Dr Stone: Stone Wars SPOILER REVIEW

The Ultimate Battle Of Minds And Muscles!! Who Will Comes Out Victorious In The “Stone Wars?!!!”

Hey there, party people! Yeah; this is just like Jujutsu Kaisen. I must have explained this a few times in the more recent posts I’ve done. So I won’t dwell on this part much. But I feel like you guys are still owed and explanation: My brother’s and I kind of just stopped watching these shows one day. Stuff just kept popping up we just didn’t pick it back up. So I watched the dub episodes to fill in the gaps, and I can now talk about the whole season comfortably. So now; let’s talk about season 2 of Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s “Dr Stone: STONE WARS!!!

Season 2 of “Dr Stone” focuses all 11 or its episodes on the “Stone Wars” arc of the manga- which sees Senku and the forces of Ishigami Village fight against Tsukasa and his empire built with the strongest physical might. This is where we meet characters such as Nikki, Yo, and Ukyo. And I pretty much like all 3 of them. There’s just something about “Dr Stone-” I haven’t really found a character that I can truthfully say I “hate.” I think in my season 1 review of the series I talked about my experience while reading the manga, and how I’ve been captivated by 3 specific characters that would be my favorite- with the 3rd being the current still. Just ain’t found one that’s better than him- particularly when it comes to the content of………..Is this season in Cours, too? Cause I think the next part is gonna be 11 or 12 episodes as well; it’s coming out in July. But in any case; the teaser image for next part shows his stone statue, letting you know he’s on his way…….

The Best Character In “Dr Stone-” Coming Soon!!

But back to this season; the “Stone Wars” arc is all about trying to reclaim the the cave where they were able to get the main ingredient for revival fluid- in such a way that “no blood is spilled.” Not just to ensure that they get Ukyo and his impeccable hearing on their side, but also because Senku didn’t want a lot of bloodshed either. It’s like………..Senku both is and isn’t a “Traditional Shonen Protagonist.” He’s certainly smarter than the standard Asta or Goku or Luffy of his genre. But he’s also like them in the sense that he doesn’t want a lot of unnecessary bloodshed when possible- or bloodshed at all when he can help it. Heck; even when it looks like it’s inevitable he won’t. I suppose that would put him closer towards Emma from The Promised Neverland, though, wouldn’t it? In any case; I think that the concept of a “bloodless war” is an interesting way to take a “War Arc.” And it’s even more interesting to see how they fight against the Tsukasa Empire without blood when they roll up in a F*ckin’ Tank. Made of paper mind you, but a tank all the same.

The tank bit gets into how “Dr Stone” handles itself- the idea that inventions and science builds upon itself to make a full society. In that way; “Dr Stone” manages to both show us how everything is made and how versatile everything is. Like the tank- it’s made of paper they ironed out to make carbon fiber reinforced polymer shielding that they made to put around their steam engine to mimic a tank- it was more of a scare tactic than anything else. It only had 1 thing of ammunitions- which is all they needed to get the Tsukasa Empire to lose morale and subconsciously give up. Psychological Warfare was kind of critical to the plan.

Dr Stone Season 2 | Making Tank | Detective Suika is Back! - YouTube
The Steam Gorilla- Armored And Fully Loaded

The other part of the War effort was Senku and Gen’s plan to pretend to be idol Lillian Weinberg to make people think that the United States was back up and running- tech and all. This is actually a scene I really liked: Them discussing how f*cked up it is to use a dead person’s name and voice to entice people to come over to their side; the idea of telling them that society is getting back up and running like that……….they both agreed that pulling a stunt like that would end up getting them a one-way ticket to H#ll. And the way that Chrome reacted to it was just “Guess All 3 of Us Are Going To H#ll!” Funny. Kind of f*cked up cause they might be going to H#ll for that one(Not Even Gonna Tease The Huge Spoiler On That One), but I’m glad that Chrome is willing to follow them- even into the worst of places.

Though the moment they try this plan; they of course have to end up talking to the Ultimate Super Fan Nikki. She’s so……….so dedicated to Lillian’s music; she can hear the slight difference in Gen’s impression of her, and even knows her exact proportions!! She immediately breaks down the ruse, and is only convinced to join them when Senku plays the record. She knows it’s just a record– but the idea that her music can persist and come back after 3700 years meant that she could live on; that Nikki could hear all of her music again. So she ends up switching sides, and helps them put on a more convincing Lillian impression.

Would You Call Her a “Modern Day Kohaku?” Or Is She Perhaps Stronger?

Actually; I was looking forward to these 3 characters showing up this season: Nikki, Yo, and Ukyo. As I said before; I haven’t met a single character in “Dr Stone” that I’ve hated. And Yo and Ukyo are examples of characters that I really like. Yeah, Nikki’s a good character. But I just find Ukyo and Yo to be really interesting, given their backgrounds and motivations for joining Senku’s side. Yo is similar to Gen in that he’s loyal to the guy on top- whoever allows him to be the “Top Dog” and do whatever; he probably couldn’t care less whether it was an empire of brain or brawns. He talks down to the people of the stone world, but is actually not all that smart himself.

When the Stone Wars end; he comes out of his hiding hole and joins the winning side. They needed the man power, so they put him to work. He comes in handy later, which the next part might adapt, so he’ll be important for later. But going back a bit; he has a hand in what happens in the end- as he is the one that let Homura go to help Hyoga with his master plan. In the same way that the inventions build upon each other; these characters come into play at various points- every new guy introduced becomes important either now or later. Yo is a case in which he’s introduced, and you don’t think too much about him. But he ends up being the first “link” in a chain of events that lead into the climax. Which hit HARD. In fact; I think I’ll talk about that next.

I’ll get to Ukyo’s importance in a sec, but I think I’ll talk about the end with Hyoga first. So; Senku revives Tsukasa’s sister, Mirai. Because of the nature of the petrification; it was like giving her the surgery she needed to awaken from her comma. But there in lied Hyoga’s chance- the chance to take out Tsukasa through his weak spot. Thus far; Tsukasa proved too strong even for Hyoga. So he avoided direct combat until he knew he could win. Enter: Mirai. He has Homura distract them, and is about to stab at Mirai. But he knew Tsukasa would jump in the way. This results in Tsukasa taking a spear through the chest, and falling into the river- with Senku trying to save him the same way he tried to save Magma in that cave.

Senku and Tsukasa vs Hyoga

However; Senku’s a twig, and Tsukasa one punched a LionNo way in h#ll is he gonna be able to hold up that anomaly in nature. So he ends up falling into the river with him. And Hyoga follows suit- as per his plan. He knew that this river would wash them up somewhere where he can “do the deed” without interruption or interference- and he knew that Senku would follow after him. So he takes this chance to try and coerce Senku over to his side, and explains his personal philosophy on the petrification: He- like Tsukasa- believes that this is a chance to “purify” the world. However; he takes it a step further, calling Tsukasa’s plan to “only revive the young” to be “childish.” No; he only plans to revive the Strong- the one’s capable of fending for themselves so that “The Strongest” don’t end up having to sacrifice for the weak.

He seems to believe that if the strong “exist to defend the weak;” they’re giving up more than anyone else- The Weak have stomachs full of food while the Strong go hungry. Which may play into his backstory- I’m curious how he came to this philosophy in life. Perhaps he defended the wrong person, or maybe he was forced to work his whole life to support his family. But one day; he decided he couldn’t take it and……..not killed his family, but simply left them to forge his own path in life and put himself first. And maybe that happened not too long before the Petrification happened, so this ideology stuck so prevalently in his mind.

He explains this philosophy to Senku, who already made it clear when he saved Magma in Season 1 that the strong and the weak co-exist- they’re a mutualistic relationship. So if only the strong exists; they won’t be able to decipher the danger well enough and………well; Die. And Senku’s the kind of guy that doesn’t want that to happen. As such; Hyoga decides to MAKE Senku see things his way, and gives him a choice: Join Him- Or Lose A Digit Until He Does. Obviously, that can’t happen. So Shishio Tsukasa- The “Strongest Primate High Schooler-” gets up and Fights his former ally- chest wound and all. And he does this because……..it’s starting to ring his his mind how wrong this way of thinking is- how flawed his mindset was and how far things could have gone if he wasn’t stopped……..by Senku. The very same guy he made the promise to “protect” once upon a time. And plans to Reignite That Promise Here And Now.

The Ultimate Tag Team!! Science And Muscles Vs The Spear- Who’s Gonna Win?!

I really liked this battle because it showed that Senku is not……… useless in a fight. In fact, given a little bit of time; he can be very resourceful. He used that make-shift splint around the finger Hyoga cut to hide the Taser he made with the cell phone Hyoga smashed up. More of that “invention stacking” thing I keep talking about. But the thing that should have foreshadowed the taser bit was when Tsukasa managed to force Hyoga into a single spot- that Senku had dumped sulfuric acid on, and he used the taser to make it EXPLODE(in very Fullmetal Alchemist type fashion). That’s actually the core of this battle: Tsukasa being a threat and forcing Hyoga in specific situations for Senku’s scientific inventions to deal out damage. Because as it stood; Tsukasa would not have been able to defeat Hyoga on his own with that injury- and Hyoga knew that. But the threat of Tsukasa was enough for him to fall into all of their traps.

There was also what Senku told Hyoga about science- how he could use it to “kill Hyoga with a single finger.” Hyoga probably knew it was a bluff- but he also knew the kind of scientific power Senku had at his disposal. Even if it wasn’t enough to “kill” him; it was still gonna hurt like a motherf*cker. So he also had to keep an eye out for Senku as well. All that made it harder than Hyoga may have let on. But in all; this was just a really good moment in the series- I can’t wait to see more of what Hyoga has to offer to the story. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO THAT GUY!!!!!!!!!!!! But I won’t talk about that until then………

Dr. Stone Shots on Twitter: "ukyo 🥺… "
Now This Guy………

Back to what I was talking about in regards to UkyoHe’s A Military Man; A Soldier. More specifically; he was a Sonarmen- in charge of watching the sonar tracker for disturbances. And with his keene sense of hearing; he can spot lot’s of things. Like the sound made by Magma when they were planting the cell phone at Senku’s false grave, or his ability to find them in a field by the rustling of the grass. Despite his peace-loving nature; He’s Actually FAIRLY Dangerous. But he’s also an “idealistic softy-” he wanted the Stone Wars to end “without a single drop of blood being shed.” 1)Let’s you know some of what he’s done in his line of work– that this would be his condition let’s you know that he’s “Seen some sh!t” he doesn’t ever want to see again. He could have killed Chrome and Gen and Magma- he chose not to because the opposing side wouldn’t break apart the stone statues. So he chose them because their path would lead to the least bloodshed. I also like the Robin Hood/ DND Archer esthetic to him- hat and all.

As for Yo; he was a “Crooked Cop” in the old world- his motto was “Shoot First And Ask Questions If There’s Time!………” or something to that effect. And as you can imagine; he uses his status to repeatedly break laws- in fact; he was peeing in the street at the time of his petrification. So why did Tsukasa chose to revive him? Well he needed Guards and Manpower. Yo might not be much on the brains, but he certainly makes up for in his…………..they needed the man power. And someone dumb enough to not question the new status quo- and weak enough to suppress if he tries anything. Honestly, the more I think about; the more I think he was just around to be the warden for their prison than anything else. And- all things considered- he might have actually been good at that one. And he’s at least able to take charge when it’s time to mobilize the other guards to find an escaped prisoner. And I suppose his unpredictability makes him kind of a problem. So……Yo is fine.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode #06 | The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica
He also looks down on the primitive people- despite knowing comparatively less than even someone like Kinrou.

………………….I actually think that I talked about the main stuff. It was only 11 episodes, and I got to all the stuff that I wanted to discuss. The only thing left to talk about…………actually; I want to talk about the music a little bit- the ED specifically. The OP “Paradise” by Fujifabric is good and all, but it’s no “Good Morning World” or “Sangenshoku”. But the ED here- “Voice?” by Hatena- is easily my favorite Ending theme for the series. The song itself is really good- but the visuals really give it that extra “Oomph!” The evolution of Humanity to seeing a young Senku- encapsulating all that information within himself and growing with it. But then he’s petrified, and the world gorws and changes around him. When he emerges- he just walks on with every intention of starting from the ground up.

And then the way he takes off running at some point represents what he told Taiju at the end of episode 1: “Building Society Back Up In A Sprint-” a line that always kind of stuck with me for some reason. But the way he started walking on his own represented his flashback to before Taiju awakened. And when his friends came to him; he was able to start running. And then the shifting seasons around him……….Amazing Ending. Check out the full song and the ED when you get the chance.

Dr. Stone ☆ ED 3 Koe? (Voice?) by Hatena - Tumbex
Can’t Walk Everywhere. Somtimes- Ya Gotta Run Like H#ll!!!

But in any case; the very last thing that I want to discuss with you all is the ending of the season- teasing the Kingdom of Science’s voyage across the world to find the source of Petrification. Now this was more than likely always Senku’s plan. After all; what good would building society back up do if everyone just gets petrified all over again? So Senku likely always planned for this to happen. But the thing that sparked this sudden decision: Tsukasa’s Injury. Senku did not bullsh!t around the topic: If Tsukasa were to carry on with this wound- he would not make it. But seeing as the Petrification can aid in rejuvenation of the human body; all he’d have to do is turn to stone again and get a dose of revival fluid. Problem: The origin point of the Petrification light was in South America. It was gonna take a minute to get their hands on the device. And again- not much time left, what with with things like infection and illness and all. So how will they prevent him from dying before they got back? Well…………………Senku said it best: He Would Have To Die This Time.

See; they can’t perform surgery- they don’t have the medical expertise for that. Nor could they stop the bleeding much or even cauterize the wound. So Senku comes up with the idea of freezing him– slowing down his blood flow and freezing off the bacteria so that he could continue to leave until they got back. Thus; “He Had To Die This Time-” bringing their relationship full circle. An “Eye For An Eye” situation; Tsukasa “killed” Senku- and Senku has “killed” Tsukasa. But the both of them are going to be saved by the very same thing that brought the world to ruin, and lead to their meeting. It makes perfect thematic sense when you think about it. Man; I hope I’m using that word right- “Thematic.” I always enjoy hearing discussions talking about different narratives and themes conveyed in manga. It’s partially why my posts are so long- I just want to talk about this kind of symbolism in stories. I hope to convey them well in any story I’m writing……….

Mind And Muscle- Side By Side

But going beyond that; it’s just a very emotional moments when it happens. Kaseki even makes Kohaku and Chrome leave so Senku can “do the deed.” Because it’s like; he’s putting a friend to death. You guys saw it in Season 1: Tsukasa didn’t want to kill Senku– he did it because he thought at the time that it was the only way for the “World to be saved.” He admitted that if they met before all of this; they could have been the best of friends. But because Senku wanted to revive the world he saw as “corrupt-” he thought he had to do it. “1 life vs A Million,” and he picked the million. Whereas Senku did it to “spare” him. It’s kind of f*cked up to say, and this was SO DEFINITELY not Senku’s intention, but……………it was like putting down a sick dog– “ending the pain” before they die a slow, painful death. He “spared” Tsukasa from dying painfully- instead choosing to “put him into a deep sleep.”

And it’s like; he also didn’t want to do this- he didn’t want to have to “take a life” like this. Especially not someone he fought with- who he was friends with. And that’s one thing. Kaseki put those 2 out because……..because……….they didn’t need to see that– to see their trusted friend and Leader put his close friend to “sleep.” Only some kind of sick freak would want a witness when they do something like that. But the most impactful thing about this sequence is how Senku tries to………he’s not trying to “delay the inevitable,” but……….it’s like; he’s trying to make sure the process is as peaceful as possible- to “cushion the blow” on himself and Tsukasa. He starts trying to make small talk with him as he’s about to freeze- about a bunch of random stuff like Super Mario. Nothing really- at least; it would seem. But as Tsukasa goes quiet while Senku’s talking about some in-game secret, you just………..you just kind of know what’s up. And you can hear it in the boys voice that he……….he did it. And he took no “pleasure” or “revenge” in it- he “doesn’t give a millimeter” about something like that.

When I first read this scene in the manga; I actually almost shed a tear because………it’s like……….this scene was……..This scene carried a lot or weight- for Senku and for Tsukasa. You’ll probably see what I mean for Senku in the near future, and Tsukasa’s sooner or later. But for the moment; all I’ll say about this scene is that it’s brilliant, and I’m glad that “Dr Stone” added it in.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Episode #11 | The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica
Rest In Peace, O Strong One……………..

And with all of that said; I think I’ve talked about everything I need to say about “Dr Stone: Stone Wars!!” Man; the last 2 posts have been so close together. It’s not like I’m coming back as soon as I would like to; this season was just shorter than Jujutsu Kaisen. There was much less to say because of its length, so I was able to get through this in just a few days. And……this post is the end result of all my efforts. But in any case; I give Riichiro Inarigaki and Boichi’s “Dr Stone: Stone Wars” a great big Thumbs Up!! Now I just need to watch a few more series and work on a few more posts and I’ll be all caught up again!!! Sh!t; I hope time is that kind to me. All my paperwork’s been cleared, so the time in between this and the next post is gonna be significantly longer. But on the bright side: I might actually be able to come back at some point this summer!! Let’s hope!!

That’ll be all from me for now, boys and girls in internet land. Until the next post; I’ll catch you all laters! Bye!!

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