New Series Recommendation: Candy Flurry

Hello, everyone!! I’m here again with a new series that I REALLY hope all of you read today. It’s only 6 or 7 chapters in at the time of me writing this(Sunday, June 6th, 2021, 11:13 AM). It’s a new series in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine(the very same responsible for publishing manga such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man(If you can believe it), and more), written by Ippon Takegushi and drawn by Santa Mitarashi. I don’t know who they are, but I’ve been REALLY loving this manga recently, and I’m hoping that you guys will read along with me and spread the word of it with everyone. Who knows; if it manages to make it far- I might just talk about it regularly when it comes back! No; I MEAN it!! I’m willing to do that because I’m loving this manga, and I want to see it thrive. So; here I am to talk about Ippon Takegushi and Santa Mitarashi’s “Candy Flurry: Ame No Furu!!”

Back Story: This corporation called “Cyndy ToyToy” put out a line of sweets and confectionaries- only 100 of each type, be they things such as Ice cream, gum, or even Lollipops. However; these candies had a unique side effect for anyone who ate them: They found that they had the ability to summon the sweets they ate. Which is the FIRST thing abut the series that I adore: The Power System. I love how simplistic it is in execution- but how much potential it has for strategy and combat. I here about all of these complex @$$ Nen abilities and these……….ridiculous overpowered Stands, and I end up thinking “Whatever happened to the days where I can just hit someone REALLY hard and they go down?” Seriously; what the h#ll is up with Knuckle’s “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” and that stupid “Golden Spin” bullcr@p? That……may have just turned everyone who loves the complex mechanics in a power system away, but I can assure you that this is a really cool way of fighting.

All someone has to do is summon a big @$$ lollipop or a really tough piece of taffy and then hit people with it until they go down, or use gum and caramel to set up a trap. I think people like the complicated @$$ nen system because it provides for a lot of strategy and provide for a different usage of power currency. But I think this simple system provides for some interesting match ups- especially when you consider how something like pop rocks or mentos would interact with soda. Yeah; it seems like it even extends to beverages and soft serve like Ice Cream. It makes me wonder what other kinds of sweets we’ll be seeing in the future.

But back to the story; we learn that one of the individuals who ate the Lollipop product used their powers to decimate Tokyo. Someone just made giant lollipop’s that crushed everything- to the point where the entire city was just abandoned. The Sweets user was never found, but one would be able to find them easily. You see; only 1 person can ever summon a certain sweet- 1 Donut User; 1 Ice Cream User; 1 Lollipop user. Thing is, though: Minase Tsumugi- our main character for this story- is a Lollipop user. But she is not the one who destroyed Tokyo. But she saw a glimpse of the guy who did it. So the initial premise of the series is her trying to stay off the radar and use her powers as little as possible- while in part looking for the guy who actually did it and earned Lollipop’s the epithet “Devil’s Candy.”

However; we pick up with her going to get her “8 AM” snack- a pack of cream puffs. But she finds out the shop is sold out, so she uses her “cuteness” to sucker someone out of theirs by making them think it’s her lunch. But before she can enjoy the snack; she is attacked by the Donut user who had just been robbing a bank. He’s now on the run from the “Recette-” the new law enforcement created to combat Sweets users. But for the moment; Tsumugi is left to defend herself on her own- as the donut user captures her to prevent her from telling the Recette where he went. However………his entrapment of her leads to the cream puffs she conned being smashed. SO………Tsumugi summons a giant lollipop and lays the SMACK DOWN on his b!tch @$$.

After she whoops some @$$; she shrinks the lollipop down, and cries over the remains of her cream puff. But her mourning is rather short lived, as the Donut user’s lackey’s come to see what happened. Which is when our secondary main character and new Recette recruit- Midori Misaki. He- with his Recette approved Giant Fork(No, I mean it)- comes in and apprehends the rest of the perps. He retracts his fork, and introduces himself to Tsumugi. He asks if she has any connection with these people, but she denies it. Misaki apologizes, and offers to pay her dry cleaning because she got powdered sugar on her from the donut user. As she goes on her way; Misaki notes that the Donut user was knocked out somehow, and begins to suspects “foul play…….”

Candy Flurry - chapter 1 - #19

We see that Tsumugi isn’t as cold hearted as she tries to be. She seems to be afflicted with the same problem as Peter Parker: “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.” She tries to just walk away from a……..weird Pig Dog Thing that’s about to get caught in the rain, but she can’t bring herself to commit to walking away from it; she ended up giving it her umbrella. She understands what’ll happen if they figure out she’s a lollipop user, but…………..she has a serious case of “Hero Syndrome” as Overhaul would so aptly put it.

When she arrives at school; she finds that she has a new classmate to contend with: Midori Misaki- the Recette Agent from earlier. She tries to keep under the radar, but………..Misaki sits next to her in class. And his suspicions of her become VERY clear very quick. And comment about a “Gorilla” doesn’t sit well with her, either. As she’s walking through the hallway; she’s met with Kishizaki- her constant admirer. She’s apparently rejected him a few times, but he can’t seem to get the memo. As such; he constantly pines after her, much to her annoyance. Though this time is different, as she has a Strait laced Recette agent watching her. And seeing her clearly uncomfortable- Sweets User or not- Misaki comes to her aid……….not “rushing” because it’s against the rules to run in the hallway. And it’s also against the rules for Recette agents to use force against civilians. To make a long story short: Kishizaki beats the sh!t out o him for getting in his way.

On top of that; Misaki failed the recent quiz because he didn’t have time to study. So……..Tsumugi tries to help him. But he’s kind of stupid, so they spend a lot of time reviewing after class.

During the tutoring; he reveals that he hates sweets. It’s like the idea of a traumatizing event connected to a certain food. In One Piece; the giant Hajrudin doesn’t like the sweet Semla- which he connects to Big Mom’s hunger pangs. Or my brother choking on a skittle once- souring him on skittles altogether. And with what all these sweets users causing all these problems; it’s no wonder why he doesn’t like candy and the likes. Tsumugi is surprised that people like him can exist, but Misaki is even more surprised that there are still people that can “still stomach sweets” considering what they’ve done to society. Particularly the Lollipops.

Looking over at the ruins of Tokyo- Giant Lollipop’s spread all across it; Misaki points out the various problems with eating it(which is actually addressed in the opening monologue of the series), and labels it “The Devil’s Candy.” Little does he realize; these words cut Tsumugi- deep. Because her Favorite Sweet is Lollipops. She breaks down the way the way she enjoys lollipop’s at the beginning of the series:

Lollipops are a special kind of candy to me. If I get one as a reward; I don’t eat it all up in one day.

First; I enjoy how it looks. Then I undo the wrapper with anticipation. Then I break it into pieces and eat it. And when I’m done; I look at the stick and feel a little sad……….

That’s……..What you do with a lollipop, right?

Minase Tsumugi

Lollipop’s seem to be important to her, so seeing them used for such destruction, and the fact that they could lead to the “end of her way of life;” it hurts. Especially when she saw the guy who did it. She can’t prove it; she didn’t even see the guy’s face, but………she knows what she saw.

Candy Flurry - chapter 1 - #31

As she’s walking back; she stops by the place where she left the pig dog and her umbrella. It looks like someone took both the dog and her umbrella. So she’s just left there to think that she’s “lower than a pig.” But then; the Donut user from earlier shows up- and he. Is. INSANE. Like; he’s covered in so many donuts that he’s become something of a monster. Actually, looking at it- I think he did. His head is bigger, and the color of his hair and face changed to shades of purple. Indicating that somethings going wrong with his powers. And maybe hinting at a power up Tsumugi might be able to get later on. In any case; he starts attacking wildly everything. Tsumugi avoids the attacks- contemplating using her powers But she decides against it out of fear for what will happen to her if she does.

It’s not like you can blame her; on top of knowing how sought after the lollipop user is- she probably suspects that the Recette’s will be on the scene and see her in action. Which they are, in a sense. Misaki arrives to help the situation, but he’s injured in the process. But he can’t let innocent people get hurt, so he tells Tsumugi to try and get to a safe place. Tsumugi asks him why he helped her even if he suspects she’s a sweets user. Misaki simply tells her that “It’s his job” and that he “doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt by sweets” the same way he did when the Lollipop’s rained down.

She’s about to run away when she thinks to herself how selfish she’s been, and decides to do something to stop this monster. She runs up the outside stairs of a building, making it all the way to the roof before she creates a MASSIVE lollipop to bring down on the Donut user’s grotesque head!! It is here that she laments in her resolve to use her lollipops to find the one responsible for Tokyo- and prove to everyone that her favorite candy isn’t “The Devil’s Candy.”

Candy Flurry - chapter 1 - #47

The Donut user is defeated, and Tsumugi ended up outing herself to Misaki. Confused as to why she would risk her own life to save him; Misaki asked why she used her powers to save him. Tsumugi- in this moment- admits to Misaki that she “wanted to show him that it’s easier to eat a lollipop when you break it into pieces.” I think what she’s trying to say with this is that she wanted reach out to and trust someone with her secret- the same way someone would break down their own method with someone they trusted. She extended her hand- and Misaki…………knocks it away………Initially. But more on that in a minute.

As you can suspect; chapter 2 sees them fighting. Tsumugi wins in part due to her own strength, but also due to Misaki’s injuries from the last fight. She tries to talk him down, but he’s not willing to listen. So she goes with her default option: Run Away For Good. But as she runs; she starts to think about it- about how her life has now been upended; how she’ll have to constantly be looking over her shoulder; constantly running; hiding her true self and keeping everyone at arm’s length……..It makes her really sad. And we see her face go dead panned- almost lifeless really- as she asks herself “Why don’t they get that I had nothing to do with it?” Which is another thing that I’ve come to really like about this series: Tsumugi’s internal monologue. It shows the internal struggle between the “self preservation instincts” we all possess, and her own secret desire to help people and prove that not all sweets users are bad. She doesn’t want to run away forever- she wants to live a happy life eating as many sweets as she can. At least; I think that’ll be her goal.

Meanwhile; Misaki begins to confront the escaped Macaron user, who’s attacking for some unknown reason. But with all of his accumulated injuries; he can’t make a dent in this guy. Tsumugi tries to take this as a chance to run, but she sees a little boy- one who hates sweets because of what the Macaron’s are doing. As such; Tsumugi reluctantly runs in to help, and takes down the Macaron user with the help of Misaki.

Because of what she did(save a child at the risk of being caught); Misaki starts to believe that she wasn’t the one who destroyed Tokyo. So he tries to trust her more. That said; he’s still going to be keeping an eye on her. It’s a small step, but she says that it’s rater important for her. Because now that she has someone that believes her; she feels like there’s a chance that she could actually join the Recette, and find the real culprit who destroyed Tokyo. Easier said than done- as she has a few “obstacles” to deal with in her path- namely Toka Irie.

So you know how Sweets users are often wanted criminals, such as Donut, Macaron, and the other Lollipop? Well; there are a few Recette agents- called the “Aces-” who are all Sweets users. Irie’s sweet: Vanilla Ice Cream. Wonder what their definition of “sweets” is? And do candy factories really make Ice Cream? One things for sure: She is not to be f*cked withunless you want to end up as sherbert. She is able to create giant scoops of ice cream and create sleets of it to skate on, which she does to great effect. Though she does have a bit of a glaring weakness: She’s Extremely Forgetful. She wore mismatched socks to work today because she was in a hurry to get out of the house. When she was younger; she did the same thing, but went back to change them. Her parents were……………elated? They praised her like “Man……..What an amazing kid we have here!!!!” It was……..odd positive reinforcement, but I guess as long as they were understanding and not d!cks about it; ’tis all good.

But then one day; Irie ended up eating a Toytoy candy, and gained Vanilla Ice Cream powers. Given all that she can do with the ice cream; it’s quickly become my favorite sweet power in the series. But I definitely say that Tsumugi is my favorite character thus far. I just really like how her internal and external struggles interact with one another, and just what her ability is. The lollipop’s don’t have some specific use per summon; she just HITS THE F*CK out of people. Though again; it’ll probably get a little more refined as the series goes on. We even get this early on when we see her powers in comparison to the Macaron user, as she’s not able to make her lollipop’s float like her can. It could always be the type of sweet, but I think it’s indicative of what she’ll be able to do in the future. Much like Asta learned to do with his Anti magic swords in Black Clover. But enough on that for now.

We see that Irie’s parents reacting like normal parents for a change, and send her off to make sure she’s safe. But before she leaves; Irie reminds them that they haven’t patted her head like usual. She went to live with her Grandparents house, with the promise that her parents would arrive not soon after her………but they never showed up. It wasn’t soon after she left that Tokyo was crushed under giant lollipop’s. So…….also baggage from that. I hope they don’t fall into the “Everyone was directly affected by Bad Event” thing- not everyone lived in Tokyo, right? And not everyone had family in Tokyo, yeah? So let’s not have every central character in the story have some sort of vendetta against the Lollipop user. But I also feel like a lot of these characters are going to play a role in finding out who the Lollipop User really is. Like; this might be a Detective Conan situation where we’re trying to figure out his name and motive. But also; the other Sweets user’s connection to him. There’s a reason 2 Sweets Users attacked the same place on the same day………….

There’s also the way in which the Recette’s fight against Sweets Users: Using their giant bow staff utensils, but also these small supplement pills called “Confeitto.” They look like breath mints(even down to the container they’re held in), and give them a physical boost to match a Sweet User. As shown with Tsumugi; their abilities aren’t the only things to worry about when facing them- it also seems to give them a physical boost, as Tsumugi is able to fight against a trained Agent like Misaki without too much of a problem and her strength when wielding a Lollipop nearly 3x her size. And part of the test to join the Recette’s is to see how well and how effective individual tester’s use a limited number of Confeitto. However; not all Recette agents use them– as shown when Misaki was fighting against Irie; Irie pointed out of that he doesn’t use the Confeitto in battle. The reason being really obvious: He Hates Sweets. So using a sweets-based boost would be against everything he stands for.

Though as you can more than likely imagine; his character arc in the beginning is going to be accepting that he needs that help to fight against the Evil Sweets users. As he’s seeing through Irie and Tsumugi; not all sweets users are bad. But as long as they’re seen that way- lollipop’s in particular; Tsumugi- a completely innocent girl who just absent mindedly bought her favorite treat one day- won’t be able to live her life normally. So he could see accepting the Confeitto as the first step in changing the perception of Sweets Users- by first changing himself. Thematic Importance And First Character Arc of The Series Discovered. Ba-Ba-BOOM.

It’s only 7 chapters in; it should be easy enough to catch up to. I really like this manga, and I want it to be popular enough to stick. Even though the longer I write this post; the more I start to feel like it’s going to be cancelled. Which is………Fine, I guess. At least I get to enjoy it while it’s around. But please: Give It A Read. Recommend it to others. Talk it up. Do whatever you have to to make sure this manga lasts as long as possible. ‘Cause I get the feeling that it’s gonna become something Phenomenal. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my lovely readers. Until next we meet; Have A Wonderfully Fantastical Day!!!

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