The Advent Of The Demon King is Within Sight! Black Clover Chapter 314 BREAKDOWN

Oh no…….. And I mean that in a Good Way. Because This Chapter Right HERE has managed to both prevent a situation in which the power scaling goes “off the charts” so soon in the series run that you wonder “So what’s the next challenge?” But it also manages to introduce a problem that it’ll take Everyone to beat! I think Tabata was able to handle this aspect of the story very well- it even makes me look back a little bit and make me rethink my earlier claims about Yuno. And I’ll tell you why. Black Clover Chapter 314: “The Mass.” I see what you did there, Tabata- Funny. Let’s begin.


We begin the chapter by finishing Mereoleona’s fight against one of the Spade Kingdom’s Ancient Demons. With her “Hellfire Incarnate” active; her fire power grows the longer the fight goes on! And she uses that power to blow the Ancient Demon away!! As everyone stands in amazement that a singular Clover Kingdom Magic Knight was able to destroy an Ancient Demon like that; more and more Devils start to come- making Mereo extremely excited!

Meanwhile; Nozel, Patri, and Langris begin to make their way to the center of Spade Castle. Charmy makes a Cotton Cloud to bring the Black bulls over to Yami(and William). But before they can even make it to them– we hear from Lucifero out of the unconscious- or rather; Dead– Morris! By draining Morris’ life force; he managed to open the 2nd Gate even FASTER than before!!

All at once; a LEGION of Mid-Ranked Devils come out all clumpy and vying to be first. No one can believe the overwhelming “Malice” coming out of the gate. Recalling what he did to Liebe in chapter 268; he plans to take possession of ALL of the Devils that have come into this world, and Pseudo- Incarnate into this world in a similar state to the Earthworm-things Zagreb brought out in his battle. A giant Worm monster with his horns and voice burst forth from the castle- suppressing everyone in the outside with “Presence Of The Demon King.”

If I had to put a percentage on this thing- I would say something like “30%.”

As all seems to be lost; the Black Bulls combine their efforts- Vanessa and her “Fate Manipulation: Absolute Evasion;” Charmy making sure they’re all as healthy as possible; Gauche making more Grey clones to convert what’s left of the castle into part of the Black bull’s hideout; and Gordon helping Henry to absorb as much of Lucifero’s power as they possibly can- and create their ULTIMATE Joint Attack: “ULTRA GIANT BLACK BULL!!!!” Their new hideout SOCKS the Ultimate Devil(Pseudo Released state)- bringing Black Clover Chapter 314 to an Impactful END!!! Nice One There, Tabata Sensei……….


………….There’s not really much that I can say about this chapter. Then again; I said about that about the last chapter, and I somehow managed to stretch that beyond a natural conclusion. Hm……. I suppose one thing I could talk about is the idea of what’s to become of the Black Bull’s place now that they’ve mixed in elements of Spade Castle. I mean; I don’t know if Grey plans to separate the castle and the hideout when she’s done- I don’t know if she can even with the help of Gauce(making more of her again) and Henry(who’s controlling the castle). In which case; that means that they’re going to have a LOT more space to work with.

Although…….wouldn’t moving around something that large put some sort of strain on Henry? Like; he needs to take in a lot of mana to have the hideout moving around and reassemble it the way he does. If they really keep it this big for the rest of the story, then they’re gonna need SO MUCH F*CKING MANA to keep Henry alive(Gordo’s spell won’t work forever)- mana that they don’t have. So they’re either going to need to return Spade Castle back to the way it was(it was already in Shambles, so it might actually be better off like this), or get a whole lot more members somehow. And I think I know just the recruits they’ll be getting: The Golden Dawnor rather; what’s left of them.

Ever since Zenon’s massacre of them; the Golden Dawn’s been cut in half– the only members we see that are left are the “important” ones like Yuno, Klaus, Langris, Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama, Letoile, and…….. I don’t even KNOW who else! And with how little we’re seeing of William- little we even hear about him- I feel more death signs for him than I do for Yami. And with his death, well- what’ll become of the Golden Dawn? All of those Nobles and royals like Yuno and Mimosa O-Hime Sama will need SOME place to go- and that’s even if all of them still want to be Magic Knights after all that’s happened. Between dealing with the Spade Kingdom and the Ancient Demon’s attack– not to mention their standing after the Elf Invasion; I don’t think a lot of the one’s left really want to continue as Magic Knights. But the ones who dowhere will they go?

What Now?

I’m willing to bet you’ve all figured out where I’m taking this: Some of the Golden Dawn will go to other magic Knights squads- with Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus joining the Black Bulls. Why just those 3 you might ask? Simply put: Even though the Black Bulls standing in the Clover Kingdom has grown(and is sure to reach New Heights now that their little Devil Possesed, Magicless Muscle Runt has saved the Kingdom from the same Ancient Demon their “pwecious” Wizard king couldn’t stop)- not everyone has accepted them. I doubt that someone like Langris or Letoile would go to work for such a……… “unrefined” group. Davidmaybe. but the rest would probably chose somewhere else to go if they want to continue as Magic Knights.

But yuno and the other 2 are accustomed to the Black Bull’s “ways-” and Tabata keeps bringing them into the story(he kept them alive for SOME reason); having them part of the MAIN main cast wouldn’t be the worst idea. Mimosa and Yuno alone have been very crucial to this arc- and the Black Bulls need an actual healer, right? And going back to what I said about Henry; Klaus is a Noble, and Yuno and Mimosa are RoyaltyHigh Level ones at this point. Yuno’s even possesed by the Wind Spirit. They’ve got mana to spare. Though this is all pure speculation and for all I know William might not even Die. In which case……… Could it be Yami that dies and the Black Bull’s join the Golden Dawn?

Couldn’t Find An Image With Him in a Golden Dawn Uniform(AMAZINGLY).

The reverse could happen, and Yami’s death leads to the Black Bull’s joining the Golden Dawn- filling in the ranks they lost. Plus; it would put Asta a step closer to the Wizard King. I really don’t think things are going to go back to normalone of these 2 is dying here. Tabata’s been pullin’ real Oda-ism’s and sparring that “Kill Card.” And with how much we just got of Yami vs everything we know about William thanks to the Elf Invasion- I both AM and Am Not getting those vibes. i think that one of them will die, and the other will take on their squad as their own- it’s just a question of who it will be at the end of it………

………… I’ve managed to do it again. And I think I’ll keep going because I have another point to discuss: The Grimoire Tower. We saw from chapter 308 that the place where everyone receives their grimoires is connected to Spade Castle. Which would mean that that room is now in the Black Bull’s hide out. So I ask you: Can they even leave with that in there? It feelslike they’re kind of going to have to remove that room- if nothing else at all. That Castle was Rubble– there’d be no point in putting it ALL back.

All this and I haven’t talked about the HUGE part of the chapter: Lucifero’s first “Advent.” And yes; I believe that this is only his FIRST. But what do I mean by “First?”

I mean- this is his equivalent to Megicula’s Victorian Girl/ “Sealed” state she/he/they displayed in the battle against Noelle. Megicula planned to manifest completely in this world through their little “Malevolent Femcarnation” spell- with the opening of the Gates to the Underworld just being “insurance.” Perhaps Lucifero is planning for a similar advent- by which this will act as his “body” until the Final Gate opens and lets him out. And even IF they manage to close the doors(and that is a Zunesha Sized “IF” you got right there); they’ll still have to contend with a Pseudo-version of him in this world. And you all saw how hard it was for them to beat Megicula…..

I kind of feel like it’ll take more than just something of the Ultra Giant Black Bull size to win. Asta’s gonna need Devil Union to stop this thing- or h#ll, even just “Black Divider” might be able to do something. They’re going to need Anti Magic to finish this.

He Can CERTAINLY do it when he puts his mind to it.


And…….. there we go! My full review for Black Clover Chapter 314!! Wow; 314 chapters. Tabata once said that he wanted this story to go as long as Naruto or One Piece. And I do think that he wants to do that. But I kind of doubt we can get 1,000 chapters worth of content from this series. Also; I didn’t say it in yesterday’s review(I definitely should have), but: Congratulations, Eiichiro Oda And Toei Animation on reaching 1000 Anime Episodes!! Here’s to the rest of the story!!- however much we have……..

In any case; I see the story being a decent length. Maybe 4 or 500 chapters. Almost as long- but not quite, because that’s where you start to run into a few problems. Those who’ve read through “Naruto,” “Bleach,” “Fairy Tail,” and more know what I’m talking about. I personally miss the long runners like that- it feels like every series is trying to be really short ever since Demon Slayer blew up. It’s a topic I’ll get into more with the My Hero Academia review- ’cause I REALLY have a problem with it there.

Not my “Favorite” Volume Cover…….”

……….Feels like I’m talking just to hear myself talk at this point. I don’t know why I have so much to say at this point, but I do. Whatever the case may be; that’s all from me for today. Until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day!

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