Manga Chapter Dump Post 10: The War Of The Strong Ones

Hey, everyone! I know- “This Again.” But as you can all probably understand; I had to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Which basically meant no internet for a period of time. Not only that, but I was too lethargic and tired to continue making post. Plus I got a little wrapped up in other things. All this to say: We’re doin’ another “Dump Post.” And if everything goes well next week; I’ll be able to afford a certain Game system and a few games that I REALLY want to play. So you all know how that’s gonna go.

But I’m still gonna be here- I made a promise to all of you that I intend on keeping! So let’s begin the Dump!!

One Piece Chapter 1,033: “Shimosuki Kozaburo

Wonder what they’re up to right about now….?

Picking up with Zoro’s battle; Enma continues to drain him of his Haki- making his fight against King all the more difficult. We see Queen explain to Sanji that King is a “Lunarian-” a race toted as “Gods” in ancient times that were capable of surviving just about anywhere you put them. Sanji asks how a race like that was wiped out, but Queen tells him to “go ask a history book.”

Back with Zoro; he takes his Haki back, and continues to fight King- to no aveil. Between the Ancient Zoan fruit and the Lunarian traits; King’s proving to be a tough foe for Zoro. King uses “Imperial Deep Pride Stake” to knock Zoro off of Onigashima. It also ends up knocking the Sandai Kitetsu out of his hands. As he’s knocked back onto the island by King; Zoro thinks back to Tenguyama talking about the Kitetsu blades. If it was made in Wano, then how did it end up in a dinky sword shop in the East blue? And if Enma and the Wado Ichimonji was also crafted by a Wano Swordsmith, then………..?

Presenting: Shimosuki Kozaburo

The pieces come together in Zoro’s mind: Kuina’s Grandfather- the man who gifted him his first 2 swords and taught to him the word “Sunacchi-” was none other than the Legendary Swordsmith Shimosuki Kozaburo! He left Wano illegally 50 years ago, and founded his home town of Shimoshuki Village. He makes the connection when he realizes that the sword the old man talked about- the one “named after the King Who Watches Over H#ll-” is Enma.

Realizing that this is that old man’s sword; he thinks about how Oden was able to use it effectively in battle. And he realizes what the key is to this sword: Give it what it wants– pump it with as much Haki as it needs, going above and beyond his limits to prove to this sword that he’s worthy of wielding it. Pouring that much Haki into it makes the Beast Pirates that come along to get in his way fall unconscious, making King realize that Zoro also has “Kingly Ambitions.” Zoro responds that he’s correct, as he “Made a promise to his Captain- and his best friend!”

The King Of The Swordsman vs King The Survivor!!

In the spoilers; it made it sound like he was talking about Luffy when he said his “Oldest Friend,” but I still think he’s talking about Kuina here. I think his logic is “I made a promise to her that I’d be the World’s Greatest Swordsman for both of us,” and that promise carried over to his promise with Luffy: “Until I become the World’s Greatest Swordsman- I won’t lose to Anyone!And King is standing between BOTH promises. At least; that’s how I’m interpreting this- the official release implies that he’s talking about Luffy in both cases.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335: “Zygotes(The F*ck…?)”

Toru Hagakure Is The TraitorEnd Of Story. Just like with the Dabi Reveal; I’m going to tell you that RIGHT NOW because the whole community was speculating about it. And I know that people have problems with it– I just have a problem with HOW it was revealed. We get no FULL ON build up to it for chapters and then it just gets “dumped” on us like that. But I’m getting ahead of myself- let me start with the chapter prior to that point……..

Reminds you of your own Mortality, eh, Small Might?

All Might explains to the kids the end result of All For Destruction’s battle against Star, and how “New Order” became a sort of “poison” that destroyed a fair number of his quirks- but they can’t tell just how many were. So while the remaining Heroes keep the rescuing and saving people all around the country; the kids have a Week to prepare to fight the Biggest, Baddest Wolf The World has to offer. No pressure or anything.

Bakugo and the rest tell him that they’ve been training ever since he and the d@mn nerd left UA- Bakugo even developed a new technique called “Cluster” that he wants to test against Deku. And if it works against a user of One For All, then it should work against All For One and All For Destruction. And the rest aren’t too bad, either! Hearing what’s transpired since he was away; he thinks back to when he first instructed the class- and how far they’ve come since– warning All For One of what’s to come for him………..

Speaking of; we cut over to the Symbol Of Evil- watching “the other him” freak out on the floor. He tries to calm him, but Destruction simply says “As long as even ONE person still remembers All Might’s Stupid FaceI’LL NEVER KNOW PEACE FROM THIS TORMENT!!” He finally passes out, and All For One begins to make new plans. Dabi grows impatient seeing his dad flying around all “nonchalantly,” but All For One tells him that he just has to wait a little bit longer- all of the plans he’s made over the DECADES have all been building towards his singular goal. Even if 1 plan fails; he has a number of contingencies in place for if any of them fail- like his little Spy In UA: Toru Hagakure.

Who had their money on THIS ONE?

Like I said at the start: it’s not a problem of who– but how. It’s like; people have a problem because we “didn’t get enough of her character” or something like that. I WON’T say “That was the point;” I also think we could have had her more in the spotlight every now and again. But that ain’t the issue– the ISSUSE here is that we just got it DUMPED here without even touching on the idea of the traitor for How many chapters now? More signs of Horikoshi rushing through the story. I hope this is all for a reason……….

Black Clover Chapter 315: “Ultra Giant Showdown

You Can’t Stop The KING!!!

We pick up where last chapter left off with with the Ultra Giant Black Bull SOCKING Pseudo-Released Lucifero in his jaw! Luck finds where Yami and William are, and they begin trying to rip into the Amalgam Mass to release them. Nacht narrates that Lucifero has become one with Qliphoth itself, and is trying to manifest himself through it and the Mid Ranked Devils that have come out. But it ends up making the components of Qliphoth(Yami and William) his core. So if they can rip them outThis f*cker’s plan is RUINED. Problem: It’s STILL Lucifero! It’s still the King Of All Devils- he’s gonna be TOUGH to beat.

Even with all their amps and draining his power- the Bull’s are still having trouble against this thing. Fuegoleon and Mereoleona jump in, and their Fire power gives the Bull’s a chance to blast him with Magic Cannons they make in the Ultra Giant Bull. The attacks pierce the monster, but it does little more than deter the beast- he simply recovers and breaks the Bull DOWN. But that’s just fine. Because off in the distance- there’s a little Anti Magic Boy standing poised to End This. His weapon of choice: The Demon Slasher Katana.

An Iconic Image, To Be Sure!!

At last– at Long, LONG last– we FINALLY get to see what Demon Slasher can do! If he’s doing it at this distance, then we can gather that it must be a Long Ranged Attack- which his fight with Laamith showed us and what I thought he needed about now. Are we gonna see an “Anti Magic Thrust?” Or will it be more like and “Dark Cloak Anti Magic Slash?” Oh man, this is gonna be SWELL to watch!!! Which brings me to the official release: Black Clover Will Be On A 1 Week Break. Okay, then………


Welp- there you have it! I’m gonna try not to make this the “Regular Thing” again( I SAY this- and I’m in a group chat with the District manager of my store talking about my schedule and have work Wednesday when I do Edens Zero and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse, and Friday when I work on this Jump chapters. So I may have to do them one more time), but you know how these things go. Here’s to hoping we DON’T!!

As for the chapters; I’d place One Piece at the top, Black Clover as #2, and My Hero as 3rd. But that’s just me. What was your favorite chapter this week. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the Next Post, all- Catch ya later!

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