Close Enough Season 2 SPOILER REVIEW

……………I might have some ‘splainin’ to do, huh? Let me explain: I was just finishing up some posts that I’ve been working on for a while(the Chainsaw man post; the Edens Zero theories that I hope have come out by the time you read this; several series reviews; etc), when I saw that my friend RJ Writing Ink posted about season 2 of JG Quintel’s HBOMax original series “Close Enough.” And then it hit me: I COMPLETELY blanked on the fact that “Close Enough” season 2 came out. And I had watched the release date trailer, Godd@mmit. I don’t want to just “copy” him and talk about it because he reminded me of it- I just genuinely want to talk about season 2. It may be a month late, but I’m here to talk about the spiritual successor to Regular Show– “Close Enough!”

There certainly is, but I haven’t found it yet

In terms of the season itself……….not much different from season 1, if I’m to be honest. It’s feels like the show’s just episodic and we just continue the same trend: “Small problem blown up to epic proportions.” It’s like; I think that this show is funny, but it’s very much still doing its own thing and doesn’t have much going on in the background. In RJ Writing Ink’s post; he detailed the various references to movies that he saw when he watched the season. And he’s honestly correct in all of what he said.

It’s kind of 1 movie reference after another- though that’s not a complaint. It actually lead to some pretty funny moments over the course of the season. Such as the “Sauce Face” episode, or that one episode with Alex getting a new phone and ending up getting sucked in to it. Actually; a similar thing happened to Bridgette this season with social media. Which will tie into an element that was present last season that isn’t all that touched on as frequently this time around. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes to that.

I think out of the 2 episodes I referenced; I think I like the Bridgette episode more. Simply because I don’t like what Alex said in the phone episode. It was a reference that I got, but I didn’t like what it was a reference to. He said that “Superhero movies are a plague that’s hurting cinema.” James Cameron; Martin Scorsese; Jennifer F*cking Aniston. All of these people have gonna on record to say that Superhero movies- particularly the MCU movies(cause they’re the “Top Dogs” in Hollywood)- are “not cinema” and “stupid” or “silly” and the like. That’s a rant for someone more sophisticated and mature than me to do, so I’ll leave this part by saying that I strongly disagree with this claim.

Birthday Party Animation GIF by HBO Max - Find & Share on GIPHY
A Theme Going On That I Noticed

I noticed while watching the show that this season had a little bit of a “theme” going on- one that talked about “Being A Parent.” I think the best episode that displays this theme is the episode in which we see a problem that parents often deal with: Kid’s Birthday Parties. All week long; Candace had to go to friends birthday parties one after another, and Josh and Emily had to keep going along with her- only to realize that they still have to plan Candace’s birthday. It’s a B!tch And A Half to do all these little kid things. So they plan a side party for the adults. As with anything in this show; that gets blown out of proportion by the Party Magician they hired. Candace felt neglected by her parents, and the Magician didn’t want the child to feel so sad, so he wisped her away to “Birthday land” and tried to hold her captive until Josh and Emily could learn the “True Meaning Of Birthday Parties.”

I think this episode was actually pretty good, although it’s kind of a regurgitated theme in the season. I’m not sure how much continuity is gonna matter in this show, but it’s good to see this season have a through line(Hope I’m Using That Right). In any case; I liked this episode cause it showed something that I can kind of get: having to go to a kids party every once in a while is already kind of……….”not so fun for adults” I’ll say. It’s very exhausting having to deal with……what the GIF above is supposed to be showing you- especially when it seems like it’s every day or every week. They just needed a fre@kin’ break, man. So they tried to have a side party where they can do “adult” stuff. The problem I feel arose from HOW they tried to have the party. There’s a very simple way to have an “Adults Only Party” away from the kids: Kid’s Movies.

A Few Examples

When it’s time for Cake and Ice Cream; you put on a kids movie for them to watch while they eat. Then; all the adults(save one of the older ones that more than likely came along) sneak off to have some “Adult Fun.”………………In case you didn’t know; I’m Joking. I don’t actually know how kids parties are anymore; I haven’t been to one since my little cousins birthday in 20……….17? 18? It’s been a long time is the point. I’m kind of just padding this post out because there isn’t all that much to talk about outside of little moments in each episode that I like. I don’t even remember every episode, it’s been so long since I actually watched this season. I think it was a little over Month since I saw the season. And ultimately; I can tell you guys that this was a really good, really funny season to a show that’s been great so far- but it is no more and no less enjoyable than season 1. They are- in every since of the word- Even.

I like the plots of the episodes on the same level- the comedy was on the same level- the characters got no better or worse than before(though again; Did not like what Alex said)- and just…….it was just kind of “an addition-” the other half of season 1, I guess. I think the episode that stood out the most, though, was the Scarface parody episode. I see Oh So Many Movie parodies, but I’ve never ONCE seen any movies that they’re based on. Like Footloose. In any case; seeing Candice act like a mob boss and selling sauce packets to make money for a drone- it was fun seeing an episode that was a little more “grounded,” but still zaney and fun. Particularly when she “offed” that kid with some of her product. That was just plain hilarious.

Now that I think about it; there were a few other funny plots in this season. Such as when Brigette went out with that Couch Ghost guy. It was an episode where Brigette was wondering why she can’t find the right guy, when in actuality- SHE “ghosts” them when she feels that the relationship is heading to a serious place. The Breaking Point: Having a spare toothbrush at her house. I guess it might just come down to her failed relationship with Alex, but I feel like it was a problem present before even that– thus explaining her part in the failure of the marriage. Though Alex’s part is touched upon towards the end of the season.

And then there’s the episode dealing with her attachment to her phone.

Huh………I guess I can talk a little more about the funny little moments throughout the season. Like that one episode where Josh overreacted to not being able to play with Candace like he used to. More them taking the simplist of problems and blowing them out of proportion. He hurt his back picking up Candace, and decided to start exercising. But he went too far with the exercise and ended up neglecting playing with Candace in favor of building his body further. A task that Emily took enjoyment in. Seeing her husband get so built just…………..”got her motor going” for lack of a better term. And when Josh gave up his muscles to play with Candace; Emily caught the female version of “blue balls.”

There was also this episode that dealt with a problem that we all have in this modern day society: Our Godd@mned Cell Phones. You heard the joke before; ya heard a million billion times: “We can’t exist without our technology- without our phones.” I’m pretty sure everyone reading this is guilty of taking their phone to the bathroom(myself included). And when we don’t have our phones on us at all times or at least in proximity of our hands; it can leave everyone feeling kind of “naked” or “empty.” And in the case of Bridgette; it’s more like the addiction a drug addict has to any given drug. She goes through all of the symptoms of withdrawal- from hallucinating to “the shakes” to bargaining and such- she goes through it all. And by the end of the episode; she realizes that she doesn’t need her phone as much as she though, and tries to tell her followers that they don’t either. But they don’t listen because they don’t think it’s the “real” Bridgette, and go out in search of her.

We still haven’t seen this yet(I don’t think), but I’m a waitin’!!!!

Alex also had an episode centered around his phone(I actually think these 2 go together in terms of how they’re aired), but his was more about getting an upgrade from his old “dial up” phone. That episode contained the quote that made me lose a little respect for him, but it was a fine, fun little episode- that ended in a Matrix reference, as per the law’s of making a any kind of story about an AI. You either make a reference to the Matrix, or Terminator– which was also referenced at the end of the season when Josh and Alex travelled through time.

They were going back in time to find and undo what messed up Alex and Bridgette’s marriage because Bridgette found out that he technically finalized their divorce. It was actually a really cool, really fun episode that got into how they met, and the various problems that they had in their relationship. It ultimately ended up going to where they first met, and Alex having to make the decision to either prevent the relationship from ever happening and losing everything- or signing the d@mn papers and closing the book on that chapter of his life. Guess which one he chose in the end?

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Whatever They’re Looking At Must be Horrifying.

There was also this episode dealing with toxic friendships- involving Emily and a friend she made in High school I believe. She was kind of the “whipping girl” of that relationship. But that girl ended up getting into a relationship with The Devil himself, and ended up getting into a relationship-ending fight. So she went to live with Emily, this girl we’ll call “Sonya(I don’t remember her actual name.” But Sonya ends up becoming THE WORST HOUSEGUEST IN EXISTENCE. Taking over the bathroom; using up all the electricity; making Candace her butler– just an awful person to live with. Though, considering she’s carrying the literal Anti Christ– I suppose that isn’t that much of a “surprise.” But the end of the episode had Sonya label Emily the “toxic friend” and decides to boot her out of her life. Hate that kind of ending, but I suppose as long she’s out of Emily’s life- it should be alright.

………………I actually think that that’s the end. Me just talking about episode plots kind of defeats the purpose of a seasonal review. Aside from my lack of time and the fact that I watch a lot of stuff with my brothers; I just don’t feel like talking about episodes weekly. People like RJ Writing Ink, Otaku Orbit, and Crow’s World Of Anime are able to pull it off in their own ways, but I don’t think I could do that. At least; not day in and day out the same way I do manga. I don’t know; I just don’t feel like it’s “my thing.” So instead; I’ll just end it with This: Season 2 of J.G. Quintel’s “Close Enough-” the Spiritual Successor to Regular Show– is not a “poor follow up” to the first, but it also isn’t necessarily any better than season 1. It is- in every sense of the word- Fine. But that’s just me– let me know all your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post; I’ll catch ya later, gators!!

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