BLIMP Mom and Sanji’s ULTIMATE Challenge! One Piece Chapter 1,031 BREAKDOWN

Hello there, my wonderful readers! It feels like each and every week just keeps amping things up to an nth degree- it makes me wonder when this “pot” is gonna boil over. Big Mom’s getting a power amp- which is amping her Homies. And Sanji may have gotten his biggest power up YET!! Though what it means for his story- and for Zeff- is going to be an interesting story. How will this new development affect the crew, though? Let’s find out; One Piece Chapter 1,031: “Warrior Of Science.” Oda thinks he’s being cute with this sh!t now, does he?

The Vice Captain- The 1st Mate- The 2nd In Command…………..Any other way’s to say their the 2nd most important on the crew!!


Picking up where last chapter left off; the Beast Pirates look on as Big Mom is covered head to toe in metal support beams. They begin to fear the worst, as Kid and Law struggle to catch their breath. Law asks how long it lasts, but Kid refuses to tell someone he may have to fight against one day. And wouldn’t you know itNot Long At All. ‘Cause Big Mom gets up, and uses her “Soul Pocus” to steal the souls of a number of Beast Pirates to create more Homies- and enhance herself with them, too! She even uses a Year of her own life span to make sure she wins this fight!

Believe it or not- She Got BIGGER!

While behind her; Yamato continues to make his way to the Armory. But with so many grunts and an overabundance of flames; she thinks it may be a better idea to go through the Cave Chamber. Speaking of; we cut over to the chamber- where Drake And Apoo have begun to Fight. Seems negotiations have fallen through, and now they’re in combat. Which sucks for Apoo since Drake’s managed to figure out his weakness: He can only affect those who hear his music- as long as he can see them.

Before Apoo can implore the Numbers to intervene; Yamato busts in. Apoo sees this as an opportunity to get a real powerhouse on his side, and tries to sway Yamato with some form of information. But he’s a little too BUSY trying to defuse a number of explosive before this thing BLOWS, so they keep on moving- even plowing through Drake before finding out that he’s an ally now. But now the Number Fuga is on his(Yamato’s) trail. Seeing as he needs Yamato on his side; Apoo grabs the other 2 Numbers and follow hem.

While on the 2nd floor of the Castle; the intoxicating Nico Robin and Brook are fighting through as many Beast Pirates as they can to escape from the Masked Members of CP-0. A number of Rebel Samurai try to fend them off as Brook grabs Robin and jumps to a lower level. Robin tells Brook that “Even among the Elites of CP-0- The Masked Agents Are The Most Elite.” And we then see the shorter won use Soru to warp away. Which awkwardly segways over to the Pleasure hall in the Left brain tower for the final part of the chapter. In which we focus on everything pertaining to Sanji.

He Couldn’t Have……..He Wouldn’t have……

A group of Geisha’s ran and hid when the fighting started. But one of them got separated, and got caught up in the battles. Sanji- running away from Queen- finds her. She’s pleading and begging for him to not hurt her. And what see is Sanji- not Perving Out. He stay’s completely silent- not even looking at her. And the next thing he knows- she’s lying on the ground bloodied and afraid. One of the other Geisha’s is jumping down his throat, but he…….doesn’t think he did it. He’s not sure; he thinks he’s becoming “heartless” like his brother’s.

He wanders off in a daze until he runs into Queen again. He thinks for a minute on everything, and takes out his Raid suit- stomping it– greatly disappointing Queen. He then takes out a Den Den Mushi, and makes a call to Zoro(he snuck it into Zoro’s hakama prior to the battle in case he got lost). Sanji asks him to do something important: After they’ve defeated the Beast Pirates; if Sanji is no longer “in his right mind-” he wants Zoro to Put Him Down. Zoro doesn’t know what the h#ll he’s talking about, but he promises to make it swiftso Sanji better not die before then.

Sanji thanks him and hangs up, and goes back to fighting Queen- debuting a New Attack: “H#LL MEMORIES!!!” The kick is fast enough- strong enough- Hot enough to set Queen ablaze, and send him a fair distance backwards. Which brings One Piece Chapter 1,031 to a Dramatic END!! One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. What a chapter to leave us on, Oda.

Time To Kick It Up a Notch………


This chapter had……. a LOT to discuss with this chapter. So much so that I actually had to completely rewrite this section. Because- I feel like I didn’t do it Justice; I didn’t feel like I wrote the best “Analysis” that definitely could- particularly about everything regarding Sanji. Speaking of; that’s probably as good a place to start as any: Sanji’s development.

But that’s not what they want from you, you cr@- cook……..

Originally; the Sanji portion of the title was “Sanji’s ULTIMATE Power Up.” 1)I felt that sent the Wrong Message- and you can probably gather why, and 2)It’s not so much of a “power up.” I talked about this back when his Vinsmoke powers began to awaken- about how being able to kick a woman would help him defend the crew. But when I stopped to REALLY think about it– I realized that it wouldn’t be as good of a thing as I made it out to be. 1)You should NEVER hit a woman- no matter what. And 2) That is NOT who Sanji is– and that’s what the Straw hat’s like about him. Like Nami told him in chapter 403– she’s “impressed” with his chivalry. And like Luffy said after Judge helped them get away from the Big Mom Pirates: His best qualities are what make him unlike the Germa- his skin is no armor; he cooks; he saves the weak and is swayed by emotions. They LIKE this Sanji. So for him to change so drastically as to lose his “humanity-” to the point where he can kick a woman- that would mean that he’s………”not Sanji anymore?” Does that make sense?

I’m trying to convey that Sanji being cold and unfeeling would be removing all of the traits that the Straw Hat’s like about him- even though he sees this as a way that he could be more useful. because for the first 8 years of his life; he was told day in and day out how much of a “failure” he was. And for the next portion; he had to deal with the guilt of knowing that he stripped a man of his dreams(however untrue that line of thinking may be). So he wants to be useful to them- but he also doesn’t want to lose his humanity. Which is why he asked Zoro to cut him down AFTER the battle; he’ll make himself useful here- and then die.

What information do you…….?

Another thing that happened this chapter: Apoo tried to recruit Yamato. But she still sees Apoo as one of Kaido’s men, so she ignores the f*ck out of him. But what was it that he was going to tell her? Just that Drake is a Government spy to get Drake off his back? Or was it his plan to overthrow Kaido at the end of this? Probably the latter, but you never really know at this point. Not that I think that Yamato would go for it- since she believes that Luffy will come out on top. And she wouldn’t want anyone to take that victory out from under him. So- No dice. And if it were Drake’s secret; I doubt that she would care. No Rebel does- as long as he helps bring down the Beast Pirates.

There’s also the idea of Apoo and the Numbers following Yamato to the Armory- where Orochi may or may not be. But that aside; Yamato can beat a Number. But can she do it before one of them hits the bombs and gun powder and blow this island a few minutes early? And all that assuming the these Number’s don’t have something like Haki or a Devil fruit or something. They’re drunk, so she may need to do something about the explosives first and foremost.

The other MAJORLY important thing that happens is Robin talking about the masked CP-0 agents- them being “a class all their own.” What the H#ll could that CONCEIVABLY mean? Doe they have OP Devil Fruits? Do they have next level Armament and Observation(Highly doubt anyone in Aigis 0 has Conqueror’s)? Or are their Rokushiki techniques just that much better than Lucci’s? It’s gonna be pretty interesting to finally LEARN SOMETHING about these 2. Maybe A NAME? Well; it’s not like we know the Gorosei’s name, anyway.

Oh Cr@p.


And……there you have it!! I KNEW I could do better!! This was a pretty good “set up” chapter- it built up a few things to be payed off later. But I think that next chapter will mostly be either Sanji vs Queen, or Zoro vs King. Or we could cut back to Luffy vs Kaido– Oda could throw us a curve ball like that. Either way; I see next chapter will be focusing on one of the BIG battles. That’s all I got for the lot of you today. Until the next post, everyone- catch ya later!!