems to be trying to dismantle Clark’s life in pieces; first his relationship with the Government, and then his family. Now that Sam thinks he can’t rely on Superman as much as he used to(which wasn’t much to begin with); he’s turning to Lex for assistance when it comes to these new Super individuals popping up. Which brings us to the other part of the series I wanted to talk about: X Kryptonite.

This is one of those somewhat obscure elements from the comics. “X Kryptonite” is a type of Kryptonite that has no effect on Kryptonians themselves, but gives non-Kryptonians all the same powers that they do under the effects of the yellow sun. I wasn’t entirely aware of this type of Kryptonite until I heard about it in a video, and I didn’t know that’s what was going on here. So this was a welcomed surprise. But something my brother noticed that I completely missed is the fact that each individual we’ve seen empowered by X Kryptonite hasn’t used ALL the Kryptonian abilities. We’ve seen one with heat vision and super strength; one with heat vision; one with super speed and super strength- but never one who has all of them. Now this could always be the show limiting these individuals to make the story more interesting while also keeping Superman as the most powerful. OR……….. it could be the quantity of the X Kryptonite that’s limiting them. So I think these individuals have the goal of procuring more X Kryptonite and using it for………whatever they have planned. Which I MAY I discovered.

Not the “Motherload” they were hoping for, but they’ll take it

I have 2 idea’s as to what these individuals are using X Kryptonite for: it is either a drug that’s being passed around, or Captain Luthor is procuring it for something. For idea #1; I think that the X Kryptonite is very much like a drug- an addictive high that you keep coming back for. But the more you use it; the more you’ll have to get to experience that “high.” As such; they’re looking for it to not only make an army of Super Soldiers, but also to experience a “wicked high.” They aren’t necessarily working together, and the only reason they do is to get snoops such as Lois off the trail. A bit farfetched, I’ll admit. But I think that it is either going to be this, or this will be what it is in the future of the series.

The other idea is that Captain Luthor is enlisting the aid of the X Kryptonite traders to make himself as powerful as Superman- to fight him on common ground and maybe stand a chance at winning this time. Perhaps it’s a similar case to the Kryptonian Supplement pills in the Injustice universe- it makes you tougher and more durable, to the point where you could actually fight against a Kryptonian. Perhaps X Kryptonite was the primary ingredient in the supplement pills, but the Government who made them suppressed the effects so no one would be on the level of Superman and become a problem. Luthor, however, wanted the full effect to fight against Kal. They didn’t listen, and as a result- Superman won. Then Crisis On Infinite Earth’s happened, and he got a “second chance.” So he might have enlisted these people to get him some X Kryptonite, and told them what it does.

How “Streaky The Super Cat” Was Born………I think

He might also be using this as a chance to conduct experiments on X Kryptonite’s effects on the Human body before using it himself. No matter the Universe; Lex Luthor IS a genius. So he’s not going to do anything harmful to himself without a contingency plan or knowing what he’s getting in for. As such; he might be using these guys to gague how long these powers last, the after effects, side effects, and such.

It could also be that he’s raising an army of his own- one equal to Superman so that when they take him out; they’ll have an army under his command to take on any threat that comes the Earth’s way. Although I think the twist is going to end up being that those Super Individuals won’t be obedient little soldiers to him forever. The moment that one of them is too powerful; they’ll betray him, and try to do whatever it is criminals who get Super powers do: Either go crazy and start destroying sh!t, or try to take over the world.

The very last thing that I would like to address with the series is Jordan’s budding relationship with Sarah Lang-Cushing- Lana Lang’s daughter. For those of you that are unaware; Lana Lang is one of Superman’s “old flames-” a girl he used to go out with in High School up until he left for Metropolis. At some point in time; she got married and had kids- the oldest being Sarah, whom she has a………very Not Good relationship with. By that; I mean I get the feeling she’s done beauty pageants since before she was even potty trained, is forced into activities such as cheerleading and chorus, and likely several other things that she doesn’t want to do- all so her Socialite mother can “save face” with the public after and event that all of that more than likely caused: Drug OVERDOSE.

Superman And Lois' Easter Egg — Watch Season 1 Episode 3 [VIDEO] | TVLine
Jordan’s Closest(And Only) Friend

A while ago- before the series started; Sarah took a LOT of pain killers. She overdosed- and now she’s high key being watched by everyone. Her parents to make sure she’s okay and doesn’t do that again; by Smallville as the daughter of the Social Icon Lana Lang and local fire fighter chief; and just as a teenage girl who overdosed on drugs some time ago. So now she’s under this “lens,” and she’s doing her d@mnedest not to let history repeat itself. Enter ONE Jordan Kent– someone that in just their first meeting Identified with. It was Martha Kent’s funeral. And- as the town’s resident “Nun(sorry if that’s offensive to anyone)-” everyone showed up to pay their last respects. Including the Langs, although my brother says that the X showing up to your mom’s funeral might be a little bit “inappropriate” in some regard.

Jordan took medication for his social anxiety disorder at the funeral because he had to interact with people. Sarah caught him, and just kind of gravitated towards him. But while he and particularly Johnathan were misreading the situation; she was just looking for a “kindred spirit-” someone that she could talk to about this stuff without getting pitied or anything like that. Thus culminated in the 2 hour premiere in which Jordan- egged on by John and misreading the social cues- kisses her in front of her Star Quarter back BOYFRIEND. Which, of course, lead to Jordan getting beat up. Then John came in to save him but ended up getting jumped too, then things just kept getting worse for the brother’s until Jordan- under ridiculously IMMENCE stress- unleashed his Heat Vision, making the bonfire larger than they could handle. But unfortunately; Superman was contending with Captain Luthor at the time, so he couldn’t just “zip right over-” no matter how much he wanted to.

Always catching sh!t from that Kryptonite, huh?

During the fight; Luthor jams a Kryptonite shard in his chest and sends Superman crashing to the ground. But hearing his wife’s buzzer and his son’s calling for help; Superman does what Superman does best: Push past his limit– he caught himself mid fall, YANKS the kryptonite out, and zips over to Smallville in seconds. Fortunately; Mr Cushing and the Fire Fighters managed to put out the fire and save the kids- though socializing between all of the kids is going to be…………awkward going forward. Like when Sarah had that talk with Jordan about the nature of their relationship. Though, as she and her family are driving away- she smirks a little bit, thinking about the kiss. Heh heh heh………. Though that’ll make his time on the football team weird, won’t it?

And…………..THAT’S THE LAST OF IT ALL!!!! It may have taken a little over a month, and being 2 weeks out from the release of the second part of the season. And I may have had to do it on a hiatus- but I DID IT!!!!! I think this first half of the season started off strong and stayed that way consistently- though seeing John and Jordan get mad at papa kind of wore on my nerves. Although it’s a CW show, so there has to be some contrived melo-drama here and there, right? But that’s just me. I would like to know your thoughts down in the comments, and let me know if you’re watching any of the other DC TV shows on the CW. I hope you’re all at least keeping up with The Flash and Supergirl; they’ve BOTH been really good recently!

In any case; let me know your thoughts on “Superman And Lois” in the comments. And until next we meet, everyone- I’ll catch ya later!!