The Promised Neverland Season 2 SPOILER REVIEW: The Ultimate Trash(MANGA SPOILERS UP AHEAD)

…………..Yeah. Yeah; this……..No. No; this was most likely the worst anime that I have ever seen. I didn’t even watch the last 2 episodes and I can tell you that season 2 of the highly praised “Promised Neverland” anime was…….just the f*cking worst. I say this both having read the manga and been a fan of season 1 of the anime. It just cut out a whole Dump Truck of content from the manga, and just…….This was an abortion of an anime. This was just a Big, Fat ABORTION. I almost don’t want to continue talking about this, but I have to to properly convey my thoughts. Hello everyone; this will be my review for season 2 of Kaiu Shirai’s and Posuka Demizu’s once popular “The Promised Neverland.” Let’s begin.

What Could Have Been But Never Came To Pass

Where do I even begin with this trainwreck? Should I start with how I noticed the content it cut out of the first handful of episodes; the episode count being cut down from 12 to 11; the fact that the opening didn’t hit the mark with me that season 1’s did; or do I just start with the clip show? You know what; let’s start with WHY it ended up the way it did- from the idea of it not being profitable without the manga and Gun Control over here in the states.

I’ve only heard about these 2 lines of thought as reasons why the series got messed up. Since this is a SPOILER review and I’m willing to bet that a lot of you are going to be jumping ship to the manga. I can tell you this: In the Bunker they stayed in episode 3; they were supposed to get legit weaponry- Guns and knives and all of that. But primarily guns, which can be seen as “bad” by Karren’s over here in the states. And I suppose having these 10-13 year old kids using armed weapons isn’t the best thing for the strict Japan either. So they cut out all of the guns and replaced them with bows and arrows for an understandable reason- even if I don’t agree entirely. But what I despise the MOST about the bunker: The omission of Hugo. And just the strait removal of the Goldy Pond arc- which manga readers hail as the “Last Good arc” or “The BEST” arc in the manga. It certainly MY favorite arc. And I thought they were going to do some changes that make it so that there would be the final arc. But no. No; we see this rush on ahead to the final arc- introducing things that exist simply to explain it’s own bull.

The only thing that I might be able to give this season is the fact that it tries to explain it’s own ending- even if they rushed through a whole bunch of REALLY INCREDIBLE CONTENT to get to it. It’s like the writers for the show(who actually chose to go uncredited for the final batch of episodes) were trying to figure out how to put an ending together that would make coherent sense after sitting on it. Which is kind of the point of “Anime Adapted Endings:” Adding content the anime to try and explain the ending better. All the content that was cut due to time constraints for the manga- the anime uses to explain the ending better. But they just overhauled the whole thing. And if they hadn’t rushed it- I might have been fine with it.

See Ya, Emma……NOT!!!

I think that one of my biggest problems in relation to this season was actually being a Manga Reader. Maybe this is a case where I might actually like the anime more if I hadn’t read the manga. I told Terranceacrow over at Crow’s World Of Anime about this while he was reviewing the series about how disappointed I was. And he told me that he was judging the anime alone because he didn’t pick up the manga. And you know what: he actually seemed to be enjoying it. Whereas I was looking forward to seeing the incredible “Goldy Pond” arc. Sense you’re not gonna see the anime version; I’ll tell you: This arc entailed Emma being taken into an Amusement park called “Goldy Pond,” which turned out to be a Hunting Ground made by a bunch of aristocratic sadists Demons who get their rocks off hunting Human children, rather than just get the “live stock.” It was a REALLY Good Arc(My Favorite Arc in the series- cliche as it is to say that), and I was upset to see that they had just neglected it altogether.

Honestly; I thought that Cloverworks was trying to “rearrange” and “change things” so that they could finish the series with what manga readers called “The Last Great Arc.” If they had done something like that, then they could have ended the anime on a high note. But instead; they cut the anime short because they “didn’t see a point without the manga running concurrently.” Yeah; the official excuse is that the manga ended sooner than was anticipated. And they saw no point in continuing the anime if there was no manga to promote. Side Note: DEMON SLAYER is going to continue adapting the manga even though it ended like a year or 2 ago. Though I guess looking at what they did; it was probably fine that they left the story alone.

Read The Manga To Learn More……..

All of this being said; I suppose that I AM being a little too rude to the staff that actually worked on the show. It wasn’t like it was their decision- this was very much Corporate decision. This fact made even more evident by the fact that some of the animators chose to remain uncredited towards the end. And they kind of did half @$$ work in the last 2 episodes from what I heard. Even though episode 5 of this 11 episode season was a F*cking Clip Show. But I’ll try to focus on all of the Good things going forward from this rant. One of these things being Ray and his battle against the Demons in that forest. I did like that in the manga.

As I told you in my Season 1 Review; Ray is my favorite character. So seeing him outsmart and outflank a horde of Demons the way he did was a cool set piece. Not to mention his talk with Emma in episode 1. Everything with Ray was actually pretty good. Even if I didn’t see he and Emma talk down a genocidal Norman. Oh wait; he was only swayed by the fact that a Demon Girl Was Named “Emma.” I’m one of the few people in this world that actually ENJOYED Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But even I couldn’t stand that sh!t. Back to the positive things: I enjoyed seeing Ray talk to Emma about Norman’s plan. He could see that Emma was opposed to the idea of murdering every single Demon, but she was also conflicted because the idea made everyone- particularly Gilda– happy. It was her own moral compass vs the smiles on her family’s faces. She was content to let it happen, but Ray could see she had her reservations. And tying it back to season 1; Ray realizes that Emma is able to do whatever it is she sets her mind to- even if it’s Overwhelmingly, unfathomably, RIDICULOUSY impossible to do so.

It served to show Ray’s character development and the relationship between the core trio of the series- how their experiences build upon one another repeatedly. Emma and Norman helped Ray find hope; Ray helped Emma talk down Norman; Norman adjusted his plan for them; they go to the Human world in the end. Everything ends happily.

What He Wanted All Along

There was also the discussion that Emma and Ray had with Norman’s followers. It was just as funny as it was in the manga, and had all the emotional depth. I particularly like Barbra’s “eye for an eye” mentality- “If Demons eat us; it’s only fitting we should eat them.” It served to show how this world is so f*cked up; it points out the problem in this mentality with the whole “everyone ends up blind” motif. It made the omissions of another certain character hurt all the more. “Ayshe” is probably my second favorite character in the series. And the way I phrased it made it sound like she had a lot of interaction and animosity with Barbra. When in all actuality; She didn’t interact with anyone too much. Her story is that she was initially deemed a “defective product” because of the birthmark on her head. So a Demon with a particularly ugly Mug felt a sort of “kinship” with this baby. So he secretly took her home- raising the child as his daughter so that neither of them would feel judged or alone.

They actually had a Happy life; he fed her plants and regular animal meat so that she wouldn’t have to cannibalize, and even got her a pack of dogs to protect her. But then; Norman and his allies attacked him as part of their campaign to free all Humans from Demon plantations and control. Whereas Norman saw it as a Demon raising it’s own livestock; Ayshe was met with the sight of Zassie murdering her Father on Norman’s order. So that they wouldn’t kill her on the spot- she vowed revenge in the Demon Dialect. Yeah; wouldn’t THAT have made more sense than “Emma” and Grandpa Demon Know-It-All? Could have used that to show Norman that not all Demon’s are awful. But no; let’s do the 1 thing that everybody uses to prove Batman v Superman is a terrible movie.

The Tragedy Of Ayshe

But the discussion between Emma and Ray and these 3 was kind of adorable- between them trying to act tough when confronted with them and the way they were trying to inquire about Norman’s past(they’ve only seen him “all business”). It’s like they were trying to show that they were “better fits” as Norman’s friends, but also wanting to know what he was like when he isn’t constantly thinking 92 steps ahead of a Godd@mn Super Computer. And yes; somtimes it feels like Norman is playing a game against a Super Computer and is Winning- HARD. And yet when it comes to something like this– meeting a girl whose initial language is something he can’t understand- even he isn’t immune to the confusion of the moment.

Another thing I liked was Emma’s dialogue with Sonju, as well as what it meant for her character the way I perceived it. It’s like: 1)Her choice of wording was just plain hilarious. “I need you to teach me how to take a life.” I read that scene in the manga and I just couldn’t help but laugh at how serious her claim was. It made me think that she was willing to kill a Demon in the event that one threatened her family. it made me think that she was very much willing to whatever it took to protect her family. And it felt like such a “blue ball” moment when we found out she just meant how to hunt. I’ve often thought about how a lot of New Age protagonists are against killing and “Ending the Problem Permanently” to such a degree that it feels like “Story Contrivance-” like the mangaka is trying to create more character arcs than I think some of them know what to do with. And in cases like Piccolo, Vegeta, Gentle and La Brva, Mars and Patri and more; it works. But the more characters we add to the cast- the more it starts to just feel like “character clutter.”

And the problem can even ruin a lot of great moments, to. Like; imagine if Asta had let Zagreb go in chapter 211. Would that scene really have been so good if Zagreb didn’t die after everything he had done? It just gets annoying and unnecessary after awhile. But back to the point; 2)I think that is showed Emma the………”Darker” side of life, you know what I mean? Like; she lived in a “bubble” her whole life- where no one got hurt or died(in front of her, anyway). But now that she has to “live off the land;” she has to adopt an “eat or be eaten” mentality. She didn’t want to kill animals- she just needed to put herself and her family ahead of a random creature. And when she killed that bird- she did in the most respectful and painless was she could. It was a nice scene that showed her determination.

Whoa WHAT?!

And unfortunately; those are ALL the good things that I have to say about this season of “The Promised Neverland.” I desperately wanted to like this season– I continued up to episode 9 because I had convinced myself it could still be salvaged. BUT…………It just went downhill from there– and unfortunately(and I suppose fortunately); there WON’T be anymore of the anime to discuss. But who knows; they could always pull a Fullmetal Alchemist and come up with a Brotherhood style retelling of the original manga’s story- one that’s more faithful to the source material than even season 1 was. Though that probably won’t be for a very long time………

And……….Yeah! Those are all of my thoughts on The Final, Awful season of Kaiu Shirai’s and Posuka Demizu’s “The Promised Neverland.” You did this series dirty, Cloverworks- I hope you regret what you’ve done to this Amazing story. Also: Yeah; Like Jujutsu Kaisen and Dr Stone I was writing this since before I even went on Hiatus. So if this post feels like it was written at 2 different times- It was. And the reasons I’ve outlined for all of you as to why this is so late should be available in my “Hiatus Announcement” post. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my blog for any amount of time- it means a lot that you all care about what I have to say. That’s all from me for today; until next we meet- Stay Safe; Stay Strong; And Have A Magically Fantastical Day.

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  1. “And you know what: he actually seemed to be enjoying it.”

    We started talking about this in comments around what, episode 2? At that point in the season, I still had high hopes.

    By the mid-point in the season, I had to consciously try to ignore the signs of narrative collapse. By the last three episodes?

    I’ve seen a lot of shows. I’ve read a lot of books, seen a lot of movies. I’ve even reviewed a lot of series! I’ve never experienced the kind of agonized disappointment that this show put me through. I had very high expectations. By the end, not only did we have a slide show and criminally wasted potential. We had hot air balloons maneuvered with pin-point accuracy.

    The fact the plot turned on an utter impossibility is a perfect capsule description of what happened with this show.

    As you can tell, I’m still bitter about it. Such potential! Even in the slide show, there were shots that, if dramatized, could have salvaged some kind of emotional connection or response. That dragon looked awesome! I wanted to know more about it. I wanted to know how Isabella re-established her relationship to the older children who knew her true role.

    I’d love to know the details of how this happened. It would make an excellent cautionary tale!

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    1. All I’m saying. I’m sorry the show let you down so much, but I guess you were right: Being a Manga reader might have helped to ruin my enjoyment of the show. There WERE some parts that I actually enjoyed, but I ultimately couldn’t get passed all the amazing content the manga had.

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