Pirate Hunter vs Wildfire! One Piece Chapter 1,032 BREAKDOWN

Kind Of feels like all Yamato’s been doing is running, lately……..

Hello again, my wonderful readers! Alright, let me be “Real 100” with ya- this chapter is one of those “All over the place aside from the last part that becomes the title” type of chapters. And the “jump around” part is pretty all over that place. I kind of have problems coming up with names for these kinds of chapters, but this one was pretty easy. It is the BIGGEST part of the chapter, after all. And it doesn’t have too many jump cuts- it’s more like a “this part leads into this with our eyes being drawn to this” kind of thing- if that makes sense. In any case; let’s get right into the chapter! One Piece Chapter 1,032: “Oden’s Beloved Sword.”


We open the chapter with Phoenix Marco and Izo- Izo has asked him to take him to the Kazenbo because it made him feel “uneasy.” As they check out where the h#ll that thing is; we cut over to Yamato running from Apoo and Drake- and Fuuga, who seems rather fond of her. We then see Robin and Brook fall from the second floor to the first- trying to keep away from CP Aigis 0. When it looks like they’ll have to fight; the Kazenbo comes to their “rescue” and devours the Agents!

Did I mention that Fuuga was a Centaur? Don’t blame me- I’m short on time!!

Yamato takes note of the Kazenbo, and begins to worry that it’s flames will ignite the explosives and Gunpowder in the lower floors when it gets there. So she tells Fuuga to follow her. Meanwhile; Brook and Robin stand poised to fight against the CP0 Agents, who have survived the flames as if they were nothing. But before they can go into fight the Straw Hats; Apoo begins to take photo’s of them- planning to sell them to Morgan as part of a scandal(“World Government Dealings With Yonko” or something along those lines). So now he must be purged.

They attack, but Apoo manages to use Armament Haki to avoid being heavily damaged. When they see Drake; Bowler plans to assassinate him before he can say anything about it, too. But Apoo saves him with his Devil Fruit. The 2 agree to a momentary truce, and take the fight to CP0!!

Supernova’s vs CP0- BEGIN!!!

We then cut over to Zoro vs King– as we see Kign display more of “One Piece’s” peculiar interpretation of Dinosaurs. Like; he pulls his face back and “slingshots” it back– creating enough Air Force to knock Zoro on his @$$. He asks if the fire on his back is also something that Dinosaurs did, but King replies that it’s not.

Zoro decides he has to get King down to his level to fight him properly, and uses “3 Sword Style: Kalatsutra- Great Dragon Twister” to knock his foe down. But King blocks with his Pteradon wings– and implies that he’s even tougher than THAT! He goes back to his regular form, and the 2 duel- with it quickly becoming clear that he’ll need to find out King’s race to win. Though he now has ANOTHER problem to contend with: At the sound of a certain Shamisen; Enma begins to drain his Haki again!!

Not Again!!!

We then cut over to the Treasure Repository for the Final part of the chapter- where Orochi hears the sound as well. He goes over to see in curiosity, and finds a sight he never expected to see: Komurasaki- alive and well!! He tears up, hoping no one wakes him up from such a “Wonderful Dream-” as One Piece Chapter 1,032 comes to an Eerie END!! Uh, Hiyori- you’re not gonna……….


Like I said; this chapter just kind of sets things up from scene to scene- it rarely jumps over to another thing. And I think that that’s a good way to handle it; I don’t like having to jump around like that because I feel like it messes with my “flow.” I have A LOT of posts to come this week, and I had to write the “Review” portions QUICK. So I mostly went on “Pure Momentum-” starting here. What I’m getting at with this one: I have difficulty finding good cut away’s- something that doesn’t start with “As this is going on” or “We then cut over to.” I need to look up synonyms for those………..

In any case; this chapter makes known to the cast the very real problem of the Kazenbo making its way to the Armory. So the need for Yamato to get to realize that this thing is a problem has put a real “pep in her step.” In which case; I think that she may have Fuuga take her to the Armory(he’s able to get further in less time- due to his size, and he’s likely faster than her, as well). But when they get there………. I don’t know what the plan is. It’s not like simply “defusing” the explosives will mean they WON’T explode when they catch fire! And what the h#ll does she plan to do about the Gun Powder?

You better run, dude!!

I’m thinking that she may have Fuuga put a hole in the floor and they’ll defuse the explosives before chucking them down below- but I still feel like the impact on the ground would make them explode. And that’ll take some timeand they don’t have a lot of it to start with. The Kazenbo can pass through solid objects; it could be down there by next chapter considering it’s down. I really can’t think of any way that Oda can have them get out of this without it feeling contrived- and I definitely don’t know how they’re going to survive or escape the explosion. That should KILL themevery last one of em. But this “One Piece” and the main cast is here, so I know that they’ll survive. I just couldn’t tell you how………

As for what she’ll see when she gets down therethat’s going to be the INTERESTING Part. I thought that she would have to fight Orochi, but now that Hiyori is here; it’s become clear that this not the case. 1)She’s more than likely the person that saved the Scabbard’s in chapter 1,004– she’s been here for a while in hiding. 2)I know what she’s planning– and you probably do, too. And if Oda choses to take it in this direction, then……..that’s appropriately sadistic. Her plan is to break Orochi’s cold, vengeful little Heart.

“………PSYCH!! You thought I loved you…..?!”

She’s going to reveal that she’s the daughter of Kozuki Oden, and that revelation will shake Orochi’s world. The woman he’s been so infactuated with for so long turns out to be the scion of of the clan that caused him such persecution? And then she reveals that she never really loved him in the same way? That’s gonna WRECK HIM!!! Though I don’t think that’s her only plan. If so; Orochi would just try to kill her right here and now- she has to have some way of defending herself. And I doubt that Denjiro would allow her to go around defenseless.

So…….is it possible that Denjiro taught her the way of the Sword? She did have Enma before hand? And it’s not like Denjiro would really refuse to teach her if she asked- or, considering her standing- demanded to learn how to use a sword. Though it may be as simple as stabbing him with a Poison Knife. But I think she needs a way to keep him here until the Kazenbo makes its way to the treasure room to incinerate the Snake B@stard.

I also wanted to talk about how Orochi’s obsessions have directly lead to his own undoing. His obsession with revenge, and his obsession with Komurasaki. I talked about it when the Kazenbo showed up- how it would be the cause of his and Kanjuro’s death. But then you have this plot point– you have Hiyori here, poised to crush Orochi’s will to live. And I don’t think the 2 points are unconnected. Perhaps she’ll tell Orochi why no one could ever love “something like him,” and that’ll be the realization that makes him “want to die.”

He can’t do it, can he…….?

And it’s like; even if she has plans to Fight Orochi- will she be able to kill him? I brought this up in RJ Writing Ink’s post about the chapter; I said that I kind of doubt she’ll be able to put the nail in his proverbial coffin- he’s had his head lopped off HOW many times at this point? And much like the cockroach he is- he just keeps getting back up. Even if Hiyori knows how to use a sword(She may have demanded to learn the way of the sword from Denjiro); will cutting his head off- stabbing him, cutting off his limbs, and literally every other punishment that he deserves- do much of anything against him? No. But that’s not the question that I want to pose. MY Question is: Will He Fight Back?

You saw during chapter 933– he couldn’t bring himself to TRULY attack Komurasaki for disrespecting him; he hesitated to attack, and even when he did– it wasn’t very painful. Because of his obsession with her– one that persisted him even after he “death.” So if she breaks his heart right here- and he loses his will to go on- Will she attack him? And will whatever she kills him with work? Or will she leave him here to rot and burn up in the flames of his own Revenge? I didn’t even really think of this, but- could she have founds a Sea Prism Stone Sword? That could be 1 way of ending him for good. But I definitely want the Kazenbo to be the instrument of his demise- I think that’s thematically appropriate.


So……….Apoo can use Haki, huh? You know; I kind of didn’t expect that. Haki’s basically one of the criteria for being any kind of strong enough to brave the New World, so it makes sense that he has it. And he is one of the people vying to become Pirate King- one of Luffy’s rivals for the throne. So he needs to be some kind of strong enough to become any sort of problem. Guess I was kind of underestimating Apoo, huh? Though I didn’t expect him to be able to fight CP0 Agents- especially not ones Robin hyped up! I suppose this fight is gonna be cool- depending on how much of it we see.

Although; the part about him giving the photos he’s taking of him to Morgans is going to be a curious plot point if it gets followed up on(and given how “One Piece” is- it will be). Imagine what’ll happen to the World Government’s image after THAT. Heck; how will Akainu react to the fact that he has to get precious Sea Prism Stone from a Pirate– and one of the Top Dogs, no less!! Ever since his conversation with the Gorosei at the end of Dressrosa; Oda’s been building this narrative of Akainu seeing through some of the World Government’s bullsh!t, and actively calling them out on their sh!t. I wonder where he plans to take it………

You don’t think he plans to take matters into his own hands, do you…….?

Lastly: Zoro vs King. Oda does this every time Zoro gets a solo battle; he finds some way to handicap him to make the fight look cooler. Here- same thing. I think now that Hiyori has stopped playing her Shamisen- Zoro can now do what he did in chapter 955 and steal his haki right the f*ck BACK(pretty f*cking BOSS MOVE, BTW), but……. I get the feeling that King won’t be so willing to let him do something like that- especially sense he’s Winning right now.

Now that I mention it; I don’t know what King’s race has to do with his defeat(it’s never mattered in a fight before…..), but I think the flames on his back will likely be part of the key to victory. Maybe extinguishing it will put him close to death- like a Charmander! Or Zoro could utilize his newly awakened Conqueror’s to use against King. We know that fighting a Conqueror’s user comes with this “Pressure” in the battle that weighs you down- it could keep King on the ground and allow Zoro to win. Something like that.

Since when the H#ll has that mattered?!


Man- it really feel like I talk a lot with how long these posts go for. I swear; I could take a nothing panel and turn that into like 3 or 4 paragraphs worth of speculation. Is that a problem? You guys would let me know if that was a problem, right? Right…..?

In any case; this was a pretty good chapter- I definitely agree with RJ Writing Ink that this arc is getting ready to reach its climax. Question is: What’s gonna happen? Are we ever gonna cut back to Luffy’s battle against Kaido? I don’t think we can end this arc without seeing how that fight goes. It wouldn;t be enough for Oda to just show us Luffy’s bloodied, beaten body on the ground and Kaido slightly more banged up than he was beforewe need to see that battle. Or is it just me that feels this way?

Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- have a Magically Fantastical day! Later!!

I wasn’t gonna end the post without showing you guys THIS!!

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