H#ll Hound UNBOUND. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 36 BREAKDOWN

Hello, all!! Man; this series does not leave you with a lot to speculate on in battle chapters like this. Like; I have the 1 thing I want to talk about(and knowing me- I’ll find some way to stretch out that part), but other than that- this is just a “Big Battle” chapter. It’s a fun chapter, all the same! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 36: “Cernunnos, The Mystic Beast.Let’s do this.

Off To The Next Adventure!!


Picking up where last week’s chapter left off; The Holy Knight Ardbeg sends his hunting dog “Cernunnos” to attack Percival- to prevent the prophecy of the “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.” Nasiens recalls myths of a “God With Deer Antlers” much like Cernunnos has now. But Ardbeg says that “Kellie” is “Neither a Deer nor a Dog- but a Mystic Beast said to reside in the depths of H#ll!!” It gets up in Percival’s face- breathing heavily. It’s breath makes Percival gag.

Hearing Percival’s crack; Cernunnos knocks the boy several yards away- flying through a house and skipping across the ground. He only stops when he hits a nearby rock formation, which is when Cernunnos uses her antlers to fire a magic attack. Percival manages to dodge the attack, but not the resulting explosion. With the boy disoriented from the blast; Cernunnos gets up in his face, and tries to devour him. But he again manages to dodge by turning his cape into wings again(see this chapter).

Nasiens yells for Percival to aim for her antlers next, so he flies in to attack. BUT……..it doesn’t work– not the Dragon sword he just got, or the one he made with his magic. All he did was get close enough to the antlers for Cernunnos’ magic attacks tot hit their mark!

We see Sylvan running away from the battle into a building to hide. But it turns out that this building was where the Elder left an unconscious Sin. He runs around trying to make enough noise to wake up Sin. He succeeds, and a groggy Sin thanks the Elder for “The long nap.” But then; a loud “BOOM” almost gives Sylvan a heart attack. Sin yawns, and makes his way outside to see the Village beginning to go up in flames. He can’t sleep for 5 minutes with these kids around……..

Percival- The Chew Toy

Back with Percival; he’s being knocked around ferociously by Cernunnos. Donny and Nasiens plan to get in and stop him, while Cernunnos…….seems to have taken a liking to Percy- intentionally toying with him instead of ending the fight, much to Ardbeg’s chagrin. As he orders Kellie to finish the fight; Anne sneaks up behind him and orders him to call off the dog.

Anne chastises Ardd for lying to her- asking how he managed to avoid her Lie detection. But according to him- he told them no such things. Everything was true– from him being a hunter to helping them save their friends. But things changed when he found out that Percival would be one of the “Knights Of The Apocalypse.” The Elder steps in, claiming that “It was note out of ‘virtue-‘ you needed the children’s help to enter the village because the barrier prevented anyone with murderous intent from entering.

I wonder which one Ardbeg is?

Arbeg- infuriated and annoyed- knocks Anne’s sword away. He then claims that the Elder’s claim was correct. He and Anne battle, and Anne demands that he hand over the Arch Angel Amber so she can free the Demons. Ardbeg claims that she’s “too young” to know of the travesties wrought by the Holy War 16 years ago. He recalls……..struggles face by all during the War- dead parents; dead children; death as far as the eye could see. And the arrival of the 4 Knights is bound to bring with them and even GREATER travesty- 1 not so easily recovered from. And to prevent that calamity; Ardd is even willing to go as far as to kill a child.

Back with Percival; he’s knocked to the ground by Cernunnos. As he stands back up; Sin comes by and berates Percival for wasting his new sword. Percival says that neither of his swords are working against Kellie’s antlers- Dragon or Magic. But Sin says: “Why’re you using them one at a time?” This gives Percival the idea to to channel his magic through the Dragon Sword, making it dozens of times stronger- strong enough to finally lop off an antler.

That’s 1……….


……..Alright; a little more to talk about than I thought. Specifically; I’d like to talk about Ardd as a character. He was a dad at some point- probably took up hunting to put food on the table(whether they would eat the animals like Percival did or sold them for food- we may never actually know). So he wasn’t lying to Anne and Nasiens when he said he was a “Hunter.” And yeah he didn’t know that Percival was one of the Four Knights, so he was genuinely trying to help them. It’s not that he lied– he just didn’t tell them the WHOLE thing.

And this is definitely something that tells us he’s unlike any of the other Holy Knights we’ve encountered- aside from Ironside. In fact; it may just clue us in on some of Ironside’s mindset. If the Holy War happened 16 years ago; Percival would have been born around the time it ended. Ironside may have lost his wife- Percival’s mother- in the war, and she gave premature birth to Percival, which is why he’s so short for his age.

And when he suspected that Percival or Varghese would be one of the “4 destined to destroy the world;” he chose the greater good over his family because he felt the pain of loss, and didn’t want that to fall on anyone else. Thus- Chapter 1. Maybe this experience will play into Percival’s battle against his father somehow.

Another thing to talk about is Cernunnos/ “Kellie.” I don’t know what to make of this. “A Dog From The Depth’s of H#ll?” I thought that he was similar to King’s pet Oslo- and he may well be. It could just be that Ardd is “talking out of his @$$” about her being a H#ll Hound. But I am curious how Camelot came to get such a dog. Does it have something to do with Arthur’s chaos powers from the end of the last series?


Percival has learned a new application for his magic- applying it to weapons to make them stronger. I doubt he’ll use any weapons beyond a sword, though.


And- There You Have It!!! Sorry this came out a day later than usual, but I had work Wednesday when this chapter came out- along with Dragon Ball Super and Boruto. Plus- I NEEDED to get that post out there. I hope you all read it- I poured my heart and soul into that one. But in any case; that’s all from me for today, folks. Until the next post, people- catch ya on the flip side!!

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