A New Problem! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 40 BREAKDOWN

Something’s Coming…….

Chapters that don’t focus on fighting seem to give us a little more to speculate on- at least with this series. We get introduced to a new faction here- one that’s sure to be after one of the dreaded “Knights Of The Apocalypse.” And what’s more- they seem a fair bit stronger than I was expecting them to be. Certainly stronger than Talisker and Ardbeg. But beyond that; we have something that……both is and isn’t what I was expecting. Those of you who’ve been reading my past reviews know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’tlet’s get into it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse: “Fearsome Attackers.” Let’s begin.


Picking up where last week left off; 2 spears full of magic power come to the Crystal Grotto to kill Percival and Anne. Gowther manages to stop one of the spears, and Ardbeg protects Anne from the other one- dying in the process. The Bird from last week is killed by an Arrow from Sin– who apologizes for not acting sooner. As for Ardd; he dies with Anne in his hands- and the illusion of his daughter disappearing. Gowther grabs one of the spears, and identifies the attacker from the “brain wave patterns left in the spear(what the actual f*ck does that even MEAN?):” The Camelotian Holy Knight- “Chaos Knight” Tamdhu. Distance: 9.2 Miles Away. he takes the spear- and re-gifts it with his Sacred Treasure- “Double Bow Harlit.”

We cut to when the kids grow back up- with Anne thinking about Ardd’s last words to her: “Grow up and be a Great Woman.” A single tear drop comes out as she comes to- and then she finds herself and her friends naked. After slapping Percival for looking at her exposed breast- they find Ardd’s staff, and Gowther explains to them what happened. But we cut from that to see Tamdhu’s group– making their way to the Dalfare Peaks where Tamdhu’s familiar was last.

I actually know the origins of the 6 Legged Horse!!

After making fun of all the Holy Knights who failed to end Percival; they see a Bolt of Magic coming at them. They dodge, and it proceeds to go after Tamdhu. He takes out another of his spears, but it just goes right through and the bolt continues on its course. It hits it’s mark, but Tamdhu can notice no effects…….immediately. As soon as he pulls back his spear for another attack- he ends up attacking his allies. “Invasion: Jack-” Gowther has hijacked Tamdhu’s body, and has him turning on his allies. So one of them cut him up where he stands- stating that it’s Tamdhu’s fault for “underestimating the Legendary Sins and a knight of the Apocalypse.”

Back in the Village; Gowther has released the Demons from Ardbeg’s Archangel Amber. Dolchomonte tells them that they can have Cernunnos’ Antelrs- they can use it to make all types of medicine. They decline because it would be a lot to carry, so Nasiens just takes some shavings of it. As for Anne; she demands the Full truth from Gowther(her magic allows her to detect lies). When she hears it; she begins to cry– and is comforted by her friends. As Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 40 comes to a tragic END! Getting better at this format…….

Remember This Moment, Anne- Engrave It In Your Heart.


In the beginning; I made it sound like we have a million different things to talk about, but……. it doesn’t really. I can speculate about this new group of Holy Knights from Camelot, and what Anne can take from this and why I think that it impacted her so much- but that’s about all I can. Starting with everything regarding Anne; I think that she saw that he wasn’t all that bad- just someone who lost their daughter in the same way her own father was afraid to let her go on this adventure. And like she said in chapter 33: Ardd never told them any sort of lie. So she knows that his intentions of helping people were genuine. And that is the kind of Holy Knight tat she wants to be.

We know that she wants to be a Holy Knight like her Mother– one who can “protect what’s vital someday.” But…… I think that goal is about to “grow” to become “protect the innocent.” And Ardbeg was someone who was trying to protect the innocent, too- at the cost of more innocent lives. The Wrong Way. I think she wants to do it the Right way. But changing that goal itself is not enough to grow– to become strong enough to do that; she’ll need something important: Conviction. She’ll have to learn to stick true to that- no matter the circumstances ahead of her. And with what they’re about to face- She’s Going To Need To Get A LOT Stronger…..

4 Knights- 4 Kids- Perfect Match.

I definitely think that these guys will be the Final hurdle for the kids to overcome before we start getting into the MAIN story- the last “5-10 chapter,” episodic threat they’ll face before we get into the actual fight against Camelot and rounding up the other Knights Of The Apocalypse. I think their trip to Liones is going to gain them a new ally(COUGH COUGH*Tristan*COUGH COUGH). But I don’t know where this final confrontation is going to take place. The way it sounds; they just just have to get over this hill and they’ll be in Liones- these Holy Knights won’t be able to chase after them. Or……..could they?

I’m thinking that they may well chase after the kids even AFTER they get over the Peaks Of Fear- maybe they’ll just confront them on the border and kick their collective @$$e$. Then Liones’ Holy Knights come along and rescue them– forcing these guys to retreat in fear of having to fight that guy. That could be the motivation that they all need to get stronger- especially if Liones offers them the chance to be Holy Knight Apprentices and go into actual combat against Camelot. I think that something like that could work. I also think another possibility is separating them and picking them off one-by-one. And like I said: Liones comes to their rescue. Particularly if they realize that Percival is one of the Four Knights. They may well try to utilize them against Camelot- with Tristan as their first Knight.

Though I suppose I could also talk about Cernunnos’ itself. There’s NO WAY we won’t see that Demon Dog again- he’s essentially the stories new “Oslo(for those who read the previous series).” And he needs a New Master now that Ardbeg is gone. Maybe it could be Anne. Although I suppose she already has Sylvan. And it seems like she may well take his staff(she’s holding it at the end of the chapter) to remember him by, so he may end up going to someone else. or he could simply stay in the Village- I’m sure Gowther could use some help protecting this place now that Camelot has Archangel Amber. And thinking about it; they may just make a grave for him and put his staff there. And yet…… I feel like Suzuki set up these “Chaos Staffs” for a reason……

WHAT IF: Anne takes Ardd’s staff with her to Liones as an “offering” in exchange for becoming a Holy Knight Apprentice. It does have some “Chaos Power” in it- maybe they can discern a weakness in Arthur’s power. Or- to tie this back into the idea of this new group being the next challenge- she could always……..break it and absorb some of its magic. I wonder what that would do for her power? Heck; what would that do to the story and to Arthur? I think that……. he may want to reclaim some of his power- just so that it can’t be used against him. Leading to a Conflict With Liones– if that is so the direction the story is taking.



………That should be all. I know I mostly did speculation this time around- speculation that- if we’re to be honestmight not even come to pass. All that said; I enjoyed this chapter. I’m curious what kind of medicine you could make from Cernunnos’ antlers and how Nasiens plans to use them. I’m just rambling to make this part feel longer- I don’t actually have that much to say. And if I don’t have much to say- that’ll be all from me for today. Until the next post, everyone- catch ya later!

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