Shiki Granbell- 3 Years Later. Edens Zero Chapter 170 BREAKDOWN

She was right, I guess….

If you’re wondering what I’m referring to; I’m referencing her introductory line from chapter 5 of the story- in which she tells us “‘Time’ doesn’t hold much meaning in this story.” Last week; we were all shocked with the reveal of HUGE Time skip to 3 years into the future. Fans were taken aback because it just kind of “came from nowhere,” and it signified to them that the story may be ending soon. This is SO not the case, and I think this chapter tells us why. I don’t know what Mashima’s bigger goal is, but he ain’t endin’ this story just yet! Let’s get into it- Edens Zero Chapter 170: “3 Years Later!”


We open the chapter in the Kaede Cosmos- the stars arranged in a checkerboard pattern(SIDE TANGENT: You know Shueisha tried to TRADEMARK this pattern?! They tried to trademark it and sell it as more Demon Slayer merch because they’ve got a cash cow on their hands and they don’t want to let it go…..), and a number of planets clustered in an area. We then zoom in on one of the planets- the planet “Sweed(Kaede translates to “Maple Leaf,” so expect a lot of plant themed names), where Ziggy has set up shop just like he did with Foresta. But they’ve taken it a step further and now all the Humans are gone.

ENTER: Demon King Shiki Granbell- and EMPino. After 3 years of training and battling against Ziggy’s mind controlled robots and his new “Skeleton Army;” Shiki has reached a point with “Satan Gravity” that he’s able to lift the whole town before they can even ATTACK him. And Pino seems to have grown to- using her EMP to take them out without hitting Shiki. Hermit gets on coms, and tells them that the one of the machines making the Droids go haywire is underground. Shiki stomps, and opens a hole to it.

They get down there and immediately start kicking @$$- with Shiki not giving 2 thoughts about fighting against Droids made to fight for Ziggy. And with his new strength; it doesn’t take much to take them all down. Pino connects to the “Core-” prompting the others to start their own hacking. Rebecca has changed as much as Shiki- boasting longer hair and has even become “Ultra Famous.” Weisz has changed subtly, and is now a “Mechanical Engineer.” But Homura hasn’t changed much at all.

With all 3 Cores disabled; Planet Sweed was saved, and they plan to move on to the next world. Meanwhile; we see Victory and Justice. Victory is commending the crew for their hardwork over the last 3 years, while Justice reminds him that they’re still “Criminals-” what with their Illegal travel in an unregistered ship; recruited Drakken Joe’s former minions; and of course he’d mention their connection to Elsie. But their threat level has just been UPPED- as we learn from justice that the Prayer Council has recently decided: Shiki Granbell is now one of the Oracion Seis Galactica!! His new Overdrive form is revealed to us on a monitor- bringing Edens Zero Chapter 170 to an Eventful END!! This is Everything I could have hoped for from this story……..

What’s up with the eye, My King?


Oh my LORD was this chapter everything I could have hoped for!! It gives me so much room to speculate and make theory after theory about! I can’t get to them all because between other posts I have in stock; the Weekly stuff; my understaffed job; getting that game system and playing those games; and reading all the books I’ve bought recently- I’m booked SOLID. But STILL!! Where do I even begin…..? Oracion Seislet’s start THERE.

Ever since chapter 106(one of my favorite chapters of the series); I have been of the mindset that Shiki would join one of these factions– because of the “friends” thing, but also to have help against Ziggy. interstelar would certainly offer help, and Shiki would no longer be a fugitive if he joined their side. But joining Galactica would keep him a criminal(one who went from a “minor problem” to a Major Threat), but it would also likely get him help when dealing with Ziggy- or so I thought. But this chapter is implying something different with that faction(if we can still call it that….).

Not what it seems…..

It seems like “Oracion Seis Galactica” is just the term that refers to the 6 most dangerous individuals in the Universe- as opposed to Mashima’s last 2 works where it was an actual group that would work together(or under someone in the case of the Rave Master incarnation, but still). Whereas here; they seem to be the equivalent of the Yonko from One Piece: Just a group of people the Governing Body recognizes as an Absolute danger. Which I always kind of felt that they were like. For a long time; I’ve always felt One Piece and “Edens Zero” were similar stories(adventure; main character’s on the wrong side of the law; the goal at the end of the line is real; the themes of “Justice” and “Friendship”).

As for Interstelar; they would be some combination of the Admirals in their level of authority, and the Warlords in that they can mostly act as they want(or get away with doing such). I always thought that Shiki would join one of these groups- I thought it would more than likely be Galactica based on his connection to Elsie. But it looks like the positions been thrusted upon him. Although if Jaguar was able to jump ship from Galactica to Interstelar, then……..could he? Or I guess a better question would be: Would he? I feel like it’s a group decision, and I know a certain Knight Templar that has several objections to it……….

Is she using……..?

The Bots on the crew- they’ve definitely gotten upgrades. I like Hermit’s new design, but I’m also curious what upgrades she’s made to herself. but from them all– I most curious about Pino. I mean; look at her ears when she used her EMP. They aren’t the “mechanical flaps” they were 3 years ago; they’re full “Bunny ears” with a pattern akin to Shiki’s arms during Overdrive. We know she made upgrades so that she can use her EMP without hurting her allies, but…… can she do anything else now? And what of Hermit and Happy?

I kind of feel like they have to have gotten some manner of upgrade in the last 3 years- be it Pino upgrading to have her EMP become and EMB(Electro Magnetic Blast– a concentrated, targeted beam that knocks someone out), or hermit getting a d@mn Rocket Launcher!!

I talked a lot about Victory’s role in the story and how he’ll help Justice get over himself, so let’s move on to Rebecca. 1)She’s developed NICELY. 2)”Ultra Famous.” Wasn’t LabilaSuper Famous” when we first met her? Does that mean that Rebecca is now even MORE famous than she was? YES. We’ve been getting build up for her becoming more popular while Labila goes through some problems the longer the story goes on. With all of her adventures, consistent upload schedule, and help from Couchpo; she’s certainly got better content than whatever Labila could crank out.

I didn’t think it was possible, but- She got more beautiful!!!

However; is Labila okay? Couchpo told us in chapter 85 that “Malicious” B-Cuber’s such as the Blue hair B!tch wouldn’t be getting anymore adds on their videos. So…… is she Flat Broke now? Is she just wandering around homeless cursing Rebecca’s name? Kind of hope she’s just homeless. We could see her later on just trying to get to the Edens Zero- trying to get sympathy from them so she can get a place to live. As much as I would LOVE for them to just slam the door in her face and tell her to “F*ck Off;” that will likely be how she ends up joining the crew. And Mashima Will show us that- he’s not gonna off screen her character development like that; he’ll show us her journey through “humility” before we see her living casually with the crew.

………….This is getting a little repetitive, right? I could talk at nauseum about everything from this chapter, but I feel like at some point things are just gonna devolve into me just talking about what happened in the last 3 years. And while I am curious how Weisz became a mechanical engineer; I don’t think that means that he’s been studying like the Professor did. I think he’s still operating by “feel,” but he at least knows how these cores and the inner workings of the ship. And Homura’s undergone no change at all– or so it seems. She didn’t really do much of anything this chapter.

Your King Has Arrived- Now BOW.

So…….. what’s happened in the last 3 years? Has Justice made any major moves on the Edens Zero? Or did they avoid any confrontation for 3 years while dealing with Ziggy’s rampage and seeking out Elsie? I kind of doubt that in 3 F*CKING YEARS that Shiki and justice haven’t had another encounter. But I also doubt that something going down with the main cast would be offscreened like that. Power ups- yes. Important battles between them and the antagonists of the series- NO. So I ask: What else has been happening in 3 years? This time skip was done a little weirdly, in my opinion; the main cast didn’t disappear for a while and come back stronger- they were active the whole in places you would think the Interstellar Union Army would come to prevent another War like that from breaking out between man and machines. Then again; I’m comparing this to series like “Naruto” and “One Piece,” so maybe I’m just looking to much into it………..


Wow……. I managed to get through this one in a DAY that time!! That used to be the norm, but things keep getting complicated and , well……. But yeah; we did it again! Hopefully we can do this more often. In any case; let me know what guys thought of the chapter. Did the time skip catch you off guard, or is it welcomed and you’re loving everything about it that you’ve seen thus far? Until the next post, everyone- have a Magically Wonderful Day! Later!!

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