Anghalhad vs Sin The Fox! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 41 BREAKDOWN

I can’t say it……..

I knew that the last arc would lead to some kind of character development for Anne- but I think Sin also learns something from this. I think one of this franchise’s Greatest strength is it’s character work- how well-rounded and “real” they feel. And that carries on to one of its other strengths: The Relationships between them. Not even just the romance; the friendship and sense of “comradery” is also very well crafted. I’m saying all of this because this chapter tackles this topic in a very believable way. Although- if that theory turns out to be true, then I may have to rethink that statement. Let me just get into this; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 41: “Fissures.”


We pick up a little bit after the last chapter– with the kids leaving the Village of Demons. Gowther is worried about them, but he believes that Percival- as one of the fabled “Knights Of The Apocalypse-” will be able to overcome any challenge that comes his way. And if not……. he doesn’t specify what will happen, and we continue to follow the kids.

Sin is trying to get them to pick up the pace- sensing more Camelot Holy Knights coming their way. But Anne is still feeling down because of Ardd- she can’t understand why he sacrificed himself to protect her. She’s so distrot that she drops Ardd’s Chaos staff- the last thing she has to remember him by. And Sin SMASHES it– to the boys shock and Anne’s rage.

Anne angrily asks why he did that, and then why Ardd didn’t use it on them when he had the chance. Nasiens reckons that it’s because he was so nice, but that only makes Anne feel worse. And Sin piles on by saying that he was a “mental lightweight.” Anne snaps– she demands to know if Sin is really on their side, considering all the times he’s disappeared when they were in trouble, or even his words right now. But everyone points out what he does when he disappears:

  • He went to get Gowther and avoided being Babified.
  • He gave Percival advice on how to use his magic and his sword at the same time against Cernunnos.
  • He released them in the dungeon in Cant.
  • He went to get “backup” in Sistana.

Nonetheless; Anne tells him to stop acting so “superior” when doesn’t actually get involved in conflicts. He goes silent- and apologizes. Anne does as well, and- with renewed energy- “leads” them to their next destination: The “Entangled Forest” Varghese talked about. There; they plan to lose their pursuers in this twisty forest.

Forest Twister

On the way there; Percival starts asking Sin how old he is. After giving him a joke answer; Sin asks a question of his own: “If I’m no help to anyone- does that make me NOT part of the group?” Percival pauses for a minute, and responds: “Just having you around makes me happy, Sin!!” The 2 regroup with the others, and the group begins making a plan of attack- bringing Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 41 to a Triumphant END!! Here we go, ladies and gentlemen…….


This chapter basically confirms everything I was talking about last week- they’re going to confront these Holy Knights, and Ardd’s death is going to be weighing in Anne’s head. Though I didn’t expect Sin to be so important in that growth. Or for him to have growth of his own. This theory has been ever present since he was first introduced; the theory that he is Ban- The Fox Sin Of “Greed-” and he’s trying to round up the fabled “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse” for some reason. To add to that thought: I take you back to the omake detailing the day he Lost His Son- “Lancelot. Could it be that whoever is responsible for taking his son is forcing him to round up the “Knights Of The Apocalypse?”

Coming Soon…………

Think about this: Ban is the sin of “Greed-” he’ll take what he wants ’cause he wants it and f*ck the consequences. He wants his son back. So even if it means bringing together the faction prophesized to Destroy The WorldHe Will Do it. Although this leads to the main point of contention with the theory: Sin’s attitude and personality. He’s obviously been around for awhile- he knows how things work and knows people very well. Heck; he managed to get Anne mad and apologized so she’d be able to keep on trucking! But I don’t know if Ban would do that– I don’t think he’d be so insensitive and say all that stuff about Ardd knowing what he did.

But at the SAME TIME; losing a child can change a person. Look at Zhivago– he lost both his sons and ended up becoming a bum. That experience may have changed Ban a little- making him a little more cold and indifferent. Not to mention the fact that if he has to gather the other 3 Knights- he doesn’t really need the other 3. He probably doesn’t see them as much of a problem or a hinderance or anything like that; more like “deadweight that comes in handy” or something like that. Though this is all just speculation– Suzuki could be planning to take it in a completely different direction.

He’s not above threatening them………

As for the Entangled Forest; I definitely think that they’ll have to fight against these new Holy Knights. Thinking about it; It reminds me of the Forest of Death from Naruto– having them fight in a forest with a lot of places to hide and ground to stand on, and no guarantee of them getting out. It’s all like I was saying last week– the kids are going to have to fight against a threat that I don’t think they’re ready for. I really did say all that I’ve needed to say last week- but will it all come true?


Sorry if this post seems a little on the short side- it’s Turkey day at the time of me writing this. And I gotta get in my internet time before my family comes in and I have to………SOCIALIZE!!! Ugh; wish me luck everyone. And until the next post- have a Happy Thanksgiving!