EPICNESS Overshadowed By Some Ol’ BULL $#!T! One Piece Chapter 1,030 BREAKDOWN

Guys………..I’ve…….defended this a lot in the past. I have- not gonna lie. And……it sometimes got to the point where I would seem like an “Oda Stand.” This is not one I can defend so easily. In all honesty; it’s 1 I REFUSE to defend. It’s like……..no, man. Granted; I AM making this opening while looking at the spoilers on Wednesday(as opposed to Thursday like I usually do), and I thus far only have a quick synopsis and 1 picture of something I can’t make out. But I have work Thursday from 8 am- 3 pm, so I gotta start this post right! I usually make the intro and title based on the spoilers the first time anyway. But to fully understand what I’m talking about; we’ll have to talk about the chapter. One Piece Chapter 1,030: “Echoing The Impermanence Of All Things.”

I wonder what would happen if they got in his pants(PAUSE)?


We begin the chapter in the Cave Chamber of the castle on the…….2nd floor? I don’t know; the lay out doesn’t say. But what we see in here is Apoo’s attempt to entice Drake into an Alliance!! He knows that Drake is some manor of World Government spy(would not have begged him as the type to deduce that), but he doesn’t really care- he just knows that Drake would be interested in his proposition. His grand plan: Let the Rebels and the Beast Pirates duke it out, and swipe the victory from the winning side- knowing that both sides are gonna be too exhausted to fight much longer. And he has the means to pull this off: The Remaining Numbers!! Drake is left speechless- and unwilling to trust Apoo……

Whoever can guess which Numbers they are- please tell me!!

On the stairs between the 1st and 2nd floors; we see that a handful of Gifters(under Tama’s control) and Nami and Usopp are taking Komachiyo to get medical attention- and trying to escape the fires that Orochi started. Suddenly; they here someone running from a “torso-less Yokai.” But when they turn around; they see something they didn’t expect: Kin’emon’s bottom half!! And he’s talking out of his @$$ about getting help for Kiku. As for he himself; it appears that his torso was never fully reattached. So when Kaido stabbed him in chapter 1,014; he merely “unstuck” both halves- allowing him to go about and look for help.

Because he doesn’t have eyes or ears; Kin’s torso is just wandering around aimlessly looking for allies to help him and Kiku. So to get through to him; Nami traces the crescent mark of the Rebellion. Hearing their situation; Usopp and Hamlet rush over to them, while Nami and the others continue to protect Tama and Komachiyo. While they make their way over to the attic; we cut to see a dying Kiku and a bloodied Kin. He hears a noise coming from Kanjuro’s Pond Snail- it’s Orochi. He’s surprised that Orochi’s still managed to survive after his numerous beheadings chapters ago, but is even more surprised to find out that Kanjuro Is Alive……

Ah, You Gotta Be Kidding Me With This One, Oda……..

Orochi orders Kanjuro to create a Giant Fire Demon to “burn everyone with the flames of the Kurozumi’s Anger.” With his last bit of strength; he creates a giant ball of flames that goes around consuming everything in it’s path- scorching multiples parts of the Castle. Which segways us to the outside of Onigashima, where Momonosuke is still trying to stop the island. He can’t make clouds as big as Kaido’s, so he begins to make a whole bunch of smaller clouds to stop the island.

We then end up cutting around a lot- from the Flower Capital to Brook and Robin, CP Aigis 0(the 2 agents already there), Marco, Izo, Kawamatsu, Sanji and Queen; Luffy and Kaido; Zoro and King; and finally- Orochi and Yamato. Orochi is hiding in a closet somewhere- trying to to hide from the flames until Fukurokuju can come get him and they can escape before the flames light Kaido’s Weapon room. His plan is to let everyone fight while his subordinates blow everything up- and make his grand escape. But if Yamato can manage to make it to the storage room in time……

Back at the Live Floor; a Giant Blast comes through the wall- blasting Kid and his mech onto the floor. Big Mom comes through on Prometheus, trying to finish Kid off. We get a miniature flashback that CONFIRMS it: Law and Kid can AWAKEN their abilities. But neither of them can really use them freely- it expends a lot of energy. But against a Yonko; they’re gonna need to bring out this “trump card.”

Oh…….is that all……?

Back in the present; Law begins to use his awakening- “Kroom.” He makes a small ball in his hand, and applies it to his sword. He leaps forward, and stabs Big Mom THROUGH her “neck(too much blubber for me to say for certain)!!!” He says that “Anaesthesia” is supposed to be just a harmless incision, but “Kroom” is supposed to “create shock waves from within.” Thus; his “Shock Willie” attack gives Big Mom such a shock that blood comes out of her mouth!!

Kid then uses his awakening to make Big Mom magnetic, pulling Napoleon, thousands of weapons, and even the support beams of the Brain Towers towards her! “Punk Clash” is what he calls it, and it ends up crushing Big Mom under several tons of metal. Law transports them out of there, as One Piece Chapter 1,030 comes to an END!! This chapter leaves us with a LOT to discuss.


There are SEVERAL things that I want to talk about with this chapter- and not a lot of time to address them all. And so far; I’ve been able to keep with the regular schedule of things. Don’t want to break that unless it looks like I have no choice. Not gonna rush things– but I may not talk about everything in as much detail as I would really like to. 1)Kanjuro’s drawing. It seems to be based on the demon from an old story in Japanese Mythology. I always enjoy these little tidbits about Japanese culture- this one in particular I feel, because it’s such a cool concept. Like; a man wondering around engulfed in Flames?! How metal can you get? And I really like the design for the monster itself in “One Piece-” this mass of Fire that moves through solid objects.

To learn more- Look it up!!!

It is supposed to represent “The Burning Rage Of The Kurozumi Clan;” it’s a perfect thematic element- to make myself sound like I know sh!t as much as I can. Like; Orochi doesn’t care about Wano- Kanjuro doesn’t care about himself; they both just seek to destroy everything. So Kanjuro created a mindless beast that attacks all indiscriminately- just as the clan was killed off indiscriminately. in rage; Wano began a rapid decay. Now, in their rage once more; they’re going to destroy this entire island- and take as much of Wano with it as the can.

But to address the Zuneshia sized Elephant in the Room: Kin’emon and Kanjuro’s survival. A character surviving a situation that would almost ALWAYS lead to death in any other situation- is nothing really new. In fact; I think people have gotten sick of it already. I……..have never really thought too too much about this problem. Aside from Pagaya in Skypiea and Hordy’s crew; I don’t think I’ve ever really been too upset with it- like I am in regards to these 2. Kanjuro SHOULD be dead. Kin’emon should die- after accomplishing something that contributes to defeating Kaido in a big way. I feel like Kanjuro’s story- his arc with the other Scabbards- was finished with his final lines in chapter 1014. And besides- don’t really like him. The reveal was cool and all, but he’s kind of gotten boring at this point.

I wish we could see more so that claim made sense…….

I suppose the only one I was really mad about was Kanjuro. I just think he’s gotten kind of annoying at this point. But it’s not fair to criticize 1 of these without talking about the other. Like I said; Kin’emon’s death should come at the END of this. It’s the way that he survives that I’m kind of having a problem with. You’re telling me that- ever since Punk Hazard– this man has been walking around like he could “fall apart” at any moment? What about when Kaido hits him during the battle up on the Skull Dome; you’re telling me Kaido didn’t hit him hard enough to knock him loose like this? or Kiku jumping on him after not seeing him for years didn’t take his torso off? Nothing told him that this was the case before hand? Something like that makes it feel like an “@$$ pull.”

Although; I will play Devil’s advocate here- I will say that he may well die BECAUSE of the Kazenbo he’s created. He’ll probably say something like “Sense all of my ‘co-stars’ are so incompetent- I’ll end the show MYSELF!!” but what I actually think the message is- would be “How our anger will destroy us.” His anger created this thing- and it will now become his undoing. As well as Orochi’s– as I feel that he’s on his last head. Orochi has to face punishment for his actions- be it living in a prison tortured everyday for the rest of his miserable life- or here being killed by the monster that he had let loose.

Quick; Call Pac-Man!!!

And then of course- you have Kid And Law Awakenings. Let me first say: Weird placement– WEIRDER introduction- EPIC MOMENT. Like; I did NOT expect BOTH of them to have already Awakened their fruits- nor did I think that they would be this arc. 1)I’m not saying that I have a problem with it. I’m just saying that we could have had 1 of them achieve an Awakening in this arc, and then the other goes off to achieve it later on- off or on screen. And if I had my pick; it would have been Kid.

2)It was a little jarring to have not only seen that in a mini-flashback, but also just dump it on us. Like: “Yo, Law- You awaken you’re power? I did, but it makes me exhausted.” I’m not saying that it ALWAYS has to be a “Huge Moment,” but………come on, it’s a Devil Fruit Awakening, know what I mean? You can’t just “drop” it on us like that- at least not in like 2 or 3 panels. That’s gotta be a BOOM.

But as for the actual powers themselves; Law seems to be able to compress his room and open them inside of other people(PAUSE)- kind of like “applying” to things like you would Armament haki, and then using the principle of Ryuo. It also seems to have the motif of a Doctor’s scalpel, as he was able to pierce the Sea Cow. It’s an interesting take- definitely different from Doffy and Katakuri’s. But I feel like he could already affect other people’s bodies without Awakening. Like; could he, say: Switch Big Mom’s organs with various rocks? Her kidney, brain, stomach(that’d be a dosy on her), or Heart and Brain? I guess you could always say Conqueror’s and Armament Haki defense, but I feel like that would only go so far at some point. Couldn’t Law “improve his Haki in the heat of battle” the same way Luffy did against Katakuri- like Rayleigh said: “Haki ‘blooms’ in the heat of battle.”

Get Magnetized!!!

As for Kid- Fine. It’s a little more in line with Doffy and Katakuri’s in the “affecting the world” aspect, but I think it’s a pretty neat ability. Like I said; it could have been saved for later- maybe during the FINAL Final clash against Kaido, but here is fine, too. It is still an Emperor Of The Sea, after all. And in terms of what it continues to build towards- the destruction of Kaido’s castle- it certainly works.

Speaking of: This thing is going to blow– SOON. Between the spreading fires Orochi has already set that are creeping through the castle as we speak, to this FIRE GHOST monster moving through and scorching sh!t up, to Kaido losing strength and potentially dropping the island; it’s kind of only a matter of time before we here a World Altering Bang. Though I don’t know what will become of the people on board. All this assuming Momo can’t stop the island, or Yamato can’t defuse all of those bombs. Speaking of: Yamato vs Orochi? You get the pun here, and thus what it means for the story? Yeah.

Next Time……….

Another fight to watch out for would have to be Brook and Robin vs these 2 CP0 freaks. We might actually learn something about these guys. Then again; we still know next to nothing about the Gorosei, so- Maybe Not.


And…….yeah!! That’s all I’ve got for the lot of you here today!! This chapter was really good- aside from the problems that I laid out. I don’t know how much longer we have with this because of the several things going on- the weapons room; Orochi; CP0; and more. Can Momonosuke stop the island from falling? Will Yamato be able to get rid of all the explosives? And will Orochi be burned by the monster he let loose? Can’t wait to find out!! Until next time, America- have a magical day.

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