Into The Entangled Forest! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 42 BREAKDOWN

Hello again, everyone! Boy, do I love this franchise. I was initially apprehensive towards it, but I DO enjoy it now. The art and the characters are all really good, and I really like the power system. And “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse” manages to be a good installment that new fans can enjoy! I’m saying all this because I think this chapter is the beginning of what I hope is my FAVORITE arc from this series. This beginning portion and the setting kind of remind me of the Forest of Death portion of the Chunnin Exams in Naruto. And that was a REALLY GOOD part of the story! Here’s to hoping we can keep that momentum! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 42: “The Dark Talismans.” Let’s Begin.

The Tree of Death


We open this week’s chapter in Camelot- where Pellgarde is giving Arthur an update on the pursuit of Percival. But he doesn’t really care- he wants to find his mysterious “bride.” Pellgarde weasels his way out of it by saying that he’s not “suited for the task” like Ironside. So Arthur lets him join the chase- just like Pellgarde wanted.

We then cut over to the Entangled Forest, where the Holy Knight group “Dark Talismans” begin their search for Percival and the others. Little do they know; Sin has set up a spell that blocks their magic so long as they stay in a circle. The plan is to fish fish them out with the Mini-Percival’s and take them all out one at a time.

You learned it from who now?

As they wait; Nasiens decides to test the effects of Cernunnos’ antler shavings by ingesting some. But in his excitement to see the effects- he ends up biting his lower lip so hard is bleeds again. Meanwhile; Donny asks why they can’t just hide until the leave. Sin explains that these “Dark Talisman” guys are relentless- they’ll be here for 10 days and still never give up searching until they find and kill at least Percival.

According to Gowther; there are 4 of them, and they FAR outclass the kids. But that just means that they’ll underestimate them. So they’ll have to take them on 4 v 1 at a time. And one of them ends up taking the bait: “Carrion Eater” Elgin. He asks which of them is Percival- and the Verdant Haired Half-pint yells from way in the back.

Elgin starts by knocking Anne and Nasiens off the branch, but Donny uses his magic to catch them, and they(Anne and Nasiens) manage to draw his attention so that Percival and Donny can attack his front. “Quartet Attack: Slash Squall!” Their determined team attack brings Four knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 42 to a resounding END! I don’t think this is gonna end well for the kids– but Suzuki may have just introduced a way to get them out of this.

Sounds kind of like a move from Pokemon……


I think every week starts with me reinforcing things I’ve said in previous posts- like how this arc is going to be the “wake up call” to the kids that makes them want to get stronger. But I don’t want to keep doing that; it gets repetitive. So instead; let’s start by talking about Pellegarde’s role in the upcoming chapters. Will he be working with Dark Talismans? Or Against them?

Taken From Chapter 4 of the series

We know from chapter 4 of the series that Pellgarde has taken somewhat of a shine to Percival- if for nothing more than the fact that he provides a good fight. But he clearly says here that he won’t let Percival be killed off before he can grow stronger. And if this is INDEED what tells him to get stronger; it is entirely possible that he will be the only reason that Percival and his friends are able to make it out of this conflict with their lives…….

However; that could lead to some problems between he and Arthur. He was already very uninterested in the Four Knights- most likely thinking that the power of Chaos will be more than enough to defeat them when the time comes for the prophecy to be fulfilled. But for Pellegarde to go out of his way to save one of these fabled destroyers-That’s A Problem Right There. Not to mention that this would be the reason he forwent the search for his Bride. In which case; will he do a similar thing that he did to Ironside in chapter 23? Or is it gonna be the Real Deal this time?

Oh. Okay……….

Though that also brings up the plot point of Arthur’s bride. In the Legends: Arthur’s wife- Guinevere– was beloved by one of Arthur’s knights- Lancelot. And at the end of that story; she was killed for falling in love with him, too. And if we apply that logic to the story, then……..she may be the “Princess Of The Lake.” If Lancelot is the prince, then……. Wait a minute. Chapter 1 had Varghese tell us about the “Princess who lures Heroes into her Demonic Lake.” That, plus the One Shot, plus the Arthurian legends, with Sin and what he saw in chapter 32– all of that rolled up into one………Something should be clicking here. Especially the line that Sin said this chapter; he learned how to make that Magic circle from the Fairy King a little bit ago. If this were Ban; he’d be talking about Harlequin. But that line “a little bit ago……..”

I think I’ve almost got an idea of what Suzuki is going for- let me know if you agree: The Princess of the Lake is called “Guinevere,” and she was abducting Fairy’s in hopes of drawing out Lanelot- the Fairy Prince. She wants to marry him rather than her destined husband Arthur for some reason. Though I don’t know where Sin fits into all of this. If she wants to be with Lancelot; it could be that she had a follower of hers- that being Sin The Fox- round up the other fabled Knights so that they can fight against Arthur and she and Lancelot can be together.

This WILL be important at some point, d@mmit!!!

Back with the chapter- No, they did not defeat Elgin here. Probably didn’t even “rattle” his with that Armor of his. The epithet “Carrion Eater” let’s us know that his ability has something to do with consumption, and “Carrion” refers to the Decaying Flesh of a dead animal. It could be something like Tamaki from My Hero Academia in the sense that he takes on the traits of whatever he’s eaten. But……. is it going to be a case of him devouring- let’s say– some of Percival’s hair and getting his Magic power? Or does it just refer to animals?


And…….. There you have it! Sorry I put this out so late- I overslept. That might be why this post feels a little disjointed in a certain spot. I had originally wanted to spin the narrative of Sin being Lancelot who’s trying to get help to defeat Arthur so he and Guinevere can be together without worry(Hey- I still managed to mention it!), but I guess I forgot what I was going to say. Oh well.

Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- catch ya later, Alligators. Have a Magically Wonderful Day!!

Prepare To Get Chomped.

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