A Different You- A Different Time! Edens Zero Chapter 165 BREAKDOWN

Hello, everyone! It’s that time of the week again- when Hiro Mashima graces us with his thrilling Space Fantasy “Edens Zero!!” This week; we get a LOT to speculate on. I’m actually working on a post- a sister piece to the Rebecca theory I did a while back, focusing on Shiki’s origins. It should be ready sooner or later, now that we have this. Boy, I tell ya- the spoilers had me thinking something INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT was going on!! This is fine, too. Edens Zero Chapter 165: “Fork In The Road.” Let’s get into it.

8 Girls- 5 Guys- and Mosco.


We open the chapter with our dear narrator Xiao Mei, who begins to explain to us the concept of a “Fork In The Road-” a concept in which you have 2 choices out in front of you, and you must take 1 “path.” She says that you will “never know what lies on the path not chosen. “But in that world,” he continues- “perhaps there exists a ‘you’ who is completely unlike the ‘you’ you are now……” On the path opposite to her; we see another Xiao Mei.

We dive into the main story where we left off: Ziggy “absorbed” Nero and his powers, allowing him to open a portal to the All Link system and activate the Imperial Antimatter bombs Nero had already transported to Nero 66. The mainframe tells everyone that the bombs will go off in 20 minutes. Shiki wants to save the people of this world by deactivating the bombs, but the others are telling him that they need to escape right now– there’s nothing they can do to stop them. This leaves Shiki with 2 choices: Does he he leave with his friends, or does he stay and fight the odds? Thus; The Fork In The Road.

“Road To Destiny”

As he turns around; he sees the 2 paths laid out in front of him. Xiao Mei appears behind him, and tells him that 1 path will lead to survival- and one to death. When he comes back to reality; he choses- to escape. Coincidentally; Weisz and the others arrive in the Aqua Wing do retrieve them. He’s about to grab Shura and leave, but……..The Prince Disappeared.

On the surface; the citizens of the Dome are beginning to evacuate the planet. We see The oceans escaping in a pod- without Shura or Ijuna. Milani asks them if they’re just planning to leave them, to which Lyra replies that “They were fun- but she just ‘can’t’ with them anymore.” No idea what that means, but it’s whatever. Callum also says that he ordered the Soldiers to start the evacuation, hoping that they all make it out alive.

In the skies of 66; we see the Union Army and Oasis continue to struggle against the Sea Serpent. Dylan- enraged at the death of Furena- launches a Kamikaze attack on the Serpent, which succeeds in stalling it long enough for Eraser to destroy it. But before everyone can resume the battle; Hermit gets a message out to everyone:

This is the Demon King’s Battle Ship- Edens Zero. I am addressing all combatants in the Airspace above Nero 66.

I advise The Interstellar Union, The Rebel Army, and the Imperial Army to cease fire and leave this sector Immediately.

Shura has been defeated– his plan to use the All Link system to destroy all Androids in the Aoi Cosmos has been stopped. At the Temple- Nero has been defeated as well, and the Empire is beginning to fall.

The War is over- There is No long Any Need To Fight.

Hermit Mio- The Mind of Edens
Though there IS a reason to HAUL. @$$.

She continues her speech by telling everyone that 20,00 Antimatter bombs are set to go off in the next few minutes, so everyone needs to GET GONE.1 bomb is enough to destroy this entire planet,” she explains; “20,000 of them will obliterate this entire sector- and maybe even a few neighboring planets.”

On an Imperial vessel; one of the troops notes the mass of evacuees leaving 66. But the Admiral of the vessel is ordering everyone to stay and fight “for the Glory Of Poseidon Nero” or whatever. He gets knocked out, and the troops are ordered to leave by the assailant. Then Oasis, and the Interstellar Union army comes to a halt.

Justice doesn’t trust the Edens Zero because of their connection to Elsie. And even if they are telling the truth; Jesse and Creed are still down below. Which is when Jesse gets on comms and confirms that he has left the planet. But when asked if Creed is with him- Jesse goes silent. But they have no time to pry because they have minutes before these things go off!!

Back on the ship; Hermit asks them to not to make her give big speeches like that again. While they work on getting the ship out of here; we cut over to the Medical bay, where Witch is beginning to wake up. She sees Shiki- bandaged to h#ll and back- and Rebecca(new dress) standing over her. When she gets up; she apologizes for having worried them. She sees Shiki so beaten up, but he says he’s fine as long as everyone else is. She also reveals that she and the other Shining Stars share a “data link-” they’re in constant contact with each other, so she knows what’s transpired.

I know this is a nice scene, but I just have to question where she got that dress and why she chose to put it on.

She smiles- smiles because Shiki has grown strong enough that she no longer feels “needed.” She becomes overwhelmed with joy– but also a little sadness. Rebecca compares what she’s feeling something akin to what a Mother feels when her children no longer need her to protect them. The joy of seeing them “grow up-” and the sadness that they don’t need her to be with them all the time. Which makes sense to her and Happy since she’s always felt like the “Mother of the Edens Zero” to them.

But there is no time to linger on this moment because they get an alert. She contacts Hermit to see what’s going on. She responds that the Propulsion system won’t activate. And on the monitors appears a very disturbing Ziggy, telling Shiki “You made the wrong choice.

Mashima said “It’s SPOOKY SEASON, B!TCH!!!

Ziggy has taken control of the ship(for real, this time), and he’s made it it stop so that they’ll be caught in the explosion- in 1 minutes time. They can’t even escape on the escape on the Starfighters since Ziggy locked all the doors- effectively trapping them in their own ship. He tells Shiki “This wouldn’t have happened if you had tried to stop the explosion- you wouldn’t have ended up destroying everything.

All seems lost- until the Shield Of Edens gets up, and tells him that things will not go his way. Thus bringing Edens Zero chapter 165 to a hear-pounding END!! And a very INTERESTING plot point to talk about in the future.


Where or WHERE do I begin with this? Do I start with Ziggy and Shiki’s connection, or do I save that for the theory post? It’s going to be a while because in addition to the Weekly stuff, i have 2 other posts I’m working on. Not to mention catching up to all the shows and chapters I missed while I was away. Hm…….Let’s talk about it briefly. because it IS something worth talking about.


So…….based on everything that we’ve seen in the story; we know that any “multiverse. time travel” shenanigans function on the “multiple timeline” idea. And if what Xiao Mei said at the start of the chapter- about the “you of that world being different from this you,” then you can assume some radical things. Take for example World…….16 Shiki vs the Shiki of World 30(the current world). That Shiki might have a different taste that this one. He may have like Pizza more than hamburgers, and this one may have liked hamburgers more. Or his reaction to bugs might be a little different than the one’s we’ve seen.

But then you have World 5 or something to 31. They may as well be entirely different people, with their own sets of morals and thoughts. Like……..maybe even a physical difference. Maybe even a difference in race……like organic and machine.

The theme of “man and machine” is a very prominent one in the story- our time in the Aoi Cosmos has brought it up several times now. So much so that I think people might be getting sick of it. Mainly because it’s always the same sh!t all over again. So I think that if this is going to continue to be a theme for the story; Mashima needs to “revamp it” a little bit. This could be one way of doing that. The story could shift from “Are Machines Alive?” to “Which one is better?”

But as for Ziggy specifically; I’m starting to think of that infamous “Born Again” phrase. Maybe Shiki is not a “new” version of Ziggy, but rather ZIGGY is an Alternate Version of SHIKI!!! One that managed to reach Mother, but made a different wish than this Shiki would want. And that wish turned him into Ziggy for some reason, and he had to come back and raise himself to be better than any of the other versions who became “Demon Kings.” Something like that- I’ll have refined it by the time you see that post.

I Love You.

But moving on to the Intoxicating Witch- Yes. I’m not gonna say “I knew it all along,” ’cause I didn’t. I always felt that she was very caring and nurturing of everyone- definitely the one least likely to get angry with any member of the crew. I didn’t think they would outright say it in the story, or that that would be her “alternate epithet.” I guess if we were to go by the logic here; Sister would be the “Fun Aunt Of Edens” and Hermit would be the “Little Sister.” Or, I guess older sister, since she’s older than she looks.

Another side thing that I want to briefly address would be Rebecca’s outfit changes. It’s an unspoken rule that Rebecca will lose her clothes in some manor and be naked for a while in each arc(just go back and look at everything after the Norma or Skull Fairy arcs- something happens). With that rule; she always has to go through a number of outfit changes. This arc; she lost her clothes when Lyra made her strip. And some time between the Lost Card game and when they confront Shura; she puts on that……it kind of looked like something girls would wear at a Boarding School. And here; we see her in a new dress. Don’t know WHY she decided to change, but she did. It’s just an oddity I noticed in the chapter.

I wasn’t covering chapters back when this chapter came out, but I do want to address Jesse. Specifically: What The H#ll Is He Going To Do? We already know he’s not gonna tell the truth, but is he going to blame it on an Imperial Soldier, or the Edens Zero? He- much like Justice- hates anyone and everyone with even a remote connection to Elsie, so you’re automatically assume that he’ll blame Homura or someone else on the crew(most likely Homura because his mind is making it her fault). But there’s the fact that Homura is not known for carrying fire arms- that’s something that Victory and Creed would know. So they’ll question that at first. Though………Did Jesse bring back Creed’s body? He COULD just say that he was slashed down by Homura and they’d have no choice but to believe him……


And again: It IS her fault in his mind. If I had to guess his logic; it would have to be: “If she wasn’t there, then I wouldn’t have shot, and Creed wouldn’t have gotten in the way!!!” In any case, if and when he blames the Zero; the crew will shoot from a “nuisance to be erased whenever” to an actual Wanted group- with Shiki and Homura as the MOST wanted.

I don’t know what Oasis is going to do going forward. No that Nero is gone; I imagine they’re gonna start the “Restoration” process- fixing the Government of the Aoi Cosmos so that another ruler like Nero can never come into power. or picking up the pieces that are bound to fall out now that he’s gone. Though this again leaves us with the question of Shura. And then you also have Ijuna to think about. I don’t know where these 2 are- for wall we know; Ijuna could have been the one to grab Shura and get him outta there. Now they’re just on an escape pod on it’s way to the Temple or some other planet. A LOT to discuss with these chapters. Primarily because of how much time I have to do these compared to the others. I won’t go into that because then this post would just keep going forever. All I’ll say is that I end up “calming down” with the others compared to me just being able to write to my hearts content here.

They……are going to address the eye, right?

What else, what else………..? I could talk about Shiki’s eye for a minute? I like the idea of him getting a Mechanical eye- I think that would be cool. But I would also hope that it actually…….DOES something cool. Like; Erza’s artificial eye in Fairy Tail didn’t do really anything from what I know about the series. And in a magic series- specifically a Shonen Battle series- I felt that that was kind of lame. I don’t know what Mashima could have this artificial eye do- maybe just a “scanner” or something like that? But I know that it has to do………..SOMETHING. I don’t know; maybe it’s just the Naruto fan in me.


Wow, I don’t know what it is- the momentum; the arc; the chapters; or the story- but whatever it is just gets the ol’ “creative juices” FLOWIN’! I swear; there were probably 10 and 20 other things for me to talk about in this chapter this week, but then this post would be as long as my recent Attack On Titan post. So let’s end this one here. And until next time, my friends- have a Wonderous day!

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