The Stages Of Grief: The Crew Of Edens. Edens Zero Chapter 167 BREAKDOWN

A long, long time ago(at least it feels long ago); I made a review for chapter 68 of “Edens Zero.” In that chapter; we watched the Shining Star’s react to the news of Valkyrie’s death. And now- they have to say goodbye for another. And this time; it’s the whole crew in mourning. I mean; it was before, but their reactions were a little more split because of the arc’s structure. And…….it’s bad. Let’s begin the wake; Edens Zero Chapter 167: “Proof In Our Hearts That She Lived.” Almost 100 chapters exactly after that. D@mn……


The Wars End And Aftermath

We begin this chapter by cutting over to The Temple, where words begins to spread like Wild Fire that Nero and his Empire have been defeated. Civilians, Rebels, and everyone else chants in joy- while Nero’s soldiers are left dumbfounded and disheartened- even more so when Dettcom(“Dead Cam” in this chapter) CEO Rickard has his Androids take them as prisoners.

As Jaguar’s remaining platoon tries to get in contact with the rest of the Interstellar Union Army; we see Elsie make her major move- by going into Nero’s castle and CONFRONTING Ziggy!! Ziggy is surprised that Elsie managed to make it all the way here considering how many Union Army troops are scattered around, but Elsie reminds him the he has more enemies than she does. She then asks if he truly intends to take Nero’s empire as it is now. Ziggy responds that he “no longer needs this worthless Empire.” He begins to talk about something interesting:

Shiki made the wrong choice- The “Grand Circle Of Fate” I had expected to complete has been broken.

Even I can’t predict what will happen- Now that World No 31 has begun.

The Demon King Ziggy

Elsie questions what it means, but he responds that she doesn’t need to know- as he will wipe out Humanity regardless of that fact. But Elsie being here present a dilemma: He’s too exhausted from fighting Nero to battle Elsie. She could beat him right now, but she instead decides to spare him- in return for saving her when she was young. But she promises that the next time they meet- It Will be As Enemies. THAT was her mistake in the Grand scheme of things.

Mistake #1, Elsie Crimson……..

We cut over to the Edens Zero- with Kris, Kleene, and Laguna eating at a table. Kleene is the most emotional here(tearing up thinking about it), while the other’s sit silently. Laguna asks if the other are really still out of it after 2 days. Kleene reminds him that they knew her longer than the 3 of them- it makes sense that they’d be hit this hard. Just thenWeisz enters the room, and walks up to Laguna- scowling.

Laguna recalls his conversation with Weisz in chapter 140– how “If anything happened in the fight that got any of his crew killed,” then he would Kill Him. Weisz Steiner: “Anger.” Laguna shakes, and then “shakes it off.” Weisz puts a hand on his shoulder, and tells him he “Takes it back.” Laguna also lost a friends when the planet blew up- it’s enough already. He gives his condolences, and walks off. Laguna is left speechless.

We cut over to the Garden, where the remaining Shinings Star, Pino, Happy, and Mosco look out at the Aoi sea. Sister and Hermit stand devastated by this development- Sister even depressingly asks “Which of them will be the next one to go?” Homura and Mosco tell her not to talk like that or it’ll make Witch sad, which is when she starts to cry in disbelief- making everyone around them start to cry, too. Sister Ivry and Hermit Mio: “Denial.”

Maybe a little “forced,” but it’s there…….

We then cut over to Shiki’s room for the final part of the chapter. Rebecca enters, and Shiki’s just sitting on his bead in the dark– all alone. He hasn’t even eaten in 2 days– he just “can’t keep it down.” Shiki Granbell: “Depression.” Rebecca sits down beside him, and they begin to talk about it. Rebecca recalls what he told Homura on Sun Jewel– about being able to “move on” so long as you have friends there with you. But he doesn’t believe that anymore- not in this moment. All he can think about……is Witch and all the good times they had together.

Shiki asks Rebecca how she’s able to hold herself together as well as she is. But she’s not. She’s been using Cat Leaper for 2 days straight– trying to go back to the moment before Witch died. But No Dice- she couldn’t go back that far no matter how hard she tried. All she did was crack herself apart further and further every time. And if Shiki doesn’t “Get on his feet” soon,” then…….she’ll break. Rebecca Bluegarden: “Bargaining.”

Limit Reached- 2 days ago.

The 2 embrace, and Shiki apologizes for making her worry so much. He says he’s uncertain if he can do so now, but he promises he’ll learn to accept Witch’s death. “It’s proof that she lived.” Shiki Granbell and Rebecca Bluegarden: “Acceptance.” Which brings Edens Zero Chapter 167 to an Emotional END. D@mn it…… he got me again with this sh!t.


……….I think the BEST place to start with this section would be the “Stages of Grief” motif. I talked about it throughout the post, but let me give it here in detail:

  1. Denial- Although it may seem a little “forced;” Sister and Hermit state that they “can’t believe it.”
  2. Bargaining- Rebecca is risking her own well being for Shiki and for Witch by trying to turn back time.
  3. Anger- Weisz was angry at Laguna- his personal vendetta against Nero resulted in one of his crew sacrificing themselves.
  4. Depression- Shiki This Whole Chapter.
  5. Acceptance- Shiki and Rebecca have to learn how to move on from losing a member of their family.

In the case of Weisz; I think he in one part realized that it wasn’t wholly Laguna’s fault that Witch died- he didn’t do anything that wouldn’t have happened anyway. Shiki still would have wanted to stop Shura’s plan- this war still would have happened- and Ziggy still would have blown up the planet. The only thing Laguna contributed to was get them allied with Oasis.

Did He Really…….?

That said: I’m starting to think that he meant it– at least; if things had went differently. Say it looked like they were gonna lose, and Laguna decided to bail on them, and Witch had died from that. That would have been a different story- that(in his mind) would have been Laguna’s fault. And like we saw with Muscia in chapter 190 and 191 of Rave Master(SPOILERS for Rave Master)- he was gonna SLAUGHTER all those Blue Guardian jerks for what they did. I may have been on Hiatus or about to so it’s probably in a “Manga Dump Post” somewhere, but I never really took him seriously on that one because of chapter 99. But looking back at that- how intense Grey and Musica could get when it came to protecting their own- I feel like he may have done it. Especially with how this particular series decides to pull the kill card. I was really thinking Shura was going to continue to be a character in the series– and he ended up dying on an exploding planet. It’s like; it’s not scared to kill characters off- and not afraid to let the crew be the ones to do it. Remember Garrot? So…….might have been a problem.

But again- this was not Laguna’s fault. And he lost a friend or 2 of his own from Oasis, so……. how do I word this? It would be f*cked up to say they’re “squared” on that front, but they both lost friends and it was the Bad guy’s fault. It’s “null,” I guess.

I talked about Valkyrie’s death and Sister’s reaction to it- I really liked how Mashima portrayed the stages of grief in no particular order there. It made the moment feel more “real” and less like “bullet points.” And here; it’s pretty much the same thing. And I really do like this more- even if it makes the chapter feel a little “all over the place.” We just kind of “jump cut” from one group’s reaction to another with no proper segway point. But I still like that Mashima is showing them collectively reacting to it.

The Newer They Are- The Less Tears They Said.

It made sense that Laguna and Kris wouldn’t shed tears- they didn’t know that long, and they aren’t the type to do that…….until after a LOT of character development that let’s them put their shields down. They aren’t gonna cry at this moment unless it’s something very important to them. And Witch- while being their friend- just wasn’t as close to them as the others. It would hit characters like Sister, Hermit, Rebecca, Pino, Happy, and Shiki the most. Sister and Hermit just lost their Sister– someone they’ve known their whole fre@kin’ lives. I’m actually a little surprised they aren’t more like Shiki right now.

I could…….talk all day about how and why I really like this chapter and never really get my thoughts through. In weeks prior; I’d write these “Edens Zero” posts on pure “momentum.” But because I had to stop at some point; that momentum “broke” and I lost a lot of my initial thoughts and wording. But…..that’s just a flimsy excuse. I just can’t explain it very well. So let’s….talk about the 2 story plot points from this chapter: World 31 and Rebecca’s powers.

The last time we heard that was…..

Based on Ziggy’s choice of wording here(and how timeline based time travel works); we can gather that World 30 branches off into World 31 at some point. But the way it’s being implied here- it’s starting to feel like these “branches” aren’t as “varied” as some might think. Maybe if Shiki had made an alternate choice- the choice to stay and save the Planet 66- we may have ended up in World 32. Or maybe skip the 30’s and go straight to something like 56. Or…..maybe there are just “key moments” in the story that change what world will be. So maybe saving the planet would have resulted in them staying in World 30 until the next moment- if that’s how it works. Mashima is REALLY roping us in with this multiple timelines bit. It seems like it’s key moments that go into a certain timeline, but would a “key event” go into………….F*cking Loki– we’re going with “Nexus points!”

The other point to talk about this chapter would have to be Rebecca– specifically the fact that she leveled herself up.She seems to be incapable of reaching the moment before Witch died, but that may be due to the fact that they’re now in a brand new timeline. But I think she also implies that she can go back further than her previous limit of 90 seconds, and more frequently than just twice a day. Her limit may have increased to multiple times a day in short intervals- or longer periods of time once or twice. Which is going to be a very useful ability for whatever problem the crew encounters next. Though I don’t know about the “cracks” in her body right now- I don’t know if Sister will really be able to fix something like this………


And……there you, uh……..there you have it. This was definitely one of my lower tier posts, I’ll admit. I’m adapting to the way things are, and I promise I’ll get used to it. For now; enjoy the post. And let me know your own thoughts in the comments. Until next we meet, guys- have a nice day!!

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