The 2nd User Of One For All Is Bakugo’s Ancestor- My Hero Academia THEORY DISCUSSION

This doubles as a “Theory” post AND a “Discussion” post. Because it’s like……….kind of obvious? Like; this is just kind of TOO MUCH for it to be a “coincidence.” It’s like when the spoilers for chapter 267 of Black Clover(a series that every last one of you should be reading) came out and everyone in the community unanimously agreed that that was Asta’s mom we just saw. Likewise here; everyone seems to agree that the 2nd One For All user- who we’ll be calling “Leader” for the sake of this post- bares a STRIKING resemblance to 1 Mr Katsuki Bakugo. I am here to discuss all the evidence presented in the story, as well as address my theory on how this may well tie into the overall story of “My Hero” that we have left to go. Let’s begin.

Republican Deku [My Hero Academia 310] | Mammoth Base Opera Castle

To start with; let’s point out the very obvious features they share: Their Appearances. For one thing; they have the very same hair style. A lot of people(probably even my brother) would say that this point is “flimsy” based on the fact that Muscular has the same hair style and same hair coloration. In fact; I whole life thought that Muscular was Bakugo’s older brother when he first showed up they were so similar. But the thing about that is that Muscular has shorter, more “controlled” hair- his isn’t as “large and protagonist-like” like Bakugo’s. Whereas Leader’s hair bares a striking resemblance to Kacchan’s. You also have to take into account how Horikoshi chooses to draw up the facial features.

Bakugo may primarily take after his mom in terms of looks(and “personality), but he has his dad’s hair style and the “shape of his head(?)” if that makes sense. Like; compare and contrast how he draws Endeavor and Shoto. The shape of Shoto’s head is closer to his Mother’s– a more “circular” shape than his father’s “Square head.” And then we come back to the the Bakugo’s; his mother’s face is drawn with a with a “sharper” chin than her son, and much “longer” on the sides. While his father Masaru(yes; that’s his name) is draw closer to what we see from old Sweaty Hands. And as far as his head’s “size” goes; it is closer to Leader’s- that plus the hair style and coloration leads you to believe that Leader is Kacchan’s ancestor on his dad’s side.

There’s also the physical features aside from the face- such as the way he stands; his build; and his choice in clothing. Which is what i think will support this theory the most. Such as the Arm bracers. Hold on for a sec- it’ll all make sense.

The Same Physique And Design Choice

Now……….bracers like this serve more than just an “esthetic purpose-” as we see with Bakugo’s; they take his Nitro-Glycerin like sweat and build up for a powerful explosion. And they do look similar to Leader’s in terms of design. We don’t know what his quirk is yet, but we can gather that it’s some manner of blaster, as shown in chapter 310. However; it doesn’t “feel” like the blaster part is part ot of his actually quirk- more like a weapon that’s attached to them. That said; that would mean that he could potentially have a quirk closer to that of Masaru or Kacchan.

Masaru’s quirk is “Acid Sweat-” he secrets a combustible acid-like substance from the sweat glands in his hands. He cannot “force” this substance out- it’s very much still sweat. But when he rubs his hands together; he can create explosions. And I don’t think I need to explain how Kacchan’s quirk works, do I? From this; we can gather than any quirk Leader would possess(if this idea is in fact correct) would be something “Explosive” like that, too. Or could it perhaps be………Blaster Fuel? Those blaster may have actually been connected to his quirk after all!!

My thought is starting to become that- in line with this family’s “substance-like sweat-” has quirk that secretes a type of substance that would be used for those types of blasters. And he needs those to fight directly, rather than those bracers being more of an aid for Kacchan in battle. As for how this quirk will affect Izuku going forward in the story; it may give us an idea of how “One For All” works better than we do even now, and may lead to Izuku getting a potentially Awesome suit upgrade!! 1)This quirk would have to be an “Emission quirk with mutant extremities-” much like Mina’s. By which I mean: it would have to change either Izuku’s sweat glands into something closer to their own, or change his bodies chemistry in some regard. This would actually fall in line with what the other User’s told Izuku about One For All in chapter 304– it’s “becoming his quirk.” if it alters his body in any manner, than that would just “further that process along.”

And 2)The Suit Upgrade. Well………if Leader’s quirk is in fact a fuel source for blasters, then perhaps he could recreate those blasters to use against All For One and the Villains he’s sent- in the same way that Leader did. And I also think that would serve as a reference to Bakugo in using these brace blasters. Considering how much Kacchan’s influenced his life(such has his desire to win bringing out more of Kacchan’s vulgar vocabulary); maybe taking some inspiration from his hero costume in the same way that he took from All Might. And it may also serve as a thematic parallel to Yoichi and Leader’s relationship.

He’s Done It Once Before……….

In chapter 310; we get a follow up to the flashback in chapter 193: After All For One left Yoichi in that room without food- Leader and User #3 enter the room, and are about to attack Yoichi. But when they realize that he is just another of All For One’s victims; Leader puts his blaster down and instead of blasting him- choosing to extend a hand to help him. The scene that I believe is going to be a thematic parallel will come after the events of chapter 319. SPOILERS FOR THE MOST RECENT CHAPTER OF “MY HERO ACADEMIA:” Kacchan and the other in Class 1A have decided to help Izuku come to his senses and bring him back to UA. Izuku refuses, but they plan to use Force if need be.

The reason this scene is going to be a thematic parallel is because of the nature of the scene: A victim of All For One-being twisted by him to do exactly as he wants- are saved by a group of Heroes who want to see the Symbol of Evil’s reign of terror brought to the end. The leader will choose to extend a hand to them, saving them from that darkness and fighting against All For One together. Yoichi was being twisted by being left in a dark room and refusing to eat- Izuku is being manipulated by All For One to alienate himself from everyone that could help him, making him easy for All For One to attack. He is also refusing to eat. Leader lead a group to fight against All For One- Kacchan is leading Class 1A to save Deku from All For One’s influence. And I can already tell you how this upcoming battle is about to end. I wouldn’t be surprised if this connection is revealed in the next few chapters.

Izuku is Yoichi- Suppressed By All For One; Leader and Bakugo Are “Their Heroes” Here To Rescue Them.

Another thematic parallel comes from the movie Heroes Rising, and may well ties into the story in a pretty significant way. I’m going to need you all to bare with me for a minute here- what I’m about to propose to you. And it may conflict with what was JUST revealed to us about One For All. But it’ll make sense in a minute. MY THOUGHT is that Kacchan CAN wield One For All without too much of a problem because he carries the Embers of the quirk within him– even before the events of Heroes Rising. Hear Me Out– Let’s talk about what we know about One For All:

  1. It’s the combination of a quirk that Stockpiles power, and a quirk to pass on other quirks.
  2. It gets stronger the more it’s passed on.
  3. When it’s passed on to the next successor; the previous holder is able to use a portion of that power.
  4. The quirk is more made to be handled by the Quirkless- it’ll shorten the life span of anyone with a pre-existing quirk.

From that; you would think that my idea was stupid as all f*ck. But I want to focus on 2 and 3 for the moment– it leaves lingering “embers” of itself with the past holders. And really- think about #1. “The quirk to pass on quirks.” We can gather that that quirk takes a “copy” of the quirk factor. But sense the “Stockpile” quirk leaves power; whose to say that the mixture of the quirks don’t leave a copy of itself in the quirk factor of whomever had it originally? And from what we know about genetics; we know that quirks are either passed down from parent-to-child directly, or through a combination of both parents quirks. If “embers” are left in the quirk factor, then couldn’t those “embers” be passed down along with the original quirk? If we go along with the “torch” metaphor: Leader lit the 3rd Users torch with his fire, leaving him the embers of the flame and the torch itself. That torch ended up getting passed down in the family, eventually winding up with Kacchan, who was unknowingly standing next to the original flame in the first place.

And when it came to the second movie, Heroes Rising(SPOILER ALERT); Izuku unknowingly passed the torch backwards to the old torch. But that still leaves the bit about about the quirk “accelerating the aging process.” Well……….for one thing; I don’t think that’s an “instantaneous” thing- even now when the quirk is stronger. If we go from Hikage’s time as a holder- that being 18 years- and cut that time down by 2 years for each time the quirk gets stronger, then that we still leave Kacchan 8 years before he died. And that’s even if he would have that drawback. If we go back to the “torch” metaphor; say that Kacchan’s regular “Explosion” is a lit torch all to itself. The old torch that’ll carry One For All would work as more of a “boost” for his own fire- a “back up source” if you would.

“Win To Save People- Save People To Win.”

This will more than likely tie into the story in some manor because of what Horikoshi said about Heroes Rising: “It features the original idea he had for the ending of the series.” That movie’s ending was the original thought: Deku sharing One For All with Bakugo and them taking out the Ultimate Threat together– 9 being a stand in for All For One or Tomura. But for that to work; he either would have had to have been building to concept like what I’ve just put up this whole post, or the idea of One For All killing those with pre-existing quirks was a more recent idea. But if he was building to this all along; it might help to explain why Kacchan’s quirk is so strong, and why he’s able to handle the quirk without too much of a problem.

How this may tie into the current end of the story could serve to make everyone happy, and leave fans of both Deku and Kacchan pleased with the story. So……….I think that Deku is going to Die. And everything we’re seeing right now- how he’s narrating the story- is his life flashing before his eyes as he dies. And with this information in mind; he choses to pass the quirk on to the only other person left who can hold One For All: 1 Mr Katsuki Bakugo. But what about the bit about him becoming “The World’s Greatest hero?” That might actually be where the 3rd Movie comes into play– the one that the anime rearranged the arc order so it can tie into it. I know my “Death Of The Symbol Of Peace” theory didn’t get many views or likes, but I’m gonna channel some of that speculative speaking for this part.

So………….The movie is not out just yet(it will be in a few weeks), but from what we can gather; the movie is about Class A’s top 3 following Endeavor on a mission for the World Heroes Association. But somewhere in the first act; izuku will be framed for an International crime, and the rest of it will be him trying to find the real perp, clear his name, and save everyone. In any case- This puts his name on the world’s radar. And if you think that All For One’s “Ultimate Final Move” isn’t going to make International Headlines…… got another thing coming. It’s like; Izuku’s name is out there for the whole d@mn world to here. And when All For One decides to “quit the games” and fight against the Heroes more openly- he’s going to become an International Super Criminal.

The Movie That Will Tell The World: “HE Is Here!!!

Are you guys starting to get my line of thinking? All For One’s next attack will get International attention(if he hasn’t gotten it already considering Heroes from overseas are coming to Japan), and Izuku and his friends will stop him. Izuku will save Tomura from All For One’s control- and Tomura will play a role defeating the Symbol of Evil in the same way Vader helped to defeat Palpatine. The Key Difference: Vader And Luke will die– Izuku and Tomura will fall after defeating All For One. But before he passes on; Izuku bequeaths One For All to Kacchan so that One For All can continue. Bakugo will go on to become the #1 Hero in Japan- and Izuku’s sacrifice will make him the “World’s Greatest Hero.”

Evidence to support this idea comes from the aforementioned movie getting his name out into the world, and the fact that Heroes are going to be coming in from overseas to help Japan. And I get this feeling that some of them that are about to show up in the movie will make their manga debut at some point after the 3rd movie. And they’ll be here to help Deku in the same way he was there for them- they’re “repaying the favor.” The other piece of is the metaphorical “Curse” of One For All: All of the users(aside from Shinomori and All Might) have died in battle against All For One- passing on the quirk in their last moments of life. And it would also make sense with how Shueisha and Shonen Jump tend to do things.

For those who aren’t really aware; Shonen Jump kind of “pushes” the authors to make characters that do well in the fan polls more important than was either intended or even planned. Case and Point: Naruto. Sasuke ended up getting pretty popular- getting more and audiences attention. As such; they pushed Kishimoto do do more with Sasuke. And then you have One PieceLuffy has been #1 in Every Fanpoll sense the start of the series. And the chapters tend to get better views and more votes in reader polls when Luffy and the Straw Hat’s are in it. Which is why arcs without them don’t tend to be very long. Bakugo has been the #1 in a lot of fan polls recently. As such; he’s becoming more and more important as the days go on. Making him the #1 Hero at the end of the story is one way for that to happen. Getting One For All- the quirk the whole story revolves around- is another.

“What It Means To Wield One For All”

It would also tie into what Izuku said about this quirk becoming “more” than just “a means of fighting All For One” in chapter 305but I think I’ve made my case. However cobbled together and “half-baked” it might be. I kind of wrote this as I went- coming up with new ideas and new evidence to support my theory. The end result: All Of This. And I think that I made my point as best as I could. But I would like to know all of your thoughts in the comments. Do you agree with my thought? If not; what do you think will become of this connection? I’d love to know. That’s all I got for you today, my dear readers. I’m gonna go take a power nap now. Later!!

11 thoughts on “The 2nd User Of One For All Is Bakugo’s Ancestor- My Hero Academia THEORY DISCUSSION

  1. …Whoa. My mind is blown. And there wasn’t much to blow (🥲)
    I do want to add a little sprinkle of “haveyouwatchedthemovies” because in “Two Heroes” Bakugo DOES momentarily get OFA to help defeat Nine—which confused the hell out of me. I mean, Deku. Really?!
    You spent your entire life wanting a Quirk and now TWICE you’ve offered/tried to give OFA away. Not to mention spilling the secret to Bakugo…
    Deku’s bad life choices aside, this is an interesting theory! Personally, I don’t really take part in conspiracy-type stuff, but this had my brain-gears turning! 😁

    Also sorry for the long comment 😅

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    1. Never apologize for long comments! I’m the type of person who has a lot to say on what he reads. If you have a long thought that you want to get out there, then tell me about it- I’m all ears!
      I have seen the movie- it’s kind of the thing that helped support my theory. Like; I was trying to think of why Bakugo didn’t succumb to One For All’s negative effects on those with pre-existing quirks. There would have to be a reason he could take it. And you know what; how did One For All even go BACK to Izuku? Beyond just the “Will Of One For All making it so.” No; how did it ACTUALLY go back?
      Yeah; Izuku’s kind of…….well; he can put others ahead of himself a little TOO much. Like Bakugo said in one of the most recent chapters(You DO read the manga, right? If not- just skip this part): “He doesn’t take himself into account- he and All Might are the same in that way. It’s how All Might became the #1 Hero.”
      I’m glad it got the gears in your head turning- that’s what theories are all about!

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      1. Oh, whew, thanks!
        Hmm, I heard All Might say that because Bakugo passed out before the transfer was complete, Deku simply got OFA back. So… I guess there’s a science to it. Sort of.
        But that doesn’t make sense to me because: if the previous OFA users were all beat-up when they transferred the power, some of them would’ve (theoretically) passed out before their own transfer was complete. So it’s a really “IDK” moment there.
        Yeah, to the point of self-destruction. Deku, HONEY, if you wanna be a hero… you gotta stay alive! That’s important!
        Well, *coughs obnoxiously* I’ve read up to volume 27, but I’ve been exposed to all sorts of spoilers, like Lady Nagant and Midnight’s death.
        Well, of course! “I think therefore I—“ make theories!

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      2. Hmm……….Good point. Although to contrast; each user probably managed to find some time to complete the transfer- they all more than likely ran from All For One and found some place where they could pass on the quirk in private, without interruption. Or potentially BEFORE even fighting All For One- the same way All Might did in Kamino. They may have been using the Embers while their successor was hidden away somewhere.

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  2. I’d be cool with this but like you said at the beginning, it just seems a bit too obvious. I feel like whether the theory is true or not it wouldn’t have much of an impact. That’s why I’ve always been more partial to the Back-U-Go theory where it turns out that Bakugo is a time traveler and that is actually him instead of his ancester.

    Time travel can make things a bit convoluted so it would be a risky premise but that would really shake the series up quite a lot

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    1. I’ve heard that theory before. While I don’t think it would fit in a relatively grounded story like “My Hero;” I’m open to anything so long as it’s not everything the Terminator franchise has done since “Judgement Day.”

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